“Anti-Israel” Lush opens in Brent Cross.

Lush has opened in Brent Cross, north-west London, but its website is viciously anti-Israel.

Lush’s website says, inter alia, that “the catastrophe facing the Palestinian people is one of the defining global justice issues of our time” and “life for most Palestinians living under the illegal Israeli occupation is at least as bad as that endured by black South Africans in the bad old days of apartheid”.

It gets worse:

“Israel’s siege of Gaza has condemned its 1.5 million inhabitants to levels of poverty more commonly associated with sub-Saharan Africa – a humanitarian disaster with no end in sight.”

Lush’s website is promoting the song Freedom For Palestine in its “Our ethical campaigns” section (a link to the song has suddenly reappeared having been originally removed).

For most of those appearing in the video “Freedom for Palestine” means campaigning for a racist boycott of Israel hoping that Israel will eventually disappear to be replaced by a Palestinian state in toto.

Ironically, some of those in the video have regularly appeared outside Ahava in Covent Garden, another natural cosmetics shop (a competitor to Lush you could say). Due to these noisy and, at times, violent protests Ahava has now been forced to close at the end of September.

The song itself talks of, inter alia, “more than six million (Palestinian) refugees”. This is a convenient number that alludes to the six million Jews gassed in the Holocaust. It is nothing less than an attempt to equate the Palestinian situation with the plight of those six million Jews.

The song also speaks of “racial segregation”.

Yes, there is segregation, but if there wasn’t then Palestinian suicide bombers would be getting into Israeli restaurants and onto Israeli buses on a regular basis in order to blow themselves up and kill as many innocent people as possible.

Is that what Lush supports in its promotion of this crude song?

Potential Lush shoppers should at least be made aware of Lush’s politics.

I spoke to someone at Lush’s HQ this morning (Tel: 01202667830) and I put this all to her and she said she “understood where I was coming from” and would put it to her Campaigns Department. I told her that someone had already spoken to this department which was pretty unsympathetic. I will be waiting for the return of the MD, Sofie, next Monday.

Please phone Lush and make it known to them that their campaign is not “ethical” and tell your friends what Lush stands for in its support for people that wish to see the ending of Israel’s existence and a song that denigrates the Holocaust.

On Monday pro-Israel activists protested
outside the London Jewish Cultural Centre in Golders Green that the LJCC was allowing anti-Zionist activist and International Solidarity Movement volunteer Ivor Dembina to perform his comedy act.

People going in on the night said they did not know about Dembina’s political activism and said they would not have bought a ticket had they known. One man who had not bought a ticket refused to go in to see him.

But, now the spotlight moves to Lush with the hope that those who support Israel’s existence and a peaceful two-state solution will be aware that Lush seeks to defame Israel in such cruel terms as those outlined above.

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  1. Stupid place to open a business that promotes anti-Zionism. Hopefully, lots of people will converge on the shop and encourage potential customers not to buy. I wonder if the staff understand the aims of Lush?

  2. Jonathan Hoffman

    excellent blog
    people need to know the facts, to make ethical shopping decisions
    personally I am boycotting both Lush and Dembina

  3. Jonathan Hoffman

    Great blogging Richard, I will send this far and wide

  4. Have emailed this to everyone I know, with a request to do the same.

  5. I would imagine Brent x can prevent a peaceful picket as it’s on privAte property

    • Harvey,

      Maybe, but we’ve all seen the bad guys picketing Israeli stores in malls.
      You go along and picket until they call the police. Then you decide, either you go and come back another day or you ignore the police and let them “escort” you out. I think that I’d begin with the former and then think about escalation later.

      In the first event, if you go when the police or security ask you to, nobody can arrest you. It still photographs well and is quite annoying to the bad guys. You may want to use colorful gimmicks, costumes, music, etc to keep it interesting. Also try to use as good looking a nicely dressed activists as you can, it will be easier to identify with such people. Try to start with only a few so that the numbers can appear to “grow” each time. It is always worrying for them when things seem to be gathering momentum.

      You may find that being on the offensive and doing the picketing is much more fun than the defensive role at Ahava.

      Good luck!

  6. Thanks for this v. useful post Richard. Have distributed this information far and wide.

  7. attilathecricketer

    For a “viciously anti-Israel website” surprisingly little on Israel on the website! Still nice to see a shop caring about the world in which it functions – rather that than Philip Green and his shenanigans with pensions schemes of his workers. However, doesn’t really sound like my kind of shop in terms of stock. Also they shouldn’t really endorse that song – whilst it is not as bad as you think Rich it does not help build towards a sensible solution to the problems.

    • Still nice to see a shop caring about the world in which it functions

      I’ll have some of whatever you are on.

  8. Daniel
    Not quite true
    Ahava is not based in a mall but on the high street
    Protest and counter protest on the queens highway rather then private property is freedom of speech
    But yes , I’m inclined to take my chances with the other two musketeers Richard and Jonathan

  9. their shops are all over Germany’s big cities – just in case this blog has another German based reader, spread the message there also. I did.


  10. Hi Harvey,

    I wasn’t refering to the London store. Here is an example of a well organized demonstration, they avoided breaking the law by never refusing to leave. I saw a similar action inan Australian mall, but couldn’t find it.

    Before I’m attacked by “you know who” Leah for “supporting Israel’s enemies”, I am talking from a purely tactical point of view about the planning involved, but in no way sympathizing with their evil cause.

    • You forgot to take your IQ supplements today, didn’t you? As you are in favour of picketing, why would I ‘attack’ you for ‘supporting Israel’s enemies’?

      • Just returned from a splendid trip to Haifa to look for a flat for Dina next year. A lovely flat, but my back is aching from the drive. We met Rachele for supper in Tel Aviv, which was vegetarian and unexpectedly excellent.

        I arrive home and read the blog. Times are not easy as one of our more prolific commentators has launched a two pronged attack calling me a “boorish pig”
        https://richardmillett.wordpress.com/2011/07/16/the-siege-of-ahava-continues/#comment-8872as (I guess if one has to be a pig it might as well be a boorish one!?) while simultaneously on this page I’m now being attacked for suggesting that I might be attacked, you have to laugh.

        I’ve promised myself to get involved in no exchanges of abuse with the lovely lady in question, at least not until after Tisha Ba’av and have to be in Jerusalem tommorrow early anyway, so role on the end of the month and shabbat shalom to one and all!

      • And we care a fig’s worth about your flat hunting because … ?

        I wasn’t ‘attacking’ you. I was pointing out that your ongoing references to my periods can only emanate from a boorish pig.

        I can’t decide which is worse: your oafishness or your stupidity.

      • Have a good time, Daniel, and when you return tell us all on this blog who Dina is, why she couldn’t look for a flat herself, what is wrong with your car or the traffic, so that your back hurts and what that vegetarian meal was all about.

        And if by then you should have forgotten about it all pray tell us another recent of your adventures in best Jane Austen style leaving out of course the “much labour”.

        “the little bit (two Inches wide) of Ivory on which I work with so fine a Brush, as produces little effect after much labour.”

        Shabbat Shalom

      • Leah

        you apparently spend too much time in Muselmanish company – else you wouldn’t apply their favourite vocabulary to a Jew.

        or should that little similarity have escaped your all perceiving doubtlessly by IQ-medication punctually taken enhanced remaining grey cells?

      • If a Jew is an oaf, I call him an oaf. If he is a pig, I call him a pig. I am not a racist like you, and I don’t categorise people by their race but by their behaviour. Can your two brain cells grasp that?

      • You are in highly urgent need of taking to heart what Mr. Knightley tells Emma about her behaviour towards Miss Bates.

        Of course if your attention span should be up to it I’d recommend “consuming” the whole novel – it isn’t heavy reading in fact it is so perfect that it is suited to be read in a library just as much as on the beach.

        And it has the capacity to change your life – vastly for the better of course.


    • Daniel,
      they may have been effective but it makes me wonder whether I’d cringe if I saw “my” side in similar silly and childish seeming actions.

      Or is my memory wrong that says that “my” side did whatever it did in more style and if my memory should be right, is that keeping up a certain decorum a mistake or an asset?

  11. Thanks for the information Richard. I’ve posted this on my facebook page where I’m in contact with my London relatives, and emailed it to other UK friends.

  12. Brent Cross shopping centre is not a public place and so their security will kick you out before you can say, ‘Israel is the only democracy in the middle east’, be sure to post the video dick, I fancy a laugh.

    • It’s a short phrase and can be uttered well before any security turns up. But we already know that you hate Israel, no need to belabour the point.

  13. Mostly harmless
    Don’t underestimate our resolve and ingenuity . Lush will be the subject of a counter boycott come what may . But here’s the bad news for the fascists and bigots of the Bds . While they are busy playing both ends of the pantomime horse outside ahava ,the Uk alone is doing hundreds of millions of pounds of business with israel every year across many different sectors of commerce
    Your phone and PC comes courtesy of israels silicon valley technology . The average Israeli is barely aware of the hysterical posturing of the delegitimizers .
    The recent flotilla debacle and the UCU law suit demonstrates that israel and its supporters have the means and the will to counter the mendacity and bigotry of the Bds

    • ‘the Uk alone is doing hundreds of millions of pounds of business with israel every year across many different sectors of commerce’

      Agreed, but as the momentum builds for bds who wants to be the last one still trading with it? Just heard btw that the swedish coop has stopped stocking sodastream 😉

      • richardmillett

        Mostly, you’re wasting your time devoting your life to trying to destroy the Jewish state. Get a life and do something constructive, you fool. You will look back and have achieved nothing.

      • Richard I have no desire to see Israel destroyed, I want to see peace and justice for all. You and your co-apologists on the other hand don’t seem to have a problem with collective punishment, occupation, injustice etc etc. So who is the fool or useful idiot for Israeli hasbara.

      • richardmillett

        Does peace and justice for you involve a Jewish state, mostly?

      • Richard, I’ll let you into a little secret…..I am a zionist (don’t get carried away, not the rabid kind, I think I would be classed as a ‘soft’ zionist). If I support the right of Palestinians to self determination & a land of their own then I must and do wholeheartedly support Israel as a state for the Jewish people and hopefully others. I don’t go for the religious mumbo jumbo, just pure and simple universal human rights & compliance with international law.

      • richardmillett

        Good for you, Mostly. I support two states just like you: a Jewish state and a Palestinian state. Politically, we aren’t that too far apart then.

      • Using the tag ‘rabid’ Zionist tells us all we need to know about mostly Israel hater, who salivates at the idea that the antisemitic BDS movement is supposedly growing.
        Oh, and yes: the mindless and ignorant ranting about ‘international law’. And blaming the ‘occupation’ on Israel and Jews. We know your kind, Mr Hater.

      • That comment leaves me in no doubt as to the kind of zionist you are Leah.

      • Agreed, we have far more in common than initially meats the eye, I look forward to you joining the BDS campaign in earnest 😉

      • richardmillett

        Sorry, I don’t mix with anti-Semites.

  14. Hadn’t heard of Lush before.
    Before I read the article I thought it was another one name band from the early ’90’s Britpop scene.

  15. When challenging Lush don’t forget they also support Bustan Qaraaqa http://www.bustanqaraaqa.org/al3/web/page/display/id/1.html
    whose website sports accusations like this http://www.bustanqaraaqa.org/al3/web/news/story/israeli_soldiers_destroy_wells_and_water_pumps_in_the_jordan_valley.html
    This needs to be refuted by someone who has all the facts, please!

  16. I have sent it to the Editor of the Australian Jewish News in the hope he’ll run an article on it

    I just had a look to see where the stores are here. Unfortunately they are all located in shopping centres, so therefore a demonstration would be out of the question.

    The BDS here is targeting Max Brenner big time. The shops are all out in the street. These groups only have to apply for a police permit. They are becoming unruly and the police are really jacking up on them now.

    The last one a few weeks ago saw 19 arrests.

    • You seem to revel in brutal police behaviour, I am sure you would have preferred for them to go in IOF style with rubber bullets & tear gas. However in spite of the risks I hope these brave souls will continue their actions. I really like this one:

      • So, you’re a Zionist mostly. You’re the kind of Zionist who hopes that the brave souls who call for the boycotting of Israel, not the West Bank, not the Golan Heights, not Jerusalem but Israel, will continue their actions. That’s the type of Zionist you are – an Israel-boycotting Zionist.

        I’ve learned much about Zionism today. One bloke called Dan is more of a Zionist than I because he wants a Palestinian state and you’re a special type Zionist who boycotts Israel, or maybe just lauds others who do.

        I’m still hoping to wake up and discover this was just a very weird dream.

      • mostly harmless …. please don’t t tell me that you are in Oz. I couldn’t stand it.

        I think we may well save the rubber bullets & tear gas for you mate.!!

        By the way which IOF are you referring to pray tell?

        International Osteoporosis Foundation
        International Orienteering Federation.
        Investa Office Fund

    • Shirl,
      though I will not be buying Lush products any more, the CEO of Lush OZ has informed me that their campaigns are independent of Lush UK and Lush OZ will not be running with this antiIsrael campaign or indeed any other.

      Decide on your actions in light of this information.

      • Thanks Jill

        Are you in Oz?

        There is nothing much that can be done here, being that all Lush stores are in shopping centres, mostly Westfield.

        I wonder if any of the Lowy family are aware of the lush campaigns..? I just might make them.

        Lush is still Lush and if we can hurt them, where it hurts in the back pocket. So what ??

  17. I support two states just like you: a Jewish state and a Palestinian state.


    as it reaches me currently the “Palestinian” state is planned as a Jew-free entity while Israel will remain a Jewish state with high percentages of minorities i.e. a normality among countries.

    I am sorry but as long as that Jew-free is on the table and apparently accepted by everybody as an unavoidable fact of life I find it hard to understand any support for that endeavour. (I read with one eye that the last Egyptian Jew has died.)

    Below is the latest from them – of course the ordinary Palestinian may be a nice guy but there probably were lots of nice people left in my country once upon a time but they lost the grip on the power levers and thus had to pay the price and please notice this is Fayyad the darling of “us”, the one who is so desirable, such a beacon of hope and progress, that Hamas refuses to accept him but still he supports this???

    Sorry dealing with these people in anything may be necessary ruses to make it through life but supporting them to the point of convincing oneself that one can help them back into respectability is lunacy. That’s what they must achieve for themselves by themselves and never forget, we got (some) of our senses back only after daily life had been made very complicated for us so that there wasn’t much energy left for supremacistic feelings.


  18. I look forward to Lush being on the receiving end – and closing their Brent Cross branch. Makes a change from the constant posture of defence that people who care about Israel have recently had to adopt.

  19. Exactly Adam. There are many advantages to being the aggressor, one being that making mistakes is less serious. You try something, if it doesn’t work, you try something else.

    The important thing is to be original and think of attractive clever gimmicks.

  20. A German customer of LUSH got the following answer from them i.e. they participate in that One World thingy and Israel needs to be boycotted because it is the stronger of the two and thus responsible for Palestinian suffering i.e. whoever is weaker can do nothing wrong.

    Lieber P.,

    vielen Dank für deine Nachricht zu unserer Beteiligung am OneWorld Projekt.

    LUSH UK hat sich dazu entschlossen, das OneWorld Projekt zu unterstützen, um darauf aufmerksam zu machen, dass viele Palästinenser von Menschenrechtsverletzungen und großer Armut betroffen sind. Die Kampagne basiert auf der Verabschiedung der UN-Resolution sowie dem internationalen humanitären Völker- und Menschenrechtsgesetz zum Schutz der Zivilbevölkerung.

    Die Geschichte zwischen Israel und Palästina ist eine lange, komplizierte und häufig umstrittene. Was allerdings ziemlich deutlich ist, ist der Leidensdruck, dem die Menschen dort heute ausgesetzt sind – teils als Folge der Militärblockade am Gazastreifen und der Trennmauer im Westjordanland, durch die die Palästinenser von lebenswichtiger Infrastruktur, einschließlich einer angemessenen Gesundheitsversorgung, abgeschnitten sind. All das führte beispielsweise zu einer enormen Einschränkung der Bewegungsfreiheit, einem Mangel an Trinkwasser und zunehmender Armut und Menschenrechtsverletzungen in dieser Gegend. Für derartiges Leiden gibt es keine Entschuldigung und es liegt an beiden Seiten, eine Lösung für dieses gravierende Problem zu finden. Was aber auch klar ist, ist die Tatsache, dass es sich hierbei nicht um einen Konflikt zwischen zwei gleichen Seiten handelt. Die Verpflichtung zu handeln liegt demnach auf der Seite der stärkeren Partei – und das ist in diesem Fall Israel.

    Das OneWorld Projekt wurde aus Solidarität mit den Menschen in Palästina ins Leben gerufen und die Bemühungen für die Gewähleistung der Menschenrechte und eine Gleichbehandlung aller, unabhängig von Rasse oder Religion, ist überparteilich und unterstützt keinerlei Gewalt. OneWorld wird sowohl von palästinensischen als auch israelischen Organisationen unterstützt und ist auf die Umsetzung eines gerechten Friedens für alle in der Region lebenden Menschen ausgerichtet!

    Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle noch einmal für deine Nachricht und dein Hinterfragen bedanken und hoffen, dein Anliegen hiermit angemessen beantwortet zu haben.

    Herzliche Grüße,

    Tanja Umbach


    LUSH GmbH


    Römerstraße 13, 72469 Meßstetten

    HRB 401316, Registergericht Stuttgart
    GF: Karl Bygrave, Andrew Gerrie


    • richardmillett

      So Lush Germany is going for an actual boycott of Israel is it, Silke? Does that letter really refer to a boycott? Thanks.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    • Happy to oblige and here I thought I’d insult you by not assuming that you are all highly skilled users of Google translate:

      Here we go (my translation not Google’s and I am a lousy translator and her German is very stilted and full of useless making it sound professional stuff)

      Dear P.,
      many thanks for your message re our participation in the OneWorldProject.

      LUSH UK has decided to support the OneWorld Project, in order to alert that many Palestinians are hit by Human Rights Violations and great poverty. The Campaign is based on the passing of the UN-Resolution as well as the international humanitarian peoples’s (international law) and human rights law for the protection of the civilian population.

      The history between Israel and Palestine is a long, complicated and frequently debated one. What is reasonably obvious is the pressure of suffering (Leidensdruck can build up ranging from not being able to eat that extra candy to having lost your loved ones) which people there are exposed to – partly as a consequence of the military blockade of the Gaza strip and the partition wall in the West-Jordan-Land by which the Palestinians are cut off from life important InfraStructure including a suitable taking care of health. All that leads to an enormous limitation of freedom of movement, a lack of drinking water and increasing poverty and human rights violations in that area. For such suffering there is no excuse and it is up to both sides to find a solution for this severe problem. But it is also clear, is the fact that it is not a conflict between to equal sides. The obligation to act is therefore on the side of the stronger party and that is in this case Israel.

      The OneWorldProject was called into life out of solidarity with the people in Palestine and the efforts for the guarantee of human rights and an equal treatment of all, independent of race or religion, is above party affiliation and supports no violence whatsoever. OneWorld is supported by both Palestinian and Israeli organisations and is aimed at the implementation of a just peace for all people/humans who live in that region!

      We want to thank you on this place again for your message and your behind questioning and hope, that we hereby have answered your request appropriately.

      Heartfelt Greetings, (standard formula – suited to the address as Dear P. no true feelings should be suspected from it)

      You owe me for translation that piece of … – no she doesn’t actually call for a boycott, if this is the OneWorld Projects she is referring to than their search option turns up neither Israel nor Palestine. So the best it can be said about German Lush is that they employ a highly ignorant woman in their PR department who tries to dodge the question by pontificating on unnumbered UN-resolutions and a mysterious OneWorld Project while showing an appallingly biased view of the Middle East.

      • richardmillett

        Ok. Thank you. I had a similar conversation with the Lush UK head of Campaigning this morning. She seemed more understanding but we will see.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  21. Hi Silke,

    My German isn’t all it once was. I can still sing a beautiful:

    “Das Wandern”

    but that’s about it. How about a translation of the letter.

  22. I believe mine to be far superior. Here is another excellent example.

    • one is by Schubert and the other melody is by this guy

      the one below btw is said to be the super-champ of German lied singers. For a reason mysterious to me I can’t stand him.

      My personal development hasn’t much evolved past Opera which is supposed to signify not sufficiently advanced sensibilities though a guy named Thomas Quasthoff once glued me in front of my TV missing a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the sun with a rendering of one of Schubert’s cycles. And if I’d switch to music instead of reading I’d sure want to hear more from her.

  23. Richard they say
    LUSH UK also decided to support the OneWorld project…..whatever they mean by that

    • I’ve written them an e-mail what they mean by that and which UN-resolution they are referring to – If I get an answer I’ll report.

      • richardmillett

        Oh please do. I love the UN Resolution thing. Can’t wait to hear which one they quote and why. Thanks a lot, Silke.

      • nothing to thank me for Richard, it is all in my own best interest.

        It is you for informing me of stuff I’d otherwise never learn about who has to thanked for his time and effort every minute of the day and around here in writing much much more often than I take the trouble to do it.

  24. Silke, I had a response from Lush here in the UK which is the same as the German reply. It seems they have even “internationalized” their reply.

    What a bunch of racist bastards.

  25. I gave all the info on this, to the Australian Jewish News. At a function this evening, one of the reporters told me it’s in tomorrow’s issue of the paper.
    If it’s on line, I will post the link. If not, I’ll copy and email it to you Richard

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  27. Hoo roo Daph

    That’s aussie talk for g’day !!

    I just sent you an email.

    You’re welcome Richard

  28. Richard, I’ll email it to you. I don’t want to give Lush another soapbox to spout their racism.


  30. LUSH’s latest: they can’t open a shop inside Israel because the Checkpoints keep them from having a mix but they operate 2 shops in Saudi Arabia

    Nachtigall ick hör Dir trapsen = Berliner’s German: Nightingale I hear you chirp


  31. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”

    Lush Australasia was approached by the Australian Jewish News, a spokesman said…..

    “The OneWorld Campaign is a Lush UK initiative and is not something that the Lush Australasia business is involved in”

  32. Sorry.. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” is a Shakespearean quote, meaning something is wrong

  33. It’s a will known and well used saying in English

    Denmark HAD a very proud history in regards to its treatment of Jews, but alas it’s not so good now.

    This js a couple of years ago and things have deteriorated


  34. It’s a well known and well used saying in English

    Denmark HAD a very proud history in regards to its treatment of Jews, but alas it’s not so good now.

    This was a couple of years ago and things have deteriorated


    • As best I know they got by now one of those Geert Wilders-like parties that should keep the thing from gaining ground.

  35. They were there for us when we really needed them, thank G-d today we can get by without their love. Let’s remember Denmark for her “proud history” and forgive her for her behavior today:

    “Go and cry in the ears of Jerusalem, saying, Thus said the LORD; I remember you, the kindness of your youth, the love of your espousals, when you went after me in the wilderness, in a land that was not sown.”

    If G-d can remember us because of the kindness of our youth,despite all our sins, we can forgive others too.

    Shabbat shalom from Maale Adumim

  36. I sent this to Richard,,, now it’s on line !!

    Lush down under spurns UK campaign
    July 29, 2011 ·

    THE Australasian office of Lush Cosmetics has distanced itself from a Lush United Kingdom “ethical campaign”, which demonises Israel.

    The move follows an international uproar over Lush’s UK-based parent company promoting the song Freedom for Palestine, by a group of musicians calling themselves OneWorld.

    The song makes scathing accusations against Israel and presents a one-sided view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    When contacted by The AJN, a Lush Australasia spokesperson said: “The OneWorld campaign is a Lush UK initiative, and it is not something that the Lush Australasia business is involved in.”

    The lyrics of Freedom for Palestine include the lines, “More than six million refugees, it could be you and your family, forced from your home and your history … This is a crime against humanity, Gaza turned into a prison camp, apartheid wall divide the West Bank … Enough illegal occupation, violence and racial segregation”.

    The video clip features extensive footage of the wall portion of the West Bank security barrier, scenes of Palestinian poverty and a cartoon depiction of an Israeli soldier knocking a Palestinian woman holding a baby to the ground.

    The ethical campaigns section of Lush’s UK website, where the video clip can be found, accuses Israel of illegal occupation, human rights abuses and condemning the residents of Gaza “to levels of poverty more commonly associated with sub-Saharan Africa”.

    Much of the text is lifted directly from the website of War on Want, the UK charity to which proceeds from the sale of the song will go.

    War on Want supports the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel and has a history of bias against the Jewish State.


  37. This is the same “ethical” store that has outlets in Saudi Arabia?

  38. Elder of Ziyon has a lovely find from the empire of the BDS nutters.

    i.e. he has found that BDS-sers protest against Coral which according to him are very indigenously grown Palestinian products.

    Maybe some LUSH-protesters could put that info to good use …

    BDSers are going out of their way to destroy the only non-domestic market available for Palestinian Arab farmers.