The Lancet, MAP and Sir Iain Chalmers’ “interesting figure” of Six Million.

Sir Iain Chalmers discussing "Zionist control in so many different domains".

Sir Iain Chalmers discussing “Zionist control in so many different domains”.

Since 2009 The Lancet medical journal has been working with Medical Aid For Palestinians and other researchers as part of the Lancet-Palestinian Health Alliance (LPHA).

LPHA researchers mainly consist of Palestinians living in the West Bank, Gaza and the Palestinian diaspora, which includes Palestinians living in the twelve Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. They are also non-Palestinian medical practitioners like Dr Richard Horton, The Lancet’s editor, and Professor Mads Gilbert. This research has been amalgamated into publications for the years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The 2013 publication was launched last night by The Lancet and MAP at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. The 2013 publication focuses on “the direct and indirect health effects of the Israeli occupation and conflict”.

Dr Richard Horton, The Lancet’s editor, outlined the benefits of LPHA saying “science can bring an often internationally excluded people into the mainstream of global political dialogue”, “Palestinian science can anatomise the pathology of occupation”, “science can confer a dignity and a humanity for a people who are otherwise living in a situation of invisibility” and:

“By linking this kind of health research with human rights one can identify important and fresh perspectives. One example is the report about the denial of passage to Palestinian women during labour across the territory which fully fulfills the criteria of a crime against humanity.”

Professor Rita Giacaman discussed “words as ideology”. She explained:

“Israel uses ‘collateral damage’ for killing innocent bystanders including children. It screams ‘self-defence’ hiding the root cause which is Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and injustice to Palestinians. While Palestinians living in Israel call themselves ‘Palestinians living inside the Green Line’, Israel insists on calling them ‘Arab’ trying to deny them their identity”.

Then to the lectern came the main instigator of LPHA, Sir Iain Chalmers. Chalmers has been an almost permanent fixture in Gaza since 1970. He met his wife there and they even went to Gaza to celebrate their recent 70th birthdays.

Chalmers started by reading out a statement on the front cover of a 2009 edition of The Lancet. It mentioned “Palestinian”. He said:

“What really pleases me is that the word ‘Palestinian’ is in there. And it’s one way in which the Zionists have failed. They have not stopped the use of the word ‘Palestine’ or ‘Palestinian’. They have control in so many different domains. This is one that they cannot suppress.”

One of Chalmers’ slides then showed this cartoon by Carlos Latuff, who has drawn many cartoons with anti-Semitic themes which include comparing Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to The Holocaust:


During the Q&A I criticised Chalmers for his statement about “Zionist control” before asking whether LPHA reports mentioned the role of Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA in prolonging poor health conditions for the Palestinians. My remarks only led to this eye-opening exchange with Chalmers:

Chalmers: “Let me ask you a question. I was asked to write a commentary for The Lancet after the Cast Lead attack. I ended it by saying a self-defined Jewish state now controls the lives of almost as many non-Jews as it does of Jews. What will that Jewish state do with the six million, it is an interesting figure, the six million non-Jews whose lives it controls? You answer that question.”

Me: “Why is six million an interesting figure?”

Chalmers: “Well, actually it is the same number of Jews that were killed by the Nazis.”

Me: “Whats your point?”

Chalmers: Six million is a lot of people. How will the Jewish state deal with the non-Jews whose lives it controls?

I think we know the nasty tactic behind Chalmers’ reference to “six million”. And his nasty rhetoric extends as far as endorsing “the end of a Jewish state”. Here he is in his own words during an interview in 2010:


Dr Richard Horton concluded by relating to us his visit to the Israeli Medical Association:

“When we started this I went to visit the Israeli Medical Association to talk to them about what we were doing and to see if I could build a bridge between the LPHA and the official voice of Israeli physicians and I sat down with the with the director or chairman, whatever the title is I cannot recall now, and the person who chaired their ethics (division). And in that discussion one of them called Palestinians ‘animals’. And I realised that there was no way that I was going to find an alliance to try to bring them in because there was a fundamental discontinuity of their understanding of what we were trying to do.”

I wonder if others in that meeting recall those words being used.

Afterwards I pressed Dr Horton into answering my question about whether LPHA reports mention the effect Hamas has on the health of Palestinians. His reply was along the lines of “That is a good question but this is an evolving work in progress”.

So, no mention of the effect of Hamas’ oppression of women, gays and dissidents on the mental health and physical well-being of Gazans in five years of LPHA publications?

But, then, would you criticise Hamas if you lived in, or regularly visited, Gaza?

I think Sir Iain Chalmers’ “that would be very good” response when asked about “the end of a Jewish state” during that 2010 interview possibly answers everything one needs to truly know about the politics of LPHA.

Professor Rita Giacaman, Lancet editor Dr Richard Horton, MAP's  Head of Advocacy Aimee Shalan at Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Professor Rita Giacaman, Lancet editor Dr Richard Horton, MAP’s Head of Advocacy Aimee Shalan at Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

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  1. Chalmers sounds disgusting

  2. starofdavidscotland

    What a disgusting racist cunt the doctor nazi is

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  3. SCUM

  4. I’ve had contact with MAP their perversion of the facts is criminal. Re – PSC they’ve recently used doctored photographs to illustrate Israeli brutality. If you require evidence just ask.
    Take care – Philip
    By the way we’re challenging PSC regarding their use of tampered photo’s in their attempt to persuade Tom Jones from performing in Tel Aviv.

  5. I commend you and thank you for facing these Anti-Semites. Anyone who truly wished for Peace and not for the destruction of the Jewish state and wanted fairness for the Palestinians would press their leaders and the other Arab states who use them as pawns. Why is it so hard for the world to allow the Jews to have their homeland and live within safe borders without fear? What is wrong with these people? I am at a loss.

  6. I admire your courage. These people are hard wired Jew haters they’ve been brain washed since birth. It is inconceivable that there is any other possible explanation to anything than that all the worlds ills are caused by them. We’re in the frame and if not they will manufacture the evidence to prove they are right. If we cannot get them to at least question the evidence they present then you are doing some thing towards causing others to question. They cannot be allowed to have a free run. We owe you a debt of gratitude for going into the lions den, time after time

  7. Sorry error, I meant that they see all the worlds ills are caused by JEWS

  8. Fascism is alive and well in the person of Yob Ian Chalmers and Robert Horton.

    Those two fascists need to see an eye doctor because they are blind to the Hamass Charter of 1988 and the hate spewing from “palestinian” media.

  9. Same antisemitic rhetoric has been promoted by The Lancet during more than a decade.
    No change, no surprise.

  10. Thanks for exposing these sickening Jew haters – ludicrous, even by the warped standards of white middle class ‘liberal’ apologists for islamofascism.

  11. 6 millions?
    In 2005, an American and Israeli demography team headed by Bennett Zimmerman and Yoram Ettinger confirmed the 2003 findings and, again, criticized both the illegitimate inclusion of Arab emigrants from the Palestinian Authority and the double counting of the East Jerusalem Arab population. The Zimmerman and Ettinger study also revealed that, at the end of 2000, the Arab population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip numbered 2,246,000 people—1,280,000 in the West Bank and about 966,000 in the Gaza Strip.

    • richardmillett

      Oh Alexa tut tut. You mustn’t suggest such things. You must only use figures, even if they are totally unsubstantiated, that possibly put the future of Israel in doubt. That way all the pressure can be applied to Israel while the Palestinians are let off the hook. You see, if Israel doesn’t make peace now, despite the demographic pressures, it will all be Israel’s fault. So say Yachad et al anyway.

  12. Another great post, thank you Richard. And thank you G-d for rescuing me from what may be the most anti-Semitic country in the Western world and bringing me to a place where I can read about such muttonheads with joyful detachment.

    In case anyone is wondering about Jewish sensitivity towards the number “six million” and since nobody has spelled it out; since about 6,000,000 of us were murdered by the Nazis and their fellow travelers, if it can be proven that we have harmed 6,000,000 of anything else, the score has been evened and the Nazis et al are thus “off the hook”. This might sound preposterous, but I believe that to be their motive.

    I note with interest a usage of the C word by “starofdavidscotland”. Such occurrences are, thankfully, few and far between on this excellent blog:

    Might I suggest that such expletives be saved for more worthy causes than Sir Iain Chalmers.

  13. Has anyone considered reporting him to the General Medical Council?

    • richardmillett

      which one? Chalmers? That’s possible. I have emailed Horton and will see if he responds. I doubt he will.

  14. ‘scum’? ‘cunt’?. Nice people on here.

  15. Avraham Reiss

    Quite frankly, I didn’t read anything in this well-written report that I couldn’t find in the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section 3 years ago.

    If Stephen Pollard could allow publication of such anti-semitic comments, what right do we have to complain about British goyim doing the same?

  16. James Goldman

    Re the 6 million.–A couple of months ago, a poster said that 6 million
    as an estimate of casualties, was fairly widespread. , outside of Holocaust
    casualty estimates. ., and that’s what apparently is being expressed,
    and not the actual casualties. This seems to be representative of
    various anti-Semitic references that pop up from time to time. For instance
    the song “Brother Can You Spare a Dime”, which practically became the
    anthem of the Great Depression, containsthe line “6 million boots, marching through Hell, I was the kid with the gun—” Why the number 6 million, instead of 5 or 7?

  17. Yes, and since the Great Depression preceded the Holocaust, and the song was written by two Jewish boys in 1930, one has reject the possibility that any Holocaust-denying motives were at play.

    Likewise, as I child never I suspect Steve Austin of being a denier.

  18. Great going Richard . Honest Reporting has re blogged your post !

  19. I try and not be personal and to stick to the issues…but Iain Chalmers sounds like a proper creep here.

    Hamas Orders: Shoot Protesters ‘In the Head’
    Hamas’s Interior Minister has reportedly ordered security forces to shoot anyone who participates in planned Gaza protests.
    Dalit Halevi & Elad Benari

    Hamas has reportedly issued orders to shoot any opposition protesters in the head.

    Sources in the Palestinian Authority told the Palestine Press news agency on Saturday that the Interior Minister in Hamas’s government in Gaza, Fathi Hamad, has instructed security forces to be tough on any anti-Hamas demonstrator who will take part in a campaign by the opposition scheduled to begin on November 11.

    According to the report, these instructions to the security forces were given out during a meeting between Hamad and the security forces. The meeting was attended by senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar, and dealt with ways of dealing with the planned mass protests against the Hamas government.

    During the meeting, Hamad reportedly said, “I want you to shoot in the head any person who comes out against our government. I do not want anyone injured.”

    According to the sources, it was Al-Zahar, usually known for his extremist views, who explained that Hamad did not mean for security forces to shoot protesters in the head, but rather to act to prevent chaos on the streets of Gaza.

    The “Tamarod” youth movement in Gaza has called for mass-demonstrations against Hamas on November 11th, on the anniversary of the death of PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

    “Tamarod” (or “Rebel”) is the name of the popular anti-Islamist youth movement which led popular protests against Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in the run up to his removal by the military.

    Tamarod calls Hamas a “gang,” slamming it as morally and financially corrupt, and blames the Islamist movement for the imposition of Islamic law on many aspects of Gazan life, corruption, killing innocent people, demolishing mosques, and oppressing the population of Gaza in the name of religion.

    In recent months, Hamas security agencies have detained dozens of Fatah-affiliated political activists, accusing them of belonging to Tamarod.

  21. The article says, no mention of the effect of Hamas’ oppression of women, gays and dissidents on the mental health and physical well-being of Gazans in five years of LPHA publications?

    But, then, would you criticise Hamas if you lived in, or regularly visited, Gaza?

    Exactly, here’s a good article about this.
    Human Rights Watch reports on ‘severe’ Hamas abuse of Palestinians
    International watchdog says authorities ruling Gaza engage in torture, forced confessions and mock executions of civilian population
    October 3, 2012

  22. Why does Hamas fire rockets from a school at Israel praying that Israel return fire and kill some of it’s children. Thats Gaza today.
    The Arabs are the only people in the world that go out day by day figuring ways to get their children to die in front of the world press.

  23. Anybody confused about what “Hamas” is?

    Here. I will tell you………..*)

    This THING called “Hamas” is

    (1)…..using children and women as human shields…*)
    (2)…..Rocket attacks on Israel (making rocket and mortar attacks and the targeting
    of civilians)
    (3)…..using children as combatants
    (4)…..human rights abuses
    (5)…..political violence and terrorism
    (6)…..Islamic themes of Martyrdom IALLAHU AKBAR….)
    (7)…..extrajudicial executions of rivals

  24. Last year Hamas thugs lynched and murdered Palestinians tied to a motorcycle and dragged their bodies through the streets of Gaza.
    As it turned out the people Hamas murdered were just rivals of Hamas.
    LPHA researchers were silent as usual.
    Hamas victim dragged through the streets of Gaza City Tuesday by motorcycle was no collaborator, widow says
    It was a sight that shocked the world — the corpse of Ribhi Badawi being dragged through the streets of Gaza City Tuesday by a motorcycle as Hamas gunmen fired into the air.
    Comments (26)
    Matthew Kalman
    NOVEMBER 26, 2012

    It was a sight that shocked the world — the corpse of Ribhi Badawi being dragged through the streets of Gaza City Tuesday by a motorcycle as Hamas gunmen fired into the air.

    His crime? Collaborating with Israel to pinpoint Hamas targets.
    But the charge wasn’t true, the militant’s grieving widow told The News.
    Actually, Badawi, 37, had spent the last four years in a Hamas prison under armed guard. He was tortured for seven months into confessing that he was working for Israel.

    “They burned (him) and broke his jaw and teeth,” said his widow, Kholoud Badawi. “He was hanged for 45 days by his arms and legs to make him confess. He confessed because of the torture.

    “He told me every detail of what had happened to him and he gave me a diary he was writing,” she added.

    Ribhi Badawi was no innocent, having belonged to the Jaljalat Brigades, an Islamic group that wanted the Palestinians ruled by strict religious law.

    But he was sentenced to death in a show trial. His family appealed and asked that the sentence be reduced to 10 years in prison, and the court was due to rule the day he was executed.

    “We hoped they would accept our appeal because they had no evidence — just his supposed confession,” she said.

    As Kholoud and her five young children accepted the condolences of neighbors and friends in their tiny home in the poverty-stricken Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City, friends and neighbors said Badawi was a kind, helpful man who made a living as a herbalist.

    They said he once broke down a wall to save an elderly, disabled neighbor whose house was hit in an Israeli airstrike.

    Badawi’s father, Ahmed, said his son hated the Israelis more than Hamas.

    “My son could never have been an informer,” he said. “They say he got money from the Israelis. Look at his house. This is the house of a poor man. He helped everyone. Everybody liked him. I bless him.”

    Hamas officials declined to comment. They referred reporters to comments last week by a Hamas leader who said such executions must not happen again.

  25. What Prof Rita Giacamane should know.
    The racists are Palestinians who praise Israeli Buses being blown up with old people on board. Pizza restaurant and Disco’s where teenagers hung out, blown up by Palestinian terrorists.
    Crude racism was an old man in a wheel chair is pushed off a ship alive, because he was a Jew.
    Does the name Leon Klinghoffer ring a bell Rita?
    Families killed in their house having Passover dinner. Documented firing of rockets into Israel from civilian areas.

  26. Dr Horton I can give you a thousand examples of war crimes committed by Palestinians, like killing Israeli children in their bed, blowing up buses, schools, disco’s, pizzeria’s, strapping mentally challenged kids with bombs, and I can go on all day.

  27. Re; Dr. Horton – One is tempted to add a “W” at the start of his name, knock off the 2nd syllable and…you get my drift.

  28. Zalman Sorotkin

    I don’t understand why nobody here can understand the Hamas movement. Their land (Palestine) was conquered by the aggressive Israelis whose fire-power is 10,000 times greater than theirs.

    In most if not all countries, treachery – aiding the enemy – at time of war, is punishable by death. In the case mentioned above, the traitor was already dead when he was dragged through the city by a motor-cycle – this was an important warning to other would-be traitors, while showing mercy to the traitor who was executed before he was dragged by the motor-cycle.

    Desperate times create desperate measures – that is a simple, historical fact.

    • Supporting barbaric behaviour? Another Hamas stooge appears, with another pseudo. Same language though and always a typically Jewish one, in order to dodge accusations of antisemitism. Childish!

    • Btw, Israelis didn’t conquer the land. It was given to them, then 3/4th of it were taken from them. That’s international law. Hamas does not respect it, we agree on that, and does not respect any human right such as a fair trial and humane treatment of the dead.
      No wonder no one understands Hamas among relatively sane people. I gueds we can exclude somefom this category!

    • . Their land (Palestine) was conquered by the aggressive Israelis ?

      Thier supposedly land was conquered by Turkish British Egyptian and Jordanian yet funny until 67 they had no problem with it.

  29. I welcome Zalman Sorotskin – otherwise known as the Lutzker Rav (1881-1966) to this excellent blog. One must presume that during 47 years in Heaven he has both metamorphosed into a rather less than convincing Hamas apologist and no less significantly, disremembered the spelling of his own name.

    Regarding the murder/execution of Ribhi Badawi, I cried no tears this time:

    “Moreover he (Hillel) saw a skull floating on the surface of the water and he said unto it: Because you drowned others they drowned you; and those that drowned you will eventually be drowned.” – Ethics of the Fathers

  30. A couple of days ago I posted here a comment saying that I found nothing anti-semitic reported in the article that kicked-off this discussion, that had not been published in the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section a few years ago. (That claim is fully detailed in JCWatch!).

    Millett saw fit to rush to the JC’s aid, and deleted my comment.

    Yesterday I posted a comment under the ficticious name “Zalman Sorotkin” speaking in favour of Hamas. Naturally nothing I wrote there represented my own opinion; the words served as “Millett-bait” which was snapped up, swallowed and published here. (Marx, hungry as ever for attention and for something with which to occupy himself, also swallowed the bait).

    I find it odious that as per Millett one cannot criticize past anti-semtism in the JC (which is why JCWatch was created, and which – with the participation of a few others – put an end to the JC Blogs section as it was), but can speak in favour of Hamas.

    This post won’t appear in Millett’s blog, but JCWatch – although inactive for some time now – can handle this. The JC still has people checking in every day to see if there’s anything new …

    Jews who refuse to make aliyah but make a lot of noise about how “pro-Israel” they are, are – to put it simply – egotistical hypocrites. Occasionally, one has to relate to this subject.

    • richardmillett

      I don’t like these things going off topic as it ruins the thread. It is off topic attacking another blog, especially when it isn’t running anymore. I released the other comment. But now this will turn into a slanging match! Watch it all unfold! Thanks!

  31. Burying my previous post somewhere above is a non-action, but you haven’t explained why focusing on anti-semitism published by Jews – who would do it again if it promised to increase the circulation of a dying newspaper – is off-topic, whereas expressing views supporting Hamas is “on-topic”.

    Publishing “Zalman’s” remark was no different from what the previous offender did until pressured into stopping. Especially by one who who is so vociferous in favour of Israel.

    • richardmillett

      I cannot comment on why the JC allowed or disallowed certain comments. Nor can you really without knowing. It is a fine balancing act. If they banned certain comments they would be accused of stifling free speech. By allowing them they are accused of allowing anti-Semitism. As it happens the whole thing was wound up anyway. So it didn’t work for them. You can always re-post your original post if you like.

  32. Richard, I would suggest that to understand the scope of the problem, you view my JCWatch post at:

    – the number of anti-Israeli comments quoted there cannot be explained by your saying [quote] “I cannot comment on why the JC allowed or
    disallowed certain comments. Nor can you really without knowing. It is a fine balancing act” [end quote].

    I don’t have to know, just as I don’t have to know why hitler murdered 6 million Jews. I just have to deal with the results of the actions. The fact is that Stephen Pollard allowed publication of the quoted anti-semitic posts for a long time, until he was taken to task by a few people (including 1 christian).

    Weirdest of all was the appointment of Lawyer Anthony Julius as
    chairman of the JC’s Board of Directors (he is no longer) – read the full
    exchange of emails between myself and Julius at:

    Mr. Julius recently published an 800-page book on the history of anti-Semitism in England – I have the book. Despite this, in my exchange of emails with him he not once responded to my comments on the problem of the JC’s anti-Israeli comments published by readers in its Blogs section (now neutered), and this despite the fact that he himself in said book defines anti-Zionism as the new anti-Semitism. (Pages xxx, xl and more in his introduction).

    What I am basically saying is that your topic is off-topic (technically its your Blog and thus your decision), but I have no doubt that you take my point: clean your own house – Anglo-Jewry – before you start attacking Christians in a Christian country.

  33. Reiss’s comments might appear to be off-blog, but I would argue that they certainly have a place in Richard’s latest post that deals with subliminal political advertising. Avraham/Adrian Reiss has indulged the readers of this excellent blog with countless pitifully desperate attempts to rustle up punters for his indecipherable rag, “That claim is fully detailed in JCWatch..” “which is why JCWatch was created” “I would suggest that … view my JCWatch post at…”. And these were written in just two tedious comments.

    I was not surprised that Reiss would venture to defile the name of a great Torah scholar by letting his warped imagination turn a Jew of genius and deed into a Hamas supporter – shocked, but never surprised.

    However, let Reiss understand, that his repugnant scribblings say nought about the character of Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin of blessed memory, but everything about the moral gutter in which their author currently languishes.

  34. 1. Since I haven’t posted in JCWatch since last July, the claim that I’m [quote] “attempting to rustle up punters for his indecipherable rag” [unquote] is a lie. I merely cited sources to proofs of my statements. JCWatch has served its purpose, and is no longer active.

    2. “Zalman Sorotkin” is an invention of my own creation – I’ve never heard of the rabbi whose surname is spelled differently by Marx.

    3. Richard, you were correct in saying [quote]”But now this will turn into a slanging match! Watch it all unfold! Thanks!” [unquote] – but I am not part of it.

    4. “repugnant scribblings”, “warped imagination”, “indecipherable rag”, “moral gutter” are all understandable expressions of frustration by an incessant blog-infester, who despite claiming to be knowledgeable of the writings of the rabbi to whom he refers, still believed that said rabbi had written what I wrote under said assumed name, and replied accordingly. THAT is a desecration of said rabbi’s name!

  35. Marx,
    You are hereby summoned to Din Torah for your actions, the Bet Din will be requested to instruct you to pay me damages in the sum of 25,000.- Shekalim (which will be donated to a charity of my choice).

    In accordance with Jewish custom, you are entitled to decide before which Bet Din the summons will be heard.

    If you do not notify me within 48 hours which Bet Din you choose, the summons will be sent to Bet Din Eretz Hemda in Jerusalem.

    I repeat for the record what I wrote before your defamation of my character, that I have never heard of the rabbi whose name you mentioned.

    Avraham Reiss
    14 December 2013 11 Tevet 5774 23:15

  36. ““Zalman Sorotkin” is an invention of my own creation” (sic)

    No, he is not. He was a giant of Torah whose shoes you are not worthy of polishing. And who you have mocked by letting your warped imagination turn into a supporter of the Hamas.

    Why not read a little about the rabbi whose name you have defiled and then quietly go to his resting place in Har Menuhot, light a candle and beg for forgiveness? You are a disgrace.

    This discussion is way off-blog. If you wish to continue it, go to

  37. You have approx. 47.5 hours to name a Bet Din of your choice..

  38. I’m looking forward to this. 10k shekel of your money will be donated to Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav, 10k to a hostel for autistic adults, and the last 5k in your shul but in my name, as a constant reminder.
    (I reserve the right to alter the above allocations).

  39. Mad as a hatter and twice as daft.

  40. Less than 35 hours to go …

  41. Michael Goldman

    By an amazing coincidence I have just opened my own Bet Din and am eager to encourage clients.
    We cater mainly to the Dati Zioni population but are willing to judge the Haredi community as well.
    All are welcome and what we lack in knowledge and understanding is amply compensated for by our delicious cream buns.
    Our motto is “We only judge the best”
    So Daniel and Avraham I invite you to “come and be judged”

  42. In principle that sounds okay. However, I have some questions::

    1. Were all your judges in the Yeshiva Stream?

    2. Are the cream buns parve?

    3. What does “Zioni” mean?

    If the answers to question 1 and 2 are “yes” and “no” respectively and the thirds one is not a distorted transliteration of the Hebrew slang term for a male primary sexual organ, then I shall agree.

    I shall also represent Meir S who Reiss recently slandered and slapping him with a $1,000,000 libel claim.

  43. Daniel Marks, you have less than 24 hours to notify me where you wish the Din Torah to take place.
    After that time I will begin the procedure to obtain a Ktav Siruv, which will be sent both to your shul/Rabbi and to your place of work. I’m sure you understand the ramifications.

    • I understand that Daniel lives in Israel. You do realise, don’t you, that rabbinical courts in Israel have jurisdiction only in matters of personal status, unless both parties agree to be judged before them? So why are you making threats?

  44. Michael Goldman

    1. Yes that is obviously a prerequisite.It is in fact our only prerequisite though we do prefer our dayanim to bring their own chairs.
    2.The Great Goldman Bet Din provides a full range of pastries which obviously include our famous parve cream buns of which you are so fond.
    3.Sorry Tzioni (no reference to the willy intended)

    You are treading on thin ice here.
    I don’t think Dan’s shul has a Rabbi.It has a Gabba.It also has an accountant who is a descendent of the great Dayan Ehrentreu (who sadly is not one of the dayanim in the Great Goldman Bet Din, though as he was not in the Yeshiva stream we might have had a problem).
    Perhaps you would like to say something nasty about him, as you seem to be so good at insulting great Rabbis.
    Anyway as you will probably soon be prsenting your case before our court I think it only propper that we should cease all friendly communication beween us as it might seem bias.
    Are we still on for Shabat?