Israel’s supporters out in force in Trafalgar Square.

Lord Nelson keeps a watchful eye over Israel's supporters today.

Lord Nelson keeps a watchful eye over Israel’s supporters today.

Israel’s supporters came out in Trafalgar Square today to show sympathy with Israel as rockets continue to rain down from Gaza and to wish a happy 25th birthday to Gilad Schalit who is in his sixth year in isolation in Gaza having been kidnapped by Hamas from Israeli soil when he was 19.

There were some tremendous speeches.

Hasan Afzal, of British Muslims for Israel, said he supports Israel because it is “the only country in the Middle East where Muslims have freedom and democracy”.

Joy Wolfe urged the crowd to ignore media lies about Israel and described Israel as a home for people of all religions.

She went on to call for an end to the double standards of the United Nations and some British MPs and said that Gilad Schalit probably doesn’t even know that today is his birthday and probably feels as if he has been forgotten. But she said that no one will rest until the Red Cross gets access to him and every government in the world is calling for his release.

It was an excellent afternoon arranged at very short notice by the British Israel Coalition and supported by Stand With Us.

It made a change from the previous Sunday’s terror rally at Trafalgar Square where the rhetoric called for war with Israel and signs called for Death to Israel. It’s a shame there wasn’t a similar pro-Israel rally at that time.

But with that in mind the Zionist Federation is arranging a counter-demonstration this coming Thursday from 6pm till 8pm outside the Royal Albert Hall where the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is playing at the BBC proms.

It is in response to a Palestine Solidarity Campaign anti-Israel protest. Some sort of disruption is also expected to take place inside the Hall while the orchestra is playing.

Nearest tube stations are South Kensington (District, Circle, Piccadily lines) and High Street Kensington (District and Circle lines).

It will be an opportunity to defiantly wave Israeli flags in the faces of all those whose sole desire in life is to see the Jewish state destroyed.

Clips and photos from today’s pro-Israel rally:

A sign for Lauren Booth to drool over.

A sign for Lauren Booth to drool over.

Remembering the Fogel's whose throats were slashed by a Palestinian terrorist while in their beds.

Remembering the Fogel’s whose throats were slashed by a Palestinian terrorist while in their beds.

Four simple words that could do so much for peace in the Middle East.

Four simple words that could do so much for peace in the Middle East.

And free the Palestinians from Hamas also.

And free the Palestinians from Hamas also.

Dogs support Israel too.

Dogs support Israel too.

Appreciating a pavement artist's work.

Appreciating a pavement artist’s work.

The chap in gold was seen having a cheeky cigarette five minutes later.

The chap in gold was seen having a cheeky cigarette five minutes later.

A good way to keep warm.

A good way to keep warm.

Happy birthday, Gilad.

Happy birthday, Gilad.

68 responses to “Israel’s supporters out in force in Trafalgar Square.

  1. I was very proud of all the wonderful people Who came out to support Israel in Trafalgar Square today .
    Our Demonstration was very diverse in it’s make-up :
    Jews of all the Synagogue Movements & Secular , Christian/Muslim/Hindu Friends , people from all the different political groups in Britain & Israel etc – all United in Support of Israel & Peace .
    The response from members of the public was very positive & We had some very interesting discussions about Israel with people who stopped to talk .
    Well done to everybody who organised today’s Rally & all who attended – You were all brilliant !

    • Good evening. I am Veronique-mazal Gamrasni from the french association “europe-israel”, who belongs to a federation of associations called CJFAI (Confédération des Juifs Français et Amis d’Israel ) whose aim sounds to be exactly the same as yours.
      I just read your article, and wanted to tell you we are very glad to see that Englands was mobilised too for Israel today, to fight against terror, and for Gilad’s birthday.
      we’ve organised a meeting today in Paris, just beside the Israelian embassy. I’d like to contact you to see if we could share some experiences, and why not imaginate building some european actions together both associations. would you be kind to reach me first by mail, I’d be glad to talk to you.
      congratulations for your to-day meeting.
      shalom from Paris/France
      blog :
      fb :
      twitter :
      mail :

    • Thank you for coming out to support Israel. I recently wrote an angry article aimed at the heads of Jewish and Zionist organisations in Britain for their silence and inactivity when Israelis were being killed and injured by multiple terror and rocket attacks in southern Israel.
      Glad to see that there are people who are enough to become pro-active and affirmative.
      I hope there will be even more people at the demo in support of the Israel Philharmonic at the Albert Hall later this week,

      • Barry.. I am sick to death of writing angry articles, though I think a few apathetic people are waking up at long last

  2. Wish I could have been there. It makes a change to see Trafalgar Square occupied by humans with hearts and souls who love life and freedom, rather than hate-filled death cult worshipping barbarians.

  3. This along with the counter-demo in Australia, makes me very proud! Good work guys.

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  5. What a difference from the previous week. Calling for peace rather than death and destruction. As far as demo’s go, this is a fundamentally different attitude that I wish the British public could see, preferably juxtaposed with the Lauren Booth-type rallies.

    I also wish I could have been there but, unfortunately, the notice was too short.

  6. Sharon Klaff

    I arrived after the rain and after you left Richard. The crowd continued to wave flags and call for support of the release of Gilad and for Israel. The public continued to listen and nobody sought to start a riot! It was a great day – my second day spent at Trafalgar Square adorned with Israeli flags. The first was in 2002 when the entire square was awash with blue and white flags – very emotional. I marked the day thus, and it applies today in these times when Israel stands alone more than ever:


    we came to stand
    with the lions
    waving flags
    as we roared
    across the square
    a single voice
    of joined-up words
    in translation:
    ‘Hear o Israel
    The Lord our God
    The Lord is One’

    we came to express
    with our friends
    holding hands
    as we cried
    in that square
    a single desire
    of heartfelt hope
    and yearning:
    hear o Israel
    we stand as one
    we stand for life!

    Gilad Shalit – Hai

  7. It wasn’t noisy (didn’t need to be without the opposition there calling for our deaths) but it was by any measure a success. Passers-by were curious and open minded – the reaction was good for a change.

  8. That’s how good people express their support. No flags were burned, not threats to anyone, no hate speech… Just people willing for peace and justice. I wish I was there! Beautiful!!! 🙂

  9. Thanks Richard. The videos are so moving. Great words words by Joy Wolfe.

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  11. Click to access The%20Cold%20War%20on%20British%20Muslims.pdf

    british version of the cap report regarding “islamaphobia”

  12. How I envy you. I wish could have been there.

    Well done guys !!

  13. What a shame that the press is only interested in the violence displayed by those who hate Israel and see them as Freedom Fighters. Why is Israel branded as the bad guy – maybe it’s because we are no longer the poor defencless Iews but a strong and viable nation.

    • Absolutely. Jews are supposed to roll over and die. Muscular Jews who hit back and give as good as they get magnified tenfold? The world doesn’t know how to deal with this phenomenon.

  14. attilathecricketer

    Good to see. How many there?

  15. Atilla
    Always remember, quality before quantity . You only have to look at last weeks anti israel demo to realise the Islamist brigade had an abundance of neither .

  16. We had some kind of a win here in Australia, in Brisbane last weekend. “Daphne Anson” wrote it up well. as did J-Wire.

    J-Wire is a Jewish Internet news service for Australia and NZ

    • Great.

      “Everyone there was laughing, chanting, getting stuck into the SA”

      And how appropriate that abbreviation is …

      • SA in this country refers to either the Socialist Alliance, or the Socilaist Alternative. The ‘Alternative’ is even more left and more screwy than the ‘Alliance’, if that’ possible. Or as we call them here ‘FERALS”

      • Yes, I know – but it’s still appropriate. Maybe a Freudian slip?

  17. Kol ha-koved to all of you who turned up. Sorry I couldn’t make it up to London yesterday, but I’ll try to come along another time. Unfortunately yesteday ended on a sour note on TV with David Hare’s gratuitously anti-Israel play, ‘Page Eight’. Twisting a legitimate criticism of the US policy of extraordinary rendition into an imaginary killing of
    a Syrian(!) peace protestor is little short of antisemitism.

  18. Sharon Klaff

    Fortunately my TV has been broken for some time and I have never felt better not being enticed to watch the c–p!

  19. Desperate times when you have to count dogs as supporters of Israel.

    • Hey, before you have a go at canines, it wasn’t dogs who killed their own brothers in Syria today. Was it Augustus that said, “It is better to be Herod’s dog than one of his children.”

      I suspect that a few of your colleagues today in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt would be quite happy to be a Zionist dog in Trafalgar Square today. It beats being another Shah-id, and you get kosher left-overs for supper.

      • Howdy Daniel

        how lucky you are that Roxy is willing to abstain for your sake 😉 I hope for her sake that alcoholic beverages are one of the things she prefers to not imbibe, if not I hope you two alternate from occasion to occasion.

        What a delightful story, a French convert marriages a Yemenite original in the country where it all began 3000 or more years ago.

        But seriously your description has convinced me that you meet Leah/Yoni’s description of a loser to your last hair – partying your days away instead of doing serious stuff which I am sure Leah/Yoni never lets up on any minute of the day.

        Have you never heard the one about the ant and the grass-hopper? If not look it up and repent! (I wonder am I into Calvinism right now?)

    • Spoken like the twisted loser you are.

      • That was to ‘Mostly Useless’.

      • Don’t worry. It’s not really important who it was to.

      • True, you are also a twisted loser.

      • Leah

        if you call Daniel a Loser isn’t that a bit of over-zealous elitist thinking.

        Would you care to specify who qualifies as a non-loser by your standards? As I have always been and still am very class-conscious I’d be very interested.

        Another question though: Since you used to post as Yoni and Yoni once told us that he made his living as a translator I wonder how on earth the use of “pupil” could have slipped your keenly observed proof that Daniel is not (or should it be has not been?) a native Englishman.

      • Daniel Marks

        Hi Silke,

        Thank you for your concern. However, I can’t help feeling that you may be expending or even squandering energies worthier of a better cause. First the writer in question was at pains to emphasize that “Mostly” and not I was his “twisted loser”, he then changed his mind and decided that I was too. I have conscientiously avoided bad language up until now and, with all due respect, I have no intention of letting an ignorant yored alter my resolution. I care not a jot as to whether he agrees or disagrees, the matter is truly of no consequence.

        A few years ago we adopted a French Christian family, he had been a priest. The whole family eventually converted and last night we attended the wedding of their third, it was at Kibbutz Neve Ilan, Yonah married a stunning Yemenite girl and the occasion was most beautiful and moving. On our table were two wonderful gentile French ladies, both Roxana and I decided that they must look exactly like you.

        And our teachers teach us that he who causes the bride and groom to rejoice is as if he rebuilt one of the ruins of Jerusalem so we ate and danced and drank too much and celebrated, then Roxy drove us home.

        And I came home very happy and a little tipsy and saw Leah or Yoni or Who Cares had written six or seven more barmy comments and I drank some sacred tap water of Eretz Yisrael and thanked G-d for everything I have and for letting me be born in this generation and live in the high places of Judah and I went to bed.

  20. Desperate times when your supporters are dogs

  21. It was a very rewarding day in Trafalgar Square yesterday. It makes a change from Ahava in Monmouth Street where the opposition spew out nothing but hatred and venom, screaming:
    “IDF, CIA, how many babies did you kill today!” and
    “From the River to the Sea, Palestine shall be free!” – No two-state solution for these morons. And if you think they are Arabs, think again, they are ignorant, white and British. With a despicable American-Jewish throwback amongst them for good measure, who likes to display an Israeli flag with the Star of David cut out of the centre.

    My wife and I handed out leaflets to largely good natured and sympathetic passers-by. We ought do do it more often. Before the rain came, we engaged a couple of young Polish well-wishers, one of whom had visited Israel. The young man bemoaned what was happening to Europe. I told him not to worry, it didn’t apply to Poland. I was also born there and had just come back from a Child Survivor Conference in Warsaw. I know the people well, they would never give in and would fight for their country and freedom. He replied that Israel was better situated and equipped to do that, and if Israel falls we all fall!

    All in all, a very saisfying time was had by all, and without even a single “bobby” in sight.

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  23. Re: SA
    It may be of interest to our Ausie friends here, that Nazi stands for benign National-Socialist in German. Yes, the Nazis were Socialist-Fascists, similar to the extreme Left that have allied themselves with the Islamo-Fascists who are todays foremost Jew-haters.
    SA in Nazi Germany stood for SturmAbteilung, better known to most as the Brownshirts. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself. But the difference is that we have Israel today…!


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  25. Jonathan Hoffman

    Great demo, well done to those who masterminded it, sorry I couldn’t be there

  26. Good to see signs of intelligent life in London.

    • Yep, that dog does look rather clever.

      • Daniel Marks

        Don’t knock dogs “mostly”. I’ve never known a dog to write an absurd blog justifying murder, apologize for doing so and removing it in an attempt not to lose his job, and then getting sacked anyway.

        I had a dog once called Gooley and he would beg and humiliate himself for half a biscuit, but in many years he never sank to the pathetic level of the guy you share your blog with.

        Our opponents were often stupid, but they always had self respect. Whatever happened to the self respect?

      • richardmillett

        Mostly, it is what we have always known about you. You’re a dogist.

      • Mostly Useless just can’t stand it when people don’t fall for his sick anti-Israel propaganda.

  27. what took you Londoners so long ? every Friday in Cape Town South Africa a group of Jewish and Christian supporters of Israel stand in front of the Houses of Parliament waving Israeli flags, with many passing cars signalling their support. Maybe you guys and gals could do the same weekly ?

  28. All the tribes are on the march. People are out and about. The blue and white flag of Israel is a striking design. Looks like it was a nice day in London. The good thing is that many people are rejecting violence right now as a political tool.

    Moshiach is not that far at all from landing in the Holy Land. He is watching events very closely and checking on all the tribes. Napoleon said “Strategy is the art of using time and space well.”

    Where are we on the divine timetable ?

    Which narrative will prevail ?

  29. Daniel Marks

    Why do I suspect that Adam and I have different “moshiach”s in mind?

    Regarding the demonstration I add my accolades and congratulations to all the others. I’m often reminded of the old Jewish lady who turns up for her husband’s funeral with a bowl of soup and wishes to pour it into the coffin, explaining that chicken soup is healthy. “But, it’s too late. I won’t do any good.” Someone explains. “It can’t do any harm!” She replies.

    I have no idea what kind of media coverage it received in the UK, but while I don’t follow the news constantly, I don’t know of it having been mentioned here at all. That seems a pity because there are a few Israelis who would take some encouragement in the thought that we aren’t alone. It may be that you want to prepare attractive press releases and mail them directly to papers and TV channels here, rather than waiting for Israeli London correspondents to report for you. They seem to dislike reporting Jewish community events.

    Once again, well done to all those who turned up to show you care!

    • Yes, press releases are a must, and it’s not just for Jewish community events. It’s almost the most basic element in anything involving PR: be proactive, contact the media beforehand, get your point across in preparation for the actual event.

  30. The truth be told Silke, I am a loser. All my life this has been my curse and at least two of my offspring seem to have inherited it.

    The main objects I used to lose as a child were kippot (Jewish skull caps) and stationary materials, particularly pens. I lose kippot far less now, but with pens the curse continues and of late eye glasses have also fallen victim. I firmly believe that somewhere there is an enormous warehouse containing thousands, perhaps scores, of mainly Parker pens that I have lost over the years. Some were cheaper, some more costly, a few with black ink, most with blue. They came in all colors and models and I’ve lost them all. As I type this comment I have not a pen to my name.

    I’ve only needed reading glasses for a few years and I’ve always bought them over the counter, but I must have already mislaid a dozen pairs. Sometimes I just squint; occasionally I enlarge lecture notes with a copier, how pathetic is that? What a loser!

    There have been other things I’ve lost big and small, I was once even in military prison for a few days after losing a telescopic night-sight, or was it stolen? Yes, for once Yoni is not wrong. Like a clock that has long ago stopped, but still tells the time correctly twice a day, the man (woman?!) has actually stumbled on an accuracy. I am a perpetual loser of things, Silke, but I pray to G-d that I’ll never lose you as my friend.

    • I am genuinely curious: is there a name that compels this person to imagine that I am someone else?

      • richardmillett

        Please can we stop attacking Leah. This is a blog about Israel and anti-Semitism, not Leah! Can everyone try to be less ad hominem.

      • whatever you want Richard it is your blog but as best I remember it was Leah who started the name calling and thus should be the first to be called on to stop it, not those who were unwilling to meekly turn the other cheek.

      • Then your memory is at fault, darling. Daniel kept making disgusting comments about my periods. He is an uncouth caveman.
        And he still persists doing so below.
        Just noticed a typo in my post above, sorry: should have been
        I am genuinely curious: is there a name for the psychosis that compels this person to imagine that I am someone else?

  31. At last Richard – some sense injected back into the discussion!

  32. I, for my part, have wholeheartedly agreed that if Yoni/Leah is polite to all and talks in as civilized a manner as he is able to, I will happily ignore him.

    Paradoxically, though this may be initially seem challenging, I think he may discover that analyzing and debating the issues under discussion rather than forever attempting to offend those expressing opinions with which he is not in agreement, is far more interesting and intellectually stimulating.

    As usual, Richard’s word is my command.

    • And still this dreg will not listen to Richard’s reasonable request, and still insists that I am someone else.
      If there is no clinical psychologist in Maale Edumim, surely you can find one in Jerusalem. I am told there is a highly recommended one at Bikur Holim and one at Shaare Zedek, do make an appointment soon.

  33. Thanks for the excellent work you are doing – a voice of sanity in a crazy world!

  34. well there we have it . The people who support Jewish migrants never having been to the State having more human rights, and a country than a child born in Palestine, You will never win and always live in fear until you recognize other peoples rights to having a State..Israel 51st State

    • richardmillett

      Very few Palestinians were born in what you call “Palestine”, which, presumably, you mean Israel.

    • Rant away, little man. There is no such thing as ‘Palestine’, there has never been such a country. Israel is thriving, which sends ignorant, hate-filled little men like you into a frenzy of anger and frustration. Excellent!

  35. I welcome Philip Witriol to this excellent blog. Though I don’t know him personally, his father was a linguist, an intellectual and had the misfortune to be my German teacher more than three decades ago.

    The little I still remember after all these years was because of him, all that I do not know was wholly my fault.

    Readers are warmly recommended to follow his link.

  36. Free Gaza From Hamas. I like that, but isolation and bombs will not do the trick.