MPAC chief to me: “You’re a filthy scumbag who thinks Muslim life is less important than other people’s lives.”

Outside Downing Street yesterday.

Outside Downing Street yesterday.

I made a new best friend last night when I got into a conversation with Asghar Bukhari, the founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, outside Downing Street.

He had spent a few minutes politely educating me in the ways of Israel. He thinks Israel uses the Palestinians as slaves, that they are treated like the blacks in apartheid South Africa and that Israel behaves like the Nazis.

When I explained to him that Arabs living in Israel have it better than many of their brothers and sisters in most Arab and Muslim countries he became highly irritated and went for me personally, as you can see (switch browser if viewing problems):

MPAC is a vile organisation. At the last general election it had a hit list headed “Is your MP a Zionist?” One Jewish MP on the list received a death threat.

At the previous general election MPAC helped unseat the non-Jewish Lorna Fitzsimons as an MP by claiming in leaflets “she had done nothing to help the Palestinians because she was a Jewish member of the Labour Friends of Israel”.

What is shocking is the amount of airtime that the likes of the BBC and Sky give to Bukhari. Go on to youtube and you will be amazed.

Apart from that yesterday’s pro-Israel counter-demonstration called by the ZF, British-Israel Coalition and Stand With Us was a success.

It was in response to a Palestine Solidarity Campaign orchestrated anti-Israel protest in light of the upcoming Palestinian UN statehood bid.

While calling for a Palestinian state the PSC mob also called for the destruction of Israel with their usual refrain of “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free”:

Hopefully, David Cameron will have heard this so as to leave him in no doubt as to the true hopes of PSC members if a Palestinian state is ever formed.

Meanwhile, someone from Chabad turned up to blow the Shofar, which was lovely:

And there was an excellent pro-Israel turnout:

I also interviewed the Neturei Karta which I will blog about next.

Some photos:

A tenner if you can guess which side she's on.

A tenner if you can guess which side she's on.

I love Hanoar. I went on Israel tour with them and can tell you some stories.

I love Hanoar. I went on Israel tour with them and can tell you some stories.

Good luck with that.

Good luck with that.

Is this really too much to ask?

Is this really too much to ask?

Good luck with that also.

Good luck with that also.

Downing Street.

Downing Street.

The PSC mob shouting their usual sinister slogans.

The PSC mob shouting their usual sinister slogans.


72 responses to “MPAC chief to me: “You’re a filthy scumbag who thinks Muslim life is less important than other people’s lives.”

  1. Interesting – all the police as usual are focused on the rabble across the way – none checking whether the Israel supporters might cause a disturbance!

    Again Richard, thanks for your reporting!

  2. An excellent post, though you might wish to transcribe some of those slogans. I’m sure that the pro-Israel crowd were roaring, “JDate terror!” – Surely not.

    Obviously your encounter with Asghar Bukhari was hardly an opportunity for thoughtful exchanges of ideas, however, in saying that you consider Muslim life as less important than other people’s lives, your friend does raise an interesting question.

    Given the opportunity, you might have explained that it is not us, but the Palestinian leadership who consider “Muslim life as less important than other people’s lives”. It is they who demand more than one thousand Muslims to be returned for the release of one Jewish soldier! What kind of exchange rate is that and what does it say about the way they value members of their own nation?

  3. thank you Richard

    and Daniel is right, I’d appreciate it very much to get the slogans transcribed.

    And as an aside I think “Stand with Us” is an excellent choice of name because it makes it explicit that the likes of me are welcome.

  4. Another master class in projection. If Freud could just see these guys in action, he would feel more than vindicated. From the Koran: ”O Muslims, the Jews are treacherous and deceitful people over whom lies the curse and anger of Allah. They permitted what Allah forbade, with the lamest of excuses; therefore, He cursed them and turned them into apes and pigs. Allah sentenced them to humiliation anywhere they might be …”

  5. ah yes the Neturai Karta. I look forward to your interview with them. Suspending judgement for a second..hard for me..I’m inclined to just dismiss them as psychotic goons….they nevertheless do have some interesting things to say regarding their interpretation of the Torah, which of course is as valid as any other rabbinical commentary. I’m not jewish and I’m an atheist, but, unfortunately, they have a rightful place in Judaism.
    Now ,back to rational sane judgement…..they are craven and abject appeasers of evil, who, driven by their own deranged religious beliefs,want to release the dogs of war. Ah..that feels better.

    • Roger, no offence but since you aren’t Jewish, it’s not for you to decide whether or not “they have a rightful place in Judaism” 🙂

      • what I mean is that from what I know about these losers is that their take on the scriptures is no less valid than any other stream of Judaism but is nevertheless abhorrent from the point of view of any Israeli Jew who wants to live in their homeland. I visited Meir Shearim last year and was shocked to see posters bleating ”Zionist collaborators out”……I guess these were NK efforts….they live there. They are part of Judaism. And the Israeli government supports them…they don’t pay taxes, don’t do military service and don’t recognise the right of the state to exist. No I take that back….., in my opinion, they don’t have a ‘rightful’ place in anything. And it is irrelevant whether I am Jewish or not.

      • What I meant, Roger, and again no offence is intended, is that only a Brit can decide who is entitled to be a Brit, ditto for Japanese, ditto for Catholics, ditto for Jehova’s Witnesses, ditto for Norwegians. So it most certainly is relevant.

      • Leah: I’m rather reluctant to pursue this, but I cannot resist asking you this. Are you saying that, for example, an atheist or secular pro-palestinian anti-Zionist Jew in name only, who is almost entirely clueless about Judaism, and the history of Israel and his own people,…and most Jews I know fit this bill… more entitled to an opinion on NK and its relationship with Judaism than me, simply because of his DNA?

    • Hi Roger,

      The fact that you are a gentile or even an atheist is, in my opinion, irrelevant. We are delighted when non-Jews or nonbelievers agree with us, so it is hypocritical to declare this to be a “Jew Only” discussion when our views diverge.

      When it comes to existential matters regarding the future of Israel I believe that the opinion of Israelis whose lives are literally at stake, if we make a wrong judgment, are more important and deserve to be listened to. This, of course, does not mean that we are more right. It just means that if we are mistaken, it is our mistake to make.

      When it comes to those who are for all intents and purpose spectators rather than players, Jews and Gentiles alike, I am always interested in hearing their points of view regarding Israel, in the same way as Richard is interested in my opinions of UK politics and Silke is receptive to my views regarding questions facing Germany.

      The only views I find it hard to listen to are those of Israelis who have chosen to leave Israel and then, sitting abroad, wish to continue to be considered as an integral part of our decision-making process. Without condoning him, I can understand a soldier bolting it during battle for reasons of shell-shock, cowardice or whatever. I do not, however, expect him to then write learned articles, offering unsolicited military advice to the soldiers he left behind, and expect to be listened to.

      Though it is legitimate, I do not agree with your opinion that Neturei Karta represents a legitimate interpretation of the Torah, and suggest that your gut feeling was quite correct. It is true that we say that there are 70 faces or sides to the Torah, even while apparently conflicting they all represent the truth, but there not 71. Neither does the fact that someone states an opinion in the name of the Torah, make it automatically morally equivalent to all others. I may have an opinion about Buddhist theology, Nuclear Physics or heart surgery, but that does not mean that it is as valid or correct as that of those who have studied these matters. The next question is, “Who is to say whose opinions are says well-founded?” and it is not an easy one to answer. That does not mean that you’ll let me operate on your heart or play around with atom bombs.

      Without delving too deeply into Jewish theology, the Neturei Karte are not Torah scholars nor do their views or actions have the backing of any significant rabbinic authorities of this generation. They may call themselves rabbis as do a large percentage of ultra-Orthodox Jews, but basically they are Torah scholars to the extent that I, my neighbor or my barber is.

      Their arguments are not based on the Torah, but on a fanciful interpretation of an obscure midrash written about the song of songs. King Solomon says:

      I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles, and by the hinds of the field, that ye awaken not, nor stir up love, until it please.’

      They have decided that this means that G-d made a deal with Israel not to return on mass to Israel or “revolt against the nations” and in return to nations would not oppress us too much.

      There are plenty of other Ultra-orthodox Jews who partially accept this interpretation, but none have reached the wacky political conclusions of these clowns. They have no following in Israeli society in general, among Israeli orthodox or even among Israel ultra-orthodox non-Zionist communities. The latter generally regard them either as a disgrace or as a joke.

      The only thing I can say in their defense is that they are quite dormant today, at least here, and thus, don’t really cause much harm.

      • Thanks for that interesting information Daniel. And that certainly is stretching interpretation to a new level…a psychotic one I’d say. Reading that line from the Song of Songs, I see absolutely nothing that could be referring to the state of Israel…’daughters’…’awaken’ ‘stir up love’. Could have fooled me. I thought these guys had a bit more than that to go on from the texts. So clowns is putting it mildly. I’m still eagerly awaiting to see what Richard elicited from them.

      • Ah well, what did one expect from Daniel but insults (and stupid ones like ‘hypocrite’ into the bargain), and probably another offensive reference to his screaming delusions about me (which would be offensive even if true). And really, really stupid and ignorant ones, since I wasn’t talking about Israel but about Jews.
        I am a Jew, and Daniel won’t stop me commenting about Jews.

      • Daniel….isn’t the Song of Songs largely libidinous. ”I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles, and by the hinds of the field, that ye awaken not, nor stir up love, until it please.’’….I’m not an expert on Torah hermeneutics but that comes across as meaning procreate at the right time. Solomon was a ladies man…to put it politely…1000 wives!!! I think the NK need more nooky…as do the Islamonazis..and I go along with Wilhelm Reich….a Jew?…..who concluded that more orgasms and orgone energy would save the world.

      • roger

        be careful on what you hope for from Wilhelm Reich – the segment of Germans from which the RAF originated was heavily invested in believing in all kinds of his stuff, like that you must break up the character “panzer” through “liberty”.

        “Wer 2x mit derselben pennt, gehört schon zum Establishment.” (who sleeps twice with the same female -sic- already belongs to the established classes). I have never heard a maled version of the slogan but we are told that they were at the forefront of female liberation.

        Reich may have had its merits (I doubt it) but he seems to be especially appealing to wrong ones.

        a good run-down on Reich’s life and work.

        Here’s some food for thought:

        ”Reich called the ability to release sufficient energy during orgasm “orgastic potency,” something that very few individuals could achieve, he argued, because of society’s sexual oppression. A man or woman without orgastic potency was in a constant state of tension, developing a body armor to keep it in. The outer rigidity and inner anxiety is the state of neurosis, leading to hate, sadism, greed, fascism and antisemitism.”

        The Arab world is massively repressed sexually and the world’s number one porn consumers. Discuss.

      • roger

        I have seen psychotherapeuts who believed in Reich in action.

        Thank you no, Reich is definitely not the way to go. Scr–ing yourself silly is not liberating. And even if the 72 virgins were for real I wouldn’t think that any man would leave the experience less armoured (gepanzert) characterwise.

        Giving women an independent income and/or a respect in society independent of their marital status may be just may be a better way to go.

        If you want real physical liberation try a Feldenkrais-teacher of the traditional kind i.e. one who doesn’t promote his stuff by recommending “relaxation”.

  6. Looking forward to your next post feverishly!

  7. Nice to hear the shofar.

    Moshiach is not far from landing in the Holy Land at all. By plane BTW, not desceding from the clouds.

    I’ll explain a famous prophecy for your readers…

    “The word which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem. Now it will come about that In the last days, The mountain of the house of the Lord Will be established as the chief of the mountains, And will be raised above the hills; And all the nations will stream to it. And many peoples will come and say, ‘Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, To the house of the God of Jacob; That He may teach us concerning His ways, And that we may walk in His paths.’ For the law will go forth from Zion, And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. And He will judge between the nations, And will render decisions for many peoples; And they will hammer their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, And never again will they learn war. Come, house of Jacob, and let us walk in the light of the Lord.”

    – Isaiah 2:1-5

    What the “mountain of the house of the lord” means is the following. Mountain implies peak, apex, highest point, i.e. the wisest opinion, perspective will present itself at some point. This higher authority will thus need to be heeded. The “chief of the mountains” bit means that this person will have to recognized, supported and heeded as the leader of the generation. The part about the word going forth from Zion alludes to the fact that at some point this person will be installed in Jerusalem proper.

  8. Adam: The fact that so many people..Jews and Christians… are quite willing to accept millions being incinerated in a nuclear holocaust as God’s will, just to bring on the next Messiah, is utterly repellent. If Moshiach is in the vicinity at the time, he’ll be fried or radiated as well. If there is another Messiah, my guess is that he will go unrecognised and/or rejected anyway because that’s what people do…reject their visionaries and true prophets,,,,especially if they subscribe to an organised religion.

  9. Interesting stuff on MPACUK. I’ve been trying to convince people that we shouldn’t be spending so much time on Anjem Choudary’s Muslims Against Crusades – they’re cartoon Muslims. It’s the Muslim Brotherhood-types, in suites and ties, who are the real threat. Let the Daily Mail deal with MAC.

    If you’re intersted, there’s lots of stuff on MPACUK on my blog. R.S. Peters

  10. This man is a disgusting supporter of David Irving. See here:

    Enough said quite frankly.

  11. Silke
    It makes it explicit ” the likes of me ” are welcome .
    Not sure what you mean by the likes of me . It sort of implies you are outside the collective thoughts on this site .
    You are not . Your comments are erudite and always entertaining ( I never know what to expect or where a comment will go )
    All that in a second language too .
    Richard , all credit to you maintaining your cool in the presence of such an evil character .

    • Harvey

      thanks for the compliment. Compliments make me happy.

      What I mean is that when I first started reading blogs which are mainly frequented by Jews I felt more than a bit insecure of whether a non-Jew and a German to boot wouldn’t be regarded as barging in. If I were Jewish I wouldn’t be sure I could be equally well-mannered.

      But since Jewish blogs were the only ones where I found “fellows” for my rather uncompromising views (and where the commenters more often than not know their stuff inside out) I thought I’d take the risk. It felt a bit like going to a gathering where all the others are couples. For the moment that’s the only analogy I can think of, though I assume that that one is rather less awkward for males than for females.

      I’ve tried some German language blogs for a while but there the culture is very different. For example when you get into an argument with somebody, somebody from your side of the argument will make a pledge of allegiance rather than attacking from his own angle. I find the latter a lot more fun being not one for solemn vows of everlasting fidelity myself.

      That’s the best I can come up with for now, I hope it was quirky enough to amuse you.

      And yes, thanks to all for making me feel at home on this blog.

      And now the earnest answer. Lets say I walk a street and there is a bunch of people waving the Israeli flag I would have to overcome a moment of shyness before I’d dare to ask whether I might join. But if there were a sign saying “Stand with Us” I’d jump right over the barrier or rather, given my age, crawl through it.

  12. OT

    I am just listening to the first part of a BBC documentary from 2009 about Yiddish. In it I am told that modern Hebrew is “muscular and aggressive”.

    I am a devoted listener to Latma and hitherto both the muscular and the aggressive properties of the language itself have eluded me.

    In fact I find it quite pleasing to the ear and it makes for an especially nice and mellowing accent if the native Hebrew speaker speaks German (except Tom Segev of course).

    I assume that the BBC-presenter is way above me in sophistication, therefore I’d be happy to get enlightened.

    • The BBC will never say anything about modern, assertive, independent Jews that isn’t insulting at best and antisemitic at worst. Their claim is ignorant and born out of pathological hatred.

  13. Well done Asghar for calling a spade a spade.

    Israel is a terrorist state – the 4th Reich!

    • richardmillett

      Are you really “Jordana” or someone whose initials might be AB? Either way, thanks for reading.

    • He, Reich belongs to us Germans, always has and always will be.

      That is the minimum amount of respect we can expect from anybody.

      No Reich without a Germanic/Teutonic ruler.

    • Who is this braindead idiot?

    • Hi Jordana,

      Welcome to this excellent blog. I’m sure that many readers would love to hear more of your opinions. I live in Israel and have all my adult life. I’d be very interested to know to why you consider us a terrorist state and whether this is a definition to which you extend to other states, all states or only us.

  14. What a sad old man you are

  15. Pingback: - Pro-Israel Rally in Downing Street (video)

  16. Jordana, did you know you are named after a country which has apartheid laws against Jewish people? A country without democracy or the freedom which you reserve for yourself, a country which tortures political opponents?

    Go to your namesake Jordan and shoot your ignorant mouth off there – let us know how you get on.


  18. Richard….I see your blog is turning into a veritable battleground on different fronts, between different factions. Inevitable really…very emotive material indeed. The more I look into all this, the worse it gets.

  19. just for the fun of it – here is another seminal BBC-moment:

    Owen Bennett-Jones begins by bashing Obama for getting mixed up about history and then proceeds to get mixed up about Cordoba and Maimonides.

    Both are, for thosewho are still able to laugh at this kind of thing, pretty much at the beginning of the audio.

  20. He is indeed a scumbag. He gets his airtime for the simple reason that his abbreviation MPAC – Muslim public affairs committee – sounds formal and has gravitas . The reality is that it is nothing more then an excuse for his co conspirator bros and sisters to conduct an antisemitic love in on their comments blog which they took private a year or so back in order to conduct their filthy business without any scrutiny .
    From time to time I hear him on Lbc . Unfortunately their researchers fail to research the man and his vile views . I always phone in when I hear him being called a spokesperson for the Muslim community and endeavor to provide some background to the man .
    I suggest we all do the same .

  21. Hi Roger,

    I’m sorry but honestly, I’m no expert either on the Song of Songs or orgasms for that matter – though I think I may not be alone in having something of a preference the latter.

    Regarding the question as to whether a goy such as yourself has a right to express an opinion regarding the validity of Neturei Karte, I see no reason why not. As you correctly point out there are plenty of ignorant Jews who rarely seem hesitant to pontificate about every subject under the sun, the lovely Leah/Yoni to name but one.

    True, that it might be preferable to leave questions connected to “Who is a Jew?” to rabbinic authorities, but the politics of Neturei Karte is not such a question and, to the best of my knowledge, none of us here are experts on halachah, anyway.

    Tonight is the first night when European (Ashkenazi) Jews begin to say Selichot asking forgiveness from their Maker. However, when it comes to sins between man and man, even Yom Kippur does not provide atonement until we search out those we have wronged and apologize. I take this opportunity to ask forgiveness from anyone I have hurt, offended or insulted during this year, and in advance completely and unreservedly forgive anyone who has sought to hurt me. I wish the author of this excellent blog, its commentators and visitors a good and sweet year.

    Shana Tova

    • Once again Daniel…thanks. Unlike Leah, I find your comments peculiarly comforting in our harsh times. In fact, I don’t really understand Leah’s animosity towards you. Maybe you could enlighten me on that score.
      Apropos Selichot, an ex-friend of mine who is a religious Jew in Jerusalem told me earlier in the year that I had ‘the soul of a pork eating goy’ because she didn’t like my behaviour. Now if she had called me ‘ a low down no good for nothing scumbag’ then no problem…I can handle personal insults if warranted …and actually the more inventive the better. But the above attack is another ball game completely. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the apology and request for forgiveness but I’m not holding my breath on this one.

    • Only ignorant lunatics like you ‘think’ (using the word elastically) that I am ignorant for expressing a perfectly reasonable opinion about something that I happen to know as much about as you do. The ONLY reason you are expressing a contrary view is because I said what I said. You need professional help as a matter of urgency: you are twisted, hate-filled, ignorant, a disgrace generally to the human race and to the Jewish nation in particular. This is before we even come to your psychotic delusion that I am ‘Yoni’.

  22. Leah,
    Why do you find Daniel’s comment personally insulting?
    He didn’t mention you once.

    • Because I am not too stupid to join the dots between that post and previous posts, in which he claimed that I am an Israeli taxi-driver in London called Yoni.
      The man is a loon.

  23. Hi Roger,

    I apologize on behalf of the Jewish people at the way your ex-friend spoke to you. Actually, as a non-Jew, you have no obligation to keep kashrut so the slur was really quite daft. Though strangers often consider us to be a nation of genii, as you’ve noticed on this page, we also have no lack of ignoramuses and numskulls.

    I just saw Bibi’s speech at the UN. He spoke during Shabbat Israel time. Without agreeing with everything he said, I feel an indescribable pride that these are our leaders. His father just celebrated his 101st birthday, so here’s hoping that he too will live a long and fulfilling life.

    Still with birthdays, I wish Michael Goldman a very happy 50th birthday. I have known Michael since kindergarten, and for no better friend could a man ask. We’ve experienced every stage of life together and one of the perks of becoming an old man is to have people I love, like Michael, to do it with.

    • “I apologize on behalf of the Jewish people”

      The arrogance of this specimen is quite astonishing. The Jewish people have not appointed you to speak for them, you loon.

  24. Victoria Attias


    That was a very interesting item indeed, thank you so much.

    I’m new here so I also don’t know why Leah is so angry with one and all, but I’ve learned not to judge people too quickly. You can never tell what someone has been through or what they’re going through and as Daniel says we are close to the Days of Awe so let’s all show some compassion.

    Victoria (Jerusalem)

    • Victoria,
      Daniel has been stalking and bullying me for months, claiming that I am somebody else, also he’s been disgustingly foul-mouthed about my periods. The man is a sexist, woman-hating, foul-mouthed, foul-minded boor and caveman: don’t be fooled by his smarmy arrogance (and by the praise he gets from his groupie Silke). Cross him once, and he’ll bully and insult you non-stop.

    • Victoria

      please note that to be called Daniel’s groupie makes me exceedingly happy and proud of myself.

      BTW I am rather promiscuous in my groupie-tude i.e. I groupie Richard and Michael and Harvey and lots of others around here and if you keep it up the way you do I’ll may start groupie-ing you too.

      Oh and of course Jonathan is also high on my list of those I groupie as well as a man called Nick who hasn’t been around in a long time. Also a woman with a funny name like tutyfruty or similar.

      My apologies to all I groupie and forgot to mention. Please don’t take this as a sign that my fervour in groupie-ing you is in any way diminishing.

      PS to Leah:

      if you want to discuss periods and if Richard allows us to do it, I am quite willing to indulge. I am sure I have lots of interesting stories to tell about mine and those of my friends over the decades and I assure all around here that if any of you chose to chime in I won’t be embarrassed at all. Of course I am open to discussing related subjects like PMS and Menopause also, the more detailed and lengthier the better.

      Come to think of it if anybody would indulge me it would really make me happy because it’d make me feel so 70s again when I when all is said and done was at my prime.

      • Silke,

        Well, I’m devastated to hear that your loyalties are so divided, though I cannot question your taste. You know that you’ll never have a more faithful groupie than me!

        The days are getting shorter and Roxy and I woke up at 4:00am on Saturday morning to drink coffee in the yard. Suddenly rain drops landed on my book, it rained, quite light, and only for a few minutes – but she said that rain before the festival of Tabernacles is an excellent sign and I’m convinced. So many people would be so very happy if this were the year you visited Israel.

        Hi Victoria,

        Welcome to this excellent blog. We need some fresh blood, and you sound quite young at heart. Maybe we’ll meet on Tuesday. You are welcome to become a groupie too if you like.


        Sorry, but I’m too happy and too tired to play tonight.

        Shana tova,


      • Daniel

        how I wish it would be in my powers to send you some of the overgenerous rainfall we had this summer – I am sure you’d make good use of it.

  25. Victoria Attias

    Oh and happy birthday to Michael. I’ve celebrated my 50th more times than I care to recall, and it has always been sublime! Is there a party?

  26. Thank you all for your blessings.
    G-d willing there will indeed be a party Tuesday night in Givat Ze’ev starting 7-8pm.
    All are welcome, Kosher food.

  27. Victoria Attias

    Dear Michael,

    How kind of you. So looking forward to Tuesday night. We’ll all be there.

  28. Daniel/Roger
    I would have thought that particular verse from Song of Songs might well be applied to girls who dress and behave in a provocative way and then are surprised when men make the obvious assumption.
    Basically, it seems to mean (in today’s jargon): “Don’t be a tease”.
    I can’t, for the life of me, see how it could be interpreted to mean that Jews shouldn’t return to Israel en masse. That seems to be taking pilpul to extremes. Is that Neturei Karta’s only reason for opposing Jewish statehood?

  29. Shana tova, Rich. And congratulations on a truly excellent – and extremely valuable – blog. I am honoured to have been the inspiration for something so positive! 😉

    And hope to see you here, in our “terrorist state” – though with cracking birds and beaches! – before too long.

    Just watching Sky News . . . hilarious that our “cousins” can’t even organise an Arab Spring! 😉


  30. Look forward to seeing you.
    Anybody needing info can mail me .
    Mike you are as ever invited.I promise no jokes about the dogs

  31. Thank you, Michael (aren’t they invited, too?)

    I, in return, promise not to initiate any discussion about the suppression of the homosexual gene.

  32. And I for my part, shall not utter a word of Mike’s craving for the bliss of lavatorial fornication, Silke’s nameless kiltless Scot, Israel Medad’s winky, Richard’s scumbag, Gert’s unlikely chemistry, Tony’s immaculate conception or indeed Goldman’s voluptuous thighs and what might be suppressed in those jeans.

    Mum’s the word!

    • Wow it sounds more and more like it’s going to be the party of the year with jokes so elaborate that only the superhumanly well-trained will get them.

      During intermissions will y’all be allowed to talk about the weather?

  33. Victoria Attias

    Dear Leah,

    I have taken what you said very seriously and have read all Daniel’s comments over the past couple of weeks. I have yet to find anything too objectionable, so perhaps you could enlighten me.

    However, I have noticed that on the last few pages you’ve called other commentators “braindead idiot” s “ignorant lunatics”, “twisted, hate-filled, ignorant, a disgrace generally to the human race and to the Jewish nation in particular”, “…arrogance of this specimen.”, “sexist, woman-hating, foul-mouthed, foul-minded boor and caveman”, etc. I understand that you take easily offense; therefore maybe you may wish to consider that if you were more polite and thoughtful to other people, they might not get upset with you. I haven’t seen Daniel Marks getting annoyed with anyone else. You seem to enjoy being very rude, but find it hard to take a dose of your own medicine when others answer you back. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

    Though I didn’t find his comments, I’m sure you’re right so I shall ask Daniel not to address you offensively and in return I want you to try to talk and behave more like the lady that I know you are. Talk in a civilised fashion please, not just to Daniel but to everyone, even if you don’t agree with everything they say.

    • Victoria,

      I’m sure your heart is in the right place, but I find your demand to be patronizing. If you can’t find my offensive comments, why should I agree not to make any more? If you have “read” all the threads why are sure that Leah/Yoni is right?


      We’re a pretty sophisticated lot. We drink too much, play bad chess and bore each other’s spouses. If you want a speech read, send it now.

      • Daniel

        if you keep it up like that you will convince me one of these days that Jews are just like the rest of us and that all “we” attributed to you over the ages to make you “special” is just a bunch of under-sophisticated lies.

        As to Michael’s Birthday tell him that whenever he choses to chime in my day seems to become a bit brighter as it tends to do if something or somebody makes me chuckle in a “sophisticated” way.

    • Victoria,
      Aren’t you jumping to very, very, very hasty conclusions, plus reading rather less than carefully?
      Daniel’s filthy comments, in several posts, were much further back than 2 weeks ago. Are you deducing from the fact that you couldn’t find them, that they were never made?
      Also, his allegations that I am someone else, someone he evidently hates for apparently deranged reasons (e.g. for being an ex-Israeli taxi driver, clearly a terrible crime in Daniel’s bizarro universe), go back quite a bit further than that. As a consequence, when I disagreed politely with Roger and said A, Daniel said B (and very rudely, by dredging up yet again that silly allegation and attacking me personally for it). Had I said B, no doubt Daniel would have disagreed and said A, equally rudely.
      Daniel is the only one in connection with whom I used the phrases you mention. Your misreading of this is rather careless.
      You are quite new here. Wouldn’t it be better to keep shtumm for a bit before deciding that you know everything about what’s going on, and starting to lay down the law from on high about how I should behave? Who exactly do you think you are , my mother?

      • richardmillett

        Ok, please everyone has now had their say. This has nothing to do with Israel. I cannot spend my time reading and having to edit insults from everyone and it totally detracts from the issue, which is anti-Semitism, so please no more!

  34. Richard

    something happened in London and you were not the first to report on it i.e. you are human after all.

    Click on the link to Point of no Return also, she(?) has a lot of nice pictures.

  35. Silke
    I thank you for your compliment.
    As anyone can tell you I am anything but sophisticated so your sophisticated chuckle means all the more.
    Why don’t you hop on a plane tomorrow and then you can come see a bunch of 50 year olds who still think they are 16.
    You are welcome to stay by us for as long as you like.
    Does that mean you’ll be coming?
    To finally meat the great Mike Melchett would indeed be an honour.
    Don’t bring the dogs.
    I don’t have a problem but I have two small daughters who will be terrified.

  36. Would love to come, Michael, but got a hot date with a Leah (different one thankfully) . . . which I pray I do!

    But happy b’day, enjoy . . . and – if you don’t want your guests being bored silly – hide the chess board! 😉

  37. Thanks
    Don’t forget to lock the toilet door.

  38. It is a shame that the MPAC respond to reasoned argument that tries to find a way to peace with abusive extremism .

  39. Here’s wishing everybody much success in the coming year.
    Richard, the effort and time you must certainly put into the upkeep of this blog is greatly appreciated.
    Have a great year!

    • Motion seconded

      Richard is well … Richard – unique and for what it’s worth indispensible reading for me.

      Thanks Richard – I say it much too rarely but I feel it everytime I click on yours.

      May all that’s good out there be on your side.