Israel’s Batsheva dances on in Edinburgh despite PSC invasions.

Disruption during Batsheva's Thursday performance at Edinburgh's Playhouse Theatre.

Disruption during Batsheva’s Thursday performance at Edinburgh’s Playhouse Theatre.

What follows is a first hand account by our good friend Harvey of the racism, lies and abuse hurled at innocent theatre-goers by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign when Israel’s Batsheva dance group performed last Thursday, Friday and Saturday at The Playhouse Theatre in Edinburgh. Harvey also highlighted the frightening lack of security inside the theatre.

He took footage and photos of Thursday’s anti-Israel protests before, during and after Batsheva’s performance of Hora. By Saturday, when he had been identified as a supporter of Israel, he received this volley of abuse from PSC’s Scottish Chair Mick Napier for merely standing alone and filming Napier’s protest:

Napier screams at Harvey:

“Tell him to put his camera away. It’s intimidating. We know what they do with images. They use it to torture. They put Palestinians in their dungeons. And you. You think we’re afraid? You can’t call in your dirty little IDF to torture us as you do our friends. You’re a disgusting specimen.”

Disgusting specimen, eh? Such a pleasant chap that Napier. And it’s alright for Napier to have a go at members of the public out for a pleasant Thursday night’s entertainment; just don’t intimidate poor, defenceless Napier and his flock.

And one of Napier’s flock was this equally lovely chap:

Does anyone need reminding about the exhortations of Hezbollah’s Sheikh Nasrallah who has characterised Jews as the “grandsons of pigs and apes” and has said that if every Jew gathered in Israel it would save Hezbollah the effort of going after them worldwide. And go after them worldwide they have with terrorist attacks in Argentina in 1992 and 1994 and this year in Bulgaria.

Here is Harvey’s footage of PSC activists taunting the theatre-goers before Thursday’s performance with cries of “Your tickets are covered in Palestinian blood”:

Harvey reports that on entering The Playhouse the security, which consisted of a trestle table for checking bags, was “optional”. He walked in on the Thursday night without even showing his ticket, something which the PSC got wind of allowing them to run amok during the Saturday night performance and force some nine stoppages of the show.

On the Thursday, Harvey reports, there were three stoppages. Each time the Batsheva dancers came into a line at the front of the stage and stood like soldiers to attention while the lights went up to allow security to evict the PSC activists. And each time the audience responded with a spontaneous standing ovation to drown out the noise of the activists.

At the end of the performance the dancers received a proper standing ovation:

But on leaving the theatre the audience were once again confronted with crazed calls for the destruction of Israel:

It is incredible that after the disruptions during the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance at the Royal Albert Hall and Habima’s Merchant of Venice at The Globe there have been no prosecutions for aggravated trespass.

But this will always be the case without complaints by the likes of the Royal Albert Hall, The Globe and The Edinburgh Playhouse to the police.

There’s much more to come from Batsheva in the UK: Edinburgh, Festival Theatre (30, 31 Oct.), The Lowry, Salford Quays (2, 3 Nov.), Bradford, Alhambra Theatre (6, 7 Nov.), Brighton Dome, Concert Hall (9, 10 Nov.), Birmingham Hippodrome (13, 14 Nov.), Leicester, Curve Theatre (16 Nov.), London, Sadler’s Wells (19,20, 21 Nov.) and Plymouth, Theatre Royal (23, 24 Nov.)

Please come and support the wonderful dancers and help drown out the noise of the PSC’s professional disruptors.

More clips:

Here Napier says that if Batsheva “breaks their links with the state of Israel, then they may be welcome as normal citizens, but not as agents for the Israeli state.” Of course, that is impossible as Batsheva would not be able to operate without state funding, just like any other dance group. Yet another example of holding Jews to a higher standard:

And here is another anti-Israel activist explaining to the mob that the problem is simply with Batsheva’s state funding. Would he demand the arts in the UK go without state funding for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? I think not:

In this footage an activist claims that some theatre-goers are destroying their Batsheva tickets. There is no proof. It’s just in his mind:

Finally, here is footage of a choir pleasantly singing for Israel’s security wall to come down. One woman even sings “inshallah”. Jewish babies having their throats slit by Hamas is obviously not a concern for some small-minded people:

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  1. Israel needs to stop hoping the Palestinians. Nothing she has done has made the world change attitude. We gave back Gaza ..e send in humanitarian aid, and we get boycotts. Enough now.

  2. Napier sounds like Groundskeeper Willie.

    It’s about the “compassionate” release of the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103.

  3. I wish the PSC, Naiper and company would go on a road trip to… Syria. Aleppo.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky.

  4. Unfortunately it seems that the `Theatre` management of al these venues are intimidated by the PSC rabble and have no idea of Security whatsoever
    and yet they are forewarned of possible disruption.Also are the Police taking an active role? Police presence would deter these hooligans from any intimidation within the Theatres.That said perhaps the `Managements` sympathies are with the PSC for as we know many `luvvies` are notoriously Left-wing and Anti-Israel. To refrain from having some security people within the Theatre`s is tantamount to encouraging disruption.

  5. I also wish that the PSC, Naiper and company would go on a road trip to… Syria. Aleppo, and secondly go and live in Gaza, Egypt and co… and see how long they live there with the freedom and democracy that they enjoy far too much of in this country!!

  6. The boycotters are the usual rabble of Anti-Semites & weirdos –
    Well done to everybody who stood up to them outside the venue & who attended the performances –
    Kol Hakavod to Batsheva for their brilliant Dancing !

  7. the Brighton one will be interesting

    Was Harv there all alone ?

  8. The Bradford one will probly be more interesting still

  9. Harvey,

    I imagine there must be times when you feel pretty lonely surrounded by so much hatred.

    At times like that know that you are not alone and we are all indescribably proud of the work that people like you, Richard, Sharon, Jonathan and many others are doing so heroically. Thank you all.

    • Danny did you not know that Sharon is no longer with us ? Don’t worry you still got me.

      • Sharon is still with us, just taking a well deserved rest in Zionist occupied Jewland, sorry, I mean Fakistine. Well, whatever it’s called, it’s the one where the Jews have lived for over 3,500 years and the 20th centurary immigrants from Syria, Egypt and Bosnia want to steal from them.

  10. I have to admit that in the face of this inter cult squabble I waver between boredom and fascination.At the moment I am fascinated.

    • richardmillett

      Rich, is there a chance you could amalgamate your many short meaningless comments into just one longer meaningless comment per thread? That would be very helpful.

  11. Ha ha Richard I have to admit that was pretty witty and made me laugh, There is hope for you yet.

  12. Could I say this tho. I hope Harv is a better taxi driver than he is a documentary film maker.

  13. Great team work Richard . One of your best blogs yet .
    Seeing Napier first hand blow a gasket because one big bad solitary Zionist was recording his vile behaviour was priceless . Squealing like a stuck pig demanding police intervention while his goons were committing aggravated trespass just about sums up this low life douche bag .

    As for the ‘ ticket burning ‘ , too bad they used the same psc walk on actor each time . Whooping and hollering themselves into a state of mass hysteria with no one but themselves to convince . Subterfuge and mass delusion on a grand scale . But that’s what Communism was always about . Text book propaganda technique at play .
    Keep doleing out the Kool aid Napier .

  14. I know that the Jewish community in Edinburgh is small, but is this all they could manage? Thank goodness for Christian Friends of Israel, Muslims for Israel, etc. Where would we be without all the interfaith groups that help and support us so much.

  15. Their twisted logic/excuse for harassing a dance troupe – “problem is simply with Batsheva’s state funding” – would never be applied against anyone else, but the Jewish people.

  16. Hi Daniel
    No not lonely and not cowered . Certainly not by a bunch of blue rinse wrinklies reliving their Greenham Common glory days and not by Napiers bug eyed black shirts . His bullying tactics cut no ice with me . The more he screamed at me the cooler I became, and like Richard I stayed silent and let the camera record the utter vileness of this contemptible apology of a man .

  17. Jonathan Hoffman

    See my comment on this post for how the vile Mick Napier knowingly misquotes Israel’s Interior Minister Yishai in order to denigrate him and denigrate Israel. Napier should be behind bars.

  18. Jonathan Hoffman

    Proud to have a namecheck from the unspeakably vile Napier

  19. Steve Bronfman

    Ironic that he’s literally got a gun on his Tshirt (the Hezballah logo). Not exactly a peacenik. The Guardian will no doubt depict him as a pacifist.

    • That is a “Hibsbollah” T-shirt – combination of Hezbollah and Hibernian FC. A disgraceful abuse of that club’s name, although it does attract some plastic paddy pricks and/or smackheids.

  20. Here is a direct quote from this blog:

    “There is no ethnic, cultural or linguistic group called Palestinians. They are an invention. There is no such thing as a Palestinian people. They are Arabs. So it is accurate to call them ‘Arabs who are occupying Gaza and Judea and Samaria.’, though that’s a bit of a mouthful. I rather like the term ‘fakestinians’.”

    It does not express my sentiments as I have never used such derogatory language to describe other peoples. I believe in the right of national self-determination, that is if a group of individuals wish to wake up one morning and decide that they are a people, who am I to deny them that right?

    Naturally, I also have a right to self-determination which I exercise on approximately a one-four-hundredth part of the Middle East and less than a quarter of Mandate Palestine and I see no need to destroy or endanger myself in order that another person might realize his perceived need for national self-determination.

    However, I would never call any other nation “fakestinians” – never have and never will.

    My question to readers of this excellent blog is:

    Who do you think wrote the above comment about “fakestinians”? No cheating, no googling, no search engines.

    Can you guess?

    a. Richard Millett
    b. Silke
    c. Harvey
    d. Roger
    e. Sharon
    f. Jonathan
    g. Tony Jacobs
    h. Tony Greenstein
    i. Gert
    j. Gamil

  21. I really don’t know what all the excitement is about. Same old same old. I am way too modest to think that Harv went to all this trouble to entertain me. He couldn’t possibly have known I am in fascination mode.

    A bunch of freaks have a demo there is a hymn sheet and a chant sheet. We know in advance what they are going to sing and chant. We didn’t even have the benefit of a bunch of cultist freaks ostensibly competing with them. It was only half a show


    • Yeah and you’re above all that, right ?

      • Aparat no I wouldn’t say I was above it. That would involve getting above Danny boy and no one ever survived attempting that.

        What I would say is that whenever I have been tempted I have settled for doing something productive instead.

    • I remember Napier, on the morning of 15 February 2003, trying to unfurl PSC banners on the concourse of Waverly Station, Edinburgh. A solitary Po-Po instructed him to desist, and he began asking – in a much more subdued tone than above, begging might be closer to the mark – for a little help.


  22. TGIAI

    Your excellent slogan is being made into a banner for the next Max Brenner BDS action. I reckon they will go ballistic.

    Our BDSers are not quiet and orderly like yours

    From the river to the sea
    Palestine will never be.

    • Please post pictures, videos, audio of the reaction!!!

      • Not sure if I’m going. I will ask someone to do it though.
        Just the thought of standing there opposite 200 screaming idiots, screaming at a chocolate shop, doesn’t excite me. I had enough of it last year. Though all I did was help the police, who are very much on side and made some good police contacts, which came in handy when I was attacked.

        No one takes a blind bit of notice of them anyway. If they want to look stupid, let them.

    • From the Sea to the River,
      Israel will live forever! ;o)

  23. Would rather see: “From the river to the sea, Palestine’s already free”

  24. Bonnie Prince Charlie

    How honest of Mick Napier to admit that playing a film of him to Palestinians will be regarded by them as being torture!!!

    • ok it is established. Mick Napier is an arsehole. So now can you freaks take a big deep breath, and move on to doing something constructive ?

      • Bonnie Prince Charlie

        Dear Rich A Mick Napier is not just an arsehole, he’s a dangerous arsehole because people listen to him and follow his lead. But please forgive me for my moment of attempted humour. I agree we should move on and do something constructive. What would you suggest?

      • richardmillett

        For Rich being productive includes setting up a bullying, defamatory and anonymous blog targeting people he doesn’t like.

      • Why don’t you follow your own advice and get a job or something? A man of your supreme talents and objectivity is surely demeaning himself wasting time with these “freaks”? The world needs you in some more productive capacity.

  25. Bonnie Prince Charlie

    Come on, folks. Let’s give Rich A the benefit of the doubt. He no doubt leads a sad and lonely life and this is probably the only outlet for his creativity. By responding to him, we bright a little happiness into his life and there’s no harm in that. I think we all know – or at least suspect – that his intellectual capacity is limited: he proves it every time he puts finger to keyboard. But deep inside there is probably the kernel of an idea that he would love to express, perhaps even the answer to all our problems in dealing with the enemies of Israel; so let’s encourage him to express himself in a positive way which might help him overcome his obvious lack of self-esteem.

  26. It’s ok Aparat. You are figived. I know you mean well. I know you didn’t mean to be gratuitously orrible to me. It’s ok. Gulp

  27. i’m filling up

  28. Richard i’ll buy all of that except the anonymous bit. Our blog is no more anonymous than yours. Your name is Richard Millett ( unless you are lying ). My name is Richard Armbach. But then you knew that already.

    • richardmillett

      So if you admit to it being bullying and defamatory why do it?

      • Well while it may be prima facie defamatory ” it is true ” is always a good defence.And nothing is asserted that is not conclusively evidenced or which the reasonable man on the Clapham omnibus would not infer from a wealth of circumstantial evidence.

        As for bullying well you should think of it as counter bullying a rampaging mega bully.

      • Anyway the purpose is merely to function as a resource for people. So that they know who and what they are dealing with.

  29. ArmBach – mmmh – literally poor creek –

    it’d be interesting to hear the family history that got the Armbachs such a name – did the creek have few fish? – was the water too rarely flowing strongly enough to operate the mill? – what was wrong with that brook that made them poor?

    now brook brook what does that remind me of?

  30. Silke do they not offer English classes down your way ?

  31. Could the disrupters be sued by individual concertgoers in small claims court? If every patron sought to recover the cost of their ticket from each disrupter it would put an end to the disruptions.

  32. charged with ?

  33. Daniel: you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trawling this blog for past comments to discredit and besmirch. You seem to have a mission and methinks it’s a tad …er…how can I be tactful?…obsessive. Don’t you have a family? a job? shouldn’t you be spending more time studying the Talmud to become a better and holier person?

    • if you’d substantiate your proclaimed heroics aka unpartiality a lot of record keeping would become superfluous.

      • the last thing I am is impartial and that’s the way it should be. ‘You are neither hot nor cold so I vomit you out’ said Big G somewhere in the Book of Revelations. And I can dig that.

  34. Silke do they not offer English classes down your way ??

  35. Hi,

    I wanted to deliver an update to the complainants on this matter.

    The Acting Community Safety Manager confirmed that as part of the
    Council’s joint patrolling arrangements with the Police, a CEC
    Environmental Warden and Police Officer caught the person responsible
    for these flyers in situ in August.

    This has resulted in him being issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice and
    his details have been taken with regards to follow up action which will
    consist of him being invoiced for the cost of removing these stickers by
    the cleansing teams.

    I hope this is useful feedback for you.

    Once again, my apologies for the distress caused by this hate crime,

    Above is an email received from Edinburgh Council . Apparently they caught one of the vandals in the act of fly posting .
    I wish the council luck recovering their expenditure .

  36. I hope this is useful feedback for you.

    Harv what possible use could anyone have for the information that some fly poster got a ticket? Are you serious ?

    • As usual you are completely off the ball and I cannot be bothered to enlighten you further .
      Those who know about the context will understand that reply .
      Forgive me but for some reason you appear to be outside the loop . Pardon if I don’t rectify it .

  37. Better late than never. Kudos to UK UJIA. Anti-Israel blogger Joe Millis is no longer PR chief of UK UJIA
    10:48am – 6 Sep 12

    Just came across this on Isi Leiblers twitter feed . Anyone know more ?

  38. Roger,

    Yes, I have a family. My second daughter Rachelle joins the IDF on Monday and we went out to celebrate. My new grandson Shalem joined us. I have several jobs. I direct English studies in a yeshiva high school and also lecture in two Jerusalem colleges. I write for Burlington Books and am occasionally employed by German Government bodies. It seems strange to answer a wholly ad hominem “attack”, but I really have nothing to hide, so why not?

    Regarding the two comments of yours I published, I’m not sure why you call it “trawling”. Up until about a year ago you seemed to have an irrational hatred of Palestinians, to the point of denying their existence. Then almost overnight it became a hatred of Israel. I suppose I should just wait a few weeks for you to change your mind again, but truthfully, your criticism of Israel is about as ignorant and idiotic as that of the Palestinians was, so maybe it’s better that you stay the way you are.

    That is always a problem with the “critics” like yourself. You forever need someone to hate – a Jew, an Arab, who cares? You never supported Israel then, you just wrote nasty things about Arabs. Now, you aren’t doing the Palestinian struggle the slightest bit of good, you’re just writing nasty things about Jews.

    Yes, I have a family and a job. My family has jobs too. Next In a couple of weeks my eldest son (settler) flies to Turkey to meet with his Palestinian peers and talk peace. My wife and I educate Palestinian children and college students.

    And now it’s your turn Roger. What have you ever done for the Palestinian cause? What have you ever done for anybody connected to the conflict besides spewing hatred? Please feel free to be as specific as you like.

  39. Daniel: which side of the Green Line do you live on? Do you live in Israel proper or in the Occupied West Bank?

  40. I live in Maale Adumim. Read about us on the net. We have no secrets – well, not many.

    • Daniel: To cut a long story short, you say you are helping the Palestinian cause and contributing to ending the conflict. In a nutshell, your presence in Maale Adumim, an illegal settlement built on stolen land to drive a wedge and sever the connection between the northern and southern parts of the West Bank, is the very essence and cause of the conflict. It is a key mechanism for Israeli control of the land. The city’s architect, Thomas Leitersdorf, was recruited by the Israeli government in the 70s, was given map coordinates and told to build a town. He said ”the further inside the occupied territories we placed settlers, the more territory Israel would have when the time came to set the permanent international borders….because we were already there”, He studied the area and reported back that it was topographically unsuitable. Despite this he was told to go ahead and build. Putting an Israeli town there ‘was a government decision, and its location was accurately specified….”at the end of the desert”….the furthest place from Israel that was conceivably possible…..Maale Adumim’s location was without doubt political’. With such projects, the viability of a Palestinian state became less and less viable.
      The only way peace will come is when Israelis withdraw from the West Bank completely and allow the Palestinians their own contiguous state. So you may be a decent chap living an apparently decent life, but your duty is to leave Maale Adumim and move into Israel proper. That’s giving peace a chance.
      And one other point. Here’s an interseting quote from Yossi Beilin 2001 ‘’The real question that I have asked myself every day for the past 10 years is what will happen when an Arab majority exists west of the Jordan river. What will happen when the number of Arabs who are citizens of Israel and the number of Arabs who are under Israeli rule exceeds the number of Jews? That moment is not far off. Because if that day comes and we don’t have a border, if on that day there is no Palestinian state on the other side of a border, all hell will break loose. I don’t even want to think about what will happen in that case. It will be the end of the Zionist idea. So what I am saying is that a Palestinian state is the life-belt of the Jewish state.’’
      That last sentence is key. Here are the figures: 2.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank. 1.5 million in Gaza. 1.3 million Israeli Arabs. 250,000 East Jerusalemite Arabs. That makes over 5 million. There are about 5 million Jews in Israel….excluding the Arab citizens and the 300,000 ersatz Jews from the ex-Soviet Union. So what you have is demographic parity but with the Arab birth rate way higher than Israel’s. So the only way to save Israel from demographic conquest is to forge a two-state solution. No other way. And that means evacuating the settlements, including Maale Adumim and drawing a clearly defined border along the Green Line…not the wall. A precise separation. This would be for your own good if you want to preserve the Jewish state.
      Sorry about all this me ol mate because you sound like a man of peace who’s got the wrong end of the stick…..and my deduction is that it’s all about religion.

      • richardmillett

        But as Gaza is no longer under Israeli rule you can take that 1.5 million Palestinians out of Yossi’s equation for a start. As for the supposed 2.5m on the West Bank I think you are looking at about 1.5m.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • You are right Roger: Maale Adumim is on stolen land. It was stolen by Romans, Crusaders, Arabs, Ottomans. It was presently restored to the descendants of the legal owners.
        Remember too that if there is no legal border to Israel, it is because the Arabs rejected the legal creation of Israel and still reject it today.
        No one should blame the absence of borders on the Israelis but rather on Arabs themselves.

      • The delusion that Israel depends on the creation of yet another Arab state in the area is just that: a delusion. As we see, these Arab states created by the colonial French and British are as stable as a house of cards. Anyone saying the contrary should promptly seek psychiatric help.
        Gaza was evacuated and became the most dangerous place for Israel. No one wants to get more of the same in Judea-Samaria, unless to those who need even more psychiatric help.
        Of course, the solution is to get an agreement with Egypt and Jordan to take Gaza and part of Judea Samaria to satisfy Israel’s security need. No ‘Palestinian’ state is required in the area to get more corruption and more instability. ‘Palestinians’ will become Egyptians and Jordanians, and everyone will be happy forever after. 😉

      • Richard: Gaza is under Israeli rule and control. Hamas are just the prison screws. Israel has fenced it in, controls what goes in and out (people and goods), the air space, the coast. Take another look.

        I can’t really find up-to-date figures but the 2005 numbers were: 1.5 million in Gaza, 2.5 million in the West Bank, 1.2 million in Israel. 250,000 East Jerusalemite Arabs.

      • richardmillett

        Nah, Egypt controls all that too. On that basis Gaza should become Egyptian. What source are you using for your stats.?

      • Haaretz 11 August 2005

      • richardmillett

        And what is Haaretz’s source?

      • In FACTS (by opposition to your delusions), Zionists leaders were very disappointed by Arab (not ‘Palestinian’ since Jews were also ‘Palestinians’ at the time) rejection of the UN Partition plan. Then, considering the whole place, including Jordan had been promised to Jews and Jews only, the UN Partition plan was very favourable to Arabs and left Jews very vulnerable.
        Arabs thought the Jews would be fair and easy game. They were wrong. They lost. Not only they lost but they rejected the armistice line as a final border. So they cannot complain that Israel does not respect a border that they don’t even talk about recognising. As far as I know, the whole country belong legally to the Jewish State of Israel, from sea to Jordan, and it doesn’t have to share it with any other people. Jordan is excluded since Israel signed a peace treaty with it.
        As far as FACTS are concerned (and not your fiction), Gaza is a territory occupied by Hamas, an offspring ot the Egyptian MB and terrorist organisation. Israel does not occupy Gaza since 2005 and no political stance will ever change this FACT.
        Instead of reading Haaretz and other rags, try History books.

      • Jose: Even the partition of the country proposed by the United Nations in November 1947 would have only postponed the problem for the Zionists, creating an Arab state populated almost exclusively with Palestinians, and a Jewish state populated with a small majority of Jews. Within a generation or two there would have been two Arab states. So you should be grateful the Arabs rejected the offer. The Zionist leaders were not disappointed by the Palestinians’ rejection of partition because it offered them the pretext for implementing the systematic expulsion of the local population within the areas allocated for the Jewish state. 80% of the 900,000 Palestinians who lived inside the borders of the newly established Jewish state were driven out and expelled, their villages destroyed. This continued in the 1950s. One example: In 1950, the remaining population of al-Mijdal…2,700 Palestinians….were transported over the border to the Gaza strip. In their place, Jewish immigrants were settled in the town, which is now known as Ashkelon. This is ethnic cleansing…or what the Israelis euphemistically call ‘population transfer’…..a policy still being pushed and lauded by the likes of Avigdor Lieberman, the Russian non-indigeneous interloper. He wants to transfer the 250,000 Israeli Arab inhabitants of the Triangle in Galilee to a future Palestinian state as a land swap for settlements. He doesn’t give a Zionist toss where those 250,000 Israeli citizens want to live. They are Arabs, so they don’t count, even though they have been living in Galilee for many generations. With attitudes like that, it’s no wonder the Arabs in towns like Umm-al- Fahm are miffed.

      • richardmillett

        Roger, your conveniently forgetting Jewish immigration.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • yes that’s interesting too. 3 million Jews have so far migrated to Israel, including the 1 million Russians. The Arab birth rate is more than twice that of the Jewish one but the ratio of Jews to Arabs has stayed more or less unchanged. Till now. In 1949, Israel’s 160,000 Palestinian citizens comprised 13.6 % of the population. As of 2005, the Arab minority had grown to 1.1 million, 16% of the population. With the 250,000 East Jerusalamite Palestinians who are not citizens but ‘permanent residents’, the proportion was 19%. These figures are from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics.
        Professor Sofer of Haifa University calculates that by 2020 there will be 2.1 million Israeli Arabs. Their birth rate is 3.5%, the Bedouins 4.5% (the highest in the world) and the Israeli Jews 1%. So yes, the Israeli government has to locate future reserves of Jewish immigrants. But from where? I understand the rate of emigration from Israeli is higher than the rate of immigration into it, probably due to the rising tension over Iran and the consolidation of Islamic theocracies in the surrounding Arab states, not to mention internal strife, the widening gap between the religious and secular communities and economic hardship.

      • The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics

      • richardmillett


      • richardmillett

        Thanks but could you guide me to the exact bit on the cbs website that backs up your and Haaretz’s thesis please.

  41. Danny has plans for these Arabs but he won’t tell us about them. These plans are a secret.

    • Spoken like a Real Real Zionist!

      According my information, Millis was not confirmed in his job for UJIA, at the end of his probationary period. Some say it is because of all the anti-Israel statements he made on the JC blogs who were available to all on Internet. Eventually, the JC was useful for something! 😉

  42. Some say ? Like who ?

    • Like someone who knows better than you! 😉
      If Ilan Pappé or Gilad Atzmon are searching a new PR, Millis has the correct profile.

    • Like me, Rich A, I’ve had a few run-ins with the belligerent and abusive Joe Millis.

      • richardmillett

        We’ve all had run ins with Joe. He defriended me for supporting the settlements 😦 that said he sent me a conciliatory email after I was evicted from a public meeting at soas due to my political views.

      • Damn, “Richard Armbach” goes into delusional “multiple pseudos” state again! 😉
        Remember your lie that you are supposed to be able to prove everything your say?
        The only competition I am doing here is saying the truth in front of your lies. I don’t think Daniel cares much of my comments, but truth does hurt you, doesn’t it?

      • The truth hurts the proponents of a made up cause, for a made up people, from a made up land. All made up to hurt the Jews.

      • Correct! Be careful, next delusion state for “Richard Armbach” will be to call me by your name! 😉

      • Well, today the belligerent and abusive Millis got paid for his bullying and Israel-bashing. He wasn’t expelled from the JC, just from a job where he could have done more bad to Israel and Jews in general.

  43. I see making it up as we go along again. Jose will always be Jose.

  44. The reason of the permanent state of war is the Arab rejection of every solution that has been generously offered since 1948 by Israel.
    In a few years, the remains of Oslo Accords will be trashed, as nothing they suggested worked. Autonomy for Arabs led to islamisation, as we have seen everywhere else in the area, including Gaza. The only area that can resist (relatively) islamisation is in the PA-occupied areas of Judea Samaria, because of the help of Israel. Otherwise, we would have another Hamasland in there.
    No Arab country is ready for democracy. When given a chance to vote, they vote for the next dictatorship. All of these regimes have an apartheid system based on religious discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual orientation discrimiation etc.
    Adding one more Arab country to that unstable area would be adding more instability where none is needed.

  45. For those who may not know Jose…..Jose is the nut job to end all nu tjobs. He was banned from commenting on JC blogs for intimidating and threatening female bloggers. Bickering with him will really do your head in. My advice is don’t.

    • richardmillett

      That’s a bit rich coming from you, Rich, considering the website you run.

    • Spoken like a Real Real Zionist: Millis would be proud of you! 😉
      There is no threat you can ever find in my writings. But you like impersonation, don’t you?

      • richardmillett

        Jose, I don’t allowed the blog’s mention on here in case it becomes the object of civil proceedings of any sort. Sorry.

      • And let’s remind everyone here that the ‘Palestinians’ is the only refugee group for which the descendants are granted a refugee status (and of course paid for that). It means that more children, more support for the family, courtesy of the US and EU.
        The UN created a racist agency, UNRWA, which created this racist definition (and sexist also, btw: descendants of female refugees are not equel to those of male ones). It is this racist definition that perpetuates the problem and not any action of the Israeli government.
        As we can see, no other refugee situation lasted more than one generation. Vietnamese refugees integrated in vastly different countries for example. Arabs countries are all around and could solve the problem in a few years IF THEY WANTED. BUT THEY DON’T!
        First, they created the problem by rejecting the creation of Israel, then they keep the problem going by rejecting all solutions.

    • Bonnie Prince Charlie

      Pot. Kettle. Black. Just add the missing words. Why do people bother with Rich A – except for their own personal amusement? Wwe know he’s intellectually challenged. He proves it every time he puts finger to keyboard. Leave him alone to fester in his own lonely little world.

  46. Roger,

    You don’t know me and we’ve never met. Therefore your evaluations of my personality, good or bad, are of no interest. I’m neither flattered by your compliments nor offended by your criticism.

    Maale Adumim is not built on stolen Palestinian land. That is an absurd lie, unless you assume that all areas in dispute between Israel and the “Palestinians” automatically already belong to the latter. Such an assumption is in direct contravention to every agreement upon, firstly and foremost the Oslo Accords:

    “It is understood that these negotiations shall cover remaining issues, including: Jerusalem, refugees, settlements, security arrangements, borders, relations and cooperation with other neighbors, and other issues of common interest.

    The two parties agree that the outcome of the permanent status negotiations should not be prejudiced or preempted by agreements reached for the interim period.(Article V [1-3])”

    You are not party to negotiations and you have no stake in their outcome, therefore, while I’m happy to answer any polite ex hominem questions, I have no intention of negotiating with you. I note that you also seem to have only the most superficial knowledge of Maale Adumim and the Arab-Israeli conflict in general, so you might want to read a bit or ask a few questions before launching into infantile predictions and prophesies.

    I’d still like to know what you have ever done for the Palestinian People. A year ago you were an ant-Arab racist and now you’re an anti-Israeli one. I guess that’s basically two sides of the same grubby coin, but tell me anyway Rog. What have you ever done for the Palestinian People? Or do you still deny their existence?

    • Danny who did you buy your house off ?

      • Do you think houses are given to anyone, in Israel? Do you think you can go there by the yellow brick road?

    • richardmillett

      Roger may have been rejected by an Israeli or a Jewish person, which caused the about turn for all we know. It happened with Annie Lennox.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  47. Arab birth rates is the argument that all racists use to scare people off, in Europe. According to that theory, Europe will have an Arab majority by 2050 or so. Whatever the date, according to that theory, since the reproduction rates are higher in the Arab communities, all countries will be one day with an Arab majority.
    Of course, this theory relies on one stupid assumption: that reproduction rates remain constant over decades. As we know, at the beginning of this century, having eight children was common in European households. Today it is close to two. Reproduction rates change, the scaremongering is an idiocy.

    • richardmillett

      Actually, Jose makes a point. Roger employs an EDL scare tactic. Very interesting.

      • And I am sure that Roger would call a ‘racist’ anyone who would use that same argument, which he is using, to scare Europeans about their future.

        Some Israeli Arabs are more Israelis than the Jewish leftists who leave the country to avoid paying the high income tax Israeli residents pay. Let’s mention people like journalist Khaled Abu Toameh and many others who servie in the IDF, Beduins, Druses, and Christian Arabs, to defend their country and a freedom.they would not even dream of in any of the surrounding countries, not mentioning the security they have (Syria is not especially quiet these days). They understand that the Jewish State is a better solution for this area than anything that ever existed in the last 13 centuries of Muslim domination.

  48. Butt out Jose I was talking to Danny boy. Danny who did you buy your house off ?

    • Maybe you did not notice but you’re not in a private salon with Daniel. And your impoliteness does not impress me.
      Remember that I know Israel much better than you ever will.

      • Do not worry Jose. I have ignored that idiot for months now, and recommend you do the same. If on the other hand you choose to talk with him, I promise not to disturb you both. It’s up to you.

  49. In fact, in 1948, Arabs occupied the houses of the Jews who were living in Judea Samaria, when Jordan illegally invaded that Jewish territory and ethnically cleansed it. Many of them still live in Jewish-owned houses. Some refuse to even pay a rent to the owner, now that the property rights have been restored.

  50. Now let’s talk about what the Arabs grabbed from the 800000 Jewish citizens that they expelled and deprived of all their possessions except what they were wearing. They were deprived of their citizenship as well, something that is forbidden by the declaration of human rights (no one can be deprived of his only citizenship and made an apatride).
    The Jews were much richer than the Arabs who settled in Ottoman or Mandate Palestine. But the Jewish refugees never got a cent from Arab countries, and no one built a special UN Agency to racket the Western world for them. ‘Palestinians’ are paid year after year for peace and use that money for troubles.
    Arabs should pay for the ‘Palestinians’ and not the Western world. But since 1948, they get more money per refugee than any other refugee group in the world and by far. Today, it is believed there are no more than 50000 ‘Palestinian’ refugees alive.They are paid $1B per year if they stay that way. You can understand why they are not interested in anything but trouble with Israel.

  51. I do not worry for you Daniel. I’m not really talking to him, in fact. This is not a private salon for private conversations, even if he does not understand that (some people are quite slow). I am writing for the benefit of all.
    For example, how to debunk the reproduction rate scaremongering is a good thing. Debunking the myth of ‘Palestinian’ refugees and their delusional ‘right of return’ id also a good thing for all, although I am sure most educated people already know about that.

  52. Do not worry Jose. I have ignored that idiot for months now, and recommend you do the same. If on the other hand you choose to talk with him, I promise not to disturb you both. It’s up to you.

    Danny did you not know this is not a private salon for private conversations ? And we better make sure Silke understands this. You guys are a hoot.

  53. Anyway Jose maybe the people would like your version of why you got banned from commenting on JC blogs. Then I will go into more detail concerning the REAL reason you got banned for the THIRD time under different aliases.

    • richardmillett

      Rich, we are not here to discuss these types of things. Thanks.

      • Especially since I never used ANY other alias than my real name. So RRZ, your reality is virtual and libellous.

      • Richard,

        This blog is really being ruined, isn’t there anything you can do?

      • richardmillett

        I know! But tbh Jose has said some interesting stuff and to be fair you gave Roger the opportunity to come back! Anyway I would also like for Roger to provide the link I’ve been asking all afternoon.

  54. Richard you should understand that he got banned because the JC reached the conclusion that his activities placed them in a very vulnerable position legally. My advice is to take the greatest of care.

  55. And as you know I don’t say stuff I can’t prove.

  56. So, there was not one human right activist among the howling crowd in Edinburgh, these nights. Human right activists are too busy with Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, etc., to bully an Israeli dance company. Racist idiots, on the other hand, have nothing better to do of their lives.

  57. More generally, these people make a mockery of human right activism when they attack a democracy, joining forces with people supporting terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Hezbollah when they don’t support them themselves. The name Galloway comes to mind, supporting the Syrian murderous regime.
    All this while turning a blind eye on serial violators of human rights such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan,and other countries their bedfellows came from.

  58. May I commend the organisation UN Watch that, under executive director Hillel Neuer, does a splendid job of reminding the UNHRC of their sick obsession about Israel while disregarding nearly entirely the rest of the world including blatant human rights violators. Recently, the UNHRC was considering the election of SYRIA to the direction of the council: Of all countries, they couldn’t find a better one, I guess.

    The sick people who bullied the Israeli dance company are the mirror image of this perverted UN tool. They support the exact reverse of the principles they pretend to support and make a mockery of them.

  59. This guy has a way with words, I’ll say that for him.

    • Hillel Neuer is a real hero of human rights. See him addressing the UNHRC heads and giving an opportunity to speak to people that were tortured by the very regimes that head the Council. His videos are on YouTube.

    • The jerk certainly does have ” a way “. Hey if he is gonna stick around maybe we could do a kind of ” Jose way with words watch ”

      Let’s get started.

      ” Palestinians ” are paid year after year for peace and use that money for troubles.

      • First the personal attacks, now the insults. From bad to worse,”Richard Armbach”.

      • Let’s not watch for “Richard Armbach’s” words too much. Otherwise, we would stop at every other word: Calling Hillel Neuer a “jerk”, what a lack of respect for a top and real human right activist, calling dictators by that name in the single place where they should be shamed in fromt of the world and where they are given the top positions.

      • Rich A, you said: ” Hey if he is gonna stick around maybe we could do a kind of ” Jose way with words watch ”

        Let’s get started.

        ” Palestinians ” are paid year after year for peace and use that money for troubles.”

        Sorry Rich A, are you collecting Middle East axioms from anywhere, or just those uttered by Jose?

  60. Of course, “Richard Armbach” has infinite respect for the Nazi Iranian regime, the exterminators of Syria, the genociders in Sudan, the wahabi apartheid regime of Saudi Arabia, the terrorist caliphates of Lebanon and Gaza, etc.
    The only problem he will ever see is the only democracy in the Middle East. What is this tiny democracy doing among such admirable dictatorships? 😉

  61. I have to agree with Danny boy. He does have ” a ” way with words.

  62. I suppose it’s always a dilemma. Many supporters of Israel are torn between telling “the truth” and “the truth and the whole truth”.

    For some of our opponents the dilemma hardly exists. If they write of an “occupation” that they do not live or “Israeli brutality” that they’ve never really seen, they hardly really have the tools to distinguish between true and false anyway. They have to copy what someone else has written and take his/her word for it. Sometimes, the more dishonest among them knowingly repeat lies, but I’m prepared to believe that the majority usually believe in what they’re writing. Why shouldn’t they? Lots of others are writing similar statements.

    Let’s take Israeli roadblocks as a case in question. I pass one every time I drive to Jerusalem. I’m invariably waved through, but in almost thirty years I’ve been stopped a couple of times and asked if “everything is alright”. That’s the ridiculous way the IDF determines whether I’m a terrorist or not and, perplexingly, it seems to work.

    On many occasions one the drivers ahead of me has a Palestinian license plate. Sometimes he’ll be waved though too, but just as often he’ll be asked to show his ID card or even to open his boot. In the former case I’m held up for about 5 seconds and in the latter about half a minute. It’s annoying to everyone, especially if it appears to be contributing to traffic jams, but it’s one of the prices we pay for the relative lack of terrorist activity in recent years.

    Then I meet a European journalist or academic who asks me why we are using roadblocks as a means of humiliating another nation and making the Palestinians’ lives unbearable. The guy has just passed the same roadblock a half an hour previously in order to meet me, but rather than stop his car there for a few moments to see what actually happens he’d rather believe what he’s read. I’ll take him to my supermarket, which is full of Arab shoppers and workers of all levels and show him a glass factory next door to it owned and run by Palestinians who make more in a day than I do in several months, but he’ll still ask me how long I think my apartheid regime can survive. After all, he’s read about it in a book, and what are facts in comparison to a good old anti-Israel cliché.

    And we do have problems. Israel has problems and we make mistakes as does Maale Adumim, as do I. Do I mention them too? Do I tell the whole truth or just the truth?

    If I admit to all the truth, will it be exaggerated and used to make me into a monster? If I acknowledge that there are Israelis who “hate Arabs” will some idiot try to create symmetry between that and those who teach their children to kill Jews? If I criticize some aspects of organized Judaism in 2012 will the same fool then say, “Well, in that case it’s no different to Iran?” Am I better off just to attack the other side and emphasize the positives about Israel?

    These are questions I ask myself; alas I have no simple answers.

    • to me it seems that Israel is having a media war of attrition to cope with – in everyday office life the equivalent is office feuds and/or mobbing.

      In the latter situations it is outright stupid and self-hurting, if somebody values his/her personal honesty so much that he/she admits to mistakes. Why supply his/her harassers with arguments they may be too stupid or to hate-ridden to come up with themselves.

      Do you do confessionals while Poker is the game?

    • If we fearlessly expose the mistakes, then we must do the same with all the things we get right and that makes us seem arrogant, as we have so much to crow about. Since we can’t give the whole truth in the short time we have to make our point, we may as well stick to giving the whole truth about the conflict: Israel is a liberal western style democracy, based on respect for the sanctity of human life and dignity. Our enemy, by their own admission, is a culture of hate and violence, dedicated to genocide. All the rest is hubris.

  63. Daniel, if you count the number of times Israelis (Jews and Arabs as well) are searched every time they enter a mall, a bus or train station, a shop, a restaurant, etc. and add up the seconds/minutes it takes, you will find that the 30 seconds your ‘Palestinian’ neighbour has to wait is very lightweight. You have to add up all this because these searches would be unnecessary if the ‘Palestinians’ were not extremely hostile to Israel.
    If criticism of Israel is perfectly acceptable (and Israelis are always highly critical of governments), Israel-bashing (‘anti-Zionism’) is just antisemitism in tuxedo. Hate and murders by ‘Palestinians’ wears on some of the weakest Israelis and creates a paler version among them (Jews don’t slit the throats of sleeping babies yet). Antisemitism is widespread among Arabs (over 95%) and reaches genocidal levels. I found a very small number of Jews advocate genocide of Arabs or Muslims. Jewish hate of Arabs can be better compared to the French hate of Germans, after the war (and that was AFTER, not DURING a war!). After peace is restored in the area, that hate will disappear slowly. French and Germans are now the ‘best friends’ of EU.

  64. Let’s have a reminder of how the PA (called ‘moderate’) celebrates the most cruel assassins as heroes:

  65. yyyyaaaaawwwwwwnnn

  66. Jose,

    I wasn’t complaining. I am rarely properly searched, but am thankful when I are. At least I know that I’m reasonably safe.

    I agree with you that we are a very critical people (I assume you’re an Israeli) and most of us have many beefs against our government and various of its actions and policies. I’m also quite understanding of the differences between Western-Democratic and authoritarian societies.

    My question was to what extent does our voicing our criticism of Israel on forums that also contain racists like Roger, Gert etc cause us harm. Are these forums for real dialogue and exchanges of ideas or are they just battlegrounds in which the “enemy” must be defeated and humiliated at all costs?

    My problem is that I, and you will soon, find the latter quite boring. Look at the above comment I directed at Roger. Not only did he already know most of what I wrote, but up until recently he had been writing similar ideas. Admittedly, his support of Israel had been based on a racist hatred of Islam, but many of his conclusions were quite similar. I wasn’t posting to enlighten him, I was doing it to “answer him” or “show him what’s what”.

    After having explained the same points a thousand times to people whose opinions are anyway mostly irrelevant, it gets boring. It’s not as if we have important anti-Israeli decision-makers on this blog and if I change their minds my descendants will live in peace with theirs.

    Now this discussion I find interesting!

    • Don’t worry, Daniel. I know perfectly that you were not complaining about anything but the ‘Palestinian’ genocidal hate that makes these searches and roadblocks necessary.
      Don’t suppose I am an Israeli of even a Jew. I don’t speak about it so I can make fun of those who assert anything about it, revealing their antisemitism.
      As for the comments on the blogs, the important thing is to make reasonable people understand how antisemitism now acts under cover of ‘anti-Zionism’. It is thus important to make the antisemites talk, to show their illness.

  67. A few months ago, a terrorist, inspired by the legends spread by the same useless idiots who bully an Israeli dance company in Edimburgh, killed three Jewish children and a professor in a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. Murder of Jewish children, under antisemitic motives, had not happened in France since the Holocaust.

    Of course, the useless idiots in question are accomplices of that murder, in that they created the conditions that made these murders acceptable to the maddest of their bedfellows.

    So, UK should take such events very carefully and initiate a crackdown on these terrorist supporters before they create the conditions that will allow again the murder of Jews because they are Jews. They should be fined every single time they cross the road outside pedestrian crossings.

  68. We have just witenessed “Richard Armbach’s” most intelligent comment ever.

  69. the reality of the check points in case Danny’s little sugar plum check point ” experience ” makes you want to throw up.

  70. Proof by the Guardian? Proof by Haaretz? Nothing better? Not even a ‘small’ murder?

    How much did you throw up when the Fogel family was butchered by your bedfellows, “Richard Armbach”? Did you at all?

    The death of one of the bullies, who died some years ago while trying to help terrorists in the Gaza strip, was judged a few weeks ago. The Corries got the fairest trial ever investigated on Earth (the case should have been dismissed at an early stage, given the evidence). Justice is done, except that the real responsible for the death of irresponsible Corrie were not sentenced: the pro-terrorist ISM and the parents themselves. Let’s hope they will pay for the expenses.

  71. No Anthony not even a small murder. Just the every day common a garden reality.

    • Realitiy is not part of the Guardian’s or Haaretz’s agenda. That is another delusion of yours. Reality is in everyday life as Israelis see it. I would say that Israelis lose every day some five to ten minutes because of security controls.
      These controls prevent some of the murders perpertrated by your bedfellows and that you could not find on the other side.
      Remember that controls really began when terrorists began to explode themselves among Israeli civilians within the green line. Before 2000, it was rather porous.
      So the ‘Palestinians’ had it coming: rejection of the nice propositions made since the Oslo Accords, terrorist attacks and further radicalisation up to the establishment of the Nazi regime in Gaza. Roadblocks are a necessity and save lives, just as the separation fence does.
      If it goes on this way, the one state solution will win, but not the one advocated by antisemites: Jewish state on one side and no Palestinian state on the other side, just parts of Jordan and Egypt.

  72. Poor Danny is gonna find it very difficult to get a word in edgeways in the face of the competition from his new found friend :o)

    • The only one who seems afraid of ‘competion’ is you. Rest assure that you have no running mate in the “make the stupidest comment” competition.

  73. By the way, all the messages I left on Rich’s blog were censored. Some like to abuse freedom of speech on others’ blogs but don’t tolerate it on their own.
    Double standards are the surest sign of antisemitism.

  74. “……….Jewish state on one side and no Palestinian state on the other side, just parts of Jordan and Egypt.”

    Blackie I just knew you and Danny boy would get along. Have you met Sharon yet ?

  75. It seems that the delusional state get deeper: first “Anthony” then “Blackie”… Have you considered psychiatric help?

  76. Unfortunately for “Richard Armbach” (which is a pseudo an not a real name), it happens that the blog owner knows my full name and he also knows that I am not from an English-speaking country, so no one can confuse me with any other speaking a perfect English.
    Nice attempt at diversion anyway! 😉

  77. Tell me Advsr where did you learn your English ?

  78. Damn! It’s getting worse: “Blackie”, “Advsr” and “Anthony”… Is there a 911 for a psychiatric hotline?

  79. Of course, “Richard Armbach” believes in conspiracy theories about 9/11, right? When his bedfellows kill, slaughter, massacre, it’s necessarily caused by “Zionists” (meaning “Jews”) or Americans, at best.
    Syria? Also a Mossad operation?

  80. Mitnachel where did you learn your English ?

  81. Damn, it is getting very bad: “Advsr”, “Antony”, “Mitnachel”, “Blackie”… Time for lithium !

  82. Now, one can understand the logic: as “Richard Armbach” used so many pseudos on the JC blogs, it is ‘evident’ for him that others do the same.
    It is called “projection”:

  83. I see. Would you like to name some of these pseudos ? We wouldn’t like the people to think you are making it up as you go along would we ?

    Maybe while you are in the mood you might give the people the gruesome details of why you were banned from commenting on JC blogs. Or would you prefer that I did ?

  84. Sure do: “Real Real Zionist” and “Richard Armbach” are two of your most evident pseudos, all still in use on the JC blogs. Unfortunately, you used them also to create an ad hominem blog whose name it is forbidden to write on this blog….
    So, as far as one can prove, you are the one using multiple pseudos. Therefore, of course, you suspect everyone to do the same. Psychological projection.

  85. And it is the same illness that strikes the howling crowd outside an Edinburgh theatre. All the horrors they ascribe to Israel are those their bedfellows apply to others, including to their own kind; apartheid, massacres, use of frobidden weapons, terrorism, racist hate…

  86. Anyway, there is one problem that time will solve: the ‘Palestinian’ refugees problem. With each passing year, their numbers will decrease and in 2046, any of them would have to be 100 years old. The ‘right of return’ of refugees wouln’t be a problem anymore. 😀
    Then the settlements and the fence will solve the problem of security and borders, including the Jerusalem status.
    Little remaining to solve. A boycott of the ‘Palestinian’ economy by Israel would finish solving the remaining problems.

  87. I see. I first registered as Rich Armbach ( that being my name. ) I then switched to using Real Real Zionist to make a point. Is that the best you can do ? We don’t ordinarily use ” all ” when the number is two. We say ” both”.

    which brings us back to the question. Where did you learn your English ?

  88. Well, you made a point: YOU ARE THE ONE USING MULTIPLE PSEUDOS. LOL!
    For as you know two is multiple, ie more than one. Anything in English you need to understand.

    In fact, there is no such person as “Richard Armbach” or your only existence is in the JC blogs. So that is another lie of yours. Pathologic!

  89. If the ‘Palestinians’ continue rejecting negotiations, they will learn that they are not the only ones who can act unilaterally.
    And the howling crowds of racists that were bullying an Israeli dance company will continue to howl with their terrorist bedfellows, but it won’t change anything.
    Only peace, not propaganda, will allow ‘Palestinian’ statehood.

  90. Actually I have a very famous and illustrious namesake.

  91. Is a namesake equivalent to yourself? Then you also suffer from identity delusion, multiple personality disease, as well as psychological projection.
    Maybe you caught all that from your bedfellows. A doctor would recommend staying at large from them, for some time.
    Otherwise you could quickly see Nazis everywhere, like the Corries:

  92. Video of the day: Hillel Neuer stands in front of the dictators who run the UNHRC:

    Oldie but Goldie!

  93. Too funny

  94. You like it? Here is another by Pat Condell:

  95. Hilarious

  96. What is hilarious is the poverty of you comments. Since you obviously like it, here is another that your bedfellows will appreciate:

  97. No what is funny is your mania. Absolutely hilarious.

  98. Fortunately, you don’t reallse how funny your mania is. Probably because you cannot see it. You are a pathological case, such as described in that video:

  99. At least we found out that “Rich Armbach” was a phony, using multiple pseudos and admitting it, while accusing others to to the same without any smidgeon of proof. Obviously a psycho.

  100. Don’t be a spoil sport put up some more stuff I won’t be bothered to look at. There is still an hour before dinner and I am otherwise a lil bored.

  101. So we have a psycho on one side with nothing better to do than to make comments such as “Hilarious” (I suggest you shorten to “LOL!” as any low-level troll of you kind should) and another who uses scare tactics of the white supremacist kind.
    Who knows, maybe they are only one, since the psycho has a tendency to multiply the pseudos…

  102. Time for the Mil.lis character to take possession of your persona “Richard Armbach:

  103. Jose | September 10, 2012 at 5:13 pm | Reply
    Time for the Mil.lis character to take possession of your persona “Richard Armbach:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I knew we would get there. What an oaf. Priceless.

    Jose | September 10, 2012 at 12:11 pm | Reply
    Well, you made a point: YOU ARE THE ONE USING MULTIPLE PSEUDOS. LOL!

    Jose | September 10, 2012 at 5:11 pm | Reply
    So we have a psycho on one side with nothing better to do than to make comments such as “Hilarious” (I suggest you shorten to “LOL!” as any low-level troll of you kind should)

    Well I didn’t want to be the one to mention it.

  104. Well, you use two pseudos, why not three or four? Is there a limit to the number of pseudos one can use? As for your being another of Mil-lis pseudos (he also uses multiple pseudos on the JC blogs), a good number of people seem to agree with that. Do you want me to list them?

    Then you have nothing to say about the subject? Which, I remind you is the useless idiots who bully an Israeli dance company because they hate a democracy and love a number of dictatorships and terrorist organisations.
    As usual, your diversion tactics failed.

  105. And of course, you did not show that I use just “LOL!”, a typical 3rd-level troll message. I used LOL with a real message. I had hoped you would understand such a simple thing, but obviously I was overestimatin your intellect as well..

  106. Although it’s been said
    Many times
    Many ways
    Jose AKBAR!!! to you

  107. As for your being another of Mil-lis pseudos (he also uses multiple pseudos on the JC blogs), a good number of people seem to agree with that. Do you want me to list them?

    Yes please. This is fun.

  108. Thanks TGIAI,! I saw that previously.

  109. I guess you are total computer ignoramus but a Google query with “real real zionist” and Millis gives the result you wish. Note the number of JC results after your trash blog. LOL!

  110. And while the MPD psycho is bickering on this blog today, his buddy Assad slaughtered 50 more people.
    Officially, civilian victims are over 26000. More than 50 times the civilian count of Cast Lead. Still no human right activist howling outside Syrian-owned businesses, Syrian artists. Quite the opposite in fact: we have Galloway supporting Assad in his efforts to massacre more people.

  111. Well Im not looking for any results but i did the google thing anyway,not wanting to spoil a fun party.. I got one result and that is YOU.

    But anyway the question you asked was would I like you to list them. I said yes please.

    tap tap tap.

  112. And of course, no flotilla to Aleppo, no flytilla to Damas.

    Hey, they are not that crazy: it is much safer to protest against a democracy than to attack a dictator. One can be killed for less than that! 😉

  113. Well then, you’re even more of a computer ignoramus than I suspected. I wasn’t in the list and I found two others in the first page. But of course ! All these are my pseudos, right? LOL!!!

  114. well it is true i am a computer ignoramus but I can type real real zionist millis into a box. What I did notice was that all your comments are accompanied with ( not verified ) which is the JC’s way of saying this person is now banned from commenting.Are you ready to discuss the reasons for this yet ?

    • It is even worse than I thought: you are not even able to type correctly what I wrote you to. And that is why you don’t get the correct result. You’ll have to spend more time learning and less time spewing.

  115. Jose, I know a good proctologist who can help get your head back to its proper place.
    What were the names of the 2 Spanish gardeners? Jose and Hose B.

    • richardmillett

      Ah, Roger, can you lead me to the actual link showing that Palestinians will outnumber Israelis by 2020?

      • Arnon Sofer, Israel, Demography 2000-2020, p.35

        Sofer is the head of geopolitics at Haifa University and the most prominent of the demographic prophets in Israel. It is Sofer who has predicted that there will be 2.1 million Arab citizens in Israel in 2020….32% of the population.

        You’ll just have to read the book.

        Also, this article

        ”It’s the demography stupid”, Jerusalem Post, 20 May 2004

      • richardmillett

        What about the link you sent me to israel’s central bureau of statistics?

      • I sent that because you wanted up-to-date stats.
        I think the main thing that’s bothering you is Professor Sofer’s prediction. That’s ok. Take it or leave it. But he knows his stuff and is Israel’s leading demography dude as far as I know. So be warned and prepared. Anyway, it’s a no-brainer…I don’t need a boff to tell me how population numbers will develop in the region. And neither do you. Apart from Iran and all the loony jihadists in the area, demography is the Jewish state’s greatest threat.

      • I see your Professor Sofer and raise it with Yoram Ettinger who will rubbish Sofer’s findings. I think there used to be concern’s for sure but the recent massive immigrations have allayed them to a certain extent.

      • So your mission was to ridicule yourself a little bit more?
        I am helping you; remember that I have a dozen (at least) pseudos yet, according to you? Including one that is still active and that you mentioned.
        Try not to contradict yourself with every other sentence.

        What about the massacre of 50 civilians in Syria today. When is your flotilla leaving? I wouldn’t want you to miss the boat!

      • Hose A…..take my advice amigo, never miss an opportunity to STFU

      • Well Roger, you should follow your own advice, because you were asked a simple thing and you are unable to deliver.
        Now, your white supremacist arguments have been revealed and we can see how much you despise Arabs.
        When will they outnumber Europeans? What should Europeans do, Roger? Mamma, I’m scared!

      • Now it’s your turn to provide a link or a reference concerning immigration numbers, because I’d like to know.

      • You don’t know about the immigrations from Russia and Ethiopia? You really need a link?

      • Now you’re being silly and disrespectful. Obviously I know about the 1 million Russian immigrants in the 90s……300,000 of whom were not Jewish. And the Ethiopeans….80,000. You have to feel sorry for them..treated like shit, victims of racism and discrimination and given the donkey work. Listen, Richard, do you think I make comments on here without the necessary knowledge and research? Give me a break and get serious. Now I would like up-to-date figures about the immigration numbers in the last 10 years.

      • richardmillett

        Roger, you don’t have knowledge, just views depending on which way the wind’s blowing.

      • where’s the link?

      • richardmillett

        Roger, he is the study showing that in 2004 there were 2.49m Palestinians in both the West Bank and Gaza. Hardly a threat demographically especially as Israel has now disengaged from Gaza:

        Click to access MSPS65.pdf

    • Another pseudo of “Richard Armbach” I guess? This is the persona that got his brain reduced to peanut-size?

  116. Let’s sum up: it has been established that you have a tendency to use multiple pseudos, including in your own admission “Richard Armbach”, “Real Real Zionist” and “Rich A” (three). Then you accuse other to do the same without proof, which show you’re ready as a customer for the asylum. Then, you are shown that many people believe you are another guy who was himself shown to use multiple pseudos. Then, this guy never appears on this blog and leaves the job to you… Strange, isn’t it?

    Meanwhile your buddies massacre Arabs in the Middle East, but you don’t care because you cannot blame Israel or Jews for that. Prepare your next protest in front of Max Brenner shop: there is no clearer human right violation to deserve your valuable time. 😉

  117. Daniel: Have you ever really communictaed with your Palestinian acquaintances? I mean not ‘Hey Mohammed pass the nargila’ or ‘Wow Ayman this hummus is amazing’ or ‘Gee Sami, I’m so glad your business is going well’. No I mean communication. Have you asked them where their original homes were and what happened to their land and houses? How did their parents and grandparents fair in 1948? You know, reality.

    • Yes and I am offended by your racist stereotypical representation of the Palestinian people as unsophisticated hummus making and nargila smoking. You are a sickening ignoramus. This conversation will continue after you apologize to the Palestinian People for that bigoted slur or not at all.

      We are talking about human beings, not one-dimensional comic characters.

      • Danny what happened to the quotation marks ? As in ” Palestinian ” people.

      • Quotes are implicit: nobody believes in a ‘Palestinian’ people, much less the ‘Palestinians’ than the rest of the world. One of the first prerequisite to be a people is to want to live together under the same rule of law. Tell that to Hamas and Fatah, because they ignore it, right now. Or maybe there are West-Palestinians and East-Palestinians?
        As we can see, there won’t be any ‘Palestinian’ people for some decades. The last ‘refugees’ will have died of old age or in a civil war (45 hurt in a simple social protest today). Compared with the orderly social protests in Israel, it seems the ‘Palestinians’ still have some margin for progress.

      • Well since, as I have heard the Palestinian don’t never have existed Roger is not going to find this apology easy.

    • Almani Sleiman


      I have my doubts about Daniel’s sincerity as he is a West Bank Jewish settler, but he is right about this above comment. It is very insulting and patronizing. Not all Palestinians smoke nargilas or make humus, just as not every Arab is a Sheikh or a terrorist.

      • A Palestinian who doesn’t eat hummus is like an Italian who doesn’t eat pasta. It is not a stereotype. As for nargila, most Palestinians I met in Israel and the West Bank smoked nargila. It’s part of the culture. What’s your problem?

      • all Germans wear Lederhosen

      • Almani…..I recommend Abu Shukri’s hummus in the Arab village of Abu Ghosh near Jerusalem. That’s if they let you out of the huge prison that is the West Bank. You have a blue ID?

      • as best I remember Almani lives in Egypt

        and I’d be very much interested to know whether she has Egyptian citizenship and if not if she were eligible for it and if yes under what conditions.

      • Almani said:

        “not every Arab is a Sheikh or a terrorist.”

        Every hijacker of the 9/11 Crime Against Humanity was an Arab, several of whom were named some variant of the name mohammed.

  118. No lets sum up properly. You are a frantic nut job that got banned from the JC for harrassing and threatening female bloggers, the final straw being when you lifted one of their profile photos and adopted it as your own, the effect being that every time you started a blog thread her photo appeared alongside your name.

    You then moved one to another but this time photo shopped a hitler moustache on to her photo and then used it in the same way.

    It was entirely as a result of your activities that the JC changed its blogging policy in March.

    Far from bickering with you today I merely have been concerned that the people got a good and early ” taste ” of you.

    Mission accomplished.


  119. Well, I summed it up properly and then you came in You are a total fruitcake who goes ballistic over a democracy an shrugs at a bloody dictator. Which one of us is maddest? If all the grudge you have against me is summed up above, you look like the heavyweight champion, my dear! 😉
    The JC changed its policy in March and I can see nothing changed: fruitcakes are running the blogs’ comments, Millis (ie you) first.
    Fortunately UJIA did finally the right thing, under some external pressure. But I was happy to help the UK Jewish community, so don’ thank me!

  120. Like I said.

    Mission accomplished.

  121. ” fruitcakes are running the blogs’ comments,”

    What a pity you are not able to join us and help out.

  122. Remember that I have many more pseudos? Try not to contradict yourself with every other sentence. One of the pseudos you mentioned is even still active!

  123. Richard…why aren’t you telling Hose A to ‘bugger off’? He’s a waffling nitwit with nothing to say and filling your blog with vacuous drivel.

    • Looks like your description, except for the name.
      As I said, your scaremonering is also valid for Europe. Why do you care especially about Israel?
      Second, prediction is based on assumption that reproduction rate (or differences between them) remain somewhat constant. We already have the proof of the contrary, with reproduction rates going up among Jews and down among Arabs.
      Third, prediction is based on naturalising Arabs from Judea Samaria and Gaza, which is not in any plans of the Israelis that I know.
      In other words, this is pure bullshit and scaremongering. The Arabs already outnumber the Jews and it is going to continue. But it is not going to happen in Israel anytime soon and even less in 2020.

    • Then, Pr. Arnon Sofer speaks much more intelligently than the fool roger is pretending he is. Here is what he told in 2004:

      If I had used my predictions in 1930, I would have been wrong, because I didn’t anticipate the Holocaust. If I had done the same in 1950, I would have been wrong, because I didn’t anticipate the Six Day War. If I had done it in 1970, I would have been wrong, because I didn’t know the Soviet Union would fall. A mensch tracht, unt Got lacht (Men make plans and God laughs).

      And to Richard, immigration from Russia is now over. Immigration is no more an important factor of Israel’s demography.

      The point is: Israel will never grant Israeli citizenship to ‘Palestinians’ and that is what Arnon Sofer supports (he supported Ariel Sharon’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza). This did not happen with Gaza and this won’t happen with Judea Samaria either.

    • ” Richard…why aren’t you telling Hose A to ‘bugger off’?”

      Roger, Richard will when the 8 times a day combo of paracetamol and ibuprofen makes no impact on his headache.

  124. Here is a link where you can congratulate UJIA for doing the right thing,

  125. It is now 9/11. The eleventh anniversary of the Islamist Crime Against Humanity.

  126. Almani Sleiman


    Is every crime committed by a Christian a Christian crime too? Where Bernard Madoff’s crimes Jewish crimes?

    Muslim Victims of 9/11

    Shabbir Ahmed – 47 years old – Windows on the World Restaurant
    Tariq Amanullah – 40 years old – Fiduciary Trust Co.
    Michael Baksh – 36 years old – Marsh & McLennan
    Touri Hamzavi Bolourchi – 69 years old – retired nurse on United #175
    Abul K. Chowdhury – 30 years old – Cantor Fitzgerald

    “Measure your guilt, then stretch your legs.”

    • Almani

      I also seem to notice a tendency in our MSM to highlight the religion of a criminal, if he is Muslim but not mentioning (or even investigating if there might be a religious angle) the religion of criminals, if they aren’t Muslims.

      That said, one of course has to take into consideration that quite often Muslim criminals are eager to make the religious angle glaringly in your face obvious, by dress or by language for example. I am under the impression that if the criminals don’t do that then the self-appointed Islam-experts in our (German) media seem not to get asked to pontificate.

      (one of course has of course to make apologies for those Islam-experts who by 9/11 got their chance of jumping from obscurity into the lime-light. Who would have been able to resist such a career chance may throw the first stone. But since 9/11 apparently got them book contracts which were out of their reach until then they have given “schooling” to lots of the kind of people who think that by reading one book they have found all the answers, forgetting that the only reliable one is 42.)

    • Muslims killing Muslims is not unusual – even during Ramadam.

      Just look at what’s happening in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza.

  127. Islamism is not a religion. It is a political ideology with an ultra-religious Islam base. “Islamist crime” is a crime committed in the name of that political ideology. So keep your Madoff and your Muslim victims of 9/11, please.
    Islamists kill Muslims, most of the time, of course.

  128. Rich A | September 10, 2012 at 9:26 pm | Reply
    ” fruitcakes are running the blogs’ comments,”

    What a pity you are not able to join us and help out.

    Jose | September 10, 2012 at 10:08 pm | Reply
    Remember that I have many more pseudos? Try not to contradict yourself with every other sentence. One of the pseudos you mentioned is even still active!

    Given that the Hose A user name and your IP is denied access to the JC web site how come you know so much about what is going on there ? Busted.

  129. “Rich Armbach”, the JC blogs are available for all to see and my IP address is not known to the JC. You are a computer ignoramus, so don’t use techical terms please.
    What a fruitcake! LOL!

  130. Not available for you to see on your own IP. That is blocked. I am not a complete ignoramus I know how to switch my computer off. You yank the plug out of the wall right ? Fortunately I have associates and collaborators
    who are not computer ignoramuses. Anyway this is hardly a technical issue. When you get banned from the blogs your IP is banned from the whole JC website.

    Of course the JC know the IP of the blogger that they banned. Richard knows my IP.

    He may not know yours. When you submitted a comment on our site the IP location was London. When you submitted a subsequent comment the location was Colombia.

    Quite the little ducker and diver aren’t we ?

    • You are really a fruitcake, “Richard Armbach” aka “Real Real Zionists”. The JC cannot ban my IP address because they don’t know it. It changes all the time, you see. So keep your pseudo experts with you and go to course IP-101.

    • And of course, I don’t live in London, neither in “Columbia” (which one, USA?). So you have involuntarily proven my point: no one knows my IP.

      • You clearly misunderstand my point Hose A. My point is as well as being an online harasser of women you are also a slithery ducker and diver most comfortably at home in the shadows. Your drivel is driven by frequent anxiety attacks. But anyway I have had my say on this. I don’t want to play a part in turning this blog into the same kind of zoo the JC blogs became when you were running amok there before they had mercy on themselves and everyone else and kicked your ass out of there and changed their policy to make sure they couldn’t be hit by anymore Hose A’s.

      • Your libellous statements are of course due to your lack of lithium, or maybe you were fired from some ‘important’ position, who knows? LOL!
        The JC blogs were and are still a zoo, or rather an asylum since you and your pseudos are inmates.
        And what I told you and you did not understand is that there is no way the JC could prevent me from taking another pseudo, just as you do all the time, because my IP address is totally unkinown to them…

        Pffffff! What a complete computer ignoramus!

        When will you protest in front of Syrian businesses? Any trip to Aleppo in view?

      • Maybe you are waiting for a boat? Don’t wait for your bedfellows to pay a cruise to Syria. Their fiascos in the Mediterranean costed too much.and insurance rates raised beyond reasonable. That’s what happens when one cries “wolf” all the time: when there is really a people who needs humanitarian help, no one comes anymore.

  131. While we are commermorating the victims of 9/11, the Syrian dictatoir pounds Aleppo.
    No protest by pseudo human rights activists or their bedfellows, no flotilla, no flytilla. Syrian civilians can die alone, as they are not being killed by Jews, they don’t matter in any way.
    Double standards are the surest sign of antisemitism.

  132. Except to say there is no Colombia in the USA.

  133. USA now commemorates the unspeakable Islamist barbary.

  134. It’s Colombia where your IP address showed up. Bogota to be more precise. And like I say there is no Colombia in the US.

    Any way I got one of my collaborators to run the IP address you used.It came up as a proxy server. Then she ran that and it came up as a server called ” Hide My Ass.” This is I am told a really crap programme that can be easily blocked ( take note Richard ). So we are left with the question, who or what are you hiding your ass from Hose A ?

  135. Then say Bogota, stupid, Richard knows you lie, so it is useless to try.

  136. Bogota is in Colombia

  137. And there is no Colombia in the US

    • Probably hundreds of them, including the Columbia I gave you, stupid.
      Then there is also British Colombia in Canada. Etc. Good that you are not in the computer business: you would suck at it.

  138. Please Richard, note that “Richard Armbach”, aka “Real Real Zionist” aka “Joe Millis” has been unable to utter a single word on the subject of this blog.

  139. There is no a British Colombia in Canada idiot. I did hear a rumour about a British Columbia though. Why not settle for that ?

  140. not a British Colombia that should read.

    • Richard….all this petty bickering and bitching between Hose A and Rich A has turned your blog into the online equivalent of the Jerry Springer show. Sad.

      • Among us three (roger, Millis/Armbach), I am the only one who posted on subject. You post on a theory based on wild assumptions, Millis talks to himself in the same way he did on the JC.
        What about the topic of this blog, the useless idiots who bully an Israeli dance company?

  141. Apart from your spelling mistakes on Columbia, what do you organise next? A boycott of settlements? Or is it a flytilla to Amman, in order to protest against Israel’s violence, not Syira”s?

  142. Or anything on the subject of this blog? Don’t behave like your Millis persona by rejecting on-topic dialogue.

  143. The growth rate of the Jewish population in Israel in 2011 was 1.8% (see link from today’s Ynet). To maintain a stable population a growth rate of 2.2% is necessary. Anything less than 2.2% means the population is shrinking. The growth rate of the Israeli Arab Muslim population was 2.5% in the same period. I rest my case.,7340,L-4280028,00.html

  144. How long, even if reproduction rates are stable over decades? Can you caclulate that simple thing?

  145. And by the way, don’t confuse growth rate with reproduction rate. The Ynet says “growth rate”; meaniing the population GROWS. That means it is NOT STABLE. What is needed for stablility (ie 0% growth) is a 2.2 children per family, not 2.2% growth (which is synonymous to non-stable).
    Ynet says that Jews have an average of three children, much above the stability level.
    Now, can you go on topic?

  146. Hows your headache Richard ?

  147. Just gone worse since you spoke off-topic again? Anything on the useless idiots?

  148. There are more Muslims living the United Kingdom than in Lebanon.
    7.5% of the population of France are Muslims.
    44,138,000 Muslims living in Europe.

    I see dhimmified Europe undergoing a transformation.

  149. Well I’m very pleased to have the erudite Jose on this excellent blog and while I don’t agree with everything he says – truthfully he’s been so prolific over the past few days that I don’t know everything he says – it’s good to know he’s there minding the ship.

    • Thanks, Daniel. I don’t agree with all you say either because of my atheistic point of view and my justified pessimism towards Arabs in Judea Samaria and Gaza.

  150. Hose A in the light of your performance these last couple of days no one cares what you think. No one cares what I think either. But I don’t care that no one cares. For you it is a source of almost unendurable anxiety.

    • richardmillett

      It’s interesting that Jose reckons that Roger’s approach to Israel being under a demographic threat is the same racist scaremongering tactic used by the EDL against Muslims.

  151. Oh thats just just Danny boy he likes to be in his comfort zone.