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Jewish state hate live from London today from 10am!


Click the above link (well, copy and paste it like the old days) to watch live coverage of today’s “Ongoing Naqba” conference brought to you by the Palestinian Return Centre.

It’s at SOAS (where else?) and starts at 10am and goes on through to about 5pm.

It’s the inaugural event of “Palestine memorial week”, which starts today.

Subjects will be the Palestinian “refugees” (that’ll be the mysterious seven to eight million of them worlwide many of whom are citizens of other countries with good jobs), Israel as an “apartheid state” (despite many Israeli Arabs attending Israeli universities and being in the Israeli Parliament and judiciary), the (self-imposed) Nakba and the media.

Introductions will be given by Majed Al Zeer, PRC General Director, and Irish Minister Tom Kitt, the Palestinian Ambassador to the UK, Manuel Hassassian, (Hamas meeting) Andy Slaughter MP and John McHugo, Chair of Liberal Democrats Friends of Palestine.

First session will be chaired by Daud Abdallah. Dr. Salman Abu Sitta will speak on the Mechanisms of Expulsion. Professor Ghada Karmi will speak about bringing the Nakba to an end.

In the second session, Chaired by Jenny Tonge, Mads Gilbert will talk about Gaza and Ben White will speak on “Forceful displacement and expulsion in Israel”.

The third session, chaired by activist Ibrahim Hewitt, will be on international law and Palestine.

Hosam Hafez, Legal Expert (What the hell is a “legal expert” anyone?), will focus on Palestinian Rights under international law. Dr. Paul Larudee, founder of Free Gaza Movement and a human rights activist, will talk on strategic outlines of the solidarity campaign.

Former Labour MP Phyllis Starkey will focus on Lobbying for Justice and Rights. Rawan Al Damin, filmmaker, will speak about her documentary, “Al Nakba”.

PRC senior researcher Nasim Ahmed will take part in conference sessions (thank goodness for that as it wouldn’t be the same without Nasim!).