A bad week for “Britain’s powerful Israel Lobby”.

IMO secretary-general Koji Sekimuzu addresses Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub last week.

IMO secretary-general Koji Sekimuzu addresses the Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub last week.

In the last few weeks accusations of Britain having a “powerful Israel Lobby” are being reiterated once again.

David Ward MP tweeted “shame there isn’t a powerful, well funded Board of Deputies for Roma”. This seems to be an indirect reference to the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Meanwhile, in his opinion piece for the Daily Telegraph Peter Oborne described Conservative Friends of Israel as “by far Britain’s most powerful pro-Israel lobbying group”.

Oborne attacks CFI for acting “as if every Jew in the country is a Likud supporter” on the basis that CFI seemed to be parroting Netanyahu’s criticisms of Iran’s interim nuclear agreement with Britain, USA, France, Russia, Germany and China.

In 2009 Oborne made a documentary for Channel 4 called Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby which he introduced with the sinister line “Tonight on dispatches how British policy is influenced by supporters of a foreign power”.

So I thought about how effective these lobbies actually are and the recent picture doesn’t look rosy.

The irony of Oborne’s piece for the Daily Telegraph is that “by far Britain’s most powerful pro-Israel lobbying group” did not achieve for Israel what Israel had wanted, namely the total dismantling of Iran’s nuclear programme.

For, let’s remember, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has said that “Israel is a cancer that must be removed”. No, not the “Zionist entity” or even “the Apartheid state”, but Israel, hook, line and sinker.

Then we discover that Britain has been carrying on behind-the-scenes negotiations with Hezbollah. Hezbollah is Iran’s surrogate in Lebanon and Syria and is also determined to annihilate Israel.

Britain, unlike America, quite unbelievably recognises Hezbollah’s political wing, despite this political wing, no doubt, directing the military wing to bomb American and Jewish targets around the world. Britain’s talks with Hezbollah were not explicitly condoned by America, which doesn’t recognise either wing of Hezbollah, but America “will listen with interest” to what is being said.

Then Universities UK produced a document on preserving free speech in universities and in one section the document gives a case study on what to do in the event that any speaker is disrupted. Remarkably, it is British Jews who are the transgressors in this fictional case study.

Case Study 4 “Israel and Palestine” describes how a university’s Jewish society and the local synagogue have expressed concerns about a pro-Palestinian speaker. The local Rabbi has even written to the local paper. During the event “there are concerted attempts to shout the speaker down and prevent him from speaking”. People are asked to leave and do so voluntarily (see page 30 of said document).

I have never heard of British Jews actually trying to prevent a pro-Palestinian speaker from speaking. It is pro-Israel speakers who are regularly shouted down as was the case recently in Sheffield when protesters stormed the stage at the Model United Nations student conference while Israeli deputy ambassador Alon Roth-Snir was speaking.

Finally, the International Maritime Organisation is currently meeting in its 28th session in London. On the agenda was the election of 40 member states to the IMO’s Council.

Israel was up for election and a few days before the vote I found myself in a bar in Westminster among diplomats from various IMO member countries. Israel’s Ambassador Daniel Taub gave a speech and the secretary-general of the Council lit the Chanukah candles.

Over canapes and an endless supply of wine the idea was to mingle and sing Israel’s praises. The Bahamas delegation assured me Israel and they were voting for each other so I moved on. The Turkish delegate assured me that “there was every possibility” that he would vote for Israel.

Turkey and the Bahamas were among those elected, but Israel failed despite the incredible contribution Israel can make to important seafaring issues such as security, safety and technology.

It was yet another failure chalked up by Britain’s “powerful Israel Lobby”.


8 responses to “A bad week for “Britain’s powerful Israel Lobby”.

  1. Michael Cohen

    Britain’s “powerful” Israel Lobby would have difficulty arranging a p*** up in a brewery let alone influencing British foreign policy.Then again if you want to sell a story about the Jews to the newspapers you have to have a good conspiracy

  2. I am not surprised at the comments of the odious Peter Oborne. He was one the main reasons I gave up the Daily Telegraph after over 50 years. I have a file of correspondence with him and complaints about him to the editor. Oborne affirms his liking of Israel in his replies to me! If that’s being a friend, thank goodness he isn’t an enemy.

  3. The family of Lee Rigby knows that there is a powerful Islamist lobby in Britain.

  4. Preventing others from speaking is NOT Freedom of Speech. It is mob rule, mob violence

    When will Britain wake up? Or is it to late?

  5. Most evident failure this week was the dropping of EUMC working definition of antisemitism. It was the main progress made in decades in the way of banning disguised hate speech or just qualifying it as such.
    And, surprise surprise, mention of the power of Jews over governments was part of this definition.

  6. It is ironic that the what would be considered by others the “Jewish Lobby” rather than shout pro palestinian speakers down would actively encourage fellow Jews to “learn from them” as the Head of limmud said when he invited notoriously anti Israel journalist to speak at Limmud in 2002 . 1000 people heard Fisk give a propaganda speech against Israel for 45 minutes without interruptions .and he recieved a standing ovation !!!! See http://netanyalynette.blogspot.co.il/2012/08/analysis-of-anti-israel-speech-at.html This is sadly only one example eg the UJIA and Peter Bienhardt and details of more on my site netanyalynette.blogspot.co.il

    • Why was an anti-Israel speaker given a standing ovation? And why was be invited to talk in the fitst place? Have the Limmud students exhausted all Jewish texts? Am missing something?

  7. How can Jews (including some I know personally) continue to support the Liberal Democrats who are so craven that their leaders do nothing at all to stop people like Tongue and Ward and the other poisoners from their antisemitic diatribes?