Yachad and UJS to host talk by boycotter Peter Beinart at UJIA.

Yachad calls itself “The pro-Israel pro-peace voice of British Jews”. It’s as if no other pro-Israel British Jew can possibly be “pro-peace”. Just those Jews who support Yachad, you understand.

At the United Nations in New York today at what is euphemistically called Observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, “Palestine” is due to be recognised as a non-member observer state.

However, today’s rhetoric has had nothing to do with Palestinian statehood, but has been tantamount to incitement to murder Jews and Israelis and to boycott Israel out of existence. One Arab delegate accused Israelis of burning the Koran, and Roger Waters spoke for 25 minutes. Waters accused Israel, inter alia, of apartheid and prioritising Jewish people above its other citizens. He demanded a boycott of Israel.

Delegate after delegate called for a two-state solution and for UNGA Resolution 194 to be implemented. 194 calls for a return of Palestinian refugees to Israel. As the UN classes ALL Palestinian descendants as refugees this would soon lead to the demographic destruction of Israel as the world’s only Jewish state. What UN delegates are, in effect, calling for is a two-state solution as long as both states are Palestinian.

Waters, ludicrously, claimed that Hamas has agreed to future peace with Israel as long as a Palestinian state is agreed along the 1967 ceasefire lines. He claimed that New Yorkers, cut off from the outside world, don’t know this. Hamas who, in their Charter, call for the murder of all Jews are hardly going to agree to any Jewish state along any lines. It is Waters who is cut off.

But, now, with this growing febrile atmosphere against Israel where Israelis are demonised and demands made that they be boycotted Peter Beinart has been invited by Yachad and the Union of Jewish Students to address a Jewish audience at the offices of the United Joint Israel Appeal (UJIA). UJIA, a charity, is supposed to have the interests of Israel and all Israelis at heart.

It is a student-only event. Here is the Facebook page where the location of the event has now been hidden:

As you can read Beinart calls for “a boycott of West Bank Settlement produce”.

So because Beinart disagrees with a group of people, in this case Israeli settlers, he wants their businesses and livelihoods immediately destroyed and their ability to feed their families and young children immediately curtailed. All they have worked for should be destroyed overnight on the say so of someone living thousands of miles away?

Hannah Weisfeld, who heads Yachad, claimed in March this year:

“While we hugely respect Peter Beinart and believe he adds an important voice to the debate, we believe that all forms of boycott are counter-productive.”

However, a month earlier at an Israeli Society event at SOAS discussing whether Israel should be boycotted Weisfeld was far more ambiguous when she said:

“I think we would be having a very different conversation in this room if the BDS movement was about a targeted (settlement) boycott. I am not saying that I would necessarily support it, but I think the entire debate would be different…”

Now Weisfeld, Yachad and the Union of Jewish Students have invited Beinart to make the case, via Skype, for just such a targeted boycott of those Israeli families living on the West Bank.

By all means disagree with their living their and make the case that they shouldn’t be. Try to achieve a gradual change in Israeli government policy, like when Ariel Sharon finally decided to order Israeli settlers to be removed from Gaza.

But for Beinart and others to encourage the wrecking of people’s livelihoods overnight is crossing a red line, let alone a green one. We hear it enough at the hundreds of anti-Israel events that take place annually.

Meanwhile, UJIA have confirmed that they are hosting the event:

24 responses to “Yachad and UJS to host talk by boycotter Peter Beinart at UJIA.

  1. Jonathan Hoffman

    What a disgrace on the part of UJIA. They are so out of touch with grass roots sentiment.

  2. At least, that is consistent with the choice of an anti-Israeli as PR Chief this spring.

  3. This is a golden opportunity for any Zionists who live within striking distance of UJIA’s offices to ask Peter Beinart those awkward questions. Does he know that when Palestinian Arabs speak of ‘the Occupation’, they refer to the former Palestinian Mandate in its entirety? Does he think the half a million Jews living in Judea and Samaria will be offered Palestinian citizenship? Would he like to see the destruction of the Kotel and the re-instatement of the Moroccan quarter?

  4. Janet Clifford

    What a toxic mixture Yachad, Peter Beinart and UJIA.

  5. Has anyone checked to see if this group is funded by Soros.

  6. .”This is an opportunity to hear what he has to say and CHALLENGE him if you do not agree.”
    And I hope all Israel’s true friends will be doing exactly that – as I would, if I were in England.

  7. So, should UJIA have, well, boycotted the event?

    • richardmillett

      No. I wouldn’t want anyone boycotted. It was just a blog so people know about the event and what certain people stand for. There should be balance on the panel. But Yachad, UJS and UJIA have now made this a closed event; only Jewish students and members of Jewish youth movements can go, I believe. We are, in effect, being boycotted so students aren’t going to get the full picture. UJIA are a charity, not a political organisation. If they want to play politics at least offer balance and allow it to be open to allcomers. No? Just read your amazing piece in JC:

      • People should stand outside the event and pass out leaflets informing the attendees of reality.

        Such a leaflet could have suggest questions to be asked after the talk and links to websites that people can visit DURING the talk.

        Ask students to record the talk.

    • UJIA does not participate to that event, but why host it? Knowing Beinart would be a speaker, they can believe this will be a biased politically-motivated event and thus unfit for a charity organisation.
      Call that boycott if you want.

  8. I’m glad iv’e managed to expose this event. UJIA shouldn’t host such an event.

    • One of the most idiotic blog ever written, full of spite for small nations and saying Canada “doing as it’s told” while Canada goes much further in support for Israel than USA… Obviously, Canada does as only Canada says.
      But facts and idiots do not mix easily.

  9. As for the fascist Islamist Regime of Iran, I wish for you what you wish for the US and Israel.

  10. This is GREAT!


  11. And now a second video in five days by the GREAT Pat Condell.

    “Ha Ha Islamophobia”

  12. about five years ago i read a report by the cia who said, ‘the state of israel will cease to exist within 20 years.’
    it wasn’t a loaded statement, it was a point the branch was making, an assessment.
    the fact is jews who don’t live in israel have a completely distorted version of what is occurring, just as the north of israel did of the south, the north where all the peace movements are appeared to be now questioning the distorted reality after the rocket attacks reached tel aviv, they are showing empathy getting a wider perspective of what the south faces.
    jews by large are progressive forward thinking people, and human rights campaigners, liberals and free thinkers. this is great news because the united nations has set out a charter to use these people to change the face of the planet, the new world order. agenda 21, the codex a and the huge social engineering shifts by all left wing governments, media and so called champagne green socialists who follow the trends towards global warming. soon freedom of the press will be curtailed, the internet policed and it will all be because our leaders say it is good for us, nations so diluted by immigration and the multiculturalism this creates, yes there are benefits but when there are very dangerous consequences to, and soon, australia will be no different form europe and america because globalisation has no boundaries, yes labour governments and green governments use multiculturalism as a weapon, it’s quite clever because the people who enter the country will always vote for the people who let them in, and so will their families. and generally there is nothing wrong with this, if the values of the host nation are accepted by new arrivals, sure there is a period of discord and settling in time, it generally all works out peachy, except with islamists who have the same agenda as nazi germany, to take over the world, kill jews, gays and wear a uniform. yes their agenda is the ‘caliphate’ and as population demographics show, it’s coming, yes if gadaffi can be the head of human rights for the united nations why not the leader of a middle east death cult?
    there is one little country that refuses to shift it’s stance on immigration, it functions on what everyone else thinks is a racist agenda but in actual fact it is self preserving and the most functional multicultural state on earth with a healthy diverse population who all share the fact they are jews, the very fact israel is a success is major issue for the globalists who would like a world with no borders,
    ideologies will compete and eventually memes will find allies, islam and the socialists, and eventually democracy will be subverted from within.
    australia abstained the un vote after spending 60 million dollars on securing a seat because the labour ministers all wanted to appease their islamic voters. right or wrong no longer matters and thus morality becomes opaque.