Israel accused of possible “genocide” by Arab Organisation for Human Rights.

Last night the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK held a meeting called “Violence and Conflict in Jerusalem: Examining the recent spike in violence towards Palestinians and the plight of Jerusalem’s historic sites” at the Holiday Inn in London’s Bloomsbury.

Despite the remarkably biased title the main reason to go was to hear Labour MP Gerald Kaufman who was due to speak. It would have been an opportunity to ask Kaufman about his recent comment that “Jewish money” is influencing British government policy and to see if he might consider making an apology at last.

Unfortunately, Kaufman couldn’t make it to the event due to ongoing parliamentary matters.

It was still an opportunity to catch up on the latest anti-Israel propaganda being disseminated by academics like Ilan Pappe, activists like Adeeb Ziadah and lawyers like Carl Buckley (who was chairing the event) and Toby Cadman who both regularly brief against Israel.

University of Exeter lecturer Ilan Pappe started proceedings off by claiming that Israel’s political party Jewish Home (Bayit Ha-Yehudi) is intent on destroying the Al Aqsa Mosque and replacing it with another Jewish temple.

He said that 20 years ago he would not have worried about this except that now Jewish Home is part of the Israeli government. Pappe also claimed that a major Israeli NGO (which he did not name) directed towards the rebuilding of a Jewish temple is funded by both the Israeli government and American Jews.

Israeli school children, including his own children, according to Pappe, are forced to visit this NGO to hear about the building of this Jewish temple in place of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Pappe concluded by describing Israel’s “contempt for Islam”, Israel’s continued “Judaisation” of Jerusalem and he listed mosques that Israel has, since 1948, turned into, inter alia, restaurants, nightclubs, synagogues and yeshivas.

The most surreal part of the evening was when activist Adeeb Ziadah showed a video of the Neturei Karta calling for the end of Israel.

Ziadah seemed to find it highly amusing that a Jewish person was expressing sentiments better than any Muslim person could (see near end of clip below for Ziadah’s delight).

Ziadah also showed a procession of slides portraying how important the Al Aqsa Mosque is for Palestinians, how Palestinians “sacrifice themselves” for the Al Aqsa Mosque as a matter of “national dignity and religious obligation” and how the Western Wall actually belongs to Muslims (see below also).

Finally, lawyer Toby Cadman cited a list of war crimes Israel could be accused of by the International Criminal Court. He kept mentioning “genocide” which prompted my question during the Q&A as to how there can be “genocide” when the Palestinian population, we are repeatedly told, continues to grow apace with Gaza being, according to some, “the most densely populated place on earth”.

His response was that “genocide” can still occur even if a population is increasing.

Jonathan Hoffman then asked why the panel had overlooked Mahmoud Abbas’ incitement that “Jews should not be allowed to defile the Al Aqsa Mosque with their filthy feet”.

Ilan Pappe claimed that he had not heard Abbas say this and that he wasn’t sure if this amounted to incitement anyway.

However, Pappe thought that “the occupation” was enough on its own for young Palestinians to “take fate into their own hands” and become violent (hear both Jonathan’s question and Pappe’s response here).

The audience at the event was surprisingly small with only about 20 people present and it felt supportive to have quite a few pro-Israel activists there as well.

In fact we made up about a quarter of the audience so the Arab Organisation for Human Rights should really thank us for swelling their numbers for them.

Slides shown by Adeeb Ziadah:



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  1. This NK goon should be asked to translate the Amidah/ Shmoneh Esrai. The 18 Blessings are quite clearly politically ambitious for the restoration of the Temple, the Kingdom and the Judges. As a general rule whenever a cleric or would be cleric or art critic starts talking about “spirituality” it is time to distrust the brute and ask for chapter and verse evidence – and figures.

  2. Ilan Pappe shown to be a fraud and a liar.
    From Steven Plaut.
    About 14 years ago a middle aged MA student named Teddy Katz, submitted a masters thesis to the University of Haifa that had been prepared under the supervision of Israels most extremist and anti-Zionist academic, Ilan Pappe. Pappe likes to describe himself as Israels most hated person and I suspect he may be on to something there.

    He spends his days addressing anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rallies and conferences around the globe and likes to write Israel-bashing pieces in the PLOs journal. He appears in al-Ahram. He has openly called for Israel’s destruction – to be replaced by a Palestinian state with Arafat as its dictator.

    He ran for the Knesset on the slate of the Arab Stalinist party HADASH.

    The MA thesis in question claimed that a platoon of the Alexandroni brigade of the Hagana had in 1948 conducted a massacre of Arabs at the town of Tantora near Haifa when the town was conquered in Israels war of independence.
    It was of course, as it turned out, a complete fabrication based on some Arabs suddenly recovering from repressed memory syndrome after 50 years and claiming there had been a massacre when they were infants. Except when the tapes of interviews with these folks were checked out, it turned out even these Arabs had never said there was any massacre but rather that the Hagana had been very nice about helping the civilians.

    Katz and Pappe had simply invented the story. When word hit the press, the Hagana vets organization sued Katz and the University of Haifa for libel. Eventually the matter reached a court settlement in which Katz agreed to admit publicly he had lied, publish a retraction at his own expense, and apologize to the vets. Katz was represented in all this by ultras-leftist lawyer Avigdor Feldman, who took time off from his usual passion for representing Arabs who have murdered Jewish children.
    Feldman was present when Katz signed the court settlement.

    But a few days after that, Katz tried to back out of the settlement, probably under encouragement to do so by Pappe, who continues to insist the massacre really took place even though not a shred of evidence has ever been discovered by anyone that there had been one. (Even Arab journalists and reporters who had been present at the battle never claimed there had been any massacre.) The judge refused to allow Katz to back out of the deal. When Katz refused to publish the retraction, the vets successfully sued Katz to recover their costs. Pappe and the communists then organized a campaign to try to raise cash to help out Katz with this.

    Meanwhile, the University of Haifa looked ridiculous in all of this and demanded that Katz submit a revised version of the thesis if he wanted a degree. The original version had been awarded a grade of 97 by Pappe and his collaborators.
    Katz ultimately did resubmit a revised thesis. The University of Haifa rejected it, after five independent reviewers had read it and dismissed it as garbage. Pappe and his comrades are running about now insisting that these five were lackeys of Ariel Sharon and George Bush or some similar sort of academically scrupulous argument. The University agreed to kick Katz out by granting him a MA degree without a thesis, an act of cowardice by the campus authorities. Katz should have been simply expelled permanently and Pappe fired for his role in the fabrication and charlatanism.

    Anyway, I have decided to make an alternative proposal about how the university could better resolve things. Why not just let Katz write a completely NEW thesis on a different topic under Pappes supervision? This time the thesis should be on one of these topics:

    – An oral history proving the Germans never killed any Jews in Auschwitz.
    – An oral history proving that Lincoln actually shot John Wilkes Booth at that theater.
    – Proof that the Mossad was really behind the attack on the WTC on September 11.
    – An oral history that proves that Jews, and especially settlers, drink the blood of gentile children on Passover after all.

    I bet Pappe would give the new thesis a grade of 98.

    Benny Morris owns Ilan Pappe (link to full TNR article)
    March 20, 2011
    Benny Morris exposes Ilan Pappe as a fraud in a quite definitive 

    • You should also check out this video: The lies that can be mined in Pappe’s work turn out to be limitless. His m.o. has to be more widely exposed so that this son of German refugees can be taken off the lecture circuit and put on the right meds–for his own sake and that of the free world.

  4. Thanks as always Richard and a special thank you to Jonathan . Great to see him back exposing the liars , bigots and charlatans. A one man wrecking ball .

  5. What an evening. How a chap like Pappe who is obviously not stupid can sit on a panel with infantile propagandists like that is beyond belief – could it be that shekels speak louder than words? What else can cause a man who clearly has studied the scene to claim he hadn’t heard Abu Maazen’s latest diatribe about Jews, dirty feet and the Temple Mount? And when I asked him how with a straight face he can sit in a room filled with at least 12 Jew haters and call for a one state solution in which Arabs and Jews can live together in peace in a country he called Palestine when Abbas has clearly stated that not a single Jew will live in a future Palestinian state, he harrumphed a response that indicated that Abbas was not their leader! He also declined an invitation for coffee afterwards.

  6. After Paris attacks, some could find it funny that islamists and other professional antisemitic Jews speak in the name of human rights while spewing their racist hate.

  7. “Arab Organization for Human Rights”? Now there is oxymoron if I ever heard one. There are no Arab countries which have human rights for its citizens.

    • Ranks up there with “Islam is the Religion of Peace”.

      • When I was in 6th form and then a student in 1960 – 64 there was a jest circulating that maybe Israel should give the Mea Shearim to Jordan. More seriously when my Brother “got religion” it was possible to observe the mentality up close. The extremely religious what ever their sect or denomination simply do not recognise state governments because they claim sovereignty instead of according it to God and [their interpretation of] scripture.

  8. The wolf always claims that the lambs attacked them !

  9. AOHR is a Muslim Brotherhood organisation.

    Its other Hamas connections are detailed here:

    Click to access PDF_10_225_2.pdf

    Well done Richard and Jonathan!

  10. Okay, enough is enough with Ilan Pappe. People do not realize how immoral and devious he is. It’s well beyond the Teddy Katz thing and the fake Ben Gurion quote. Here is a stomach-turning video that examines “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” in detail. Pappe fakes an endnote to “document” a Jewish “cabal” behind the “Nakba” (yes, “cabal”), and it’s downhill from there. Just a few days ago, Pappe was cited in a article to provide “scholarly” weight in calling out Israel’s “ethnic cleansing” after the 1947 Partition vote.

    While we are still in a small window of time wherein there is a threshold beyond which even Jew-haters lose face, Pappe’s supporters must be made to answer for his hoax history:

  11. Why doesn’t Neteuri Karta move to Gaza to test and prove their thesis that as “authentic” and “anti-Zionist” Jews, they can live and build the infrastructure (synagogues, yeshivas, kosher markets, kosher butchers) that “authentic Jews” require, in Gaza, testing and demonstrating the tolerance and respect Hamass has for Jews.

    Should be interesting.

  12. “Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK” – ROFLMAO.

  13. Latest Chrstmas news via France – the latest Moslem Arab “toleration” is to fire the Christmas trees of Christian Arab villages.