Fanatics sing on despite racist protests as Maccabi Tel Aviv crash at Chelsea.

Chelsea and Maccabi Tel Aviv line up before kick off last night.

Chelsea and Maccabi Tel Aviv line up before kick off last night.

Chelsea and Maccabi Tel Aviv supporters were greeted with the usual racist scenes before and after last night’s UEFA Champions League match at Stamford Bridge which the Israeli side lost 4-0.

Maccabi Tel Aviv were never really in it as the step up to Champions League football after 11 absent years proved beyond them.

However, their 3000 traveling supporters, the Fanatics, jumped up and down and sang throughout the game. And they had a chance to celebrate when Eden Hazard blasted his penalty over the bar when the score was still 0-0.

Before the game about 8 to 10 anti-Israel activists outside the ground welcomed refugees but not the players of the Israeli side. And after the game a more aggressive group screamed for the destruction of Israel. The protests had little impact on the fans of both sides apart from being a little irritating.

The Chelsea programme had an interview with ex-Maccabi Tel Aviv player, now Chelsea’s Technical Director, Michael Emenalo who had good things to say about the Israeli club and Tel Aviv:

“Tel Aviv exceeded my expectations in every possible way. A lot of cities claim to be fun, but Tel Aviv was definitely a fun city. From a football point of view, the atmosphere was good and it got better when Maccabi played Hapoel Tel Aviv. You really feel the fever when they play each other in the Bloomfield Stadium, which they now share.”

Tough games against Dynamo Kiev and Porto are on the horizon and the return game against Chelsea in Israel is on November 24th.

The Fanatics will be enjoying their away days but it’s hard to see Maccabi Tel Aviv qualifying for the next stage.

Eden Hazard about to blast his penalty over the bar in front of the 3000 Fanatics.

Eden Hazard about to blast his penalty over the bar in front of the 3000 Fanatics.

At least look as if you're having fun.

At least look as if you’re having fun.

Surely a breach of copyright law. Anyone want to litigate?

Surely a breach of copyright law. Anyone want to litigate?

All dressed up, nowhere to go.

All dressed up, nowhere to go.

Cold, wet and miserable...

Cold, wet and miserable…

Watching you watching me.

Watching you watching me.

Isn't hanging signs from neck reminiscent of Jews during the Holocaust?

Isn’t hanging signs from neck reminiscent of Jews during the Holocaust?

Screaming for Israel's destruction after the match.

Screaming for Israel’s destruction after the match.

57 responses to “Fanatics sing on despite racist protests as Maccabi Tel Aviv crash at Chelsea.

  1. Of course Mandala also supported the two state solution and said that Palestinian violence was counterproductive, but the lunatics conveniently omit that part of what he said.

  2. “Juden Raus!”

  3. I know nothing about football and shall not shame myself by proving this on your excellent blog.

    I note that on one banner the slogan “Gas the Arabs” is written in quotation marks. I wonder who is being quoted. It is common knowledge that several of our cousins have used gas to murder each other in Syria, but I doubt that one Arab would use such a slogan against another.

    There was an incident four years ago when Gert from Bridlington accused Israelis with using a similar slogan, but as was brilliantly demonstrated at the time, this was an anti-Jewish fabrication reminiscent of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    So, one wonders who is being quoted and on whose authority. Maybe the lovely lady in the picture could enlighten us!?

  4. “So, one wonders who is being quoted and on whose authority. ” – Oh it was a door??

    • Some jokes are stupid, Marks.

    • I have consistently said that no Israeli leader, however nutty, would say such a thing and this has not been refuted. Our haters have Googled and searched, but have unearthed no such statement by anyone. This is not by chance. In our worst days of bombing and terror attacks, such despicable thoughts never entered any of our minds.

      Anonymous graffiti goes no way to suggesting otherwise. I do not know if it was scribbled by a local psycopath or someone wishing to give Israel a bad name, but no Israeli leader would say or think such a thing,

      • Well, for someone who is so old, you know very little. I can name a number of idiots able to do this. Of course, you would also say that no one would also kill an Israeli PM, The fact that Israel has haters doesn’t change the fact that Israelis behave much better than any other democratic country in similar situation, but denial is just stupid and useless.

      • I have no doubt that you know many idiots, but you know of no Israeli leader, who would say such a thing – because he or she does not exist.

        Regarding the assassination of Israeli prime ministers, which is a wholly unrelated issue, it’s more than a little infantile to fantasize about what I would say, and then attempt to disprove what was said only in your imagination.

        I guess if I wasn’t so old, I might conceivably be rattled by incoherent ad hominem attacks. As it is I just breathe an ancient sigh and wonder if that is truly the level of our supporters.

        With friends like you, Israel hardly needs foes?

      • In fact no, Mark, I don’t know many idiots. Only you, but then I hardly know anything else about you. I know also some Israel settler leaders who said such a thing, such as Kahane. I hardly know that guy but I guess you have heard of him. He left some pretty nasty descendants as well.
        The ‘unrelated’ issue is very related, but I understand that you were totally unable to understand it: if someone can kill a man of his own religion and people, he can also and more easily graffiti a stupid slogan on a door. But it takes someone more intelligent to understand the stupidity of these people.

        With friends like you and Kahane, Israel is in big trouble. So please stop your idiotic attacks ad hominem. You look even more stupid this way than usual.

  5. And let’s be clear: using that anonymous graffiti to libel all Jews is just what it seems to be, gruesome antisemitism, that is shared to some degree by 93% of the ‘Palestinian’ population.

  6. I have never been a supporter of Kahane, Kach or the JDL, but kahane never said, “Gas the Arabs.” If you can prove otherwise, please provide a link. If you can’t then I say once more that no Israeli leader, who would say such a thing.

    Furthermore, it is our enemies who try to blacken the name of the State of Israel by inventing such lies and disgusting quotes and then implying that these are the views of our leaders. You seem to think that you are a supporter of Israel, but either out of lack of knowledge or simply an unwillingness to acknowledge that you said something ridiculous, choose to repeat these lies.

    I will now treat you as I would an enemy of Israel and the Jewish People, because that is how you have behaved.

    No Israeli leader, Kahane included, has said or would say, “Gas the Arabs.” Prove otherwise, if you can. Put up, or shut up.

    • Poor Marks, still trying to tell others what to think or do. Sad to see an old fascist…
      OK, so an admirer of Kahane killed a Jew. Of course, he would much more easily killed Arabs, had he thought that would advance his pitiful cause.
      Goldstein killed more than 20 of them. I guess gas wasn’t his favorite method of execution but murder is murder, not just writing a graffiti on a door.
      If someone is able to murder, he is also able to write any abominable graffiti about the people he wants to murder, stupid.

      And your desperate attempts to picture me as an enemy of Israel makes you look even more pitiful and stupid. By projecting your racism and believing that I blame all Jews or all Israelis or all Israeli jews for the racism of the little minority, you prove you’re unable to think correctly and have yourself a tendency to racism. Excusing every crime committed on my side (I wouldn’t say “our” side, obviously), is not the way to support Israel. It is the way to prove to moderate people that you are an extremist yourself.

      It is now evident that “sinat hinam” is your real religion.

    • Since the beginning of this thread, I have only sought to make a solitary simple point; namely, that the poster in the photograph was dishonest in at least implying that there are Israeli leaders who have called for the “gassing of Arabs”. For the reasons I have explained at nausea no Jewish leader is capable of even conceiving such a notion, because we are not Nazis.

      One commentator, who I believe considers himself to be doing us a favor, has sought to argue otherwise and has contended that such Jewish leaders do exist. When challenged to name one he was unable to, so chose instead to variously mention Jewish extremists who (whatever other sins of which they may or may not be guilty) have never said any such thing. As the most despicable of Israeli’s foes might have done he has searched high and low to find such a quote in order to blacken the name of the State Israel and its people, but has come up with nothing.

      It goes without saying that like any other society Israel has criminals, thieves, rapists and murderers. They all commit their crimes for any number of reasons with all kinds of justifications including religious, political and ideological. Some of these criminals of late have even been senior politicians.

      No Israeli leader, not even those currently languishing in prison for appalling crimes, has ever said, “Gas the Arabs.” The idea that any of them ever has is a foul lie intended to make the State of Israel appear to be no better than the Nazis. Anyone who repeats such a lie whoever he or she is, wherever he or she is and for whatever reason he or she is lying is worthy of much contempt.

      • Marks, you’re repating yourself! Marks doth protest too much. The oonly point you were making is the ad hominem attacks of your facist kind.
        If someone is able to kill in cold blood an innocent, he can much more easily graffiti “Gas the Arabs”. Kahane was such a rasist hatemonger and you are his infamouus successor.
        But Kahane is rejected by most of the Israeli public and of course by the Israeli leaders, except the few who openly profess racism.

      • Jose confuses too much

      • Jose
        you keep throwing labels at Kahane – before I plow my way through Wikipedia’s presentation of him is it this one you are referring to?

        and while you are at it I’d like your definition of your use of fascist.

        I am always intrigued by how people are sorted into drawers these days. That it is fashionable to call Churchill a racist is my prime example. From what I’ve read written by himself he was completely colour-blind using a set of now forgotten “markers” to classify people.

        As to “your” Kahane the labels that are put on him these days make me wonder why none of this labelling is happening to Teddy Kollek who as far as I remember his autobiography would deserve a lot of it.

        There is a prominent German human rights woman called Annette Kahane – I wonder whether there is any connection and/or if the name is so bad why she kept it.

      • Marks’ long list of fallaceis:
        – ad hominem (usual, as far as I am concerned),
        – absence of prrof is proof of absence (can’t show that Israeli leaders said “gas all Arabs’, then one of thei followers could not have made that graffiti)
        – reversal of burden of proof (I proved Israeli religious racists have done much worse than just a graffiti, murdering Jews and Arabs alike and violating the most sacred commandments in Judaism, but I still have to prove they could have done a racist graffiti)

        Anyone buynig that Marks’ facist stuff?

      • Yes, hi Silke.

        You raise a very important point, alas, Shabbat is just beginning, so I’ll discuss Kahane after there are three stars in our skies Saturday night. That will give me 25 hours to chew over a very thoughful question.

      • Hi Daniel,

        my this week’s shabbat offer you and yours a peaceful and enjoyable time out – I will delay reading up on Wikipedia’s take on Kahane and all the rest till after you’ll surface again – maybe reading up on Shabbat and chewing over how I can adopt the concept. If this my latest “fancy/project” shows lack of respect I apologise.

      • You mean chew over hate-filled ad-hominem… That’s not good for your karma!

  7. Should I remind that Kahane’s party was deemed terrorist both by Israel and USA and was forbidden to participate in elections.
    So a supporter of Kahane cannot really be a supporter of Israel, obviously, like it or not.

  8. No Israeli leader, Kahane included, has said or would say, “Gas the Arabs.” Prove otherwise, if you can. Put up, or shut up.

    • something is wrong here – this Jose doesn’t sound like the Jose from way back then when I last paid attention – he sounds a lot more like that Belgian from Bridlington. Is it possible that the old Jose’s nick was taken over from that being who again and again told us that peeing on himself made him happy?

      • Oh I’m still the same person, not supporting Kahane since back then. No need to imagine conspiracy theories.
        Marks, the fascist supporter of Kahane hasn’t changed either one bit. The racist Belgian and him are the two sides of one coin. Their racist imagination take precedence ofver logic and facts.
        Anyone with a brain would understand that a murder is much worse than making a stupid graffiti. Marks is incapable of such a ‘gigantic’ intellectual effort.
        And all he can say is go on with his ridiculous temper tantrums of “Put up and shut up”. As if he forgot that he was already proven wrong.
        The fact that there is no ‘Palestinian” genocide doesn’t mean we don’t have murderers in Israel. Blaming extremist leaders who certainly wish to murder Arabs, in watever way, isn’t blaming Israel. Racists like Marks often make than kind of generalisations, showing their true colours.
        No, Marks, Kahane was banned from Israeli politics. Supporting him is being anti-Israel, anti the spirit of Israel and fostering sinat hinam.
        Marks, you haven’t changed a bit. And you won’t, that is now evident.

      • Jose for me it boils down to your dodging a straight answer

        which is a behaviour I never understood and never will understand what makes it so hard for some people to answer a question to which there is a straight yes or no answer.

        And if against all probability there is an “it depends” answer why dodge giving that as well.

        Was it Billy Wilder who said “Thou shall not bore”?

      • Yes Silkie, the straight answer you cannot see is that there are a minority of haters in Israel, rejected by the government and by Israelis. Kahane was one of them. It is a very clear and vre straightforward answer. Only the Kahane supporters cannot tolerate it.

      • Jose
        straightforward it ain’t, thus I award you first prize for answer dodging

        this habit of yours btw made me guess/convinced me that you are the Belgian posing as somebody else

        if you are not than you are certainly his twin in that respect

      • You see, that wasn’t so hard. It took a little time and you had to foul your mouth more than once, but in the end we are in total agreement; no Israeli leader, of any political party has ever said, “Gas the Arabs.” It’s as hard or as simple as that. It was the only point I made, in idiotic fashion you tried to argue otherwise by quoting a door.

        I repeated my original point that no Israeli leader, of any political party has ever said, “Gas the Arabs.”, so you tried to prove otherwise with infantile ad hominems and raking up all kinds of vile incidents from the murder of Yitzhak Rabin to the recent killing of a Palestinian child. You forgot to mention only the thousands of traffic offenses, white collar crimes, sexual offenses, property crimes, murder and every other objectionable act that has taken place in Israel since her creation. None of these in any way refuted my basic contention that no Israeli leader, of any political party has ever said, “Gas the Arabs.” Our leaders are good, bad a mediocre – Left, Right and Center, but none of them talk like that.
        A final note. I mentioned Gert of Bridlington fame with whom I had a similar discussion years ago. Although he is a self-confessed anti-Zionist and enemy of Israel, his reaction was quite similar to yours. He too had claimed that Israelis had been calling “Arabs to the ovens” or something like.

        When I challenged him to cite a source began to retell every recent Israeli hate crime that he could google. Here is a brief excerpt:
        • On 17 Oct 2010, rabbi Ovadia Yosef, a senior Sephardic religious figure and leader of the Shas party, declared that “Goyim (i.e. Gentiles) were born only to serve us (i.e. Jews). Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”
        • On 31 Oct 2010, a Jewish mob gathered outside of an Arab students’ residence in Safed, chanted “death to the Arabs,” hurled rocks and bottles at the building, shattering glass, and fired a shot at the building before dissassembling. If Jewish students had been thus treated elsewhere in the world, we would be talking of a Kristallnacht.
        • On 7 Dec 2010, a group of 50 state-paid rabbis signed a letter instructing Orthodox Jews not to rent or sell houses to non-Jews. The letter was later endorsed by some 250 other Jewish religious figures. In a move reminiscent of darker places and times, a hotline was opened for denouncing those Jews who did intend to rent out to Arabs.
        • On 12 Dec 2010, the rabbis of the Israeli Jewish city of Rosh Ha-Ayin, including the chief rabbi, declared a ban on hiring Arabs at stores which employ Jewish girls.

        That appears to be the last bastion of a scoundrel. Try to change the subject by raking up irrelevant, though obviously horrific crimes.
        We expect such behavior from our enemies who will search high and low to find ways to soil Israel’s good name. I expect more from someone who claims to be a supporter of Israel. In the end it wasn’t so painful.

        As I said, no Israeli leader, of any political party has ever said, “Gas the Arabs.” Our leaders are good, bad a mediocre – Left, Right and Center, but none of them talk like that.

      • LOL Marks. I have not any tendency to exhaustively mention every crime your fascist friends commit in Israel. I’m just fine with saying they are anti-Israel and anti-Judaism, and I seem to know that better than you will ever be able to, despite being an atheist.
        Your persistent ad hominem impresses no one. The fact is much worse than just writing a racist graffiti has been done by your friends, and they’ll end in an Israeli prison. With some of their Arab foes, I hope.

      • define fascist

        this throwing around isms is really annoying not least because the meaning seems to change from language to language or maybe even country to country or city to city or county to county.

      • Fascist, in this case, means supporting Kahane, a man that was literally banned from Israei politics for his racist anti-Judaic ethics.

      • @Jose

        if that’s all fascist means in the context of your insult hurling/mud slingling/non-ad-homineming at Daniel wouldn’t kahanist then be a more precise language to use?

        BTW I find it endlessly amusing (in a sad way) that those people accusing others of ad hominems are at the same time most generous in coming up with inappropriate insults. Inappropriate because if I were a victim or even a profiteur of real Fascism I would feel quite disrespected/insulted by your use of it. The same applies to recommending psychiatrists.

        With all your political correctness and your occupying of the high morale ground you seem to me to be supremely callous when it comes to consideration of the feelings of those on the sidelines.

        And that it is with me dear Jose – from now on I look forward to what Daniel will have to say which no doubt will give the then applicable Zeitgeist its proper due and will be with everything that man has “chewed over” be worth of careful reading and most of the time learning from.

      • Kahane was a fascist, so what is the difference. He’s dead and now, former kahanists are just fascists with no supreme leader.
        Thanks for showing your true ‘kahanist’ colors.

      • It is clear that those ‘lovingly’ supporting Kahane, a man who distorted Judaism as ISIS does Islam and whom Israel rejected as a whole, are not really Israel-supporters.
        Kahane is dead my dear Silke! And frankly not missed by anyone.

      • And wow! You’re going to listen to the nose-in-the-air-Marks with interest? You mean, as if I could care less? LOL!

      • when Mussolini came up with his fascist movement the powers that were made it feel quite welcome

        I am sure Daniel is aware of that history and piles of other Zeitgeists in history and therefore choses his words carefully and therefore doesn’t throw around half- or not at all understood isms which of course makes for interesting reading

        In short Daniel writes like he is a person who knows what he knows and more important even knows what he doesn’t know

        and most all he doesn’t proclaim himself to be an atheist which is about the most stupid and intolerant religious doctrine anybody may chose to believe in.

      • Sylke, you achieved the total ridicule by your tirade about atheists. Describing it as a “religious doctrine” while it can be defined as the absence of such, is like saying not believing in Santa Klaus is a belief in non-Santa…
        Let the idiots, ignoring even what they don’t know, talk between themselves.

  9. Yes, before we completely lose the thread as I am lambasted by infantile ad hominem attacks, let me remind the readers as to what is being discussed.

    One of the above photographs shows a lady holding a sign that says “Gas the Arabs” with a crying child. I questioned who was being quoted, as no Israeli leader; Left, Right or Center would ever say such a thing. Anyone in any way familiar with Israeli society knows this to be true. I have heard football hooligans idiotically shouting, “Death to the Arabs”, which was, of course, universally condemned. Similar shouts have also occasionally been heard on street corners in the immediate aftermath of bloody terror attacks. We are a country of more than 8,000,000 and if it is true that 1% of any given population are psychopaths, I guess we have about 80,000 of them too.

    However, no Israeli or Jewish leader has ever said “Gas the Arabs” and anyone who comprehends the allusion of such an utterance immediately understands why. In a word, we are not Nazis.

    Since 1948 and particularly, since the 70s our enemies have made a determined effort to portray Israel as something as close to a Nazi state as possible. Their erroneous idea is that since the behavior of the Nazis provided a justification for the need to create of the State of Israel, by proving that we are “as bad as the Nazis” they will also be proving that Israel’s right to exist is no longer justifiable. That is why both Arab and anti-Semitic propagandists are both happy to use Nazi imagery when referring to Israel. Examples are too numerous to cite.

    What could serve our enemies better than showing that Israeli politicians and other leaders are dreaming of a Palestinian genocide? And what better way than if we were to be hoping to use the same gas chambers that the Nazis used against us? These are filthy lies and there are and have never been any such leaders; Right, Left or Center!

    If anyone can show otherwise tell me. The Net is a big place and everything anyone says is quickly recorded and published. 70 years have passed since the end of the Holocaust and no Israeli leader, of any political party has ever said, “Gas the Arabs.” Put up or shut up.

    • LOL Marks, you are lost in you rtemper tantrum as you cannot stand non-religious people and cannot admit the hate spread by your fellow fascists.
      Before you lose your mind totally, you’ll have to answer which is the worse sin: graffiti “Gas the Arabs” on a door or murder a Jewish PM, murder 20 Arabs in a sacred jewish place, murder an innocent Arab child to ‘avenge’ the murder our three yeshiva boys?
      Until you, fascist, will admit that a racist graffiti can have been done by Jews, more easily than murder Jews or Arabs, violating the most sacred laws of Judaism, you’ll be in trouble and need some serious psychiatric assistance.

  10. Unfortunately, there are loaded question that cannot be answered by yes or no. “Will you stop beating your wife?” is the prototype of such questions.
    Is anyone who does not answer by yes or no such question trying to ‘lie” or evade? No, the fallacy is on the person who makes it. here the fascist Marks.

  11. Kahane inspired the worst murderers among us, shaming the state of Israel in front of the whole world. His despicable racism inspired the Israeli society to defend against it by amending fundamental law and ban parties fostering racism, protecting the fabric of the Israeli society from these raving lunatics.
    Fortunately, kahanism didn’t really survive Kahane. Israel has better things to do than getting a demonstratable reputation of racism.

  12. On the other hand, it is clear that a supporter of the racist Kahane is clearly a racist himself, aligning with EDL or even worse BNP. We have thesame idiotic Jews in France, aligning with the Front National of the Le Pen (ex-)family. I’m sure there are also historical examples of such in Mussolini’s Italy and, why not, in Nazi Germany.
    These fascist Jews are rejected *en masse* by the real Israeli society and kept under close control by the Shin Bet. Some are now ‘visiting’ Israeli prisons and won’t find the way out for some time. Good thing!

  13. Hi Silke,

    As I wrote earlier, I have never been a supporter of Kahane, Kach or the JDL. I think I was in Israel for at least two or three elections in which he ran. I never considered voting for him in any of these. I have consistently believed that expulsion of Jews, Arabs or anyone else from their homes for political reasons is immoral and, certainly in cases when anyone but Jews are the ones being expelled, it is unrealizable here too.

    As a student studying in Jerusalem of the early 80s I heard Kahane speak several times both in Hebrew and in English. He spoke better in English, but was quite fluent in Hebrew too. He was the captain of the debating team at the Yeshiva University High School for Boys in Brooklyn in 1949 and Professor Alan Dershowitz was captain of the same team four years later. They can be seen debating in the mid 80’s.

    I found Kahane to be more eloquent than he was convincing. He had several one-liners that he used in almost every speech and in general was oft to repeat himself. As a youngster I argued with him twice. Years later I was flattered to learn that he had used one of these encounters at a seminar in public speaking to teach his supporters how to deal with difficult questioners.

    I considered his being banned from the Knesset as an act of hypocrisy as he had been espousing the same views for many years, but it was only after he was elected in 1984 that a special tailor-made law was legislated. This was with the support of the Likud party, whose votes he was taking. I was reminded of Dershowitz, who had said that he would ”support and defend” the Kahane’s right to his views and added, ”But I will also defend the right of his enemies to make equally obnoxious statements.”

    That’s about it. Kahane lived by the sword and was murdered in 1990 by a member of an early forerunner of Al Qaeda. He left a mixed legacy, both of having founded and inspired the 60s and 70s struggle for the release of Soviet Jewry and also a few extremist Jewish thugs who have caused and continue to cause a great deal of harm to the Israeli Right wing and settler movements.

    There is a Talmudic question as to whether it was better for man to have been born or not. I think it is a question that every person should ask regarding himself or herself rather than others. Regarding the question as to whether Meir Kahane did more good or harm in his lifetime, I’ll leave that one to his Creator.
    Have a great week,

    • Wow! I understand why it took a whole Shabbat to produce all that. 😉
      What about those people who murder others vs those who do only racist graffiti. Any profound thoughts?

      • When Arabs / Muslims say death to the Jews, that Arabs / Muslims should finish hitlers work, I would respond with “OK, Death to Arabs”.

        I wish Obama would respond to the weekly rallies in Iran where the “supreme fuhrer” leads thousands in chants of death to America, with Obama calling for death to Iran.

      • spoken like a real he-man

      • But not by gas, Edward because Marks’ religion forbids it. You can say kill them, that’s authorized by his religion, but not graffiti their doors with the word “gas”.
        Which religion is that? The hell if I know, I’m an atheist. But it cannot be Judaism, which does not condone murder.

    • I’ve listened for a bit to the video, the sound is rather trying on my ears – I thus would have to sit through the transcript, but from what I read/listened it is clear that for me it is a bit insiderish – and after Dershowitz had said that comparing Kahane to the Nazis is an insult to the victims I felt so gratified by being confirmed in my own personal view expressed somewhere on this site that I stopped listening.

      The free speech stand Dershowitz takes is a very American one (Germans don’t agree whether derives from Voltaire or Rosa Luxemburg) which in Germany with its past and its system of checks and balances I’d not feel comfortable. Also I remember when I looked into it some years ago that Americans have different stopgaps. In my country certain stop gaps by the law on what is allowed to say I think are useful not least because they remind people of our very recent history of atrocities.

      German Wikipedia has some quotes by Kahane which I’d subscribe to (except the one I don’t get of course).

      As to the reputation of settlers and the right – don’t worry if they couldn’t “kahane-ate” you then they’d find something else. As a rule they remind me of parrots regurgitating ready mades (Mussolini’s Italy) without knowledge or thinking about.

      If you are right and he was more of a populist than a thinker worth rechewing I take your advice and don’t look for a biography of the man.

      BTW somewhere in the deep deep trunk of my podcasts-downloads there is an interview that your presumably very very popular Knesset-member Tibi(?) gave to a US-radio-station. I’ve still have to come across an accusation (except by me) that a man like that gives your Arab neighbours a very bad name. It seems to pass under the radar that those poor guys just don’t know better which IMHO is very very racist.

      As to the authorities going after Kahane only after he got elected that is common practice in Germany also. After all there is a bind – if you go after them with the law real early you might create martyrs and give them a lot of publicity for free. So they sit on it hoping it will blow over. Whenever the NPD (our own neo-Nazis) makes it into a local parliament they try again to get a ban against them through the courts. To date they have always failed – for good or for ill the bars are very high.

      All in all I think Jose isn’t worthy of your or my attention. If we were his neighbours it might be different because the man (if he’s a man) definitely needs help but via the net he’s on his own and I’ll delete his comments as I have done these past years.

      • Yes, it is bizarre how even in this era of mass communication friendships are still so geographical. My neighbors are among my best friends, but I wonder with how many of them I’d spend time if it meant a five minute drive. I think that’s what makes these online friendships so special.

        Regarding the character you mention, I have no idea who he is and no interest whatsoever in finding out. The only thing worthy of note that I’ve read was his comical claim regarding that “gas the Arabs” door, followed by pitiable backtracking and frantic attempts to change the topic. And that was only notable because of its sublime idiocy.

      • I bet Marks wouldn’t be able to post once without mentioning me, while pretending of course that he wouldn’t ever. Permanent ad hominem mode, from the two self-confessed fascists.

      • Don’t forget Marks, you still owe this audience an explaination why a Jew would be able to murder an innocent Arab and not graffiti a racist slogan on a door. All my religious friends say one is much more anti-Judaism than the other. I’ll let you guess which is which.

      • Poor Silke, He’s so much stopped listening to me that he speaks permanently about me. No one called Kahane, or any other, a Nazi. Marks and Kahane are both fascists, not Nazis. Beign Nazi requires being antisemitic. So anyone saying that about a Jew better have some hard proof. But fascist Jews like Kahane are quite common among the settler population. Mostly coming from USA and UK.
        So Silke and Marks, you’re constant excuses for Kahane, supporting the murder of Arabs and their ethnic cleansing in Israel says much more about you than I could myself do.
        Thanks for your “coming out”. I think the moderate Israelis (and non-Israelis) here will be happy to know what you’re worth and will now stay away, as some already do.

  14. oops got a wrong link – meant it to be this one