Faithless guitarist Dave Randall suggests Israelis could feel “liberated” after Palestinians have exercised “right of return”.

l to r: Ziadah, Randall, Wiles, Chairperson at SOAS.

l to r: Ziadah, Randall, Wiles, Chairperson at SOAS.

Last night I asked Faithless guitarist Dave Randall how many Israelis and Palestinians should die so his vision of a one state solution could come about. A one state solution would be achieved if the five million so-called Palestinian “refugees” are ever allowed to exercise a “right of return” to Israel.

The major obstacle to Randall’s vision is that Israelis are not going to voluntarily agree to dissolve the Jewish state. In the absence of such an agreement there would be bloodshed.

Incredibly, Randall replied that he rejected the idea that there would be war between the two sides and that he had been advised by Ronnie Kasrils that white South Africans actually felt “liberated” after apartheid ended.

Incidentally, Kasrils once claimed that “South African Jews told their children not to waste time on the blacks.”

Randall continued:

“The antagonisms are the product of Zionism. If we got rid of Zionism people can live peacefully together.”

Randall, who described himself as a “socialist”, said it was in the west’s “interests to cosy up to Israel and turn a blind eye when it breaks international law because it sees Israel as an ally near 70% of the world’s oil resources”.

Randall said Faithless joined the boycott because “to play in Israel sends the message that it is acceptable to conduct business in an apartheid state”.

Although, he said, some of the band members weren’t happy about not going to Israel to play.

However, Faithless are now defunct having been active from 1995-2013. Only in 2011 did they actually decide to join in this racist cultural boycott. Ironically, their Wikipedia profile has a photo of them performing in Haifa, Israel in 2005.

Last night Dave Randall was, instead, performing to just 30 people at a SOAS Palestine Society event sponsored by British charity War On Want. It was the book launch of Voices from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. The so-called Palestinian “right of return”, which would lead to the destruction of the Jewish state, is the main racist plank of this Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS).

Also on the panel were the book’s editor Rich Wiles and War On Want’s campaigns officer Rafeef Ziadah. In answer to my question about how many should die Wiles said he didn’t see why anyone would die but that the Palestinians “will never give up the right of return”. As for destroying the Jewish state Wiles continued:

“The idea of having a Jewish democracy is an oxymoron. It’s a case of one group of people privileging their rights over those of others.”

Meanwhile, War On Want’s Rafeef Ziadah claimed that for me to speak in terms of “Israel being destroyed” was racist discourse because it was actually the Palestinians who were suffering an “ongoing destruction”. She said that “the BDS movement will relinquish the racism of the Zionist movement”.

As an aside Ziadah told the audience that I attend all her talks to write about them. She flatters herself but seeing as she obviously reads this blog maybe she could leave a comment letting us know whether she is still a big fan of Islamic Jihad terrorist Khader Adnan who does a nice sideline in inciting Palestinians to become suicide bombers.

Wiles also said that the three main events that have attracted people to BDS in increasing numbers are:
1. Israel killing 1200 people, “mostly civilians”, in Lebanon in 2006.
2. Israel killing 1400 people, “mostly civilians”, in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.
3. Israel killing Turkish activists on the flotilla.

But he left out the main reason; those who deliberately single out the Jewish state because it’s, well, Jewish. Wiles mentioned that “650,000 mainly innocent Iraqis had been murdered by American and UK led forces”, but calling for a boycott of the USA and UK did not pass his lips.

Wiles, who said he had lived in “Palestine”, claimed that although it was now “quiet times in Palestine” there was an “ongoing Nakba” including:

1. The planned removal of 70,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel from the Negev so that a forest funded by the JNF can be built instead. Wiles said that to Israelis “the lives of trees are more important than the lives of the Palestinians”.

2. The West Bank Palestinian village of Sosia whose inhabitants were displaced so an “illegal settlement” could be built there instead.

3. Seven Palestinian villages that are waiting to be demolished so Israel can build Firing Zone 918 to practice military manoeuvres.

4. 90,000 Palestinians living in east Jerusalem who are at risk of displacement so Israel can build road links to settlements.

Wiles described all this as a “silent transfer policy which can slip under media attention unlike what the Zionists did between 1947 and 1949”.

At one stage there was a surreal discussion about the size of the anti-Iraq war march through London and the size of the crowds in Tahrir Square. Wiles said that although BDS wasn’t as big they would, instead, be more “strategic”.

Just as well because with only 30 people in the audience Wiles, Ziadah, Randall and War On Want are embarrassing themselves. And now you can understand more fully why even arch-critic of Israel Norman Finkelstein felt compelled to call the BDS lot “a cult of dishonesty” with no other desire than to destroy Israel.

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  1. Richard, I really mean no disrespect, but seriously? The guitarist of Faithless? A defunct band? Addressing a gathering of 30? Why bother with this non-entity? He’s hardly likely to swing hearts and minds, is he?
    Take yourself down the pub, man. Have a few (even if it’s that gasseous Carlsberg) and a kebab/schwarma. And chill

    • richardmillett

      it’s good to record what is being said and by whom. there were only 10 at the Apologise for Balfour event but there have been 192 comments on it at CiFWatch who cross-posted my piece about it and Geoffrey based his JC piece this week on it. Anyway, it was interesting to see how small a following BDS has despite them bigging themselves up. Hilarious when they were comparing themselves to Tahrir Square.

      • Come on, and with all due respect, isn’t Cifwatch a bit, you know, preaching to the converted?
        Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the Llions this morning as much as I did? There is life outside hasbararara. Thankfully

  2. The events in Syria and Egypt demonstrate that Dave Randall is a Faithless FOOL.

  3. I have never even heard of this (apparently defunct) band. So – the organizers managed to scrape up an audience of 30? And that’s including your good self and – how many friends did you bring along?
    On the other hand, Alicia Keys, who defied the boycotters, played last night to an audience of thousands at the packed Nokia Arena in Tel Aviv.
    I bet the boycotters are choking on their own bile today.
    Ah, revenge is sweet…

  4. Well done Richard. How do you have the patience for these nonentities and their completely screwed up sense of proportion? BDS is transparent. It’s only about punishing Israel – it has nothing to do with helping Palestinians.

    If it did, the BDS hypocrites would not be trying to lose their friends their jobs. As it is, they clearly do not give a toss how many Palestinian Arabs are put out of work as a result of their actions.

  5. These carpet baggers go from one meaningless meeting to another in order to dish out their snake oil . For two hours they can spew irrelevant ,distorted and hate filled narratives on the I P conflict ultimately including a version which doesn’t include Israel .
    They can leave with a warm glow having shared an evening with like minded people .
    In reality , their machinations have about as much impact on Israel as an ant on an elephants foot . It may vex us as Zionists in the diaspora but it really is just hot air and wishful thinking repeated ad nauseum among like minded dolts .

  6. Perhaps faithless is an apt name for a band that leaves nothing for posterity, unlike the Jews who have given the world the very social democracy these faithless twots claim as their own ideology. They’re so faithless that they sit in a small two thirds empty lecture hall espousing their obvious hatred and jealousy for the success of the Jewish nation. They claim that eradication of Zionism will solve the problem, which is in reality a call for genocide of the Jewish people, Zion being the essence of Judaism and of being Jewish. Its like saying all problems would be solved by distracting Christ from Christianity! However, as they are faithless they will not have studied Jewish history, so perhaps they don’t realise they are advocating the total eradication of a race. All this whilst 10 x millions of Egyptians are on the streets seeking freedom from the very tyrant organisations like Hamas and the MB that the BDS supports. Ignoring too the 100 x thousands of people being murdered in the Syrian civil war as they speak in the comfort of central London, they choose instead to focus on a bogus agenda that if successful will only remove the freedom and jobs from the very people they claim to support, for it is Israel alone in the entire ME and environs that provides jobs, safety, freedom and equality for its Arab citizens in parallel to all its other citizens regardless of colour creed or religion. So play on Faithless to your ginormous audience of some 30 potted delusionists. Its about the only audience you’ll get these days.

    • I hope the good people of Persia will revolt against the ayatollahs and the islamofascist regime that enslaves them.

    • Yes. Somehow they manage to ignore the way religious and ethnic minorities are treated in the countries that border Israel, except for Syria where the minority Alawites are massacring the opponents with help from Iran and Hezbollah and Jordan, where the ethic majority Palestinians are discriminated against systematically by the minority Jordanian/Bedouins despite the money paid to Jordan for “hosting” the Palestinians in encampments.

      • Don’t forget the oppression of the Coptic Christians in Egypt and gays in gaza and the islamist regime of iran.

  7. I’ve always wanted to know. At these evil festivals of hatred, do you get refreshments?

    • richardmillett

      good question. yes. they had bottles of red wine, orange juice, crisps, nuts etc. waiting at the end all provided by War On Want. Instead of money going to Africans in need it helps pay for the red wine of champange socialists in need.

      • Just as I had suspected. you went there for the food, didn’t you? Well, enjoy that red wine while it lasts. Come the Sharia and it’ll be very sweet black coffee.

        Now the nuts, on the other hand, seem wholly appropriate.

      • The only nuts are those sitting on the podium talking about issues they know nothing about and using the cause of a faux people to get back in the limelight.

  8. Guitarist of long-since irrelevant band says he doesn’t like Israel.

    Wow, I bet Bibi’s having sleepless nights over this!

    (Fun post though.)

    • richardmillett

      What’s your point? Should we all stop highlighting what is happening in our universities and being written about in newspapers? For me, this isn’t about Israel or Bibi. This is about British Jews and the backlash these lies can have against them. Mohammed Merah wasn’t too concerned with Israel and Bibi. Instead he went straight to a Jewish school to kill as many Jews as he could based on the lies he had heard about children being murdered by Israel in Gaza.

      • My point was just having a pop at Randall.

        It’s up to you whether you do these posts or not. It’s not how I’d want to spend my spare time but I’m grateful you do as your posts are fascinating and are a good document of the lunatics and hatred out there.

      • That’s one hell of a leap isn’t it? A guitarist in a defunct and irrelevant band spouting off about Israel to multiple shootings and murders in Toulouse.
        Proportion man.

    • guitarist of long-since irrelevant and defunct band, whose other members would have no problem taking shekels. If they had a band, that is.

  9. for Daniel
    if one day your neighbours in Judäa and Samaria should wake up to facts then I hope those currently benigning their politicians and groupings for “us” will get a similar admonishing

    So if you had any part in creating this situation by promoting that advanced democracy and Model Muslim Nation crap, go have a look at those photos of the kids with no eyes. Then get down on your knees and beg God to forgive you—because they’re not going to.
    The Gezi Diaries

    PS: to think that their place on earth is located at so many important crossroads gives them so much negotiating power could drive one up the wall. And from what radio tells me the Brits want them in the EU warts and all. Sounds to me like Turks might make it this time by just disregarding Vienna and going straight for Berlin.

  10. This Sunday, July 7th, is the eight anniversary of the islamofascist bombings of London transport.

    52 innocent people were murdered.

  11. Edward
    In addition more than 100,000 Syrians have died over two years , mainly innocent civilians . These so called humanitarians have callously closed their eyes and ears to the real suffering taking place not just there but on a regular basis throughout the Arab world . The two, Israel and the wider Arab world are not supposed to be mutually exclusive but to these questionable individuals with their ulterior motives and reasoning , Israel just happens to be the fount of all things evil .
    Fortunately as I said earlier , their gatherings and blatherings are quite irrelevant to Israel .

    • Precisely. Their gatherings are irrelevant. Full stop. So why get knickers in a wad over them?

      You ain’t gonna persuade them just as they wouldn’t persuade a JNF or Britain Israel coalition meeting. Seems like an exercise in futility even bothering to go to these things.

      • Don’t look now Joe M., but YOU are posting your blather on this pro-Israel, anti-islamofascist blog, ignoring the fact that you are unlikely to persuade us to your perverse world view, yet you persist.

        Take your own advice.

      • Ho ho ho, Edward. Or should that be Jose or one of his other aliases and sock puppets?

      • Joe M,

        Happy Eternal Nakba!

      • Is that you Jose?

        After making a complete fool out of himself, he does seem to have disappeared exactly as this brand new Edward turns up.

        Edward is such an English type of name. It does seem unlikely for an “Edward” to be making such elementary mistakes:

        “,,,the eight anniversary…”
        “,,,, islamist,,,”

        I have a funny feeling that I know who all these characters are, but I’m not sure yet.

        I bet Silke could hazard a guess.

      • I forgot the name but I remember that that one told us that he worked or had worked as an interpreter – that’s why I found Jose’s insistence that dictionaries are the last word on translations more than a bit intriguing.

        But while I am at it I found a to my taste very wise quote that would be useful for Joe M to chew over.

        In an Essay “Fiction in History” by AJP Taylor he quotes a historian Maitland as follows:

        “It is very difficult to remember that events now in the past were once far in the future.”

      • Can’t help yourself, Jose. That’s one of his bon mots. Do try to remember which alias/sockpuppet uses which term.
        As they say in the classics, a nachtiger und schwartzer yahr to you and yours

      • Joe Millis,

        The people having a Nakba filled year are your pals in Egypt and Syria.

        Please join them in Tahrir Square for all the fun.

      • Edward/Jose a nachtige toog and schwartze yahr to you, your family and other pond life.

        Have you been channelling Der Stuermer again?

      • Joey M,

        May you and your fellow savages enjoy your Eternal Nakba. You certainly deserve it.

        May your plans fail, your plots blow up in your face, your pals experience workplace accidents.

        >Have you been channelling Der Stuermer again?
        Today known as Der Guardian – home for Jew haters and run of the miilis fascists.

      • you have no idea what you are talking about – even at its worst the guardian doesn’t even get close to Julius Streicher’s murderous filth

        why do you do it? are you in the business of prophecying of talking into being what isn’t there? is all that ignorant foaming at the mouth owed to wishful thinking on your part? are you longing for times when you can prove that you are a heroe?

        By using all those old similes you focus way too much on the similarities and way too little on the differences – since my guess/fear is that one day they’ll come up with something new and catching your way of focusing increases the danger of your missing it whatever it will be or not be this time – history doesn’t repeat itself.

      • JosEdward, I can picture you now, foaming at the mouth in front of a phlegm speckled screen bashing away on your keyboard channelling your inner der Struermer.

  12. I guess small anti-Israel gatherings mean more wine and nuts to go round, and that can’t be all bad, can it?
    Am I rambling?

  13. JCWmoderator

    Far easier to get rid of faithless (an apt name) Randall than to get rid of Zionism, which is going nowhere but forward.

    I just don’t understand why this jerk was given space here at all.
    Avraham Reiss

  14. I do not know whether this area has been explored, as the phenomena is relatively new, but I contend that one of the lesser discussed dangers of this virtual reality in which we live is the ability of individuals, like the curious Jose/Edward/Barry Medidan character to be able to just change their names and acquire new identities at the drop of a hat.

    First, let me come clean and admit that I too availed myself of the services of a rather comical Arabian ex-terrorist international dung merchant personality whose job it was to challenge would-be Palestinian spokesmen on this blog.

    However, I have always posted my views under my full name. I take responsibility for everything I say, which sometimes means admitting when I am wrong too.

    The danger I see in this reality or virtual-reality where some commentators change their identities almost daily is that such behavior affects a condition in which we are no longer responsible for what we say. As a children we are taught that if we make a mess, we must clean it up. If we break something, it must be repaired. If we behave badly, we must apologize. However, in this alternative world, nothing must be cleaned or repaired and there is never a need to ask for forgiveness. A person can just change his name, become a Leah or an Edward and start afresh.

    The problem is that learning from mistakes requires a person to acknowledge these mistakes and endeavor to improve. If it wasn’t me him or her who made the mistake (because he’s changed his name again), nothing need be acknowledged and rather than learning and growing, one just repeats those same mistakes under a new name. Identity changing is not a way for an individual to deal with his or her personality problems, but to run away from them. As the characters I have eluded to on this blog have discovered, running away from such problems rarely helps. They can usually outpace you.

    I am not suggesting that IPs should be checked or anything like that as Richard is a commentator and a journalist, not a detective. I am, however, saying that these characters (or character) might want to read carefully what I have written and have a chat with someone who they trust and respect and who understands these matters of the mind better than I.

    • Daniel Marks:

      “I am not suggesting that IPs should be checked or anything”

      I’m not suggesting you are not as smart as you think you are.

  15. “I’m not suggesting you are not as smart as you think you are.”

    The story is told of two hunters being pursued by an angry bear. One begins to run and his friend asks, “Are you sure that you can run faster than that bear?” “No” the other hunter replies, “But I’m sure that I can run faster than you.”

    Ask Jose or Barry to explain. I’m sure they’ll be happy to oblige.

    • So you are one of those people who hope the bear/crocodile will eat you last.

      • so you Edward are one of those …

        And I went up there, I said, “Shrink, I want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I
        Wanna kill. Kill. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and
        Guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead burnt bodies. I mean kill, Kill,
        KILL, KILL.”

        and BTW the one who lives another day has a chance to fight another day

        PS for all: who is Edward? an armchair warrior who is thrilled by the prospect of seeing others doing the dying for him or one of those eager young men Arlo is impersonating above?

        an OT PS: could it be that right now the “modern” ones in Egypt have managed to demonstrate the Muslim Brothers out thereby making room for the Salafists? Which begs the question how are Salafists and military getting along in Saudi Arabia?

      • Yup, I had a hunch you wouldn’t understand it. Why didn’t you ask someone to explain?

        Leaving aside your unintended misuse of the double negative:

        “I’m not suggesting you are not as smart as you think you are.”

        No, I have never claimed to be smart. However, just as the first hunter didn’t need to run faster than the bear, he only had to run faster than his friend, I’m plenty smart enough to take care of semi-literate trolls who change their names every Monday and Thursday in a vain attempt to make less of an idiot out of themselves than they did the previous time.

        Clear enough that time Edward/Jose?

      • Daniel Marks/Joe Millis,

        “Yup, I had a hunch you wouldn’t understand it. Why didn’t you ask someone to explain?”

        OK. I ask YOU to explain yourself.

  16. How long until Showaddywaddy reunite?