Families of Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall continue their war on Israel.

When Craig Corrie approached a group of pro-Israel activists outside the Hackney Empire before the start of a memorial concert for Rachel Corrie everyone was worried he would be angry. It was 1st November 2005, more than two years after Rachel Corrie, his daughter, was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza. She was 23.

The activists were holding up photos of Israeli Rachels murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Rachel Thaler was 16 when she died. She was also a British citizen. The others were Rachel Levy, 17, Rachel Levi, 19, Rachel Charhi, 36, Rachel Gavish, 50, Rachel Ben Abu, 16, Rachel Kol, 53, and Rachel Shabo, 40.

As Tom Gross wrote in 2005 “Even though Thaler was a British citizen, born in London, where her grandparents still live, her death has never been mentioned in a British newspaper.”

But Mr Corrie was not angry. Instead, he was very polite and after he had looked over the photos of the Rachels he said that they were all in his thoughts.

Sadly, his and his wife’s Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice now engages in the childish, ignorant politics of the average anti-Israel activist. The foundation calls for a boycott of Israel and for “the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes”, which would inevitably mean Israel’s destruction.

When I searched the foundation for mentions of the Israeli Rachels it returned “No posts found”.

Yesterday, I was at SOAS in London for the Not Afraid To Look exhibition, which is based on the photos and quotes of Tom Hurndall, aged 22 when he died from his injuries after being shot by an Israeli soldier in Gaza, and Rachel Corrie.

Both were “trained by” the International Solidarity Movement. ISM, the exhibition states, “provided support through non-violent action against arbitrary house demolitions and land theft by the occupying Israeli forces”.

Nowhere, was it mentioned that Israel imprisoned the soldier that shot Tom or that a thorough investigation acquitted the bulldozer driver of intentionally killing Rachel.

In a sideroom at SOAS I also attended a four-way Skype session that linked up activists in London, Gaza, Edinburgh and Olympia in Washington state, USA where the Corries are based. Tom’s mother, Jocelyn, was in the room in London.

Sadly, Rachel and Tom’s memories were commemorated by racist, childish songs sung from Edinburgh calling for Israel to be boycotted.

Here are some of the lines:

Don’t buy dates, don’t buy jaffa fruits, don’t buy Israeli wines, there’s a boycott going on.

Just read the labels, no looking back, if made in Israel, it stays on the rack.

Tell all your neighbours, don’t be shy, read all the labels before you shop, Israel’s apartheid’s got to stop.

Afterwards, Cindy Corrie praised those lyrics. Haider Eid, in Gaza, told the four-way Skype audience that Israel’s Operation Cast Lead “happened in response to harmless rockets from Gaza”. Meanwhile, the main guest, Jeremy Corbyn MP, failed to show up.

I can understand that the families of Tom and Rachel want justice but when you read the quotes of their children below, especially Tom’s, one has to question just what they were doing in such a dangerous predicament, especially considering that Tom arrived in Gaza AFTER Rachel had been killed.

The two families will, no doubt, continue their quest against Israel but their children should not have been in Gaza and complicity in their tragic deaths lies not just with Israel but with Yasser Arafat, who launched the bloody Second Intifada, themselves as parents for not dissuading their children from going to a war zone and with the ISM who took them there.

Quotes from Not Afraid To Look:

“It is strange to know that each night people are shot and killed for breaking military curfew. And in the darkness on the north west side there is an Israeli settlement a few hundred metres away with a military sniper in between. Any one of us four could be being watched through a sniper’s sights at this moment. The certainty is that they are watching and it is on the decision of any one Israeli soldier or settler that my life depends. I know that I’d probably never know what hit me, but it’s part of the job to be as visible as possible.” Tom Hurndall 6/4/03

“Two ‘young’ brothers shot at by snipers in the tower. Mustafa hit in leg, Rushdie in throat while in the bathroom (through a misted glass window). Ironically, his best hope of survival is if his family pays $4,000 and apply to take him to Israel for treatment.” Tom Hurndall 11/4/03

“Our job is to keep water pumping machinery on-line during the curfew because Palestinian technicians would be shot at if they came out to do it. We stand a better chance.” Tom Hurndall 6/4/03

“It seems that all over Palestine the strategy is the same…They shoot at water tanks on the top of houses for fun. They destroy wells, give all the water supply to settlements and place the off-switch in settlers’ hands to use as a weapon. Everything is deliberately designed to lower the standards of life for Palestinians so that they just get up and leave.” Tom Hurndall 7/4/2003

“I think it is maybe official now that Rafah is the poorest place in the world.” Rachel Corrie 27/2/03

“Rachel (Corrie) was killed in Rafah a few weeks ago. It seems so unfair. Not just on the surface but looking at the images. I wonder how few or how many heard of it on the news and just counted it as another death, just another number…” Tom Hurndall 3/4/03

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  1. This is like saying : The families of Jewish Holocaust victims continue their war on Hitler’s Germany!!!

  2. “their children should not have been in Gaza”

    Strange thing to say Mr. Millett. They were invited by Gazans. They went there voluntarily.
    Do you not believe in freedom of movement? Do you not believe in foreign travel? Or solidarity? Or freedom of expression?

  3. richardmillett

    Yes, but they were ill advised. Others need to take responsibility for what happened to them. No one can face up to it though. Blaming only Israel is always the easy way out.

    • Yet they entered the Gaza Strip though Erez crossing. So, it was Israel that gave them access. If you still think it wasn’t anything to do with Israel, or the bulldozer driver, maybe it was the cruel policy of demolishing Palestinian homes that was the problem. Not everyone can be as accepting of that kind of bullying as you. I can see why the Corrie and Hurndall families might think it necessary to act against such behaviour. You say its war, yet Israel has guns and the families have words. Funny kind of war.

      • richardmillett

        I said Israel was complicit. So were the ISM, the families and the Palestinian leaderships.

      • Before 1967 there was never any mention of Palestine. Israel has never taken any Palestinian land as their is no such thing. Hamas, which runs Gaza has no end of weapons. Tom Hurndall should not have been there.

        Why cover your face?

      • The ISM trains its adherents how to lie their way into Israel.
        It has a booklet issued to them giving prepared answers to all eventualities of questioning.
        The Palestinian ‘homes’ are facades for structures housing weapons smuggled into Gaza through tunnels. Demolishing them may seem like bullying to you….to anyone with integrity and decency, it’s called self-defence.
        You are out of touch with the facts….Gaza is stuffed with weapons…..there are more AK7s than there are inhabitants….and the majority of the population is aged below 15 years!
        Ask yourself what Hamas wants, given that Israel evacuated Gaza, removing every vestige of Jewish presence there, including disinterring Jewish graves.
        It left behind only valuable income-producing greenhouses, paid for by American Jewish donors. They were trashed within days by the ‘poor’ Palestinians.
        Hamas has said what it wants….it will not stop rocketing Israel’s innocent civilians in the South, particularly taking aim at schoolchildren when travelling to and from school, until ” they all leave”. ie leave Israel.

        Interesting also, that the Hurndall’s were furious when it was revealed in court that the bullet came from an Arab soldier of the IDF.
        Wonder why they didn’t want that to be known?
        They then said that he wasn’t the guilty party, rather it was the ‘culture’ of the trigger-happy IDF..

      • Richard
        You appear to have attracted a Category A antisemite Roy Bard , mate of Israel Shamir and Atzmon . Here he is writing for DeLiberation


        Bard , just another antisemite using the Palestinian cause as a prop in order to mask his true agenda . Disgusting !

      • Thankfully Israel has guns – unlike the Jews of WW2.

        Is that what upsets you? Jews with guns to defend themselves and defeat their attackers?

        If only Lee Rigby had his weapons – he would still be alive.

      • Rachel Corrie died while trying to prevent the filling over of smuggling tunnels. There were no homes anywhere near the site where she died.

  4. Brian Goldfarb

    “Nowhere, was it mentioned that Israel imprisoned the soldier that shot Tom or that a thorough investigation acquitted the bulldozer driver of intentionally killing Rachel.” It’s interesting to note the countries which try and (if found guilty) imprison soldiers and policemen for unlawful killing. Israel does; the UK does (even if we think that some of the not guilty verdicts might be a little dodgy); the US does; certain European countries do. I don’t notice many countries in the vicinity of Israel noted for their willingness to impose a common definition of the rule of law on all, including the upholders of civil peace.

    Seems to me that you can either have a reasonably impartial legal system or you can have rough justice. It further strikes me that that the last people to run a judicial system are those who are the close relatives of victims. A little distance is needed, even if the close relatives are needed to keep the issue alive.

    • Jordan imprisoned the soldier responsible for the Island of Peace massacre of Israeli schoolgirls but 110 out of 120 MPs petitioned for his release last year calling him a “hero”. Vastly different case, however as these schoolchildren were not interfering in a conflict zone. Regardless, the Jordanian public generally considered them worthy targets for a “heroic” soldier.

  5. As usual the main culprit is ignored: the ideologue parents who shaped the stupid mind of their children. The Corries are guilty of causing the stupid death of their own child, as surely as is they have been driving a bulldozer on her.

    • @Jose
      I hope your comment was just a mis-judged and innappropriate attempt at satire Jose? Otherwise it is shameful and shows you have disrespected not only the Corries but also yourself.

      • No, it is very clearly the idiocy of parents that was transmitted to her child. The Corries do not deserve my respect for what they did. You don’t like it because your morals are twisted.

      • Satire would be what you imply:
        “Of course the Corries cannot be blamed putting silly notions such as antisemitism in their daughter’s head. Because they are the parents and thus they must be the victims.”

        By the way, justice said it wasn’t IDF’s responsibility nor the driver’s fault. So what remains is the idiotic Rachel Corrie and her similarrly idiotic patents who taught her racism was a good way to solve a problem.

      • Sorry Tard, I don’t “hang” with your “peeps”.

        But Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • @Jose
      Jose my friend, I think you may have been misinformed. Rachel Corrie was not anti jews or racist. She didn’t go to occupied Palestine with a weapon. She took her heart and it bled for humanity, it bled for you to Jose.
      You sound upset and angry, with a young woman whom you did not know, who was killed defending an oppressed people. Tell me, why is that?

      • The only message Corrie left is “Hate Jews, hate USA, support terrorism against them.”

      • I don’t recall hearing that message of hate at all. I also don’t think she hated America – but did not like what their foreign policy leads to.I do recall this message though:
        ” I’m witnessing this chronic, insidious genocide and I’m really scared, and questioning my fundamental belief in the goodness of human nature. This has to stop. I think it is a good idea for us all to drop everything and devote our lives to making this stop. I don’t think it’s an extremist thing to do anymore. I still really want to dance around to Pat Benatar and have boyfriends and make comics for my coworkers. But I also want this to stop. Disbelief and horror is what I feel. Disappointment. I am disappointed that this is the base reality of our world and that we, in fact, participate in it. This is not at all what I asked for when I came into this world. This is not at all what the people here asked for when they came into this world. This is not the world you and Dad wanted me to come into when you decided to have me. This is not what I meant when I looked at Capital Lake and said: “This is the wide world and I’m coming to it.” I did not mean that I was coming into a world where I could live a comfortable life and possibly, with no effort at all, exist in complete unawareness of my participation in genocide.”
        and it is entirely consistent with her dreams at the age of 10.

      • The text you copied is exactly the proof needed. Speaking of a genocide of ‘Palestinian’ is not only preposyerois, it is hate speech directed at Jews.ANTISEMITISM. The fact that you are unable to realise it makes you an antisemite as well, by the way.
        Thanks for that double proof!

        And keep us posted of ISM/Corries’ actions against the Egyptian regime. I’ll wait until Hell freezes over!

      • I can assure you that I have been involved in demonstrations against the Egyptian regime. In Egypt, with Egyptians! So has my friend Tom Dale – he was actually present when that bulldozer crushed Rachel.

        And yes, it does seem cold and hellish right now……..

        no sun for a week they say

      • I wouldn’t take the word of an obsessive liar. As far as I know, you are totally ignorant of what happened and have to believe that justice has been done. All the racists lost the case, in a court of law. Corrie died because of her parents’ hatred of Israel, supported by the lies and racism of ISM.

      • Racists of MB have lost as well. Egypt is now back with its usual military demons. At least, they can deal with Gaza in a way Israel would never be able to do.!

      • Rachel Corrie was a fool. A dupe. A useful idiot.

        Notice that NONE of her ISM comrades joined her. They sent her on a fools errand to defend palestinian terrorists. Her ISM comrades took pictures but did NOTHING to stop her, to protect her from herself.

        At least her parents got a framed picture of chairman arafat as a token of appreciation for her wasted life.

      • Were you there Edward? Because I know these people, and they never saw you there. I spent time talking to each of them, and their accounts are true and consistent.

      • True, consistent, are words that do not fit wit an Electronic Intinfada hate site link. Try again!

      • Sorry Tard, I don’t “hang” with your “peeps”.

        But Happy Eternal Nakba!

      • How is that four ISM comrades of ISM dupe Rachel Corrie were NOT willing to run in front of an on coming bulldozer as did their useful idiot RC?

        Apparently they had the sense that Rachel Corrie lacked.

        How much pressure did the ISM put on Rachel Corrie? Apparently a lot.

      • Corrie was made an easy dupe for ISM by her parents. They should get the blame. ISM has to find dupes, that is its job. But parents make their work possible.

      • And to all the other dupes waiting in line for their “hate Israel” trip, why is there not one protester in Egypt to help the “poor besieged Gazans” ?
        Oh I know: too much risk of being jailed, tortured, or killed by the nice friends of “Palestinians”!

      • Corrie went with hate in her heart. I’m am perfectly informed. This hate was put there by the only one who could, at her age: her hateful parents.
        Corrie didn’t defend oppressed people. She supported people who aided terrorism by preventing IDF to destroy terrorist infrastructures. These infrastructures are now systrmatically

  6. I travelled down from North Wales to be part of ‘the other Rachels’ group at the theatre. Ironically, talking to three young Muslim girls, I found them receptive of information about Israel. In contrast, a Jewish woman (on the Corrie side) was hysterical in her abuse of Israel, and I gave up trying to have a meaningful conversation. The Muslim call for a HUGE presence resulted in about six opposite us! I guess no one was interested in a white American Christian woman’s life

  7. “It’s clear by the Corrie family’s own expert – they nominated an expert to come to the court – their representative, said that it was impossible for the driver to see her.” Can be seen on BBC middle East WEB page

    However The Corrie`s refused to allow him to testify!

  8. I wouldn’t be too quick to judge the Corries. I too have a daughter Rachelle who is an IDF officer and though she often drives me mad, the love of a parent for his children is irrational and I dread to think of the stupid things I’d say or do if anything were to happen to her or any of the others.

    If her parents’ way of grieving is by trying to give her life and death meaning with little petitions or demonstrations, I say, “Let them be.”

    I once again welcome the ever inscrutable Khalid Amayreh. Anyone reading the article describing this colorful Arabian gentleman in Wikipedia will note that the most congenial Hamas supporter combines resistance to the evils of the Zionist entity, occasional stints of torture by the Palestinian authority and the upkeep of his own excellent blog, tastefully decorated with various infant body parts.

    Among Khalid’s many and varied achievements have been the ability to both compare us to Nazis and call us “Kikes” on the same page – for the latter he was bravely to later apologize. In the area of Islamic propaganda Khalid is without doubt a heavyweight, he takes each blow on the chin and rolls with the punches, He has also conscientiously culled some particularly damning quotes regarding Judaism and Jewish law from various anti-Semitic sites and uses then to counterattack when the moment seems apt. Nobody could accuse Khalid of neglecting his homework.

    While Khalid’s strategy is usually to get in, throw a few jabs and then disappear, a sort of “hit and run approach”, I believe that if he is neither offended nor abused, he could be persuaded to stick around, which would be to the benefit of us all. So everyone, please be gentle with him.

    Welcome home Khalid!!

    • The word ‘kike’ derives from the Yiddish word for circle, ‘kikel’. Illiterate Eastern European and Russian Jewish immigrants to the US when arriving at Ellis Island refused to sign their name with a cross because it reminded them of Christ, so they used a circle instead. Hence, the so-called offensive term ‘kike’ actually sprang from the genuinely offensive Jewish Christophobia.

      • Jews afraid of Christians???

        How could that be?
        – Crusades
        – Inquisition
        – Pogroms
        – Holocaust
        – Force conversions
        – “anti-Zionism”

        G-D Bless Christian Zionists for their support of Israel!

      • As usual, the antisemitic Ruth finds a reason to blame the victim. Why am I not surprised?

      • Ruth began by explaining the etymology of the word Kike, and to the best of my knowledge what she said is quite correct up until the “because it reminded them of Christ..” bit.

        The cross has long been seen by many Jewish legal opinions as a form of idolatry a that is why we refrain when possible from using it. For example many orthodox Jews don’t use the + sign in mathematics, break the cross of the king piece in chess (I don’t) – and there are other examples.

        Ruth talks about Christ as though that was his name (Mr. Jesus Christ esq. perhaps); a common mistake. In Sunday class she should have learned that this word means “anointed one” or messiah. Since neither I nor the Jews arriving on Ellis Island see or saw him as either of these, such terminology is alien to Jewish people just as we wouldn’t call Mussolini, the Duce. For all these reasons, the idea that “…it reminded them of Christ..” sounds doubly daft.

      • Ruth.

        Why is it offensive to you that persecuted Jews refused to sign their names with a cross?
        As to “genuinely offensive Jewish Christophobia”, ask yourself who persecuted whom throughout history?
        Did Jews inflict the crusades, pogroms, inquisition, holocaust, ghettoes etc etc upon Christians, or the other way round?

      • The root cause of antisemitism is Jewish racism and separatism.

      • How new! Such explanation has always been the justification for racism. Blaming the victim.
        Ruth is the living proof that anti-Zionism is antisemitism in tuxedo. Thanks for being so dumb, Ruth.

      • “Ruth”,

        Happy Eternal Nakba!
        May all your comrades plot for murderous Jihads turn into personal Nakbas!

        Your jihadi pals now have KGB Putin on the warpath to eliminate them. You know you have crossed the line when Putin is on your case – and Putin is not as solicitous to islamofascists as your ilk are.


      • Brian Goldfarb

        Ruth, 21.1.14, at 5.00pm “The root cause of antisemitism is Jewish racism and separatism.” Jose has already made the necessary statement, that you are blaming the victims. This phenomenon is well known to social scientists and is usually expanded to demand changes in the behaviour of the victim, on the basis that this will change the behaviour of the prejudiced oppressor. Equally, it is well known that no amount of change by the victim will change the attitude and behaviour f the oppressor. The change in the latter’s behaviour will only come about when the law (or other external enforcement) makes that behaviour more costly than not doing it.

        The quote below sums this whole area up beautifully:
        Kertzer (ed) “Old Demons, New Debates”

        “If you wish to understand racism, study whites, not blacks. If you wish to understand misogyny, study men, not women. If you wish to understand anti-Semitism, study non-Jews, not Jews. Indeed, the view that the explanation of prejudice is to be sought in its object is itself an expression of prejudice.”
        Leon Wieseltier ‘Old Demons, New Debates’ p. 3 in Kertzer, op cit.

        In other words, stop blaming me and my fellow Jews for your antisemitism.

      • Ruth | January 21, 2014 at 5:00 pm |
        “The root cause of antisemitism is Jewish racism and separatism.”

        In “separatism” you mean that the Jews have the audacity not to accept Christ as their Lord.
        It remains a thorn in the flesh of the Church that these Jews are so stubborn, doesn’t it?

        Ironic that an anti-Semite such as yourself should choose the name of a convert to Judaism…..Ruth…..”Your people shall be my people, where you go I shall go….”

  9. The ISM , an organisation utterly determined on Israel s eradication , is closely involved with Hamas and other terrorist organisations .
    They aid and abet Hamas in many ways including providing safe houses for terrorist operatives , blocking IDF actions in securing the capture of suspected terrorists . During the intifada , they presented themselves at the houses of homicide bombers in order to hinder IDF from gaining entry in order to gather evidence .
    The ISM use young idealistic people in a cynical manner , placing them in what is effectively a war zone . On the one hand their actions hinder the vital work of intercepting terrorists with the default and in the event that an activist is hurt or indeed killed then they have a propaganda scoop which they can milk indefinitely .
    The ISM is no benign humanitarian NGO . It is a working tool of Palestinian terror networks . It’s senior cadre should be viewed as a political wing of Hamas and treated as a hostile entity and culpable for the deaths of Corrie and Hurndall .

  10. Richard
    You appear to have attracted a Category A antisemite Roy Bard , mate of Israel Shamir and Atzmon . Here he is writing for DeLiberation


    Bard , just another antisemite using the Palestinian cause as a prop in order to mask his true agenda . Disgusting !

  11. Saint Pancake.

    If only the ISM would have saved her from herself. Her ISM comrades were too busy taking pictures than looking out for her.

  12. Yup. I follow your antics Richard. I follow those of Atzmon. And others.

    I have been to Palestine with the ISM. I have engaged in active BDS campaigns. But you come to our meetings all the time- and you complain when you’re told you’re welcome.

    I don’t have a secret agenda – just an exploring mind, and a desire to see the suffering in Palestine and Israel stop.

    The comments about Rachel are pretty damn vile. Just think about this, if they were about your sister how you would feel…….

    • Bard
      Go back to your primordial swamp you share with the likes of Adriana T over at DeLib . Here is one of your comments .

      Log in to Reply

      Roy Bard November 22, 2012 at 8:16 pm #
      : both are parasitic and drain the life force out of the host –in the case of the vampire the victim and in the case of the Jews an unwitting nation. Both have a symbolic connection to blood, and contact with either of them taints the blood. The eternal Jew (Der Ewige Jude of Nazi propaganda) and the vampire represent different forms of immortality: the Jews are virtually unchanged since the beginning of time and vampires cannot die on their own. They have certain physical characteristics in common: pallor and a generally unhealthy aspect, they wear black clothes and loathe the cross, holy water and other symbols of Christianity. = How Vampires Became Jewish

      Vampires are not Jews. Maybe we can allow one powerful, popular trend to be about someone else for a change?

      You use the Palestinian cause in order to conceal your hate for Jews . Richard should kick you into touch . Your presence pollutes a fine blog .

    • Hi Roy,

      You have asked a good question, and though I can’t promise that my mind is as “exploring” as yours, I would like to have a go at answering,

      You ask; “if they were about your sister how you would feel..”.

      I only have one sister who lives in what you call Palestine and what I call Southern Hebron – not far from where the Jewish people were first conceived and where King David ruled for seven years before moving his throne to Jerusalem. We have lived there continuously since long before the advent of Islam and only the massacres of the 20th Century forced us temporarily out.

      My sister is not a human shield. She is a mother of six and grandmother of many. Recently she was hit by a rock while driving home. It has happened many times. Thank G-d she was not hurt.

      However, returning to Rachel Corrie, she was a fully grown mature adult who chose to be human shield. Had she have been my sister, I would have pointed out that being a human shield is a risky occupation. If she had been my sister and she had told me that planned to stand in front of large moving vehicles, I would have pointed out that she might have wanted to take into consideration the possibility of being hurt of even killed. If she were to tell me that she had taken these into consideration and was still determined to run towards moving tractors, I’d ask her is she wished to die. If she were to say, “Yes”, I’d try to persuade her not to kill herself. If she were to say “No” I’d make the point that in which case running in front of large moving vehicles might not be the best idea.

      If Rachel Corrie was my sister, I might ask her why, with all the murder and carnage taking place in Egypt and Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. With all the rape in India and persecution of Christians and homosexuals just about everywhere in the Middle East why her focus was on the demotion of illegally constructed buildings.

      And if she had told me that “two wrongs don’t make a right” and that the 120,000 Syrians murdered are less important than Jews demolishing or building houses in the West Bank, then I might conclude that my sister Rachel is less of a humanitarian than I had thought.

      I’d still mourn her and be upset that the tractor diver didn’t see her, but if my kids were to ask me what happened to aunt Rachel, and whether I wanted them to grow up to be human shields too, I’d suggest that they use their “exploring” minds to find some other occupation.

    • I note that you say you have an exploring mind:

      Are you capable of asking yourself (and of answering honestly rather than from emotion) why it is that the likes of Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall should go to such inordinate, emotional lengths to become enmeshed with a cause which, when their and the conduct of others in the ISM & PSC is examined, smacks of psychological codependency rather than a sincere and realistic wish to better the lives of Palestinians? See below for how ISM/PSC consistently fails their Palestinian project*

      I can just about find a rationale for Mrs Corrie’s battening onto the same sort of obsession which got her daughter killed. Poor woman. Perhaps she has been led to believe that this is the only way to keep her daughter’s memory real and immediate.

      I suggest that you google co-dependency. You will see that both/all parties to a co-dependent relationship have much invested emotionally in having things remain the same, and in each side being needed by the other to remain the same. Thus, the PSC and ISM would have no role if the Palestinian governments suddenly realised that their current behaviours were getting them nowhere and decided to make lasting peace with their neighbour.

      *ISM’s and PSC’s relationship with Palestinians is unhealthily collusive. If they really wanted the best for Palestinians ISM/PSC would be encouraging them to state build and make peace with israel rather than engaging in the cloying pity which smacks of inverse racism (because their mindless support of and/or collusion with Palestinian violence implies that Palestinians cannot be expected to behave differently) and sticks the Palestinians in the self-reinforced victimhood with which they collude.

      I am glad that you and I agree that the suffering should stop. I suspect we differ, however, in how best to stop it, if you continue to give support to organisations which, far from improving matters, make them much much worse. It is an axiom in solution focused therapy that if a behaviour is not working for a person then s/he should stop that behaviour and try out something else which is more likely to work.

      ISM and PSC could set excellent examples of that if they tried hard enough.

  13. The difference being that if you check the link, I gave the sources. I also ended it with the two words. ‘You decide.’ – the second quote ended thus: “Vampires are not Jews. Maybe we can allow one powerful, popular trend to be about someone else for a change? ” It’s author was David Wolpe – senior rabbi of Sinai Temple.

    Harvey has had his mind so distorted that he cannot understand that I am a human, who will not be told how to think. Especially by someone as nasty as Harvey. What about you Richard? Do you have an open mind? Do you just want to tell the truth, whatever you think it is at the time? Do you really have a right to attend our meetings?

    Harvey either hasn’t found this yet (in which case his google is broken) or he has censored it. http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2013/09/512808.html

    How does an article called Me, Richard Millett and the ‘Truth’ sound? Do you think you’d like it as much as Gilad liked his?

    • richardmillett

      do i have a right to attend your meetings? Yes. Hold them in your home if you don’t want someone to report on your activities.
      Is it very nice of you to write that Vampires are not Jews. I must say i feel a lot better now.

    • Unfortunately, Ba(r)d cannot be told how to think. He lacks whatever is needed to grasp such a concept, much less grasp how to do it.

  14. Hee I don’t even believe vampires exist. I see you’re still struggling with my reply to Jose. Still loading the dice. So, if you can see that Harvey misrepresented my views – why can’t he? And why can’t he understand that all Greenstein did was establish guilt by association. He failed to actually prove any actual racism on my side.

    At Goldsmiths they told me I should read a wide range of sources, try to understand what they were saying, and then come to my own conclusions. Is SOAS less fussy?

    I’m waiting for Harvey to come back with the deLiberation comments where I refuse to read an article because it starts off with the claim that ‘Jews are not human’. Do you think he will?

    • Roy Bard
      Your comment speaks for itself and no amount of smoke and mirrors will deflect from the fact you inhabit a dark place and associate with the vilest of antisemites . That is your natural inclination . At least have the courage to be true to yourself . Reading your bilge is akin to reading Mein Kamph .
      You have taken advantage of Richards good will and reluctance to block individuals including dyed in the wool racists like you .
      The PSC has been exposed time and again as a repository for antisemites . No amount of Greenstein washing change that .
      In order to recover some sense of decency and morality to this thread here is a truly remarkable speech from a great leader and friend of Israel


      Bard , your hatred and racism will be your final legacy . Nothing more .

    • Bard,
      Your picture really tells the whole story. You’re wearing a mask so as not to be identified while giving the finger. A real hit & run driver. Enough said. You’re absolutely creepy.

  15. Its interesting that you feel it needs such a ‘powerful’ man to combat my views. Even Harper didn’t go to Sharon’s funeral. In fact not one serving world leader managed to get to Sharon’s funeral. Blair went but who does he serve? Harper did get to Madiba’s funeral though, along with many world leaders (barring Netanyahu…..)

    It so goes that I am closely linked to this thread. I was in Palestine when Rachel was crushed under that bulldozer. People I knew well saw it happen. I was in rafah the next day and spoke with them about it. I’ve met the Corrie’s and had a meal with them. I’ve even been in the same places as Richard on several occassions. (I’ve even met Greenstein a few times.)

    But you just believe what you read and agree with on the internet Harvey. And as we’ve already seen, you either don’t understand what you read, or you willfully misrepresent it. I haven’t read your Harper link btw. It’s nothing to do with the thread, and is nothing to do with me.

    Is this thread about racism, a war on Israel, about whose children should be in Gaza (remember the settlements are gone now) , about whether we can make someone kill us, or they have to choose to do it themselves?

    Or about Harvey and his knowledge of people he doesn’t know, and things he hasn’t thought about?

    • Ah.. now I see. “I was there when…” – trying to get attention by parasitic attachment.

      “People I knew well saw it happen…” akin to “I danced with a girl who danced with a man who danced with a girl who danced with the Prince of Wales”.

      Other people saw it happen, too, but you yourself didn’t.

      This is the most plausible account of it, taking into account all the variables. Can you be man enough to read it, given that even the thought of reading the link about Harper must’ve upset you?


      And see also:

      “.. Numerous pictures of Corrie standing defiantly in front of an Israeli bulldozer appeared in the media, but upon investigation it transpired that not a single one was from the incident that killed her. Some were taken hours before the fatal incident with a different bulldozer; others were sloppy photoshopped forgeries. Why were there photos after she was injured and not before?

      “Corrie was not the only member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who was nearly crushed beneath the bulldozer’s maw that day. Indeed, at least two – “Will and Jenny” – were pulled away by their colleagues at the last second.

      “Immediately after Corrie’s death, several leaders of ISM were interviewed. They didn’t express horror or even sorrow. They spoke of peace soldiers’ sacrifices in battle and the PR benefits of an American woman dying at hands of Israel’s army.”

      Question: Was this “ghoulish photographer” the friend you mention?

      “The ghoulish photographer was an ISM member who went by the name of “Joe Smith.” His real name: Joseph Carr, a self-proclaimed anarchist who apparently used aliases to travel in and out of Israel and anti-American hotspots like Fallujah, Iraq. His March 17 affidavit immediately after Corrie’s death suggests a narcissist who speaks more about his trauma than Corrie’s death, and an agitprop specialist who had all of the press contacts and numbers readily at hand to launch a press campaign just 30 minutes after her death. Here is an excerpt, as the affidavit appeared on Electronic Intifada:

      ” I was doing interviews non-stop starting 30 min. after her death, all the way until midnight, and then starting again at 6am and continuing all day today. I literally would never hang up the phone, just switch to an incoming call on call waiting. When I did finally get a second to breathe, I’d have like 30 missed calls.

      “Anyway, it was a bit therapeutic I think, telling the story over and over, and interviews make me feel [as if I was doing something] important [in the aftermath]. All this thing is a media event now, so we must continue a campaign as hard as possible before the new and bigger tragedy, the Iraq war, begins. The few hours I had off last night between midnight and 4am, was spent organizing today’s events, press conferences, live TV/radio interviews, a demonstration and the beginnings of the traditional Palestinian 3-day ceremony…

      ” (By the way, I took the pictures you may have seen of her, standing with the megaphone in front of the bulldozer, and the ones of her friends helping her.)

      “Was Corrie some cast member for an ISM production directed by Joe Smith/Carr (who incidentally also showed up several weeks later at the scene of the shooting death of another ISM pawn in Gaza)?”
      (source http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/who-killed-rachel-corrie/)

  16. 3 Internationals were killed in the same month as Rachel. Tom Hurndall and James Miller being the other 2. My friend Brian Avery was standing on a street corner in Jenin and got shot in the mouth. Its almost as if if it suddenly became open season on Internationals. Yet internationals continue to go to Palestine with the ISM and the new “Solidarity Movement for Free Palestine” without being killed. http://solidaritymovementsfp.wordpress.com/
    Is it because Sharon is dead, or Arafat is dead, or the publicity that the killings caused was really bad for Israel?

    I should also point out that I got to share a cell with Vittorio Arrigoni in Tel Aviv. He was murdered by 4 Palestinians.

    “Khaleel Shaheen of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in Gaza, a friend of Arrigoni, says: “What has happened is a black day in Palestinian history. The horrific murder of our friend Vittorio is totally condemned. We ask the local authorities to bring the criminals to justice as soon as possible. He is in our minds always. He is a hero of Palestine.”

    I love Vittorio and I try every day to ‘Stay Human’. And there is no room for racism in humanity.


    • You did not answer my 2 posts to you earlier.

      That says it all. You are entitled to your own opinions but not to your own facts.

      As to the murder of Arrigoni by the Palestinians he loved so much, doesn’t that demonstrate the nature of the barbarians you seek to defend?

    • See my reply to you above, about the possible/probable commonality between them and Corrie and Hurndall in terms of codependency needs.

      It’s a parsimonious explanation, but nonetheless and interesting one, isn’t it?

    • Roy Tard,

      This Pat Condell video accurately describes you and your regressive “progressive” comrades.

      Useful idiots for Palestine

    • See my post directly above, and particularly about the presence at all the deaths of a certain “ghoulish photographer”. What makes you believe that such behaviour can possibly advance your cause?

    • Roy Tard,

      You boy Vittorio Arrigoni was executed by his islamofascist comrades in Gaza.


      Vittorio got his own Darwin Award.

  17. Bard.

    And BTW, where or what is Palestine?
    It doesn’t exist.
    There is Gaza, Israel, Judea and Samaria and Jordan.
    It has never existed as an Arab state, kingdom or anything throughout history.
    Until 1948 the Jews were exclusively known as Palestinian…..a name scorned by the Arabs. There is no word, Palestinian, in the Arabic language.
    In 1969 the Jordanians on the West Bank, defeated together with Jordan in their war of extermination against Israel, purloined the name in order to steal the territory allotted to the Jews in the binding agreements of 1920.

    Your hatred and bigotry ill conceals your abysmal ignorance.

  18. ‘As to the murder of Corrie by the israelis you love so much, doesn’t that demonstrate the nature of the barbarians you seek to defend?’

    Is that what you meant? Is it helpful in any way?

    As to Palestine, its the place where I went a good few years ago – some if it is now referred to as the Occupied West Bank, some of it Gaza, some of it as East Jerusalem, and some of it as 48 Israel.

    ‘Your hatred and bigotry ill conceals your abysmal ignorance.’

    Oh my – was that me reflecting you back at you 😀

    Are we getting anywhere on this thread discussing an imaginary war, imaginery hatred,and imagined racism? Or is it just a hate filled echo chamber?

    • Tell me, Bard, is it an echo chamber because your own voice is all you can hear? You don’t seem to be listening properly to anyone else’s.

      Why do you think that your hard work is not appreciated by the Palestinian objects of your pity, to the extent that some of them are even willing to kill you? Try not to get angry or insulting. I’d really like to take your mind on that.

      Also, can you tell us whether Vittorio Arrigoni’s murderers were, in fact, brought to justice by the Hamas? If not, why not do you think?

    • Richard A. is comong back with his very real antisemitic hatred. Not imaginary at all.
      Antisemitism has beem the panacea of your grandpa. Yeah, I know he died in a concentration camp, falling from a mirador.
      So, West Bank is a silly name given by uneducated people (Jordanian colonialists). To the people who lived there before amd after, it is known as Judea Samaria. Get this silly notion? Judea – Jews?
      So, racists are on your side, trying to Judenrein Judea. That is now clear.
      Israel is now much more prudent with racists who blame Israel for the troubles they get in the disputed Jewish territories. These youngsters are unable to assume the consequences of their silly actions. That’s the Vittorio Arrigoni syndrome.

  19. Roy Bard
    You truly flatter yourself if you believe I posted the Harper speech to the Knesset in order to counter your views .
    Preposterous ! I posted it as an example of the soaring heights of morality and decency one man could aspire to in stark contrast to the depths of depraved ideology that you have immersed yourself .
    As for your repeated disclaimers regarding charges of antisemitism , while you are only an F list ‘ celebrity ‘ you are not unknown to us .


    Is Roy Bard an anti-semite? Is Indymedia UK an anti-semitic site?

    Finally, this question. At this point it’s generally recognized that no single individual did more damage to the Indymedia movement in the UK than Roy Bard. He was at the center of the Atzmon crisis, driving a wedge straight through Indymedia in order to keep the antisemite Atzmon’s Jew-hating posts up over deep and principled objections of other IMCistas. He was also at the center of the Mayday coup, the reprehensible decision to unilaterally powergrab and seize shared Indymedia resources, including the domain, by locking out those he declared to be his enemies. And he has presided over the increasingly empty husk of Indymedia UK as it has spiralled down the page ranks like a WWI fighter plane with a wing shot off.

    What’s more notable is that, since my last update a few years ago, Bard has essentially thrown aside any pretense of not being an antisemite himself. His participation in the deeply, floridly antisemitic site “deliberation.info,” which he co-founded with Gilad Atzmon in January 2012 and which quickly became a cesspit of raw Jew-hating, makes it clear that he has no fundamental ethical problem hanging out with the “Jews run the world and faked their own Holocaust” set and cheering them on. He’s embraced the “Khazar” fantasy – a favorite of white power activists like David Duke – that Ashkenazi Jews aren’t really genetically related to Sephardic Jews and cannot trace their lineage to ancient Israel. Every genetic study shows that Bard is wrong on this, but given a choice between firmly established scientific fact and an Atzmon-approved fairy story that lets him bash the Jews, no one will be surprised that he chooses the latter.

    More information on the development of Bard’s anti-Semitism is here, in a series of very damning comments about the deliberation.info hate site. Bard has – naturally – hidden the comments, because they make him look just as bad as he turns out to be. The good stuff is near the bottom.

    So: yes, by now the record is quite clear. Roy Bard is an anti-semite. He attacks anti-semitism on the right, but when it appears on the left he can’t lift a finger against it. Just can’t do it. Will do everything in his power to avoid even seeing it. What’s worse, he actively tries to silence any criticism of anti-semitism when it’s on the left. Every time, year after year after year, given a choice between promoting and defending Atzmonian anti-semites and Holocaust deniers, on one hand, or repudiating them on the other hand, he’s applauded the anti-semites and condemned those who said such people should be no-platformed. And he has effectively destroyed Indymedia UK, driven among other things by his desire not to have his own antisemitism silenced.

    It is no longer possible to give him the benefit of the doubt, because there is no longer any doubt. Does Roy Bard have a serious problem with the Jews? Hell yes. And as long as he remains ensconced at post-coup Indymedia UK, everyone who remains willingly associated with him at Mayday carries the stain of Bard’s anti-semitism.

    What happens to the Indymedia site now? This damage is irreversible – any IMCista who objected to Bard has long since abandoned the ship. Like Bard’s Jew-hating party “deliberation.info”, Indymedia UK – now past saving – will drift to the bottom, even further into obscurity.

    And so thick its its self-delusion, it won’t even know why.

    Indymedia deserved better.

    So that’s it . Just another poseur shill for the PSC / ISM et al while using it as a cover for his primary agenda .

    You should not be commenting here .

  20. Harvey –

    You’re wrong about me being a shill for the PSC – you really must get your google fixed:


    I don’t like censorship…….. but you can’t get enough of it. What are you scared of? A real debate? Your own ‘truth’?

    Indymedia is still going. You’ve seen the links to it.

    So even Gehrig the Zionist (author of that blog) was wrong.- I do remember his own Indymedia distancing itself from him publicly though……..


    • richardmillett

      I think it is you who is scared of debate and the truth, Roy. All the meetings I attend there is never any debate, just a wholescale attack on Israel; calls for it to be boycotted, calls for it to be destroyed etc.. And all held in public space and on public property like universities who normally provide your cause with free space at taxpayers and students expense. It is the hard pressed student who actually partially funds all these anti-Israel hate-fests. I don’t think you are interested in debate at all. I wish you were. Anyway, i will came say hello when i see you next now i know who you are.

      • It is also worth noting that the pro-islamofascist crowd opposes recording of what is said at their rallies.

        Richard has documented the demands and threats that he stop recording what is said at pro-islamofascist “debates”.

        Hardly the free and open exchange of ideas – but that of a regressive, stalinist closed society.

    • Thanks for the link Roy . I should of course have said shill for Atzmon .
      In fact the link demonstrates how far you have travelled beyond the ‘milder antisemitism ‘of the PSC . You excoriate the proponents of that infamous PSC AGM for the AS hunt which lets face it , had nothing to do with expelling racists and everything to do with cleaning up their act in order to present a more user friendly face to the world in general . You, Atzmon and the others fell foul of the PSC star chamber ( Greenstein ) and you’ve been seething ever since .

      But thanks for the link . You just proved all I said .

  21. Richard, I launched into replies before I complimented you on this article. As ever, it’s thought-provoking and well-expressed and, to my mind, has the desired effect – it brings out of the woodwork the unfortunates who believe that Zionists/Jews have no right to counter the hatred of them and allows us to deal with them accordingly.

    Keep up your excellent work.

  22. “The root cause of antisemitism is Jewish racism and separatism.” – Ruth

    Nice one Ruth! That’s why Hitler killed six million. It wasn’t because he was a racist, it was because they were. It was our “separatism” that really upset old Uncle Adolf. That’s why he gassed us.

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Scratch most “opponents of Zionism” or “campaigners for Palestinian rights” and beneath that wafer thin veneer of humanity, concealed by that well-meaning grin, there’s a vicious anti-Semitic monster.

    “The root cause of antisemitism is Jewish racism and separatism.” – I have no idea who were your parents or your teachers, but if that is what you have learned from them, they failed you terribly.

    You are a disgrace.

    • All are antisemitic to one degree or another . Some like Roy further up make no pretence about it . You just have to follow the slime trail to their caves and record their output .

      For the rest the term Zionist replaces Jew when they call for a ‘one state solution . Never mind the small matter that Israelis would never so much as contemplate such an absurdity . That’s how they qualify for the AS club .

      Poor Greenie really has his work cut out playing hunt the Jew hater within the PSC . Not that he’s not one himself having campaigned for Israels eradication for the past 40 or so years .
      No wonder he’s sick . All that venomous hate has got to have an effect at some stage .

  23. “I can understand that the families of Tom and Rachel want justice but when you read the quotes of their children below…..”.

    Huh? Which Tom? Hurndall or Gross? Which Rachel? Corrie or Thaler? If it’s Hurndall and Corrie did either they both have children? If Gross and Thaler, why would it matter what his kids think and how old were Thaler’s kids?

    C’mon Richoard. Write clearly.

  24. The almighty Harvey appears to have hit the nail on the head.” Some like Roy further up make no pretence about it ” But has he? I happen to know Roy Bard quite well, in fact I have an intimate and uncomfortable connection with him, sometimes I loathe him and sometimes I almost manage to have compassion for him,. The internet is a strange thing, in that it allows a whole lot of unconnected thoughts to connect in an almost measurable way. So, if I can’t remember what Roy Bard said, I can always use google ……….. and if I can use google, so can Harvey. Let him provide my own words as evidence that I hate people who happen to have been born into a family that regarded itself as Jewish.
    So what is it I am accused of this time? That I hate babies? That I want to kill babies? That I love some babies more than other babies? Why don’t you all knowing folk tell me what I think?
    But maybe it is not about babies – little innocent humans who get to experience the wrath of their ancestors, and the trauma of their ancestors – I think Jose suggested that we have our world shaped for us, and that therefore we are entitled to blame our parents for the silly ideas that we get and the murderous things that happen to us when we act on them…… I am not sure if his cutting edge analysis extends as far as the possibility that our parent’s parents may also have had their worlds shaped for them too………….. So some people look at Palestine and see racism, oppression, de-humanisation, the theft of dignity, dispossession etc etc whilst others look at Palestine and cannot even see it – because their world was shaped without a Palestine in it. And others see terrorists (in South Africa we were taught to fear the Terrs too – we also had the Swart Gevaar (Black Danger) the Rooi Gevaar (blerry communists) and there was also the Roman Danger (blerry Catholics) We were constantly reminded that we were under threat, that no-one gave a damn about us (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeDk6ZeGNnU) and yet I managed to get past all that danger and find somewhere where I felt comfortable, where the people around me seemed to be more like me ………. but only after Maggie and Ronnie had done their Foxtrot or whatever dance it was that they were doing ….. and now somehow the world seems to have turned into this really unfriendly place where everyone knows that everyone else hates them. And the interesting thing for me is that many of the reasons people are so distrustful of those they do not know, has no apparent link to Jews or Jewishness. So I am inclined to think we have a global problem with the way our world has been shaped for us. Which means that we have to reshape that world, so that our kids have a chance of a happier life. How racist is that notion?
    BTW bulldozers are inanimate objects until some human climbs aboard and operates them. I would stop my bulldozer if there was any possibility that it would hurt kids and other living things……

  25. Systematically being destroyed by the Egyptian Army with the same good reasons. But suddenly, no protesters, no voluntary human shields from ISM.
    Don’t be furious that Corrie’s racist hate has been exposed. ISM is as dead as she is.

    • @Jose
      No Jose, you really don’t mean that. Listen to yourself. You do not sound well.
      Above, a poster called “Babs” wrote;
      “trying to get attention by parasitic attachment.”
      After reading all the comments so far, an image of an unhealthy peurile parasitic feeding frenzy has manifested itself.
      This is not how normal balanced people behave. A peaceful unarmed woman has been killed and you celebrate and feast on the fact.
      Rachel did not harm or wish harm upon anyone.
      I ask you again why do you have such hatred towards her?
      You sound very unhappy, percecuted and angry. Rachel was not the cause. Your feelings are misdirected. Take responsibility and cast out your sickness for your own sake and for those whom you share this world.
      If you make your bed in Hell, I will be there.
      A song for us all;

      • Poor Tim! You would be troubled to learn I never celebrated any death, even that of a terrorist, much less that of an idiot. But your antisemitic hate doesn’t teach you how to read, does it?
        All I did was putting the blame on the right persons: Corrie’s parents who taught her to believe every stupidity they believe and ISM who taught her to hate Israel and her own country.
        You’re really sick.

      • tim,

        Rachel Corrie was a Useful Idiot.

        She died due to pressure from her ISM handlers who set her up for her fatal encounter. NONE of her ISM handlers joined her in her fools errand – to stand in front of an on coming bulldozer. Her comrades were wisely a safe distance away – to take pictures.

        Happy Eternal Nakba Useful Idiot tim!

      • You are correct that it is a form of parasitism for Hamas/the PA to batten onto their people and drain them of all self-respect unless they agree to fight in wars they cannot win.

        If Rachel Corrie did not harm or wish harm on anyone why did she join the ISM, who are hardly boy scouts? Why did she not work harder to encourage Palestinians not to pursue endeavours bound to end in failure and to pursue compromise and peace instead? Ignorance is no excuse and neither is naivete.

        Very few people hate her – she was a foolish and not particularly useful idiot – for myself if I hate at all that is directed towards the people who coldly and cynically manipulated her foolishness and are taking advantage of her parents’ continuing grief

  26. @Jose
    ” …I never celebrated any death,”
    That is good to know. It was from the impression I was getting whilst reading your sophomoric comments. I am pleased there is still hope for you.

    “But your antisemitic hate…?”
    Woah! slow down José! Antisemitic?!? Hate?!? Please cut and paste any A&H comment that you think I may have made, for analysis.
    A quick question for you Jose.
    Do you think it just a little bit odd that the word Antisemite/ic which was not used in the above article, has been hurled about with gay abandon and somewhat erroneously, nigh on 50x in the comments that followed?
    Would it not be more accurate to just say anti-jew, if that is what you mean. Though saying that would somehow decrease your argument, as the vast majority of people in the West are not anti-jew. But they are, in no particular order, anti – cruelty, bullying, arrogance, murder, vindictiveness, lying, stealing and a few more unsavoury acts, wouldn’t you agree?

    Relax my friend. Is it time for your tablet? Or should that be time for another tablet? 😀
    There, see, just a little jewish joke to break the ice – no harm done. No need for the Samson Option, eh?

    “All I did was putting the blame on the right persons”
    Aah yes, and you did it so well, very thorough indeed. I’m sure everyone got the message and you’ll be sure to receive the due credit. Feel free to put your shirt back on, clean the froth from your chin and sit down quietly whilst you gather yourself.

    “You’re really sick.”
    Why thank you Jose, that’s very nice of you, though I am getting on a bit and a little out of touch with the youthful slang one hears, I still manage to pick up on the kids latest hip phrases. 😀
    Just out of interest, what do you think about Shulamit Aloni, voted the 57th Greatest Israeli, who died recently?

    • Antisemite Tim has a problem with the word? Not PC enough for him?
      I’ll state it again for you. Calling the actions of the Israeli government to protect its citizens from terrorism a “genocide” (the only known to multiply the numbers of its victims), is antisemitism. Hence Corrie’s family are antisemites. Those who agree with that antisemitic slur are antisemites as well and that includes Tim.
      And since Tim considers someone “great”, although he never knew anything about her the week before, we can consider that very doubtful.

      • @Jose
        “Antisemite… Not PC enough for him?”
        Now that you mention it, it’s actually quite a good description of Pat Condell whose prejudice against the true Semites, the Palestinians, was exposed in the video kindly supplied by Edward.

        “a “genocide” (the only known to multiply the numbers of its victims)”
        I think you may be getting mixed up with what Prof. Norman Finkelstein’s mam said in his book, The Holocaust Industry. Have you read it Jose?

        “Those who agree with that antisemitic slur are antisemites”
        Tell that to Pat Condell and his followers.

        “And since Tim considers someone “great”…”
        Read it again Jose. It was the israelis that considered her “great”. I was just asking your opinion of Shulamit Aloni. What say you?

      • No doubt you will only cite antisemites to support your own antisemitism. So your ‘genocide’ never even existed and its victims are mutiplying with each passing generation by a factor unmatched everywhere even in the Arab world, thanks to Israel’s medicines and Western taxpayers’ money.
        As far as I know, Shulamit Aloni was not great at all. But politics can make a mediocre great. especially for idiots who believe it.

      • timmy,

        Here is a link to Pat Condells youtube channel.


        Here is a sampling of his videos.

        There’s no racist like a liberal racist

        Muslims must reject jihad – About the murder of Lee Rigby

  27. This posting cites a Mother Jones article that reviews RC’s course advisors for her ISM independent study.
    I wonder whether Evergreen College continues to offer ISM participants academic credit? One commenter asks about the grade she received.

  28. Ah yes, Tim with that idiocy that the so-called ‘Palestinians’ are the ‘real Semites’.

    Do some reading, idiot.

    1. There is no such things as ‘Semites’.

    2. Antisemitism is not being ‘anti Semites’. It’s being a Jew-hater.

    Which is what you are.

    • Tim must do what antisemites do: hate Jews. A way for him to do that is to deny antisemitism, which in turn denies or minimizes the Holocaust, which in turn sets the condition for it to happen again.
      All this antisemitism is propagated by Muslim lobbies using some useless idiots and will finish as soon as oil money ceases to flow.

      • Brian Goldfarb

        Not so much that old idiocy, Leah, as that old untruth, which doesn’t take much uncovering. The term “anti-semitism” (as it was then spelled) was invented in the 19th century by the Jew-hater Wilhelm Marr to refer specifically and only to Jews. One only has to google him to discover this – though there are those (same Wikipedia article) who dispute that the term isn’t even a bit older than Marr. The only people who legitimately use the term “semitic” to apply to anyone or anything other than Jews are Linguists studying the languages of the Middle East and North Africa. To them, the term “semitic” applies only to the languages spoken there, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic and Amharic (and possibly others).

        This is the only sense in which Palestinians are at all Semitic.

        So, Tim is totally wrong. Possibly not for the first time.

      • Yeah, it is a possibility that Tim has been wrong. Even more than once!