As Jews are murdered why is War On Want handing out fake guns to British students?

Protesting this morning outside War On Want's London HQ.

Protesting this morning outside War On Want’s London HQ.

With Jews being murdered in France, Belgium and Denmark there’s an ominous feeling that British Jews are awaiting their own round. With that in mind a group of concerned British Jews from Jewish Human Rights Watch protested this morning outside the offices of War On Want in central London (see above).

War On Want is one of Britain’s most respected charities but it is, sadly, now being run by people determined to import the Israeli-Palestinian conflict onto the streets of Britain.

Quite unbelievably, after what has happened this weekend and in Belgium and Paris, War On Want’s current campaign includes handing out fake guns to students to help mark what is sickeningly termed “Israeli Apartheid Week” which begins next week on British university campuses. See the last line from WOW’s website below:


Many British Jews are feeling insecure and accuse WOW of helping to spread propaganda and hate against the Jewish State which could well lead to the events of Paris, Belgium and Denmark being repeated in the UK. They are asking: Is War on Want helping to promote a War On Jews?

I questioned John Hilary (see below), WOW’s executive director, about this and other issues as he approached his offices. As you can see Hilary refused to answer my questions about WOW handing out guns to British students, a two-state solution, Israel’s future or the bombing of innocent Israeli civilians by Hamas.

Instead he had the nerve to accuse me of “using the current attacks on Jews in Europe for political purposes to support the Zionist dream”.

Admittedly, my interviews skills need brushing up but it is infuriating when someone refuses to answer very simple questions when there is so much at stake:


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  1. W O W is now an organisation whose sole purpose is to Blame Israel for anything and everything, it seems no other country has any problems for them to engage in or comment on, their brief is Want, not to engage in spreading vile rumours, about the only ME country which has freedom for all its inhabitants no matter what faith they belong to.

  2. If you want an easy victory by bullying ie kick the cat politics; you pick an easy small target and Antisemitism, and even before anti- Zionism, is political bullying pure and simple. The Arabs shout a lot about ethnic cleansing and tyranny to cover up the fact that they the Arabs are the ethnic cleansers; Arabs shout a lot about being killed by the West and uppity Israel because they the Arabs are the bloody killers of over two million Arabs and other Moslems since 1948; Arabs complain a lot about justice and freedom but the Arabs like all criminals have a very strong sense of justice and no liberty, no independent courts, and no democracy.

    • 200,000 Arabs/Muslims have been killed by Arabs/Muslims in Syria – and the Fascist Left slanders Israel – like when the journalist Alan Johnston was kidnapped in Gaza by “militants”, the British Journalists Union, NUJ, slammed ISRAEL!

  3. Ha, ha, Hilary is r****t and has brought the charity into disrepute, there’s a great video of him leading a supermarket protest in Waitrose where he is made to look such a fool. The Charity Commission has warned War on Want numerous times about its bigoted conduct. I would get you all to file a complaint to the CC.

  4. Ricbard: you are still a hero and a better man than he is with his lies and smarm. He’s a vile hypocrite and undoubtedly protecting a large income.

    The truth about boycotts of South Africa: SA trades unionists visited this country to ASK for unions to carry out boycotts. Israeli trades unionists haven’t and have no need to.

  5. He did evade your questions. Also when you asked if he supported a T.S.S his response ‘Its up to the people of Palestine to decide spoke volumes as did his refusal to condemn Hamas. This is a dangerous organisation.

    • What seems to have fallen through the planking is does he agree to two states for two peoples? Meanwhile the Charity Commission should be embarrassed to prosecute this misuse of charity as the Gazans are well fed by UNWRA and there are plenty of Syrians who need charity at a higher priority.

    • Michael, that term “the people of Palestine” is a very tricky one. He probably means that the Arabs should decide because to him only the Arabs are “the people of Palestine.”

      • He and all should re-read the UN Charter Art 80 which speaks of the rights, “of any states or any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments…” Note the plurals which include the two peoples in the Palestine Mandate which is one of those existing instruments [in 1945.

      • Jordan is “Palestine”. Thumbs Up for King Abdullah who has taken the War to ISIS who burned the caged Jordanian pilot alive.

      • Come on! Where is proportionality? Bombing civilians from above! They are just equiped wiith machetes! That’s mass-murder, war crime, genocide, crime against humanity! All what ISIS wants is their own country back (doesn’t matter they never owned a bit of it), which Jordan stole. No to Apartheid Jordan that keeps ISIS terrorists at bay!

  6. I thought charities sere precluded from active engagement in politics.

  7. Well done Richard. WoW is disgusting.

  8. Who is this supercilious little runt Richard?

  9. I think that if they are handing out fake guns the police might like to hear of this.

  10. Robert Kennedy writing for the Boston Globe 3/4/5/6 June 1948 reported that 500,000 Arabs from across the ME descended into the Palestine Mandated territory as economic migrants seeking work in the fast expanding businesses being set up by the Jews of Palestine in anticipation of the recreation of the Jewish state. This idea of Palestinian Arabs being an ancient nation of Israel is rubbish given there is no ‘P’ in Arabic. Imagine a people having a name they cannot say!!!!!!

  11. It seems that the “Zionist dream” poses a problem to Hilary. What could it be? What does he means by that term? “World domination”, I guess.

  12. Don’t worry about your interview technique . The thing that matters is that you do it and don’t just talk ! Very impressed and grateful thanks for your important work..

  13. Beware jibes at accents as often esoteric aspirates and gutterals – understandably – come and go. Palestine is the Latin and English for the Greek Philistia/-ine and the (Biblical?) Hebrew Plishtim. The Greek aspirate also appears in our silent H in rhinoceros and we often in English pronounce a Greek PH as F – as do and did the Arabs’ “Falastin” who do occasionally jest against themselves with the” music hall” line, “No, not Bombay in India but Bombay [Pompeii] in Italy….”
    Otherwise the basic argument about Arab migration to Mandate Palestine is true and acknowledged in the British reports; and by Arab surnames derived from place origins – the toponyms – which are a feature of a group of all surnames in every culture: Masri – Egyptian; Mughrabi – Westerner ie French N Africa; Halaby – Aleppo; Hindi – India or Hindawi in Iraq; Turki – self explanatory, Souri – Tyre………

    • I understand plishtim in hebrew means intruders.

      • Please give us more on this one which I have not heard before eg spell the Hebrew consonants of the root/shoresh and give us the verb variant please. I know that Wales /Galles / Gallagher means strangers/foreigners in Anglo-Saxon and the Welsh call themselves Cymri which is usually translated as “brotherhood” while the Scots and Welsh call the English Sassenach alias Saxon in one spelling or another.

      • I am not a linguist or an expert in Hebrew, but it is my understanding that liflosh means to intrude, to invade, to trespass in Hebrew.
        פלישתים לפלוש פלש פלשו
        Plishtim is the name the Romans called those Greeks who invaded the area now called Israel and named for the mandated territory entrusted to the British to administer following the fall of the Ottoman Empire with the aim of re-establishing the Jewish State.
        In Hebrew – ‘the Russian army invaded the Ukraine’ translates:
        צבא רוסיה פלש לאוקריינה
        ‘tsaba rusia plish leukrani’
        Best I can do as I learned this many years ago in cheder, but I can put you in touch with an expert.

  14. Carrying what is in effect a replica gun on the UK street carries the risk of death by armed response officers. WOW should have considered this. There are many examples of arrest or death in similar mix up situations. Devastating consequences may follow this poorly thought out campaign.

  15. Pro-Islamofascist “War on Want” has a moral blind spot with ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qada, Taliban, Islamic Apartheid Regimes of Fascist Iran and Pakistan, Hamass, Hezbullah, Muslim Brotherhood, Andy Goebbels Choudary. Why?

    How does Hilary know that the money his gang sends to “palestine” does not end up in terrorist Hamass’ coffers? What steps have WoW taken to ensure that does not happen?

    Israel has the Right to Resist Islamofascism. When Britain was bombed in WW2 by National Socialist Germany, Britain fought back. Israel fights back against Islamofascist attacks as well.

    • Did everyone notice that French PM named the terrorists “islamo-fascists”. It looks like even the left-wing is becoming increasingly aware of the nature of the enemy we’re facing. That’s good, very good. And the senile idiot Roland Dumas took the opportunity to make an antisemitic coming out.

    • Of course any sane person would recognise Israel’s right to fight back and indeed be thankful at the relatively small number of Arab deaths given the ferociousness of Hamas/Fatah terrorist attacks on Israel and Israeli Jews, including stone throwing, car ramming, knifing, human bombs, rockets and terror tunnels. But of course “charities” like WoW are so entrenched in Jew hatred and propaganda they overlook the fact that these so called Arab Palestinians claim Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as their own ancient land when in fact they are recent intruders into the region, arriving as economic migrants as the Jews created an infrastructure in that neglected Ottoman controlled swampland.

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    • Another round of the pot calling the kettle blacker than sin. War creates its own dysfunctions from civil peace and the permanent war situation is directly a result of Arab politics by refusing the Peel Report partition of 1937, Arab refusal of UN 181 in 1947, Arab refusal of the Israeli offer in June 67 to return to the Green Line for a peace treaty; and for the Arab persistence in right of return myth for their own victims of their own war which has queered every treaty attempt to respect the self determination of Israel as much as the Palestine Arabs – who in 1948 were over 30% immigrants or their children.

    • None of the children of Gaza were murdered by Israel, by the way. You know that this accusation is a blood libel, an age-old method used to blame Jews in order to justify their massacre worldwide. It has served to justify the death of five Jews in Paris, in January. Welcome to their Nazi club, “Choci”.