British psychotherapists gear up for racist boycott of Israeli psychotherapists.

Martin Kemp, Teresa Bailey, Jeff Halper, David Harrold at the Guild of Psychotherapists, Nelson Square, London on Wednesday night.

Martin Kemp, Teresa Bailey, Jeff Halper, David Harrold at the Guild of Psychotherapists, Nelson Square, London on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday night I found myself sitting among 60 or so psychotherapists and mental health workers at the Guild of Psychotherapists in London for the launch meeting of the UK-Palestine Mental Health Network.

The four panelists were David Harrold and Mohamed Altawil, both of the Palestine Trauma Centre UK, psychotherapist Martin Kemp and ubiquitous Israel-hater Jeff Halper of Israeli Committee against House Demolitions. Chairing the evening was psychotherapist Teresa Bailey.

The evening was supposed to be about helping the Palestinians but, as ever, it quickly dissolved into an evening of unmitigated attacks on Israel and Zionism, and calls for a boycott of the Jewish state. Contributions from panelists were very short so as to encourage comments from the audience.

First to speak was Altawil who discussed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder suffered by Palestinian children. He said the biggest trauma was when Palestinian children lost their houses and he accused Israel of “working to kill Palestinians from the inside”.

Harrold said Palestinians were in an “abusive relationship” shown by Israeli politicians talking about “putting Palestinians on a diet” and how they “must be made to feel a defeated people”. He said the Palestinians had been “reduced to a level of thinking only about the problem of survival, nothing else”.

Harrold continued “if you are sane you are going to resist” and he then listed certain ways of resisting which included “rockets and martyrs’ funerals”. He said he did not endorse such methods. He didn’t say he denounced them either.

Halper, who wishes to boycott Israel out of existence, called for the mobilisation of “civil society”.

Kemp criticised David Cameron for “declaring himself rock solid in his support of Israel”. Kemp described politicians who speak up in support of Israel as “hypocritical” and he invoked Ghada Karmi, Ronnie Kasrils, Desmond Tutu, Alice Walker, Angela Davis and Judith Butler to support his notion that Israel has an “apartheid system”.

Kemp finished by saying that “the west’s embrace of Zionism is having a detrimental effect on our own political culture”.

For more on Kemp’s ideological hatred towards Israel read his article To Resist Is To Exist in Therapy Today in which he seems to compare Israel to Nazi Germany when he invokes Emanuel Berman who said:

‘The lessons from Germany… and from Chile… point… to the need for analysts in all countries to confront openly major issues in their country’s history… Israeli society, and more specifically the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which it is engulfed, is a case in point…’

From the floor Derek Summerfield, a senior lecturer and another seemingly vicious anti-Israel polemicist said “boycott is the only tool” and David, a young social worker in London who didn’t give his surname, suggested they should “hit Israelis economically”.

Andrew Samuels, a founding member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, a psychotherapist, political consultant and professor of Analytical Psychology at the University of Essex, seems to be a master of the dark arts of which his ideological mentor Carl Jung would not have approved.

Samuels suggested the Jewish community would respond to a political move couched in terms of “mental health and therapy”.

He was “excited about setting up a line of influence that ends up in governmental circles” and the “prestigious meeting rooms in Parliament” which would be provided.

He said “histrionics, the worst case scenario, emotional blackmail and all that kind of thing” should be used.

He complained that “the psychotherapy world is two-thirds pro-Israel”. But, he said, “we have to have the fight…the question is how best to make a lot of noise because noise really does matter. Losing debates and resolutions doesn’t matter viewed in the context of historical time. You have to lose a lot before you have the remotest possibility of winning anything.”

Margaret McCallin, an elderly English lady and a retired psychotherapist, said that “the mental health of the Palestinians must be seen in the context of violation of human rights and the ongoing violence from which these people see no end”.

She said that despite the way the Palestinians live in Gaza “they don’t get up and start slaughtering the Israelis on the border or any of the others”. How delightfully generous of her.

Finally, Teresa Bailey took a vote to gauge support for the UK-Palestine Mental Health Network and quoted Martin Luther King’s “what is remembered are not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”.

There were many other vicious comments about Israel from the floor, yet not one mention of Palestinian terror group Hamas and its real oppression of Palestinian women, gays and dissidents.

So expect a racist boycott of Israeli psychotherapists and mental health workers along the lines of the RIBA boycott of Israeli architects anytime soon.

Wednesday night at Guild of Psychotherapists.

Wednesday night at Guild of Psychotherapists.


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  1. Re Architects:

    The fightback against the entryist Hayeem and his misguided acolytes is gathering momentum:

    The Solo Practitioners Group (SPG) has demanded Portland Place abandon its controversial motion against Israeli architects
    The linked society of the RIBA has written to institute president Stephen Hodder calling for a U-turn on demands for the International Architects Union (UIA) to suspend the membership of the Israeli architects’ representative body.
    The North West of England-based organisation spoke out against the motion after its annual general meeting on 1 April ruled the policy was ‘not representative’ of its membership.
    Adopted on 19 March, the motion tabled by past president Angela Brady followed the IAUA’s continued failure to punish architects breaching the UIA’s 2005 Resolution 13 condemning the building of settlements on occupied land.
    The letter from SPG chair Ron Gonshaw said the agreement failed to support the RIBA’s aim of promoting architecture and that insufficient time had been given to debate the issue and gain a balanced view from members.
    He added: ‘The RIBA in this motion is involving itself in the complexities of international politics [but] the first debate should be to establish if it is the wish of the membership to examine and scrutinise the civil rights records of every country.’
    The letter continued: ‘This motion implies that the RIBA is partisan in the complex political situation in the Middle East, which is more damaging to the perception of RIBA and it’s members than the likely effectiveness of any possible resulting outcome.
    ‘We believe that the motion is ill judged for the above reasons and should therefore be withdrawn.’
    The SPG’s criticism comes shortly after the Israeli Association of United Architects called on Prime Minister David Cameron to block the motion.

  2. These guys need a shrink!

  3. Note that the Nazis, just as the “Palestinians”, were defeated. The notion of their defeat, their guilt, its acceptance by those defeated and their will to move on and rebuild a new life was the begginning of the New Germany.

    All Germans were not Nazis, but all paid for the genocidal antisemitism of their leaders. Same thing is happened to “Palestinians”. No psychologist should ignore that. These ones do.

  4. Well, everyone knows that psychotherapists are nuts. If this is an example of their political sophistication, then I’m with Harry B. Myer. Considering that most psychiatrists are still Jewish, I don’t think these boycotters have much chance of success.

    • You ignore those Jews who crave acceptance by their anti-semitic colleagues – hoping for crumbs and advancement.

      Jewish Uncle Toms.

      • Or, indeed, kapos. Only with less justification.

        I am with Josephine. From my experience over many years, most psychotherapists are well around the twist.

    • But apparently not so nuts as for these scumbags to represent a third by Andrew Samuels’ appraisal.

      If anything, his own utterances from suggest he should have his accreditation yanked for resorting to personality disordered behaviours to get their way.

      “He was “excited about setting up a line of influence that ends up in governmental circles” and the “prestigious meeting rooms in Parliament” which would be provided.

      He said “histrionics, the worst case scenario, emotional blackmail and all that kind of thing” should be used.”

  5. These psycho-fascists are the later day versions of the lawyers, doctors, educators who supported National Socialist Germany in the 30’s and 40’s.

    They also demonstrate that being “educated” is no shield against becoming deranged hate mongers.

    This episode reminds me of the time when Hamass kidnapped British journalist Alan Johnston in Gaza, and the British National Union of Journalists (NUJ) voted to boycott Israel!!!

    There is something terribly wrong with the UK.

    Let us never forget that the UK released the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 – who returned to Libya, welcomed as a returning hero, on the pretext of “compassion” – the “compassion” for Libyan oil contracts.

    • Of course ‘education’ – in the societally conventional sense – is no shield. There are plenty of university professors and famous writers who are demented antisemites.

  6. Always seems to be an ‘ Ashamed Jew ‘ in the role of circus master

  7. They need their heads read – psycho is perhaps the word that applies to the novice politicians who have forced this resolution without any debate and consideration.

  8. I can only see projection amongst this group of psychotherapists. It does happen….when the hated part of the self cannot be tolerated and has to be projected onto a target group. In this case, Israel and the Jews. To be in denial of this condition is to compound the problem. As a psychotherapist myself, I should be more than happy to see this group – as a group – for a few sessions. I do charge exorbitant fees, but only for deeply, problematic cases like this.

    • Sylvie, would you say that such projection has been one important component of antisemitism over the centuries?

    • projection for sure. I am not a pro in your field, but I’d say this was a roomful of serious narcissists and histrionics who just happen to be professionally accredited in mental health disciplines, especially the one advocating drama queen tactics in aid of the cause.

  9. wayne massey

    you people need to get back to the all fancy preacher who taught us to love one another and get away from those who preach hate

  10. Just thought I’d remind everyone of just what a bunch of lowlife losers are campaigning for Israel’s destruction:

    • londonistanbdsgroup
      By Fascists, For Fascists

      BTW, The Rolling Stones will be performing in Israel.
      roger waters cries tears of Eternal Nakba.

      Happy Eternal Nakba to the Fascists of the londonistanbdsgroup!

  11. At a recent dinner held in London, Ronald Lauder, chair of the WJC announced “We will draft and lobby for federal – anti-discrimination statutes in the United States against banks, businesses and governments that target only Israel. We will follow the money to find out just who is funding these attacks on Israel and if there is any connection to terrorism.” Why can’t we do the same here. I have long advocated following the money, I think it would be extremely enlightening, because I believe the money comes not only from Arab sheikhs, but from “charitable donations” at mosques all over the UK as well as from the rich backers who fund the likes of David Irving.

  12. Fan of Golda

    What a bunch of racist scum bags

  13. captain mission

    these psychos need to see a shrink