The viciousness of Sir Vincent Fean, a retired British diplomat.

Last Tuesday I attended yet another anti-Israel event at the London Middle East Institute based at SOAS. The last LMEI event I attended beautified Hizbollah. And last Tuesday I had another anti-Jewish insult hurled at me, to add to the long list, for merely asking a question during a Q&A.

The guest speaker last Tuesday was retired British Diplomat Sir Vincent Fean, a man who has served as a diplomat in Paris, Brussels, Libya, Damascus, Baghdad and amongst the Palestinians.

Fean said he wanted to “speak about how peace could come about in the Holy Land” and he said that he believed in “the two state solution”.

However, after his 40 minute talk I realised that Fean did not believe in Israel’s safety or its existence at all. He wanted Israel emasculated and indefensible.

Fean demanded that the “settlements” be disbanded and called the “illegal settlement enterprise” the “single most significant threat to the two state solution”.

As proof of “illegality” he invoked the Geneva Convention claiming that Israel gives inducements for Israelis to move to the West Bank. That is hardly “transfer” but it is enough for the likes of Fean to conclude that Israel is committing a breach of international law.

Fean called for Israel to dismantle its security wall, for Israel’s forces to be withdrawn from “Palestinian soil” and for Egypt to open the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza.

After all that he had the gall to say that Israel has the right to defend itself. He said Israel could rely for its security on the UN, USA, NATO, Egypt and Jordan and that Israel “will not find them wanting”. If Fean thinks the UN, let alone Egypt and Jordan, will defend Israel then he’s delusional.

Fean made only a passing reference to Palestinian “incitement to violence” so during the Q&A I  asked why he hadn’t mentioned Hamas’ firing of thousands of rockets into Israel and their Charter that calls for the murder of Jews everywhere which included those four Jewish men recently murdered at a kosher shop in Paris.

That was met by an audible collective moan from the LMEI audience after which a white British middle-aged man turned around and asked me “Are you a fifth columnist or something?”

Meanwhile, Fean only answered that he “was not here to recognise Hamas”.

But Fean left the most vicious part of his rhetoric for the finale.

Fean has been very-well fed on Arab hospitality and very well remunerated by the British taxpayer. However, when he addressed the upcoming British general election he told the LMEI audience to confront their MPs about recognition of “Palestine” as a state and “tell them that your vote depends on it”.

So for Fean struggling British taxpayers who have paid his salary and now fund his pension are of no consequence. He’s more concerned about events thousands of miles away from home.

Fean has been knighted, which is an indictment of the British honours system.

Why the “Sir”? He has been a diplomat in Paris and Brussels where Jews are now regular targets for the bullets and knives of Islamist terrorists. And in Libya, Baghdad and Damascus he has left behind bloodshed on a monumental scale.

And he now thinks people should trust his views on how to bring about an Israeli-Palestinian peace?


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  1. Antisemitism is a cancer of intelligence;

  2. This is a classic subtle anti-Semitic trope. It is unthinkable arrogance for Jews to bear arms, because God has ordained that they should be a nation of priests. Like true Christians they should trust the UN to defend them. Or possibly a chocolate teapot.

  3. Misguided yes, highly unrealistic certainly, intellectually bankrupt for sure – but ‘vicious’? If he’s vicious, what word would you use for Ken O’Keefe? Or Tonge? (And as you know, I’ve heard them both).

    • richardmillett

      ultra vicious 😉
      i find Fean vicious not even about israel. I was going to headline it “the anti-Zionism of Vincent Fean” because he is an anti-Zionist despite his claims for a TSS. This man wants Israel weak and indefensible. What i thought was vicious, though, was his utter disregard for the struggling British taxpayer who have funded his jollies around the world and now when it comes to the general election he doesn’t seem to give a damn about them but only cares about the Palestinians. It might not have been the best word to use but from my perspective i think that is pretty “vicious”.

      • “weak and indefensible” – that’s how fascists like vincent fean like Jews too.

      • richardmillett says: “What i thought was vicious, though, was his utter disregard for the struggling British taxpayer who have funded his jollies around the world and now when it comes to the general election he doesn’t seem to give a damn about them”

        I would simply call him an entitled teat-sucker.

  4. He said Israel could rely for its security on the UN, USA, NATO, Egypt and Jordan and that Israel “will not find them wanting”

    Ben-Gurion would have referred to the massacre of the Christian Assyrians in Iraq in 1933. Many of them had moved there from Anatolia at the behest of the British, who then abandoned them.

    Then there was the British promise that Palestine would become a Jewish Homeland. A promise that was negated by the Peel Commission and of the virtual closing of the doors during the Holocaust.

    And let us not forget UNGA 1701 that prohibited the rearming of Hiz b’Allah in Lebanon.

    No, Israel would not find them as wanting. Israel would not find them at all.

  5. Classic Foreign and Commonwealth Office mindset. Having spent his working life in the employ of this perfidious government department, how could he be otherwise?

  6. “He told the LMEI audience to confront their MPs about recognition of “Palestine” as a state and “tell them that your vote depends on it”.

    This is the most disturbing aspect of his talk and very serious.. Getting people to actively engage their MP’s on this issue as if it is the most important issue to gain their vote!!.

    Professor Honderich , on a TV documentary type programme in 2005 condemned Britain’s foreign policy towards USA and Israel. . ( Jenny Tonge , and the late Tony Benn took part) but at the end of the programme he called for a “campaign of civil disobedience” to get rid of this terrible (as the programme sought to show ) British foreign policy.

    We were told by Channel 5 that this was a police matter for local police but Chief of Harrow police did not see a problem with this incitement. Ofcom ruled ( almost a year later!!) that they were sure that Prof Honderich meant what he said in a “metaphorical” way and people wouldn’t take him take him literally !!!.

  7. Your fearlessness to attend these viper’s nests is as admirable as your courage to shine a light on the undercurrent of ignorance and treachery that underpin these dreadful people’s mindsets.

  8. Islam has occupied and colonized the mideast, the near east and Africa. I think that’s enough land for Arabs, and Palestinians are Arabs: same language, same culture, same religion. Forget two states, Muslims can’t even come up with a single state out of 21 that is a free democracy. Israel is the only open democracy in the whole region. One state for Israel, none for Palestinians.

  9. Sure . Israel should rely on the UN like they did in 1967 when Nasser ordered UN Secretary General U Thant to remove UN troops from the border with Israel . Today UN troops in Southern Lebanon are turning a blind eye to the steady build up and transfer of arms and Hezbollah militia to the border region . The reality is the UN are not fit for purpose and the idea that Israel would rely on it for its security is laughable .

    • And those in Syria had to be evacuated with the help of Israel. UN in the Middle East is a total failure.

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  12. henry Schachter

    We, who support the Jewish State must make our presence felt at these meetings in numbers. Here in Bournemouth Action for Israel, we attend as many anti Israel so called “peace lectures” in numbers. at Salisbury- Winchester, etc, to refute the lies being promulgated. If we do not, we allow them a clear field to brainwash Middle England.