Anti-Israel meeting at SOAS stopped by peaceful pro-Israel protest.

Mike Cushman speaking at University London Union in 2012.

Mike Cushman speaking at University London Union in 2012.

Whenever I ask a question at SOAS it’s usually accompanied by abuse coming my way. For example, after asking a perfectly reasonable question in 2012 SOAS lecturer Gilbert Achcar accused me of being a “professional disruptor” and then falsely accused me of leaving insulting messages on his phone.

On Tuesday night at SOAS it was completely different and uplifting.

The members of the panel were Tony Lerman and ex-teacher Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi. Chairing was academic Mike Cushman who has more than a touch of Larry David about him in both look and mannerism. The subject of the evening was a new book they had contributed to called On Antisemitism.

The room of 50 sat relatively quiet listening to Lerman explain how “non-violent activism” like boycott, divestment and sanctions againt Israel (BDS) are under attack in America. And he quoted Judith Butler who claims that accusations of antisemitism, like those against BDS and anti-Zionists, “are meant to cause pain.”

Lerman went on to claim that “supremacist Zionism” attacks Israel’s internal critics like B’tselem and Breaking The Silence and he attacked the “notorious definition of antisemitism” adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance which he felt was “an attack on pro-Palestinian activism”.

Wimborne-Idrissi read out her favourite parts of the book one of which was about how American Jews have now placed themselves within the “tent of whiteness” due to their identifying with a “white supremacist Israel dominated by white Ashkenazi Jews”.

Cushman allowed me to ask a question and so I put it to Lerman how it could be that BDS, which calls for the right of return of some five million so-called Palestinian refugees, can be considered anything other than violently antisemitic when such a return would result in the demographic demise of the only Jewish state.

To my pleasant astonishment I received a large round of applause from the back of the room; a first after 10 years of blogging these events. I was embarrassed, but nicely so.

Lerman answered that he had never met a Palestinian who wanted to actually return to Israel, only that that they should have their rights recognised.

The evening then quickly disintegrated soon after a young South Korean man stood up to ask about the comparison between Israel and North Korea. Even Cushman told him to sit down.

Lerman again complained about the “demonisation” of BDS after which someone called out “What about the way you demonise Israel?”. Jonathan Hoffman then accused Wimborne-Idrissi of making light of antisemitism live on LBC Radio.

More interruptions followed before five Israeli flags were produced and accompanied by a beautiful rendition of Am Israel Chai.

Cushman, now channeling his inner Larry David, stood up, slammed the table and demanded silence. But silence there came none. So he called the police.

Once SOAS security appeared at the door the pro-Israel group left peacefully.

The meeting resumed but the attendance was now thoroughly depleted. And in a surprising show of contrition Wimborne-Idrissi attempted to answer Jonathan Hoffman’s accusation. She admitted her LBC interview “wasn’t my finest hour”.

As for that peaceful interruption of Israeli singing and flag waving I find it highly ironic than when I sit silently and wait patiently to be called to ask a reasonable question I am labeled a “disruptor” anyway. Those attending these vile events to put forward Israel’s case are criticised whatever we do, however well we behave. Such smears won’t stop us attending though.

(For more reflection on Tuesday evening’s events read Jonathan Hoffman)


5 responses to “Anti-Israel meeting at SOAS stopped by peaceful pro-Israel protest.

  1. Is the tide finally turning in public opinion in Israel’s favour? Isn’t it time the Cooperative Movement was “outed” in its boycott of produce allegedly produced by the “settlements” (in other words, all the four major Israeli agricultural exporters)?

  2. starofdavidscotland

    As I always say, u have to CONFRONT these racist jewhate scum, not send fucking letters to the Guardian.

    confront and make them answer the millions of awkward questions their racist stance demands

    Hell, the bloody Board BICOM or JLC ain’t gonna do it

    Well done u for showing the way


    Sent from El’s phone


  3. Plain Site Zionist

    You’re my hero. I told you the other night at Andrea’s event.

  4. Such rank hypocrisy. Advocates of BDS regularly disrupt Israel events. Think back to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at the Summer Proms 2011 when the appalling Deborah Fink planned and participated in loud protests. Same goes for Habimah at the Globe and Batsheva at various Uk venues. That’s before we talk about the many Israeli guest speakers on campus shut down and harassed
    How utterly delicious that these ghastly reprobates cry foul play having received a limited taste of their own medicine. I’m pleased that the protest is confined to BDS fascists rather than visiting Palestinian cultural representatives.

  5. The fantastic interest of the adoption of the new working definitions of antisemitism is that antisemites are now on the defensive, as the definitions fit at least their rejection of Jewish self-determination.
    They are attacking the definition as it doesn’t fit their needs to appear “anti-Zionist, not anti-Semite”.