Tariq Ali: “The end of Israel will benefit all Israelis.”


Arthur Goodman, Lindsey German, Walter Wolfgang, John Rose, chairperson, Weyman Bennett, Tariq Ali at ULU last night.

Just when you think you have heard it all along comes Tariq Ali to lecture Israelis on how the end of the Jewish state will benefit not only Palestinians but Israelis as well.

For Ali the main problem in Europe isn’t anti-Semitism but Islamophobia. He admitted there was some anti-Semitism in the Arab world but it was only brought about by reaction to Israel and that once Israel has disappeared antisemitism will disappear.

Ali was speaking last night at the University of London’s Student Union in front of an audience of 300 alongside anti-Israel author John Rose, Weyman Bennett of Unite Against Fascism, Lindsey German of Stop the War Coalition, Arthur Goodman of Jews for Justice for Palestinians and “As a Jew” activist Walter Wolfgang .

The main message of the evening was that antisemitism is being used merely to attack Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and to silence all criticism of Israel (aka the Livingstone formulation). Both John Rose and Ali then went on to explicitly call for the demise of Israel.

On entering we were handed an unsigned leaflet headed “Labour Jews Assert” which stated that “Some people…are wielding ‘antisemitism’ allegations as a stick to beat the Corbyn leadership”. Luckily, Jonathan Hoffman was on hand to circulate printed copies of the EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism. EUMC shows that what these people claim isn’t antisemitism actually is!

Arthur Goodman said it wasn’t surprising that people conflate Jews and Israel when the British Jewish establishment says all Jews support Israel and Netanyahu says Israel represents all Jews.

He said that Jewish groups shouldn’t be allowed to define what antisemitism is as they have a vested interest. He called for an objective definition instead before going on to outrageously claim that Israel “ethnically cleansed” the Palestinians in 1948.

Goodman said that although the same had happened to the indigenous people of America their dispossession had finished long ago so it was wrong to revive any such similarity today. And he said for most UK Jews a love of Israel is part of their identity and so they see criticism of Israel as criticism of them.

Weymann Bennett said that Left was in the forefront of fighting antisemitism and gave as an example UAF’s protests against the leader of Jobbik when he visited the UK and he said similar protests will take place when Marine Le Pen visits.

Lindsey German didn’t like the fact that Israel’s new Ambassador Mark Regev was immediately allowed on Andrew Marr’s BBC show and said that this is going to happen a lot now (I hope she’s right!).

And she said that Zionism is a political ideology criticism of which should be allowed. She also said that many Jews do not support what Israel does (she didn’t say many Muslim people also don’t support what the Palestinians do).

Walter Wolfgang told us he was speaking “As a  Jew”. He gave us his own history of Zionism; he quoted Ahad Ha’am who, he said, wanted merely a cultural as opposed to a political centre in historic Israel, he (wrongly) claimed that in 1948 the Palestinians were “driven out of their habitations” and he (wrongly) asserted that Jabotinsky wanted Israel established by force of arms.

Wolfgang wanted Israel to exist but within the (indefensible) 1948-1967 ceasefire lines and a just settlement for “Palestinian refugees”.

The villains with the biggest lies of the evening were John Rose and Tariq Ali.

Ali (wrongly) claimed it was Israeli government policy to brand everyone who criticises Israel as antisemitic (see clip 1 below).

He also said that the way the Holocaust is “taught as a unique crime is not that helpful” because there were other crimes like in the Congo and if these other crimes are not taught in schools then no one will understand what the Muslims are suffering today (clip 2). And he continued:

“If what is being done with Muslim communities today were being done to the Jews again how many would tolerate it? Very few. And these are the double standards.” (clip 2)

He said that antisemitism is used to stop any campaigning against Israel but if there was a so-called one state solution then antisemitism and criticism of Israel would disappear and that Israelis and their children and grandchildren would benefit (clip 3).

Rose said he had spoken to an Israeli archaeologist who said the “Palestinians had all become Islamic terrorists”. This, Rose claimed, was symptomatic of the levels of racism in Israeli society today (clip 4).

Rose wanted (clip 5) there to be one person-one vote for Israelis and Palestinians including the so-called Palestinian refugees (90% of whom are not refugees at all by the way). Obviously Israelis would be outvoted so Rose is basically calling for the establishment of a 57th Muslim state in place of the only Jewish one.

Rose claimed that calling for a so-called one state solution isn’t antisemitic. However, in my opinion, denying the Jewish people their only state in their historic homeland (even when it could still be alongside a Palestinian one) can only be antisemitic especially when a boycott of Israel is also called for.

The superb Jonathan Hoffman took to the microphone during the Q&A to articulate Israel’s case under immense pressure (clip 6).

Last night there was no mention of Hamas and Hezbollah and their genocidal intent to destroy Israel and every Jewish person worldwide. Neither was it mentioned that Hezbollah flags are openly on display at Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Stop The War Campaign protests in London and that the Holocaust is flagrantly traduced.

This tells you ALL you need to know about PSC and STWC types however “anti-racist” they try to claim they are.

Relevant clips from last night:

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

Clip 5

Clip 6

48 responses to “Tariq Ali: “The end of Israel will benefit all Israelis.”

  1. Well done Jonatahn for your coherent and valid rebuttals. Shame the rabble have to resort to making a din and racket rather than respond to you like sensible adults.

  2. Another important light shone onto the vibrant underbelly of antisemitism which sadly exists here unchecked. Well done, Richard.

  3. Thanks for posting. Was wondering what Ali said to back up his claim that ‘The end of Israel will benefit all Israelis’. Did he discuss this further?

    • richardmillett

      No he didn’t. If you look at the clip I refer to you can see him say it. He just says anything that sounds morally superior.

  4. An “objective definition of antisemitism”? He must ignore that there is already one, not from Jewish group btu from US Dept of State.
    “Using the symbols and images associated with classic anti-Semitism to characterize Israel or Israelis”
    “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis”
    “Blaming Israel for all inter-religious or political tensions”
    “Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation”
    “Multilateral organizations focusing on Israel only for peace or human rights investigations”
    “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, and denying Israel the right to exist”

    • Excellent.shared definition of anti semitism.
      Good article

      • Yep, it’s on the website of the State Deparrtment, so they know that bashing Israel is also antisemitism, not just anti-Zionism.
        BDS beware! This definition is for you!

  5. erm no such things as palestinian refugees,thats not what UNRWA think and the rest of the world, http://www.khaleejtimes.com/nation/government/shaikh-mohammed-receives-unrwa-commissioner-general sheez,this blog states that nothing is true but comes up with no facts ,,,incredible desperate hasbara…. 700,000 palestinians werent ethnically cleansed from palestine during the Nakba???? Sorry but that is simply not true,how about the massacre at deir Yassin,women and children,admitted by israelis….. gosh you know what,its biased ,delusional blogs like this that make solidarity with palestinians for equal rights so much stronger…. sholem aleichem or perhaps asalam alaikhum

    • richardmillett

      It’s true! Only Palestinians are classed as refugees by the UN (with it’s inbuilt Arab majority) if they haven’t even been born in the country they claim to be refugees from. Be a bit more open minded. As for deir yassin were you there or do you just believe anything and everything you are told?

    • Chockie, Your Taqiyya (lies to promote Islamism) stinks.

      If you expect Muslims to get along with NON-Muslims, when Muslims can’t even get along with fellow Muslims, then you are a progressive Liar AKA Taqiyya.

      See the 250,000+ dead in Syria, ISIS, Al Qada, Taliban, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Shabaa, Al Nusra, Hamass, Hezbullah, 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war.

  6. as for comparisons,the second in command of the IDF recently said how israel is beginning to act like the nazis…… chew on that one, a self loathing anti semitic idf general huh?

    • No a highly moral individual who is concerned that Israeli society maintains the highest moral and ethical standards despite the constant provocation from enemies that strive for its eradication . He speaks of Israel being a light unto nations . Of course there will always be venal propagandists like you who choose to misinterpret his words to suit your ugly cause . Those of good character and intent will interpret his words differently

    • Chockie, Here is a 30 second Youtube of a newsreel from the time of Socialist Shitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, saluting each other and sitting down for a meeting. What could they possibly be talking about?

  7. i believe an israeli general who admitted to the massacre at deir yassin,yes….

    • richardmillett

      Ok a newspaper article by haaretz. As you have noticed then israel has a vibrant media which cannot be said of any other country in the middle east. 1948 was a war started by the Arabs remember. Begin claims, as I recall, deir yassin was an ambush with white flags being flown as they approached and then they were fired on.

    • A proven liar.
      He says there was co existence between Arab and Jew till 1939. Plenty of recorded massacres by Arabs before then.
      There’s good evidence that the Deir Yassin “massacre” was not the way it was portrayed, including admissions by some Arabs themselves.

    • Did you also notice this article in Haaretz?

      Plus every time someone wants to enter into politics in Israel, after a military or intelligence carreer, he has to make a stupid statement showing for the sake of free publicity he’ll get on TV.

    • richardmillett

      A student thesis. Oh well you must be correct then…

    • LOL! Deir Yassin has been shown to be overblown beyond all proportion. Maybe you can get some more interesting document thatn the opinion of a student? No? Hmmm!

  8. your deflection to “vibrant media” is rather typical,I’ve lived in israel and dubai,dubai has a vibrant media too but of course thats me being an apologist for a dictatorship which helps palestinians… the massacre is documented and admitted ,period…

    • richardmillett

      I’m pleased for you. Sounds like you’ve had some interesting experiences.

    • There have been plenty of massacres on both sides of the conflict . Hebron in 1929 . Kfar Etzion , Maalot , kiryat Shemona to name but a few . Its about a hundred year conflict and atrocities committed by both sides do not appear out of a vacuum .

    • Dubai has a vibrant antisemitic media. The massacre is the consequence of many attacks against innocent civilians The flight of “Palestinians” following allegations of massacres is a documented story.

      Your antisemitism is now a documented story too.
      “Using the symbols and images associated with classic anti-Semitism to characterize Israel or Israelis”
      “Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation”
      “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, and denying Israel the right to exist”

    • Even if let s say there was a massacre there at Deir…it s incomparable and unquantifiable with the centuries of progroms, ethnic cleansings and massacres not to mention the Grand Mufti s personal involvement in the Holocaust against the Jews in the Arab world…we re speaking millions mate…and all you have is a disputed Deir… how convenient

  9. we could always deflect to Bernadotte or Lord Moyne, murdered by european terrorists in palestine,all documented too. Or we could zoom straight forward to Gaza 2014 and the murder of 500 children..in all my years of activism I have never seen such a massive ground swell of solidarity for Palestine,globally,what I find most interesting is the support for Palestine from young american jews….the tide has finally turned,israel can longer hide its horrific crimes…… equal rights for all ….. sholem aleichem my friend

    I find it very similar to how the grass roots anti apartheid movement grew from a small acorn into a worldwide movement of humanitarians,finally at the last minute taken up by the imperialist governments of britain and america….

    • richardmillett

      What about the thousands upon thousands of innocent israelis murdered? Thank G-d israel is strong and even your benefiting because it supplies the software your using to read my blog on.

    • You could deflect any act of war into a terrorist attack. You just have to confuse attack on innocent civilians like “Palestinians” do into “legitimate resistance”.

  10. Richard,the “students thesis” is backed up by his research links,he even includes the historian Benny Morris… facts
    https://www.sott.net/article/156583-We-Created-Terror-Among-the-Arabs-The-Deir-Yassin-Massacre One state for all,equal rights for all…..

    • richardmillett

      Now you’re starting to show your true colours. Counterpunch I believe publishes articles by ben “I’m not an antisemite but I can understand why some people are” white.

    • The Arabs, who hail from Arabia..hence the name….have invaded and colonised vast areas of the planet and it’s still ongoing as in Nigeria, for example, with forced conversions and killings on a large scale.
      They have 22 sovereign nation states covering a land mass of almost twice the USA. (There are 57 sovereign Muslim States).
      The Jews, who were indigenous to some of these states long before Islam, have been ethnically cleansed from them and the Christians are now suffering the same fate.
      The ‘Palestinians’ readily admit that they forged a separate identity in order to stamp out Zionsism and the Jewish state.
      There was never a state of Palestine in the whole of history….” There never was Palestine in history…absolutely not” Philip Hitti….the eminent Arab historian testified.
      The Jews are the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine and had a thriving commonwealth for one and a half thousand years, which was destroyed by the Romans six and a half centuries before Islam was ever thought of.
      It was only the Jews who held sovereignty there with Jerusalem as the capital, the city established by the Jewish King David.
      Israel behind the Green Line sits on only 16% of the land allocated to it in the binding agreements of 1920, an area the size of New Jersey, in accordance with the maps of the cartographer George Adam Smith.
      Arabs have done extremely well out of the WW1 agreements even though they didn’t contribute to the victory over the Ottomans which liberated them, and at the expense of others like the Armenians, Kurds etc.
      Therefore it is incredibly wicked to covet the one minuscule state of Israel, which, btw, has an Arab minority of 20 % living in freedom and unpublicised prosperity for much of it when the Arab nation has vast lands and mineral wealth. But then Islam is the ultimate colonialist enterprise that makes no secret of its world domination desire.

      Shame on you!

  11. Frank Adam

    Anti-Zionism becomes Antisemitic when it denies Jews what is not denied any other nation starting with the Palestine Arabs, Italy and the Irish or Pakistanis – namely the right to a nation state.

    Further Tariq Ali as a feudal landlord living off his peasant tents’ rents and pretending to leadership of the New Left in Britain is socialistically hypocritical.

    More Tariq Ali is a lapsed Moslem and as such knows perfectly well that Islam is an imperialist project – Turks in Balkans, Moghuls in India, Moors in Spain and the Arab World is an imperialist artefact. Anti -Jewish Moslem bigots would not stop with Israel’s disappearance because Maimonides family had to flee Moslem fanatics and the Jews of the Arab World were ethnically cleansed even though they did not take much part in the creation of Israel – till religiously and nationalistically enraged Arabs unwisely, or stupidly, expelled them from being citizens of Arab countries.

    The British Mandate was secular, if in democratic deficit except at local government level, and the Arabs did not want it because it modernised and allowed Jewish immigration. The claims that Arabs could or would be able to live as secular democrats is hypocritically hilarious given the Moslem establishments of religion and intolerant violence or “religious police” in the 56 Organisation of Islamic Conference countries. Worse the degeneration of the Arab Spring into violence between Arabs is no good outlook to a one state solution in ex-British Palestine where if diaspora Palestine Arabs are to be allowed a vote then so are Diaspora Jews??????

    Finally in the manner of, “Sure he is paranoid; but he does have enemies.” The press stir about Antisemitism – mostly Livingstone personally; or citizens of Moslem families in towns with minimal Jewish Communities was a smear campaign to cover the dirty innuendoes of Zac Goldsmith, but there is a certain Antisemitism in major British political parties just because they are broad coalitions of a variety of good and less good people.

  12. The end of Islamofascism, Jihad, passenger plane hijackings, bombings, transport bombings, marathon bombings, magazine office bombings, music hall attacks will benefit all people.

  13. Avraham Reiss

    This Tariq guy has a point (and I’ll state openly here that I am an Israeli!).
    By his logic, the end of Humanity will benefit all Humans! No more war, no more bloodshed, no more crime, rapes, murders, poverty, pain, suffering …

    The guy is onto something.
    But I suggest that he demonstrate first in his own country, to set an example.

  14. Paul Leslie

    Dishonest and unfounded allusions to the crimes of the Nazis, whether explictt or subtly implicit, are equally unacceptable, whoever makes them and whatever the motive (virtue-signalling by this second in command who reflects Eisenkot’s lack of solidarity with ordinary soldiers of the IDF?). See Ruthie Blum’s two pieces – http://www.algemeiner.com/2016/05/05/a-shocking-mockery-of-holocaust-remembrance/ and http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Right-from-Wrong-Eisenkots-shameful-implications-445646 and also Seth Franzman’s piece for the Algemeiner http://www.algemeiner.com/2016/05/10/the-outrage-of-comparing-israel-to-the-nazis/

    So no Harvey, much as I usually agree with what you post, Eisenkot’s second in command was not showing himself to be “moral”. I doubt whether he is indispensable in his post: he should be sacked

  15. The end of Islamofascism will benefit the entire world.

  16. 68 years of success for Israel already. Arab states around won’t get to live their 100 years, not counting the never-existing state of Palestine.
    What could benefit the whole world is Arabs doing the thing Israelis did: build a free country, a democracy for all its inhabitants.

  17. Happy Atzma’ut to Israel, Happy Nakba to all Arab countries. Wish you the same every year.

  18. Fakestinian “palastinians” never existed, don’t exist today and will never exist in the future just because the so called “palastinians” are being the tool of arab and islamic imperialisms to spread their imperialisms in the name of “supporting” fakestinian palestinians.

    Israel was the first ever country to offer independence to the Arabs of Palestine but the fakestinians are not interested in independence – rather in serving as fake spearhead for various imperialistic islamofascists.

  19. John Rose seems to think a democratic single state solution would look like South Africa. Wouldn’t it make more sense to look at some examples in the nearby region? A single state solution would look like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq or worse.

    • Predictably worse. If Muslims can do that to other Muslims, what would they do to Jews?

  20. Tariq Ali states that the Israeli government is why anti-Zionism is being called anti-Semitic. 90% of British Jews support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. That is not the Israeli government, it is British Jews. Calling for the destruction of Israel is hate speech.
    Insinuating that anti-Semitism is not a serious problem- in which other case would it be acceptable to tell a minority that they have no grounds to feel discriminated against?
    He is anti-imperialist, but perfectly happy to dictate to 6m Israelis that the end of their State is what is best for them.
    This man is a disgrace to the liberal values he claims to stand for.

  21. Just a footnote on Deir Yassin. Context is supplied:
    Deir Yassin .