Ronnie Kasrils: “South African Jews told their children not to waste time on the blacks.”

Ronnie Kasrils (left), Alan (Chair), Gary MacFarlane (Right) last night.

Ronnie Kasrils (left), Alan (Chair), Gary MacFarlane (Right) last night.

Last night a few of us journeyed deep into Tottenham, north London, the area that sparked last year’s London riots, to hear hardcore anti-Israel activist Ronnie Kasrils, who was over from South Africa.

Haringey Palestine Solidarity Campaign hosted the evening in the St John Vianney Church.

It was an evening where Jews were painted as “demonic”. This didn’t apply to Ronnie Kasrils who told us that he was able to break with the ethnic position of being Jewish, Zionist and white skinned in a white society, which helped him to “find my freedom”.

Kasrils told how South African Jews thought of blacks in apartheid South Africa as “the wretched of the earth”. This was followed by a woman in the audience who opined about “what Jews have become”.

Kasrils’ opening attack was the usual nonsense:

“The Jews took that land from the Arabs who had been there for over 1,000 years…The mythology of the establishment of the state of Israel is ‘The Lord Our G-d acting as an estate agent’…and He decided He has a Chosen People… ‘There is a Chosen People and it’s me the Jews and we are specially given the land’…We are the Chosen People and we can come here and evacuate, we can dismiss an entire population of people, at that time 700,000, by all means possible.”

He compared the landing of the forefathers of South Africa in 1652, when they discovered “black skinned people”, to Zionists. Both the forefathers and Zionists, he said, “argued that the land was empty”:

“In 1948 people were fleeing Europe from the Holocaust but the Zionists misled the poor wretches to a land without a people for a people without a land.”

Then he described what Jews in South Africa told their children:

“Don’t worry about the blacks. They’re used to it. That’s the mantra. Don’t worry, they’re used to it. All the poverty and the way they have to live etc. Each to his own. Focus on your own life. You can give the beggars some money. But these people; the poor, the wretched of the earth, they’re used to it. Don’t waste your time.”

Here it is:

During the Q&A a woman spoke of her visit to Gaza. She said she hadn’t met any terrorists there, just “freedom fighters”. She had met an amputee who had been walking to hospital one day to give birth when her husband was “liquidated” next to her after which she gave birth while Palestinian doctors were patching up her amputated legs. The woman continued:

“This is Israel. This is Israel. And it’s much more than an apartheid state; it is a demonic state!”

She addressed Jonathan Hoffman who had also been allowed to speak during the Q&A:

“Your behaviour is so atrocious that we when see someone acting like you act, if this is what the Jews have become it is a great shame. But I know that is not true because there I see a man, a Jew, and there are many others who I know who are standing up for what Judaism is really about. Ronnie Kasrils it is very nice to see you here…What is happening now about Iran and about Syria? I was teaching in school when a young Jewish boy stood up many years ago and said ‘We Israelis, we Jews, are going to bring Syria down’. This is 10 years ago.”

Here is the sickening audio:

“What’s become of the Jews?” – Haringey PSC

Meanwhile, I was under strict instructions from Alan, who was chairing, not to take any photos eventhough I had politely asked at the beginning. As ever everyone else was allowed. On my way out of the event I quickly took the above shot from the back of the room whereupon I was pushed and shoved out of the room by two thugs.

I just don’t get how anti-Israel activists think they have the right to even lay a hand on someone, let alone push and shove them.

Once outside though it was funny to see bins for the church provided by Veolia, one of the companies that there had just been a call inside the meeting to boycott because of its links with Israel (see below).

Oh dear, Veolia bins in the church grounds.

Oh dear, Veolia bins in the church grounds.

302 responses to “Ronnie Kasrils: “South African Jews told their children not to waste time on the blacks.”

  1. Sharon Klaff

    Ronnie Kasrils talks rubbish. Richard you must have had to be sterilised after spending a evening in the same room.

  2. Sharon Klaff

    Did I hear him him say “……of 5 million Jews in South Africa…?” I listened twice as I thought I must have misheard that number, but the second hearing confirmed his inacuracy. At most there were only ever 120,000 Jews in South Africa at their peak. Even giving him the credit of a slip of the tongue, the audience he is speaking to doesn’t know that and are left with the disinct impression that the number of Jews amongst anti Apartheid activists was miniscule. (Of course that’s not true – the biggest ani Apartheid activists were Jews andI don’t know many non activists who silently didn’t repudiate Apartheid.) Couple this inacuracy with his statement that all other Jewish parents apart from his shop assisstant mother advised their children not to worry about the blacks…..!!! It’s this kind of falsity that feeds the notion of the all invasive Jews amongst a mass of people who really have no idea of reality on the ground, who simply imbibe the rubish expounded by Kasrils and his ilk. Like his friend Goldstone, he is culpable of a great crime in demonising an entire people apart from himself with his shop assistant uneducated mother who appears to be the only wise Jewish mother teaching her child right from wrong. He slips Goldstone into his speach as a growing up mate, a kind of connection so that the audience can identify him with the fame and faux liberalism of that now infamous and self denigrated report that demonised Israel. Don’t forget that Goldstone was a Judge in SA and as such he carried out the Apartheid laws, executed those laws that diminished the status of black people in society. I certainly wouldn’t connect my childhood to his!

    • David Hersch

      Ronnie Kasrils an imaginative advocate of unconvincing world-movements, a bundle of prejudices, intuitions, ignorance, half-sciences and distorted history. He takes an aspect of truth, detaches it from its circumstances, inflates it, twists and remodels it, until its old likeness and its new likeness together are unrecognisable. These pseudo insights are his triumph. He is a caricaturist rather than a statesman. Don’t trust him or anything he says.

      It has been proven painstakingly that Kasrils’ writings and opinions are distinguished by factual errors, a pervasive use of double standards in argumentation, a rich array of logical fallacies, and above all the distortions, malignant insinuations, and outright falsehoods, both about the historical conduct of Israel and about the historical conduct of Jews, at its heart.

      Kasrils should be shunned by intellectual and academic circles following his forays into the land of chicanery and bigotry. Consider who his friends are and look into his appalling history as the political commissar of Camp Quatro in Angola, the people he lead to their deaths at Bisho and much much more.

      • Sharon Klaff

        As a fellow South African I can tell by his accent, his demeanour and his attitude that at school he wouldn’t have been rated as he is not very bright and his only way to acceptability is to link himself to something controversial. Main stream Jews would not have embraced him, neither would the intellectual Jews, so what was left for him? This fabrication of a childhood in which he and only he was brought up with any morality about discrimination and the rest of us were simply frivolous, not caring a hoot about the poverty and entrapment tells it all as in fact the mainstream against apartheid was lead by Jews. The rest just got on with daily life, helping as they could, making sure they were not tainted by apartheid and always considering the fate and well being of the other.

        Very few Jews were shackled to the Nationalist government and those few who were, were survivors from the camps or escapees from the pogroms who felt grateful that at least the Afrikaaners welcomed them to safety when the British and Americans still had quota entry for Jews trying to escape the Nazi camps. Europe of course was still killing Jews by the thousands and only those lucky enough to avoid British guns were able to get into the British mandated territory of Palestine despite the promise of the Jewish homeland there.

        The man can only find his pace on earth by demeaning others and cuffing himself to those he feels are lesser than he and therefore grateful for his help! So who is the real bigot!?

  3. Empress Trudy

    Kasrils has nothing to substantiate what he claims other than what he and his own family said around their dinner table.

  4. Jonathan Hoffman

    In the middle of the audio you can hear me shout “badge of honour” in response to that harridan’s abuse.

    Well done Richard, once again shining the light on these inveterate liars and traducers of Israel: “Sunshine is the best disinfectant”

  5. Are there any events of pro-Israel kind where a polite Palestinian supporter is prohibited from taking photos or filming while the pro-ones are allowed to do it?

    If there aren’t then that behaviour alone should disqualify them for any sane person

    • Silke
      I’ve yet to encounter a polite Pro Palestinan supporter . The fact is that when they show up at Israel events it’s not to photograph or politely engage but to cause as much disruption as possible . You will always see them escorted out by police and security one on each limb .

      • thus could it be that from their point of view they are just retaliating?

        i.e. by shoving Richard they want to create a situation where he resists and then have Pallywood-style photoproof that “they” are just like us.

        The other variant is of course that Richard’s well behaving is suspicious, it can only be proof of an especially nefarious Mossad scheme.

        With each post I’m getting more worried for Richard.

  6. The only way to win in this situationis to keep dogging the oppositon
    with facts and not let up.We can win,but it will take a lot of effort, a lot of
    tiime, and a lot .of physiical courage,,given the degree of intimidation
    being practised..
    No wonder our young adults are confused. They are assailed from
    every side by emotion-laden, counterfactual arguments that they have
    liittle chance of resisting..If they want a little group acceptance, they should
    not have to give up the core of their perslonalitiies to get it.
    Alan Dershowitz has suggested a dozen or sobooks to give “the facts”
    to the young Jewish adult,,but I disagree..They have enough to do at
    college just getting grades and adjusting;they ought not need to wade
    thru reams of depressing falsity to have a full Jewish life.It is not tghey,
    but we who have failed.(please pardon the typos–parkinsons)

    • Dogging by facts is of course the honest way and has to be kept up

      But dogging by facts makes you also get caught up in a double bind i.e. the kind that is best understood if one tries NOT to think of a lemon. i.e. if you dog the facts it is almost impossible not to do that without fisking and thus repeating them.

      I was made to fall in love with Israel at an early age by the same “tricks” that Hollywood once used to such good effect i.e. show how desirable and beautiful they are.

      Sometimes I think it is that Israelis are afraid of showing any kind of beauty that is not universally PC. Why for example are all the others allowed to hyperemphasize their folkloric ethnic thingies and Israel does not.

      For example I dimly remember a singer with a gorgeous headdress and the magazines told me that she is a Yemeni, but she was an Israeli.

      Sorry I tried but I can’t explain it any better. In short it is that I think Israel is not doing too well in creating irrational attractions.

      How many B-movies are there on the attractions of Israel and how many on those of the “orient”?

  7. Paul L Muslin

    Our worst enemies are the Jews within ,Kasrils et al ,especially those well known lecturers in English academia.Long live Veolia a place where their puerile `literature` belongs.Well done Richard and Jonathan for having the time and patience to listen to all this cra- ! Shalom,Paul

  8. It’s strange that you rarely see individuals of Middle Eastern extraction attend these ‘ love ins ‘ .
    Tuesday was no exception , save f

  9. Save for a couple of ANC and a few Irish Republican types to add to the mix of Trots and elderly ex Greenham Common activists venting their hatred against the regions only democracy .
    On the bright side , for all their posturing , they have no political clout and labelling Israel an apartheid state might assuage their venomous hate but alienates them from government and general public alike .
    Richard being strong armed by their goon squad should come as no surprise .
    They would like nothing more than to conduct their nefarious meetings behind closed doors .
    As Jonathan rightly states , a strong dose of sunlight has them scurrying for cover .

  10. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    What intrigues me is why the woman in the audio suddenly switched from the topic of Gaza to Jonathan Hoffman. There are several background noises throughout her speech, including one immediately before she changes subject. Was that Jonathan Hoffman and what was he saying? I also heard what sounded like laughing, at one point. Was this also Jonathan Hoffman?

  11. Silke
    Yes it’s true that Richard appears to be targeted by bds thugs . I should have left with him rather than remain to listen to the bilge being spouted but hindsight is easy after the event .

  12. Ronnie, Ex-Minister of Intelligence Services in South Africa and ex-member of the South African Communist Party – he is a real piece of work this guy! How can he speak for ALL Jews in SA and run us down like that. My father also fought against Apartheid and worked for the ANC during the Apartheid. My father would never agree with this moron on his Israeli stance though and neither would I. He is about as brain dead as most of you are.

    There are scumbags and then there are scumbags! You people are obsessed like brainless drones over things you don’t even have a single clue about. Go back to your perfect little wasted lives please!

    You support scum because you are scum or because you just dont know any better and its “cool” to be leftist or whatever. I have nothing intelligent or nice to say to people that are as thick as planks and deserve nothing more than to get the same garbage thrown back right at you.

    • I apologise as I see that my comment would appear to be directed at people in here but I actually copied and pasted my own comment from another site who had this article, however the other site was in support of Ronnie the douchebag Kasrils – I posted it without even realizing it was Richards blog, apologies for the honest mistake but my words, to anyone who decides to support Ronnie on here, will apply to them 🙂

    • thanks for your sensitive, penetrating and deep examination and insight into the Arab/Israeli conflict. You use such elegant and refined language too. We need more balnced, rational and objective comments like this. Keep ’em coming.

      • Daniel Marks

        Hi Rog,

        Talking of examinations, I’m dying to examine those Muslim forums and blogs in which you proved yourself not to be a bigot, by criticizing all theocratic regimes in the Middle East. I know you haven’t forgotten.

        I’m betting that’s one lie you regret, no?

      • Israelmuse

        As i said, I have nothing intelligent to say to people who are as thick as planks. However, I do appreciate you joining in as I originally posted my comment on the wrong blog by mistake so was hoping a plank would come along to make my comment fit right in. Much obliged!

      • Israelmuse

        PS: my last comment was for Rog “the plank” of course 🙂

      • Daniel Marks

        It is a bit confusing with your comments today, Israeli Nurse. First I thought I was a scumbag, then a plank, now neither.

        Could you tell us once and for all who is what?

        If I’m allowed to choose I’d rather be a plank than a scumbag. It sounds much cleaner and more dignified.

      • Daniel, my initial comment was not aimed at anyone on this blog in the first place. It was posted on this blog by mistake and was aimed at anti-Israel bigots ONLY on a different blog with a similar article. As I am not familiar with anyone commenting on this blog, I do not know who is who in the zoo and am clearly having a day full of silly mishaps so I will refrain from commenting any further.

        I will apologise to the owner of this blog as well as people commenting for incorrectly posting my first comment but there is no option to delete posted comments, which is what I would have preferred to do in the first place.

        I am not Israelinurse, I am Israelmuse. 🙂

        !לילה טוב

      • Israelmuse

        please don’t go – most of us and not least Daniel are really quite welcoming around here and far from being as close knit as a first glance may have led you to believe.

        But if you insist on going, please keep Richard on your blogroll – I know of nobody else who reports as matter of factly of what goes on at the meetings of the “scums”.

  13. Is this the same Ronnie Kasrils who managed to get 28 people killed at Bisho on the 7th of September 1992?

  14. “Is this the same Ronnie Kasrils”. Yes Mike it is. And the funny thing is, he was condemned for his role in the Bisho massacre by none other than Richard Goldstone, in this earlier Goldstone Commission, set up to investigate the massacre. Which makes it really weird that Kasrils should now namecheck Goldstone.

    Hi Silke this is OT but I don’t know where else to attract your attention: have you read this? note in particular the comment by German person daggi at 11.42pm on 4th, regarding this woman.

    • hi amie

      daggi leaves out a very important aspect of the story and that is that she is a protégé of Rupert Polenz on his facebook page.

      Since Ruprecht Polenz is

      He has been chairman of the foreign committee of the lower house of the German Parliament, the Bundestag since 2005. He was secretary-general of the CDU from April to November 2000.

      That makes the story big, especially so since there have been long complaints that Ruprecht Polenz favours “Israel critics” on his facebook page. I haven’t read it up myself except for what Henryk M. Broder reported about it on, which alas is all in German. In English I think Benjamin Weinthal is the go-to guy. It seems Polenz is now trying a U-turn, denying everything he wrote before. It is the same old with one variant, if no real Jews are available, it seems like we are supposed to rely on self-converted Jews.

      It seems that the Jerusalem Post has the full saga in English with Harry’s Place having all the links.

      All in all he isn’t small fry. Complaints about his handling of his facebook page go back quite some time. And even though there are now ample quotes that call him red-handed I am not optimistic that I’ll see his downfall.

      As a CDUmember btw he is from the right and here is his CV and his connections

      • uups my bad – she isn’t self-converted, that was the other one,
        this one “converted” her mother into an Auschwitz survivor.

        Probably she is highly deluded but that makes the way Polenz used her as an alibi-Jew (if a Jew says it, it is true) for a man in his position i.e. somebody who isn’t without a staff at his disposal even more frightening.

  15. This Kasrils is not a human being and as for being Jewish, a more self hating anti-semite you couldn’t find. A ruthless man enslaved to Stalinism who shoul NEVER have been trusted with a box of matches, let alone the Sa Defence Forces. As someone who is Jewish and gave up my youth in the fight against apartheid I fid his comments offensive. Alas, at his age therepy won’t help. I hope Kasrels realises that after th Holocaust there were barely 14 million Jews left on the planet. The 5 million in SA are the figment of a desturbed anti-semites psyche. I could go on and on but only wish the country of my birth will move on from demagogues like Kasrels and place real value on the word “freedom” that we all struggled for. He is a shame and a disgrace, not to the Jews, but to SA and all who truely care. The Palestinians will hopelully learn that corrup leaders don’t bring freedom!

    • ”This Kasrils is not a human being”

      LOL that takes the biscuit for most asinine comment I’ve seen this year. The last time I looked he was in fact a human being. Sorry to disappoint you. I recommend a major paradigm shift bro…preferably in the direction of sense and reason.

    • Sharon Klaff

      TG you also noticed the 5 million Jews in SA statement!! I really thought it is I who got it wrong. The man is clearly deranged and in that state he creates a very damaging image of the Jews he denigrates. He is deluded as he refers only to himself as the great guy who realized at the age of 8 that things in SA were wrong – gosh for a guy who emanates from an ill educated shop assistant mother with no books in his house he was truly a precocious child to know that then when most kids were simply thankful they didn’t have parents so dumbstruck because the tattooed numbers on their forearms reminded them of the horrors they survived int he death camps of Europe that they were unable to communicate effectively with their children let alone be concerned about the kids others bore!! What a bloke he turned out to be!! Yes it is time the SA government ditched the past and looked to the future, one that, should they partner Israel, they can grow and develop a wonderful thriving state for all their people and not just for the overgrown idiots of yesteryear who would like to tether them to that 1400 year old backward looking imperialistic ideology.

  16. Hi Israel Muse
    You have misunderstood Silke . English is not her first language but I wish I could speak German a fraction as well as her English .
    If you take a little time and re read you will see she s on side .

    • Thanks, I appreciate you informing me of this 🙂 Looks like im not having a very good day today haha. Apologies to Silke

      • no problems – I didn’t know how to put it right and before I had an idea Daniel rode to my rescue.

        I keep telling myself again and again that I should refrain from joking in a foreign language. Maybe this time I’ll have learned my lesson.

      • Daniel Marks

        Gosh, everyone’s being so damn self-effacing today.

        Off-topic, I went to Rubin Katz’s grandson’s (Jacob) bar mitzvah today. Rubin and his lovely (really!) wife Michelle had honored us by attending our youngest son’s (Ariel) bar mitzvah on Monday. Truly and friendship I thank Richard for facilitating. Anyone who remembers our initial exchange might by surprised by what has developed:

        I wrote to Rubin that, “It occurred to me as I heard Jacob reading about Balak and Bilam by the site of the temple that if there is any revenge against Nazism, any sign that we ultimately won and the lost it was your grandson kissing the holding the sefer torah. Who would have thought that in so few years the Jewish People would rise so high?”

        This is my feeling. With all the ignoramuses rattling on about the “occupation” or “apartheid” it is easy to lose sight of the fact that Jewish People are living in a golden age of Jewish existence, unparalleled in all our history. I challenge anyone to find an era like this one. Let’s not let the nutters and the anti-Semites in their silly little anti-Israel meetings ruin the moment.

        Let the good times roll!

      • Daniel…glad you’re having such a good time down there in the unholy land. You’d better make the most of this ‘golden age’ while it lasts…becuse it won’t be long I’m afraid. Just ask your messianic co-religionists what I mean. It’s their programme. Only trouble is the rest of us are involved, per forza. Now that’s what i call damned inconsiderate.

      • richardmillett

        Roger, do us a favour and go and antagonise other people on other blogs, please. This kind of bigotry is just not appreciated. I’ve put up with your attacks long enough. Please go.

      • when did I attack you?

      • Daniel
        just the other day I heard BBC’s Radio 4 In our Time about Judas Maccabeus – It sounded to me that it took them a while but then they had achieved a glorious time also.

        But of course I wish that yours may last much much longer and I sincerely hope that “Empire”, whoever is the one, will not turn into your enemy ever again.

        (One of the talkers quipped at the end that without Judas Maccabee there might not have been Jesus. My caveat is of course that my art history teacher told me that there were many Jesus-ses at the time. He claimed it was a period where it was fashionable. Caveat by now, thanks to the internet, I have a vague inkling, that he the teacher may have been involved in Nazi art theft but he sure was a wonderful lecturer.)

    • Daniel Marks

      When I saw the smiley I thought Israeli Nurse was kidding around with Silke. Her English is incredible. A few months ago I sent her six chapters I’d written and went out for the evening. By the time I returned she’d corrected it all for grammar, content, style, you name it.

      • many thanks for the compliment (hopefully it makes Gert’s stomach churn) and for your kindness in overlooking that even where I know better I prefer to split verbs and have no knowledge whatsoever as to where a comma should sit according to your rules.

      • Norman Cohen

        I love the “not knowing where a comma should sit“. I have this picture of a comma stretched out on a recliner reading a newspaper!

  17. Russell Gaddin

    Ronnie Kasrils and I were both born in Johannesburg in 1938. I knew Kasrils from a distance. He was regarded as weird and a real “nobody”. In the early years of our lives, neither the Nationalist Party had as yet been elected, nor had the State of Israel been born. We had no TV and no IT industry. Communication was both very limited and slow, and much of the Holocaust was as yet unknown – and yet this giant, at the age of 10 knew all about Apartheid, and Zionism. I was the National Chairman of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies and interacted at various times with Kasrils on his return from “exile,” as the ANC had appointed the Jewish Kasrils as their link with the Jewish Community. Throughout all the years I had very little regard for Kasrils as an intellect or even as a person. Being a Jewish member of the ANC elite gave him the kind of notoriety. He used this new found notoriety as a platform to elevate himself within the ANC/Communist elite for his own political gain. Every time he espoused hatred for Israel, by making speeches that required neither truth nor fact, the Jewish communal world attacked him, feeding his ego and his feeling of self importance.
    Every time he opens his mouth he illustrates how lonely he is now that he’s no longer at the main table of the anti Israel mob in South Africa. Poor Red Ronnie.

    • Hi Russell
      So much of that is relevant to our own UK
      ‘ As a Jew ‘ brigade .
      Most are Communists to one degree or another . One of the main ringleaders Tony Greenstein became estranged from his father , a Rabbi who ministered to several small Northern communities . Greenstein went off the rails big time in his teens . Greenstein states in a fairly measley mouth obituary to his late father that they rarely saw each other after that and that he had never even met his own grand daughter .
      Greenstein expected his father to apologise to him before dying which I presume he never did .
      From what I could glean his father was a strong upright man of the community , respected and a Zionist for good measure .
      Everything that Greenstein is not and could never be .
      From these two examples alone , it is fairly certain that all these failures have something locked away in their past which has caused them to take this obsessive hate filled path .
      As for their Jewish ethnicity . That’s just a joke , wheeled out simply to prop up their vile objectives .

    • Sharon Klaff

      Well Russell, I just wrote above in answer to David Hirsh my take on Kasrils and then I read what you wrote! How accurate am I!! A fellow South African can see right through the tit!

  18. Matt, London

    Richard, Jonathan, Harvey, your bravery in confronting to these thugs puts me to shame as always. Thank you for doing and saying what the rest of us should be doing alongside you week in week out.

  19. My very last input I promise. What a charming bunch of fascists you hang out with Richard. Sayonara. Go on yankee break my heart.

  20. ok i lied . that was the penultimate input. this is the very final. Roger stop feeding the nut job.

  21. Daniel

    what’s wrong with self-effacement?

    It’s you who admonishes us pretty regularly to opt for polite conversation. 😉

    But if you wish it so – your mistaking Israel Muse for Israel Nurse is quite off. Another self-effacement or not, I think the Muse is owed an apology even though I’d be drunk with pride for weeks on end if anybody could mistake me for Israel Nurse.

  22. ok i lied again. this is the final input. Roger take Richard’s advice and go elsewhere. You are just deluding them into thinking they are talking to other than themselves. Quit it Roger you know it makes sense.

    • I may just do that. I’ve never had an intelligent response to any of the material I’ve posted on here regarding the racism and chauvinism in Judaism, except knee-jerk dismissal. People on here have no idea what’s really going on down in Israel. It’s a country that’s slowly but surely walking blindly towards the precipice. Instead of grappling with the issues that are corroding Israel, all I see on here is a rather juvenile attachment to a Zionism that has mutated into a pathological narcissistic victimology, a crude nationalistic chauvinism driven by an irrational paranoia about assimilation.
      The only way Israel will survive is if it becomes a country for ALL its citizens and not just for the Jewish people. Of course, the irony is that is exactly how Herzl envisaged it. What should have materialised in Israel is all in his book Altneuland. And a fine vision it was indeed. It’s a crying shame the way things have turned out.

      • richardmillett

        Roger, you repeat the same dross time after time. I hear it all the time at racist PSC meetings. We aren’t interested in your ignorant and bigoted views on Judaism, Jews and Israel. Take Rich’s advice. It’s the best he’s ever given. But what i would say to you is if you feel so strongly then start a blog. Write about your views and experiences. Then we can all comment there. I just don’t like your views and the way they take over the thread and stop others commenting.

      • I am so glad to see that roger feels so hard pressed about his lies about comments on Islamic blogs that he prefers to chicken out rather than confess that he lied.

        A very upright attitude befitting a man me thinks.

        But what is one to expect of a man who possesses the power to predict the future and that completely without consulting the entrails of animals.

      • Almani Sleiman


        Farewell my friend. Go, learn and become stronger. We need your enthusiasm and hatred of Israel, but we also need the knowledge and experience that years have not yet endowed you. This is a battle that calls out for the mighty.

        “The wound of words is worse than the wound of swords.”

      • Almani, you speak of “peace” and then speak of “hatred of Israel” – which one is it?

      • Hatred of Israel? You are projecting. It’s interesting that both you and Richard et al interpret any pertinent criticism of religious fanaticism as hatred.
        And by the way, I’ve checked out the root meaning of the word ‘fanatic’. It means ‘he who belongs to a temple’. So any member of any organised religion is a fanatic. But I can tell you. some are worse than others. And I have declared war on religious fundamentalism, which is very much an influential force in Israel’s policies and identity.

    • Almani Sleiman


      “A foolish man may be known by six things: Anger without cause, speech without profit, change without progress, inquiry without object, putting trust in a stranger, and mistaking foes for friends.”

      Go in peace, my friend!

      • Almani
        I’d like to add believing himself to be a clairvoyant (Hellseher)

      • Almani
        Those are very wise words . I misunderstood you when you first posted here . I apologise for this .
        How sad that we cannot exchange ideas and indeed friendship . Perhaps one day Inshallah .
        Salaam Aleichem

      • almani, You should consider using the same photographer that roger uses.

      • You say “The wound of words is worse than the wound of swords.” This phrase encapsulates why it is so difficult to create understanding, let alone peace, between Arab and Jew. We have embraced the modern world, in which the law applies equally to all and those who are found guilty are punished proportionately. In the Arab world a culture of shame and honour still holds sway, and an unthinking remark can be punishable by death. These worlds are quite incompatible. It is the shame and honour culture which paradoxically ascribes enormous power to Jews, because many of us have gifts of speech and writing far above our strength in numbers!

  23. Richard
    Act now on what you promised . Enough is enough .

  24. Having dutifully read all the posts, I can only say I stll don’t understand what all the secondary squabbling is about. I can look at this mess and see that
    at the present rate, the marvelous society Israel will be lost to us in a generation, and then what will become of us? We are letting this happen
    largely thru insufficient activism and because too many self-described
    “progressives” have turned their backs on what is by far the most
    “progressive” society in the region. Because Israel is less than literally
    “perfect” by some standard, it is to be endlessly criticized by people who
    know better but find demonizing Jews more useful to their hokey leftist politics, or more useful to the development of their personalities, with
    Israel redefined as out. This generation is the last chance we will have to
    turn the situation around.I for one do not intend to go quietly.

  25. The seventh anniversary of the 7/7/05 attacks on London transport by British “Asians” is coming up.

    How will rich, roger and gert observe that day?

  26. Norman Cohen

    Harvey you say Salaam Aleikum to someoen who writes “We need your enthusiasm and hatred of Israel”?!?

    • Almani speaks of peace and then speaks of hatred of Israel – and we wonder why its impossible to come to any understandings with these people!

    • Norman
      I would ordinarily agree with you , but I just have a feeling it may be possible to engage with Almani . Her comments have become less bellicose , nuanced and the fact she has posted on a Zionist blog shows a willingness to engage with those she perceives as her enemy . It also takes courage as Richards blog is widely read on the West Bank and there will be individuals who know her and could take exception to her posting .
      I say full marks to her and I salute her courage and indefatibility .
      Who knows she might even end up becoming a Zionist inshallah .

      • Harvey …you seem to be intuiting an important truth here….that you and Almani are two of a kind. I’m impressed.

  27. Rodger
    Let me tell you a couple of home truths .
    Richard could push the button on you and prevent you posting here at any time . The fact that he hasn’t is because he passionately believes in free speech and will not restrict it even if it means allowing nasty little racists like you being allowed to post your vicious Ad Hominems as you please . Not like the Stalinists at the London Bds who remove anything that the the Commissariat doesn’t approve of .
    Richard lives in the hope that you might just for once produce a constructive comment .
    He’s wasting his time and you are constantly abusing his good faith .
    I on the other hand recognise a wrong un when I read one . If it was down to me you would have been booted off after your first comment .

    • If Richard had any sense he would do well to raise the tone of his blog and at the same time preserve Israel’s reputation as a tolerant society, by booting nasty little fascists and racists like you off. Keeping distinctly sleazy and malignant company like yours does him no favours. It’s thugs like you that are giving his blog a bad name.

      • bosdike,

        When will you visit the LGBT center in the Islamic Republic of Iran?

      • TGIAI: I guess you’re proud of all the sodomites parading and flaunting their degeneracy in Sodom and Gomorrah…whoops..I mean Tel Aviv. Just don’t look back!

      • Now we slowly come to the real reason why roger masquerading as a valiant fighter for secularism criticizes exclusively Israel where, judging from what I read, the religious regularly lose their fight to ban LGBTs from public view.

        Now let’s see what we know about Roger to date

        – he is a liar
        – he is a homophobe
        -he wants Israel to become Israel a religion free state that discriminates against LGBTs.

        and those are only the most prominent of his unique selling point for Bhosdike or Bosdijk.

        After the above I suspect that his claim to Bosdijk is another of his lies.

        He is a pervert, keen on trying to establish a LGBT-free secular territory.

        I’m beginning to feel really sorry for the people who have to encounter him in real life.

      • richardmillett

        Also he thinks we aren’t really Jewish but that the Palestinians are!

      • Richard: I did not say that. I said that SOME Jews are not really Jewish and SOME Palestinians are. That’s not too much to take on, is it?

      • richardmillett

        No. You said I’m not properly Jewish because I’m Ashkenazi.

      • TGIAI…the tolerant and righteous one, here’s a reminder of what the God of Israel thinks::

        Leviticus 18:22 : 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

        Deuteronomy: 22:5 “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

        Deuteronomy 23:17: ” God says not be bring any whore, sodomite, or dog into the house of the Lord. For “these things are an abomination to the Lord.”

        Kings 15: 15:12 ”And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made.”

        Isaih 3:9: ” The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.”

      • As Elie Wiesel said once, if you think you’re Jewish then you are. So you are.
        What I said was that you are not semitic and, unless you can prove it, not a biological descendant of the ancient Judeans.

      • richardmillett

        No. I’m Jewish because my mother is. What I think is irrelevant.

      • Yes, according to Halakha, that makes you a Jew.
        But it is an interesting question: what is a Jew?

      • richardmillett

        Is it really? We are what we are. Most of us don’t consider it like you. Only those with a problem with us consider it.

      • Ok then, so we’s all about bloodline. You objected to that when I mentioned it the other day.

      • richardmillett

        Roger, I don’t know and don’t care. I just am Jewish. As I said I don’t think about it as much as you. I am what I am. That’s it.

      • OK. No problem. I can live with that.
        Maybe I’m Jewish. I’d better check out my genealogy. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion and intuition that my grandfather on my mother’s side, who was a virulent antisemite, could have been a dystonic closet Jew.

      • roger,

        The seventh anniversary of the 7/7/05 attacks on London transport by British “Asians” is coming up.

        How will you observe that day? Tears or cheers?

  28. Dear Almani,

    between you and me, from woman to woman – please be very vigilant when dealing with Roger who now posts as bosdike – the only explanation I could see on Google for bosdike is one that is quite an insult to women.

    It is best to stay away from such men, especially when on top of it all they have been exposed as liars.

    • you are in need of help Silke. Haven’t you got anything better to do? Bosdike is a place in Holland near Utrecht.

      • which Google map doesn’t know

        it also just offers it in another spelling thus given fame as a liar, I chose not believe you until you supply a link.

      • Silke: I’m worried about you. You seem unhealthily preoccupied with the trivial and irrelevant. Considering the serious subject matter of Richard’s blog, I find this quite shocking. But if it helps you get through the night, here’s a link.
        Can I go free now? Is the interrogation over? Or am I still not above suspicion?

      • Roger, sweetie

        considering the “serious subject matter” of this blog I find the fact that you go on to lie with impunity of the utmost importance.

      • roger, Your avatar, a recent photo of yourself, help us understand your limitations.

      • TGIAI: You will be pleased to know that my avatar is actually a rock mouse from Masada. Probably a reincarnation of one of those vicious Sicarii terrorists who died there after being kicked out of Jerusalem for murdering their own people, trashing the Temple and disrupting the unity of the community. The Judean equivalent of Al-Qaeda. Now thousands and thousands of gullible tourists, Birthrighters and so on, go there every year and wallow in the fantasy that they were national heroes making their last stand for the Jewish people against the Romans.
        Anyway, this mouse is no fool and he likes the peace at night when all the hordes disappear.

      • roger, Your picture of a rat suits you and reflects your heritage.

  29. Drama! I dig!!

  30. I am getting more and more eager to find out which history books roger is reading.

    Since no contemporary historian worthy of respect tells tales as black and white the way roger does, I suspect that he is addicted to propaganda leaflets and gullible enough to swallow them hook, line and sinker.

  31. Daniel Marks

    Hi Richard,

    I have a suggestion.

    Clearly, there are people on this blog who are uninterested in discussing the topic of each page, but prefer to carry on a kind of ongoing conversation or debate about other topics. Roger, for example, has the equivalent of less than an Israeli pre-school child’s knowledge of Judaism, but is under the impression that busy people should be defending Jewish Philosophy with him, every time he Googles some random quote or idea.

    The problem is that the thread of the discussion is often lost and I, for one, am bored silly explaining “Judaism for Idiots” to every nincompoop who thinks he’s owed an explanation. The same goes for the basic history of Zionism and various other topics.

    My suggestion is that this excellent blog has an off-topic page for any
    discussions not relevant to the topic under discussion. A commentator can either post there or his comment be moved there.If a commentator persists in misplacing his comments he can be deleted.

    That would give you (Richard) a moral right to remove off-topic comments without feeling that you are infringing on anyone’s free speech and that way anyone wishing to engage Roger, Rich or any of the other trolls can do so without feeling his spoiling the blog for others. I think “Off-Topic” would be an excellent name, but perhaps others might think of better. Maybe in the light of what I was recently called, “The Soap Box” might be a candidate.

    Okay that is my idea. I post this rather than mailing it to you as I believe that others may have an opinion on the matter.

    Good Week

    • the resulting thread may turn into quite a show-piece juxtaposing rich’s crypticisms with roger’s theologisms.

      After a while it may even qualify for the next Documenta in 5 years as an outstanding example of art by chance of anonymous-es

      • You guys would suffer from terminal boredom if sensible chaps like Rich and I weren’t on here to bring some balance. Still, it would keep the proctologist busy.
        Daniel et al are obviously addicted to circle jerking and smug incestuous self-importance. Richard probably instictively knows that if everybody on his blog swallowed wholesale what he believes is right and true, it would be another dead platform of self-congratulatory tossers and pointless propaganda for the already converted.
        So it’s up to you mate….freedom of speech, truth and a lorra laffs or dreary one-dimensionality.

      • Daniel Marks

        I agree Roger, so let’s give it a chance. You go away or chat together on your own page and leave us to “suffer from terminal boredom”.

        It’s win-win.

      • notion supported – though since I had high hopes for that art project of mine materialising I feel a bit disappointed

        OTOH I am sure that if we’d feel Documenta ambition we could make up such a nonsense thread all by ourselves i.e. a conversation between rich and roger.

        PS: Richard, I think roger accusing Daniel of incest is the step that is taking things too far.

    • Daniel
      You are over complicating matters .
      Press the cyber button . They simply disappear into the ether . Providing a shop front for these imbeciles to lay out their tainted bilge may sit well in the ethical realms of free speech but in practical terms , it simply fouls up the thread .
      I’ve pleaded with Richard to get shot of them . I hope he eventually comes to the same conclusion .

    • off topic

  32. Norman Cohen

    Courtesy Cif Watch could not resist this one just for Gert hope he is watching:
    Which country stuck its neck out and tried to borrow $100 million from the IMF to give to the Palestinian Authority to prevent its potential collapse?

    a) Turkey

    b) Saudi Arabia

    c) United States

    d) Venezuela

    e) None of the above

    Answer: e) None of the above.

    It was, in fact, Israel. For the sake of peace and security no-one on earth has done more to build the foundations of a Palestinian state than its neighbour, Israel. The thanks it has received both from the Arab world and the laughingly named International Solidarity Movement is as miserable as Israel has been generous.

    • off topic.

    • Norman:

      How many millions has Israel spent on the settlement project, you know, that thing everyone knows is the biggest obstacle to peace?

      Investing in the PA quislings makes good sense from an Israeli perspective.

      You are either deluded or part of the delusion.

      • Gert entering a period of severe projectionisitis once again

      • Gert
        there is hope on the horizon for you – your beloved and adored HB has a post up – hurry, hurry no better chance to try once more to find a friend and maybe even a commenter for your own latest work.

      • Norman Cohen

        By the way I have a theory as to why Gert you have your anti-Israel website and post here taking a position slightly to the right of Hamas. It is clearly a form of guilt transference called scapegoating. Scapegoating is a hostile social – psychological discrediting routine by which people move blame and responsibility away from themselves and towards a target person or group. It is also a practice by which angry feelings and feelings of hostility may be projected, via inappropriate accusation, towards others. The target in this case you feel wrongly persecuted and receives misplaced vilification, blame and criticism; he is likely to suffer rejection from those who the perpetrator seeks to influence. Scapegoating has a wide range of focus: from “approved” enemies of very large groups of people down to the scapegoating of individuals by other individuals. Distortion is always a feature.
        You see the Belgians are responsible for the current problems at least in Rwanda and the Congo due to their inept colonial rule. Unlike the Jews the Belgians who achieved colonial rule in Africa were not returning to their ancesteral lands from where they had been banished for over 2000 years they were there to impose their will on the majority indiginous population who were only granted independence when the Belgians realised they were simply unable to control the situation they themselves had created. Belgian colonists first planted seeds of ethnic hate when they distinguished the two ethnicities, minority Tutsi and majority Hutu which was the precursor the massacres that followed. The methods they used, measurement of the skulls was totally racist. They were also responsible for the problems in the Congo when they reliquished rule after nearly sixty years and left an ill prepared country to govern its own affairs precipitating wars much bloodshed and unrest for nearly fifty years. So Gert your attacks on the Jews and Israel are simply a smoke screen for the sins of your own country and as a form of guilt transference.

  33. The founder of the ISM was of course a Jew,Adam Shapiro.

  34. roger | July 5, 2012 at 8:31 pm | Reply

    I may just do that. I’ve never had an intelligent response to any of the material I’ve posted on here regarding the racism and chauvinism in Judaism, except knee-jerk dismissal. People on here have no idea what’s really going on down in Israel. It’s a country that’s slowly but surely walking blindly towards the precipice. ”

    I live here near Jerusalem, and I haven’t seen anything approaching what you
    claim. If anything, most people I have randomly talked with seem pretty
    content. No one seems pleased with the so-called peace process(I am
    certainly not)but despite a truckload of negativism,I think we are improving
    our ability to get our program across.All things considered,it beats
    actual stagnation.

  35. Daniel Marks

    Hi Gert,

    Another excellent comment only spoiled by the unnecessary, but sadly characteristic ad hominem. Never mind, you’re not the first blogger to endeavor to combat knowledge and experience with childish abuse. Anyway, compared to rog and Rich you’re a breath of fresh air.

    I was interested in your referring to the PA as Quislings. I’m no expert on Norwegian history, but noting Vidkun Quisling’s support for the Final Solution; I’d say that the comparison is not totally off the wall. In mitigation Norway was not alone among nations that cowered before evil, I believe it was only a decade ago that Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt apologized to the Jewish community for you guys’ role in the Holocaust, and I could go on.

    However, I suspect that it was not the anti-Jewish policies of Vidkun Quisling that cause you to compare him to the Palestinian Authority. I’m guessing that your anger with the elected Palestinian leadership is that after all these years there are real signs that they may have grown weary of futile attempts to destroy the State of Israel that have brought such disaster and suffering upon their own people. Could it be that your anger is that they have stopped killing Jews?

    Specifically, let me ask you Gert; when did the PLO or Fatah or the PA became Quislings in your eyes? Were they Quislings in the 60s and 70s when they were hijacking planes and planting bombs in Israel? Were they Quislings in the early 80s when they were fighting us in Beirut? Or did you call them that in the mid-80s during the first Intifada? When did the transformation take place and what caused it?

    To the best of my knowledge their charter remains unchanged and they’d still like to exterminate Israel if they could, they claim to believe in a Two-State Solution, which is also your position, so what is it about them that makes them Quislings?

    Maybe, just maybe, two decades of existence alongside Israel has given the PA leadership a perspective that all the books of Bridlington haven’t given you…Na..couldn’t be that.

  36. I won’t get involved in an ongoing discussion about alleged ‘chauvinism’ inherent in Judaism, but as a gentile very interested in Judaism, particularly the Hasidim, I will say the following.

    It is easy to ‘Google’ any religion and extract quotes that are either out of context, mistranslated or straightforwardly fabricated. The internet is awash with hate sites that make such a process very easy. There are also fringe authors, too, including Jewish writers such as Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky, who happily mislead their readers over elements of Judaism.

    What is better is to rely on authentic sources and also to discuss your concerns openly with real authorities on the issue. For instance, I’ve discussed elements of Chabad’s attitude to gentiles face-to-face with several rabbis, both Chabad and non-Chabad. I’ve also studied the history of the organisation – which I’m fascinated by – and its final Rebbe, the brilliant Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Far from being anti-gentile, he was responsible for the introduction of a large outreach to gentiles by Chabad. He loved all people deeply and his life’s work reflects that.

    I regularly attend Chabad shabbats and other occasions. I’m warmly welcomed. Indeed, my only complaint would be that they so regularly ask me “When are you coming again?” if I stop attending. Hardly the behaviour of an organisation with an anti-gentile agenda.

    And on a wider note, check the actual Torah and Talmud, rather than hate sites. Both books frequently paint specific gentiles more positively than specific Jews. Noah, and the daughter of Pharaoh are just two of the gentiles painted this way. Ruth, of the book of Ruth, was a convert, and she is one of Judaism’s highest-rated figures. Likewise, the rabbis in the Talmud proudly assert that Rabbi Akiva, a towering figure of the Talmud, was a descendant of converts.

    Finally, I want to say that to paint the Jewish people as racists who despise gentiles is such an astonishing inversion of mankind’s history that it can almost take the breath away. Take a step back and have a think.

  37. Daniel Marks

    Hey OyVa

    It takes a goy like you to remind us of simple truths, and you do it so beautifully.

    I sit in Moshav Ramot and look out onto the Blue Kinneret. The water reminds me of the sky and the sky of the heavenly throne, so I thank my Maker that I share a world with human beings like you.

    Next time you’re in Israel come to visit – we’ll show you a real Shabbas!

  38. I’d love to. See you someday soon, and thanks!

  39. Daniel do I take the above to be a yes to the question ” Do you live in Israel ” ?

  40. “I sit in Moshav Ramot and look out onto the Blue Kinneret. The water reminds me of the sky and the sky of the heavenly throne, so I thank my Maker that I share a world with human beings like you.”

    Eat your heart out Wordsworth. I am filling up, that was so beautiful.

  41. As my daughter said as she was passing by
    ( she’s a hussey and a bitch albeit with vast experience of Daniel and his kind ), methinks Daniel is too good for this world.

  42. Isn’t it more important to be concerned about the CofE than concerning ourselves with these nonentities?

  43. Norman Cohen

    I am sure you will all have a giggle at rich’s latest posting on the JC Website where he posts as “Real Real Zionist”:
    “Joshua, Advr/Jose/ Mitnache/ Anthony/Blackie hops from blog to blog desperately seeking someone to bicker with him, and bickering with the oaf will only send you nuts. Don’t be a volunteer.
    Suzanna maybe if we jumped into Harvey’s cab we might get a free ride down there ?”
    I think he really really believes this passes for intelligent comment.

    • Daniel Marks

      Thank you Norman,

      I’m not sure that I had ever been on Jonathan Hoffman’s blog, but it made excellent reading. I even saw some familiar names there, though was saddened that the possibility of making comments was closed.

      Over the last few years I’ve had something of an reeducation meeting many wonderful Anglo-Jews on this excellent blog, who love both the people and land of Israel with a passion that is worthy of much admiration.

      אשריכם ישראל

  44. Too funny

  45. Norman Cohen

    Hi rich/RRZ/Rich Armbach/Rich/Joey or whatever else you are calling yourself today as they say you can run but you can’t hide – whose territory is Israel purportedly occupying?

  46. Jose do you live in Israel ?

  47. Norman Cohen

    rich maybe Jose will tell you maybe he won’t but in meantime whose territory is Israel purportedly occupying?

  48. Almani Sleiman


    • Almani

      please define Palestine – to me it is always perfectly mysterious what people are referring to when they say Palestine.

      I look forward to your explanation.

    • Jordan is “palestine”.
      Try again Jihad Jane.

  49. Normie/Advrs/Jose/Mitnachel/Anthony/Blackie/ ….

    Maybe Richard Armback will tell you maybe he won’t.

    Maybe the Foreign Office of Her Majesty’s Government will tell you maybe it won’t.

    Maybe the foreign offices ( or equivalent ) of every country in the world will tell you, maybe they won’t.

    But in the meantime do you live in Israel ?

  50. Almani you are going to get a rambling incoherent response from him, my advice is not to get drawn into bickering with the nutjob. I know, Iknow I just did, I couldn’t resist. So do as I say not as I do.. But for the record it was an unwise momentary lapse. If you value your sanity don’t bicker with him.He hops from blog to blog desperately seeking someone to bicker with him.

  51. Almani Sleiman

    With all due respect Rich, this is a discussion between a Palestinian (myself) and an Israeli (Norman). What value is there to your opinion? With your lack of knowledge and constant ad hominem bickering you do no service to the Palestinian cause.

    I am aware that on another blog you call yourself a “Real Real Zionist” and can only assume that you seek to give the Palestinian nation a bad name with your disrespectful behavior. I ask you not to do so and call upon other bloggers not to carry on dialogue with this agent provocateur.

  52. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    Almani, what on earth is wrong with you? These Jewish facists don’t even recognise your right to exist unless you are very very quiet. You do however, seem to be doing a very good job of stroking their egos.

    • Dear origianljihadiprincess,

      How did you observe the seventh anniversary of the 7/7/05 bombings of London transport which resulted in the deaths of 52 innocents?

      Tears or cheers?

  53. Almani I don’t come HERE to advance the Palestinian cause. I would have more chance of finding fairies at the bottom of my garden. Let me explain something to to you. This blog site is a favourite pub of a loose amalgam of extremist settlers and a handful of nut jobs on the very far extremist fringes of the UK Jewish community.I come here to further my knowledge as to their nature and character. If YOU think you are going to further the Palestinian cause HERE….. Good luck. Further I have spent a total of 5 months on the West bank and have many, many Palestinian friends. We have worked hard together and relaxed together. Some of them have visited my family in the UK. To a person they would find your expecting to get anything worthwhile out of an attempted dialogue with these freaks ridiculous.
    The vast majority of the UK Jewish community are sincere in wishing for a just and enduring solution. But you won’t find them here.

    And with all due respect it is extremely rude of you to attempt to legislate as to who is entitled to an opinion. In this country everyone is.

  54. Almani Sleiman

    I have often met “well-meaning” Westerners who know what the interests of the Palestinian people are better than we do, but rarely have I met any so lacking in understanding. Your five months are a joke as are your (some of my best friends are) “many many Palestinian friends. If I were to spend five months in Swiss Cottage, would that mean I understand UK politics better than Richard? By the way, do you tell you Palestinian friends that you are the Real Real Zionist.

    Norman is a West Bank imperialist settler and my enemy. Is that a reason why I must talk to him in a childish stupid way, asking him where he lives all the time? Maybe you are truly better off looking for fairies in your garden. I believe you have a lot in common.

    Rich – this is the last time I shall address you. You are of no interest to me. I come here to seek dialogue, not childish bickering and name-calling.

    Are you up to it Norman?

    • thanks Almani

      I was delighted to read that you object to the “some of my best friends” mantra also

      Since I am German and very interested in why my forebears acted the way they did I can assure you that “some of my best friends” is as hollow and as meaningless as possible.

      Hitler himself was very grateful to the doctor who happened to be Jewish and who accompanied his mother through her last illness – In fact it seems that he felt so much gratitude that he’d have called him “some of my best friends”. At least unlike others who abandoned “some of their best friends” right away Hitler seems to have the doctor protected for some time and then facilitated his leaving Austria for a safe place.

    • Norman Cohen

      You call me names and then expect to engage in dialogue? You call me your enemy – then maybe I should tell the Palestinian who was re-modelling my landlord’s garden and for whom my family have been providing refreshments over the past two very hot days that he should look elsewhere for refreshments because he is my enemy. Or perhaps my daughter who works with Arab colleagues in a hospital in Jerusalem should tell them she cannot work with them because they are her enemies.
      If you start with that premise how can there ever be dialogue? If you are not prepared to engage with mutual respect how can there ever be dialogue?

    • Norman Cohen

      Before I engage you I suggest you read this:

      It ends thus:
      The Jews, as a minority in every country in which they live outside of Israel, have today become silenced by the noise and clatter of Islam’s culturally perpetuated anti-Semitism. Any voice they might have raised in defence of their ancient homeland is muted by the Arab-Muslim slander which equates Zionism with Nazism. This slander was born in the offices of the UN and given legs by impudent Western journalists who care little about the truth and even less about the Jews. No lie is too big or too obscene for Islam’s anti-Jewish hatred, so long as it serves the needs the wicked require of it. And that need is a silenced Jewish minority.’

      if you still want to engage I await your comments…

  55. If I were to spend five months in Swiss Cottage, would that mean I understand UK politics better than Richard?


  56. Silke would you call working 12 hours a day under a blazing sun making mud bricks “in the Palestinian cause ” empty and hollow ? Perhaps you might take a moment to tell us what YOU have done ? Don’t over stress yourself trying to think of something.

  57. Tap tap tap

  58. rich, How did you and your comrades observe the seventh anniversary of the 7/7/05 bombings of London transport by British “Asians”, which resulted in the deaths of 52 people (excluding the four jihadis)?

    • TGIAI

      my guess is making mudbricks and sending them via flotilla to wherever they are needed?

  59. Come on Silke tell us. Don’t be shy, it doesn’t matter if it is empty and hollow, just so long as it is SOMETHING ? What have you done Silke ?

  60. “it doesn’t matter if it is empty and hollow”, like rich’s cranium.

  61. That much huh ? pppfff

  62. Almani Sleiman

    Hi Silke,

    “please define Palestine – to me it is always perfectly mysterious what people are referring to when they say Palestine.”

    Palestine has appeared on maps of the area for many years. It is between Egypt and Syria.

    • that’s a bit vague Almani, isn’t it?
      and thus not helpful to me at all!

      Don’t you think that if you want to rally me for your cause (provided that’s your goal) you have to give me that goal in less vague terms?

      If you don’t then the task of making mud bricks under the scorching sun becomes so vast that even rich might not be up to it.

      How does this appearing by itself Palestine map-wise relate to the Roman invention of Palestine and/or the British one?

    • AS, And lies East of the Jordan River.

    • Norman Cohen

      Yes Almani but it wasn’t an Arab State called Palestine was it? Perhaps you can tell us who gave it the name Palestine when that was and why it was?

  63. Daniel Marks

    I bet those Syrian rebels are pretty pleased that Assad doesn’t have nuclear weapons right now.

    Wonder if they’ll even bother saying, “Thank you.”

    …Na…..Probably not.

  64. This should be interesting.

  65. My suggestion is that this excellent blog has an off-topic page for any
    discussions not relevant to the topic under discussion. A commentator can either post there or his comment be moved there.If a commentator persists in misplacing his comments he can be deleted

    I agree, great idea Daniel. I will miss your beautiful …..ermmm…poetry, though

  66. rich, If you are dissatisfied with the operation of a blog, I suggest you take your peculiar POV elsewhere and establish your own.

  67. I’m not dissatisfied I am as happy as a pig in shit ( or mud )

    • rich the pig, roger the rat and almani the “palestinian”.

      Three of a kind.

    • Norman Cohen

      rich why so verbose there was absolutely no need to type “as happy as a pig in” we would have been well aware of what you are even without those words.

  68. rich the pig, roger the rat and almani the “palestinian”.

    Three of a kind.

    I wonder if Almani’s penny has dropped yet ?

  69. Norman Cohen

    rich you pathetic creature don’t you see that so far as Almani is concerned you have served your purpose as a useful idiot and now poor thing she is rejecting you even with your “five months service on the West Bank”. useful idiots like you who swallow her fabricated victim-hood claims are two a penny and now you bore her.She feels empowered enough to take on the Jews who she considers really matter those who who she really believes are her enemies as she was taught from her mother’s milk the ones who actually live here and don’t buy into her falsehoods. She knows and i know that there will never be peace between us until there is a courageous enough leader of the Palestinians who is willing to sit down and make concessions and not fear being called a traitor to his people by bringing peace.Neither Arafat nor Abbas have been strong enough to face the Palestinians and tell them the truth that unless they drop the baseless “right of return” and accept the presence of a State of the Jewish people in the Middle East there will be no peace – all the rest is for negotiation. From reading her posts I am quite sure she hopes that day will never come and a state of enmity will always exist between us – until she hopes the day will come heaven forbid when the Arabs will be strong enough to push as into the sea – as they say dream on!.

  70. yyyyaaaaaaawwwwwnnnnn

  71. Almani Sleiman


    You have asked me why I call you my enemy. The Palestinian people and the Zionist entity (what you call Israel) are involved in a “peace process”. The purpose of this is to find a way that Jews can live in peace in Palestine. There is a peace process because at the moment there is no peace. The state of the absence of peace is usually considered to be war, and this is between the Palestinian people and the Zionists. In a war the other side is generally termed the “enemy” – do you not agree?

    I believe that dialogue requires basic mutual respect. I do not accept the Zionist contention that every conclusion a Palestinian has reached “was taught from her mother’s milk..” while every Zionist conclusion was the result of logical intellectual thought. I am no more brain-washed than you and if you quote me the noble Quran I will quote you your Talmud. So, let’s begin by respecting each other – do you agree?

    As I have said Rich is irrelevant to this discussion, but his heart is in the right place as, despite his lack of knowledge, he clearly has an admirable hatred of the Zionist entity and its population. I do not wish to be used as a staff with which to beat him. Please leave me out of your petty bickering with him do you agree?

    Finally, I have no wish to converse with Daniel Marks. He is a demagogue and pseudo-intellectual who comes here to debate and score points, but has no genuine interest in dialogue. He has stated many times that he opposes any Palestinian state and so anything else he has to say is of no importance. Though holding opposing views, in many ways he is just a vastly more intelligent and articulate version of Rich, but as someone who will concede nothing he is equally irrelevant.

    • Almani, Perhaps you can explain the following videos of racist AIslamist brainwashing of children.

      Arabs brainwashed little girls to hate Jews

      “Kill The Jews!” Muslim Children Memorize and Recite Antisemitic Messages on Egyptian TV Channel

      brainwashed little muslim girl [must see] original

      Almani, I suspect you have been brainwashed as well. Brainwashed to hate people different than you.

  72. <<<<<<<<<<<< moves to edge of chair this should be fun

  73. Almani Sleiman

    I’ll explain everything TGIAI, but first answer three simple questions:

    Have you come here to discuss this tragic situation with an eye to reaching greater communication and understanding, or do you just want to bombard me worn-out cliches and tired slogans?
    Do you have an open mind?
    Have you come here to talk or argue?

    • Almani said:
      “I’ll explain everything TGIAI, but first answer three simple questions:”

      More Preconditions.

      Have you ever seen the movie “South Pacific”? Especially the song “You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught”?

      • Almani, Still waiting for your explanation for the racist brainwashing of Arab children..
        How long will we have to wait?

  74. I think some popcorn is in order here

  75. Norman Cohen

    Almani there cannot be any dialogue until you refer to me as you would wish me to refer to you.
    You insist on calling yourself Palestinian but refer to the “Zionist Entity”. Zionism is a political movement which has many streams religious, socialist, etc. and was founded to realise the unshakeable aspiration (throughout 2000 years of dispersion) of Jewish People to re-establish itself in its ancient homeland as a free people.
    I am first and foremost a Jew and a member of the Jewish People – Israel is the nation state of the Jewish People it is not the Zionist entity as you would have it as Britain is not the Conservative or Labour or Lib Dem entity..
    What you require me to accept in relation to you i.e. that you are member of the Palestinian people you must accept in relation to me i.e. that I am a member of the Jewish people. This is what we have been asking and which your leaders refuse to concede instead at every turn trying to deny that we have any connection to this land or that we are even a people. Unless there is at the first level a mutual recognition of each other’s nationhood and with it a right to self determination which you demand from me then there is no basis for dialogue is there?

    • Norm..just a reminder..The Jews are a free people..with or without Israel. Have been since the so-called Emancipation. Didn’t anyone tell you…..well certainly not within the Israeli national curriculum with all its proagandising brainwashing and myth making. Jews don’t need Israel to be free. Most Richard..feel freer not being Israeli.

      • richardmillett

        If it wasn’t for Israel no Jews would feel free in reality. Israel has allowed Jews to do more for the world than Jews would have been able to achieve without Israel.

      • ”Israel has allowed Jews to do more for the world than Jews would have been able to achieve without Israel.”


        Jesus, Spinoza,Freud, Einstein, Marx, Mahler, Niels Bohr, Disraeli, Heine, Bergson, Loius B. Mayer, Proust, Shoenberg, Durkheim, Gershwin, Benjamin, Pasternak, Trotsky, Rothko, Kafka, Kissinger, Miller, Houdini, Marx (Groucho)Rogers and Hammerstein, Stephen Sondheim, Bernstein, Baronboim, Man Ray, Benny Goodman, Spielberg, Chagall, Dylan, and so on.

      • richardmillett

        Oh Roger, so shallow of you. I was talking about science and saving lives, not listening to Bob Dylan!

      • Here’s a list of notable Jewish scientists from Britain. And their contribution and success was not enabled by Israel’s existence.

        Petrus Alphonsi, Spanish-born astronomer and doctor [1]
        Edward Neville da Costa Andrade (JYB 1977 p207)
        Sir Michael Berry [6], mathematical physicist (JYB 2005 p214)
        Moses Blackman (JYB 1977 p207)
        David Bohm,[2] physicist, philosopher
        Sir Hermann Bondi [7], Austrian-born British cosmologist
        Max Born [8], [9], physicist, Nobel Prize 1954 (converted to Lutheranism) (JYB 2000 p212 – list of Jewish Nobel Prizewinners)
        Samuel Devons, physicist (JYB 2005 p214)
        Cyril Domb [10], physicist, President of Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists
        Paul Eisler [11] [12], inventor of printed circuit board
        Michael Fisher [13]
        Otto Robert Frisch [14] (JYB 1980 p182)
        Herbert Frohlich (JYB 1990 p201)
        Dennis Gabor [15] [16] Nobel Prize for Physics 1971; British.

        Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: “In 1946 Dennis Gabor became a naturalized British citizen.”

        Sir David Lionel Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons [17], scientist and inventor
        Jeffrey Goldstone (JYB 2005 p214)
        Ian Grant (JYB 2005 p214)
        Sir Peter Hirsch, physicist (JYB 2005 p213, 214)
        Herbert Huppert, 1987 (JYB 2005 p214)
        Brian David Josephson [18], physicist, Nobel Prize (1973)
        George Kalmus, 1988 (JYB 2005 p214)
        Andrew Keller [19]
        Olga Kennard, crystallographer 1987 (JYB 2005 p214)
        Rudolf Kompfner,[3] invented traveling wave tube
        Hans Kronberger (physicist),[4] nuclear physicist
        Nicholas Kurti [20], physicist, Vice-President of the Royal Society 1965-67. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography:

        “study at the university was open to him, despite being a Jew … Kurti became a naturalized British citizen just before the outbreak of the Second World War”

        Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell [21], physicist and politician
        Henry Lipson (JYB 1990 p201)
        Sir Ben Lockspeiser (JYB 1990 p201)
        Stanley Mandelstam (JYB 2005 p214)
        Kurt Mendelssohn (Encyclopaedia Judaica 13:492)
        Leon Mestel, astronomer (Who’s Who entry & JYB 2000 p211)
        F.R. Nunes Nabarro (JYB 2005 p214)
        Rudolf Peierls (JYB 1995 p193)
        Michael Pepper (JYB 2005 p214)
        Sir Joseph Rotblat [22], physicist, Nobel Peace Prize (1995)
        Arthur Schuster (Encyclopedia Judaica, 14:1012)
        Dennis Sciama, FRS [23], cosmologist
        David Shoenberg, physics of low temperatures (JYB 1995 p193)
        Sir Francis Simon, 1941 (Encyclopedia Judaica, 14:1578)
        David Tabor (JYB 2005 p214)
        Samuel Tolansky, spectroscopist

        Concise Dictionary of National Biography: “son of Lithuanian-Jewish immigrants”

        Felix Weinberg (JYB 2005 p214)
        Michael Woolfson, crystallographer, computer simulation 1984 (JYB 2005 p214)
        Alec David Young, aero-engineer (JYB 2005 p214)
        John Ziman [24]


        Herbert Brown, chemist, Nobel Prize (1979) (JYB 2005 p215) Born in London – see refs in article
        Sir Arnold Burgen (JYB 2005 p214)
        Sir Roy Calne (JYB 2005 p214)
        Jack David Dunitz [25], chemist
        Martin Fleischmann,[5] chemist
        Rosalind Franklin [26], physical chemist and crystalographer, helped to discover structure of DNA
        Eugen Glueckauf (JYB 1980 p182)
        Sir Ian Heilbron (Encyclopedia Judaica 8:262)
        Walter Heitler [27]
        Sir Aaron Klug [28], physicist & chemist, Nobel Prize (1982) (JYB 2000 p211-2)
        Harold Kroto [29], discoverer of buckminsterfullerene, Nobel Prize (1996) (Jewish father; raised Jewish)
        Raphael Meldola (Encyclopaedia Judaica 11:1290)
        Alfred Mond, chemist 1928 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 4:1298, 12:241)
        Ludwig Mond [30], chemist & industrialist
        Sir Robert Mond, chemist and archaeologist (Encyclopaedia Judaica, art. Mond)
        Albert Neuberger [31], chemical pathologist

        father of Prof. James Neuberger, Lord Justice Sir David Neuberger and Prof. Michael Neuberger, and father-in-law of Julia Neuberger

        Friedrich Paneth (Encyclopaedia Judaica 13:54)
        Sir Max Perutz [32], molecular biologist, Nobel Prize (1962)
        Michael Polanyi [33], chemist; naturalised British 1939 (Dictionary of National Biography)
        Ralph Raphael (JYB 1995 p193)
        Michael Rossmann [34]
        Jeremy Sanders
        Anthony Segal, 1998 (JYB 2005 p214)
        Franz Sondheimer, organic chemist (JYB 2005 p214)
        Michael Szwarc, polymer chemistry (Encyclopedia Judaica, 15:670)
        Dr Nikita Poltavsky, and his wife Denise Mancheste.
        Carl Warburg, doctor of medicine and clinical pharmacologist.[6]
        Chaim Weizmann,[7] acetone production (First President of Israel)


        Saul Adler (JYB 1960 p216)
        Ephraim Anderson [35], microbiologist
        Charlotte Auerbach (JYB 1977 p207)
        Dame Val Beral [36], breast cancer researcher
        Walter Bodmer [37], geneticist
        Gustav Victor Rudolf Born [38], Professor of Pharmacology
        Sydney Brenner [39], molecular biologist, Nobel Prize (2002)
        Leslie Brent: TimesAd
        Edith Bülbring,[8] pharmacologist (Jewish mother)
        Sir Ernst Chain [40], co-developer of penicillin, Nobel Prize (1945)
        Sir Philip Cohen [41], biologist
        Sydney Cohen, pathologist (JYB 2005 p214, 230)
        Emanuel Mendes da Costa [42], 18th century botanist
        Julius Dreschfeld,[9] medical researcher
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        Sir Michael Epstein, co-discoverer of the Epstein-Barr virus (JYB 2005 p214)
        Wilhelm Feldberg (JYB 1977 p207) pharmacologist
        Sir Alan Fersht [43], protein folding
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        Ian Glynn (JYB 2005 p214)
        Professor Sir Abraham Goldberg, Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Glasgow and world authority on porphyria [11]
        Susan Greenfield, Baroness Greenfield [44], neuroscientist and writer (Jewish father)
        Hans Gruneberg (JYB 1967 p208) biologist
        Sir Ludwig Guttmann[12], neurologist
        Sir Henry Harris (Encyclopedia Judaica 4:138)
        Philip D’Arcy Hart [45], medical researcher
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        Alick Isaacs [46] [47], virologist, interferon
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        Sir Bernard Katz [48], biophysicist, Nobel Prize (1970)
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        Hans Kosterlitz, pharmacologist [50]
        Sir Hans Adolf Krebs [51], biochemist, Nobel Prize (1953)
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        Peter David Jacob Weitzman, biochemist
        Robert Winston, Baron Winston [61], fertility expert and broadcaster
        Lewis Wolpert [62], developmental biologist and broadcaster
        Lord Solly Zuckerman, anatomist, evolutionist (JYB 1965 p214)

        Mathematicians and statisticians

        Abraham Manie Adelstein,[15] statistician
        Hertha Ayrton,[15] mathematician and engineer
        Laurence Baxter, statistician[16]
        Abram Besicovitch [63], Russian-born British mathematician (karaite)
        Selig Brodetsky,[17] mathematician and President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews
        Jacob Bronowski [64], mathematician & broadcaster
        Paul Cohn, algebraist [18]
        H.E. Daniels,[15] statistician
        Philip Dawid [65], statistician
        Arthur Erdelyi,[19] mathematician
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        Albrecht Frohlich [66]
        David Glass,[20] demographer
        Sir Samuel Goldman,[21] British Government statistician
        Sydney Goldstein [67], expert on fluid mechanics
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        Computer scientists

        Samson Abramsky, computer scientist (JYB 2007 p. 198)
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        I.J. Good [81], cryptographer, philosopher of statistics & computing pioneer
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        Max Newman [84], mathematician & computing pioneer (Jewish father)
        Gordon Plotkin [85], computer scientist
        Leslie Valiant [86], computer scientist parallel computation


        Lord Bauer [87], economist
        Samuel Brittan, economist
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        Michael Kidron, South African born Marxist economist, writer, cartographer and publisher.
        Israel Kirzner [91], economist (UK-born)
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        Piero Sraffa [94], economist
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        Social scientists

        Roy Clive Abraham,[25] linguist
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        Gerald Cohen, Professor of Social and Political Theory (JYB 2005 p215)
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        Samuel Finer,[28] political scientist
        Sir Moses I. Finley,[29] historian and sociologist
        Meyer Fortes, anthropologist (JYB 1980 p183)
        Eduard Fraenkel, philologist [30]
        Anna Freud [98], child psychoanalyst
        Norman Geras [99], professor of Government

        “You are a Jewish, Zimbabwean, Mancunian philosopher… I have lived in Manchester more than half my life and am very much at home here.”

        Morris Ginsberg [100]
        Max Gluckman, anthropologist (JYB 1975 p213)
        Theodor Goldstücker,[31] orientalist
        Jean Gottmann,[32] professor of geography, Oxford University
        Julius Gould, sociologist (JYB 2005 p249)
        Frank H. Hahn, economist
        Paul Hirst [101], social theorist (Jewish mother)
        Marie Jahoda [102], psychology of discrimination
        Melanie Klein [103], psychotherapist
        Paul Klemperer, economist
        Geoffrey Lewis Lewis, professor of Turkish (JYB 2005 p215)
        Steven Lukes, political scientist (JYB 2005 p215)
        Ashley Montagu [104], anthropologist & humanist
        Nikolas Rose, Martin White Professor Sociology, LSE.
        Isaac Schapera, anthropologist (JYB 2005 p215)
        Roger Silverstone, first professor of Media Sociology, LSE.
        Edward Ullendorff, linguist (JYB 2005 p215)

      • check the link for other eminent Jews by continent.

        All irrespective of whether Israel exists or not. All that freedom you see.

      • richardmillett

        Roger, come back to the blog when you’ve read this book:

      • Hi Richard….I’m back. Yes read that one by Dan Senior. And yes impressive achievements for sure. I don’t deny it. i’m just pointing out that Israel’s existence is not a prerequisite that enables Jews to fulfill their potential, which is what you stated before.

      • richardmillett

        Well if you’d read that book you’ll see what wouldn’t have been invented without israel’s existence. Maybe you’ve forgotten. Read it again and learn.

      • It follows that a “palestine” is not needed to allow Arabs to achieve their potential.

      • Norman Cohen

        Free people? are you as cretinous as you sound. Were the Jews living in Europe free between 1939 and 1945. Were the Russian Jews free before they were allowed to emigrate. Why is nearly every Jewish institution in the UK under guard – because the Jews are free?

      • richardmillett

        Norman, I think Roger is a wind up merchant to be honest. He seems to get a kick out of winding Jewish people up. Every sickening remark possible and Roger just can’t resist it.

      • The Emancipation freed the Jews from the tyranny of their rabbis and halakhic law. It seems Norman, that you have absolutely no idea what it was like living in those shtetls and other Jewish communities for those who wanted liberation, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and equal rights. It was a nightmare living in those theocratic prisons. Ostracism, floggings, expulsions and executions. Actions perpetrated by the likes of Yigal Amir and Baruch Goldstein in modern Israel were the norm……excuse the pun….. in pre-Emancipation Jewry dominated by classical rabbinical Judaism against their own people, persecuting and punishing informers, heretics and dissenters.You need to read up on the history of your own people. The real one that you’ve never been told about.

      • richardmillett

        Thanks G-d for Roger for telling us the truth. Thank you, Roger. Thank you.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  76. The opportunity to watch someone attempting a dialogue with Normie/advsr /jose/mitnachel/anthony/blackie is God’s apology and compensation for depriving us of Morecombe and Wise.

  77. Norman Cohen

    rich I would suspect dementia but in your case considering you are still an infant there must be another reason for your pathetic attempt at humour – if that is what it was meant to be. You obviously have no clue when your presence is as welcome as a toothache.

  78. Norman Cohen

    Didn’t Almani make it clear enough:
    Rich – this is the last time I shall address you. You are of no interest to me. I come here to seek dialogue, not childish bickering and name-calling

  79. Normie did you not know that your illegal forced presence on the west bank is as welcome as a thousand toothaches ?

    • rich, As “illegal” as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are.

      HAPPY NAKBA Almani and rich/roger puppets!

  80. Norman Cohen

    My presence is neither illegal nor forced. Oh and for the record this is the last time I shall address you. You are of no interest to me.

  81. So the previous last time wasn’t really the last time but the penultimate time right ?

  82. penultimate last time that is.

  83. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    I’ve lost count of the number of Jewish facists that are addressing Rich for the very last time. Could someone please inform Mr. Millet that he can cheerfully shut down his blog because no one is of any interest to anyone.

  84. Norman Cohen

    theoriginaljewishamericanprincess as a card carrying member of the “Israel can do no right faction” – you would love that wouldn’t you?

  85. Norman Cohen

    By the way do you include Almani as a Jewish facist? – I am sure she would only be too pleased to be included in such an august group.

  86. Silke would you care to tell us what you have done for ” the Palestinian cause “. Don’t over stress yourself trying to think of something. It is ok if it is empty and hollow. Just something will be ok.

    Jose I don’t recall seeing JAP say Israel can do know right. Pathetic maladaptive coping skill. Address not what someone says but your own perverted version of what they said.

  87. not know I do of course mean no for the benefit of the distraction police o)

    • richardmillett

      I love it that Rich commented here for the last time ever about 55 comments ago.

      • it sure is proof that you are as irresistibly must-read Richard as I keep telling whenever and wherever suitable

        I think I remember more people who didn’t keep that promise than those who did, if any did that is

      • Richard I meant it blame harvey and daniel

  88. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    “This is the last time I’m going to address you” is like the kid who says “Ok Mom, that’s it, I’m leaving home.”

    And Mom says “Ok darling, but don’t be late for supper, it’s on the table at 6”.

    And the kid says “Ok Mom, see you then”.

  89. Silke what have you done to further ” the Palestinian cause ?” Don’t stress yourself out trying to think of something. It doesn’t matter if it is empty and hollow just so long as it is something. Don’t be shy, tell us

    • Further the palestinian cause by telling them to stop their hate, reject the advice of their jihadi teachers, reject suicide bomb missions, reject rocket attacks on Israel, reject plane hijackiing, reject honor killing of girls, reject al qada, reject hamass, reject hezbullah, reject islamofascism.

  90. Richard
    isn’t or wasn’t there something about “next year in Jerusalem”?

    I’d assume that having a powerful goal like that can make people work harder than they’d normally do thus adding little bits and pieces to make it become reality and once it became reality it sure impresses me as if they made a good job of it

    And thus, 1,878 years after the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans, Jews once again applied their laws to (part of) Jerusalem.

    PS: any management book that ever became the rage stressed that you have to have a vision … One that stands up to almost 1878 years of impossible must have a lot in it.

  91. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    Dear TGIAI,
    Kiss my Jewish American Princess Attorney ass!

    • Dear theoriginaljihadiprincess,

      We have a home for you in Guantanamo, with an industrial strength treadmill.

      Happy Nakba!

  92. Daniel Marks

    I am not flattered to be compared to a loud-mouthed ignoramus, even as a “vastly more intelligent and articulate version”, but in fairness as opposed to him, I will have no part in a discussion to which I am not invited nor wanted.

    In any event, I have every confidence in Norman’s ability to represent the case of Israel in the Jewish People in a wise and eloquent manner.

  93. Daniel Marks

    Hi Roger,

    I see that we’re schmoozing about those theocracies again, so I wondered whether you had ever gotten round to unearthing the links that you promised to the Muslim blogs and forums in which you bravely challenged the theocratic nature of regimes such as Iran and the Yemen.

    If you recall, by providing the links you would conclusively prove to all those who consider you to be just another odious ignorant Jew-hater that your opposition to the “theocratic” State of Israel is not merely another silly excuse to “have a go” at the Jews, but part of a coherent consistent stand against all such regimes.

    Anyway, whenever you get round to it – quick as you like.

    • Almani Sleiman


      This matter has become tiresome. If Roger provides you those links that you’re asking for, will you drop the matter once and for all? He has assured me that he is completely capable of doing so.

      • I cannot provide links to comments that were deleted by the sites concerned. In the meantime, Daniel…in his bad faith…..and that has more than one meaning here….can obsess about this until the cows come home.

      • Daniel Marks

        Were they all deleted Roger? Every last one? Is not one single comment left? You’ll have to admit it’s a bit fishy.

      • Trust me. I’ve had death threats from Mohammedans because of my criticism of their supremacism, racism and violence.

      • Almani

        I disagree, I think Daniel demanding of roger to deliver is a perfectly legitimate demand so your comment makes me wonder why do you believe what roger tells you?

        You are wearing a head scarf – am I right to assume that you believe that there is a God – if so, why do you put your faith in a religion-hater like roger and not in a pious man like Daniel?

        There may be honest anti-religionists but I am very reluctant to trust them, not because I am a believer myself, but because up to now I found with everyone of them a lack of consistency, their way of thinking is too opportunistic to strike me as well-considered at all.

      • Religion hater? Did I say I hate Christianity? Of the 3 so-called Abrahamic monotheistic faiths, Christianity is the only one that has something good to give the world and that is because of Christ’s universal teaching of compassion and forgiveness. The other two embody a callous promordial and tribalistic separatism, that care only for their own members and that offer the world only chauvinism and arrogance.

      • Daniel Marks

        I’m always a little suspicious of people who say “trust me”

        I’ve had a great idea Rog. Why not republish all those deleted comments on this blog, so they’ll finally get an airing. I think that we can rely on Richard not to delete them.

        Alternatively, give us all advance warning as you put the next one up. Then we’ll not only get to see them, but we’ll also be able to watch them being erased.

        I’m always a little suspicious of people who say “trust me” especially those who think I’m an Arabian lady.


      • Daniel…what do you want to hear? I could write on here my perceptions of Islamofascism and the various tyrannical and abhorrent Muslim societies in the ME.. But that wouldn’t placate you because it doesn’t in any way change my criticism of Israel and Judaism. Where the usual Israel bashers that Richard monitors go wrong is that they only focus on the political and ignore the religious roots of Israel’s behaviour and existence. If they homed in on the more unsavoury aspects of Judaism, the shit would really hit the fan. And the last thing you want is for your unholy beliefs to be exposed for what they are.

      • richardmillett

        Roger, you really are scary, you know that. No wonder Jews have had so many problems down the centuries with people like you around.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • Daniel Marks

        Humor me Rog,

        It would be so refreshing you criticize someone who isn’t Jewish or a supporter of Israel. Let’s hear those “perceptions of Islamofascism and the various tyrannical and abhorrent Muslim societies in the ME”.

        Humor an old man.

      • Norman Cohen

        I see you have decided to ignore my post @ 12:36 pm yesterday – any reason?

  94. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess


  95. Daniel do you live in Israel ?

  96. Daniel Marks

    Yes, Yes Almani!

    I’ll not only drop the matter once and for all, I’ll publicly apologize – but he can’t. How do I know? Because he’s lying anti-Semitic scum and not one word he says is true. If he told me the sun is shining I’d put on my wellies and raincoat – he’s a liar and you’re a naive fool to believe him. He’ll either disappear or make every puerile excuse, but he’ll never produce those links.

    Look at the type of people you have on your side Almani. They’re armchair jihadists egging you on to screw up your lives to satisfy their hatred of Jews. The saddest ones are those who are Jewish (or partially so) themselves.

    Hey maybe I’m wrong Almani; let’s wait and see.

  97. I assume I am included here. Daniel could you maybe provide an example of my egging Almani to screw up her life ?

    Or maybe these would be as elusive as Roger’s links ?

    If you tell me it is thursday should I act on it or first get it independently checked out ?

  98. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    That latest piece of nonsense from Daniel is classic projection. The deluded create lies in order to control their situation. But in Daniel’s case, it’s beyond projection. The deluded come to believe their own lies.

    Of course, I may be wrong. It’s always possible that Daniel will be able to produce examples of Rich egging Almani on to screw up her life.

    • Daniel Marks

      Hi theoriginaljewishamericanprincess,

      I have no idea what you’re talking about. Together with almost everyone else on this blog I made no mention of the person to whom you refer. He tries to get “a piece of the action” on matters of which he has no understanding by interfering “assuming he is included”.

      Nothing could be further from the truth. His comments and opinions are of no interest to anyone, including Almani apparently.

      Regarding yourself, I make it a point of not addressing anonymous commentators who disappear after making fools of themselves only to reemerge soon after with a new nom de plume, however, if you care to identify yourself fully and ask a clear and simple question, I’ll be happy to do my best to answer.

  99. Daniel always demands that someone fully identifies themselves when he has messed up. This is strange since he engages any number of people that haven’t full identified themselves. The question is clear enough. You refer to armchair Jihadists egging on Almani to screw up her life.

    Now that was either a grotesque lie or you can provide examples of people doing that.

  100. Almani Sleiman

    I trust you’ll have no trouble replying to me Daniel.

    Roger will be happy to provide the links that you have requested and then we shall expect your apology to be “clear and simple”.

    Regarding your saying that Roger is “egging” us on, please be assured that the struggle would continue with or without the encouragement we receive from friends. Do you really think we are so weak-willed that characters like Rich or Roger have any influence on our decision-making process?

    If anyone is trying to seduce the Palestinian people into carrying out their wishes it is the Zionists who offer “standard of living incentives”; cheap iphones and jobs building settlements, both in and out of the Green Line, who are trying impose their will and destroy the heroic struggle.

  101. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    That about sums it up.

    Daniel, my name is Celia but you may call me “Sissy” as my other friends do. The clear question that you demand is can you identify any of these armchair jihadists and can you provide evidence of any of them egging Almani to screw up her life?

    In default, we can only assume that you are lying.

    • I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that Almani is not who or what she or he says she or he is. She or he is certainly not a Palestinian. That’s obvious. She or he is a plant. Perhaps she or he is Daniel.

      • roger the great conspiracy specialist sets out on another chase

        why? to divert attention from the fact that he is singling out Israel, that Israel-bashing is what he is exclusively interested in.

        Now here is a conspiratorial thought of my own:

        Maybe roger doesn’t provide those links because in those elusive comments he hasn’t been criticising others but excelled by consoling them by telling them that Israel is much much much worse than their own dismal place.

  102. Daniel Marks

    I’ll call you Sissy, but I have no wish to be considered your friend, at this point.

    Let me tell you a story Sissy. My local supermarket belongs to the Rami Levi chain. A couple of years ago the Palestinian Authority declared a boycott on this chain. Palestinians were warned not to buy there and were told that the PA had their names and addresses (use your imagination). Incidentally, these are their moderates.

    Rami Levi is one of the richest men in Israel and employs many Palestinians; the deputy manager of the supermarket for example. Most Palestinian shoppers carried on coming, but some were scared and stayed away preferring to pay more and avoid trouble.

    The PA was not doing this to bring down Rami Levi who is richer than he ever was. They did it because their idiotic supporters in Europe who were trying to run their idiotic boycott movement were humiliated by the thought that Palestinians themselves were buying from “settlements”. My cleaner had from Assaria watched as a truckload of Israeli chickens on their way to his local shop were destroyed. Nobody refunded the storekeeper his money, but it was made clear what would happen next time and why.

    Every time some fool in London demonstrates against Israeli Apartheid or any other puerile slogan, at worst it gives encouragement to some Arab kid to be a Jihad one day and at best it delays the day when they finally sit down to make peace.

    To the best of my understanding Almani does not want any peace deal which involves the existence of settlements, settlers or even the State of Israel itself. By her own admission most of her friends are tired of her futile struggle and anyone encouraging them to carry on their struggle is ruining their lives. Those “supporters” will neither bring chickens to Azaria nor find jobs for builders who are fired if there’s another settlement freeze.

    Sissy, if your hands are clean in this matter my comments were not aimed at you. If you thought they were, I am sorry. I your hands are not clean, but defiled by the filth of other anti-Israel propagandists, I have nothing but contempt.

  103. That would seem to settle it, he was lying.

  104. roger
    I’ve had death threats from Mohammedans

    and am I right to trust that all of these have been deleted also?

    • You are embarrassing yourself Silke. But I think you are beyond embarrassment. That’s what the internet does. I renders people shameless.

  105. roger
    that is because of Christ’s universal teaching of compassion and forgiveness.

    Yes, sure, that’s why they continue to threaten people with all the stuff that will happen to them in the afterlife, i.e. the place where they are supposed to finally get the carrots for all the sticks they are supposed to tolerate in the here and now and that’s why they are so nice to children, homosexuals and divorcees amongst others – of course their ways of demonstrating their compassion differs from person to person

    • through history Christianity has always been a well-muscled religion – that they have that cushy public image has to be admired as the particularly successful PR-campaign that it is.

  106. you are making yourself look ridiculous with your simple minded comments. I referred to the teachings..not the aberrant followers.

    • ah I see it is the theory that counts not the real life

      In theory mind you I think the really existing socialism of the now extinct GDR was a great thing.

      But OK, if anything you tell me about Judaism is true, I’d still be willing to trust my life to a Jewish doctor relying on the reputation they have all over the world for compassion and forgiveness for their patients’ stupidities and disobediences.

      And mind you I wouldn’t even ask said doctor beforehand whether he was religious or not –

      TOH if I knew of a let’s say gynecologist that he is a practicing Catholic I’d do my utmost to try to find another one even though I am post-child-bearing age. It is an attitude to women in general I would suspect of trumping his regard for me as a patient.

      • ”I’d still be willing to trust my life to a Jewish doctor”….well good for you but if he’s Orthodox, don’t have an accident or get seriously ill on the sabbath. Remember, Baruch Goldstein was a doctor who refused to treat non-Jews on any day of the week and he was allowed to practise such barbarous discrimination throughout his career and service in the IDF and was also up for promotion…’t forget..he was authorised and supported by sacred texts. His hero was Maimonides, not Hippocrates.

      • I gather there are a lot more Catholic gynecologists than Sabbath observing Orthodox Jews – but:

        if I get sick in Germany outside my doctor’s hours I am expected to make do with the emergency doctors. And there I have no choice whatsoever, whoever’s on duty has to be accepted by me.

        And if only a Catholic gynecologist would make it known that he/she is willing to treat only believers, chances that one would consult one unwittingly would diminish in the most wished for way.

        As usual sweet roger your debunking of my prefering Jewish doctors because they have a reputation for a patient’s welfare while alife attitude has fallen less than flat and you have exposed yourself again for what you are: a propagandist who isn’t good at it.

      • and sweet roger – should you happen to be hospitalised in a catholic hospital run by nuns who normally have a reputation btw for being excellent and very devoted nurses and it should happen that you’d feel the urgent need to relieve yourself or anything else urgent during prayer hours – tough luck – you’d have to make do with whatever human being is compassionate enough to heed your call – but it will be none of those nuns.

        After all first comes their caring about their own afterlife

        (the all kinds of nurses of a throat nose and ear section of a city hospital are known for being adamant to remain undisturbed during their smoking breakfast hour)

      • what drives your irrational uncritical obsequious philosemitism Silke? Guilt?

      • Dr. Roger Rodent

        define Philosemitism

  107. Daniel Marks

    We spent a week in Burgos two years ago, so both the sights we are seeing on the news and some of the people being interviewed are familiar.

    I’ll state the obvious that hardly needs stating, but the Israelis killed were not all settlers or right wingers or anything really. The only thing they had in common was that they were all Jews and for their murderer that was enough.

    Truthfully, Israeli Arabs and Druze have been killed in similar attacks, but that was usually by accident and the terrorists often apologized to their families assuring them that they were Shahids. One of my wife’s Arab students was murdered by terrorists who mistook him for a Jew.

    There was a time when I’d ask to hear a condemnation from the Gerts and Rogers of his world, but frankly I’ve long stopped caring about what they condemn and what they condone.

    I wish comfort to the families of our victims, among others who mourn for Zion and Jerusalem, and a speedy recovery to the injured.

    May we hear good tidings!

    • so I guessed right, when I first heard the news – it is the same place where you had a good time

      May the perpetrators down to the last propagandist for such an atrocity rot in the worst hell and/or purgatory as imagined by Christian artists through the ages

      There are first of all the dead, second there are the injured and after a long pause at the tail end there is the tourist industry and all who in areas where not much else is going depend on its booming to make their living

      Whoever concocts and does this stuff is an enemy of mens’ well-being.

  108. Daniel you are a proven liar

  109. And no amount of primary school standard poetry will compensate for that

  110. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    Daniel, who do you think you’re kidding? Your gardener is Arab, your cleaner is Arab, your wife has Arab students, you forgot to mention some of your very best friends.

    • For a non-indigeneous squatter, Daniel is remarkably magnanimous to the natives.

    • Daniel Marks

      Yes, it must quite confusing to come to terms with reality after all the codswallop you’ve been fed. By the way, I have Arab students too, though they aren’t taking summer courses because of Ramadan. Most of them are from Abu Gosh. Those are the Arabs who never tried to drive us into the sea and live a life that their cousins in Syria, Egypt and Jordan can only dream of.

      Regarding my gardener, here’s part of a page from one of this week’s local papers:

      On the left is Ibrahim’s advertisement and on the right is Magdi my gardener. The garden in the picture is mine, he claims that using it brings him good luck. They are both very successful and magdi has now gone into building too. He’s on Facebook, so why not check him out?

      Regarding my wife, here’s a link to her school staff list. Her name is Roxanna and she’s head of languages.

      Yes, and I have some Arab friends, though to be truthful not my best. One, called Khalil, used to work with Roxana, he was born in Hebron, and married an English girl called Alison. They came to us for Independence Day and several other times.

      When he lost his job we tried to help him and when that failed he asked me what I’d suggest as he was thinking of moving to the UK. I told him that while I was a Jew and could never contemplate such a thing, he was after all a Palestinian, his parents had moved here after the “Zionist Invasion” when job opportunities opened up and I saw no reason why he shouldn’t try his luck abroad. He currently lives in Lancaster and visits whenever they’re here.

      Yes, it’s a far more complicated picture of life here than the cliches and stereotypes that you’ve been fed and in my opinion far more interesting too.

  111. Norman Cohen

    tojap – at least Daniel has some best friends – whereas you … rich…roger you have my sympathies but not much else.

  112. Norman Cohen

    By the way roger the only indigenous natives where we live are about six inches long have black shiny skins and about a hundred feet and are truly gross.

    • You still learnin’, Rich? Has Daniel ‘complexificated’ things enough for you?

      Lemmesee, Danny boy immigrated from Croydon to ‘Israel’ when he was 18 but begrudges others that right. Not racist at all.

      Danny, by G-d you are an ars*hole of biblical proportions.

      • Norman Cohen

        By the way I have a theory as to why Gert you have your anti-Israel website and post here taking a position slightly to the right of Hamas. It is clearly a form of guilt transference called scapegoating. Scapegoating is a hostile social – psychological discrediting routine by which people move blame and responsibility away from themselves and towards a target person or group. It is also a practice by which angry feelings and feelings of hostility may be projected, via inappropriate accusation, towards others. The target in this case you feel wrongly persecuted and receives misplaced vilification, blame and criticism; he is likely to suffer rejection from those who the perpetrator seeks to influence. Scapegoating has a wide range of focus: from “approved” enemies of very large groups of people down to the scapegoating of individuals by other individuals. Distortion is always a feature.
        You see the Belgians are responsible for the current problems at least in Rwanda and the Congo due to their inept colonial rule. Unlike the Jews the Belgians who achieved colonial rule in Africa were not returning to their ancesteral lands from where they had been banished for over 2000 years they were there to impose their will on the majority indiginous population who were only granted independence when the Belgians realised they were simply unable to control the situation they themselves had created. Belgian colonists first planted seeds of ethnic hate when they distinguished the two ethnicities, minority Tutsi and majority Hutu which was the precursor the massacres that followed. The methods they used, measurement of the skulls was totally racist. They were also responsible for the problems in the Congo when they reliquished rule after nearly sixty years and left an ill prepared country to govern its own affairs precipitating wars much bloodshed and unrest for nearly fifty years. So Gert your attacks on the Jews and Israel are simply a smoke screen for the sins of your own country and as a form of guilt transference.

  113. Daniel Marks

    Hi Gert,

    How the devil did you reach Croydon? I’m not sure I’ve ever even been there.

    By the way, since you’re still learning English, don’t forget that one doesn’t “immigrate” from. We “immigrate” to and “emigrate” from. Maybe try remembering that immigrate is like “in” and “emigrate” is like “exit” (there are various spelling for “emigrate”).

    For example:
    I immigrated to Bridlington from Belguim.
    I emigrated from Belguim to Bridlington.

    • thank you – this should help me never getting confused again when using these two

      if ever you want another job, how about opening an online something for confused second language user?

  114. Silke he would go broke in a twinkling. ” Various ” very strongly implies plurality. So while we may not have ” various spelling ” we may have ” various spellings “. Anyone paying good money would expect their teacher to know that.

  115. Hurrah
    rich has detected a typo

    Let’s congratulate him all on it – maybe a bit of cheer-up will set a few of his synopses right provided he has any that are still operational

  116. typo ?

  117. Daniel Marks

    Professor Ahmed Eid is not mentioned in Israel Foreign Ministry hasbara booklets or Zionist sites. I guess that’s because there are so many like him. I only mention him because I have a second appointment with the good doctor on Monday.

    Eid is an Israeli Arab and head of the Department of Surgery at Hadassah-Hebrew University Hospital Mount Scopus, Jerusalem. I have no idea how many Jewish (Zionist) doctors, nurses and others work under him, but there are many. He’s also my kind of doctor; being very perceptive and slightly overweight himself, he took one look at this similarly shaped writer and realized there was absolutely no point in trying to persuade me to either diet or exercise.

    And now my point. I’m guessing that Professor Eid’s parents were not among those who tried to drive us into the sea in 1948 and if they were, they quickly understood that living with Jews is far more rewarding than fighting them. I do not believe that Mr and Mrs Eid senior were any less loyal Arabs because they taught their son to cure rather than kill.

    Who are we to say that taking a surgeon’s scalpel to your fellow man is any less patriotic than a dagger?

    • As long as he understands that you are the boss. Danny where do you get your bullshit from ? I can’t believe you just make it ALL up.

  118. 17,000 dead in Syria.

    Any demos at Trafalgar Square against the genocide in Syria?

    Or would that be counter revolutionary?

  119. Almani Sleiman

    Hello Norman,

    ‘Perhaps you can tell us who gave it the name Palestine when that was and why it was?’

    I believe that it was Emperor Hadrian who used this derivative of the word Philistine. The Greek historian, Herodotus used in its Greek language form, that was about 135 AD.

    If you want to know if I’m a descendant of the late Philistines, I’d say that the likelihood is greater than that of you being a descendant of Ibrahim.

    • If Norm’s a descendant of Abraham, then I’m Rumpelstiltzkin

      • yes please and don’t forget the ripping yourself in two part after you have been called by your name


        schrie das Männlein und stieß mit dem rechten Fuß vor Zorn so tief in die Erde, dass es bis an den Leib hineinfuhr, dann packte es in seiner Wut den linken Fuß mit beiden Händen und riss sich selbst mitten entzwei.

        I saw that English versions prefer a sanitized less gruesome ending, but believe me, this is the only correct one, so good-bye Rumpelstilzchen.

      • roger, according to your avatar, you’re no Rumpelstiltzkin, but RATelstiltzkin.

    • Norman Cohen

      Your proof for which being what precisely? Since I am of the priesthood I can then trace my ancestry back to Aharon who was the brother of Moses. For my part I believe that you are a descendant of Syrian Arabs who probably entered Palestine illegally at about the beginning of 1930 with the huge influx from Syria seeking work. The Philistines were not Arabs nor even Semites, they were most closely related to the Greeks. They did not speak Arabic. They had no connection, ethnic, linguistic or historical with Arabia or Arabs – so try again.

  120. ” Since I am of the priesthood I can then trace my ancestry back to Aharon who was the brother of Moses. ”

    Now someone look me in the eye, keep a straight face and tell me the man is is not a hopeless stark raving nut job.

  121. Talking about the Scots – they have come up with this very endearing sounding project of the kind of “wouldn’t it be nice to be involved” and “oh I hope I get to see the finished thing” (I’ve seen the Bayeux one, quite an experience) –

    something for Israel to think about???? – you must have some figuratively skilled artists somewhere 😉

    • Well Norm in that case, I have to tell you that I am a direct descendant of Nebuchudnezzar, and there are DNA studies to prove it mate!
      And regarding the spurious genetic studies used recently to legitimise your claim on someone else’s land, here are some sources contradicting and challenging them that you probably won’t want to look at.

      Falk, Zionism and the Biology of the Jews, 189. The article ‘why most published research findings are false’. Plos Med (2005): e124 and the findings of Professor Uzi Ritte at the Hebrew University.

      American Society of Human Genetics 69 (2001) 1,095-112

      Haaretz: 16 May 2002 Tamara Traubman..’The Ancient Jewish males…and The Origins of the Females’

      Katya Gibel Azoulay: Developing World Bio ethics’ 3:2 (2003), 119-26 ‘Not an innocent pursuit’

  122. Norman Cohen

    roger – rant and rave all you like since the comment was not addressed to you I would thank you to mind your own business and crawl back under the rock from whence you appeared. Oh and for the record this is the last time I shall address you.Lower order primates are of no interest to me.

    • so what do you think of those articles and papers I posted regarding the genetic studies Norm? What is your learned and objective view?

      • richardmillett

        Roger, please go away. We’ve had enough of your attacks on Jews, Judaism and Israel.

      • roger, We see that you descend from a rodent lineage.

      • that they seem rather dated

        I’m getting told again and again that genetics is a field that is moving very very very fast, thus I assume that 2002 is something like a millenium in the past

  123. A special thanks to everyone involved in making todays Munich commemoration service a special and moving tribute to the Israeli athletes murdered by Palestinian terrorists 40 years ago .