Students at SOAS told that Zionists paraded dead and mutilated Arab bodies through Jerusalem.


There is currently a hate-filled anti-Israel exhibition in the library at SOAS. It has been up since October 25th and finishes on November 30th. During this time thousands of SOAS students will have been subjected to sick lies about Israel.

One exhibit is a cake filled with M16 bullets supposed to represent the time an Arab girl baked a cake for her sister in “Fawwar refugee camp near Hebron” in 1967.

The exhibition is called Memory Metamorphosis: An Exhibition of Palestine Remembered. The exhibits are based on interviews with Palestinians.

The exhibition will transfer to the Menier Gallery from 5th to 9th December when it will be sponsored by anti-Israel charity War On Want.

The introduction to the exhibition states:

“There are 6 million Palestinians living in the diaspora; most were displaced or expelled over the past 68 years by war and occupation. When a people’s history, culture and existence are being altered, erased or appropriated, holding onto their memories and creating their own historical record…is empowering and can be seen as an act of resistance.”

This 6 million figure is highly questionable and no proof is supplied. 6 million is, however, the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust so one has to ask whether the real aim here is to create a shameful Holocaust equivalence.

Another exhibit, by Father Khader N. El-Yateem, titled A Longing Heart is a picture of hearts pricked with thorns. The description contains the statement:

“Life in Palestine has a lot of unique characteristics…Unfortunately, this life has been marred by the Israeli occupation, its checkpoints and the racist separation wall, which upsets the mood of anyone coming back to visit after a long absence.”

Obviously absent is the narrative that Israel had to build the wall to stop Hamas blowing up Israeli teenagers outside nightclubs like the Dolphinarium where 21 Israeli younsters were murdered.

On Thurdsay night I went to a discussion at SOAS about this exhibition chaired by SOAS lecturer Rafeef Ziadah. On her panel were two of the artists; Jacqueline Reem Salloum and Suhel Nafar. Also on the panel was Hazem Jamjoum from New York University.

Jamjoun explained that someone they tried to interview for the exhibition had lived in Deir Yassin. Jamjoun told the audience what apparently happened there:

“There was a retributory attack on Deir Yassin. The bodies of the people who were killed and mutilated were then paraded around the Zionist neighbourhoods of western Jerusalem. It was a very intentional psychological warfare of getting stories of murder, rape and killing pregnant women to go far because it would scare and was extremely effective.”

A new book describes there being nothing of the sort having happened at Deir Yassin.

Jacqueline Reem Salloum told us how upset she was seeing Israelis cooking falafel which she described as being “our food”. She needs reminding that Jews have been living in Israel for over 2,000 years so it has been Israeli food also. She also told us that her cake exhibit was made of decommissioned bullets bought off the internet. So not even Israeli bullets, which kind of defeats her point.

She said they’d eventually expand the exhibition to include interviewees from Syria, Iraq and Yemen. I doubt that will come to fruition. Why would they want to dilute their anti-Israel propaganda?

Meanwhile it’s unsurprising War On Want are involved, again wasting resources that should be going to those in need on sick political agitprop instead. And the Menier Gallery is complicit in this by its hosting.


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  1. Looks like anti-Semitism and Nazi propaganda are alive and well and living at the soas and no one in authority there seems to care about truth.

    Undoubtedly this will only get worse, especially were Corbyn and his gang of anti-semires win the next election.

  2. You’re a liar and a hasbara propagandist, jews haven’t been living in ISRAEL for 2000 years, ISRAEL isn’t even 100 years old yet . Hahahahaha , such crass statements #freepalestine #BDS

    • richardmillett

      You’re right. It’s not 100 years old. It’s actually 3000 years old. The difference being it was forced to change its name when most of the Jews were ethnically cleansed from the area.

    • B… b… b… But what are these historic things that are written in Hebrew and dated from 3000 years ago, that we find everywhere in the ground?

    • Anyway, it doesn’t matter that the re-created Israel is 69 years old. After 69 years or re-creation of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, they were still shitty countries where only fools would go to live.
      Israel was a success in less than 30 years. Arab Middle East is a hellhole since an eternity.

    • Mark – You are either an idiot or ignorant, or both. The original name for the land was Cannan. In the Book of Judges, it talks of the conquest by Joshua of the land milk and honey for the Hebrew people. That was about 3000 years ago. After 500 years of Roman rule followed by Arabs Christians Mumluks Ottomans and Turks the land was a dust heap.
      Therefore Jews have been in the land of Israel for 3000 years. The Arabs however have a history of being Nomads.

      • It’s both, and bigoted, hater… in one word “anti-Semite.”

      • St George might not be one of ours but his tomb is in Lod and worth a peek. He was – is – patron of Russia, Britain and soldiers because if you farm you have to defend your crop against idle aristo minded nomads who will without a by your leave graze their livestock on you growing crop. Understandably the Romans garrisoned their well heads along the desert frontiers of the Levant and North Africa and lined their Euro frontiers with walls/limes and signal towers backed by auxiliary units of 50/50 cavalry and infantry to act teh mosquito net against raidng pinpricks against the settled population.

    • learn history before spouting off about things you know nothing about. There has been a continuous Jewish presence in “Palestine” for 3,000 years. At times the presence wasn’t too large (e.g. after the Crusaders murdered most of the Jewish population), but most centuries the Jewish presence was significant, if not always substantial.

      • By the way, Muslim Arabs have not been in Israel/’Palestine’ for more than 1300 years. Muslim Ottomans, not more than 500 years. So Jews still have a 3000+ record of presence and being the only remaining indigenous people of the land.

  3. They also paraded and ran over the murdered bodies of women, children and men in the village of besh shit, as documented by a Zionist general of the vile Israeli militia , Matti Peled .

    • richardmillett

      Stop with the unsubstantiated lies.

    • Mark How much is Daesh paying you?

    • Matti Peled wrote that? When? Remember that Jews love life, just like your friends of Hamas and Hezbollah love death.

    • Funny thing that only extremist Jews celebrate the death of enemies (and let’s be clear that even if I don’t do it, I don’t feel sad when one of the murderous bastards are killed), the overwhelming majority of “Palestinians” on the other hand are quite happy and celebrating whenever an innocent Jew is murdered.
      Their only regret may be to know that Israel won’t let the crime unpunished.

  4. The lies fall on fertile ground!

  5. “Measure for measure.” May what the liars and inciters want done to the descendants of Israel be soon done to them, b”H.

  6. The readers need to be aware that War on Want did not become so vehemently anti-Israel until John Hilary became CEO. I got to know him well in my professional capacity with the charity. Needless to say, I had to keep quiet. When I left them, I wrote to the Charities Commission to no avail. John Hilary left to join Momentum. Need I say more?mik

  7. Arabs complaining of Judaisation of Jerusalem or Israel is hilarious. How was the Arab World created if not by imperialist military conquests ? skewed taxation to make life difficult for non -Molsems? and discriminatory legislation ditto. Meanwhile telling lies even to oneself is dangerous as it obscurs the clarity of judgement in fraught situations. That is why the Arab attacks on the Yishuv and Israel have not succeeded. Finally words can have multiplle meanings per varying context. Israel can mean the country, the entire people and the modern state so be careful to be exact.

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  9. Jamjoun is a PhD student in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at NYU. Does this lying propaganda represent current academic standards in that NYU department?

    • This time the Arab half-truth that Israelis are a European import backfires on them given that 20th century Europeans or the European influenced, did not and do not parade mutilated bodies in public. The Deir Yassin corpses were buried there and the survivors were escorted on foot to be handed to the Arab authorities in East Jerusalem but given the siege conditions and shortage of transport and fuel that was in the circumstances reasonable.

      • Europeans don’t do that, but Jews (who are mostly not Europeans) do that even less.
        That’s how you know it is racist propaganda.
        On the other hands Arabs have quite a practice of that, especially Hamas. I remember when they were dragging corpses behind motorcycles in Gaza. Maybe the racist McKenzie remembers it?

  10. Lorensacho Byzantine

    This is a perfect case of projection in which Arabs who do publicly mutilate and parade their dead victims accuse others, this time Jews of doing the same thing. There is nothing in the Jewish culture that permits or advocates such a gruesome activity.

      • They treated the last King of Iraq this way too – Feisal II – totally medieval !

      • Did everyone notice that antisemites accuse Jews of what Arabs precisely do and Jews do not?
        Did you see that, McKenzie? Your darlings doing today what you cannot prove Jews ever did? You are supporting medieval racists.

        It’s Demonisation of Jews, of course, but one projecting on them the very thing their enemies only do.

  11. Publicly displaying the bodies of their victims is also typical of ISIS. The Syrians publicly displayed the body of executed spy Eli Cohen. Psychologists would call the Arab accusations that Jews parade the bodies of their dead as projection — accusing others of your own acts.

    • And what about those who accuse Jews of Arabs’ own acts while not being Jews or Arabs? Anti-Semites? I thought so!