Hezbollah marches through London again on Al Quds Day.

At Al Quds Day in London today.

At Al Quds Day in London today.

Remember during the Olympics when Britain celebrated how multicultural we are and how we accept people of all cultures and races? Well, it seems, the party is already over.

Britain’s Jews are made to feel especially uncomfortable. Today, yet again, Hezbollah supporters marched through the streets of London for the Khomeini inspired Al Quds Day. Instead of congregating in Trafalgar Square like last year, they assembled outside the American Embassy.

Hezbollah has been involved in a worldwide campaign to murder as many Jews as possible. It started in Argentina in the early 1990s when both the Israeli consulate and a Jewish community centre were bombed by Hezbollah leaving hundreds of Jews and non-Jews dead and disabled. And recently in Bulgaria Hezbollah blew up a bus full of young Israeli tourists leaving many dead and crippled.

This is all fully in line with Hassan Nasrallah’s statements that Jews are descended from pigs and apes and if the world’s Jews gathered in Israel it would save Hezbollah the effort of going after them worldwide.

Last year Hezbollah activists held up signs proclaiming “Death to Israel”, “Israel Your Days Are Numbered” and “For there to be peace Israel must be destroyed”. Today the disingenuously named Islamic Human Rights Commission, a registered charity, was allowed to repeat the exercise.

And this year the march and rally were advertised on the back of some 400 London buses!

I wasn’t there for very long today. Once again I was quietly trying to film proceedings. No one recognised me until an anti-Ahava activist tipped off stewards from the Islamic Human Rights Commission who jostled me and complained to the police who, in turn, ushered me away.

After the assembled crowd was urged to chant “Zionism must go” and “From The River to the Sea Palestine Will be Free” I saw both Reverend Stephen Sizer and Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn address it.

Leaflets sponsored by INMINDS.co.uk were handed out. They read, inter alia, “The world ended Nazism and Apartheid, isn’t it time to end the suffering of the Palestinians?” and “Israeli soldiers of the Givati Brigade ordered around 100 people in to the Wa’el Samouni house at gunpoint. They then bombed the house killing 29 people. They then denied emergency crews access to the house for four days, shooting at ambulance drivers if they approached the house. In case anyone mistook the intent of the Givati in this crime, they left a message on one of the remaining walls of the house, daubed in Hebrew it read ‘The Only good Arab is a Dead Arab.'”

One has to ask why does Britain rightly ban groups like Muslims Against Crusades for causing public outrage but not Hezbollah which is actively attempting to murder Jews worldwide. Are Britain’s Jews deemed so dispensable?

I think we know the answer by now.

Clips and photos:

Al Quds Day London 2012. So much for "multi-cultural Britain".

Al Quds Day London 2012. So much for “multi-cultural Britain”.

Someone's in love with Hezbollah.

Someone’s in love with Hezbollah.

The heavies.

The heavies.

Giving me the evils.

Giving me the evils.

More evils.

More evils.

Racism descends on a sunny London.

Racism descends on a sunny London.

The Green Party?

The Green Party?

Neturei Karta at their usual pre-Shabbat hate-fest.

Neturei Karta at their usual pre-Shabbat hate-fest.

"Daddy, daddy can we go to another hate-fest today?"

“Daddy, daddy can we go to another hate-fest today?”

Neturei Karta and Hezbollah; the perfect fit?

Neturei Karta and Hezbollah; the perfect fit?

265 responses to “Hezbollah marches through London again on Al Quds Day.

  1. They violated no laws, it is you who are tryuing to blackmail the British authorities. I am not infatuated with Hizbullah; but I believe they have a perfect right to demonstrate against Israeli and Jewish fascism.

    Khalid Amayreh

    • Michael Cohen

      ‘I am not infatuated with Hizbullah’..so you got a little bit of respect for them?

    • You wouldn’t know a fascist if you got out of bed in the morning and looked straight in the mirror.

    • Why be so dishonest with yourself? If you were anti-fascism, you would be demonstrating outside every Arab embassy in London. Just admit you are at best anti Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel and at worst anti-Jew. Then explain why. Why is it is that Arabs should rule 99.8% of MENA and make a total arse of it, while Jews rule just 0.2% of that territory and make such a success that the majority of Israeli Arabs would also rather be Israelis than PA slaves? Maybe that’s it – the existence of Israel throws into even sharper focus the failure of Islam and Arab culture. Highlighted by the Jews of all people too. False pride is your biggest enemy, not the Jews.

    • amayreh2008,

      I hope you will accept that others also have a perfect right to demonstrate against Islamism and Islamofascism.

      The Islamofascism that perpetrated the 7/7/05 London bombings, that murdered policewoman Yvonne Fletcher, that openly threatens Europe with massacres, that calls for the death of cartoonists, that murdered fimmaker Theo Van Gogh, that programmed convert Richard Reid to ignite a bomb hidden in his sneakers while on an inflight plane.


    • Listen here, you: If I am not allowed to parade the streets and foam at the mouth later about Islamic influence in the UK, and call for the destruction of Hezbollah and its filthy allies, then this is discrimination against me. Richard was escorted away. Why, if he broke no laws and if the police were not concerned for his physical safety?

      No-one has a “perfect right” to demonstrate if that demonstration incites hatred and, let’s face it, it’s not difficult given the lack of intelligence/self-control of most of the audience. With rights come responsibilities but what would savages like Hezbollah and its fellow travellers know about those?

      I will ask you what I asked further down the page, before I saw your post: Would you people be so quick to take advantage of the UK law to claim your “rights” without responsibilities if Jews/Zionists were as inclined to violence as Hezbollah and its hangers on? I’d like to think not, but you guys would probably get off on it.


      The saddest truth of all is the fact that the British extol the virtues of FREEDOM OF SPEECH – AND LOOK AT THE SHIT THAT COMES OUT OF THE RAT HOLES.

    • Daniel Marks

      Hi Khalid,

      Great to have you back on this excellent blog. How was your summer?

    • Free, free Afghanistan (from the Taliban). Free, free Iraq (from the control of Iran). Free, free Iran from its racist theocrats who oppress their people and want to wipe out their neighbours). Free, free Pakistan (from the deadly influences of Islamism). Free, free Africa (from the the war that Islamists are waging against Christians and non-Muslims). Free, free America (from the growing Islamization of government). Free, free Syria (from brutal dictators and vicious Islamists). Free Free Egypt (from Islamists who will destroy peace and non-Muslims). Free, free Lebanon (from Hezbollah). Free, free, Gaza (from Hamas). Free, free Jordan (from the anti-Palestinian Monarchy). Free, free Yemen (from Al Qaeda). Free, free Europe (from Islamization and Socialism). Free, free Canada (from the anti-Semitic Muslims on campus, the United Church, phony “peace” groups, and some hateful unions (CUPE etc)) that support the advancement of jihad. Free, free us all from the kind of garbage, lies, hate and deception that we see in “Al Quds”. This is racism and hatred masking masking as concern for Palestinians.

  2. Michael Cohen

    Ahmadinejad stated today that…….. ‘The Zionist regime and the Zionists are a cancerous tumor. Even if one cell of them is left in one inch of (Palestinian) land, in the future this story (of Israel’s existence) will repeat,” .

    “The nations of the region will soon finish off the usurper Zionists in the Palestinian land…. A new Middle East will definitely be formed. With the grace of God and help of the nations, in the new Middle East there will be no trace of the Americans and Zionists, ……..Both The US and french governments condemned these statements ..What did the British government say? As far as i am aware nothing ..however they did let his proxies march through London

  3. Jonathan Hoffman


    Hisbollah should be banned in Europe as a terrorist organisation



  4. Commentary101

    Seems likes a weaker turnout, thank Heavens, this year…
    Perhaps the Syrian situation provoked a large-enough schism within the overriding consensus to destroy Israel?
    Thanks, once again, for your tremendously valuable work, Mr. Millett!
    (Corbyn still can’t shake his adoration for genocidal, anti-Semitic groups and cohorts… Where’s Milliband on all of this?!)

  5. Well done Richard for providing with this important footage and photos of today’s events. I hope you’ve taken a long hot shower to clean yourself of the muck you exposed yourself to.

  6. “Remember during the Olympics when Britain celebrated how multicultural we are and how we accept people of all cultures and races?”

    You think the men with the “We Are All Hizbullah” placards gave a toss about GB’s medals? All they cared about was the offence of women such as Jessica Ennis not just competing, but competing half-naked (as opposed to shrouded in black cloth with only two slits for her eyes).

  7. The INMINDS leaflet: what’s the story here please?

  8. How many people were on the march?

    The march was disgusting and you are right to expose it so well. I just feel your opening paragraph gives them more significance than they merit.

    Great post, anyway.

    • richardmillett

      I think there were maybe 400 at the rally but maybe double that marched from Portman Place to Grosvenor Sq. My opening para. doesn’t really just apply to the march/rally but to our media/universities/NGOs/Charities/politicians/religious leaders etc also. There is a swathe of influential British society trying to put Israel down.

  9. 1941 The Grand Mufti meets Hitler

    You think that’s old news?
    Google, Images “arab nazi salute”

    For example:

    Oops. Looks like “Unite Against Fascism” has a PR problem. They will have to change their letterhead to “Unite With Fascism”.

  10. The incongruous contrast between the history of the Keep Calm and Carry On message on the little boy’s t shirt and the event to which he is being recruited.

  11. Amayreh
    The only fascists , racists and supporters of terrorist organisations were to be found in one fetid heap outside the American embassy yesterday .
    As for not breaking any laws , the intimidation of members of the public wishing to peacefully stand and observe proceedings on a public open space does constitute breaking the law .
    Perhaps it was Sharia law that was being observed in this small corner of Mayfair .
    As it happens , my informal conversation with a police officer revealed his deep concern about this matter especially regarding the threatening behaviour of the stewards . He mentioned several other matters relating to the protest which unfortunately I’m not at liberty to repeat on open forum .
    On a brighter note , it is self evident that the more you people wish for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people , the more chaos murder and mayhem is apparent throughout the Arab Middle East .
    What you wish on us will be revisited on you 100 fold . Was it not always so ? .

    • Harvey, do you think that this policeman’s deep concern was shared by other officers?
      Shame on the UK government and those who decision-make in London for putting them in that position!

      • richardmillett

        Babs, the police always say they share our concern. I don’t think they are sincere, sadly. They just do/say anything to limit people’s frustrations whoever they are.

  12. Hi Emet
    Just saw your comment and yes my water bill tends to spike after each trawl through the sewers .

  13. Congratulations, UK. Once again because of your lack of spine you have succeeded in making me ashamed to be British.

    Why is one section of a predominantly belligerent community allowed to threaten others and guarded by police no less? Is this some sort of sick interpretation of support for community cohesion?

    I wonder whether this would have been allowed to take place had Jews/Zionists (let’s not forget that these thugs don’t care to distinguish between the two) were as violent and belligerent as the brain-dead marchers?

    Well done, Richard, for going there and bringing back proof that the UK government supports Israel/Jew hatred It must do, since it allows this filth to walk the streets and proudly proclaim its agenda..

  14. Of course “Hope Not Hate” was there to protest against the islamofascists? ……..Oh wait a minute …

  15. It is worth noting that
    – Jerusalem (AKA al quds) is never mentioned in the Koran
    – Muslims pray with their backs towards Jerusalem which indicates that Muslims don’t revere Jerusalem (AKA al quds) any more than they revere London

    • They are fools if they don’t revere London, which gives them carte blanche to gratuitously offend other faiths and political systems whilst bleating victimhood if ever others should put the truth out there.

  16. Richard
    I feel more than a little ashamed for dragging you away from the cricket in order to attend that vomit inducing excrement . I hope you didn’t miss too much in the last hour s play .
    You look to be in for a fantastic days play .
    Remember the sunscreen and one of your trade mark caps !

  17. Babs
    I’m sure his concerns were shared with the other officers . However it comes down to practicalities . It’s simply easier to police by removing the single law abiding citizen than to protect his democratic right to stand where he wishes on the public highway and have to face a riot from foam flecked Jihadi inspired racists .
    It’s as simple as that .

    • and don’t forget that if he should not be strong enough to protect Richard he’d have to face an investigation and if not they then the press more likely than not would find that at some point he acted not as perfectly as the hindsight-intelligentsia would have had.

  18. Could someone please answer my question about the INMINDS leaflet?

  19. Imagine if someone had a placard saying “Iran is the disease, we are the cure.” Hope not Hate would go ballistic. Yet these Islamofascists are allowed to spew their anti-Israel propaganda without hindrance.

    If I’d been there I would have torn his genocidal placard from his hand and shoved it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  20. It never fails to amaze me that the police will remove one (1) person calmly videoing the demonstration at the same time, I am sure, as the demonstrators are excitedly videoing and photographing every second in order to puff themselves up with YouTube posts later on.

    The police should be ashamed of themselves for preventing a perfectly legal act – taping a public gathering – to continue. And the government should take action at this strike against democracy and law.

    In any event, I think that it is fair to say that Al Quds day was yet another Nakba – the crowds seem to have been small – perhaps 100 in Washington DC, for example – and almost entirely Moslem. Perhaps some erstwhile supporters are looking at Syria and Libya in horror, and realizing that the Palestinian issue pales by comparison.

    • Of course they should feel ashamed, AKUS, but they won’t because the story they will tell themselves is that Richard may have presented a threat to social cohesion if his filming upset the morons shouting their hatred of Israel and Jews (they don’t care to distinguish so I am using their terms). It will never have occurred to said police that the march itself presented even more grave a threat to social cohesion, because they, like the UK governments are trained to go into appease mode when confronted by such “people.”

      I doubt that the fewer numbers had much to do with the difficulties elsewhere in the Arab world. Perhaps the Palestinians have overdone the belligerent self-pity to the extent that they are overdrawn at the sympathy bank.

  21. “Britain’s Jews are made to feel especially uncomfortable.”
    Why? Because you show a photograph of a man holding a placard calling Israel a disease?
    Had the placard read “Britain’s Jews are a disease” then I could have agreed with you. But it doesn’t.

    • Probably because most young Muslims and teenage/adult left-wing faux-humanitarian useful Western idiots would lynch (physically for the former, verbally for the latter) any Jew who publicly defends Israel (which they are well within their rights to do so) – supporting Israel is seen to be supporting terrible things such as apartheid, fascism, genocide and ethnic cleansing so this leaves British Jews either taking a very diplomatic position and staying out of discussing the conflict, or joining the ranks of those horrible self-hating Jews.

      Of course there are many Jews who dislike Israel’s policies etc but for the best part, If you’re a Jew in Britain, you’re life is going to be uncomfortable anyway due to the Jewish/Israel association, more so if you publicly support Israel.

      • 1. Richard was visibly supporting Israel and didn’t get physically ‘lynched’ by the ‘young Muslims’. Not by a single one – never mind ‘most’ of them as you stereotypically (or perhaps racially, to keep with Richard’s narrative) suggest.
        2. The Jewish/Israel association is carefully nurtured by design. Do I read you right that any British Jew who disagrees with Israeli policy and publicly wants to dis-associate themselves from it is ‘self-hating’?
        3. What does ‘self-hating’ actually mean in terms of Israel in any case?
        Appears to be a case of damned, as a Jew if you do (support Israel’s policies and actions), and damned (by fellow Jews) if you don’t.

    • Barack, This video is for you.

      Useful Idiots for Palestine

  22. Barack, So you will accept people marching and holding placards that say

    – Islamic Regime of iran is a disease
    – Islamic Regime of pakistan is a disease
    – palestine is a disease
    – saudi arabia is a disease
    – hezbullah is a disease
    – muslim brotherhood is a disease
    – al qada is a disease

  23. ” Almost entirely muslim….” Well that devalues that then.

  24. It’s a great shame the authorities in the UK do not follow those in Australia:
    Of course it is an offence in the UK to incite racial hatred, but whenever these hoards are on the streets calling for death to Jews and so on the police invariably ask peaceful witnesses like Richard to leave and allow the continuance of their hatred and vileness on the streets of London. It is clear the authorities here have capitulated – there is no gate Gate of Vienna here!

  25. Ash
    Before Richard kicks your Jihadi arse off this site you should ask yourself why it is 1.5 billion of your brothers are unable to make good their threats against the Jewish state and indeed the small global Jewish community .
    For good measure ask yourself why the Arab middle East is doing what it does best which is to create murder mayhem and havoc and not against Jews but Muslim against Muslim .
    Incidentally the IT you are currently drooling over comes courtesy of Jewish / Israeli development .

  26. Richard and a handful of others do a fantastic job confronting evil on London’s streets. Thanks for being so brave and dedicated.

  27. The way I see it, the UK has become a modern day Weimar Republic.

    – Fascism and Jew hatred is growing in fertile ground in the UK
    – Islamofascist thugs physically attack Jews
    – Socialist thugs work to boycott Jewish owned shops
    – The recent Olympics is analogous to the 1936 Olympics held in National Socialist Germany
    – British universities block the admission of Jews

    • Daniel Marks

      Hi TGIAI

      While I profess to no expertise in either the history of German or the state of UK society, your attempt to equate them is little short of absurd.

      Firstly, there is no room for a political or anthropologic comparison between the Berlin Games and those that took place in London. In the former case the anti-Semitic designs of the Nazi regime were temporarily hidden to facilitate the holding of the event- the British government today is not Nazi and has no secret designs to destroy the Jewish People.

      Secondly, it was not German universities that blocked the acceptance of Jewish students, but the German government that forbade it. Nothing in any way similar exists in the UK.

      Thirdly, you write, “the UK has become a modern day Weimar Republic.”, but both the Berlin Olympics and the exclusion of German Jewish academics postdate the Weimer Republic and are associated with the years of the Third Reich.

      As a child I loved history and still do. I’m currently simultaneously reading a book about Stalingrad and another about Churchill and the Jews. However, reading a few books does not make a historian and were I a historian I do not believe I’d be making such simplistic associations between two wholly different countries and two totally dissimilar eras.

      One can criticize the UK government or its citizens and doubtless pinpointing facts and issues is more complex than just making a sweeping statement like “the UK has become a modern day Weimar Republic”, but I believe that you will find doing your “homework” to be far more rewarding in the long run, and, as an added extra – you are more likely to be taken seriously too .

      • The UK has a weak government. Appeasing to sickening levels.
        I refer to the “compassionate” release of the convicted bomber of Pan Am 13, which was rewarded with oil contracts from Libya. That’s Blood (of the victims of the bombing) for Oil (contracts).

        The weak British government is unwilling to apply laws to all people equally. The fact that islamofascists can march and threaten with impunity, while opponents of islamofascism are threatened with arrest proves the point. That’s appeasement.
        I refer to the islamofascists in Luton who cursed and spit on British troops in Luton, while counter protestors were threatened with arrest.

        The Olympics held in Britain kowtowed to islamofascist demands in refusing to recognize the 40th anniversary of the murder of Jews by Palestinian Islamofascist invaders. Islamofascism again invaded the 2012 Olympics when the Lebanese team demanded a separation wall to isolate them from Israelis. More appeasement.

        British academics boycott Israeli universities and reject applicants. Where is there a similar boycott of Palestinian and Islamofascist applicants? Israel is singled out among all nations in Weimar Britain.

        British Socialists demonstrate in front of Jewish owned shops telling people not to patronize the shop. Israeli produced goods are destroyed by Socialist thugs. I refer you to Ahava of Covent Garden.

        Another example of Weimar Britain, when British journalist Alan Johnston was kidnapped by Palestiniains in Gaza, British journalists voted to boycott ISRAELI good. MORE appeasement.

        British appeasement of islamofascism doesn’t bode well for Britain as German appeasement of National Socialists led to disaster.

        Daniel, You sound like an intelligent person, but there are serious deficiencies in your knowledge.

      • here is another “insignificant” difference between Weimar and the UK – even without knowing German you can easily see that there was a very different structure to the actors. And I also remember what a fuss the British press seemed to make when the country had to accept a coalition government of just TWO.

        As an aside please note that that was the first election in which the NSDAP=Nazis participated and they got just 2,8 % i.e. it is always worth it keeping an eye outrageous outliers trying to make it and in that field Richard is a hero.

        Die Reichstagswahl vom 20. Mai 1928 stand ganz im Zeichen der wirtschaftlichen Erholung und stärkte das demokratische politische Spektrum. Die SPD wurde klarer Sieger und erzielte 29,8% (+3,8%). Obwohl die bürgerlichen Parteien durchweg leichte Verluste um 1,5% hinnehmen mussten, konnten Sozialdemokraten gemeinsam mit Zentrum (12,1%), DDP (4,9%), DVP (8,7%) und BVP (3,1%) eine Großen Koalition unter Reichskanzler Hermann Müller (SPD) bilden, die im Reichstag über eine stabile Mehrheit verfügte. Während sich die KPD mit 10,6% (+1,6%) auf niedrigem Niveau stabilisierte, erlitt die DNVP mit 14,2% eine herbe Niederlage; sie verlor 6,5% ihrer ehemaligen Wähler von 1924 an andere, meist demokratieskeptische bzw. –feindliche Splitterparteien im rechten Spektrum. Der hohe Wert von 13,9% für die sonstigen Parteien markiert die für die Weimarer Republik so verhängnisvolle Tendenz zur Parteienzersplitterung. Die erstmals mit einer eigenen Liste antretende NSDAP blieb mit 2,6% Stimmenanteil wahlpolitisch noch unbedeutend.

        Click to access wahlen_weimarer_republik.pdf

      • TGIAI

        I think Weimar appeasement of the Nazis was a mixed bag – there were again and again bans on their assemblies and Hitler speaking.

        When Hjalmar Schacht, central banker who finished the hyperinflation single-handedly and thus seems to have acquired saviour status with the population, appeared first at a Nazi-Rally in Harzburg in 1931 that same rally had to be held in the middle of nowhere because there was a ban an their holding rallies according to Lords of Finance.

        Wikipedia puts it a bit more ambiguous – but basically it amounts to that at that time there wasn’t appeasement but attempts at controlling.

        PS: Hearing the tone of admiration in which my grandfather who had lost his savings during the inflation talked about Schacht I believe that his joining convinced a lot of people that the thug-dom of Nazis wasn’t that important and that their economics must be sound.

      • it was not German universities that blocked the acceptance of Jewish students

        as best as I remember it was in all likelihood a strong majority that was happy to comply and there were a substantial number who acted in “vorauseilendem Gehorsam” = running ahead obedience.

  28. The way I see it, the UK has become a modern day Weimar Republic.

    – Fascism and Jew hatred is growing in fertile ground in the UK
    – Islamofascist thugs physically attack Jews
    – Socialist thugs work to boycott Jewish owned shops
    – The recent Olympics is analogous to the 1936 Olympics held in National Socialist Germany
    – British universities block the admission of Jews

    …But nonetheless anthropologically fascinating

    • Babsbarron@gmail.com

      Rich, I agree with you that fascism and Jew-hatred has found fertile ground in the UK, thanks to the governments’ too-ready inclination to cave into to angry Islamist demands. Islam is inherently antisemitic and drives Jew-hating discourse in the UK (think of the egregious Bunglawala who had the nerve to call Muslims the “new Jews”, which was more than chutzpah).

      I know that Israeli academics have had invitations to speak at UK universities withdrawn (to the universities’ loss) but I have never yet heard of a Jewish person’s admission to a UK university being blocked. Can you or anyone else give us further particulars, please?

      Most worrisome to me is the inclination of successive UK governments to cave in to Islamist demands for the sake of a quiet life. This is their default position, of course, made all the more easy because of the Arabist sympathies of the UK throughout history.

  29. ‘racism descends on a sunny London’ Since when are Israelis…..or Jews for that matter, a race? That’s what Hitler thought, and look what happened.

  30. Such fine noble sentiments from Babs and Harvey with an admirable stock of refined elegant lexis at their disposal…..’filth’, ‘excrement’….’savages’…..’fetid heap’…’sewage’. Feel the love. Stay classy guys!

    • Babsbarron@gmail.com

      Strange, roger, but I don’t read much criticism from you about the language employed by Islamists against Jews and others. Now, why is that?

  31. TGIAI,

    I’m not certain what “deficiencies in knowledge” are, but there are definitely huge areas of knowledge that I am lacking and vast libraries could be filled with what I don’t know. For that reason I usually endeavor to write about subjects that I am better acquainted with and to check out my facts as much as I can.

    As a case in point, I truly hadn’t heard of the incident that you relate of British soldiers being spat upon in Luton and am grateful to you for mentioning it.

    However, in order for you to convince me that such an incident goes any way to substantiating your claim that Britain has become a Weimer Republic you’ll still have to show me that more German soldiers were spat upon between 1919-1933 than in other countries and at other during other historical time periods. That might or might not be the case. I have some recollection of reading that army officers during the Weimar regime often refrained from wearing their uniforms at civilian events – maybe Silke can help here, though I doubt that was for fear of being spat at.

    Next, you’ll have to prove that such spitting was a cause or result of it having been a Weimar regime. After that, I’ll need some evidence that the Luton spitting was not an isolated incident, but that spitting on Her Majesty’s troops has become widespread practice and the motivation behind the dischargers of saliva in Luton was similar to that in pre-Hitler Germany.

    The point being, that not all information is knowledge and knowing that someone spat at someone else in Luton is only information, until you can show that it has significance over and above the fact that it happened. I have no doubt that the UK of 2012 has many problems, upon several of which you elucidated and it is a historical truth that the Weimar Republic was riddled with troubles. That alone is not enough to demonstrate that “the UK has become a modern day Weimar Republic”, it doesn’t even come near to it.

    • If I were to google for reasons why they preferred not to wear uniform I’d start searching with the cap that had been agreed upon for our re-armament. To circumvent that cap all kinds of sly troop (Freikorps and probably others) training was going on for which the military had a very soft spot. So maybe they wanted to be as inconspicuous in public as possible while training the next soldiery out of the public eye.

      I think they even started pilot training in Russia long before 1933 (Churchill Gathering Storm?)

      There was the KaiserReich, then came WW1, then came a revolution, then came the Weimar Republic and its turmoils with no long established traditions of do-s and don’t-s.

      Was the UK of Mary Quant and the mini-skirt ever as “roaring” as German 20’s were?

  32. I doubt it. England (that’s what we’re really talking about) has never roared much. Englishmen have always preferred a water bottle to sex and when they actually do “it” they like to find voluptuous young lassies to “spank” them dressed up as a school mistress. Sometimes they are both dressed up as school mistresses.

    I missed the 60s, being only 9 at their conclusion, but have delicious recollections of the 70s. That having been said, the research I recently carried out on the exploits of Max Schmeling leads me to believe that Berlin of the 20s was infinitely more exciting than the London of my youth. The regimes were often weak and the political system inherently flawed, but I have no doubt that the nightlife was unbelievable, especially if you had a few marks in your pocket.

    • Talking of Sally Bowles – to honour her a had an outrageously expensive thimble full of beer in the lobby of the rebuilt/sham Adlon in 2004. And I strongly believe that she was there and toasted me from the other side. (I’ve read the book also and though I don’t care much for the writer I have to concede that he managed to make Sally unforgettable)

      I wish you had told me which song it is because official German collector of artists’ fees (GEMA) is blocking it for me. Why they can’t come up with a proper collecting system for allowing me to view it and which would generate income for the artists instead of vexing me is beyond me. I hate clumsy counterproductive uncreative bureaucracy

      I’m off into the sun and am taking Sebastian Haffner on the revolution of 1918/19 with me – maybe afterwards I’ll know more about officers and uniforms.

      In German Wikipedia only there is a first hint:

      Das Tragen von Uniformen war in der Weimarer Republik ab 1921 durch einen Erlass des Reichspräsidenten Friedrich Ebert für Zivilisten verboten. Sein Nachfolger, Generalfeldmarschall Paul von Hindenburg, hob das Uniformverbot am 26. August 1925 auf.


      I guess by civilians in this context they are referring to the demobilised and rioters equally. Which seems not to have deterred this guy in 1923 at all.
      (Marsch auf die Feldherrnhalle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beer_Hall_Putsch)


  33. Was the UK of Mary Quant and the mini-skirt ever as “roaring” as German 20′s were?

    There is a saying
    ” If you can remember the 60s you could not have been there . “

    • Harvey
      I was 18 in 1960, so I was definitely there at least in Germany and in one of its most fashionable cities of the time to boot. In the office I worked in they had to nail shutters to the backside of women’s desks because otherwise guys would spend too much time walking up and down for

      But when I read Christopher Isherwood on his time in Berlin in the 20s (2 or 3 books) no the 60s weren’t like that.

      But as to roaring I am half way through a book on prostitution in London mainly in the 18th and 19th century – that reads more like there have been periods of roaring in London but up to about half way through there is none where the powers that were could only wring their hands and hope for the best.

      And yes mini-skirts and Vidal Sassoon’s haircuts are worth to be remembered but still a bit meek on the anarchic side me thinks.

      • Daniel Marks

        Maybe now would be as good a time as any for Silke to post a 60s snapshot of herself the minnie with that shutter nailed to her backside. I have a feeling that Harvey would appreciate the gesture, and you don’t get much more anarchic than that!

      • LOL

        nobody nailed a shutter to MY backside and as to my desk I was fortunate enough to have one facing the wall

    • One of the stupidest sayings ever 🙂

  34. What about you Khalid Amayreh? Any recollections of Hebron in the roaring 60s? I know that in 67 began the evil occupation which you’re still making a living off today, but what about before?

    Did the Fatimas wear minnies? Did you rock and roll through the night to the music of your local muezzin? What was it like to wallow in your own filth and not even have the Zionists to blame? It must have been grand.

    Regarding the roaring 20s in Hebron…Well we know about them.

  35. Hi Silke
    I think the saying originated from Timothy Leary , arch exponent of LSD . The hippy culture of the late 60s were supposedly only vaguely aware of reality , being immersed most of the time in one continuous druggie jamboree .
    Hence the saying, literally if you can remember it you were not a part of it .
    Unfortunately I was just a little too young to participate in the very worst excesses of that era , although a Canadian girl in Rimini in 67 ensured that I did not miss out altogether .

    • Harvey
      I had a neighbour who preferred to use her perfect for sunbathing in the nude balcony for growing Marihuana but even she would “forget” only on weekends.
      I belong to those who had to get to work on time to earn the rent, thus this German saying fit me perfectly:

      Arbeit macht einem das schönste Privatleben kaputt.
      Works demolishes even the most desirable private life.

  36. Back to this demo.

    Did any of them say ” Whenever I meet a decent Jew I am shocked and surprised ” ?

  37. This post could have had mild merits if it wasn’t for ridiculous hyperbole like this:

    Hezbollah has been involved in a worldwide campaign to murder as many Jews as possible. It started in Argentina in the early 1990s when both the Israeli consulate and a Jewish community centre were bombed by Hezbollah leaving hundreds of Jews and non-Jews dead and disabled. And recently in Bulgaria Hezbollah blew up a bus full of young Israeli tourists leaving many dead and crippled.

    No one has actually been indicted yet in either case. The AMIA bombing is a particularly murky case, about as clear as mud. Making those claims is about as valid as claiming ‘Richard Millett is a murderer’.


    Are Britain’s Jews deemed so dispensable?

    Your constant playing the victim card, at a time when Jews in the West have never had it so good and antisemitism is virtually over, is in fact asking for anti-Jewish feelings to emerge (and even then I wouldn’t condone it). You’ll cry ‘Wolf!’ once too often and no one will take a blinding bit of notice anymore.

    It’s also extremely facile to denounce Hezbollah when entirely denying the context in which this organisation was born: as a legitimate resistance movement to Israel’s brutal occupation of Lebanon. In that respect its resistance is not even a hair breath’s different from any other resistance movement the world over.

    But according to Millett’s particular brand of Israel Uber Alles fans, Israel has the right to occupy but heaven forbid that the occupied resist that occupation.

    As regards British Jews feeling uncomfortable, that’s tough shit. Trust me that as a supporter of the Palestinian cause I feel seriously uncomfortable too…

  38. And I bet the victims of the recent Jerusalem lynching feel uncomfortable too.

  39. Gert, I don’t know what planet you are living on, but where on earth is the evidence for “antisemitism is virtually over” in the West? Have you been asleep since 9/11?

    I care not one whit whether Hezbollah was once legitimate and it seems that you need to go back to your history books, impartial ones preferably, rather than the rubbish churned out by the likes of the ISM.

    Which other “resistance movements” currently approve of suicide bombing of civilians, even children; teach their children to hate from kindergarten age, and to want to die whilst killing others?

    You really are misguided. You argue from feeling rather than fact, probably because you accept as fact whatever you are told rather than make up your own mind.

    I am a British Jew. I am uncomfortable that my government does not take my concerns seriously because of its benighted attitude to a faith group which has the whip hand over it because it threatens to riot at the drop of a hat if the wind changes direction or feels offended. I have no wish to “understand” Islam, whose adherents are taught to curse me every day in their prayers because I am a Jew, for the purpose of social cohesion, when no demands are made on Islam to leave peaceably alongside others. No faith group should be privileged in the cockeyed interpretation of multiculturalism adopted by successive UK governments, and certainly not Islam with its supremacist intent.

    Jews returned to Britain at the time of Oliver Cromwell and have contributed much to British society. From the tone of your post I doubt that would mean much to you, but it’s about time that was recognised by UK governments.

    • ”whose adherents are taught to curse me every day in their prayers because I am a Jew,”

      Why aren’t you similarly outraged by the Jewish morning prayer, the first line of which is thanking God that he didn’t make you a gentile? Why aren’t you deploring the fact that Orthodox Jews are obliged to curse Christians every time they pass a church or Christian cemetery? And there are even instructions in Orthodoxy to spit on the cross, something that was quite normal in Eastern Europe once….and you can imagine that didn’t exactly endear these lovers of humanity to the local Christians.
      You are so quick to judge others’ beliefs and practices. The denial is absolute when you see your group as boundlessly righteous, pure and holy.

      • It’s subtle, roger, and I am not sure whether you would understand it, but nevertheless: No Jews is forced to say that part of the prayer (which doesn’t curse non-Jews as the Muslim prayers do). I don’t say it and if anyone refused, guess what, he/she would not be killed or accused of heresy!

        You make absurd generalisations, roger. I was raised as an orthodox Jew and at no time was I instructed to curse churches or their congregations or to spit on the cross. If what you say is true, then you may be talking of a very few (quite mad) Jews and deliberately generalising onto all of us which is ignorant and/or, if it’s an attempt to smear, dishonest.

        And you have shown yourself far too quick to judge Jewish practices, haven’t you, roger? Indeed, I can recognise paranoid splitting in what you have just written (look it up), whereby YOU YOURSELF split off and deny the parts of you that you are uncomfortable with and project them, absurdly, onto all Jews

      • Babs: I don’t need to look it up. Projection is indeed something very familiar…. an epidemic in both the Judaic and Arab worlds. Apart from legitimate issues over villages destroyed and land stolen and occupied by the Zionists, the real villain in the ‘situation’ is scriptural fundamentalism…it has been used by both sides to justify their presence in the Unholy Land…..and it is cruel beyond measure. The thief of mercy.

        And by the way….The 12th line in the Orthodox midday prayer..the Amidah…curses the Christians. You should know this. You’re covering up a multitude of sins on the part of rabbinical Judaism. And I’ve written on here before that the Talmud states that Christ is in hell burning in excrement for eternity, and that Maimonides concurred. What is it with this rabid Christophobia that Jews suffer from? And don’t tell me it’s a result of centuries of Christian persecution and pogroms, because it pre-dates all that.

      • richardmillett

        Roger, you’re as vile as they come. No Jews I know suffer from Christophobia. You need to get out more.

      • roger, You have cursed yourself with your avatar – that of a rat.

        That’s low self esteem.

      • It’s a mouse. From Massada. A reincarnation of one of your heroes..the murderous terrorist Sicariis.

      • roger the rat, You will now provide links to the source of your claims?

        I’m not holding my breath.

        Of course Jews do not accept that Jesus, born a Jew, is God. Neither do many other groups.

      • Richard: I’m not referring to all Jews….be reasonable and not so hysterical…..I’m referring to those that do hate Christ and Christians…. and I’ve met many…mainly in Israel or from the Orthodox community. They can’t even say his name..they call Christ ‘that man’. I call that phobia. And I brought this up to counteract Bab’s absurd blanket demonisation of all Muslims, not to attack all Jews.
        You know Richard, calling me vile is below you.

      • richardmillett

        Because they say that man you presume they hate Christians? If you want to see someone with phobia look in the mirror.

      • roger the rat,

        “I’m referring to those that do hate Christ and Christians….”

        Socialists, atheists and Muslims.

        “You know Richard, calling me vile is below you”

        roger the rat, You only have yourself to blame and your dull fur.

      • Why should I give you sources? I provide them..and you ignore or dismiss them. Find them yourself. Investigate. Then you learn. I’ve gone out of my way to supply sources here, and I’ve been met with a wall of silence or a volley of abuse, rather than a humble ‘oh yes, that’s true and it’s not acceptable’.

      • roger the rat, No links to support your claims? Embarrassed to expose your sources? National SOCIALIST sources? Islamofascist sources?

        Why am I not surprised?

        roger the rat, how many pups were in your litter?

      • “If you want to see someone with phobia look in the mirror”

        He sees what we see in his avatar.

      • “Why aren’t you deploring the fact that Orthodox Jews are obliged to curse Christians every time they pass a church or Christian cemetery?”

        That is a lie, but hardly surprising given the demented and hate-filled source.

  40. Gert get’s close here. For Israel it is not enough to occupy. It is not enough even that the occupied don’t resist. They are expected to LIKE it.

    Talk about cloud cuckoo land.

    • Aha, I see more paranoid splitting and projection.

      Rich A – look up dhimmitude and jezziya

      Jews and others forced to pay this protection money are also expected to be grateful for it.

    • Muslims expect non-Muslims to accept Muslim occupation, and not resist and LIKE it.

      Those days are over. That may account for their rage.

      BTW, Jews were in Israel before mohammed came on the scene.

      • Yes, that’s the reason. Jews being successful and free and stronger than Muslims, having a successful country while all Muslim countries are either basket cases or hellholes or both … that is why they are always angry, angry, angry …

      • Here we go agian Leah…more projection. Every one of your comments is angry, angry, angry

      • richardmillett

        Leave it out, Roger. Your constant anti-Jewish rants wind people up. Bugger off!

      • So my pointing out that Leah is a very angry person (and who cares if she’s Jewish or Buddhist) projecting her rage onto others is an anti-Jewish rant?

      • Almani Sleiman

        Hello Leah,

        Tell me Leah; have you ever actually been to the Zionist entity let alone lived there? I suspect that if you had, you’d be more circumspect in choosing your adjectives to describe it.

  41. Islamofascists are in a tizzy over the reality that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed dhimmi Jews of the past. That Islamofascists can’t lord over Jews.

    That the Jizya coffers are empty.


    OTOH, There is a sect of Jews who should be willing to serve as dhimmi Jews. I refer to the Neturei Karta sect. They oppose Israel, side with Palestinians. They should be willing to submit to dhimmitude in Gaza. Let’s see how tolerant Hamass is of Neteuri Karta and its necessary community services. Synagogues, kosher food production, courts, schools, observance of Jewish holidays..

  42. The pro-Hezbollah fascists are dangerous as the British born “Asians” who bombed London transport on 7/7/05.


  43. Commentary101

    Mr. Millett,
    Forgive me for asking, but is there any particular reason why you allow commentators(like Gert, Rich A(also known under a different alias), “roger”) to heap anti-Semitic vitriol?
    I am a committed fan of your posts, but hitherto I haven’t stepped BTL; it seems to me, however, that this comment policy might be just a tad too lax(though it’s really not for me to decide).

    • richardmillett

      I don’t know why, Commentary101. It is sickening rhetoric, I agree. I don’t know why they frequent this site, I really don’t. They can’t keep away. I will review. Thanks.

      • Commentary101

        Thank you for responding so swiftly.
        Like I said, having heard this type of scorn before, I can shrug it off; there being nothing substantive about it.
        But it muddles any sort of meaningful discussion intelligent people might have…(by literally spamming, with inanities).
        Excuse me once again for bringing this up…
        And for all our sakes, keep up the good work!

      • Richard, they probably couldn’t feel fully alive without Jews to hate and that hatred gives them a spurious and misguided reason for living. They are probably the sort of people written about in Janet S Tiger’s “May we please have the moon?” (reproduced at http://cifwatch.com/2011/12/28/may-we-please-have-the-moon-a-science-fiction-tale-of-jews-and-antisemitism/ ) who, after they’ve succeeded in wiping out most of mankind and destroying Earth because there were no Jews to scapegoat or attack, launch a spaceship to try to wipe out the Jews on the moon because, in their sick and twisted minds, the destruction of Earth was all their fault.

  44. Richard
    I forwarded these wise words from the incomparable and sorely missed Modernity Blog
    I think he’s spot on . Entertaining racists and antisemites in the defence of free speech is admirable but ultimately counter productive Not sure if link worked from previous email . Here it is again .

    Sent from my iPhone
    modernity on 25/08/2011 at 12:54

    Very tempting, let me think about it.


    I *do* like your blog, but I won’t comment with any warmth on a blog that allow racists to post as equals.

    Please don’t take it personally but there is a deeper intellectual argument on allowing racists to feel they are part of the debate and I for one won’t tolerate them, that applies to thickarse skinheads, EDLers and Oxbridge ex-Trots.

  45. Daniel Marks

    I could not disagree more with the opinion presented by the commentator using the pen-name Commentary101.

    This anti-Semitic sifting through the Talmud and other Jewish sources to find supposedly incriminating evidence has been an integral part of traditional Antisemitism since the earliest days of Christianity. For more than a thousand years rabbis and other Jewish leaders were “invited” often at pain of death to take parts in public debates regarding the nature of our beliefs and practices. Interestingly, those recruited to engage in such disputes on behalf of Christianity were often converted Jews themselves, sometimes quite learned. Perhaps the most famous of these disputes was that of the Ramban against Pablo Christiani in 1263.

    Sadly, Roger is no Talmudic or Halachic scholar and, he shall correct me if I’m wrong, but I suspect has no idea from which side to open a Talmud or how to read it. Neither Talmud or Jewish law are simple subjects and I can testify to the fact that while I’ve studied them both for an hour or two a day for most of my life, I still consider myself to be a total novice. I know far less about Islamic law, but I’m sure that it is no less complex. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t good or bad, it just means that I haven’t the tools to make such a judgement.

    The question regarding the blessing “..that you did not make me a gentile.”- this is one of the tidbits that have been used by haters of Judaism for hundreds of years supposedly to prove that Jews regard themselves as superior to non-Jews. The prayer predates modern day racism by many centuries and makes a religious rather than racial distinction, so to call it racist is quite daft. The question, however, remains a question.

    At a most basic level religions are not pluralistic in the sense that they consider other understandings of metaphysical reality to be as correct as their own. Almost by definition a monotheist must believe his way of serving G-d to be the right one, which implies that others are less so. Islam believes that Christianity is wrong to see Jesus as a kind of God, Christianity believes that Jews were wrong in not accepting Jesus as the messiah and we believe that Mohammed was not a prophet of G-d and that Jesus was not the messiah.

    Yes, we are all sure that our belief systems are right and theirs wrong. For this reason it is logical for a Muslim to be pleased not to be a Christian and Jew to thank G-d for not making him a heathen. The question is not whether we believe that our belief is the truth, but what we shall do with that belief.

    Modern Judaism makes no attempt to force others (non-Jews) to become Jews or keep our laws. We believe that their are seven laws that non-Jews are commanded to keep and that is all that is demanded of them. Paradoxically, Judaism not only doesn’t force others to be Jewish but tries to persuade potential proselytes not to do so. For this we are also sometimes accused of elitism or even racism.

    Even more paradoxically, the first thing a rabbi who is approached by a non-Jew wishing to convert usually tells him is, “What do you need all that hassle for? We are a small people, hardly the most popular, and keeping Jewish law is incredibly complicated and challenging. You ought to just thank G-d that you were created a non-Jew.” Is that racism too? Perhaps.

    Finally, I also thank G-d every day for not making we a woman and again for not making me a slave. Different people explain these blessings in different ways, but it is a fact that a non-Jew is exempt from almost all commandments, while slaves and women are also exempt from many. It’s true that they could perform them anyway, but a tenet of Judaism is that there is a greater reward for he who is commanded and performs a commandment than for he who is not commanded.

    Like I said Talmud and Jewish laws are not simple subjects and I might advise anti-Semitic friends rather to focus on the “Israeli breaches of International Law” ” the cruel occupation”, etc. They are much easier matters to get your heads around than the complexities of the Babylonian Talmud.

    • Commentary101

      Excuse me, if I may…
      I don’t see what sort of disagreement you could have, with me…
      Are you suggesting that these pages be turned into fora for anti-Semites?
      Or that they be allowed to peddle their idiocy, as sine qua non?
      I would also sincerely appreciate, if you could actually point me to where in the Siddur(for the Shacharit), where indeed such an invocation is made(I think, with all due respect(I am no expert), you won’t find it).
      The only thing *remotely* controversial, is the addition made thus:
      ” לַמִּינִים וְלַמַּלְשִׁינִים ולמשומדים אַל תְּהִי תִקְוָה” – undertaken by Gamliel, to insert: “The heretics and informants shall bear no hope”…. Well Gee, isn’t that “incitement” against “Gentiles” :|…
      Frankly, for all the hype generated by these perfidious goons, they could do better, like you said.
      I still don’t see however, where we diverge.
      Yours most attentive,

  46. Daniel Marks

    I was talking about the שלא עשני גוי blessing.

    I just don’t believe in censoring antisemitic opinions, I believe in refuting them as best I can.

    I have long believed that the real targets of these UK-Jew-Haters are Anglo Jewry, not Israel. Do you really think that anybody here besides me and a handful of other Israeli bloggers even that Gert or even the great Tony Greenstein even exist? Israel is a strong and vibrant Western Democracy and the crap they write has as much effect here as the moon is affected by the dogs who bark at it. All those dogs can do is to keep their neighbors up at night, in our case the discomfort they cause to British Jews.

    While I am sorry that they often upset those guys, my secret hope is that one day they might feel so uncomfortable that they’ll decide to return home. However, I could never tell anyone about that.

    • Commentary101

      I still differ from you, about airing, these utterly nonsensical, often truly anti-Semitic, fallacious views; here, no less.
      But towards the close, Mr. Marks, I believe we’re fully in unison.
      The troubling thing, like you mentioned, is their propensity to pour this hatred, on the Jews of their community. Their malice and obduracy then creeps into “BDS”/delegitimisation campaigns, which, while all have been considerably boisterous and vociferous, have so far, thank God, been damp squibs.
      Finally, I do wish to echo your sentiment, expressed ultimately: It’s time the Diaspora came home.
      I do hope however, this won’t be, by the hands of the bigoted trio/quartet/quintet(depending on whom you count in), exhibited here; and all those abroad shall do so, of their own volition, sans pressure or duress. As spirited, free, proud Jewish men and women, ready to be the masters of their fate.

      • richardmillett

        I agree. Their baiting has nothing to do with Israel. It’s just a Jew hunt, which is why they keep returning to this blog. Witness the attempted bullying of Jonathan Hoffman as a prime example. Commentary is correct in that they’ve made their views known. They have nothing to add. I’m not sure what’s worse; their vile anti-Semitic rhetoric or their boring constant repetition.

  47. Yes, you’re right, but you can’t ban an anti-Semite because he’s boring or repetitious. They don’t know that much about the subject, other than what they read on each others’ blogs.

    Do you really expect excitement and originality each time? Be fair!

  48. Baruch, you are a moron. Or maybe you have never heard of the Nazi propaganda calling Jews ‘disease-carrying bacteria’.

    • Still nothing articulate or constructive to contribute, I see.
      ‘ashnfljsdnf’ hasn’t been back to engage, and as my comments were a reply to his I’ll assume his post was just a hit-and-run.
      It’s much easier to add the word ‘moron’ to a reply than attempt to engage in reasoned debate, but do feel free to have another go at making a reasoned response.

    • I’ll take that as a no, then Leah. As in nothing articulate or constructive to add.

  49. Daniel Marks

    During the Holocaust a halachic (Jewish law) question arose as to whether the Nazis were seeking to destroy Jews or Judaism. It may seem like a moot point, but it was literally a matter of life and death. If the former were the case and their aim was to kill Jews, then almost any measures could be taken and almost every commandment broken to preserve Jewish lives.

    If, on the other hand, their purpose was to destroy Judaism, a Jew must under such circumstances adhere strictly to all commandments even as seemingly unimportant as those relating to “shoe laces”. Different rabbis who had access to different information at different periods made differing rulings. They all knew the law, but the question of its application depended on a Jew’s interpretation of reality.

    I mention this because several points made by Roger have reminded me of this argument. In an early posting he had claimed that his opposition is not Anti-Semitic, but based on his seeing Israel as a theocracy. I challenged him as to why Israel is the only “theocracy” that he attacks and he lied and claimed that he criticizes other theocracies too. When asked to substantiate this claim he gave vague links going nowhere and then lied again saying that all his comments had been deleted.

    So, having disposed of the possibility that Roger is anything but a hater of Jews or Judaism, the question remains, which is it? Again, I do believe that there is an importance behind the distinction. If someone hates Judaism, for whatever reason, I’d tell him to find a religion or belief that better suites him and leave us alone. If, however, it is Jews he hates, it would explain why he seems quite addicted to a blog where nobody seems to want him. Sadly, there are no explicitly Anti-Semitic blogs or forums on the net as they are not PC and are taken down immediately. So what are you going to do if you hate Jews and you want to tell someone about it?

    There are Islamic sites, however that means supporting the beating and execution of women, female circumcision, banning alcohol etc. Not everyone is ready to make that jump. Furthermore, if we are to believe Roger’s lies for a moment, everything he writes there gets taken down.

    So, we have yet another paradox. The only forums and blogs where the Jew-hater feels at home are the Jewish ones. Maybe that’s the origin of the cliché that “some of my best friends are Jewish.” I suspect that for characters like Roger and Gert we are indeed the best friends they have and what could be more pitiable than that?

    • Daniel

      there are no explicitly Anti-Semitic blogs or forums

      I am not sure how you define antisemitic but if our Jew-haters in residence could be motivated to learn German I could lead them to some comment-allowing threads or sites where they’d feel very much at home and could vent to their hearts’ delights.

      One of them was a Facebook page that belonged (unless the recently raised stink helped) to one of Merkel’s co-party-ists i.e. it might even allow them to feel like they are in polite society.

      • oops
        not define antisemitic but define EXPLICITLY

      • Hi Silke,

        I mean sites that declare themselves to be Antisemitic in so many words.

      • Commentary101

        Silke, I am sorry to interrupt your conversation, (but I am especially zetetic about contemporary German politics):
        Are you referring to the Wachendorff incident, and Polenz’s(of the CDU) shameful endorsement of Her?

      • “there are no explicitly Anti-Semitic blogs or forums”

        A visit to the PSC and Electronic Intifada sites might open the eyes of this ignoramus, who believes you can argue rationally with antisemites and ‘refute’ their ‘arguments’.

      • Commentary

        yes but from all the quotes I read it wasn’t just that incident. People I trust had been complaining about his page for ABIR ages. As I understood it, the Wachendorff-incident was just the drop of water that made the barrel overflow and provided a lever. I hope it worked. For myself I prefer to go not too close to those witch hunts. My usual justification is that I am too much of a coward but I suspect it is more twisted than that.

        I am happy for you to “interrupt” or interrupt or object to any conversation I’m having. As an explanation/excuse my indulging on these wild reminiscence-ing and other free-association tours is one of my ways to try to marginalise the by me unwanted while bonding through meaningless chatter (grooming Desmond Morris would call it) with those I like (as far as one can like somebody in the virtual world)

        And as a side effect smiling over Harvey 1967 Rimini and Canadian while getting flooded with memories of my own of a very eventful 1967 – now is there a more pleasurable way to frustrate a troll or make Almani yearn to get included in this feeling of mutual well-wishing?

      • Commentary101

        Silke, thank you for replying with such detail and flourish…
        Indeed, If I remember correctly, you used to comment on EoZ, and have since left, sadly. Your comments, especially from a German perspective are always illuminating.
        Why do you think such “dark horses” ever spring up, in an otherwise respectable, historical flagship like the CDU/CSU?
        Polenz’s hatred of Israel, is particularly strange, as he is the chairman of Bundestag’s committee of foreign relations, right?

      • Commentary

        Franz-Josef Strauß now long dead but for quite some time head of the Bavarian sister party of the CDU with almost totalitarian results at the voting booth once said to much criticism that there should never be a party right of the CSU i.e. the CSU should have enough appeal for the right that no extremist right could be establishing himself.

        So the best face I could put on affairs like Polenz is the (extremely faint) hope that this is an attempt of keeping those on board. I must confess that at the time I found Strauß terrible but these days I am willing to concede that it may be wise politics to embrace them hoping to suffocate thereby the even worse ones.

        As to Israel media suggest to me that Germans like to advice to keep people they care for out of harms’ way. One common word for advice is RatSchlag = advice blow/hit – the ethymology maybe wrong but that’s neither here nor there.

        One canes children for their own good, does one not? And to put the friendliest possible label on it, German public voices are so eager for Israel to do well that they can’t help but show her the way. I am being only half ironic – we are a people of nanny-ers

        Amongst “simple” people like cashiers, pub owners, waitresses etc. I find a lot of understanding for Israel if I start out by what would you do, if a rocket would land on your lawn and since we are a people who accept that walking on lawns in parks is even if where no longer forbidden still frowned upon we are easily roused in sympathy to victims of vandalism. During the Mavi Marmara I’d vent while shopping about how they sawed the railing apart. It was quite a success.

        And then there are the educated well-meaners – they all work really hard at becoming saints while closing their minds to anything that’d require imagination and putting oneself in somebody’s shoes whom they can’t patronize.

      • Commentary101

        Silke, superb account, and a very comprehensive review.
        Let’s hope you’re right about Polenz.
        What about this “new sensation” we’ve heard about – Die Freiheit?(to outflank the CDU)
        Have they got any chance?
        (I’ve read about some success in the NRW, but you know better than I, what their electoral record is, and how it’ll play out).

      • as to Polenz it may seem that he got the balance wrong (getting it right is probably extremely difficult) or that he really is a not only bad but also confused apple and Henryk M. Broder and others these days claim that the greater danger still comes from the left and thus going for the right may be all a lot of barking up the wrong tree.

        I hadn’t taken notice of Die Freiheit besides dimly remembering having heard the name (probably in connection with ProKöln which is a local anti-mosque gathering) but I had a look at their website – they are outspokenly anti-islamist with a tilt to it that suggests that their definition of an islamist is a pretty broad one. And they are liberal which in German signifies a to me unentanglefiable mixture of libertarian and liberal. Thus from Die Freiheit I couldn’t even tell you with any authority whether they are right or left, but one thing that short browse around their stuff made me sure of they are not close to any sane middle ground.

        There is another new party in Germany gaining ground The Pirates – another unidentifiably mixed bag – OTOH they seem to be quite a gathering of nut cases OTOH I have heard one of them say in an extended interview pretty sensible things about data protection in the era of the internet.

  50. Amazing. Eat your heart out Aristotle

  51. There is no such thing as a ‘Zionist entity’, you pathetic, deranged, revolting Jew-hater. There is Israel, the free country of the Jewish nation. I have spent a great deal of time there, and know more about it than you ever will in your wasted, hate-consumed, pitiful existence. It’s a wonderful place. Eat your heart out, psychopath.

    • Almani Sleiman

      Hello Leah,

      Maybe somebody should have told you that the entity that tourists see from the windows of their air-conditioned buses is not reality, but a show that has been orchestrated to make naive Jews like yourself believe that it’s a ‘wonderful place’.

      I do not blame you, but I blame the fascist Zionists like Daniel Marks and Norman Cohen who have carefully brain-washed you.

      • Commentary101

        I am curious…(and I am sorry to interfere),
        What the hell are you talking about?

      • Almani
        since you seem to know so much about what tourists can or cannot see I wonder have you ever visited Israel and if so please tell

        I am eager to hear how the country looks through the eyes of an Egyptian tourist? You said you were Egyptian, didn’t you?

      • I wasn’t a tourist, you deranged racist idiot. I have never been inside a tourist bus in my life. I always drive my own car, including during the years I spent working in Israel.
        Israel is a strong, successful, free place for Jews, unlike the entire fascist, racist Arab and Muslim world. No wonder it makes your poison-filled, Jew-hating heart convulse in despair.

      • Almani,

        Believe me that I had nothing to do with “Leah’s” education.

      • Leah

        during my first visit to Greece I spent a week in a tourist bus and on behalf of our adorable admirable wonderful and fearsome guide cum host or the other way around Madame Renée (she knew how to wield an umbrella as deftly as Thatcher did a handbag) I object to your sneering at tourist buses.

        I’ve forgotten the name of the guide who took us in tourist buses from Florence to the surrounding marvels. It is a shame I forgot her name but she taught me a lot about seeing and thus I still feel I owe her an awful lot. Thus I won’t her allow to be sneered at.

        You cannot sneer at tourist buses without sneering at guides and eager visitors alike.

      • Silke, take a chill pill, I wasn’t ‘sneering’ at anything. I was stating a fact, in response to Almani’s idiotic assertion, offered with the full certainty of her tiny mind, that I have only seen Israel from inside a bus.

      • The main reason why Daniel has had nothing to do with my education is that this idiot, who keeps trolling me about my name, has never been within 100 miles of any education. He may have had some schooling, sure, but sadly that’s all been a big waste of time.

      • well Leah

        I re-read your sentence about tourist buses and to my mind it reads like a very peculiar way of not sneering.

        As to Daniel and education – I am not sure what you mean by it but a writer as accomplished as he is must surely have had not only some but quite a bit of it.

        Or could it be that you decide that he is lacking in education because he refuses to parade his treasure chest of swear words?

        Though I love the way he applies the scalpel every now and then somehow I feel sure should he chose to do so he could outperform you without breaking a sweat.

      • “I re-read your sentence about tourist buses and to my mind it reads like a very peculiar way of not sneering”

        Then it’s all originating from your very peculair mind. Certainly not from mine. You read in it what you wanted to read, which is a reflection on you, not me.
        Or, and I say this as a factual observation: you are not a native English speaker. I would not attempt to judge whether a German sentence is meant sneeringly or not, even though I speak German. In the same way, maybe you simply mistake the meaning behind the sentence for that reason.

      • “somehow I feel sure should he chose to do so he could outperform you without breaking a sweat.”

        If you say so. I know you are a Daniel groupie. Your adoration is touching, but also quite creepy.
        I have rarely met anyone who parades his imaginary superiority more than he does. The condescension simply drips from him in large gobs.

      • I am a “groupie” to all gifted writers, you should try to acquire the ability to distinguish them from the rest.

        and I owe you for enlarging my vocabulary or rather giving me prime examples on how to use them

  52. Commentary101

    You’ve raised a very interesting point, Mr. Marks(via Halacha): The relations between, “I-thou, I-it”, explored by Rosenzweig and Buber. The whole essence of how to refer to Judaism, as an abstract construct- a thread linking peoplehood and religion – how God and the Commandments interact (as in Rosenzweig’s famous Hexagram), and what constitutes Judaism – is it a philosophical being? Timeless?(interestingly, first suggested by Spinoza, and then echoed by Nazi-sympathizer Heidegger- though not about Jews/Judaism); can they be extinguished? And the Jews, are they merely a manifestation of those ideas, or does their(the phantasmagoric components’) continuation depend on the Jews’ existence?…
    The Holocaust really upended all reasoning, about that.
    But your very cogent and poignant arguments are wasted on ‘Rich A'(“RZ”), Gert, “roger”, et al.
    That’s why, I wanted Mr. Millett, to ban them, forthwith; Without their spamming, these pages could really transform into a sensible plenum, for intelligent, anti-Semitism free debate.

    • You want intelligent debate, do you? I noticed that you only mention Spinoza in passing? He was excommunicated by the Orthodox community in Holland, and there was even a faction that wanted him executed for heresy. Now smarty pants, tell me why.

      • Commentary101

        I am not in the habit of addressing anti-Semites, but here goes:
        A. So was Descrates… when are you going to wax lyrical about the Catholics?
        B. Did you see me endorse Orthodoxy, or otherwise condone the actions of those particular Jews?(Is Spinoza still taboo now? Are his books burned across the Jewish world? Is he banned somewhere?
        C. I believe Salman Rushdie, is presently in far greater danger, than Spinoza ever was.
        A few extremists can never discredit an entire religion, ethnicity, sect, or congregation.(You should know that; for instance, Even by your lead, I won’t consider all anti-Semites to be complete dolts).
        By the bye, A quick intro into Western Philosophy:
        Spinoza belonged to the strain of 17th-18th century rationalists. The only reason I didn’t feature him prominently, is that his method of thought/deduction doesn’t match those of the Existentialists, like Rosenzweig, and Buber.
        Keep going, “roger”… you might finally make it, some day. Make Mommy proud!

      • Inspired by the crypto-fascist tendencies of Chairman Commentary 101, I call Richard to ban Leah for doing nothing but indulge in vicious, crude personal attacks on other commenters. She is lowering the tone of your blog with offensive, vulgar, and hateful language.

      • roger, You can slip pants on your hind quarters, but you’re still a rat, as illustrated by your avatar.

    • And the Jews, are they merely a manifestation of those ideas, or does their(the phantasmagoric components’) continuation depend on the Jews’ existence?…

      Me thinks drawing a line from the findings of neuroscientists about who/what makes decisions, decided that one in favour of the Jews’ continued existence!!!

  53. Once again Danny boy makes the deliberate mistake of equating a miniscule handful of extremist lunatic fringers with ” Anglo Jewry “. Compare the Ahava turn outs with activities organised by the mainstream community organisations.
    Far from my activities being an attack on Anglo Jewry the very opposite is the case. If my small humble contributions help negate the malign influence of the rampant Jewish racism that is regular meat and drink on her, I can live with that. The vast majority of British Jews would be appalled by most of the garbage that is published on here.
    Unfortunately for the rabids on here no one can point to any racist comment I have made. After all I didn’t say ” Every time I meet a decent Jew I am shocked and surprised.” ( apologies to Danny ) The vast majority of British Jews would be absolutely appalled were they to read the racist stuff that holds centre stage on this blog.

    I see I make commentary’s little list. Stalin would have been proud of him.

    • “Unfortunately for the rabids ON here” [sic] – how about learning to write idiomatically in your own language, and then proceed to put your incoherent hate-filled brain in order?

    • Commentary101

      We didn’t hear your “very reasoned” objections, in your rather sophomoric rant, about the subject of this post, Hezbullah’s hateful march in London.
      How did the Jewish community, with its “mainstream organizations”(whatever you think it means) react to that?
      Your “contributions”, if you prefer to call them that way, “RZ”, are really small, minuscule and consist of the odd “one-liner”, inserted for some self-congratulatory comic effect – mostly the droning of a tantrum-cringing child.
      You’re calling me a Stalinst? Well Ladies and Gents, we have now a prime case of a Pot calling the Kettle… 😀
      If I may so humbly enquire,
      What the hell are you still doing here, among us “Fascists, racists”(what else, uhm), “Stalinists”, “Rabid Zionists”, God knows what?
      Aren’t you worried about “guilt by association” – Can it be, that you’re a “Fascist, racist, rabid, Stalinist”(TM)?! :O… My my!…
      And as for my little list, I am sure you won’t be missed ;).

  54. Commentary that was not nice. You have gone and hurt my feelings now.

    • Commentary101

      Come on “RZ”… I have asked you a very reasonable question:
      Where was your fury, your righteous indignation, as prompted by your partnership in many a “mainstream Jewish bodies social”, to this Hezbullah hate-fest in London?
      Surely, since you’re not a “Fascist, racist, rabid, Stalinist”(TM), you could answer that, can’t ya’? 😉

    • “You have gone and hurt my feelings now.”

      Get used to it fascist scum.

  55. Well commie since I didn’t witness the event you allude to I don’t feel qualified to say.

    • Commentary101

      And Comrade, the videos posted here, the pictures, etc, are insufficient evidence for you to infer from? (Why then, did you come here, to begin with?)
      I suspect someone didn’t finish his grade-school homework? ;)…
      Well, at least answer me this, are we going to get an honest answer re Hezbullah marches in London, from you? or is it(like it usually is), a hopeless cause?
      And furthermore, I appended another *minor* query in my original rejoinder to you: If you wholeheartedly believe your “Fascist, racist, rabid, Stalinist”(TM) allegations against those present here(and apparently, myself included), why do you stay?
      Can it be, that you really like us?! :O…
      Well, it’s not mutual :S

      • Commentary

        he came here to create hurt and stays on to enjoy the hurt of getting ignored by me and quite a number of others

        Don’t spoil his fun –

    • Commentary101

      And the images you see posted here, the pictures…
      Wherefore do you dissemble, “RZ”? :O…

  56. And Comrade, the videos posted here, the pictures, etc, are insufficient evidence for you to infer from?

    Are you serious ?

    As for why….Originally it was to do research for our wonderful web site that I know you are a big fan of. To be honest I was shocked by what I found. Shocked not so much by the prevailing sentiments but by the shameless up front way that they are expressed. I am still learning and, yes morbidly fascinated

    • Commentary101

      You have evidence, proof, on tape. Why do you prevaricate and refuse to give an honest answer?(I know you can’t help it).
      “Our wonderful little website” — Oh, you mean your little childish scrapbook-like smear campaign against Hoffman… Gotcha! (Who, other than you, and your multiple personalities, yonder, lurk behind “our”?)
      Is that also why you haven’t posted anything new since March, and most of it is dated, to 2011?
      Still, when are we going to get a sensible reply? Where was the “mainstream”(that is, your) condemnation of Hezbullah marching in London-town?
      If this is purely “research”, don’t you know an investigator’s first rule? “Never interfere with your medium of study”…? 😉
      Sloppy, aren’t you, “RZ”?

  57. You left out the morbid fascination. That is rather an important bit. Nothing new since march ? Are you sure you are going to the right site ?

    (Who, other than you, and your multiple personalities, yonder, lurk behind “our”?) Three other people. Anyway this is a trap. You are trying to get me me banned for mentioning the site. Gotcha !!!! o:))

    • Commentary101

      “Morbid fascination”… Yes, but you know, in my day, it was rather taboo to ridicule someone else’s mental handicaps. I hold steadfastly to that rule. Your mental deviancies, fetishes and idiosyncrasies-to put it mildly, are betwixt you and your shrink :D(And I hope you are getting some sort of therapy, for that).
      Now this site of yours, does it begin with “Storm”, and has a macabre chap called “D. Duke” posting on it… If so, you’re right, I don’t visit that one… 😉
      Lastly, We’re still going to coerce an answer out of you yet:
      Where’s your, the “establishment”-‘s criticism of the Hezbullah day-parade, in Oxford Circus/Grosvenor sq., the heart of London?
      Don’t be coy now… let’s hear all that seething, pent-up anger(mention that to your psychiatrist, next time you’re there), against a veritable display of hatred, eh? 😀

  58. Well a few problems here. But I will mention just a couple. Firstly I am not any kind of establishment. Second I did not know there had been an Hezbullah day parade in London. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Hezbullah day.

    • Commentary101

      It was hyphenated for a reason…
      And yet… where’s your unrepentant condemnation of Hezbullah marching through London?(You’re not going to get wriggle your way, out of this one…)
      Keep trying, “RZ”… Maybe the fifth time, is the charm? 😀

  59. I didn’t know Hezbullah marched through the streets of London. I understand there was a demo. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there were Hezbullah sympathisers present. That is all I know.What exactly do you want me to condemn ? The fact of there being a demo ? A sympathy for Hezbullah among some of those present ? What exactly ? Get more specific and I may be able to help you. Though I don’t have all day. Oh maybe I do.

    • Commentary101

      Of course you’ve got all day; that is one of the virtues of being unemployed, and slurping from the British taxpayer… Carry on!
      Let’s say this: this “demo” was organized by the IHRC, which is affiliated with Hezbullah(and other radical Islamist groups); how about bemoaning that such things happen?
      What about the presence of banners, posters, placards, calling for Israel’s annihilation(and let’s assume, for a minute, that you don’t want that)?
      So much to abhor…
      Pick your choice of a start :D…

  60. Hi Richard, Thanks very much,I will try to contact TFL re the adverts on London Buses.Meantime would you please be able to let me have updates at cmayhew@westminster.gov.uk as easier. Colin

  61. Well I have no problem condemning the carrying of banners etc calling for Israel’s annhilation. So you got it.You could have saved a lot of wear and tear on both our keyboards by asking that earlier instead of just spinning a load of poetry. I don’t have anything against poetry but it doesn’t lend itself to answers. To think it does is a category mistake.

    I didn’t know that this demo was organised by IHRC or that they were affiliated to Hezbullah. Was this demo legal ? ( the fact of it ) Did anything happen at the demo that was illegal ? These questions are important. I am being careful since you have cheerfully revealed yourself as having a Stalinist temperament. You spend your life wimpering like a baby trying to get people banned from blog spots so I can understand your aversion to demonstrations on the streets of London ?

    • Commentary101

      Well thank you RZ… It wasn’t so hard, now was it?
      Was the “demo” legal… it was… Are BNP/EDL marches legal? they sure are… are you pleased with them?(I hope not).
      Yes, that demonstration was co-sponsored by the IHRC.(http://www.ihrc.org.uk/activities/projects/9428-al-quds-day)
      “you spend your life…”, Well make sure you mention to your therapist, a resurgence of anosognosia… You seem blithely unaware of the irony – you, who spends his days tarring another man, exclusively(Hoffman), preachers to others about their activities…
      Now, is paranoia there, on the list too? 😀
      Are you afraid of Big Ol’ Comm’n’tary, out to get ‘cha?
      I didn’t know that commenting here, is a matter of life and death for ya’! 😀

  62. “Are BNP/EDL marches legal? they sure are… are you pleased with them?(I hope not). ”

    No but I know someone who is.

    ” Well thank you RZ… It wasn’t so hard, now was it?”

    Actually it was very hard indeed until I was asked the question.

  63. ” ………..are you pleased with them ?” No but I know someone that is

    ” Well thank you RZ… It wasn’t so hard, now was it?”

    Actually until I was asked the question it was very hard indeed.

    • Commentary101

      Yes, yes, no need to reiterate the same point, twice.
      So can I deduce from you, that you are, in general, critical of Hezbullah marching through London?
      And that since the IHRC(a terror-supporting body, i.e. with Hezbullah) co-hosted this event, it should be rightly castigated?
      And why couldn’t we, along with your strident objections to those posting here, have heard that, to begin with?
      Mr. Millett’s original post was nothing but reporting the event. I don’t see what objections you may have, against it?(Unless… you know… ;)).
      We’re making progress…
      Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. “RZ”? 😀

      • ‘reiterate the same point twice’ lol …was that intentional tautology? If so, you’re a very witty Chairman.. or was it just poor use of the language?

      • Commentary101

        Chairman, that’s a nifty title!
        Now… let’s see, of what?
        I’d like some really nifty title, like: “The committee to disband and frustrate anti-Semitism”-CDFA…
        Sounds cool, doesn’t it :D?

      • IHRC is the very definition of an oxymoron, or a very very sick joke.

      • Leah, The “H” in IHRC must stand for Hezbollah or Hamass.

        The IHRC is as shameful as the UN Human Rights Commission which elected current day slaver Sudan to its Human Rights commission.

  64. We’re making progress…
    Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. “RZ”?

    Well I am, you seem to be still floundering around asking have you quit beating your wife type questions.

    There was this professor who bumped into one of his students on the corridor.

    He said ” young lady yours was a damn fine answer to my assignment question.”

    She said ” Yes sir but it was a damn fine question.”

    My response was to being listed as a racist by one of the most outrageous racist I have ever encountered offline or online.

    • Commentary101

      Are you calling me a Racist? Why RZ, that’s a step back, and very silly ;)…
      I thought I was, a, quote, “Fascist, racist, rabid, Stalinist”(TM) — don’t downgrade me, if you please! 😀
      But seriously, can you provide any sort of reference, to any statement I’ve ever made, that would’ve imprinted such a perception of me on you?
      Try harder, RZ… :D.
      Still, I think someone protests too much…
      And yet, no answer to my queries, about your purported opposition to Hezbullah fronts-sponsored marches through London…
      Or what you found so obscene about Mr. Millett’s original post?
      And how being excluded(which I still support) from this site, suddenly constitutes some infringement of your rights?
      You operate a nasty blog… Defame everyone there, for as long as you wish.
      You’re not helping yourself here, RZ… not one bit :D.

  65. Hmmmm….

  66. Rich A, rich, roger the rat, Gert, Almani, Hezbollah, Ebola,

    Happy Nakba! May all your JIhads turn into Nakbas!

  67. First of all, a hint of an apology. The comment was directed at Danny Marks and of course, it was you who made the list, Danny merely concurred with it.

    Ha ha ha, you think I”m here for help? I am totally relaxed and comfortable with my positions, thank you very much.

    I said I found Richard’s post obscene? Where? When?

    I said being excluded from this site was an infringement of my rights? Where? When? I got what I needed from this site a long time ago. Playing with you is just an entertaining bonus.

    So let’s get this clear. I’m invited to condemn something I know absolutely nothing about, save from the rantings of a few nutjob bloggers. I am presented with questions with a whole heap of premises wrapped around them that may be accurate for all I know, or may not be. I will not, on the basis of all this, condemn to order lawfully organised and lawfully conducted demonstrations. I will condemn, wherever I find it, incitement to racial, ethnic or religious hatred and/or violence. If and when I ever get a credible account of the details concerning this demonstration, I will make a judgement. I will not be going looking for these. So many demonstrations to evaluate…so little time.

    I’m sorry that you feel I’ve failed the tribe test, and that I won’t jump up and down with you in my leopard skin shaking my spear and waving my shield at the quickly identified enemy. I don’t subscribe to the primitive notion that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or conversely the enemy of my friend is my enemy, but I know someone who does.

    You seem awfully conversant with a web site you haven’t visited since March. Quick check. Oh yes, it did exist in March.

    • “save from the rantings of a few nutjob bloggers”

      Of which you are a prime example.

    • ridiculing leopard skins

      weren’t the Zulu wearing leopard skin? Isn’t there a picture of young Mandela in leopard skin?

      The “upright” are really apt at ridiculing those they profess to want to help

  68. It is interesting to note that when the army of the Assad family dictatorship uses planes to bomb its own cities, you don’t hear cries of

    “disproportionate response!” from the usual quarters.

    Their guy in Damascus, protected by Russia, can do no wrong.

  69. Daniel Marks

    “I have rarely met anyone who parades his imaginary superiority more than he does. The condescension simply drips from him in large gobs.”

    It’s a story that’s already been told, but a disturbed man presented himself to a psychiatrist and complained that he thought he had an inferiority complex. The doctor examined him thoroughly and finally concluded, “You don’t have an inferiority complex. You’re just inferior.”

    No, “Leah” you will find no examples of me parading my “imagined superiority”. Go through thousands of postings and see if you can find one such case. That is not to say that I have any respect for the foul-mouthed individual that you are. You are a disgrace and I am ashamed that you are supposedly on the same “side” as I am.

    Though I have nothing in common with Roger or his idiotic views I will not support his call to ban “her”, but it is high time that “she” was made to talk like a human being. To my mind being a Zionist is not a “Get out of Jail Free” card that justifies any filth.

  70. For the prat, whoever he is, who is calling for me to be banned: are you also calling for the ever so nice Daniel, the subject of Silke’s drooling adoration, to be banned? The same Daniel who refers to people – human beings – as something he needs to scrape off the sole of his shoe?

  71. I missed the latest deranged rant from the psychotic individual who always puts my given name, even my gender, in scare quotes. There is enough material in any one of his posts for a whole conference of psychiatrists.
    (His failure, whether genuine or dissembled, to realise that he continually parades his imagined superiority would provide material for yet another conference.)
    Compared with his filthy comparisons of human beings to something he needs to scrape off his shoes, a few mild expletives from me are not even in the same league.

  72. Daniel Marks


    Yes, but what a silly billy you are. It was not you but a mysterious Yoni, who disappeared exactly when “Leah” arrived that I compared to what needs scraping off one’s shoe. In your confusion you’re getting your aliases all muddled up.


    Now you know why your name and gender is in inverted commas, Yoni.

    • richardmillett

      Please! This is ridiculous!

    • What a shameless liar you are, as you know perfectly well. It’s only about 4-5 weeks ago that you mentioned someone needing to be scraped off your shoes. The fact that you had used this disgusting language at some time in the past does not mean you didn’t use it again recently.

      Moreover, Einstein, you are condemned from your own mouth, because you have now admitted that you compared someone, a human being, to what needs scraping off one’s shoe. How you can reconcile that with your much-vaunted Jewish respect for all human beings is a mystery that only your psychiatrist will be able to resolve.

      Only a psychotic person like you would archive and/or search the archives for posts from long ago. And only an idiot wouldn’t realise how quoting those old posts condemns him as a really really sick person. But then, we knew that already, based on your lunatic assertion that I am someone else.

      • Daniel Marks

        I don’t know whether “Leah” wear knickers or not, but if she does, it appears that they are in quite a twist. Is that what you thought up in over two hours?

        Jewish respect for all human beings means respecting someone because he is a creation of G-d. The question is then what the person does with that initial respect, he can either continue to justify it or to prove himself unworthy of it.

        I have no idea who or what you really are, and truthfully to paraphrase the another Johnny (Nash); the more I find out the less I want to know.

      • Chairman: You still haven’t answered my question…why did the rabbinate want Spinoza executed?
        And this IS connected to Hezbollah Richard? You just have to go into things more deeply.

      • How is Rabbi Ovadia Yousef different from Nasrallah? This fossilised prick states that gentiles are like donkeys who are in this world to serve Jews. He is the leader of 2 million Mizrahim and he is a racist.


    • And you are illiterate: “Now you know why your name and gender IS in inverted commas”. Name and gender are 2 separate nouns. Hasn’t anyone taught you how to treat plural nouns?

    • sorry Daniel I followed your link to see the exact context but in the thread you linked to ctrl-F tells me that there is only Yoni using the word “scrape” twice. The other two mentions come in a comment from Nick K. who quotes Yoni as calling you this you sanctimonious pathetic piece of shit, the original of which also isn’t in that thread.

      It is all rather confusing though as best I remember Yoni’s preferred way of expressing himself strikes me as quite similar to Leah’s but then not being a native speaker I am probably unable of detecting the subtle differences.

  73. Leah ….Yoni…..All roads lead to who ?

    You are correct !!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Daniel Marks

    Well, it’s been a quiet night on this excellent blog (for some mysterious reason) – I dare say I’ll be turning in early.

    Silke, by my calculations you have a big birthday coming up. Am I right?

    • no Daniel I had it in April since then I can rightfully call myself a septuagenarian which has a nice sound to me and which alas has not made its entry into everyday German yet.

  75. Daniel Marks

    Hi Silke:

    I believe this was the comment to which our friend is referring:


    As you can see it does not refer to “people” or “human beings”. It refers to one extremely fouled mouth and extremely ignorant “ex-Israeli” who earned every word of it.

    Such language is a style I rarely adopt, indeed I’ve frequently been criticized for being overly civil to anti-Zionists and others. I believe that every human being, because he was created in the image of Almighty G-d, is entitled to courtesy and respect until he proves otherwise. In this case I reread what I commented almost two years ago and I stand behind every word.

  76. Danny boy do you stand by all of your words ?

    • richardmillett

      Have they murdered thousands of people?

      • Is that true Richard? You mean thousands of Israelis? Have you got some figures to back that up? And let’s face it, Israelis have murdered thousands of Lebanese. They invaded Lebanon in 1982 and as a result lost many supporters both within and without. Sharon actually wanted to occupy Beirut and annexe Lebanon into a Greater Israel. Sure Hezbollah are a bunch of murderous thugs..I agree…but they are an elected political party in Lebanon with some legitimate grievances.
        What happened to my link about Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yousef? How is he different from Nasrallah? Both are nasty theocrats. Yousef stated that gentiles are like donkeys and are in this world to serve the Jews. i take offence at that. He is the spiritual leader of 2 million Mizrahim. Now he is attacking secular education.


      • richardmillett

        I repeat has he incited murder and committed murder? Don’t play dumb, like you always do. Hizbollah blew up a jewish community centre in argentina and were responsible for the bulgarian atrocity and have been involved in hundred of attacks across the world not necessarily just involving jews.

  77. Along with his unfortunate penchant for expressing himself in earthy bluntness, Rav Yosef has been a revolutionary force for modernizing halachic thought and integrating it into modernity. Again and again he has courageously formulated rulings that contradicted those of all his peers. He found a way to permit and encourage organ transplants; he permitted artificial inseminations; in the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War he swiftly freed almost a thousand women from Aginut, and the list goes on. Most famously, in the late 1980s he was the first important orthodox rabbi to announce that peace with the Palestinians is preferable to continued control of the West Bank.


    The selectivism of roger is really extremely boring and annoying. Me thinks he is one of these people who’d be a complete failure if they had to attract a crowd by speaking publicly in person and that’d be so even if he should happen to be an exceptionally beautiful man. Something suggests to me that he is drooling or prone to mishaps like this one. For the germanically challenged it is the scene of a proposal.

    • Just about every Israeli and Jew I’ve spoken to about Yousef, finds him utterly abhorrent. Your apologetics for such a man are beyond risible. What motivates your compulsive, obsequious and indiscriminate philosemitism? Guilt?

      • tell that Mr. Lozowick – right now he is to be found here where he happens to be the boss of the outfit


        Your circle of acquaintances must be of a pretty narrowly focused kinds, well to rodent’s taste?

      • richardmillett

        Roger, unless i have read it wrong, about a year ago you were commenting on this blog and you seemed supportive of Israel and the Jewish people’s claim to Jerusalem for example. Am i right?

      • yes Richard that is correct. With new experience and new information, you see things differently with a broader perspective. A year ago, I was like Silke…infatuated and not seeing lucidly. I was completely uncritical of Israel and harsh towards the Palestinians. I was more radical than the average religious Zionist there. Israelis I met…mostly moderate or left leaning, found me too extreme. I even sympathised with the kahanists at one point. I had no idea. I knew little. Sure, I loathe the genocidal Jew hatred of Islam and its hunger for world dominion. But I can’t stomach the Jewish insistence on having a God-given land title deed. It’s all insane. Religion is the poison. Scriptural fundamentalism is the problem. I see both Judaism and Islam in the same light right now…as ideologies of self-worship. Separatist, divisive. Primordial tribalism is an anachronism. The zeitgeist is universalism, not particularism. That’s my angle. Anyway, as William Blake said: ‘The man who never alters his opinions is like standing in water, and breeds reptiles in the mind’.

        The situation is tragic and heading for a conflagration. I would like to see a binational secular democratic state for all its citizens. But this is a pipedream in the face of religious fanaticism on both sides. The land issues can be sorted out…maybe…. but not those regarding religious belief….that the Jews are God’s chosen people and the Torah is the word of God….and that the Koran is the word of God, which mandates an eternal hatred of the Jews who must be fought to the bitter end.

        It’s a mess and it will end badly. Herzl should have opted for Uganda or Madagascar or Canada….nice safe havens for Jews, which was the main priority….. but his religious buddies persuaded him otherwise. Big mistake. You’ll see. It’s already been a bloodbath anyway. Jews in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia are living comfortable, safe and happy lives. Sure there are some antisemitic incidents but on the whole they are doing just fine. They don’t actually need Israel. If they choose to make aliyah….and I don’t know why you don’t…..then they have to face an implacable enemy who does not want them there. Why not stay cosy in Hampstead?

      • richardmillett

        Jews in pre-WW1 Russia and in Nazi Germany didn’t need an Israel, did they? So you have completely reversed your views within the space of a year. Unbelievable. What will you believe next year? I can’t wait to see. You read a book by someone like Shlomo Sand and become an instant disciple. You completely change your views depending on the book you’re reading, sounds like.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  78. I see commentary 101 has retreated back to his comfort zone :o))

    • Commentary101

      You stand corrected, RZ ;).
      Tell us this though, from your rather snivelling reply there, I could only infer that you’re unwilling to condemn the Hezbullah-sponsored march through London, due to your absence in the event itself.
      Furthermore, when confronted with the images and videos of the gathering, you play deaf-blind(dumb, you are, ipso facto– no need for you to *feign* that), and… well, you say generally nothing, toward any effect.
      In short, one can deduce that your only presence here(since you don’t seem to object to Mr. Millett’s post) is to satisfy, as you admit, some gory proclivity(your “morbid fascination” — seek some medical attention, about that ;)), and to troll.
      As simple as that…
      Beyond that, what else can I add? Trolling should get you banned, in my view.
      Well, perhaps this final query, to our “moral paragon in chief”-
      Does your fanzine also collate the anti-Semitic outbursts, evinced here by “roger”, Gert, and others?
      Do they also stroke your “morbid fascination”?

  79. Comrade perhaps you could tell me.Is someone likely to give Adam Levick a job any time soon ?

    • Commentary101

      You see, there you go again…(Now, in all seriousness).
      That comment, in and by itself, should be deleted.
      Why must you relegate this to third-persons, not present to defend themselves?
      (How do you know he’s unemployed? What business is this of yours?)
      Then you wonder, why this “Chairman” wants you booted.
      Even Trolling is an art, but you debase it.

  80. Well my only wish for you is that you have a mummy to go running to , cry baby

  81. And I know he is unemployed because he told us so on Norwegian TV

    • Commentary101

      What’s wrong, RZ, finally saw the light there :D?(your earlier comment)
      Can you at least answer of my other points?-without resorting to your other bugbear – Adam Levick(apparently)-
      -About collecting data on hate by Gert, “roger”, etc? — or is that not the sort of thing that tickles your “morbid fascination”?
      And speaking of strange inclinations, does your Mommy know of what you’re using the Internet for?(she, most likely pays for it, does she not? ;))
      Let the woman know. Her money is being ill-expropriated… 😀

  82. Not that I have an issue with unemployment.. Jobs are for losers. I bet you have a job. Right ? You maybe need to read Bertrand Russell’s masterpiece ” In praise of idleness.” Go back to Levick’s comic comrade. You are out of your depth here. And this is hardly the Oxford Union.

  83. I mean if you can’t hold your own here what hope do you have.

    I think your best hope ( and Silkes ) is to be a St Pauli fan. But anyway while this is a whole heap of fun Ineed to mend my weary way to the pub. The long way round so I don’t have to walk past the gym. Sayonara.

    • Commentary101

      Well, if you’re going to drink, do it carefully… I hope you’re not going to drive afterwards… We wouldn’t want you to turn into a figurative loaded-gun, after all ;)?
      As for your embrace of languor, I counter your Russell with my Fitzgerald:
      “Idlers seem to be a special class for whom nothing can be planned, plead as one will with them; their only contribution to the human family is to warm a seat at the common table.
      St. Pauli – the one in Germany? I think you’ve hit the bottle too soon there, RZ. 😉
      You’re right… this isn’t the “Oxford Union”. But with your expulsion, and of the other swaggerers and anti-Semites here, it might well aspire to one.
      Think that over, would ya’, while you get inebriated(though I doubt, that would be any different from your miserable “sober” state). :D.
      Drink away! Watch your Liver.

  84. Daniel Marks

    “Just about every Israeli and Jew I’ve spoken to about Yousef, finds him utterly abhorrent.” –

    Maybe they thought you were talking about someone else as Yousef is not his name. His name is Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (The first syllable of You-sef rhymes with crew while Yo-sef with yob). Yousef is an Arabic name and I know no Jews with that name. Ramzi Yousef was one of the World Trade Center bombers, but I’m guessing that you criticized him on other forums and those postings were deleted. Yup, you’ve found one religious leader in the whole world to attack and by another amazing coincidence he’s Jewish. Who would have guessed?

    Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was chief rabbi of Israel and is universally acknowledged by supporters and opponents (of whom I am one) as being one of the greatest halachic minds of our generation, some say in many generations. Neither have I ever voted for his political party, nor do I follow his halachic rulings, but I know that he knew more Torah by the age of 12 than I’ll ever know. Your attempts to critique him is the intellectual equivalent of my challenging Albert Einstein’s understanding of theoretical physics.

  85. roger at 9:49 pm

    thank heavens I am not like him – I have never uttered even the hint of an opion as to how Israelis should manage their affairs.

    My one and only point has been consistently and will not change that Israel is a sovereign state whose rights have to be protected.

    I am weary of R2P and outright scared of O2P people

    Thus I conclude that

    a) roger’s visit to the pub was a short one – maybe they don’t like his lecturing rants on the correct worldview there as little as I do here – it’d be nice to learn that he was rudely kicked out.

    b) Not having a stand point (StandPunkt) from which to view and experience things leads to belief in extreme nonsenses.

    Especially all this blabbering about what the Zeitgeist is, which one needs to follow is nothing but BS. Fortunately for all of us no earthling has even an inkling of what the future will be like.

    Schemes like these were once the Zeitgeist, THE thing of the future, the cure all for all woes, fortunately all except the Germans woke up in time and realised that following science’s latest is not a panacea.


    PS: and if anybody should think that this is a thing of the past – radio told me recently that during job interviews similar nonsense is quite en vogue.

  86. It seems I am not allowed to remind folks of Danny’s racist musings.

  87. Comrade is that your mission ? To get me expelled from a racist cess pit blog spot ? How hilarious is that.

    • Rich A, Before the Summer ends, I hope your take a vacation. I recommend Aleppo. I read that the nightlife is exciting. With any luck Syria will become your permanent residence.

  88. Now if it WERE the Oxford Union comrade………..you would have lost the debate in the first minute on the grounds of transparent disingenuity backed up by unevidenced premises.

    Take for example, ” when confronted with the images and videos……”

    THE images and videos ? You mean the images and videos Richard chose for us to see ? The only thing we can safely conclude from them is that there were a few nutters around. Surprise, surprise.

    Let’s be clear. Richard is presented as being some kind of fearless, intrepid, dare I say redoubtable, journalist. The reality is that he is an obvious and crude propagandist.Now there is nothing inherently wrong with that. We are all given to a little propaganda once in a while. But let us call it by it’s proper name. Bear in mind that Richard presented us with a great many images and videos of certain recurring demos and counter demos outside of a certain shop.These were graced by the presence of a certain group of people for over a year, often an overwhelming presence. To the best of my knowledge, and I am as knowledgeable on this subject as anyone, Richard did not publish among the many dozens of images he did publish a single one showing the presence of these people. In other words the single most ” public interest ” fact about these events was totally ignored..

    My refusal to be commanded by you to condemn this or that, events I know very little about, is, in reality, nothing more than a refusal to join you in your hysterical melodramas.

    And that is before we get to the grotesque BTL comments…..perhaps later in the day.

    Maybe you might fare better at the Cambridge Union ?

    • Commentary101

      Is that you, hungover there, RZ? If so, keep on drinking. It doesn’t do you credit :D.
      “The images and videos he chose for us to see…”
      What can we gather from this umbrage?
      Do you suppose that Mr. Millett had staged all of what we view on these videos? Or, when he wasn’t filming, they broke into song praising Israel?
      That they trooped the Hezbullah flag only to humour Mr. Millett?
      Still, we have such individuals urging Israel’s destruction… Your response(other than binge-drinking)? Cue *tumbleweed*.
      Secondly, this “demo” was financed, promoted and ushered in by the IHRC(a Hezbullah-affiliated organization). Your response? *Crickets-chirping*.
      If this demonstration, any demonstration, had been honest, the fringes in it would have been quite exiguous.
      In these photos(and videos) we see not one, not two, but a host-inciting.
      Your reaction? Carp something about the comments here, when, you know well the disclaimer, that the comments left here(and certainly yours) do not represent the Author of the blog.
      Now… can you please rationally review the above?
      Lastly, I really don’t care, frankly, whether you condemn anything, on my invocation or prompting. If this(the rebuke), had issued from you without any instigation, as an honourable person would have done(before you proceeded to grouse about the posters here), all of this could have been avoided.
      But you display duplicity, so it must be confronted.
      You term Mr. Millett as a “propagandist”; Surprisingly, filming, and photographing an event, outdoors, attended by hundreds of people, has suddenly been transformed into “Propaganda”. Quick, tell CNN and the BBC!(They’ve been doing it all wrong, they should never have been capturing anything for posterity — it’s “propaganda”, don’tcha know! :D).
      And more importantly,
      Do you sift and register venomous comments left here by Gert, “roger”, etc?
      Or do you sense bigotry in some ulterior way? 😀

  89. Daniel Marks

    Hi Roger,

    Interestingly, you characterize Rabbi Ovadia Yosef on the one hand as “..the spiritual leader of 2 million Mizrahim (sic).” while on the other hand you write “Just about every Israeli and Jew I’ve spoken to about Yousef (sic), finds him utterly abhorrent.”

    I’d be interested to hear how you reconcile these two statements.

    • richardmillett

      Roger probably only quotes what’s relevant for his case against Jews, Judaism and Israel. Also depends on what book he’s just finished reading.

      • It’s the people who don’t read books you should be worrying about Richard. And what’s your problem with Shlomo Sand..he’s a fine scholar and eminent academic who rigorously references his work with impeccable resources.

      • Richard
        Do you really think roger is one of those who read whole books?

        I ask because he strikes me as one of those quotation men i.e. those who get their training from their parrots.

      • richardmillett

        I doubt Roger did actually read the whole of The Invention of the Jewish People. Incidentally, Sand thinks the Palestinians are also invented. Wonder what Roger would say about that.

      • Palestinians … mmmh ,,, perhaps more genuinely invented from scratch and only recently i.e. according to the latest whatever in science, hopefully with some clever genetic engineering involved, to secure copyright or so. i.e. thus all in all the better model wastly preferable to these grown in the wild without supervision. After all mankind would starve hadn’t we engineered wheat into what it is today.

        BTW who of our current bores in residence was it who told us that the time for particularism is a thing of the past? Well just read the beginning of this


        and of course I am totally wrong when I understand Scots’ desires as hinting at something particularistic.

      • PS: if we have the patience to wait another year roger will have caught up on his reading to match with the real trend.

    • Hi Daniel…..most Israelis I’ve met have been quite liberal and left leaning, and that includes some Mizrahim. However, even some Orthodox religious Zionists I know find Yosef….notice the correct spelling and thanks for the tip…..objectionably extreme (nice understatement that), saying that he is giving Judaism a bad name. Knowledge of Torah and Halakha does not a decent man make. It takes something else to be a good person but don’t get me started on that.
      Here’s another very worrying development.


      Netanyahu is now consulting and seeking the support of this lunatic for a strike on Iran. Wasn’t Israel supposed to be a secular democracy? Now the PM is looking for advice from the Judaic equivalent of a theocratic mullah to fight the mullahs. Be afraid.

      • Daniel Marks

        Okay, now we’ve cleared up your opinion on Rav Ovadia Yosef, I was wondering if you had published any similar learned criticism of any non-Jewish spiritual leaders; Muslim, Christian, etc – or do you limit your wrath to Jewish politicians, rabbis and so on? If so, why?

      • richardmillett

        He does but it all gets deleted.

      • oh thank you Richard – you made my day – I’ll probably still be giggling when I go to bed about that

      • Daniel..of course I have. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of my time in the past lambasting the likes of Tatawi, Qaradawi, Khomeini, Khameini. Bin Laden, Ramadan, Qutb, Al-Banna, Andy Choudury (had to throw him in), Al-Husseini, imadinnerjacket, Narsrallah, Haniyeh, Yassin, Arafat and so on, targeting their venomous theocratic totalitarianism and hatred of Jews and infidels. And I stand by all that. Islam is the devil’s work. But your approach is something along the lines of Billy does something naughty, Daddy rightfully tells him off for his intransigence, and Billy complains that Danny, his brother, also does the same things so why doesn’t he tell him off in the same way, which of course Daddy does, but he tries to convey to Billy that his behaviour is nothing to do with Danny and that he is morally obliged to take responsibility for it without shifting the focus onto Danny’s shortcomings. Only then will he be able to exercise contrition and humility and, furthermore, provide an inspiring role model for Danny….unless of course Danny is an incorrigible sociopath and recidivist, the possibility of which I don’t exclude with our Islamic friends.

    • Daniel Marks

      Hi Roger,

      Do me a favor and post links to those lambasts. You see, I’ve got this problem, paranoia if you like, but I find it hard to believe you. I’d be most interested to read such posts.

      Regarding your story of the naughty boy, it is of course nonsense. You were, to the best of my understanding criticizing Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, not me. I am not his spokesman, I just asked whether you limit your condemnation of religious leaders to Jewish ones.

      Returning to you parable, imagine a village with many mass murderers and rapists, but the police decided to focus their attention solely on one family because of nasty things that grandfather had said at a family dinner against his neighbors, which the police considered to be racism. As grandpa is being dragged off in handcuffs bullets are flying in all directions and women and children are dying. Somebody asks, “Why do you always investigate only our family? Don’t you care about all these murders?” The police remind him that he still doesn’t have a licence for the shopping line he put up in the front garden and which the neighbors are complaining about.

      “Don’t you worry about genocide in Syria, young man, what about the fact that Rabbi Ovadia called someone an ass? Don’t try and distract me with Iran’s plans to liquidate ‘the Zionist entity’, how do you explain page 77a of Mesechet Shabbat in the Babylonian Talmud? That’s the real question.”

  90. Well if the BBC or CNN had filmed the events outside the certain shop week in week out we would have seen things we didn’t see in Richard’s “coverage”. Doubtless if Fox News had filmed it too :o))

    So I saw a couple of people with very unpleasant placards. Hardly a surprise. I didn’t see any mass inciting to anything. All in all a pretty bog standard largeish demo in London. But of course it may not have been such but without an account of what happened from a credible source we don’t know do we ?

    Your turn buddy you have had a good innings and you must admit I have been very indulgent. You keep calling me anti semitic. Got any evidence ? Anything you can quote ?

    What do you have to say for yourself ? What is your favoured to the Israel/Palestine thing ?

    • Daniel Marks

      Yes, the fact that you single out Jews to criticize; Jewish politicians, Jewish religious leaders at a time when countries like Syria and Iran are doing things a million times worse – that is Antisemitism. We all know that if Rabbi Ovadia Yosef were a Muslim or Christian priest you would never have even mentioned him.

      I write “Jewish: rather than “Israeli” because for some reason Israeli Arabs who are citizens of the state that did all those terrible “crimes” are never singled out for criticism either; you always attack Israel – only the Jews that live here.

      To discriminate against a Jew because he is a Jew, even if you can point to all kinds of wrongdoings on his part, but to totally ignore much greater wrongdoings of all others, particularly those who are his neighbors, yup in my book that makes you antisemitic.

      Incidentally, I’ve met some very personable Jew haters in my time, they don’t have horns, swastikas or jackboots and many are intelligent and even articulate.

  91. favoured solution that should read.

    • Commentary101

      Where have I called you anti-Semitic, RZ?
      I did, perhaps mistakenly, lump you together with Gert, and “roger”(in my earliest comment); but whose(Gert’s and “roger”-‘s) contumely, you’re still not eager to forage for your little “blog” there.
      “A few unpleasant banners”?! “We’re all Hezbullah”: doesn’t sound like ‘unpleasant’ — it is an express order to continue the actions of a terrorist organization, support them, and follow that organization’s ideological train.
      Here we have a placard bearing: “Israel is a disease, we’re the cure“;(Calm down, those photos were not taken by Mr. Millett)… Still likewise innocuous?
      As for your reference to a particular demonstration(I know what you’re talking about), I have not seen anything remotely as ghastly there, as we find here.
      And that still shouldn’t prevent you, from dishing out your irreverence equally</b.. Dislike you-know-who; but equally disdain these extremist sorts, and chastise them.(Two wrongs you'll find, don’t make a right).
      As for my positions on I/P… Have we not discussed, elsewhere, that I fully support, endorse, and yearn for a swift implementation of the Two-State solution?(With refugees compensated, resettled in the Pal. state, adequate security measures for Israel(perhaps an Intl. force patrolling the borders), and obviously, territorial adjustments and accoutrements made with what’s known as “land-swaps” – to ensure that most(obviously, not all) inhabitants over the Green-line stay, while not a square inch is deprived from the Pals.)

    • “We are all Hezbollah” is the same as saying
      “We are all Al Qada”, something than Andy Choudry would say at his post 9/11 “Magnificent 19” rally or a world view that is shared by the 7/7/05 London transport bombers.

  92. I am impressed. Seriously. I had you down for a no solution man. So we are pretty much on all fours at this point. Where is it we part company comrade ? Again a serious question.

    Have we not discussed, elsewhere, that I fully support……… I don’t recall that . Have we ” met ” elsewhere apart from Adam’s little comic ?

    • Commentary101

      I believe you need to recollect some of the yelps you had over at Mr. Levick’s blog… I responded with roughly with what you see here.
      Where do we diverge?
      On your little “comic”, you call those who orchestrated those *”celebrated” protests*, the “anti-Occupation crowd”.
      Now if you were truly a discerning person, you would clearly have seen that the PSC(which was responsible for it), and the BDS movement at-large do not seek an “end to the conflict” — they desire an end to Israel. Simply put.
      By inundating Israel with over 5 million of the descendants of the original Pal. refugees; by refusing to condemn the actions of the PA, terrorism therein, incitement against Israel, and the Jews; by avoiding measures, that instead of screaming for a Boycott of Israel, could invest in the Pal. economy instead(Bigots are traditionally miserly — but this is just uproarious :D; the recent Habima/Globe debacles, is a case in point).
      Not to mention how littered the PSC is, with Holocaust deniers, and anti-Semites.
      That, is what you fail to grasp, willingly, or otherwise.
      And yet, I repeat: Do you assemble the rantings of Gert, “roger”, etc, for perusal?
      Did you follow the link I provided, lambasting “Israel is a disease” — a la Goebbles?
      Why can’t you do one sensible thing, and just as you oppose you-know-who, unequivocally stand up to that?

  93. Well NOW we are getting somewhere. I am with Finkelstein on the PSC/BDS issue. He articulated it brilliantly. I agree with you that PSC/BDS are dishonest. I would use the word sprinkled rather than littered.

    There are elements in PSC that should come clean about wanting to see an end to Israel. And as the men said unless they do they are destined to remain a small cult. So there are more productive things to do than engage in London parochial sand pit cult squabbles. And how do you know I don’t stand up to ” that “.?

    The only point I am trying to make is this. Now when I say propagandist I don’t necessarily mean it pejoratively. There is a place for propaganda, but it’s important to call it by it’s name do you not think. So……..there is a demo I didn’t witness, didn’t know was about to happen. That I know absolutely nothing about. I am commanded to condemn it in its entirety on the basis of another piece of coverage from someone that is a well known disingeneous partisan propagandist and some comments from a handful of Judeo Fascist nut job bloggers. This I am not prepared to do.

    Gert’s heart is in the right place I suspect but he is a ranter. SO I don’t really read him. Maybe the most cursory skim read at best. It is like reading Danny boys attempts at primary school standard poetry. There is just so much one person can take in one day. Roger I barely understand most of the time.

    As for you know who, I think you don’t quite get the point. This person has for a long time regularly made attempts to damage other people with a whole series of nasty vendettas using his unfettered platform. A couple of friends and I decided enough was enough and decided to do something about it. Rather successfully do you not think ?

    Oh you forgot to mention Jerusalem……