Palestinian Ambassador to Britain: “The only solution is one state”

I wondered whether to write about this as it will come as a surprise to very few. Manuel Hassassian, the Palestinian ambassador* to Britain, delivered, while speaking at Caabu’s Emergency Meeting on the Crisis in the Middle East held in Parliament on Wednesday evening moments after the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, what seemed to be the unofficial line of the Palestinian Authority on the future of Israel and the Palestinians.

Hassassian claimed it was his personal view but if this is the approach taken by other Palestinian ambassadors then there is no hope for peace.

Hassassian offered two completely contradictory positions. He wanted a two state solution but, personally, thought that a one state solution was the only way forward. He said:

“I would like to see a two state solution, but the Oslo peace treaty is dead. If you look at the ground, what is happening today, there is nothing left to salvage of a two state solution. As a representative of the Palestinian authority I must tell you that I am for a two state solution. But I want to remove my authority cap and put it aside and become the kind of person who is observing what is left of the two state solution. Ladies and gentleman, there is no two state solution left. We have to look to other, what I call, ingenious ideas and look outside the box and the only thing that comes to my mind is very simple; there is only one solution, which is a one state solution. Of course liberals from Israel’s centrists, and extremists, are going to panic and be terrified when you say ‘One state solution'”.

Hassassian also spoke of Israel not being interested in peace and having a “war agenda” and time “being not on the side of Israel”.

He finished his speech with this:

“We (the Palestinians) are the only, the only, country in the Middle East that are practicing democracy par excellence.”


“I think they (Israel) should be lucky to have the Palestinians as their neighbours.”

During the Q&A I asked the Ambassador how long he thought, in the event of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, it might take for Hamas to murder or imprison Fatah/PLO officials in the West Bank like they did in Gaza?

He replied:

“If Israel strikes a deal with the PLO to relinquish the occupied territories…any kind of solution on the West Bank, any kind of a breakthrough in peace with Israel, I think, will undermine the power of Hamas.”

These are fine words, but how can Israel “relinquish the occupied territories” and still be sure that Palestinian terrorists won’t bomb Tel Aviv or Ben Gurion airport, for example? Can Israel afford to take such a risk after seeing what is unfolding in Syria with a future takeover by Islamists opposed to Israel’s existence? And just because Egypt and President Morsi are being reasonable now doesn’t mean they will always be, does it?

But far more than that, Israelis are never going to vote their own country out of existence after all they have worked for and sacrificed. Demanding a one state solution is only a recipe for further Israeli and Palestinian blood to be spilled.

At the end even a CAABU member came over to tell me he thought the Palestinian Ambassador’s rhetoric wasn’t progressing the Palestinian cause much.

Hassassian has been an ambassador here for seven years. Is such a long term normal? Or do ambassadorial changes go the same way as Palestinian elections; few and far between, if at all?

I have nothing against Hassassian. However, his call for a one state solution is deeply problematic considering that the international formula, supposedly accepted by the Palestinian Authority, is two states for two people.

As Herzl said of a future Jewish state, which seemed a distinct impossibility anywhere at the time, “If you will it, it is no dream”. If Hassassian and his fellow diplomats can’t even bring themselves to will a separate Palestinian state then they should step aside and let others take the opportunity of working towards that desired national goal.

* I am informed that Manuel Hassassian is technically not an “Ambassador” seeing that there is no formally recognised Palestinian state. He is, therefore, referred to as Palestinian General Delegate in London.


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  2. He means one state for ‘Palestinians’ of course. That would be interesting! How are they going to convince the Hamas about that? By being as radical as they are or even more? How are they going to convince the Jordanians oligarchy to abandon power and take over?
    No, it won’t be one state for ‘Palestinians’ but three failed states. Democracy, they heard the word, probably. But it make no sense in their minds, obviously.

  3. Israel has about as much need of the ‘Palestinians’ than the English needed the Irish. Having to push ‘Palestinian’ economy, based on corruption, is one of the biggest problems of the Israeli economy.

  4. I agree with him. It is too late for the two state solution given the phenomenal expansion of Jewish colonie especially in E. Jerusalem. The only other alternative is open ended conflict.


  5. coffeeandsleeplessnights
    • People rationalize their Jew hatred in many different ways. One of them is to create a make believe country and pretend it has been stolen by the Jews. It’s right up there with murdering children to use their blood in matzah, or plotting world domination.

      • The God of the Jews is their own self-pride and ego. It is the idol at the core of rabbinical Judaism. Everything in Judaism exists for for the Jewish ego. God has nothing to do with it. Yahweh and the Torah are just props. Nowhere in Orthodox Judaism does any non-Jew have an inalienable and non-negotiable right to be treated equally with a Jew. The only way Israel can save itself is by becoming like other Western democracies and by being less obsessed with ethnic purity and supremacism.
        I’m sick and tired of the endless extortion and emotional manipulation of the Zionists. Jews now have a fundamental choice…either be a universal Jew or an arrogant separatist Israeli. I recall the IAF flyover at Auschwitz at an anniversary commemoration. It was an act of crude bravado, arrogance and ego, an expression of a joy in force, the narcissism of physical heroism. Shockingly, it was in fact an obscene insult to the dead, who were murdered by just such an ideology.
        Israel is a state bloated with power and a righteous sense of its own God given destiny, a people avenging their past with a licence to kill. It is a state defined by the ideology of blood and soil. Sound familiar?

      • Hey, “The Griff”, you started confusing (ultra-religious) Jews with “Zionists”, a typical sign of antisemitism (according to EUMC definition of it). The ideology of blood and soil looks familiar indeed, but not in the Jewish people. You should look rather into the Islamist world. And if you go a little bit further in History, into their Nazi masters.

      • It sounds like the utter tripe that Jew haters concoct to try and justify Jew hatred.
        G-d created humankind and gave them the 7 Noahide laws. This shows that G-d loves all humanity and expects them all to behave justly.
        G-d chose Israel as a nation of priests, to convey His way to the world, through their example.
        If the parent of many children asks one to clean the house, one to tidy the garden, one to prepare a meal , another to serve it, another to wash-up, etc, does that mean that mean the parent loves one or some of the children any more than some or one of the others?

  6. How on earth can you have an Ambassador from a non-existent country?

    Can anyone answer that one?

    The expression used to be “Only in America” Sounds to me it should be “Only in Britain”

  7. The two state solution is dead, long live the two state solution.
    Read how Mudar Zahran, an orthodox Muslim Palestinian Zionist, wants to bring it about.

  8. Now, racists like “The Griff” give Jews only one choice: remain the people with any land to defend them (and thus remain the vulnerable target of their hate) or be the “arrogant Israelis” (meaning the free Israelis, and be the target of their hate anyway). The only difference is that in the latter case, they cannot reach the target. LOL!

    • richardmillett

      I presume you mean the people “without any land”. If you hadn’t engaged with him I’d have deleted his anti-Semitic comment. I guess you wouldn’t have known that. But just for future reference.

      • Yes for your correction. No for guessing how you react to antisemitic comment. I have examples of the contrary. But feel free to take out the antisemitic comments and my reaction to it: I won’t complain about that anyway. What I complain about is that you continue to allow the offenders to post while they are evidently not here for discussion but just for voicing their hate of Jews.

      • Richard
        thanks for keeping this blog


      • I remember that the local troll was having a very good time bullying everyone on this blog, some months ago. Now, he has to change his name every once in a while… I wonder why Mr. Millet was so reluctant to ban him.

  9. How strange to find myself more in agreement with the Palestinian ambassador to the UK that of the prime minister of Israel. Unfortunately, and despite my best efforts, I do not believe that the “Two State Solution” is wholly dead, but if it is, then glad are the ears that hear such joy-some tidings. It was never workable and would have solved nothing.

    Regarding the One State Solution, “Bring it on.” I shall reveal now a well kept secret, that the Israeli Center and most of the Left don’t like Arabs very much. They live in areas where few Palestinians can be found and have next to no social contact with them. Even the most extreme among them, for the most part, would prefer their offspring to marry the German grandson of a Gestapo officer than one of their peace partners. If they support dividing up Israel or creating a Palestinian State, it’s in order to get away from their Palestinian cousins.

    Yes, please nice Palestinian Authority; adopt a One State Solution policy. Current opinion polls show the Israeli Left to be an ever-shrinking minority. Nothing will bring the last ones home quicker than the demon of a multi-national state.

    Our sages teach us that the work of the righteous is done by others.

    Long live Manuel Hassassian!

    • the son?

      chances are that he would be a bit on the over-ripe side and thus likely to be a bit useless in the “multiply thyself” department.

  10. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    I agree with the Ambassador and Daniel Marks. One state, fully democratic in the liberal western sense of the word, does seem to be the only solution.

    • Sure! Let’s Jordan be that one-state! It will take some time to be fully democratic in any sense, let alone the liberal western one.
      But of course, as for now, Abbas is headed for a three ‘Palestinian’ state solution: Jordan, part of Judea Samaria and Hamastan in Gaza!
      LOL! These ‘Palestinians’ are not even able to unite and would want a one-state ‘solution’ with… Israel, while they hate Jews so much they prefer to die than seeing them live. What a joke!

    • as best I know not even the US qualifies in full

    • How gratifying to have the support of a non-entity such as yourself!


      • I was, of course, addressing my comment to the lovely jewishamericanprincess (who’s about as Jewish as bacon and eggs).

      • I realised that Daniel, but still I’d love to know where in real life that state exists that she demands should come into being in your area. (me thinks as close as it is possible for humans Israel is as close as any state can be taking the neighbourhood she has to deal with in consideration)

    • theorginalJAPINO,

      There already is a two-state solution.

      Israel and Jordan.

      Some people must want a three/four/five state solution?

      • Lieberman once said (last year when Pal-Bashing on the blogs went into overdrive?) that he doesn’t appreciate this view for the simple and very pragmatic reason that there is still a functioning peace with Jordan and Israel may need a lot of things but certainly not another border going rogue.

      • UNGA Resolution 181 defined Israel’s borders (and still does).
        They were good enough for Ben Gurion to declare, and for the world to recognize. And those borders haven’t changed since. So yes, there already is a two state solution – and there has been since 1947. But the new-born Israel wanted it all – as Ben Gurion himself said “the rest will come”. It did, first in 1948 and then in 1967.

      • In fact resolution (non-binding) 181 recommended some frontiers. They were rejected by Arabs, the ‘Palestinians’ and the others. therefore the only boundaries Israel has is the one defined after wars and armistices. I suggest the 1967 ones as the basis for negotiation. Meaning post 1967 (the only ones that were created that year). LOL!

  11. @ richardmillett
    I have tried to ignore this Jew-baiter for some time. What I find particularly sickening is the way he invokes the Holocaust as is if he cared for the victims of the Shoah; it makes my blood boil. You simply have to draw the line somewhere.

    To those perhaps unfamiliar with the IAF flyover Auschwitz that seems to bug the griffin. This took place in 2005, the IAF together with other air forces were taking part in the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Polish air force. As this also coincided with the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a flight of Israeli F15’s made several passes over the camp, with one of them weaving in and out in a victory roll, as a symbolic gesture that we are still here! At the same time the pilots pledged ‘Never Again’ to defend the Jewish nation and send out a strong message to Jew-haters everywhere that we are are no longer helpless. Unlike then, we have a flag and a powerful army and air force with a long reach. This was also to remind the world that the Allies had raided the Buna industrial plant, but could not spare any resources to bomb the crematoria just four kms. away. One of the surviving American-Jewish pilots who took part in the raid was there to bear witness, as well as a survivor who described how they could see it all, as did my family who were there; “pray God that they come and bomb our camp as well”, but it never happened….

    I can see why the griffins of this world have a problem with this one. They don’t like it one bit, but will have to get used to the idea that Jews can no longer be killed with impunity. And some anti-Semitism here and there, can’t harm us, it will only drive away more Jews to Israel, resulting in a loss to the host countries.

  12. I welcome the ever inscrutable Khalid Amayreh back to this excellent blog. I wish him long life and health and hope that the PA are no longer persecuting him for pro-Hamas views. I also recommend our readers to visit Khalid’s superb blog where he combines many charming photographs of bloody corpses with a strict adherence to the spirit of free speech. I myself have commented several times and nothing I have written has been either edited or deleted. Khalid and I may not agree on every point, but I believe that we are united in our opposition to the so called, “Two State Solution”.

    Indeed, it is because of the respect I have for him, that I urge Khalid to accept no compromises and settle for no wishy-washy sell-out deals. Surely, whatever is done to Khalid in the dark dungeons of the Palestinian Authority torture chambers is a modest price to pay for keeping alive the dream of a Middle East without Jews, or “Kikes” as Khalid might have put it.

    Welcome home Khalid!

    • the PA are no longer persecuting him for pro-Hamas views.

      A German “BBC” podcast file from yesterday told me today that Abbas has congratulated Haniye on his victory and that nothing will come between them when it comes to … etc etc etc

      German radio is notoriously unreliable but to me it sounded like the two were embracing over the graves of the knee-capped and thrown from high rises etc etc and dared everybody to no let bygones be bygones.

    • Et tu, Brute?

  13. The Tel-Aviv bus-bombing outrage last week, seems to have only warranted media attention for a day or two and only because it could have derailed the imminent Gaza truce. Now we know that the outrage was carried out by an Arab citizen of Israel with the help of other Israeli Arabs. The man in question originates from Beit Lakia in the Palestinian controlled West-Bank, who had married a woman from the Arab town of Taibeh in Israel, where the couple made their home. Subsequently, he man in question applied for citizenship of the ‘Apartheid Jewish State’ which was his right. This was duly granted by virtue of having married an Israeli Arab citizen.This enabled him to move about the country freely to plant bombs at will.
    There’s true Apartheit for you!

  14. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    Daniel what word or words did I use that upset you so much that you had an overwhelming urge to be so gratuitously rude? If this is how you respond to those that agree with you how do you treat those that disagree with you? Your response is a perfect illustration of why, overwhelmingly, American Jews find neanderthals like you so embarrassing.

    • overwhelmingly?

      JStreet has now successfully overwhelmed?

      (JStreet is my hobby horse because there I heard the audience cheer in the most heartless and vindictive and mean way whenever another let them spin straw to gold was demanded by Roger Cohen and his co-panelists. Since then, if I want to be friendly about them I accuse them of wanting Israel as Disney-Land with VIP-treatment for princesses instead of an at least in the news very vibrant and alive and diverse sounding country)

    • richardmillett

      There you go Daniel. Every one of America’s 5.2 million Jews finds you embarrassing. The Princess has spoken to every single one. I wonder how many find her views an embarrassment…

      • Hi theoriginaljewishamericanprincess,

        I meant every word. I am very flattered anyone agree with me, and my stating that you are a non-entity was nothing to do with that particular comment.

        The very fact that you write anonymously and pretend to be what you are not, suggest to me that you are the idiotic cyber-creation of some ignoramus of someone who is ashamed of his/her true identity. You do not exist off this blog and thus you are a non-entity.

        If you provide a birth certificate or drivers license to the effect that their really is someone called “theoriginaljewishamericanprincess”, I shall unreservedly apologize and eat my hat. In the meantime I shall continue to contend that, whether you agree with me or not, you are indeed a non-entity.

      • Believe me Richard, if I thought there were 5.2 million Jews in the US, even if they all despised me, I’d be the happiest man in Judea.

        I fear the number to be far smaller and shrinking at an alarming rate.

      • I don’t particularly care for the little side-line thread betwee Daniel and TOJAP, but when did “overwhelmingly” become ‘every single one’?
        Thought you were legally trained Richard?

  15. I actually support a “one state” solution, insofar as we are talking about one “Palestinian” state’ since that state already exists I(it is called Jordan) and there’s no need to create another one. And they’re damned lucky to have that, considering that there is no such thing as a “Palestinian People” and never has been.

  16. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    Daniel I can see that you are hurt, even if I cannot work out how and why, and I therefore, won’t continue this. I promise that if I ever agree with you again, I will keep such thoughts strictly to myself.

  17. It might be interesting to know what James Griffin thinks should have happened to the surviving Jews of continental Europe after 1945.

  18. I, for one, would still be living in Poland as a closet Jew! Woe is me!

    Ric, please don’t invite trouble from a vulture that feeds on carrion, but who fancies himself as a creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of the king of the jungle!

  19. To theoriginalJINOamericanprincess,

    Please end your brutal and racist occupation of Native American land and pack up your socialist bibles and leave. Question is where will you go to?

    • Wonder what ‘TGIAI’ is a pseudonym or acronym for. Or perhaps it’s a name? Daniel – where’s your proclamation that ‘TGAIA’ is a nonentity too?
      Seems only fair that your definition should apply to all who hide behind anonymity.

  20. there is no solution to the issue, one side lives in the stone age, the other the present, anyone who thinks otherwise needs to go there and experience it first hand. while israel is a healthy democracy and embraces sex, technology, individual expression and creativity the arab world seems to hate women and diversity. it’s not about religion, it’s not even about land anymore it’s about time.
    and it’s about time the anti israel people took a good hard look at the hypocrisy within their argument. go protest about the terrible cruelties inflicted on arabs by other arabs, the treatment of animals, gays and women. go and demonstrate about the lack of freedom individuals have under totalitarian governments, then come back and tell me about israel’s sins.
    of course they won’t, it’s because they don’t have to put up with rockets reigning down upon them by a mass of neighbours who want to kill them. hamas is a democratically elected death cult!
    once israel falls, you will be next, it may take a few years but your little social democracy is falling apart already. debt and immigration are the weapons of mass destruction and you suckers who complain about israel are committing your own kind of slow suicide because you vote for these idiots on the left.

    • Hi Gary,

      An altogether excellent comment Gary, though I might make one point.

      When you say that Israel “embraces,,,sex” while “the arab world seems to hate women” I assume you are using the word “sex” to refer to gender rather than the act itself. Either way I do not know of any empirical research that has found that Arab men hate women or having intercourse with them more or less than any other group.

      Moreover, I would caution us all to beware of ethnocentrism, that is; judging another culture solely by the values and standards of one’s own culture. It is undeniable that most Western societies have undergone enormous change in recent years in their attitude to homosexuality. If it was considered a sickness a few decades ago, today anyone who opposes its place as an “alternative lifestyle choice” is called a homophobe and deemed to be mad at best and possibly evil or criminal. However, the fact that Arab society has not moved precisely at the pace of the West is not, in and of itself, a reason to condemn it.

      Furthermore, I think it ingenious to imply that our “embracing” such practices as homosexuality, sex before marriage, etc necessarily mean that we are the ones living in the present while those who oppose them are living in the “stone age”. I am currently reading Stacy Schiff’s biography of Cleopatra and am forever shocked to discover the level of promiscuity that existed in Egypt 2,000 years ago – they were far “worse” than us. Incest was the order of the day in royal society and the princess was instructed by her parents to one day marry her younger brother. Our legal system (still??) outlaws such practices today, together with bestiality, necrophilia (the latter only becoming illegal in the UK in 2003), so who are the enlightened ones?

      Perhaps we regard those who carry out such acts in a similar way as our grandparents regarded homosexuals 50 years ago and maybe our grandchildren will be more “progressive” than us and deem anyone opposing the right of a man or woman to marry his or her hedgehog to be a bestiaphobe and living in the Middle Ages too.

      In short, while agreeing with most of what you have said, I cannot accept the contention that the reluctance of Arab society to legalize homosexuality or any other sexual practice makes it either better or worse than ours.

      • hey mr marks, thanks for your response and yes you are quite correct in your points, i did mean ‘sex’ in a progressive way, not the act but the lack of fear that surrounds ones choices about sex, about the way women are treated with equity and generally a woman in most societies has access to the same kind of rights as a male. as far as homosexuality it’s practiced everywhere, i didn’t mean to racially comprise it into a black or white issue, arab or jew, believe me i know many jews who may as well belong in the stone age, but in the interest of making my point i reverted to speaking generally and without the lenses of a politically correct perspective, i don’t care really whom is offended as the offence is stacked against common sense when it comes to people who oppose israel for defending itself.
        however i do apologise if i offended some one or my point was not clear. the problem will not be solved by history as history is being rewritten by propagandists, and revisionists, there are several agendas being played out by many different groups when it comes to israel and the result is a population frozen in fear but still doing everything they can to maintain the decent basic humanity principles expected of any one n this age.
        i recently read off a man who was stabbed because spurs is apparently a jewish team. while this is happening all to often in europe no one seems to consider the implications, for each action totally legitimises why the state of israel has to exist. it’s not a catch 22 situation, jews are blamed for every single thing, just look at the internet sites that attempt to have a reasonable discussion about the subject, the endless you tube videos that promote hitler and the final solution although these days the language is changed to lizard alien agenda and zionism.
        the whole situation is a joke that’s not funny, last time people did nothing and the jews of europe were marched into death camps. now they have an army and a country they are not allowed to defend themselves!
        however i totally agree with your point, i will endeavour not to paint the entire arab world with the same brush but i would love to meet a moderate islamist who actually agrees that israel should live in peace and be recognised outside of israel where i have met a numebr whom all seem quite happy with their host country.

      • Excellent point Daniel.

    • and what about the “idiots” on the right who cheer free-market-fundamentalists including bankers to give destruction a chance? They behave exactly like fundamentalists always do, raisin picking Hayek for what suits them and un-notice the rest.

  21. silke, i agree with you, the right wing has it’s fundamentalists, and the wall street bankers are the worst, but it was a huge mistake for the governments to bail them out, they would have been better of giving each household a sum to assist with their mortgage rather than support a capitalistic venture that was running badly. no small business would have that second chance. greed should not be rewarded when it brings a business down.
    both sides of politics are at fault here, capitalism and the markets dictate that the industry should collapse not be given a stimulus which has thrown the world into massive debt that the tax payer has to pay off it’s absurd, and that’s where we are on all those things, in an absurd landscape where all governments are unable to limit spending, money is printed and thus it becomes worthless, borders have become invisible, mass migration destabilises nations, the left and right now look the same, the greens are some sort of red, the economic landscapes are shifting, empires rise and fall, global warming turns out to be global cooling, history is rewritten, the language tweaked so no one gets offended, instead of opening the mind university no closes it, journalists have lost the ability to critically think, the minority has more power over the majority etc. it’s been heading this way for years, and it just seems normal to most.
    i live in australia and in four years the government has destroyed the country plunging us into debt on it’s harebrained schemes and strange agendas, our massive surplus gone. our mineral wealth sold to china, our food basins sold to china, our water polluted by coal seam gas, left and right, both the same, except one can balance the books. sorry just having a rant!
    i’ll go now.

    • I don’t want to single out the bankers – it is a new belief gone rogue as beliefs have a tendency to do

      the problem is in letting too-big-to-fail entities develop.

      As best I know the keeping the banks from crashing and taking everything else with them was not a bad decision – the trouble is that even bigger too-big-to-fail entities were allowed to come out of it.

      If it could have been prevented I don’t know – but I started to listen to a very extended interview with Josef Ackermann (now retired big wig of Deutsche Bank) and he sounded so smug about the havoc he wrought that I threw him out after about 5 answers he gave.

      They behave like the feudal lords once did, we the plebs are too stupid to get it, thus feeding us lollypops is OK.

  22. To return to topic.
    Must get the etiquette right here, in keeping with all the trappings of a successful, up-to-the-minute state: His Excellency, Manuel Hassassian, Job for Life, Palestinian Ambassador to the Court of St. James, advocates a one state solution…! Having got that off my chest, I wonder if His Excellency might have cared to come up with just one example where Arabs/Moslems share a land with another people or religion in peace and harmony? Are we to assume they would behave any better towards the Jews?

    • Easy! For example, the Turks with the Kurds… Hum! Maybe not the best example. The Lebanese Muslims with the ‘Palestinians’. Hum! Not so good either, despite being all Muslims. Allawites and Sunni Syrians! Ouch, forget that! Shia with Sunni (where is the head of that snake, now?). No! Real bad example. Huh! I give up, sorry!

      • Don’t forget the 8 year Iraq / Islamic Regime of Iran war.

        There’s nothing like a common religion to bring people together.

      • You may count that on the Sunni/Shia war although it rather looked like an oil field conflict.

    • The tens out thousands of Jews living in Iran don’t seem to be too eager to leave. Didn’t they reject a handout (bribe) from the Israeli government a few years back, but chose to stay put instead. Seems like they prefer the peace and harmony there to the pseudo-peace they’d find in Israel.

      • richardmillett

        There’s 25k there down from 100k in 1979. I think a Jewish woman was just murdered there recently for refusing to move.

      • Is the identity of “Baruch” too difficult to find, Mr. Millet?

      • It is evident than more Iranian Jews now live in Israel than in Iran. Same thing in USA. When such things happen, people who care about facts admit that Jews DO NOT feel well in Iran, where they get murdered, hanged on accusation of spying for Israel if they don’t say they approve the regime, etc.
        Living in a Nazi dictatorship is not funny. Some Iranian Jews still have properties and are desperate to find a way to leave and keep it. The are risking their lives and their families’.

  23. The GREAT Pat Condell has a new video out.