Green Chief Lucas joins Gaza flotilla…..up the River Thames.

Last Wednesday Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas MP joined a group of brave Palestine Solidarity Campaign activists in a daring and courageous attempt to break the siege of Gaza.

Instead of sailing to Gaza they only sailed up the River Thames and back again. But, all they had to sustain themselves on this hazardous two hour trip was beer (see youtube clip below).

They survived a rare London heatwave but there was some grotesque Guantanamo-style torture in the form of the constant repetition of just four or five songs including Freedom For Palestine, Free Free Palestine, From the River To The Sea Palestine Will Be Free, and End The Siege Of Gaza End The Siege Now.

A few weeks ago Lucas told the Jewish Chronicle:

“It has been brought to my attention that the PSC logo appears to reflect 1917, pre-creation of Israel, borders and as such could be open to interpretation by some as implying non-recognition of Israel’s right to exist. I am following this up with the director of the PSC since I am quite sure that PSC does indeed recognise Israel’s right to exist, and it is unhelpful and damaging if any other impression is given.”

Here’s that confusing logo:

True, the PSC’s proposed Palestine looks exactly like a map of Israel, but the PSC doesn’t really mean that they want the Jewish state to be replaced by a Palestinian one. It’s probably all just some mistake or, similar to the Hamas Charter that calls for the death of Jews, the logo is simply out of date and hasn’t been changed yet.

But our intrepid explorer Caroline took time out from her tough Parliamentary schedule representing her constituents on important green issues (you know, the ones she was voted in to work on) to find out the truth. She boarded the Thames Flotilla along with some Palestine Solidarity Campaign activists.

From between 2 minutes 20 seconds and 3 minutes 15 seconds she can be seen posing for cameras before joining in with a rendition of the anthem Free Free Palestine. Then a chorus of From The River To The Sea Palestine Will Be Free is immediately struck up.

To give her the benefit of the doubt Lucas would probably explain that the song Free Free Palestine is all to do with freeing the poor Palestinians from the settlements and checkpoints. But, how would she explain From The River To The Sea Palestine Will Be Free?

The river is the Jordan and the sea is the Mediterranean. Between those two geographic points sits a tiny country called Israel. The song seems to imply that these PSC activists want only Palestine to exist between those two geographic points.

Maybe the Jewish Chronicle can contact Lucas again and ask her whether her little boat trip along the Thames gave her any clarity on the PSC’s stance towards the existence of Israel.

One song the PSC activists kept repeating Guantanamo-style was Gaza Gaza Come What May, Freedom Boats Are On Their Way.

Except they aren’t.

The real Gaza flotilla looks like it has collapsed. The Captain of the main boat has been arrested and Greece won’t let the flotilla set sail.

Instead, the flotilla has now turned into a flytilla with pro-Palestinian activists due to fly into Ben Gurion airport on Thursday night to make their protest there instead.

And Israel will thank them for their business.

29 responses to “Green Chief Lucas joins Gaza flotilla…..up the River Thames.

  1. That sail up and down the Thames was very brave and selfless. I bow humbly in the face of their quiet commitment to the cause and their admirable lack of self-indulgence.

    Man, these people are real heroes.

  2. aparatchik

    Now that *is* one boat-load that needs shooting.

  3. Caroline Lucas becomes a fellow sailor of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam wannabes. The spectacle makes me seasick. Well she’s shown her true green colours. Useful idiot or just an idiot?

  4. Ugh, people like this make me cringe so much. Just look at them… It’s not about Gaza, it’s not about Palestinians nor is about helping anybody but themselves. It’s written all over their faces… The only reason they’re doing this is to feel good about themselves by convincing themselves that they are apart of a righteous greater good.

  5. Sailing up and down the Thames … wasting energy and fuel.. Not very ‘green’.Lucas as an elected ‘Green’ MP should know better.

  6. Fantastic Richard!

    I didn’t know you do humor. I liked his loudspeaker.

    They seemed to have changed the song. It used to be:

    From the river to the sea – Palestine will be free!
    From the river to the sea – Palestine will be free!
    From the river to the sea – Palestine will be free!

    From the sea to the river – Palestine free forever!

    I too had noticed that river and ever don’t really rhyme, but I didn’t know the enemy had. They seem to be learning from past mistakes and getting better and better.

    All in all it seems that a good time was had by one and all. I say, “Good luck to them.”

    • richardmillett

      What do you mean you didn’t know I do humor!!!!

      • “But, all they had to sustain themselves on this hazardous two hour trip was beer…”
        – It doesn’t get much better than that. If I were a 16-year-old girl, I’d be throwing you my bra.

  7. Michael Plosker

    Good to see our Police, near the end, being so impartial. Personally I preferred Love Boat.

    • Sharon Klaff

      As were those police who couldn’t find Sallah at the Conway Hall when Richard seemed not only to find him but take a few photos as well.

  8. You can also hear her speak at a psc demo outside downing street may 14th on You tube . Although she does not repeat the mantra ” from the river to the sea etc ” on this video , other speakers did . She made no effort to distance herself from this position by calling for a two state for two people resolution to the conflict . Her interview with the JC is therefore at odds with the stance taken by the groups she chooses to support at the demo and on the river cruise . She needs to be asked why does she stand alongside groups who are utterly opposed to israels existence and will she publicly distance herself from such groups in the future by restating her support for a two state resolution . In my opinion , she is adopting the standard practice of adopting two positions for two distinct audiences .

  9. Sharon Klaff

    Brighton MP declares support for acquitted Gaza campaignersGreen Party’s Caroline Lucas ‘delighted’ over activists cleared of damaging arms factory in protest against Israeli war crimes

    She must have been sampling that beer for her boat ride when she was interviewed by the JC!!

  10. Michael Goldman

    OK I want some answers!
    Singing “From the river to the sea – Palestine will be free!”
    on the river Thames obviously refers to palestine being between the Thames and the sea.
    But which effing sea ?
    Is it the North sea the Irish sea , the atlantic ocean or the English Channel??
    I think it only fair that the residence of the areas of Great Britain which will be affected should be notified immediately that they are soon to be Palestinians.

  11. “…she isn’t fit to be Brighton’s street cleaner…”

    Great posting Leah – witty as ever.

    Howerver, assuming, that the city of Brighton has more than one street cleaner, it might be more correct to say:

    “She’s not fit to be a Brighton street cleaner.” or even “She’s not fit to clean the streets of Brighton.”

    “Brighton’s..” is more suitable if we are talking about a one-man-job, such as “Brighton’s mayor” though here again “the Mayor of Brighton” is more used.

    Great day!

  12. Daniel Marks, wit and raconteur in his own lunchtime.

  13. ProfessorMiao

    What river and what sea does she think are referred to in the song “From the River to the Sea Palestine Will be Free”?

  14. As Goldman has pointed out the river was obviously the Thames.As to the sea…

  15. Elder of Ziyon has proposed an origami boat creation competition.

    Maybe they should participate

    An origami flotilla! That’s such a great idea!

    So here’s the contest: Create a moonbat origami boat, decorated appropriately, and email me a photo. I’ll choose the best ones to post here.

    For instructions to make an origami boat, check here, here here, here or here.

    When I was a kid I was taught that “Britannia rules the waves” – maybe if she got back to basics she could remember a bit

  16. Look I think you are all being a bit harsh on our intrepid explorers . They managed to complete their voyage without being intercepted , arrested , and with the propellor shaft still in one piece . Not an easy thing to do these days . Nobody went AWOL unlike the other flop tilla where 1500 mysteriously became 20 – why am I reminded of the song ” two becomes one ” when I wrote that .
    Anyway hoist the main sails , and avast ye land lubbers it’s a pirates life for me !

  17. “Not an easy thing to do these days”

    How true, and in a world where every British MP, policeman and judge is in the pocket of the global Jewish octopus!

  18. Was this stunt legal?
    I always thought on days Parliament was sitting demonstrations and waving banners etc. are banned within a certain proximity to Parliament.
    Was Parliament sitting on the day of this stunt?
    If so why haven’t they been prosecuted and Ms. Lucas M.P. investigated by Parliament itself.

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  20. Re. the PSC logo… Theodor Hertzl himself advocated, and set out a plan to create Israel “in Palestine”…
    So that’s where Israel is today. Exactly where Herzl himself wanted it to be… “in Palestine”.
    A fact that the logo correctly embodies.

  21. What about freedom for the million Jews who were expelled from the Middle East after 1946, including 3000 year old communities in Baghdad, Damascus etc. When the Mandate was split, 80% was given to the Arabs, called the Transjordan, and Israel was returned to the Jews. Even then and still now, 20% of the Israeli population is Arab. No Arab country has a 20% Jewish minority, and Arabs in Israel enjoy more civil and political rights than than other Arab country. All Arabs can serve in the Knesset, Army, Police, Health Service, Political System etc… an Arab served as Israeli President in 2007. Can you imagine a Jew as President of Syria?

  22. THat’s the interesting thing about campaigns for “Palestine” and “Palestinians”., They tend to appropriate other people’s resources.
    They formed a state within a state in Lebanon – destroyed the country.
    They tried in Jordan – were killed by the regime. Thrown out of Kuwait.
    Appropriated the history of the Jews (It’s our land) , appropriated the history of black Sth Africa (we live in aparthied!!), appropriate the money and resources of Politicians, universities, student unions, unions everywhere.

    HOw are the Palestinians part of this politician’s constituency?