“Neo-Nazi” talks at Max Blumenthal’s anti-Israel event in Parliament: Clip Update.

Last week I posted about David Thring, considered a “neo-Nazi”, who spoke at a Max Blumenthal event in the British Parliament about Israel. The event was sponsored by Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Thring’s past behaviour probably needed more of an explanation so here is a clip of some of his past activities. In the beginning is audio of one of the organisers of the event warmly inviting Thring up to the stage to speak.

Pertinent questions that the clip asks is why was a “neo-Nazi” invited by the organisers to speak at an anti-Israel event in Parliament and when will opposition to the Jewish state be seen for what it really is.

7 responses to ““Neo-Nazi” talks at Max Blumenthal’s anti-Israel event in Parliament: Clip Update.

  1. Sound completely inaudible! Well, Jeremy Corbyn claims to be on the left of Labour, the fact that he is palling up with Nazis, neo or otherwise, is proof of the link between the extreme left and the extreme right.

    • richardmillett

      sorry about that. if you listen closely it is basically Thring being warmly welcomed to speak.

    • There always was close connection between Nazis and extreme left Bolsheviks. That’s why I’m not surprised to see that meet of interests again. Their common aim is to hit again Jews and the one place that closely identify as Jews’ asset – Israel THE Jew of the World.

  2. Insanity on the left, insanity on the right. Birds of a feather.

  3. I understand that, unlike US senators and Congressmen, British MPs don’t have their own staffs, but surely Jeremy Corbyn could have had someone research James Thring and, for that matter, Max Blumenthal, to figure out who these characters are before inviting them.

    • Why? A Neo-Nazi is the best person to warm up the audience before Max Blumenthal bring them to antisemitic orgasm.

    • They certainly have their own staff Joanne, I worked for a British Labour MP as his assistant in the 1970s. I am quite sure that Jeremy Corbyn knew exactly whom he was praising.