The cowardice of Peter Oborne.

Peter Oborne loves the Jewish people. He loves us so much he wants to save us from ourselves. It’s a shame Oborne wasn’t around at any of the previous troubled stages of Jewish history to advise us where we were going so wrong, but we can only breathe a sigh of relief that he has taken an interest in our current predicament.

In his recent article for The Daily Telegraph The cowardice at the heart of our relationship with Israel he writes about the “cowardice” of the Conservative Party for not condemning Israel’s settlement policy in stronger terms. He’s concerned the door will soon be closed on the possibility of a two-state solution and that, eventually, Israel will either cease to be Jewish and democratic or will become an apartheid state.

Oborne quotes Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, a former British ambassador to Israel, who recently said that “anyone who has a real affection for the Jewish people will want to help them to avoid this looming disaster.”

Alarm bells start ringing when someone critical of Israeli policy then co-opts the “the Jewish people”. Are all “the Jewish people” really responsible for “this looming disaster”? Israel is a democracy and British Jews do not have a vote. And it’s not British Jews who have Hamas to their south and Hezbollah to their north.

It’s a fact that there are far more non-Jewish supporters of Israel in the world, and thank goodness when considering the tiny Jewish world population. So why don’t Cowper-Coles and Oborne think non-Jewish supporters of Israel require such “help”?

Their patronising attitude towards Jews brings to mind Lord Andrew Phillips of Sudbury’s quip that “the Jews aren’t lacking in intelligence”.

Oborne finishes his article by claiming that “Mr Cameron does not want to go down in history as the man upon whose watch all hope of a two-state solution died”. Oborne ignores the fact that the two-state solution died in 1937 when the Arabs rejected 80% of British Mandate Palestine, in 1948 when the Arabs rejected 45% of British Mandate Palestine and 2000 when the Palestinians rejected 22% of, what was, British Mandate Palestine.

Oborne’s allegation that Israel could eventually either cease to be Jewish and democratic or become an apartheid state bears no relation to reality when one looks at the demographics on the ground. A study by Bar Ilan University proves that should Israel ever decide to annex the West Bank then the 1.41 million West Bank Palestinians would, when added to Israel’s existing Arab population, still leave Israel a Jewish majority and democratic state.

Oborne slams David Cameron for devoting just 64 words to the settlement issue at the recent Conservative Friends of Israel lunch. Oborne thinks “This is cowardice”. But Oborne doesn’t criticise Hamas and even blames Israel for the recent conflict. Again Oborne ignores the hundreds of rockets fired into Israel from Gaza before Israel assassinated Hamas’ Ahmed Jabari.

And Oborne refuses to differentiate between Palestinian terrorists and civilians who were killed, but just repeats the mantra that “the number of Palestinian deaths vastly exceeded those on the Israeli side”.

Oborne ignores Hamas treatment of its own people in forcing them to become human shields. Hamas imports tens of thousands of rockets into Gaza but cannot build even one bomb shelter for the people it was elected by to govern.

Oborne also criticises Britain for not backing the recent Palestinian bid for enhanced statehood at the UN. It is morally reprehensible that Britain only abstained. How could a civilised country like Britain refuse to vote against enhanced statehood when considering that the Hamas Charter calls for the murder of Jews?

In 2009 Oborne made a television documentary called Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby. It opens with the menacing line “Tonight on Dispatches how British policy is influenced by supporters of a foreign power.”

Oborne sets out to investigate financial transactions between Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) and the Conservative Party and to investigate the influence of pro-Israel lobbyists like CFI, BICOM, Zionist Federation, Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. A not insubstantial part was dedicated to CiFWatch, which monitors anti-Semitism in The Guardian and its Comment is Free website.

Oborne investigated the claim that accusations of anti-Semitism by pro-Israel lobby groups are being used to silence criticism of Israeli policy. He put to Alan Rusbridger, The Guardian’s editor, an accusation by CiFWatch that the Comment is Free comments’ thread “is full of vile anti-Semitic sentiments”.

Rusbridger replied:

“I think it would be a terribly dangerous thing if the British press were made to feel that they couldn’t criticise Israel because they are going to be held up as anti-Semitic. I think it is a very disreputable argument.”

But since 2009 CiFWatch has proved time and again that some Guardian articles are anti-Semitic. Chris Elliot, the Guardian’s Readers’ Editor, has admitted as much.

The Guardian’s Deborah Orr was forced to apologise for describing Israel’s prisoner swap of Gilad Shalit in exchange for over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners as proof “Zionists believe that the lives of the chosen are of hugely greater consequence than those of their unfortunate neighbours.” Elliot explained in response that “Historically it has been antisemites, not Jews, who have read ‘chosen’ as code for Jewish supremacism.”

A recent cartoon by The Guardian’s Steve Bell seemed to employ the anti-Semitic trope that Jews control the world. Elliot admitted that Bell’s cartoon could be considered anti-Semitic.

And under a very recent Comment is Free article there’s this and worse:

“The 9/11 WTC attack was done by the pro-slavery Zionist-Jew bankers…”

Despite all his efforts to uncover something sinister Oborne declares at the end of his Dispatches documentary:

“In making this programme we haven’t found even something faintly resembling a conspiracy, but we have found a worrying lack of transparency and the influence of the pro-Israel lobby continues to be felt.”

So, Oborne found the pro-Israel lobbies in Britain guilty of nothing more than…..doing their jobs effectively.

Instead of trying to save “the Jewish people” from ourselves Oborne could do worse than visit Gaza if he really wants to understand why there cannot be peace between Israel and the Palestinians. He could then ask Hamas:

1. Why it summarily executes alleged Palestinian collaborators and drags their bodies through the streets?

2. Why it oppresses Palestinian women, gays and political dissidents?

3. Why it doesn’t build any bomb shelters for its people?

4. Why its Charter calls for the murder of all Jews?

But we know he won’t go and ask such questions and that makes Oborne the only coward around here.


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  1. Really appreciate this and so glad you sent to all you did Jean

    • Richard, this whole blog entry seems to be geared towards expressing your outrage at the words ‘Jewish people’ (Oborne quoting Cowper-Coles), rather than in the door closing on a two-state solution being described as a ‘looming threat’.
      You’re so outstandingly critical of what Oborne quotes that it seems you disagree that it’s a threat. What’s your position? Would a single state be ok?

      • The two-state solution was closed by Abbas at the UN… Oslo is dead.
        Not a problem for Israel, as we could see in E1 these days. Probably big problems ahead for ‘Palestinians’ as they depend on Israel to exist at all. And there owe a lot of money to Israel as well.

      • So the ‘looming threat’ is over the head of ‘Palestinians’: wanting a state while there is no people is a recipe for civil war. Wanting a state while not being able to live without external help is a recipe for annexation (by Jordan and Egypt). Israel will just keep the parts necessary for security and let terror organisations be cleaned by those states who formerly supported them.

      • It’s pure fantasy to suggest that Egypt and/or Jordan will annex anything. Doesn’t Israel want the land? It’s been holding on to it for such as long time. And after all – as Richard points out “A study by Bar Ilan University [apparently] *proves* that should Israel ever decide to annex the West Bank then the 1.41 million West Bank Palestinians would, when added to Israel’s existing Arab population, still leave Israel a Jewish majority and democratic state.”
        So it seems as, as you put it, the two state solution is “closed”, and Israel’s set to become a true democracy with equal rights for all its new citizens. Just needs Israel to get on with the annexation and absorption of the West Bank and Gaza.

      • richardmillett

        Ah Baruch, any chance you can provide that exact date on which it became illegal for Jewish people to live in Judea and Samaria\West Bank?

      • The “pure fantasy” of the false-false-Jew-washing-Zionist happened in the past. Until 67, West Bank was Jordan’s. It is clear that it is fantasy only to someone with no or little contact with reality. Israel has made clear it doesn’t want more land but more security. Tell that to your racist friends.

  2. Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, a former British ambassador to Israel, who recently said that “anyone who has a real affection for the Jewish people will want to help them to avoid this looming disaster.”

    ‘Alarm bells start ringing when someone critical of Israeli policy then co-opts the “the Jewish people”. Are all “the Jewish people” really responsible for “this looming disaster”?

    But should alarm bells really be ringing?..after all Israel want’s the Palestinians and others to recognise Israel as The Jewish State.. Therefore is it not logical that the Jewish state would consist of The Jewish people (with other minorities).

  3. In 2010, Oborne referred to the Tories’ “slavish” support for the state of Israel (

    I don’t know if he chose that word carefully, or if it’s just the way his mind automatically works, but he implies that there’s a one way master-servant relationship. I think we’ve heard that sort of thing before.

    Oborne is a friend and adviser to Baroness Warsi and a great fan of that well known beacon of democracy and enlightened values, Pakistan ( He is also understood to have had a hand in writing the Baroness’ “islamophobia is becoming acceptable at dinner parties” speech.

    I suspect his view of Israel is nuanced by the view from Pakistan, at least. All Pakistani passports, as you may know, bear the inscription “This passport is valid for all countries of the World except Israel” (

    I just wish he would be honest about what motivates him to bash Israel at every opportunity.

    • “I just wish he would be honest about what motivates him to bash Israel at every opportunity” –

      You and I and everyone else here know the motivation very well.

  4. Richard you have excelled even your own usual high standard. This is truly serious journalism. What a tour de force.

  5. Didn’t Oborne also do a Dispatches programme about how muslims were being given a bad press?

  6. Deborah Orr ‘apologised’ that she offended some Jews but she did not apologise for what she said and is still unapologetic for it as she is unable to understand how violently antisemitic it is. The Shalit exchange being a case of “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”, the racist crowd would always have been able to criticise Israel one way or another.

    Oborne sounds like the Inquisition: they wanted to ‘save’ the soul of the ‘poor Jews’ who didn’t know the ‘real God’, first by forcing their conversion by torture then by burning them if they were still alive after that treatment.

    • Correct, Jose.
      This pompous, patronising git thinks he is superior to mere Jews.
      That says it all about him.

  7. Excellent questions, Mr. Millet. Why don’t you send them to Oborne himself. I don’t suggest he visit Gaza anyway: Hamas is expert at showing only their side of the game. He would see only a civilian building destroyed by Israel, only civilian victims killed, and maybe ‘journalists’ harmed by the nearby bombing of a hidden military arsenal. Going to Gaza is a waste of time and money since we already know what the Hamas is up to, military wing or not military wing.

  8. For over 50 years I was a regular reader of the Daily Telegraph, and was worried at the vitriolic articles of Oborne. About six months ago, I wrote to the editor, and-to my surprise-he telephoned me at home to insist the newspaper was not anti-Israel. However, recent comments made me write again and inform him I WAS leaving: a personal reply commented he was sorry it ’caused me distress.’ The argument over Oborne was always that he was NOT an employee of the newspaper, but freelance. So why give his vitriol space? Personally, I wish he would visit Gaza and be kidnapped by Hamas!!

    • richardmillett

      I was also a regular reader of the Telegraph, Brian. I won’t touch it now except to always read Matt’s cartoon which luckily is on the front cover.

      • Richard, excellent article. Keep up the good work

        I registered with the DT simply to comment on Oborne’s nonsense, and linked to your blog. DT blogs actually allow discussion and are much less likely to delete comments than that epitome of Marxist hypocrisy, Comment is Free.

      • If only it were ‘Marxist’, Simon. For that species of idiocy you have to go to Seymour’s Tomb and other such sixth form scribblings. CiF is simply the haunt of clerical fascism lovers.

  9. excellent article, Richard

  10. Jose said: “Oborne sounds like the Inquisition: they wanted to ‘save’ the soul of the ‘poor Jews’ who didn’t know the ‘real God’, first by forcing their conversion by torture then by burning them if they were still alive after that treatment.”

    Tragically (assuming this part of history is correct) that is only too true! Like many people in modern times, the leaders of the Inquisition had apparently long forgotten that Israel as a nation and the Jews as a people only continue to exist through the love, power and will of the only true and living God, who chose Abraham thousands of years before they or the Catholic Church existed.

    God calls Israel His “firstborn son”. Even when a son rebells against his father he is still loved, and his father grieves for him and longs to protect him, as King David did for Absolom. If you know your history you will know that Absolom had to die for his rebellion. But that doesn’t alter the fact that he was loved. Just as God loves Israel and the Jewish people, (even those who still reject and rebel against Him), and will punish those who attack and oppose them.

    The Christian Church (of which the RC church has never been a good example, though there are good people in it) would do well to remember that. As a 1st century rabbi (a disciple of Gamaliel) said, Israel is the vine onto which Gentiles may be grafted if they believe in Israel’s God, but they should not be arrogant, despise the “natural” branches and imagine that they uphold the Root!

  11. …Just in case Jewish people in their turn become arrogant and think they are better than anyone else because of belonging to the Chosen Race, there are three GENTILE WOMEN of great faith and courage (their people were mostly enemies of Israel) in the ancestry of King David himself: Tamar tricked her father in law Judah into giving her a child (he refused to follow the custom and give her to his youngest son after his other two sons she was married to died); Rahab the Caananite prostitute was rescued from the fall of Jericho and Ruth, who like Rahab turned from the idols of her ancestors and chose to worship the God of Israel.

    I repeat, Israel only exists because of the love, power and purpose of God!

  12. It’s a fact that there are far more non-Jewish supporters of Israel in the world, and thank goodness when considering the tiny Jewish world population. So why don’t Cowper-Coles and Oborne think non-Jewish supporters of Israel require such “help”?

    What an ingenuous argument, Richard – as we Germans consider ourselves to be “ordained” to talk like probation officers when it comes to Israel I can bear testimony that there were attempts at insulting me but nobody has ever tried this one on me “anyone who has a real affection for the pro-Israel minded will want to help them to …”. Thus I now am justified to feel discriminated against. 😉

    As to Gazan casualties during the recent events Elder of Ziyon is again listing people as civilian casualty by one outfit while praised as martyrs with matching photos by another – info everybody should be aware of

  13. Not all Palestinians are bad. The son of a Hamas leader (His father loves his people and really believes in the “Palestinian Cause”, which probably helps him justify the terrorism inflicted by their military wing) was a typical stone-throwing, troublemaking Hamas youth at first. Then he began to see from the inside how corrupt and wicked many of the leaders were, and became disillusioned. He eventually became a spy for MOSSAD! He wrote a book about it, (“Son of Hamas” – a real eye-opener as well as a good read).

  14. Silke, have you heard the probation officer joke – very apt to the present discussion?

    A man was beaten up by thugs and lay in the gutter, half dead. A probation officer came along, looked down at him and said, “Whoever did this needs help!”

    That seems exactly Peter Oborne’s philosophy!

  15. May G-D Bless you JP.

  16. Agree with Sharon . Your best so far . Try to get it cross posted . Maybe CIF , the Beast etc . It deserves to be widely read .

    • Exactly my thought. Perhaps you should send it to the Telegraph! Have a go Richrd for if Oborne is freelance and they cannot pick him up on what he writes then they should a least provide balance by publishing your answer to his diatribe.

  17. It’s nice to have intelligent people comment on a blog But what we need NOW is more than just an understanding of how these people are thinking. . These words are inluencing even more people to hate us.and we need to have the courage to be outspoken against such slander. and encourage others to do well. The lies against Israel in the British media need to constantly challenged (see our .If this blog can encourage people to take action, rather than just talk than it is doing a great job. It’s important to realise that it just takes good people to do nothing for evil to triumph.

  18. Absolutely agree with that Lynette . But it’s not just the media . We need to expose the embedded antisemitism of the boycott movement . Tony Greenstein of all people managed to get rid of one such creature last year in a highly contentious PSC vote where at least 20% of those voting voted against expulsion . Make no mistake , Greenstein only took issue because of the perceived harm it was doing to the PSC .
    Now the execrable Levy of London BDS has tweeted an article by Press TV which is virulently antisemitic . Avi Mayer has exposed it here .

    The PSC sought to distance itself from Levy s website and twitter but Mayer has called them out highlighting on going connections .

    Ultimately the PSC is riddled with antisemites who use antizionism as a cover for their depraved ideals .

    This needs to be rammed home again and again

    PSC = antisemitism

    • What a lovely little sideshow between PSC/BDS/breakawayBDS! Nice to see evil doers falling apart at the seams. Those who live by the falsity of propaganda will always argue amongst themselves as they cannot keep to the same lie for eternity. Is this in-house antisemitism on their own Jewish members? I wondered how long they would accept Jews amongst their fold without some sort of backlash!

  19. Cracking piece Richard, well done and thank you.

  20. Hi Sharon
    I wouldn’t be too quick to see it as some sort of schism between various BDS groupings .
    When one gets caught out posting anti Semitic links or quotes it goes into damage limitation mode a la Greta Berlin – not me guv it was someone who just looks a bit like me knowing it will sooner or later blow over .
    In this case crack pot Bruce Levy plays the patsie on the original London BDS website / twitter .
    In the mean time , holier than thou London BDS groups tweeted the following

    Heh Louis Farrakhan etc
    They see fit to link to Farrakhan a notorious antisemite , possibly in the hope he might re tweet .

    One PSC / BDS group is the same as the next . A Rotten lousy bunch of antisemites .

    In case anyone is worried it might disappear I screen saved and forwarded to our friends .

  21. First class writing, Richard. Thank you.

  22. Peter Oborne declares his love of the Jewish people who aims to save us from ourselves – how ungrudging of him? But how will we know when we have found our real selves according to Oborne’s mold?

    As far as this Jew is concerned, this “love” is unrequited.- I don’t want his honey and I don’t want his sting! Furthermore, Oborne predicts that Israel would cease to be Jewish, whatever that means. Well, I have some advice for Oborne and his ilk; unlike his vision of a future dhimmi Britannia, my guess is that Israel will not submit!

  23. Here is the New ‘ London BDS groups @ Louis Farrakhan tweet

    The PSC attempt to pass off the original antisemitic Press TV tweet as a rogue tweet from a different London BDS does not explain how their ‘ new ‘ London BDS group came to tweet @ Louis Farrakhan

    Lets see Ali Abuminah EI try to explain this one away .

  24. Bravo, Richard – excellently written.
    Of course Chris McGreal’s egregious distortions are not the only ones – the BBC has them down to a fine art.

    This morning, on Radio 4’s “Broadcasting House” we heard about the persecution of Christians in Arab countries but not one mention, not once did the commentator mention the one state in the Middle East where the Christian population is on the increase and where they are left in peace.

    Quelle surprise!

  25. @ Leah.
    Jews had been tolerated as dhimmis, or second class citizens, in Arab lands. This applied to all non-Muslims, not only Jews, and we have to be thankful for that. Though they had to pay jiiza, an infidel tribute. Having handed over their monthly jiiza, they had to offer their cheek to be slapped symbolically three time in gratitude! It’s all part of shariya which appeals to the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

    • Rubin,
      I am not sure what point you are making. I am well aware of all that. In fact, my point about Britain is precisely the same as yours: ignorant, supine pillocks like Rowan are promoting the dhimmitude of this country. Thickie Prince Charlie –and– the thickies of Al Guardian and Al Beeb and Al Oxbridge are all doing the same.

  26. @ Leah.
    Perhaps I didn’t explain myself properly. I presume Oborne – who loves Jews but abhors the thought of a Jewish state – was predicting that Israel is about to be swallowed up by Moslems, unless it heeds his advice – this is the only way Israel would cease to be Jewish. In view of this, the point I was trying to make is the way things are going, Britain is more likely to descend into dhimmitude, than Israel ceasing to be Jewish. Considering the indestructible nature of the Jewish people who have been around for over three thousand millennium.

    • Rubin,
      Yes, I am with you.
      I would, however, dispute that Oborne ‘loves Jews’. He loves to see them put in their ‘proper place’ as victims. This is like a Southern plantation owner in 1840s USA ‘loving’ his black slaves. But self-determination? That goes against the natural order, and is an abomination!

  27. Sorry, millennium and thousand is an “ology!” as the actress would have put it…

  28. “..Israel only exists because of the love, power and purpose of God!” – JP

    “Israel only exists because of the courage and dedication of Israelis.” – Leah

    I haven’t walked upon England’s green and pleasant land for almost two decades now, strangely I miss it very little. Moreover, I suspect that much of what I do miss no longer exists.

    I could sum up thousands of comments on this blog as saying, “The British hate us (Anglo Jewry), but pretend it’s only Israel that they are criticizing.” The anti-Semites then assure us that it really is only Zionism that they oppose and bring in all kinds of Jewish Quislings, who also hate Israel, to prove their point. Have I forgotten anything?

    That’s why the theological exchange between JP and Leah caught my eye. What a classic case of them both being right and both being wrong.

    Let’s begin with JP. If one belongs to the overwhelming majority of this earth’s population and believes in a god, one probably means that he created heaven and earth. In which case, Israel and Timbuktu only exist because He created them. One nil to JP.

    On the other hand, if you don’t believe in a god as I recall “Leah” declaring of herself in an earlier incarnation,
    ..then it was the Israelis (the real ones who live in Israel) who have been responsible for ensuring Israel’s existence. 1-1.

    However, I think that JP’s real point was more Biblical than rational:

    You may say to yourself, “My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me.” But remember the LORD your G-d, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today. (Deuteronomy 8)

    Which is correct, especially if you believe in G-d. 2-1.

    But then Leah might say that she doesn’t and in her mind there is no power in the heavens, other than the Israeli air force and we’d be back where we began. It might even be a draw.

    • … and then in comes Darwin and then the “power of your hands” is all owed to chance which if one shouldn’t be strict in denying chance a name other than the infuriating to the scientific mind change tilts the matter however slightly in JP’s direction.

      … at least that is my undoubtedly distorted understanding of what I heard about Pascal’s wager

      • It seems that Silke is the only one so infuriated by the scientific minds that he totally lost trace of the subject of this post. Try to focus!

    • “On the other hand, if you don’t believe in a god as I recall “Leah” declaring of herself in an earlier incarnation” – this is trolling, plain and simple. It is very disapponting that Richard deletes my replies, but allows this troll to continue this bullying and trolling from thread to thread.

      • Especially since it seems to me that he impersonates a ‘Palestinian’ here.
        I wonder how such intolerant people could ever build a platform for peace. It is clear that any peace process in the ME must be done independently of religions, which poison all prossible agreements.

  29. “….It is clear that any peace process in the ME must be done (sic) independently of religions,..”

    An excellent idea Jose. Let’s bury our heads in the sand and make believe that the Middle-East conflict is unrelated to either Islam or our being Jewish. It’s not a religious struggle; it’s really a culinary conflict!

    Let me explain it quite simply. The Hamas, and Fatah for that matter, don’t want to drive us into the sea because we’re Israelis. They have nothing against Israeli Arabs. It’s because we’re Jews. Oh and we haven’t come back to Israel after 2,000 years because of the weather or even the falafel.

    It is because we are Jewish. Quite simple, really.

    • Oh surely that’s a gross oversimplification of the problem Mark? Just because Hamas state they want to kill all Jews everywhere (Hamas charter, article 7, I think), doesn’t mean it’s true, does it?

      • I am watching The Dark Charisma on BBC2 that I recorded a few weeks ago. Hitler’s 1933 speech in a Munich beer hall showed how he connected to his audience:

        “The struggle between the people and the hatred amongst them is being nurtured by very specific interested parties. It is a small, rootless international clique that is turning people against each other that does not want them to have peace. It is a people who are at home nowhere and everywhere. Who do not have anywhere a soil on which they have grown up. But who live in Berlin today, Brussels tomorrow, Paris the day after, then Prague, Vienna or London. And who feel at home everywhere.” Shout from audience – “Jews!” “They are the only ones who can really be regarded as international elements because they conduct their business everywhere.” Cheers from the audience. Hans Frank told how what Hitler said came from the heart and was what everyone wanted to utter. He was telling the audience what they wanted to hear.

        Today Western Governments are buying into that same notion that the Jews in the name of Israelis are at the core of the problems of the world. They are connecting to their electorate by being anti Zionist rather than anti Jewish as it is no longer nice to simply shout as Hitler’s audience did “Jews!” However it is clear they do not understand that Zion is intrinsic to Judaism and not a political ideology like Nazism, Communism and Islamism, and therefore it is not possible to be anti Zionistbut but pro Jewish, whatever pro Jewish might mean. They stand by the 20 year old Oslo TSS with land swaps and division of Jerusalem that Alistair Burt, Minister for the ME, told me was the official UK government policy, despite the fact that the ME and North Africa has changed inexerobaly in that time. The foundation for such a peace plan is altered, not least those Arab countries with which Israel has so called peace treaties, Egypt fallen to the MB and Jordan well on its way. Lebanon no longer has a shared governance between Muslims and Christians with the dwindling of the Chritians there and Syria, well who knows what will happen there, with the rebels saving western journalists its anybody’s guess. And of course Iraq having been left in turmoil by the allies, Iran with its nuclear ambitions and Afghanistan, another western mush!

        Hiding behind Zionist and Israel is camouflage for the same Jew hatred that I am watching right now on my TV, a hatred that led to the Genocide that the world said would never again happen. Yet here I sit watching it again, observing how propagandists having given the Arabs of the British Mandate a fictitious name and created for them a history of an ancient people stolen from the Jews, manipulate the narrative in the execution of yet another attempt at eradicating Israel so that the Jews can again be described as living nowhere and everywhere as Hitler told his beer hall compatriots. They can say however much they like that Israel and its Jews do not want peace, but that will not make it true. The Jews have taken back their soil on which they can grow up and they are never going to become soilless again despite what Jew hating propagandists desire.

      • Well said Sharon.

      • “Just because Hamas state they want to kill all Jews everywhere (Hamas charter, article 7, I think), doesn’t mean it’s true, does it?”

        Hi Tony,

        I’m not sure I’ve understood your question. If you’re asking me whether the Hamas really do want to kill all Jews everywhere, I’ll have to say I’m not sure. I’m also not sure that that is what the article you cite says.

        However, I’m pretty sure they want to kill a lot of Jews that are currently living in Israel and a lot of their supporters as they can abroad too. Would they exterminate every last Jew as the Nazis tried to do? I’m not sure. I think it more likely that after several massacres and pogroms had killed tens of thousands, the others would either be expelled or made to live under humiliating conditions. Anyway, all that’s bad enough in my mind and a good enough reason not to go taking any more silly risks.

        To be quite clear I do not think that any of the nightmare scenarios I’ve just described is near to happening, but that’s nothing to do with what “they want”. It’s much more a matter of what JP might call “..the love, power and purpose of God!” and what Leah may term the “..courage and dedication of Israelis.” and which I basically see as being one and the same.

        Regards to Stanmore.

      • Daniel, I’m sorry that I called you Mark, I was tired when I wrote the comment and getting old has only made me more stupid.

        My comment was firmly tongue in cheek. The Hamas charter is obscenely racist in general and full of Jew hatred in particular. If I remember rightly, article 6 states that non-Muslims are the descendants of apes and pigs and must be killed if not converted, article 7 says that Jews must be killed wherever they are found and article 13 says that there can never be peace with Israel and any attempt at a negotiated settlement is a betrayal of the Palestinian cause and anti-Islamic.
        Since I’m both a Jew and a Zionist, people should google Hamas charter for themselves, just to make sure they have an unbiased view of it.

    • Let me explain the problem again: the Hamas want to kill Jews because of their religion. So please don’t criticise arguments then confirm it with yours.
      Of course mostly Islam but not exclusively Islam.

    • And remember to drop your ‘Palestinian’ pseudo. You’re quite ridiculous.