A day of anti-Israel hatred and Holocaust minimization in Parliament.

Ismail Patel, Yasmin Qureshi MP, Megan Driscoll, Linda Ramsden in Parliament .

Ismail Patel, Yasmin Qureshi MP, Megan Driscoll, Linda Ramsden in Parliament .

“It was supposed to be Never Again” declared Ismail Patel but the Palestinians in East Jerusalem, he said, are “oppressed”, undergoing “ethnic cleansing” and suffering a “genocide”.

Patel, Chair of Friends of Al Aqsa, was speaking in the Grimmond Room of Britain’s Houses of Parliament last night at an event to launch his organisation’s “Jerusalem Report” which focuses on “Protecting Palestinian Citizenship Rights in East Jerusalem.”

According to Megan Driscoll, Advocacy Officer at Coalition for Jerusalem (based in Jerusalem), who spoke first, Israel’s “Jerusalem Masterplan” is to secure the Jewish majority in the city.

Driscoll said that the Palestinian population there is currently 34% and that Israel’s aim is to drive this down to 30% and probably lower.

The way Israel is doing this, she continued, is through “residency revocation” which makes Jerusalem Palestinians “stateless”.

Driscoll said Israel revokes residency if Palestinians have lived abroad for more than seven years or have taken citizenship in another country.

She said there is also a Jerusalem “centre of life” test that Palestinians must pass. This, she said, is so stringent that even Palestinians still living in Jerusalem have not been able to prove such centrality and have lost their residency rights.

Driscoll claimed that since 1967 there have been over 14,000 such “residency revocations”. She referred to this as the “Quiet Deportation” and said it was successful because instead of being “mass collective punishment” it received less attention in the media because it was executed against individuals and families.

Linda Ramsden, Director of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, said that Israel’s “policy of displacement began in 1948 when 530 Palestinian villages were demolished and 750,000 Palestinians made refugees”.

She described how most Palestinians applying for building permits are refused because they cannot prove ownership of land due to a lack of documents (does it not occur to Ramsden that maybe, just maybe, they do not own the land in question?).

Ramsden said that once a house is built without a permit a Palestinian family will suffer from stress worrying which day their home will be demolished. She said this causes a lot of “stress related illness”.

When a house is due to be demolished, she continued, hundreds of police and dogs arrive which, she said, is “very frightening”. Bulldozers are used for the demolition and pneumatic drills destroy the base of the house.

She claimed the families are fined and sent a bill for the demolition and that some Palestinians demolish their own homes to avoid these “horrendous costs”.

Meanwhile, last night’s event was hosted and chaired by the Labour MP for Bolton South-East Yasmin Qureshi. Qureshi was fresh from the House of Commons debate that afternoon on the situation in Gaza.

Qureshi is very quietly spoken but the words that come out of her mouth are pure poison where Israel is concerned. If one thinks that Ismail Patel’s application of the term “Never Again” to the Palestinians was bad enough Qureshi’s Holocaust minimization is more shocking.

Here is what she said in yesterday’s Parliamentary debate:

“What has struck me in all this is that the state of Israel was founded because of what happened to the millions and millions of Jews who suffered genocide. Their properties, homes and land—everything—were taken away, and they were deprived of rights. Of course, many millions perished. It is quite strange that some of the people who are running the state of Israel seem to be quite complacent and happy to allow the same to happen in Gaza.” (my emphasis)

This followed Labour MP Gerald Kaufman’s attack on ALL Israelis in the same debate:

“Again and again, Israel seeks to justify the vile injustices that it imposes on the people of Gaza and the west bank on the grounds of the holocaust. Last week, we commemorated the holocaust; 1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza are being penalised with that as the justification…It is totally unacceptable that the Israelis should behave in such a way, but they do not care. Go to Tel Aviv, as I did not long ago, and watch them sitting complacently outside their pavement cafés. They do not give a damn about their fellow human beings perhaps half an hour away.” (my emphasis)

This is how Britain’s Parliament is sometimes so abused. While innocent Syrians are being murdered and left permanently disabled by barrel bombs dropped out of the sky by Assad’s forces certain MPs are offensive about Israel, Israelis and the Holocaust instead.

While Kaufman voted against any intervention in Syria, Qureshi couldn’t even be bothered to turn up to that vote last August!

Last night’s event launching the “Jerusalem Report” was sold out but due to the strike on the London underground not many people could get there.

It must be galling that when so much effort has been put into producing an evening of hatred, lies and Holocaust minimization so few people are there to appreciate your efforts.

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  1. At least there was a glimmer of light as not many people were there to hear these lies against Jews.

  2. BonniePrinceCharlie

    We should send flowers to Bob Crow!!!!!!

  3. He is correct.Palestiniaqns are being targeted with a sinister campaign of ethnic cleansing. This Nazi-like campaign includes, inter alia, home demolition, withrawal of residency rights, expulsions from the city, refusal to grant the Arabs building licenses and other forms of discrimination.



    • This is an abuse of the word “Nazi.” A real one. I doubt the Nazis were doing this to the Jews, even if your lie were true.

    • And of course, abusing the word “Nazi” to describe Israel’s policies is antisemitism.

    • And for those who ignore the guy, here is an example of his prose on http://www.ikhwanweb.com/search.php?srchword=&pid=&news_agent=&entry=&writer=khalid%20Amayreh&search=1&start=100
      “The Rabbi of hate
      by: Khalid Amayreh 2008-3-5
      ““So I believe that I act in the spirit of the Almighty God. By defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1924..”

      “Shame on the Arabs, shame on the Muslims, shame on humanity
      by: Khalid Amayreh 2008-3-2
      As Israel is fulfilling its threat to inflict a “greater holocaust” (greater than the German Holocaust) on the Palestinian people, the vast bulk of Arabs and Muslims, as well as the rest of the world, are looking on passively as the Judeo-Nazi state is having a free season on the helpless Palestinians…”

    • Ye, Khalid. That was the Nazis crime; “refusal to grant building licences”. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be….Ah, who am I kidding? It’s bloody hilarious. 250 of your brothers butchered yesterday in Aleppo – one day in one city and you gripe on about refusal to grant building licences.

      Two wrongs don’t make a right. You can’t be everywhere, So you’re focusing on “…refusal to grant building licences”. That’s what really upset you today!

    • amayreh2008,

      Happy ETERNAL NAKBA!

      May all your plots “blow up in your face”.

      May all your jihads turn into personal NAKBAS!

  4. “According to Megan Driscoll, Advocacy Officer at Coalition for Jerusalem (based in Jerusalem), who spoke first, Israel’s “Jerusalem Masterplan” is to secure the Jewish majority in the city.”

    She should check her facts and figures. There has been a Jewish majority in Jerusalem since the mid-19th century.

  5. By which I mean “in modern times”, of course. The absolute Jewish majority in Biblical times goes without saying 🙂

  6. Kaufman is probably the vilest Jew living now.

    • There is a tough competition for the title: Richard Falk, Noam Chomsky, Gilad Atzmon…

      • True.
        The vilest Jew ever in British politics?

      • Could well be.

      • You missed tony Greenstein

      • A dwarf! No offense to dwarves intended.

      • Brian Goldfarb

        Actually, Gerald Kauffman may be the “The vilest Jew ever in British politics”, but he is a long way behind the vilest British politician. That title probably belongs to Archibald Maule-Ramsay, Conservative MP for Peebles, 1931-1945. He was interned under Regulation 18B in 1941. He was an out-and-out antisemite, pro-Nazi and started the Red Book Club, which was openly collaborationist – and would have welcomed the Nazis with open arms. He recorded the names of the members in a red book (naturally) and entrusted its safety to one Tyler Kent, a cipher clerk at the US Embassy in London.

        Unfortunately for Maule-Ramsay, Kent was a traitor, leaking war secrets to the Nazis and he was arrested and tried by the British (sentenced to 7 years) who discovered the Red Book when theybraided his flat.

        Mosley doesn’t count, as he was no longer an MP when he became openly antisemitic.

  7. and empty wagon will rattle and I see or hear nothing honorablefrom most in your parliament members the parents of these Palestinian freely left Israel expecting to go back when Israel is destoried make me wonder is this what you in England?

  8. How despicably self-serving of them, not only do they promote a false equivalency between The Holocaust and conventional genocide, but they go on to use it interchangeably in accusations that are at best hyperbole and at worst flat out lies.

  9. You do a great job Richard but in this case I’m not sure. Perhaps giving publicity and repeating this vile propaganda and particularly without a counter argument when there was a only a small audience to hear it in the first place was not a good idea. Here’s something positive for your readers to counter this nonsense ! See http://blogs.jpost.com/content/israel-their-only-hope

  10. We can complain but the writing on the wall is clear. In no more than 5 years Parliament will pass a bill attempting to purge the UK of all Jews. It will be adopted by the EU generally a few years after that.

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  12. Khalid is on record for wanting the annihilation of Israel to satisfy his blood lust.
    From 2009, Khalid said.

    Israel is simply a cancer upon humanity. If you don’t eradicate it, it will eradicate you. This is the harsh fact the people of the Middle East must come to terms with, hopefully before it is too late.

  13. If you really want to see what a liar Khalid Amayreh is.
    Khalid wrote this article in 2004.

    Israel ‘fabricated’ child-bomber story

    This was about a 14 year old Palestinian teenager who was caught with bombs strapped to his body and sent to die to kill Israelis in 2004.

    Khalid tries to say Israel was behind this.

    Here is what a liar Khalid is.
    Fatah promised the boy $22 and 72 virgins if he blew himself up.
    Google the name Hussam Abdu 72 virgins.

    If you needed more evidence of Islam’s vile and heinous nature, the cover story from the March 25, 2004 edition NY Daily News certainly obliged. For $22.00 and the promise of 72 virgins in Allah’s paradise, a mildly retarded Palestinian boy was coerced into becoming a human bomb by Islamic clerics. Compelling young children to do their dying for them seems to have become a favorite tactic of the Islamic fundamentalists in control of Yasser Arafat’s political party called Fatah.

    Islamic Imams and warlords are cowards, hiding behind little boys. They corrupt, coerce, and recruit children with promises of perverted rewards, while they themselves remain in the comfort and safety of their mosques and madrasas. No doubt they know Muhammad’s dogma is fraudulent and morally bankrupt and that Islam is simply a means to wealth and power.
    Golda Meir over 40 years ago talked about how Palestinians send their children to die for murderous Palestinian leaders.

    Here’s the article.
    They promised the boy $22 and 72 virgins
    By DEBORAH BLACHOR in Jerusalem and CORKY SIEMASZKO in New York

  14. Yasmin Qureshi – Pakistani-born,human rights advisor to Ken Livingstone.
    President of the Pakistan Club,

    The real genocide this Pakistani Muslim doesn’t want you to know, was Pakistan slaughtering 3 million Bangladeshi people and raping between two- and four hundred thousand Bangladeshi women in 1971 in a systematic campaign of genocidal rape.

    Its all here to read below.

  15. Yasmin Qureshi basically absolves the Palestinians from all guilt and blame for their violent murderous behavior. .
    Yasmin Qureshi knows Palestinians cannot be expected to behave like civilized people so she makes excuses for their terrorist atrocities.
    Kind of like Pakistan murdering millions of Bangladeshi people in 1971

  16. Israel protects her citizens with bomb shelters.
    Palestinians use their children and old and sick as human shields.
    Pal leaders imprisons and tortures its own citizens and have wasted billions of dollars on terrorism and greed. .

  17. 1) Israel has equality under law regardless of race, religion or gender. Arabic and Hebrew are dual official languages.
    2) The PA has a law giving the death penalty for selling land to Jews
    3) The PA and Hamas both say no Jews are allowed to be in “their” nation
    4) Christians are fleeing Muslim persecution under both PA and Hamas rule
    5) Jordan says it’s illegal for Jews to be citizens
    6) Saudi Arabia says non-Muslims are barred from citizenship
    7) Every Muslim nation has at least partial Sharia law, implementing discrimination against non-Muslims.
    8) Copts in Egypt, Maronites and other Christians, animists, Berbers, Chaldeans and other non-Muslims, regularly document religious discrimination in their countries.
    9) The fifty-seven member nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conferences openly reject the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights because equality is against the core tenants of Islam.

  18. The Palestinians are obsessed with hate.
    They are a hateful people with lives ruled by prejudice, terrorism and murdering innocent Israeli civilians.

    When you have these same wicked Palestinian leaders telling their people that Jews are the sons of Pigs and Apes.
    When you have Palestinian Mufti’s teaching in Mosques that the highest goal for a Muslim is to kill the Jews and you wonder why 84% of the Palestinians supported the Mercaz Harav yeshiva massacre in 08 in Jerusalem.

    The Pals never contribute nothing to society, other than whining that Israel doesn’t want to live under Sharia law.

    Israel should be commended for its extreme restraint. Which other country would tolerate blood thirsty terrorists trying to murder Israeli civilians.

    The racists are Palestinians who praise Buses being blown up with old Israeli people on board. Pizza restaurant and Disco’s where Israeli teenagers hung out, blown up.
    Crude racism was an old man in a wheel chair is pushed off a ship alive, because he was a Jew.
    Does the name Leon Klinghoffer ring a bell?

  19. I keep thinking: How is it possible for Palestinians and Muslims to sit and plan a such an evil crime of mass murder of innocent people they never met – especially on such a festive occasion? The simple fact is that there is only one entity that encourages such behavior and is currently involved in nearly all the murders, mayhem and misogyny around this planet – the cult of Islam. …

    East Jerusalem terror cell charged with planning attack on wedding hall

    Men planned to enter Bayit Vagan wedding hall in haredi dress, carry out shooting attack with mini Uzi guns. wedding hall
    Nof Wedding Hall that was target of terror plot
    The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday filed an indictment with the Jerusalem District Court against an alleged terror cell of four east Jerusalem residents for planning to attack the “Nof” wedding hall in Bayit Vagan, Jerusalem.

    The cell included Anas Ouisat, Basel Abidat, Ahmed Sarur and Amru Abado of the Jabal Muchbar neighborhood all between the ages of 19-21, said the indictment.

    The indictment’s details were as follows: Ouisat and Abidat decided in December 2013, based on nationalistic motivations, that they would carry out an attack against Israeli civilians in Jerusalem and in coordination with terror groups.

    Ouisat suggested a shooting attack on the Nof hall both because there would be a large number of casualties, between 800-1500 attendees, and because he had previously worked there.

    They planned to enter the hall in haredi dress in which they would conceal mini Uzi guns and they got an estimate of NIS 50,000 from a weapons dealer.

    At some point, Sarur joined the group, including performing surveillance of the hall to plan the attack.

    However, he had a dispute with the original two, eventually dropped out and was eventually replaced by Abado.

    The head of the wedding hall, Gilad Pinchas, expressed his immense relief and gratitude in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.

    “Nof is a place of celebration,” said Pinchas, “the indictment is a gift from God. Nof has top security conditions, and we will continue to consider security a top priority at our hall for all our events and all our guests.”

    The prosecution has requested to remand all four to police custody until the end of the proceedings.

  20. Hi Dan,

    You’ve made it quite clear that you are no great fan of the Palestinian people or Islam in general. Though I try to avoid generalizations; much of what you say is not wholly devoid of truth.

    However, I assume from your name that you are a Jew, we are obsessed with hate nor are we racists. What a victory it would be for our enemies if we were to (G-d forbid) become either of these. What a day of celebration it would be for them if for one moment we were to stop praying for peace and believing that its day will come.

    • Should we believe the words of Daniel Marks or the words and actions of hamass, hezbullah, the “palestinian” authority, various islamists in the UK?

  21. Any research will show that the people calls themselves “Palestinians” have the highest number of “Human Rights Activists” per capita and in the world.
    From Yasser Arafat, Sheikh Yassin, Khaled Meshaal through the suicide bombers to the members of Fatah,Hamas, Islamic Jihad – all are/were prolific “Human Rights Activists”.
    And lets not forget about Jibril Rajoub who Daniel Marks probably wants to give the Nobel prize to.

    PA Official: ‘If We Had a Nuke, We’d Use It This Morning’ (Video)
    The Palestinian Authority doesn’t need rocks, firebombs, guns and suicide bombers. Senior Fatah official Jibril Rajoub has a better way to kill Jews: “If we had a nuke, we’d use it this very morning.”
    Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu
    May 9th, 2013