Labour MP Mark Hendrick calls in armed police to evict Israel blogger during Palestine Return Centre event in Parliament.

Prof. Wendy Pullan, Kamel Hawwash, Mark Hendrick MP, Prof. Penny Green.

At the Houses of Parliament last night the Palestine Return Centre (PRC) held an event called The Question of Jerusalem. It was hosted and chaired by Mark Hendrick, Labour MP for Preston.

Prof. Wendy Pullan, Senior Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Architecture at the University of Cambridge, went first and described Jerusalem as “a badly damaged city” the blame for which she lumped on Israel due to “50 years of conflict and occupation”.

She explained that Israel’s urban planning had led to Israelis and Palestinians vilifying each other and she compared Israel’s security barrier to the Berlin Wall.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Kamel Hawwash then told of how he had recently been refused entry to Israel and treated badly at Tel Aviv airport while his wife and child were let through. He was put on a plane back to the UK. He said “Israel was an expert at inciting hatred and was not a country that wanted peace.”

Finally, Prof. Penny Green, Professor of Law and Globalisation at Queen Mary University of London, described how one of her friends who works at Hebrew University was attacked and “called a filthy Arab which is very common”.

She described the “segregation wall” and road network in the Palestinian territories as “apartheid” and said that the wall “is not about security”. She also condemned the checkpoints where Palestinians queue before they can enter Israel to work saying they are where “humans are treated worse than cattle”.

She compared the barrier to the Berlin Wall as well.

During the Q&A I got to ask a question. It isn’t easy asking a question surrounded by people trying to heckle you and drown you out but mine was aimed at Prof. Green.

I asked whether she had any sympathy with Israelis left bereaved and disabled by suicide bombers who got into Israel before the wall, which she condemned, had been built?

Hendrick immediately intervened on her behalf saying that this was a meeting about Palestine, not Israel. When I pressed that she should be allowed to answer he went outside to call armed police as you can see from these photos:

Mark Hendrick points me out to armed police.

Armed police looking for me.

Armed police getting a better sight.

Hendrick pinpoints me to police.

Meanwhile, the one person who did respond to my question was Hawwash who said “If Israel had been created in Uganda does anyone believe the Palestinians would have cause for political groups to go and kill Jews?”

I was then politely asked to leave the room by police and then asked to give my personal details. At one stage I was surrounded by seven heavily armed police. Then my friends Jonathan, Sharon and Mandy were all similarly led out.

One neutral elderly lady who had been in the room came out to complain to PRC representative Sameh Habeeb about how badly we had been treated.

What a total waste of police resources and time by this MP especially considering that literally outside the front door of the building two months ago a terrorist drove into and killed four tourists before then stabbing an unarmed policemen to death.

But Mark Hendrick, Labour MP for Preston, doesn’t have to campaign. He will undoubtedly be re-elected on June 8th as he has a 12,000 majority. So while all other MPs are currently back in their constituences working hard to keep their jobs Hendrick is in London helping the Palestine Return Centre pursue its ultimate goal; the annihilation of Israel.

That’s Labour politics under Jeremy Corbyn for you.


18 responses to “Labour MP Mark Hendrick calls in armed police to evict Israel blogger during Palestine Return Centre event in Parliament.

  1. Absolutely shocking.

    The tragic point is that time and time again when Palestinian/Israel events are held in the UK it is the Palestinian supporters who are inflexible, unwilling to discuss anything calmly, and very often rude, shouting or violent. Not that different from the people whose cause they are supporting!

    Ironic of course that Mark Regev’s speech is being threatened by Palis as an incitement to violence. Despite the violence coming from one side, and one side only.

  2. Janet Clifford

    Mark Hendrick claimed expenses that he was not entitled to. No Jew, no fair minded person should vote for the present Labour party. The action taken against Richard and his friends is reminiscent of the Blackshirts treatment of the Jews at another time.


    Last night a Labour MP chaired a meeting in Parliament where Israel was vilified – including being called “an expert in inciting hatred” – and he then threw out four Jews for challenging the lies.

  4. Brian Goldfarb

    Actually, Janet Clifford, our MP, elected in 2015, Catherine West (Labour), Hornsey & Wood Green, has proved herself seriously on the correct side. She roundly condemned Gerald Kaufmann for his comment on Jews and the Conservative Party, and was even harsher on Ken Livingstone. She is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Antisemitism.

    And do you really think that John Mann deserves to be ousted from parliament? The MP who came close to thumping Livingstone after he made his appalling statements on live tv?

    If you do, then you need to learn to be somewhat more discriminating.

    We need all the friends we can get in Parliament.

    • Janet Clifford

      Richard you’re right of course. I just got so angry with Hendrick the Shmendric and of course the Corbynistas.

  5. A number of people to remember when they try to enter Israel…

  6. An entirely inaccurate report of the meeting. Thankfully no “neutral” people will read this bile.

    • richardmillett

      So what happened at the meeting in your opinion, Gary? Are you THE Gary Oldman by the way?

    • steve specterman

      Do we take it YOU are neutral!

    • So you were there, right, Clint Eastwood?
      And what did you see?
      If you were not there, how can you pretend to know better than someone who was?
      And what disproves you are a bigot, in this case, who pretends to know what he did not witness?

  7. steve specterman

    Its time for all honourable Labour MP`s to reform the Labour Party- At this time its not the Labour party-Its the Communist Party-Even the SWP are going to support it in June.

  8. If this is the use of parliament then hose who deliberately single out Israel while ignoring g the horrors inflicted in Syria Iran Iraq Pakistan are in my opinion unelected racists full blown anti semites who should be removed to a sharia complaint country immediately and, face criminal investigations to links to terrorists organisations. All these are I assume banned from Israel 🇮🇱 let get them banned from the United States also

  9. Mike Abramov

    Richard – I am not surprised you were evicted. You gave them a challenging question and embarrassed them. I get this all the time.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. a) Could present a bit more balance (if nothing else to show you can report fairly). I’m sure it was generally hostile but no historian would trust this as a record of the meeting.
    b) armed policeman – surely they are all armed at the moment?
    c) Who else would have shown a disruptive person out?
    d) Fair question by you but actions need to proportionate. The wall does not seem to me to be so. How were killed before? How many now? What has been the detrimental impact on Palestinians?
    e) how many innocent civilians has Israel killed in operations to snuff out a few Hamas leaders? I don’t know and it is a question that should be levelled re GB/US actions in Syria/Iraq and Yemen as well.

    • How many killed in Israel proper before the fence (95% is a fence, not a wall)? Hundreds every year. Statistics are available from MFA.
      After the fence, around ten per year.
      Benefit: 95% lives saved.
      Concening your ugly and ignoble comparison of ‘Palestinians’ dying despite precautions to avoid unnecessary collateral damage and the deliberate targetting of innocent Israeli civilians, no one in his own mind would dignify you with a polite answer.
      Please return under the rock your crawled from.

    • In response to your question marked (d),
      Why should we care about “detrimental effect” on Palestinians? This is of their own doing.
      They elect Hamas as their govt.
      Hamas send suicide bombers to Israel.
      Israel builds fence to prevent suicide attacks
      The fence makes them wait in lines for a while.
      Their fault! Let them elect leaders who pursue the path of diplomacy.

      BTW, the fact that you equate killings of israeli civilians with “”detrimental effect” on Palestinians” is really quite bizarre

  11. Agnes Losonczi

    Everone knows that disruptive questions and all over disruptive, primitive behaviour is the sole prerogative of the anti-israeli bunch. Jews get the machine guns for opening their mouth. What a democrat!!! Heil Markkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!