The Israeli flag flew high inside My Name Is Rachel Corrie.

Official handout and the

Official handout and the “Accompanying Notes”

The 31 performance run of Josh Roche directed My Name Is Rachel Corrie finally comes to an end on Thursday night. With the Young Vic Theatre rejecting all suggestions of balance including a small exhibition of the 19 Israeli Rachels murdered by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups and a pro-Israel voice on the after show panel discussions some activists produced “Accompanying Notes” to be handed out to theatre goers outside the Young Vic.

The “Accompanying Notes”, which look similar to the official handout (see above), explain what really happened to Rachel in 2003 when she tragically died in Gaza while naively standing in front of a bulldozer when Israel was fighting Hamas:

“The investigation and court judgement showed the driver could not see her and that her death was an unfortunate accident to someone who had trespassed in a clearly marked closed military area. Rachel Corrie was not protecting a ‘home’ but a shed shielding one of the terror tunnels used to smuggle weapons and explosives. Her death was a tragic accident.”

Rachel was, in fact, protecting tunnels Hamas were using to smuggle in weapons that were causing mass murder on the streets of Israel. That crucial part of the narrative, plus that her death was an accident, were absent from the play.

The “Accompanying Notes” also explain that the play contains “unsubstantiated, context-free allegations about supposed Israeli brutality. For example, the IDF is alleged to have stopped the International Solidarity Movement retrieving a corpse, is accused of destroying wells and being engaged in a ‘constant attempt to remove Palestinians from their home.'”

They also explain how Rachel, an ISM member, misinterprets the Fourth Geneva Convention.

We had tickets for the Saturday night production. The theatre holds 70 and when we entered the actress playing Rachel (Erin Doherty) was lying on the floor listening to music with the main prop on stage being a part of Israel’s security wall painted a light red, obviously denoting blood. The stage floor was also painted red.

The show was, basically, an hour and a half of emotional blackmail as Doherty played out edited scenes from the young Rachel’s diaries. The audience occasionally laughed at her naivety and attempts to change the world.

It was dull. The hour and a half passed slowly.

Nearing the end Rachel describes how the Israeli army, apparently, destroyed wells in Gaza, shot at children and how Rachel failed to retrieve a dead Gazan while being shot at by the IDF. Rachel also offers Gazans money for their hospitality but they wouldn’t take any preferring for Rachel to go back to America to tell their story.

At the end Doherty gives a very short, uncorroborated account of how Rachel died. It’s by “eyewitness Tom Dale” who described the Israeli bulldozer driver seeing Rachel before killing her. But, as stated above, this is not the case.

Israeli courts have sent Israeli soldiers to prison when evidence supports such a conviction so there’s no reason they wouldn’t have done the same in this case. Tom Hurndall’s killer, in similar circumstances, and IDF soldier Azaria were sent to prison.

As Doherty took her two ovations Jonathan Hoffman, from the middle of the audience, stood and unfurled the Israeli flag in front of her. It was a small act of defiance against a nasty play and staging that only adds poison to the world.

(For more analysis of the court case read here)


18 responses to “The Israeli flag flew high inside My Name Is Rachel Corrie.

  1. Good on Jonathan and you for flying the flag for all reasonable minded people out there.
    Was the audience overtly pro-Palestinian? Did you have any unpleasant encounters?

  2. richardmillett

    Thanks. There have been some unpleasant experiences outside. People snatching the leaflets, tearing up the leaflets, saying they don’t believe in the Israeli court system and, worst of all, traducing the Holocaust:

  3. We have leafletted outside every one of the 26 performances to date and will be at the remaining 5. Many thanks especially to the Christian Zionists who held the fort over the Jewish holidays.

  4. Kol HaKavod Jonathan and a great write-up from Richard.

  5. The Nazi flag also flew high inside Many homes in Europe several decades ago. Israel will undoubtedly have the same end.

    • richardmillett

      Khaled!!! What’s wrong with you today? Don’t wish harm on people. Be nice.

    • Yes, Khaled, that’s what the Nazis thought too with their “thousand year Reigh” and look what happened to them. Make sure you don’t suffer the same fate.

      • For the moment, the artificial Arab countries of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are self-destroying, while Israel is thriving in science, medicine, high-tech, economy and happiness.
        Some day, we shall have a successful Kurdistan in the Arab world and the people of other Arab countries will revolt against their racist tyrants.

  6. When is someone going to produce a play about the genuinely vile regimes all over the world, such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe? At one time, 8% of the world was ruled by dictators (including Gaza and the West Bank of course), now the whole of Africa is ruled by dictators as well as most of Asia.

  7. Well done to everyone who stood against the lies.

  8. sorry, that 8% should have read “80%”!

  9. One wonders why antisemitism increases in UK.

  10. Corrie was a useful dupe for a heinous organisation. Her death was down to them placing her in a dangerous zone . Her death served as a perfect propaganda tool for the ISM who have turned her into a business.

    Good on you Jonathan for organising the turnout and the leaflets . Also the flag fly gives them one in the eye for all the times they have trashed Israel cultural events including Habimah and Bat Sheva . These people need to understand they will not have a clear field to espouse their anti Israel propaganda.

  11. Rachel Corrie was a courageous woman, fighting the apartheid regime of Israel. She died a hero and a martyr. Long live Palestine!

    • You are clearly as deluded as she was! And that is exactly what I told her parents.

    • I suggest you get a shrink fast. Your incapacity to express facts is abysmal.
      Idiocy is not courage, hate and stupidity does not make one a hero or a martyr, Palestine is not even dead: it was never alive.

  12. See Robert’s antisemitic delirium against Israel here: