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Herzliya Beach, Israel, June 8th 2013.

This is dedicated to Nuha who made the following comment on my last blog about the successful Closer To Israel 65 celebration in London’s Trafalgar Square on Sunday June 2nd 2013:

“My interest in your invented culture brought me to the parade, and I kept my mouth shut when I was in the middle of your crowd out of respect to the freedom of expression offered in this country! But the minute I found a tiny spot where I can express my extreme anger, I started shouting like a total lunatic ‘FREE FREE PALESTINE’, my favorite three words.. I never felt better, when I finally got to shout these words while you, ZIONIST, were listening…For God’s sake, you served FALAFEL as an ISRAELI dish, you already made a joke of yourselves..”

Nuha continued:

“thrive all you want for now, it is temporary.. We will get rid of you, just like Salahudeen once did to other invaders..”

I asked where Nuha originates from but she replied that it is “irrelevant”. I was just wondering whether she might come from a country with real human rights problems especially where women are concerned.

Anyway, wherever she is from I hope the men and women are “thriving” like they were on Herzliya beach all day yesterday. Meanwhile, don’t try this at home (apologies for the poor sound quality):






Meanwhile, things were more peaceful a little further up the beach: