Investigations and media coverage in aftermath of LSE Palsoc/Femsoc event.

Aitemad Muhanna-Matar, Zena Agha, Rana B. Baker,  Mezna Qato at LSE last week.

Aitemad Muhanna-Matar, Zena Agha, Rana B. Baker, Mezna Qato at LSE last week.

Last Tuesday, 27th January (Holocaust Memorial Day), at a joint Palestine Society and Feminist Society event at the London School of Economics Zena Agha accused Israelis of utilising the idea of rape as a “weapon of war” against Palestinian women, and Rana B. Baker glorified Sana’a Mehaidli who blew herself up in Lebanon in 1985 killing two Israeli soldiers.

I wrote about the event here and LSE’s online newspaper has been covering all the fallout in detail.

LSE’s Israel Society immediately lodged a complaint against the LSE Student Union over Baker’s remarks (Why not over Agha’s remarks also?) and the Feminist Society immediately apologised:

“Having reviewed the statements, regarding applauding an attack against Israeli soldiers, made by a speaker at our event we apologise unequivocally on behalf of the Feminist Society. We give platforms to oppressed peoples, including those under violent occupations, but that does not mean that their views always reflect our own. The Feminist Society is truly regretful that we have caused offence.”

Shamefully, the same cannot be said of the Palestine Society which stated:

“Although the LSESU Palestine Society does not necessarily share the views held by the speaker, we maintain that she is entitled to them and is free to express her analysis on the issue, whatever that may be.”

Incredibly, the chairperson of last week’s event Aitemad Muhanna-Matar, a research fellow at the LSE’s Middle East Centre, then took the issue to new depths with her equating of Israelis and Nazis. She said to the online newspaper:

“These resistance military actions were done in the western history by the IRA, during the American and French revolutions. At a lesser extent, Jews resisted against the Nazist (sic) kidnappers, but faced certain death, the same as Palestinians who committed violence against the Israelis certainly face certain death.”

LSE’s Jewish Society lodged a formal complaint over that remark. Samiha Begum, LSE Student Union Black and Minority Ethnics Students Officer, defended Muhanna-Matar by explaining “She doesn’t compare the regimes she compares the resistance.”

Meanwhile, Zena Agha wrote on her own blog that I had accused her of “urging the audience to see ISIS in a different light – an accusation made all the more hurtful given that my cousin was killed by ISIS activities in Baghdad six months ago and my family is still in mourning.”

I am sorry for Zena’s loss. However, Zena did say just that. She told the audience not to adopt the Western narrative about ISIS.

I will keep you updated on the results of the investigations.

But let’s be clear. Imagine how our universities would look if whenever there was an event one side falsely accused the other of weaponising rape and then went on to glorify those who kill.

And more to the point not only did two Israeli soldiers lose their lives in Mehaidli’s suicide bombing but Mehaidli lost hers also at the tender age of 16.

Three families are still in mourning for the needless loss of loved ones. That is, in effect, what Baker glorified last week.

On a brighter note as a result of my blog about the event Baker’s sickening glorification was reported in Saturday’s Times. On Page 13 the headline read: Suicide Bomber was praised by LSE speaker

The Times reported that Baker “called for applause for Sana’a Mehaidli” and that she said her attack was “worthy of a standing ovation”. The Times also reported that LSE’s Jewish Society and the Israel Society lodged complaints prompting investigations by LSE’s governance, legal and policy division.

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  1. Maybe you could make some additional comments on the practices at LSE, in ?

  2. Hi Richard,

    Well done!

    Would you be interested in reporting some (hopefully) good news for a change?

    I’m hosting the “Body and Soul” documentary being toured round by Stand With Us at my church in Thornton Heath on Sunday 8th March.

    If all the publicity works, there will be a mixture of both Jews and Christians at the film and a question and answer time afterwards. I’ve attached apdf of the publicity leaflet.

    Best wishes,


    Nick Gray Director Christian Middle East Watch

    Website & blog – Twitter – @cmew2 LinkedIn – Nick Gray >

  3. Often what is not said nor publicised is the most revealing! Given the temper of the media hostility to Israel any rape case(s) would have been loudly splashed about and there are none to remember these forty or fifty years, but plenty in Arab and Moslem violence against others whether Moslem or kaffirs – qv Boko Haram and Isis most recently.

  4. ” Zena did say just that. She told the audience not to adopt the Western narrative about ISIS.”

    Western leaders like Obama and Cameron say ISIS is not Islamic,

    while ISIS claims they are.


    Who should we believe Zena???

  5. I hope you are preparing a file on this to send to the UK police authorities & the British Home Office.

  6. Well done Richard – hate-speech needs to be exposed. Keep up the good work, British Jews are very proud of you.

  7. Bravo Richard!

  8. “Victims of the victims,” sounds pseudo good and means NOTHING. The Palestine Arabs are not the victims of Israel but their own incompetent leadership which set out to reject and nullify UN181 by force of arms and then instead of ending the conflict and getting on with the rest of their lives, kept it ongoing to this day. Palestine Arabs deserved all the bricks that have fallen on their toes.

    • The victims of the Holocaust resist the allies of the perpetrators of the Holocaust? That’s Justice!

      1941 The Grand Mufti meets Hitler

  9. Amazing work Richard.
    Your doing a great job exposing these frauds.