Police prevent activists smashing into Ami Ayalon talk at King’s.


I was patiently queuing for Ami Ayalon’s joint KCL and LSE Israel Societys’ talk outside the Norfolk Building of King’s College, London tonight. I had arrived early and was near the front of the queue but soon the doors were closed as the room held only 50.

50 to 60 people were left shut outside on the street, among them 15 fuming anti-Israel activists who had planned to get in and disrupt the talk.

These activists from SOAS, KLC and LSE Palestine Societies had already handed out leaflets attacking Ami Ayalon and Israel. But with their being shut outside chaos ensued with the police being called.

Ayalon was head of Israel’s Shin Bet between 1996 and 2000 and then served as a Labour MK. He also launched a peace initiative called The People’s Voice. He’s now in the UK being whisked around by Yachad to give various talks, the gist of which seem to be Israel needs to mend its ways.

The activists’ leaflets, after falsely incriminating Ayalon and Shin Bet in war crimes, accused Ayalon of being “overtly racist” for supporting a two state solution because this implies “Israeli Jews must always be a majority…due to a fear of losing the ethnic and colonial supremacy Israel has enjoyed since 1948”.

As soon as the doors shut the frustrated anti-Israel activists pounded the doors and the windows looking into the talk. They screamed “Free Free Palestine”, “Viva Viva Palestina” and “From the River to the Sea Palestine will be free” and smashed a window.

They then climbed the windows to unfurl a banner. A fire alarm was set off and eventually police vans and police cars pulled up and 20 police constables protected the building.

Ayalon’s talk lasted an hour. Ironically, Ayalon was talking in front of a white board describing the rules for “safe spaces” at universities. But there is no “safe space” for an Israeli-Jew at British universities.

Maybe after tonight so-called peaceniks like Ayalon will realise that Israeli Jews like himself are not hated for the way he thinks they behave but simply for who they are; citizens of the Jewish state.

Clip (with smashed window) from tonight:

Photos from tonight:






31 responses to “Police prevent activists smashing into Ami Ayalon talk at King’s.

  1. The video says its private.

  2. Richard
    Did you manage to photograph the one who smashed the window ?

  3. Counter Chant this:

    From the River to the Sea,
    Paleswine Will Never Be!

  4. Is it at all possible that the university authorities will finally clamp down on this sort of activity, now that the police have had to become involved? Where is David Cameron’s much vaunted pressure on universities to stop this kind of thing? I learned from Stand with Us that King’s College is rife with anti-Israel extremists, some of the demonstrators must have been from King’s, surely?

  5. richardmillett

    judging by the leaflets the activists were from the KLC, LSE and SOAS Palestine Societies.

  6. Shouting and screaming to disrupt events is always a tactic of losers.

  7. I forgot to mention the fact that a Kuwaiti student at the prestigious Science Po Haute Ecole in Paris has just been expelled for making antisemitic comments on Facebook. About time the people who run British and U.S. universities did the same.


  9. animals.

  10. So-called peacenik, Richard?
    He was commander of Sayeret Matkal, commander of the Israeli Navy as well as being head of the Shin Bet. This so-called peacenik’s small toe nail has done more for Israel and its security than you will ever have done in at least 18 life times.

    Also, isn’t it ironic that you term Ami Ayalon as a so-called peacenik – the shouty, idiotic BDS-ers also think he’s a so-called peacenik. That should give you pause for thought.

  11. richardmillett

    He is called a peacenik though isn’t he? So he’s a so-called peacenik? I’m also a peacenik because i want peace as do most people. But his getting singled out as a peacenik implies that the rest of us aren’t; as if it is something preserved wholly for Ayalon. I fully respect his bravery, courage and work.

    • No, Richard. So-called implies alleged. It’s use is derogatory.

      So-called Zionist. So-called Tory. So-called socialist. So-called liberal. I could go on but I suspect you get my drift.

      And no, not everyone else wants peace – the idiotic shouties from last night and their pro-Israeli government counterparts are two groups which spring to mind.

      • Ignorant drivel in every respect, with several major logical fallacies. His past posts are irrelevant to his actions now. Israel does want peace.

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  13. They didn’t ‘incriminate’ anyone. That’s a misuse of the word, Richard. They made a slanderous accusation, that’s all.

  14. richardmillett

    yes i agree. i just added “falsely”. Thank you.

  15. Ayatollah Ghilmeini

    All of this has nothing to do with the Jewish state; these people are opposed to Jewish existence, as a state and as a people. The hatred is unique and directed only against one people and no other nation gets this treatment. Assad’s civil war has killed 500,000 (no less than 100,000 in the last year alone!) and displaced 4 million with every war crime known to man by all sides, no response.

    Bigotry is bogotry, most hatred of Israel/Zionism is nothing more and nothing less than the hatred of the Jews. The hatred does not care if you support two states or one Palestinian state because these protestors do not care. The crime is Jewish life and the punishment is death.

    The Jews of France thought themselves safe in Europe now 43% are thinking of leaving; they woke up every day, loyal citizens and overwhelmingly committed to the peace process and proud antifascists and pro civil rights all. That is not good enough for the haters. France’s Jews are hounded and hunted on the streets of La France until they will not be there.

    The rest of Europe’s Jews and the people who think Jews have a place in European society (we try to be exceptionally good citizens and try to contribute to the places we live) had better wake up fast.

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  17. Nice they protected the building. What about some arrests?

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  22. Would strapping bacon to ones body to ward off these medivalists in the same way that wearing garlic wards off vampires, work?

  23. Mother Nature

    In what way did police “prevent” this typically racist assault on Jews? They stood outside, and did nothing. Why don’t students at this great institution have an ounce of critical thinking skills? I know these skills allow one to see through propaganda. But then, all over the west, the antisemitic pump was primed by Christianity.

  24. Excuse me, Julia, strapping Bacon is no way to behave! Congratulations Richard on getting your video shown on the BBC and even getting a credit for it!

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