Rafeef Ziadah praises Islamic Jihad terrorist at UCL “Israeli Apartheid Week” event.

At Wednesday night’s “Israeli Apartheid Week” event Legalised Discrimination in Apartheid Israel, which took place at University College London, the chairperson, Rafeef Ziadah, began the proceedings by praising Khader Adnan.

She said that he “showed the will of the Palestinian people has not, and will not, be broken.”

Adnan recently ended a 66 day hunger strike against his administrative detention by Israel. He’s a member of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad. When he is not on hunger strike he does a nice sideline in inciting the killing of Jews.

Here is Ziadah, who now teaches at SOAS, praising Adnan and in the clip following that you can see Adnan screaming at someone’s funeral:

“Who among you is the next suicide bomber? Who among you will carry the next explosive belt? Who among you will fire the next bullets? Who among you will have his body parts blown all over?”

Ben White told the usual lies about Israel before making this quite unusual request to the mainly student audience (see clip at end):

“Don’t be dissuaded by the abuse of language like ‘coexistence’ and ‘dialogue’. Don’t be put off by people who use important words and important concepts like ‘coexistence’ and ‘dialogue’ in order to stifle what is a growing international justice movement. Don’t be frightened by people who sling around the smear of anti-Semitism as a way of trying to frighten people off taking real significant action.”

It is unusual for anyone to reject talk of coexistence and dialogue, unless you are from Islamic Jihad or Hamas.

The second panel speaker was Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, a South African student leader.

On his own admission Ndlozi has never visited Israel but he still said that the Palestinians faced “a worse evil” than apartheid South Africa:

“In Israel, it’s not just apartheid…What is worse in Palestine is that we didn’t have to be told that once we had left South Africa we can’t return. What makes it worse is the whole refugee situation. It is the whole denial of the people to return to their home…It means these people in Israel are close to achieving what nationalism in South Africa did not achieve. That is creating a community of separateness at the expense of an indigenous people…That is enough to make us angry…It cannot be true that on the face of the world today a peole still exist who think they can survive with a system of separateness at the expense of others.”

He said that “action through Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions is the next step” before finishing by saying that the next time he comes to London he wants to “go to occupy the Israeli Embassy”.

I’d like to see him try that one!

Finally, Eyal Sivan, an Israeli documentary maker, described Israel as “a democracy for the Jews and Jewish for the Arabs”. He quoted Ehud Barak who he said described Israel as a “villa in the jungle” meaning that “the Jews are the humans and the others are the animals”. Sivan said that it was unlikely that an Israeli under the age of 18 would come into contact with an Arab.

This, ladies and gentlemen, was, believe it or not, a relatively mild event. What took place last night at Middlesex University’s campus in Hendon with Jenny Tonge, Ken O’Keefe and Ghada Karmi was on a different, and even more sickening, scale. More to follow.

Ben White at UCL on Wednesday night:


10 responses to “Rafeef Ziadah praises Islamic Jihad terrorist at UCL “Israeli Apartheid Week” event.

  1. Thank you for going to these cess-pits so we don’t have to.

    I’ve already heard horrific things about Middlesex Uni event. I’ll be interested to read your expert account.

    Shabbat shalom to all.

  2. It is sickening that university students can be beguiled by people who have no clue. How on earth can serious students take on board what a speaker says when the speaker has no source material, repeats anecdotes and has delusions of grandeur. For that South African speaker to accuse Israel of perpetrating a greater apartheid that South Africa demeans all those who suffered inexeroblay under the SA Nationalist government.

    In SA anyone who was registered as black, and that included anyone with a negroid gene, had no status, no vote, no access to higher education and was barred from most of the country, forced to live in what were ostensibly concentration camps called locations. Such a person would not have been found on campus other than to clean it and serve, could not enter “white only” premises other than through a specially demarcated door, could not dine with a “white” person, could not be found in “white areas” without a special permit, could not buy alcohol, could not travel abroad unless they were smuggled across the border and then could not come back unless they were smuggled back in (no “right of return”) there were frequent raids and beatings at gatherings with arrests for no good reason. For Ndlozi to say Israel is worse than this is a crime unto his own people and for him to say it devoid of evidence is enticement to racial hatred, something he does have first hand experience of as a “black” South African and ought to know better than to demonise others in the same way.

    The right to free speech in SA was a long fought for battle and many people, amongst them a disproportionate number of Jews, suffered as a result, being subjected to house arrest, prison and even the death sentence. For Ndlozi to take that right thatmothers died to achieve and abuse it so is in itself as evil as the Apartheid laws, as he is no less promoting the kind of race hate perpetrated on his own people. He ought to know better.

  3. What also amazes me is what a minute bubble these people live in. They wander from tiny meeting to tiny meeting, spout their cultish nonsense about a country thousands of miles away and then go home.

    Heaven forbid they ever spend anytime in the big wide world where nobody gives a toss about these issues!

  4. Call them at their own game. Advocate openly for violent ‘protest’ in the UK. Suicide bombers for peace and freedom in Britain.

  5. I was there at Middlesex Uni. It was truly horrific – a genuine cauldron of hate exactly as you would expect. I will be writing my own account for The Times of Israel this weekend (certain details may have to be left out for legal reasons) but Richard will, as always, supply his own authoritative view of proceedings.

  6. mostly harmless

    It’s great that when your video of Rafeef Ziadah finishes you tube serves this video of her talking about ‘life’.

    Do doubt, when Rafeef was talking about life, you were busy defending the occupier.

    • richardmillett

      How ironic that is, isn’t it? There she is praising someone who lives to slaughter Jews but she talks about ‘life’. What does she say about ‘life’, Mostly?

  7. Has anyone ever tried to attend in full SS regalia just to see if these tools object?

  8. Richard . Looking forward to your take on the middlesex uni grand sewage event . I will speak my piece once it’s up ,save to say I needed an extra long hot shower from having been exposed to this freak show panel for so long . Not to mention a hate filled bunch of students unable to form an independent opinion between them .

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