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Introducing Mike Guzovsky, the “Jewish militant”.

John Ray’s report on ITV’s 10 o’clock news about the upcoming Palestinian push for statehood at the UN referred to Israeli settler Mike Guzovsky as a “Jewish militant” on the basis that Guzovsky had dogs.

I know a few Jews with dogs, but, as far as I am aware, none are militants.

Ray claimed that Guzovsky’s dogs are for self-defence due to possible Palestinian violence that could occur after the UN vote.

You can understand Guzovsky’s concern taking into account the fairly recent massacre of five members of the Fogel family, including a three month old baby, on a settlement as they lay in their beds.

Then there was the more recent massacre of eight Israelis near Eilat.

And Guzovsky is right; many attempted attacks on Israelis, including settlers, take place every day. You just don’t hear about them on the news until someone is murdered.

Guzovsky also said that people want peace and security.

Although he might hold some very extreme and totally reprehensible views, Guzovsky is no militant.

(Updated 9am on 7th September on researching Guzovsky and finding he is a member of the extremist Kahane organisation. Ray did not point this out in his report last night. Apologies for that.)