Why you might not want to donate to Sport Relief (especially if you’re Jewish).


War On Want Executive Director John Hilary at anti-Israel rally in 2014.

Today is Sport Relief (brought to us by Comic Relief) with millions of people throughout the country raising money for charity. It is set to dominate the BBC TV tonight.

It is a tragic question but one has to ask how much of these funds are used properly?

Comic Relief makes grants to certain charities one of which is War On Want whom I have been writing about for many years now and, in particular, its executive director John Hilary.

John Hilary’s War On Want has been spending War On Want time and precious resources on targeting one specific country; Israel. You know, the country that also happens to be the only Jewish one.

John Hilary’s behaviour has seen War On Want used to invade Sainsbury’s with activists removing Israeli produce from the shelves, produce fake guns so anti-Israel students can parade around campuses pretending to be Israeli soldiers, and sponsor meetings where speakers have suggested, inter alia, that Israel harvests organs from dead Palestinians and that “Palestinians live in apartheid ghettos“.

All disgusting lies of course with the sole intent of demonising the Jewish state.

A recent War On Want press release again talks of “Israeli Apartheid”. The accusation that Israel practices apartheid is a disgusting lie that only minimises the seriousness of the actual practice of apartheid.

One can also buy clothes on War On Want’s website with horrific anti-Israel slogans on them (see below).

And above you can see keffiyeh wearing John Hilary at an anti-Israel rally in 2014 which even attracted one anti-Israel demonstrator wearing a shirt comparing “Palestine” to the Nazi concentration camps Auschwitz and Dachau (see below).

One might have hoped Comic Relief would have relented from funding charities which squander scarce resources on crude, vulgar and racist political activism, but in response to its letter to Comic Relief Israel Advocacy Movement received this response:

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for your email and for bringing your thoughts to our attention.

As part of our commitment to pursuing our vision of a just world free from poverty, Comic Relief provides a number of grants to organisations that work to support slum dwellers and street vendors in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities, as part of our People Living in Urban Slums programme. This includes grants to three projects run by War on Want – two projects in South Africa and one other in Kenya. Comic Relief has never made a grant to projects in, or relating to, Palestine or Israel and is not involved with War on Want’s campaigning work in this area.

The projects we fund War on Want to carry out help slum dwellers and street vendors to secure lasting improvements in their working and living conditions, avoid exploitation and get their voices heard in local issues such as housing and access to basic services such as water, sanitation and electricity.

We closely monitor all our grants to ensure the money is spent to good effect as outlined in the grant application and are reassured that the funds we have given to War on Want have been spent on appropriate project activities. As our grant-making policies state, we do not fund campaigning work that takes a partisan political stance. Comic Relief takes particular care to respect the guidance and regulation set out by the Charity Commission of England and Wales and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator around funding political activity and we expect all charities we fund to do likewise.

So, thank you once again for bringing your thoughts to our attention, but we are satisfied that the work we are supporting War on Want to do is making a real difference to the lives of slum dwellers and street vendors in Kenya and South Africa.

Best wishes,

Mark Hoult-Allen
Head of Grants Operations
Comic Relief

As you can read Comic Relief admits to continuing to fund War On Want and although the funding might not relate directly to anti-Israel political activism Comic Relief’s grant allows War On Want to divert resources that should have been used to help slum-dwellers to projects that demonise Israel instead.

At a time of rising anti-Semitism in the UK it is a shame that Comic Relief/Sport Relief funding is indirectly contributing to War On Want’s continued demonisation of the Jewish state and possible further attacks on British Jews.


At same anti-Israel rally as War on Want’s Executive Director John Hilary in 2014.


Currently available on War On Want’s website.



14 responses to “Why you might not want to donate to Sport Relief (especially if you’re Jewish).

  1. Let’s make sure these people don’t get your money.

  2. Of course ‘ No Arms to Israel ‘taken to its logical conclusion would result in the systematic slaughter of every Israeli man , woman and child . A second Holocaust .

  3. Can you provide factual evidence that they actually ‘divert’ funds given by Comic Relief and spend it on their political agenda? I’d be interested to see the evidence to support your claim

    • Money given to ‘Palestinians’ has exactly the same effect: it pays the attack tunnels, the rockets of Hamas and the salariy pais to imprisoned terrorists and the incitement.
      If ‘Palestinians’ were forced to pay this from their own poclets, it would stop very quickly.
      Where money is given, with nothing expected in return, there is always corruption.

  4. richardmillett

    Hi Lara, I am not saying WOW diverts Comic Relief funds (although who knows really despite what Comic Relief claims) but that funds received from Comic Relief allows WOW to free up other donations to WOW for racist anti-Israel activism instead of those funds being spent by WOW on the disabled, ill, poverty-stricken etc. Does that make sense?

  5. Disappointed

    Apologies for my bluntness, Richard, but that’s a ridiculous argument. By all means condemn War on Want on moral grounds, but seeking to claim that Sports Relief is somehow complicit in providing funding to their Palestinian projects is evidently wrong.

    Unless you adopt the strange position that WOW would impose some form of cap on how much they’d spend on the three projects that Sports Relief help with – so that the ‘surplus’ is then directed only to anti-Israeli projects – then your stance is untenable. In reality, what happens is that those in Kenya and South Africa receive funding from WOW, and these projects *are enhanced* by Sports Relief funding.

    I like a lot of your stuff, but this argument is weak – and the only people who will suffer as a result of this will be not just those helped in Kenya and SA, but the world’s poorest, who Sports Relief seeks to help.

    • richardmillett

      so all the Comic Relief and Sport Relief funding of WOW has no impact whatsoever on what WOW spends attacking Israel? WOW has to spend a lot on anti-Israel hate activism. Where do you think it gets its resources from for that? WOW will always keep funds for attacking Israel. These funds could have been spent on slums. But WOW knows Comic Relief will fund the slums for WOW and so WOW knows how much money it can keep on the side for anti-Israel activism knowing that Comic Relief will be there for the slum dwellers. You are being naive i think.

    • The disregqrd of Sports Relief for the money they give is a warning in istelf. Paying WOW implies approving their actions against Israel also.
      On moral grounds, WOW is already ruined. Let’s hope Sports Relief don’t follow that path and help directly those they want to help, without associating themselves with the despicable WOW.

    • What an utterly stupid comment. You don’t seem to have the faintest clue about how balance sheets work.

      • Yes, what s/he says is tantamount to saying that if you give to money to a known terrorist but for eating only, you’re not complicit of some crime.

  6. I welcome any chance to eschew any form of physical exercise, which I loathe and regard as punishment! Seriously, though, why give to Comic Relief, a high-profile and well-funded charity with feet of clay, when there are so many wonderful charities that help the wretched of the Earth with no discernible anti-Israel bias whatsoever. Here are three I’ve found:
    GAVI Fund Affiliate
    International Planned Parenthood Foundation

  7. Counter Chant This…

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    Paleswine Will Never Be!