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Four regimes to fall in 2010

If the world was to become a better place we would see the end of  four current regimes that heavily torment and persecute their own people:


Flag of Sudan

President Omar al-Bashir’s regime has murdered at least 300, 000 (figure cited by the United Nations) of its own people in the western Sudanese province of Darfur in a campaign of racism where the Arab Janjaweed militia has mercilessly attacked the innocent black Sudanese citizens of Darfur. This has landed Bashir an indictment before the International Criminal Court which remains outstanding while Bashir is being supported in his genocidal campaign by other Arab states.

Islamic Republic of Iran

Flag of The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ever since the June 12 “stolen election” this regimes has used the Republican Guard and the Basij Militia to maintain control over its own people, many of whom it has murdered. The unofficial Green Movement is doing its best to oppose where it can and uses public holidays to come out onto the streets but at huge risk to themselves. Neda Soltan was shot dead as she watched the anti-government protests on June 20. Brave bloggers, like Potkin Azarmehr, keep the west updated as they post footage of  the oppression under the Khameini/Ahmadinejad regime. Is the tide turning? How long can the Guard and Basij hold up their morale as they see their own relatives, who oppose the regime, beaten up.

The ending of this regime will be a heavy blow to political Islam including the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah and will allow more fruitful talks to take place between Israel and the Palestinians. While Hamas and Hezbollah are so strong there surely can be no proper peace.


Flag of Zimbabwe

The background here is another “stolen election”. This time it was by Robert Mugabe with the election taking place in March 2008. The good news is that inflation in Zim is on the decline, but that is set against last year’s inflation figure of a mere 231,000,000%. Mugabe’s Zanu-PF Party is in “coalition” with the reformist Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change but Zanu-PF seems to dominate the coalition. Mugabe would rather continue to take white owned farms that were once run successfully and give them to people who have no experience and knowledge of keeping these farms going and so innocent Zimbabweans starve or try to flee to South Africa.  Again, opposition supporters are intimidated and beaten into submission.


Flag of Uganda

The country that gave the world “The Butcher” Idi Amin has now given us a bill to execute homosexuals. Homosexuality is a criminal offence in Uganda but this bill will actually lead to homosexuals being killed by the state (as they are in Iran).   President Museveni seems to have intervened for now to try to soften the bill but within the Ugandan government there is a wide consensus of support for it so there may be only so much Museveni can do. The Ugandan people aren’t helped by our own BBC which hosted an online debate on Have Your Say titled “Should homosexuals face execution?” which attracted 600 comments, only 200 of which were suitable for publication. The BBC then changed the title to “Should Uganda debate gay execution?”.