Anti-Zionist activist to perform at Jewish Comedy Festival.

Sometimes Jewish people never miss an opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot.

I refuse to go to the London Jewish Film Festival anymore having once paid good money to see Defamation, a film that, basically, portrays Israel as forcing Israeli teenagers to visit Auschwitz and using the visit to brainwash them into thinking that the whole world hates them because they are Jewish.

The same applies to London Jewish Book Week. Among the long list of Israel bashers invited to speak once was The Independent’s Johann Hari who has claimed that “untreated sewage was being pumped from illegal Israeli settlements on to Palestinian land, contaminating their reservoirs”.

Not only had he seen it with his own eyes, but Friends of the Earth had documented it, you understand.

Mick Davis, head of UJIA, addressed the possibility of Israel becoming an apartheid state and Breaking the Silence were given repeated platforms at Limmud to tell of the supposed evils of Israeli soldiers.

Now the London Jewish Cultural Centre has an advert out for their forthcoming Comedy Festival that reads:

“Enjoy a week of Jewish comedians previewing their outrageous, hilarious and irreverent acts at Ivy House for the next stop – this year’s Edinburgh festival.”

One of the comedians, Ivor Dembina, is doing a sketch harmlessly called “Jewish Comedy” on Monday July 18th.

But while Dembina is actually quite funny his other job is his one man show This Is Not A Subject For Comedy, which is about “Israel, Palestine and the Jews” and which he has been performing for some 8 years.

In it he tells, inter alia, about his confrontation with Israeli soldiers and thinks that Jews somewhat downplay the deaths of homosexuals and Communists at Auschwitz because “this is Ourschwitz, not Yourschwitz”.

Dembina has volunteered for the International Solidarity Movement and in an interview last year is quoted as saying that “the specter of anti-Semitism is raised by Zionists” and is “a manipulation of a tragedy to Zionism’s own advantage”.

He is also quoted as saying of Zionists:

“I think they’ve learned to their cost that it just makes people more determined to speak out publicly and that hate campaigns can be counter-productive. I think they’re starting to try and engage in discussion and going for the whole positive PR angle, like this email campaign about sending medical aid to Haiti. Or they’re going to use Iran as an excuse. They keep coming up with these reasons that the Jewish community has to support Israel and one by one they get exposed as nonsense…You’re left with a rump of very angry people who are used to getting their own way. Things have to be handled very carefully in the months and years ahead”. He also, apparently, compares Israel to apartheid South Africa.

Considering the audience at the LJCC is likely to be entirely pro-Israel and “Zionist”, I would expect they would like to know that Dembina considers them “angry people” and that he would like to see the end of Israel as a Jewish state. Then they can decide whether or not they would like to go in to see him perform.

At least with other anti-Zionists like Ken Loach one is usually fully informed of their politics. I would never go to see Looking for Eric, for instance, as much as I would probably enjoy it.

But, I suspect that Dembina won’t be playing his full anti-Zionist set at the LJCC and, therefore, many in the audience who are paying good money to see him won’t know of his politics.

Maybe, it would be helpful if someone stood outside the gates of the LJCC next Monday to hand out a list of Dembina’s quotes as people are going in to see him (any volunteers?).

I’m sure he wouldn’t expect anything less from a bunch of angry Zionists.

Ivor Dembina (

Ivor Dembina (

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  1. Had never heard of him. I hope he resolves whatever is driving him to such strange positions.

  2. Sharon Klaff

    I trust he is as irrelevant as he is unknown.

  3. Sharon Klaff

    BTW – I wouldn’t waste my time giving him the impression he is so important that my presence is warranted outside the LJCC.

  4. Richard Zamet

    Actually he’s been around for years and i saw him a few times in the hay day of Alternative comedy in the nineties, he wasn’t funny then and he ain’t funny now.

  5. Michael Plosker

    Ivor Dembina has run the Hampstead Comedy Club at the Pembroke Castle pub for years and has been peddling his vicious anti Zionist/ anti semitic “comedy” for as long as I can remember.How sad the LJCC sees fit to invite him to perform.

  6. Daniel Marks

    Hi Richard,

    Okay, I feel that I should say a word in favor tolerance towards those who hate us.

    In the past few weeks you have hounded them, they can’t demonstrate againt us, can’t watch Channel 4, can’t boycott us in wee Scottish librariesl and and more recently can’t sail along the Thames or even tell a few anti-Israel few jokes.

    What exactly do you expect them to do all day?

    “Live and Let Live.” I say!

  7. I will join you outside the building . Can you run up some leaflets . I will phone the centre later today to voice my objections .

  8. There has to be a red line where we can say your actions put you outside the big tent that is the Jewish people. Working to discredit Israel and/or cause it damage must be over the line.

    • Hi David
      I think that needs qualifying slightly . It puts dembina outside the mainstream Jewish tent . There are plenty of anti israel Jewish activists who fall outside this definition. Dembina should be playing to this group if he wants to play the Jewish card . Richard seems to think that this event will be attended by main stream Jews unaware of dembinas record . I’m not sure . Its proximity to hampstead and the bien pensants who inhabit the leafy climbs there could suggest otherwise . I once attended a jfjp meeting which hosted moazeem begg at hampstead town hall . In the question and answer session that followed , my question attracted the sort of response that would have been at home with a meeting of the Palestinian solidarity campaign bozos . Thinking of it most of the audience were probably members anyway .

      • richardmillett

        I might be wrong but I think most jewish audiences are unsuspecting of dembina’s political activism and sickening invocation of the Holocaust. I might be wrong though. But the audience should be told either way.

  9. Jonathan Hoffman

    happy to demo against this moron

    • Yeah, having you around will definitely make it more fun. A lot more fun. Don’t forget to bring Roberta along for extra comedic effect…

  10. Michael Goldman

    Here in Israel we will also be holding a demonstration against this so called comedian.
    We are calling it “Stop Ivor Dembina and all evil (before it’s too late) ”
    The demonstration will take place in Kikar Safra on Wednesday.The exact time to be announced.
    All are welcome!
    Please bring a packed lunch as there will be no refreshments.

  11. Michael Goldman

    If anybody can help with slogans it would be appreciated.
    The only one we have so far (thanks to Daniel Marks) is :
    “Dembina Dembina .
    He’s go a tiny weiner”

    • Wow, Goldman: that’s real classy! My sixteen year old would hold back from being so boringly moronic but you guys manage it effortlessly! Another feather in the cap of Zionism, for sure…

  12. Howdy Gert, how lovely to read you again – long time no see – could it be that I felt lonely without you? I will consult my therapist and report back.

    In the meantime I am glad to hear that your 16 year old is on the way to become a great poet. I know it is asking a lot but I’d sure appreciate your showing us some samples.

    • Now I look forward to finding out what put my above into moderation. Could it have been mentioning G…

  13. Once again I must support Gert here. I distance myself from the crude slogan that was accredited to me. Anyone who knows me will tell you that such childish language is not my style.

    My suggestion.

    “Funny bloke, Ivor Ivor!
    Takes it … for a fiver!”

    I fear that the above comment may not survive moderation either – but, I shall relish it, while it lasts….

    I do hope that your 16-year-old won’t be joining the ranks of our foes as well. A big Gert and a little Greta may well be more than we can handle.

  14. Jewish cultural centre
    0208 457 5000
    Ext 2

  15. She had no idea , was most concerned and would be advising her colleagues of my call.
    I also referred her to your blog .

    • richardmillett

      There’s also a letter he signed. Do u know it? I will put it on here later. Why do these jewish organisations support these people? I just don’t get it.

  16. Send her the link to your post in case she hasn’t had time to check it

    • richardmillett

      What do you think about the anecdote he tells about the Holocaust? Bad taste or what. It is just so unnecessary and unfunny and to hear a non-jewish audience laugh at it was not a nice experience.

  17. Once again:

    There is no such thing as ‘anti-Zionists’.

    People who want to deny Jews their right to self-determination in their own historical homeland are


    Some Jewish people never miss an opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot by swallowing the lie put out by antisemites that they are only ‘anti-Zionists’.

    • richardmillett

      Leah, I appreciate fully what you say but there is the law of Defamation which could lead to me, you, anyone being forced to pay out a large sum to these people. I agree with you though, never forget that, please.

  18. Daniel Marks

    Some people never miss an opportunity to mix a metaphor. You can’t shoot yourself in the foot to swallow a lie – it’s ridiculous.

    It’s just about as absurd as claiming that every living Jew is ten times as clever as Gert, or anyone else. I’m sorry, but that is chauvinism at best and bordering on Racism.

    The commentator that wrote those that nonsense is living proof that we aren’t all half as clever as we think. In short, think before you write!

    • Sharon Klaff

      But you can wonder why she swallowed a fly!
      I think those who continually lower the tone of Richard’s brilliant blogs should think before they press send! These are serious issues and being racist and inflammatory does not help but serves to prove a point against us.

  19. Michael Goldman

    Sorry Sharon but I must take issue with you.
    The issues may be serious but you are unable to do a thing.
    The few Jews that care are completely outnumbered and outgunned.
    My advice to you is to go home.

  20. Deborah Maccoby

    Richard, you’re boycotting the London Jewish Film Festival and Jewish Book Week and picketing outside the London Jewish Cultural Centre. So who exactly is it who’s outside the mainstream Jewish tent?


    • richardmillett

      I just think that if most Jews knew of dembina’s politics they would not want to see him perform, that’s all. I’m not calling for a boycott of him. All I am saying is let his Jewish audiences know what he has said about Israel and the Holocaust. If they still choose to watch him perform then so be it. I don’t believe that british Jews are politically aware enough, but if they were Dembina would not want to be seen by them.

    • Daniel Marks

      Hi Deborah,

      Are you a relative of the late Hyam Maccoby?

    • You are.

  21. Maccoby
    Pro israel activists are slowly waking up to the fact that it takes more then fund raising dinners and committee meetings to represent israel
    The need to confront the multi faceted attack on israel is beginning to be recognized .
    You have had a clear Playing field till now. But not any more.
    We will be in the front row of your hate fests at the universities and hostile NGOs . We will be in the crowd at your bs Bds / psc israel dismantlement demos .
    And most of all we will expose and ridicule the mendacity and hate of the ” one state as a Jew brigade ” . Jews such as yourself
    The fiasco and failure of flop tilla 2 .
    Ucu is about to get the pants sued off it unless it makes a humiliating climb down .
    Your terrorist friends are interned awaiting deportation
    Soon universal jurisdiction will be removed so that in future only genuine criminals like the above mentioned will be targeted
    Slowly the wheel is beginning to turn and regardless whether numpties like dembina are just a minuscule cog in the Bds sewage system , they will be exposedfor what they are just the same

  22. Last line should have read
    ” Small turd in the Bds sewage system ”
    It reads far better .

    • richardmillett

      Here is that letter signed by Dembina and also Deborah. Nice one, Deborah!!!

      In May, Jewish organisations will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel. This is understandable in the context of centuries of persecution culminating in the Holocaust. Nevertheless, we are Jews who will not be celebrating. Surely it is now time to acknowledge the narrative of the other, the price paid by another people for European anti-semitism and Hitler’s genocidal policies. As Edward Said emphasised, what the Holocaust is to the Jews, the Naqba is to the Palestinians.

      In April 1948, the same month as the infamous massacre at Deir Yassin and the mortar attack on Palestinian civilians in Haifa’s market square, Plan Dalet was put into operation. This authorised the destruction of Palestinian villages and the expulsion of the indigenous population outside the borders of the state. We will not be celebrating.

      In July 1948, 70,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes in Lydda and Ramleh in the heat of the summer with no food or water. Hundreds died. It was known as the Death March. We will not be celebrating.

      In all, 750,000 Palestinians became refugees. Some 400 villages were wiped off the map. That did not end the ethnic cleansing. Thousands of Palestinians (Israeli citizens) were expelled from the Galilee in 1956. Many thousands more when Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza. Under international law and sanctioned by UN resolution 194, refugees from war have a right to return or compensation. Israel has never accepted that right. We will not be celebrating.

      We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state founded on terrorism, massacres and the dispossession of another people from their land. We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state that even now engages in ethnic cleansing, that violates international law, that is inflicting a monstrous collective punishment on the civilian population of Gaza and that continues to deny to Palestinians their human rights and national aspirations.
      We will celebrate when Arab and Jew live as equals in a peaceful Middle East.

      • Good heavens, not that stupid and ignorant ‘violates international law’ again?
        Don’t these people have 2 brain cells to rub together?

        I love ‘small turds in the BDS sewage system’.

  23. Michael Goldman

    I have nothing but respect for your enthusiasm and nothing but ridcule for your understanding of Anglo Jewry.
    A dying race if ever there was one.
    Now if you want some activists then go down the mosque say a few Allah Aqbars and you’ve got a fully fledged band of warriors.

    The real Jewish activists all piss of to Israel.
    So all you’re left with is a bunch of accountants and real estate agents most of whom don’t know or care about anything Jewish.
    I wish you luck in your crusade but my advice to you is the same as my advice to Sharon.
    Go home.

    • Sharon Klaff

      Michael – you are somewhat arrogant in your certainty that making Aliya will resolve the world’s hatred of Jews. As much as we love Israel for all sorts of reasons, not least because it provides an anchor for Judaism, it nevertheless creates a centralised place for a concentration of that Jew hatred – something like the ghettos of Europe last century where Jews congregated to feel safe, sinking into a malaise of negativity, but for the few brave people who stood up to be counted.
      What we are fighting for here in the diaspora is the very survival of Israel. All the arms and equipment and best soldiers cannot forever stave off an entire world hell bent on targeting the destruction of Israel, as the method of war has forever altered. It is on the cards that the UN will declare the division of Jerusalem and an independent Arab state in sections of Israel in September and as much as we will not accept that, it will become a fact for most of the world that still reveres that tin pot organisation hijacked by dictators and Islamic imperialists. It is unfortunate that the same people who signed that Guardian letter are the same Jewish faces that voted in Obama and who are increasingly imbibing the BDS/PSC narrative, so successful are these organisations in delivering replacement theory to the world.
      It is really only in the last few months that some Israeli politicians are beginning to tag on to what has been happening across the world in the psychological war of words. That is because they carry the same arrogance you bring to this blog. I recall Olmert some years ago responding at a BICOM meeting when asked how Israel will combat this propaganda that “we are a super power what should we do about that”!! And I recall the Israeli government person appointed to deal with the BDS (I forget his name) in London at the BICOM meeting on 15 May telling us that the BDS is really a small inconsequential organisation and that we should really retort to their accusations of Israel being an apartheid state that it is not one!! Well, in a modern world of Stuxnet it is surely not beyond an Israeli government official in charge of investigating the BDS to understand that one man (or woman) with a computer can gather a following in an instant and go viral quicker that Martin Luther King did in a year. These Jew hate groups are grass root and franchise out their methodology for use across the globe by whoever chooses to attack Israel and it seems that the Israeli government has not yet caught up with that.
      So mazaltov that you made Aliya and can enjoy the fruits of Israel – others have not been able to do so or indeed have chosen not to do so. Israel needs a diaspora as much as the diaspora needs Israel. We share a symbiotic relationship and the one does not survive without the other. So let’s join hands to fight for our Jewish survival wherever we live and stop bantering against each other.

  24. Michael
    I work with Israelis here in the Uk . Global corporations , start ups , AIM destined , you name it . Innovative companies and top drawer business people . The one thing they all seem to have on common is an almost arrogant dismissal of the difficulties facing the diaspora and in turn the assault on israel . I realise that for reasons I prefer not to go into here , the machinations of the global Bds movement is relatively ineffectual and something akin to a mosquito bite on an elephants hide but it is a relatively new phenomenon and no one knows for sure how things will pan out .
    The recent flotilla debacle is not just down to Israeli pressure but is a combination of many strands including diaspora activists .. However the delegitimizers will not stand still for long .
    Think of us as the canary in the cage and think outside your seemingly impervious bubble to the threats that abound .
    We are indeed the diaspora and make the conscious decision to live , raise families and flourish outside israel . That is our free choice . Telling us , as I hear time and again to weigh anchor , make Aliya and pull up the drawer bridge is simplistic and naive .
    But we do not take offence . Each of us who has israel in their heart will do whatever possible to confront the haters and to reach out and educate the neutrals

  25. I went to a packed session by Dembina at Limmud over 5 years ago, entitled something like: Why have young Jews fallen out of love with Israel. If I recall correctly, there was a vote on that proposition at the end and the majority agreed with this proposition. I see on the programme for last year’s Limmud that Dembina was back, giving a more innocuously sounding session on Jewish Jokes. Richard given his wide exposure at Limmud over the years, I would doubt that the LJCC audience, who probably have many Limmud goers among them, would be largely ignorant of where he is coming from.

  26. Daniel Marks


    I hope you know how much I sincerely respect you, Richard and the handful of other Jewish activists left in Great Britain, but it is exactly because of that respect that I shall address you frankly.

    You accuse Michael of arrogance and then a few lines later write:
    “What we are fighting for here in the diaspora is the very survival of Israel..”, so I shall tell you the truth as I see it.

    In 1948 there were about 650,000 Jews here in Israel and about 550,000 in the UK. Today the Jewish population of Israel has increased more than tenfold while that of Anglo-Jewry is at its most optimistic between 200,000-250,000. Jews in the UK are intermarrying at about a 50% rate and those who are marrying each other are doing so late and having very few children. Today 75% of Jewish births in the UK are of the haredi or ultra-orthodox community. Synagogues are emptying out, Jewish community centers are closing down and those Jewish schools still open are making up their numbers with non-Jews. I say this with no joy. Everyday the population of the diaspora ages and dwindles while the numbers of Anglo Jews decreases by about a thousand a year! Imagine if somebody was eliminating 1,000 Jews a year. That is what Anglo Jewry by its decision to stay put is doing to itself. I shall not broach the philosophical question whether a society has a moral right to slowly commit suicide, I’ll just say that as a son to that society it breaks my heart. So if we sound arrogant, it is an arrogance borne of an indescribable amount of genuine love and concern for all of you.

    I know that these are uncomfortable issues for you to face and it’s much easier to criticize anti-Zionists, Left Wingers, you name it, than to face the real question. What future awaits the Jews of Britain? Nor for a moment do I expect any kind of serious response to anything I’ve said. Last time the answer was that I’m very patronizing.

    No Israeli leader has ever, even at our most dangerous moments of existence asked Jews of the diaspora to stay behind in order to support us. Even when it looked like all may be lost on the eve of war in 1948 and 1967 the call of every Israeli prime minister and president has been for you to return home, at the risk of sounding arrogant, not because Israel can’t survive without you, but because in the long run you and your children cannot survive without Israel.

    Everyone has their own life and reasons why they make their decisions. Not everyone finds life here easier and I can’t promise you that if you come you’ll all be rich. But for G-d’s sake, if you really want to come home, don’t stay behind there for us. Nobody has asked you to do so and we never will. If you want to do what’s best for all of us, come home.

  27. Michael Goldman

    I didn’t say that “making Aliya will resolve the world’s hatred of Jews”
    Please don’t misquote me.
    I simply don’t believe that anything you do in Britain will change anything of consequence for Israel but on the other hand staying there almost certainly means that in a generation or two, maybe three your descendants will no longer be Jewish.
    Just look at Daniel’s numbers.
    I cannot believe for even a moment that you really believe your own comparison of Israel to the ghettos.
    “What we are fighting for here in the diaspora is the very survival of Israel.”
    No you’re not.You’re not “fighting” for anything.
    You’re just living your life the same as the rest of us.
    It’s just that you have decided to do so in a place where the population depises you more and more each day and where your great grand children probably won’t know or care about being Jewish.
    ” Israel needs a diaspora as much as the diaspora needs Israel.”
    We don’t you are completely ineffectual.On the other hand we are here for you whenever you decide to take up the offer.

    ” We share a symbiotic relationship and the one does not survive without
    the other. So let’s join hands to fight for our Jewish survival wherever we live and stop bantering against each other”
    I certainly hope we will be able to survive without Anglo Jewry as they are disappearing fast.
    I am not bantering against you.
    I am honestly worried about how much bullshit you manage to feed yourself just in order to stay in a place that hates you!

  28. Michael Goldman

    Thank you for not taking offence.None was meant to either you or Sharon.
    I’ll probably shut up soon and revert to my former status of the odd witty (or stupid) comment.
    I am in no way dismissing the difficulties facing the diaspora.It’s you and any other Jew who lives there who is dismissing the difficulties and deciding to stay there.
    You call me ” simplistic and naive ” and you believe that you can in any way control the Jew hatered that is taking over Europe.
    You have made the decision to live amongst a population that hates you supposedly to educate them and when you fail as you certainly will what will you have left?
    Like the rest of you poor sods in two or three generation your descendants probably won’t be Jewish.

  29. Sharon,
    Don’t listen to the negativity (and arrogance) being hurled at you. Despite my various comments recently about antisemitism in the UK, it’s not true at all that everyone in the UK despises Jews and Israel (I know that from my personal experience: almost everyone I speak to knows my background, and regards me simply as a Brit who happens to be Jewish, and treats with perfect friendliness). Moreover, I believe that more and more Brits are waking up to Islamist Jew-hatred in the UK, and to the effect of Islamism on the UK generally. It is perfectly possible that the majority of Brits will soon decide that they’ve had enough of this incitement etc etc. The tide may well turn.

  30. Daniel Marks

    Dear Greta,

    Don’t listen to the negativity (and arrogance) being hurled at you from those Zionists like Jabotinsky.

    Despite my various comments recently about anti-Semitism in the Reich, it’s not true at all that everyone in Germany despises Jews. (I know that from my personal experience: almost everyone I speak to knows my background, and regards me simply as a German who happens to be Jewish, and treats with perfect friendliness). Moreover, I believe that more and more Germans are waking up to Nazi Jew-hatred in the Fatherland and to the effect of Nazism in Germany generally. It is perfectly possible that the majority of Germans will soon decide that they’ve had enough of this incitement etc etc. The tide may well turn.

    Here we are looking forward to the Berlin Olympics. Apparently, a black American athlete called Jesse Owens will win many medals, can you imagine? That ought to change a few people’s minds!

    Lots of love,


    • thanks, you beat me to that one, not that I claim I could have done it as well as you did.

    • How terribly terribly original. As usual, a legend in his own lunchtime. And with his loyal brown-nosing groupies like Silke, too.

      • which favours will I get by “brown-nosing” Daniel?

        I am of a mercenary mind-bent, therefore I’m really interested in finding out the benefits.
        Please tell! thanks! I look forward to cashing in.

      • Daniel Marks

        I would have thought that “brown-nosing” would be a reward in and of itself. If that is not enough we have kuskus, fine local wine and the real possibility of Roxana baking a banana cake, but you’ll have to make it over here for those.

      • Daniel

        hitherto I suspected that you so generously invite me to all kinds of hedonistics (invitations I still try to find a loophole to return) was owed to my intellect (the Marlene looks long gone by now) not to the fact that I am an admirer of your superb intellect.

        If recognizing quality for what it is and saying so is “brown-nosing” than each of us who buys his or her favourite brand is “brown-nosing” the manufacturer no matter how much he ponies up for the “privilege” of owning it?

        Quite an upside down world, I am sure however that more than one learned mind has already made the argument that the manufacturers are doing us favours by allowing us to buy their stuff.

      • Truthfully, though I pride myself in being moderately fluent in the English tongue, this was the first time I have encountered that expression. From the context it was not difficult to take a strab at guessing its meaning, though I find its derivatin to be nothing short of disgusting. To my mind such language is quite literally that of the gutter, and the least said about it the better.

        Lattertly, I reread Orwell’s “Why I Write”, relishing every moment. Blair describes what he calls aesthetic enthusiasm:

        “Perception of beauty in the external world, or, on the other hand, in words and their right arrangement. Pleasure in the impact of one sound on another, in the firmness of good prose or the rhythm of a good story.”

      • When living in Greece I couldn’t help noticing that swearing there prefers non-brown body parts while Germans prefer the brown parts.

        I find Anglos somewhere in between

        To crawl into someone’s …. is quite common for people who quite often tend to be what we call cyclists (Radfahrer) at the same time, that image goes bow to above and tread on below.

  31. Michael Goldman

    Yes Sharon
    Ignore the facts and maybe they’ll go away.
    I can hear them waking up from here.
    They’re dancing in the streets and singing.
    “We love the Jews”
    “How could we have been so wrong about them”?
    “Even though they are the accountants, lawyers and hedge fund creators,we still love em”
    “Even though the most popular name in Great Britain is Mohamad we all love the Jews”

    You poor self delusional sods!

  32. Silke and Daniel
    Why do I see two naughty boys congratulating each other over their latest little mischief
    Now what’s the plural of lobbos ….?

    • Daniel Marks

      “…Nor for a moment do I expect any kind of serious response to anything I’ve said. Last time the answer was that I’m very patronizing.” this time it’s lobbos.

      • You seem to have the power to awaken peoples’ creativity …

        What means lobbos?

        is it maybe somebody having suffered lobotomy?

      • richardmillett

        Lobbos is a naughty person in yiddish from what I understood having been on the receiving end of the word from my parents on many an occasion, some not too distant.

      • Oh Richard now you tell me and I’d always imagined that you were born the perfect gentleman not coaxed into being one.

    • What is a lobbos? Google doesn’t know the term. Thanks!

      Don’t feel left out Harvey –

      Daniel and I go back quite some time on this blog and that has created tender feelings in me because I consider Daniel to be a really really good writer (besides I like his style) and I prefer good writers to all other artists.

      BTW I am female and I’ve never dreamt of being a boy … and as best I know Daniel is male.

    • Yes, a vomit-inducing love-in of two dweebs. With a wannabee third wheel in the form of Goldman.

      • dweeb is more to the point than “brown-nosing”.
        I’ll confess to that one.

      • Daniel Marks

        Nothing wrong with love. Vomit if you will!

        Anyone whose met Goldman will tell you he’s nobody’s third wheel. I’ve seen him strangle a moustached Frenchman twice his size, till he begged for mercy. If you had to wonder the lonliest of streets on the darkest of nights, there’s nobody you’d rather by your side.

        After being actively inolved in every Zionist cause imaginable, and being arrested on more than one occasion for his troubles, Goldman left a life of plenty to make aliyah by himself at the age of 16. Here after serving in the IDF he established a wonderful family in Israel as well as a highly successfull high tech company.

        Let us all show modesty and respect and compare our own CVs to that before slagging off a fellow Jew.

  33. Silke
    Lobbos is Yiddish . Somewhere between mischievous and a tearaway . Usually applies to a boy but can be a tomboy .
    Perhaps it would have been clearer if I said” silke and Daniel sharie a high 5 across the ether celebrating Daniels tour de force of a put down

    Here’s another Yiddish term
    A romantic match !

    • Thanks!

      I am not the tomboy type either much to my father’s chagrin – High 5s are an unknown custom where I live and to this day the meaning of it is still a mystery to me.

      Nothing romantic about my admiration for Daniel the writer. Actually in case you haven’t come across the phenomen hitherto women are capable of admiring brains for brains sake.

  34. Hi silke
    Really not sure what you mean . No reference to you there. I simply gave you a new word to add to your Yiddish vocabulary .

  35. Daniel Marks

    Yes, I am usually a male, except occasionally when I am Virginia.

    My uncertain sexual identity notwithstanding, I am devastated by the fact that Silke has no romantic admiration for me, and must put it down either to the fact that we’ve never met in person or to an inordinate amount of self-control on her part.

    I for my part am totally besotted by her and am quite confident that were I single and a few years older and she not a shiksa….

    “He that is born to be hanged shall never be drowned.”

    • I for my part would say if I could see even a minor chance of ever scoring victory in an argument

  36. Also
    High 5
    Originating in north America
    Among young black men
    Slapping of palms of hands raised above the head to signify mutual success and admiration . For best effect followed by same below waist .

    As for women admiring brains for brains sake .
    Know just what you mean . It’s been a particular curse for most of my adult life .

    Now I think we had better return to the blog theme before Richard wakes up

  37. Daniel
    Think more the latter then the former
    Not happy with the term” shiksa ” but you can put it down to a SOH bypass if you wish .

  38. Daniel Marks


    I promise never to call you a shiksa – be happy!

    As for Silke, I’ve seen that she has a highly becoming tee-shirt saying “Shiksa love Israel!” It was from that moment that my heart was hers.

  39. Promise accepted Virginia

  40. Daniel Marks

    Strange how every time the challenges facing Anglo-Jewry are raised – assimilation, low birth rates, ageing, etc; so many commentators, usually opinionated about every issue imaginable suddenly disappear or become silent.

    Could all this concern for protecting vital Israel interests actually be an escape from dealing with the real problems of life? I’m reminded of a husband who tells his wife that he hasn’t time to fix a hole in the roof because he has to read the international section of his newspaper. “How do you expect me to worry about such trifles? There are wars going on in the world!”

    Somebody once wrote a book called “Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews”. I’m beginning to understand what he had in mind.

  41. “so many commentators, usually opinionated about every issue imaginable”

    Finally achieved self-awareness, Marks? Ah well, better late than never.

  42. Michael Goldman

    Thanks for the compliments…all rather exaggerated.
    Why can’t you just be nice like everone else?

  43. Daniel Marks

    Hmm..I forgot to mention, modest as a violet.


    I stand behind every word. You have your faults too, but nothing I said was exaggerated in any way.

    Returning momentarily to the original topic of this page, I’m reminded of Samson from Jabotinsky’s famous in his final words:

    “Tell them [the Jewish People] three things in my name, and not two: they must get iron [i.e. weapons]; they must choose a king; and they must learn to laugh.”

    I think that we should have reached the level of strength and self confidence that we don’t have to get upset every time we think that we’re the butt of someone’s joke. Let’s learn to laugh!