Forced to turn off my camera at Jenny Tonge/David Ward event in Parliament while Al Jazeera films.

Last night I went to Parliament for an event staged by the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK. The event Gaza: Life in an occupied and besieged strip was obviously only concerned with the human rights of one group of Arabs.

It was chaired by the Liberal Democrat David Ward MP and the main attraction was Baroness Jenny Tonge who once said “Israel won’t be here forever”.

Tonge complained that “the Palestinians had been denied democracy because the wrong side (Hamas) won” and that Israel defies international law by denying the right of return to anyone who is not a Jew.

Her main complaint was about “the Israel lobby” which, she said, “has its claws in this country” and she claimed nothing was being done about Israel out of fear of being called anti-Semitic.

She called for a total boycott of Israel, said that Jews had led the struggle against apartheid in South Africa and finished off with:

“Let us show Israel; we love you very much but not in these circumstances”.

Here is the clip:

We were then addressed by “International Law Specialist” Toby Cadman. Cadman claimed he was not a political activist but went on to accuse Israel of “collective punishment and unlawful occupation” and having a “classic system of apartheid”.

He said that there was “No situation quite like Palestine” and he also blamed the “Powerful lobby movement” for ensuring injustices weren’t addressed.

Then came the Q&A. An audience member rose and said “Disease in Gaza is like in the concentration camps under the Nazis”.

Then directly behind me someone wanted to know more about “the Israel lobby” so he could boycott them too! He wanted the panel to expand on who exactly they were.

I felt compelled to turn my camera back on at this point.

During her talk Tonge had pointed me out to everyone. She described me as a “great blogger and contributor to the Jewish Chronicle”. And Sara Apps, of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, had already been over to me twice; to ask if I was registered for the event and then to see if my camera was turned off.

So, while Tonge was describing “the Israel lobby” as being both BICOM and the various political Friends of Israel groupings Mohammed Jamil, the organiser of the event, was bearing down on me.

He ordered me to switch my camera off and, which you don’t see, tried to snatch it.

Meanwhile, the cameras of Al Jazeera, who were there covering the event, continued to roll. Here’s the clip and I’m glad to say my little camera has survived yet another battering:


28 responses to “Forced to turn off my camera at Jenny Tonge/David Ward event in Parliament while Al Jazeera films.

  1. Why are they so afraid of being filmed? Surely the best publicity for their cause would be the other side filming how decent and reasonable they were being. Oh, I’ve just answered my own question.

  2. they have eyes to see ears to hear but they hear nor see . living in the u,s,a, I wonder how brits could come to the point of beliving such untruths.

  3. Reading and watching your blog gives me a strong bodily reaction af anger and hate towards the speaker. I don’t know how you manage to digest all these encounters with these anti semitic people disguised as human rights activists. I have my own criticism of Israel but the venum that came out of this woman’s mouth felt so visceral that I could almost see her joining IS if she was 40 years younger.

    • She also would need to look better. Otherwise, I can’t see what use IS terrorists could make of her.

  4. Brian Goldfarb

    I just wonder how Richard survives. I sure don’t have his courage, and I certainly wouldn’t risk filming these people.

    More power to his elbow.

    Oh, and Wayne, you too have your crazies o the Middle East. They just don’t include many of your national politicians, so that this stuff gets a lower profile there.

  5. You scare the hell out of them Richard . They know the camera doesn’t lie . They know you don’t edit . In simple terms you inhibit them . You put them off their stride . They don’t know how to handle you . Caught between their natural desire to delegitimise and demonise Israel and the need to be seen as supportive of free speech , you disrupt the event just by being there . As always we owe you a debt of gratitude for exposing the inner workings of these repulsive unreconstructed fascists . All power to your elbow ( and your camera ) .

  6. Again Richard thank you. What a pile of bigotsvthey are android they hate that you expose them!!!

  7. Dov hamburger

    No rules on thuggery within Westminster Palace?They are just a mirror of the people they represent .You are very brave .

  8. I also commend you, Richard, on your consistent, and persistent, attendance at these kinds of events. Watching and hearing this one sickened me, the attempted intimidation of you turned me cold. I agree with Sharon, how you digest it and still manage to continue as you do is hard to comprehend. That you do, however, is good for all of us as Jews and a thorn in the side of anti-Semites.

  9. Being a thorn in he sides of Tonge and Ward makes you a real hero, Richard.That you continue to show up these useful idiots for their inane bigotry is very much appreciated. All honour to you.

  10. Next time, bring an accomplice to film with you. when they realise you had one, they will be forced to order all people filming to stop, revealing their intolerance to seeing their hate speech exposed to all non-selected audiences.
    When that happens, you won’t even need to come with an accomplice anymore. Any person with a camera will become your unsuspecting “accomplice.”



  12. I don’t understand why you don’t lodge a complaint with the police. I believe that trying to snatch your camera by force constitutes assault, even under British law.
    BTW – as I’ve mentioned before, you can get fairly inexpensive (about £30) “spy cameras” in the guise of a pen or a wristwatch. You could use them as back up.


    Nah the drama on Tues Is separate. H3 had no media press Pass to film. Only took his camera out when she spoke. She actually encourage him to carry on filming. Al jaz got the hump bc they know his guerilla *spider monkey ?* tactic is too brandish a zoomed lens and attempt 5o intimidate the speaker
    Major points:
    Sh3 graciously called him a “good blogger ”
    *An affront to the blogging realm)
    He had no respect for parliamentary protocol ie
    Do not interrupt speakers under any circumstances
    And take ur.bloody hat off in the house of Commons.
    albeit it was a beanie and he looked fit.for a hacky sack game !
    A journalist is under obligation to leave ego at the door and spare their biases fo4 later
    He let it be known he was there to Intimidate her
    I heard him telling her Israel is in the same position as 5g3 allies in ww2
    Thus I followed her to the panel and had discourse w her about him .
    Sh3 loves the publicity
    She stood down from the government and that twat couldn’t even relinquish a camera
    Al jaz knows he edits out of context
    Finally. The report was harrowing . No mention of the data presented . Just his feminine conspiratorial machinations
    Ego ego ego
    New phone hates punctuation so excuse above
    And as for Kharoof and khanzeer ! Sheep and pig ; respectively .

    • A journalist should better leave his personal racist opinions at the door. But you are no journalist.

    • If it is interesting to you, then I surmise it has absolutely no interest to the intelligent world.



    In light of the U.S court verdict for $655.5 million against Fatah sponsored terrorism.
    This proves you do not give foreign aid to murdering psychopaths like Fatah.

  16. Hitler’s pet dog and Palestinian NAZI leader, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

  17. Best article on what Israel is dealing with.
    Dealing with Savages.
    By Rabbi Pruzansky
    Posted on November 21, 2014

  18. Zionism is a political movement against Moslem racism.
    Opposing Arab colonialism and Muslim theocracy, oppression of women and non-Muslims, and supporting the free and democratic state of Israel are progressive positions.

  19. Palestinian Murderer of a 3-month old Jewish baby is a hero to the Palestinians. This is their value system! Let history judge just what they are, we already know.
    Beyond Depraved: Palestinians Praise Infant Murderer
    by Ari Lieberman
    October 28, 2014