Israeli deaths glorified at LSE on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Aitemad Muhanna-Matar, Zena Agha, Rana B. Baker,  Mezna Qato at LSE last night.

Aitemad Muhanna-Matar, Zena Agha, Rana B. Baker, Mezna Qato at LSE last night.

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau but last night at the London School of Economics at a joint Palestine Society and Feminist Society event Israelis were portrayed as rapists and those who killed Israelis were applauded.

In front of a banner that read “Towards Freedom and Independence the Uprising Continues” a panel of four women described the role Palestinian women should play in the “uprising”.

Rana B. Baker, a student at SOAS who also writes for the Electronic Intifada, said Leila Khaled‘s “hijacking of planes was amazing”. The only problem, Baker said, was that Khaled had now aligned herself with the Assad regime.

Baker reserved her highest admiration for Sana’a Mehaidli who she said “deserves a standing ovation”. She told how, in 1985 in south Lebanon, Mehaidli “drove a car full of explosives and blew it up near an Israeli convoy killing two Israeli soldiers and injuring between 10 and 12 more.”

Baker described Mehaidli  as “the first female to carry out a suicide bombing in south Lebanon” and said Mehaidli was “more admirable for not being well-known and for not being Palestinian”.

Baker concluded by saying that Mehaidli’s “will calls for men and women to armed struggle against a colonial regime based on violence”.

Zena Agha portrayed Israelis as rapists of Palestinian women (see footage below). She said that “in Israel the view of Palestinian women is very derogatory and that rape had become a very prevalent idea. Rape for Israelis was almost a weapon of war against Palestinian women.”

She quoted Mordechai Kedar’s controversial “rape as terror deterrent” statement which, she said, was “illuminating about Israeli democracy”. She also described a sign in an Israeli coastal town which, apparently, read “Pound Their Mothers” as having “sexual connotations”.

She urged the student audience not to adopt western narratives about Hamas, Hizbollah and ISIS etc. who, she said, are all referred to as “terrorists”. She complained that “calling Hamas ‘terrorists’ robs them of any agency and delegitimises them”.

Mezna Qato, a research fellow at Cambridge University, said that boycotting Israel “is a small but powerful tactic that allows women to be lifted up by the spirit of the Palestinian struggle”.

And the event was chaired by Aitemad Muhanna-Matar, a research fellow at the LSE’s Middle East Centre, who said that the Palestinians had no choice “but to sacrifice their bodies” and that “radical Jewish settlers are more a threat to Israel than the Palestinians”.

It was a truly sickening event the most frightening part of which was when Zena Agha proclaimed “We are the future leaders”.

I, for one, wouldn’t want to be living in this country should that ever come to pass.


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  2. I don’t know of a single palestinian woman ever been raped by an Israeli soldier. If she could name one and proof it, it would be relevant to talk about it. She talks about Arab women in general wherever they are in the Arab world, who are treated horribally by men.
    It is quite amazing how the palestinians create a narrative based on lies and actually believe it.
    They will never stop being the victims because it re-enforces who they are in the world.

    • Sharon, that’s not entirely true. Benny Morris does record incidences of rape in 1948, and some others may have happened since. But the IDF has never made rape part of their policy, and it remains a punishable crime in Israel. Rape is common in wars, and it is immoral to single out perhaps a dozen incidents in Israeli history to pretend Israeli soldiers stand out. Hasn’t this dim woman heard of ISIS/Da’ish? Hasn’t she heard of the Pakistani sex gangs in the UK? Hasn’t she heard of the Nazis? All Islamic armies in history have considered it legal to capture enemy women and make them concubines to rape or sell on. The Prophet’s followers did this and are still treated as the perfect role models. Essentially, you are right; but it’s too much to say it never happened.

      • As with any medicine test, you need to compare it to a non-treated group (and a placebo group, usually). Not to a zero occurrence, ideal situation.
        The non-treated group is the general population in non-war conditions, in this case. And rape does also happen there. The fact is it “doesn’t happen” more in IDF than it does in the general population in truce time (let not say “peace time”). It proves the IDF and war conditions have no influence on the behaviour of Israeli soldiers.
        I certainly know as a fact it happens even less in the last decades. Then, you can say IDF has a rather good influence as it does better than the general population. Soldiers do know the risk of bad behaviour.

  3. The Counter Terrorism and Security Bill was debated in Lords today. It places for the first time a duty on universities to play a role in the detection and reporting of extremist activity on campus. Long overdue. Hopefully it will put a stop to these obnoxious and antisemitic meetings.

  4. Not only have I never heard of a specific allegation of rape by an Israeli soldier, I have read criticism to the effect that the soldiers don’t rape the Muslim women because the soldiers are racist and view the women as not equal enough to rape! Such is the Palestinian and their supporters’ psychosis.

    • It is certainly true that as recently as the end of ‘Protective Edge” the lack of rape accusations lead to accusations of racism.
      (you couldn’t make it up!!)
      Further: how/why would a ‘Feminist ‘group ally themselves with a pro-Palestinian group given the treatment of women/girls by Islam?
      Is this not oxymoronic?

      • Arabs/Muslims/Socialists are angry that Israelis are not taking part in the rape, stoning, stabbing, acid, beheading, goat love culture that permeates Arab/Muslim societies.

  5. It’s time the LSE was closed down.It’s always been a hot bed of formenting trouble. When I was a student in London. MANY years ago, a student riot tried to force their way into the Principal’s office, and caused a porter to die of a heart attack

  6. Richard
    Pass to the police . Surely this constitutes incitement to commit murder and supporting recognised terrorist entities .

  7. Israel is your insurance policy for when these assholes become ‘leaders’ (führers?).

  8. Because Palestinian women are so desirable. I’d rather stick it in a liquidiser!

  9. Richard, All honour to you for your tireless efforts to pinpoint the ridiculous outpourings of so-called Palestinian activists who would be better employed in explaining to their favourites that making peace is more desirable than spewing lies and misinformation in public.

  10. Anyone bring up at the Muslim, SORRY!, Asian rape gangs operating in the UK which target indigenous British girls?

  11. You all disgust me. Self-indulgent, sanctimonious and self-righteous. Up in arms over nothing happening in Israel – and yet silent over prevalent Muslim rape of British girls in deprived parts of the country, the incessant rape and murder of Yazidi women by ISIS AT THIS VERY MOMENT, and the kidnap of women by Boko Haram in the past week.
    Pure racism, singling out the only Jewish state. They are pathetic kids who run around LSE and SOAS, thinking they are changing the world for the better. Maybe they will get their wish, Sharia law will come to Britain, they wont be able to drive, be educated or go out in the street with someone other than their husband. Would be quite ironic – go feminist society.

    • Oh Robbie:stop moaning. Everything is the fault of the nasty fascist Zionist regime:didn’t you know? My car broke down:Israel’s fault. My mum broke her leg:Israel’s fault. My boyfriends train was late:Israel’s fault. The lightbulb in the hall went last week:Israel’s fault…………..

      No one murdered anyone in Paris in the name of Zionism. No one murdered anyone in Belgium or Sydney in the name of Judaism. Slating Israel is a convieniant cover for the truth. Radical Islamisation needs to be stopped:now.

  12. Avraham Reiss

    The preceding url shows and discusses a fake photo purporting to show an Israeli soldier touching an Arab woman’s breast.

    It was paid for by an Arab organization, with money from the (Jewish) leftist NIF, headed by (farmer) Nick Saphir.

    “NIF chairman Nicholas Saphir defended the conference” which hosted the fake photo (the points determining that the photo is a fake were detailed by Israeli journalist Erel Segel in Maariv).

    As the prophet Isiah said, “your destroyers and destructors shall come from within you”.

  13. To have speakers glorify terrorists is the most disgusting act. Shame on LSE to even allow this to be made public and give this speaker a platform to spew hatred and Lies.
    Despicable and anti Semitic
    the Israelis are the only normal thinking. Humane democracy in the middle east who are fighting for their survival it’s the Palestinians who rape their own, abuse their women and torture and lie
    Twisted And warped minded people will listen to this. Beyond belief

  14. henry Schachter

    Just typical inversion of truth that Arabs have adopted and that the Loony Lefty anti- semites love to believe. ISIL is coming here sooner than later, When they see more Brits beheaded in our streets,that should shut them up!

  15. These people are sick fucks and infantile “left” antisemites. Probably best to ignore them

    • Ignore them? Isn’t that the advice people were given in the 1930’s regarding the National SOCIALIST Hilter?

  16. Thankyou Richard for reporting this..

    BUT NOW Practical and immediate action MUST be taken from all those who live in the UK who feel strongly that this is totally outrageous and represents incitement to racial hatred that will lead to violence on the streets. Short and to the point recorded delivery LETTERS not emails need to be written to all the people involved in putting on this presentation plus the local MP for allowing such a meeting to be held there and the University authorites, other lecturers at the university ( who surely don’t want to be tainted by this evil ) and anyone else that should be informed. Answers should be demanded . Now is a good time for action as the General Election is near.

    ( Ps Denis MacEion.( whom I respect very much ) but in this case quotes historian Benny Morris whose work was not considered a reliable source by many )

  17. Just came across this disgusting tweet from Rana Baker to IDF spokesperson Peter Lerner . Baker drools over the deaths of the two Israeli soldiers . Wretched woman .

    28 Jan
    Peter Lerner ✔ @LTCPeterLerner
    Confirmed: Sad news of two #IDF soldiers killed and 7 injured in #Hezbollah’s attack on the border with #Lebanon

    Rana @RanaGaza
    .@LTCPeterLerner Sad for you 🙂
    2:39 PM – 28 Jan 2015




  18. RanaBaker. How Hamas loves Palestinian civilians.
    Look at my videos after the article below

  19. Niels Christensen

    ‘ Rana B. Baker, a student at SOAS who also writes for the Electronic Intifada, said Leila Khaled‘s “hijacking of planes was amazing” ‘

    I wonder that any university in the western world, can have a student entlisted who praises hijacking and killing of civilians; guess that SOAS thinks it’s the spice that makes the world exiting


    • Brilliant work Richard . At last these reprobates have been exposed . LSE have no choice but to investigate this nest of terrorist cheerleaders

  21. Of course the basic problem is that you can’t actually shame the shameless. You can’t embarrass people who are thrilled when you agree that they are open and proud antisemites.

    • They rarely agree that they are antisemites and go to great lengths (in vain) to explain that they are not. Most usual excuses: “anti-Zionism”, they are Jews themselves, critics of Israel’s governement (every one of them and systematic), double standards, etc.

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  24. do you know why the youtube video has been taken down? You didn’t do anything wrong – despite the protestations of the video’d speaker on her blog it is perfectly legal to tape public speakers without their permission in the UK. The only reason it couldve been taken down was because her speech itself was hate speech, which I suppose is fair enough, really, although its a shame to not have documentary evidence of it available to the public. At any rate, please let me know what happened. I suspect it might be an attempt at censorship on their behalf.

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