Jackie Walker brings her “lynching” to SOAS.


Jackie Walker is a political activist who thinks she has been lynched by supporters of Israel who don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. To use “lynching” is a pretty strong metaphor. It means to “kill (someone) for an alleged offence without a legal trial, especially by hanging.” This is obviously what she thinks has happened to her. Some exaggeration.

When I walked into SOAS last night for her performance of The Lynching there was a black doll in front of us with a noose around its neck.

The first half of the show is about her tragic life. She was the product of an affair between her mother and Jack Cohen, a Jewish jeweller, who met each other during their fight for black rights in America. She held up a photo of two black men hanging by their necks.

She came to the UK, via Jamaica, with her mother and suffered racism in the UK. Her mother died prematurely from an asthma attack when she was 11 and she was taken into care which she left at 18. She became a teacher. In 1991 she joined the Labour Party and was eventually elected vice-chair of Momentum, the hard-left Corbyn supporting group within Labour. She was then sacked as vice-chair of Momentum and suspended from Labour over allegations of anti-Semitism against her.

The show then turns into her own trial of the accusations against her where she plays both prosecution and defence. The accusations are: 1. She accused Jews of financing the slave trade 2. She said there’s no such thing as anti-Semitism. 3. She belittled the Holocaust.

She defended herself against each. On 1. she claimed that instead of writing on Facebook that “And many Jews, my ancestors too, were the chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade” she should have written “amongst the chief financiers” and that missing out just one word does not make her an anti-Semite.

On 2. she claimed that she was merely asking for a definition of anti-Semitism she could work with. On 3. she claimed that she merely wanted all who had suffered similar, like the millions killed in the slave trade, to be remembered.

She didn’t explain why she raised Jews as being “financiers of the slave trade” at all considering all religions and nationalities were.

But why were these accusations made against her? She says it was merely because Jeremy Corbyn had been elected and that “he was a supporter of the Palestinians.” His enemies were the “establishment and people on the side of Israel”. And then to huge applause (there were about 200 hard-left activists in the room) she said “Get rid of right wing Labour MPs!”

She said the accusations were an “attack on a movement for change and that Jackie Walker was not a Jew hater but innocent…I don’t seek the destruction of Israel but to save Israel from its descent into racism and far-right nationalism…We must be free to fight for a Palestinian homeland without being accused of anti-Semitism…I refuse to go to the back of the bus because the media or anyone else says I should.”

Then Walker was joined for a Q&A by three other anti-Israel activists: film director Ken Loach, author and journalist Victoria Brittain, and academic Prof. Jonathan Rosenhead.

The Q&A session basically turned into a full attack on the Jewish Chronicle and those writing for it who Walker called “proto-fascists”, The Jewish Labour Movement (Walker thinks the JLM should not give training sessions on anti-Semitism), the Israel Advocacy Movement who Walker accused of digging into her Facebook, the Labour Party compliance unit who Walker thinks is leaking everything to the Jewish Chronicle, the Campaign Against Antisemitism and the Community Security Trust who Walker said “churn out biased surveys all the time”, the so-called “weaponisation of antisemitism” (see above), the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s Working Definition of AntiSemitism which is being increasingly adopted by governments and councils, and, of course Israel.

These hard-left activists want the IHRA defintion changed because they only recognise the neo-Nazi type anti-Semitism as seen at Charlottsville. That means they, in their opinion, can never be considered anti-Semitic.

They don’t like the IHRA classifying “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor” as anti-Semitism. That’s because they want the end of the only Jewish majority state.

Rosenhead said “it was a shame racism had reared its head in Israel of all places…and it was a shame Jews in this country are supporting a racist state” and that it was “convenient for the British government to plant them (Jews) there (in the Middle East)”.

It was then time for audience members to claim victimhood. Dave Watson said he was an opponent of Stella Creasey MP and that he’d tweeted “anti-Israel things, not anti-Semitic and I supported Naz Shah (presumably when Shah said Israel should be relocated to America). He said he “criticised Zionism and supporters of Israel but not Jews.” (It seems he also, inter alia, compared Mossad to Nazis).

Graham Bash, Walker’s partner, said he’s Jewish and has only come across anti-Semitism once in 49 years in the Labour Party.

A Hungarian lady said “Anti-Semitism is misused which is an insult to those who died in the Holocaust.”

Once Loach had declared “No arms trade with Israel, no trade with Israel” I took to the microphone:

I said that most people in the room, including the four panelists, just wanted the end of Israel. I challenged the four panelists to admit that they wanted the end of the only Jewish majority state. I said that calling for the end of the only Jewish majority state, while not calling for the end of any other state, was anti-Semitic. I told them that they obviously wouldn’t admit to being anti-Semitic and that another way of, therefore, expressing anti-Semitism was to call for the destruction of the Jewish state. I also said they didn’t care about the Palestinians.

In response to this challenge I received idiotic responses.

Loach said he was merely here to help Walker get justice. Walker said she was a “socialist and internationalist” and Rosenhead said he didn’t want the destruction of Israel but a country with five million Jews and five million Palestinians (note to Rosenhead: that is the destruction of the only Jewish majority state.)

In conclusion, Walker’s play possibly gives an insight into her animus towards Israel. She was rejected by her father who was a wealthy Jewish man. Ever since then she’s felt the victim but now she has spotted the opportunity to take revenge. It will get her nowhere but continue to eat her and her supporters up as Israel continues to thrive.


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  1. Virtually every stately home in England, even those that were sold off to the National Trust to avoid death duties, was built with money from the slave trade. Slavery is a condition that has existed throughout history, and how does she explain the fact that African rulers colluded in selling off their subjects as slaves?

  2. “Walker’s play possibly gives an insight into her animus towards Israel. She was rejected by her father who was a wealthy Jewish man.”

    Interestingly enough I believe other notorious anti-Israel-ites also have personal stories that have motivated them more than their so called ideological views. Take for example Norman Finkelstein who loves trumpeting the fact that his parents suffered in the Holocaust as a proof he cannot be anti-semitic. He neglects to mention that his mother was fiercely anti-war and drummed it into little Norm ever since he was a child which oddly enough has resulted in his vociferous opinions. If only he had seen a shrink long ago.

    • Tony Greensteins father was an Orthodox Rabbi and staunch Zionist. Greenstein junior went off the rails from an early age. Unemployed , house squats , drugs and a spot of petty theft of a credit card which he subsequently used to purchase £46 of toys. He patently trashed all his father’s values and admits they saw very little of each other in the latter years. In one telling comment, expresses affront that his father never once apologised. I believe Greenstein rejected his father’s Zionism as payback for his own rejection. The guy has literally oozed hate for Israel ever since.

  3. starofdavidscotland

    Next time maybe ask the racist Jewhate cunts if they want to end all 48 Islamic states many of whom practice apartheid homophobia and, direct this to Walker, misogyny – or just the one Jewish state on end planet – which has freedom for all its citizens irrespective of race creed religion colour gender or sexual persuasion – according to its independent judicial Laws 😉

    Regards. Elliot

    Ps I once went to a meeting in Scotland with that jewhate nufascist professor and asked him and everyone in the room how many Christians and Muslims served in the ‘apartheid’ Israel army. He said NONE – the lying filthy racist cunt!

    Keep up the great work

    Sent from El’s phone


  4. Funny as insane people want to change the meanings (in this case the meaning of “antisemitism”) when the definition doesn’t suit their needs (in this case, to prove they are not antisemites).
    Changing the definitions is only for one single use: propaganda.
    That’s how their insanity is transmitted to their victims.

  5. There is nothing wrong with Walker self identifying as a Jew provided it’s not for malign purposes. Unfortunately Walker uses her tenuous link to Judaism as a means to deflect allegations of antisemitism where it exists within the pro Palestinian movement. After all, as the theory goes, how can anti Israel activism be seen to be antisemitic when there are so called ‘good Jews’ such as Walker, Neturei Karta, and a host of other such individuals providing succour and validation to the cause.
    Walker who I doubt has ever had a moments thought or true meaningful connection to religious, traditional or cultural Judaism has now discovered a practical means to express her self identifying Judaism.

  6. I wish I was there. However, the background to Ms. Walker’s life is consistent with a number of other anti-Israel Jews. Although Ms. Walker is not technically Jewish, her Jewish father has played a part in her life that has left a sour taste. The anti-Israel stance is a deeper reflection of her own life of being ‘on the outside’ of society and therefore supporting fellow underdogs comes naturally. Norman Finklestein’s parents were Auschwitz survivors and Shlomo Sand was born in Mathausen Concentrarton Camp. Tony Greenstein is the son of a rabbi who no doubt tried to furnish Greenstein in to a good Jewish boy…and failed.

    The common denominator is the unhappy childhood with parents who had a lot of baggage. In many ways, attacking the speaker is attacking the symptoms of the speaker, not their troubled soul.

  7. Nothing abut this father being Jewish is mentioned in her book. No Rabbi would accept her as Jewish.


    You cannot ‘self-identify’ as Jewish.

    • Jonathan
      Walker can self identify as a tree for all I care. It doesn’t mean she is one. People are free to self identify however they please as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. However Walker and people like her have no connection to Judaism and merely use it as a means to deflect accusations of antisemitism

  8. I thank you, Richard, for exposing these people.

  9. I wouldn’t normally post anything from Walker but this takes the biscuit. Seems that she has added psychoanalyst to her dubious list of ‘ accomplishments ‘ and all without consigning you to a couch .

    View at Medium.com

    Wear it as a badge of pride that she has to resort to ad Homs . The fact is you got to the nub of the matter by stating that none of that execrable panel have the guts to say they do not support Israel’s right to exist within any border , whether pre or post 67. These four unreconstructed fascists strive for a single Palestinian state from River to Sea as their logo and mission statement makes clear. Walker knows only too well that could only be achieved through war on an epic scale with all the bloodshed that entails on both sides of the divide . That is of no concern to Marxists like Walker . The end justifies the means. So yes you were absolutely spot on to phrase your question that way .
    For all her narcissistic posturing , Walker remains an outcast from Labour and rightly so . Her martyrdom lynching plays to ten men and a dog Labour audiences. She is enjoying her fleeting notoriety . Israel will be there long after she fades from memory.

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  11. The problem is that Blacks (with the support and encouragement of the left) blame whites for all their personal failures and crimes.
    If one takes a look at black Africa where black people are in charge it’s evident that blacks are the cause of their own problems, not whites. In Africa, blacks have it infinitely worse!
    What is called “racism” is (white) society pointing out and handling black people’s own failures and crimes.