Hezbollah humiliated on streets of London as their Al Quds Day protest is blocked by pro-Israel activists.

Hezbollah terror flag at front of Al Quds Day parade.

Hezbollah terror flag at front of Al Quds Day parade.

We came we saw we conquered! While the Hezbollah Al Quds Day terror parade was allowed to take place on Sunday 18th June in the heart of London’s West End a group of 20 to 30 pro-Israel activists stepped out into the road to block the march no sooner than after it had just started.

The 300 or so Hezbollah supporters looked frustrated and bemused after expecting their usual easy ride shouting their slogans calling for Israel’s destruction.

Anti-semites will continue to block us from their anti-Israel meetings and have us thrown out of their anti-Israel events by making up accusations that we “disrupt” but they can’t stop us taking it to them on the streets of London.

As soon as the Iranian-regime inspired terror parade had set off down Portland Place from the BBC we stepped out in front of the Hezbollah supporters and for the next hour all they could do was watch as we chanted at them “TERRORISTS, OFF OUR STREETS!” while we walked slowly and danced to Israeli tunes down Portland Place and Oxford Street to the old American Embassy where Hezbollah held their terror rally accusing “Zionists”, inter alia, of causing the tragic Grenfell fire.

How in 2017 is a terror organisation like Hezbollah with a rifle emblazoned on its flag allowed to parade through London?

Is the British Jewish community so ill-considered, so small that we are so easily sacrificed? Would the authorities allow Al Qaiada or ISIS parades?

There is no political wing of Hezbollah. It is impossible. The movement has targeted and murdered so many Jews throughout the years that it is incredible that in 2017 our mayor and government allows a terror group with blood on its hands to parade through London.

Lets hope this is the last year this parade of hate is allowed. If not then we need everyone out next year to oppose this terror movement.

With thanks to Israel Advocacy Group and Yochy who put their heart and soul into today and to Kay Wilson who survived a terror attack in Israel, eventhough her friend didn’t, and who spoke at today’s pro-Israel rally while bravely having to confront, once again, the same terror mindset which targeted her and her friend in Israel.

Photos and footage:

This is just after we step out in front of them:

You’re blocked.

Al Quds Day paraders are clueless as we step out in front of them.

Al Quds Day paraders are clueless as we step out in front of them.

Al Quds Day paraders on their way as we walk slowly in front.

Al Quds Day paraders on their way as we walk slowly in front.

Al Quds Day paraders were stopped for about 15 minutes here as they turned into Oxford Street.

Al Quds Day paraders were stopped for about 15 minutes here as they turned into Oxford Street.

It becomes our march, not theirs.

It becomes our march, not theirs.


32 responses to “Hezbollah humiliated on streets of London as their Al Quds Day protest is blocked by pro-Israel activists.

  1. The rifle on the flag is a testimony to the diplomacy of the “political wing”, which is no less than a branch of the terrorist organization (otherwise it would not be a “wing” and would give orders to Hezbollah).
    But here it is the reverse: the terrorist organization gives the orders that the “political wing” applies.

  2. Mike Abramov

    Well done Richard. Had I known that a small contingency of Zionists would be at Portland Place, i would have joined you. However, I waited patiently at Grosvenor Sq and passed the time chatting to a very nice lady ‘who happened to be passing through’.

    When the Al Quds march arrived, I immediately went around the back of the cordon and walked straight in to their ranks. I took some photos and footage of the Neturei Karta and told them in no uncertain terms that they were all ‘scheigetz’ (Yiddish for street scum).

    As I left, I recognised an Englishman and pro-Palestine supporter and smiled at him. He told me to fuck-off. I asked him to repeat what he said, which he did. I told him to fuck-off as well and and also called him a bastard. As I am returning to the Israeli side, a rather large pro-Palestinian came up behind me and started questioning me. I told him my movements were none of his business and I was heading home.

    What a wonderful day!!!!

  3. Dov Hamburger

    Y were you only 30 odd. ? There r so many supporters in london

    Rgds Dov Hamburger

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    • Our side had a few hundred attendees. The 30 or so Richard is talking about were the ones who went and faced off against the Hizballah supporters

  4. Helene Albert.

    Well done to all the Jewish people who were there for supporting our beloved Israel. I just loved it when you started singing the Hatikvah !!!

  5. they should never allow to march on any street in the UK and definitely not with terrors groups flag the getting to much power in the UK to much power and that’s have to be stop

  6. The guy leading the Hezbolla march blamed the Grenfell Tower Inferno on…………………………….. ZIONISTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David Conlin

      Of course they did. Don’t they always? I’m English, but had more time for Jewish people than muslims any day

  7. Geoffrey Collins MB. BS

    Yishar Koakh!

    Well done !

    Geoff from Haifa

  8. Thank you Jesus – prayer answered!

  9. My heart and soul were with you – from Israel. You did great work, but your numbers were so small. Too many UK Jews have their heads stuck in the sand. If this abomination recurs next year, let’s hope you will have at least equal numbers.

  10. Wonderful!
    Good on them!


    Well done to all that participated you truly are warriors of Israel. Please be careful London has become a hotbed of anti Israel anti Jewish rhetoric.

  12. People are aware Mal…..but there aren’t many of us……

    Btw I saw Ravi C in the crowd

  13. steve specterman

    Dont know about anyone else- During this march I kept my eyes on the BBC and Sky news output. To-Date I never saw one inch of film. I say, I am sure without contradiction, that if 1000`s had come to support Hezbollah we would have seen non stop footage on every news hour.

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  15. Gregory Robinson

    Happy that you voiced your opinion. Congratulations

  16. Kol Hakovod.
    Since Likud Herut/Tagar/Betar are inactive and the rest of the Zionist groups are armchair Zionists I will remind them in 1981, almost to the day, when there was a demo in Trafalgar Square against the PLO the organisers said ” There is nothing you have to do than join us” – the square was filled!!!
    Shame on Anglo Jewry

  17. Margaret Robinson

    Im not jewish but i am pro israel. Glad to see someone standing up to these terrorists not just for Jews but for all people from whatever christian civilisation their roots grew. How dare khan permit this march. Does he not realise that that this is a slap in the face for thr loved ones of the recent attacks on westerminster and london bridge as well as Manchester This insensitivity towards these people is appalling beyond measure and should be called out publicly . perhaps thats why the tv cameras limited coverage.

  18. Adrian Hudson

    Next time, if there even is a next time, please put the word out. There many, like me, who would be so happy to march for Israel and against these murderers.

  19. You were a lovely sight as you came into view at the bottom of Grosvenor Street.

  20. I’m sick of our goverment they need striking up for treason does this law still exist because if it did then the queen should take control.And I am proud of our people standing up for Israel.I beleive they deliberately did not come out for one purpose public support.they don’t care about coming out in there thousands and waving isis flags so why yesterday I beleive if they get public support they will be left alone to grow in numbers then dominate us.The only way that will end if our goverment banned there religion or war.This is not going to go away this is the new natzi regime rearing its ugly head up the only problem now is there in our lands.so I beleive world war 3 has started

  21. Alon Rosenzweig

    The British(real british) have to ask themselves only one thing… Who is in favor of terrorism in london? Would it be those which support Israel. Or would it be those which support Hezbullah? Are those Israelis, like myself that make terror attacks in the UK. Or are those radical islamists that would like to terrorize the UK, Israel and oh so many other countries in the name of their brainwashing minds. Period!

  22. Wilfred Khoo

    Don’t understand why they were allowed to March in the first place.Thank God we had his people who can stop them.

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  24. Its about time that they were confronted. This has always been a hate fest started by Iran. What a joke this is by the perpetrator of all evil.

  25. Exelent…bout time these ppl where stopped …imagine seeing the swastika in this country from 33 onwards…what has this country become…polititions hang your heads in shame…especialy Blair..War Criminal…

  26. Chris Davies

    Mike – would it be possible to let people know ahead of time so we can come & support please? I understand that may not be easy for obvious reasons but I am sure many many would love to have been

  27. Angela Green

    I think British Jewry should come together NOW to get these terrorist organizations banned from the streets at any time in the future. This is the time to lobby the government and the mayor of London to make the ban permanent and not wait until a few weeks before the next planned Al Qds march in a years time to get together a petition to have it outlawed.

  28. It High-lights TMays hollow words ”Enough is Enough. Then she allows these cretins to march.