Now Liberal Democrat MP Menzies Campbell blames rise of Islamic State on Israel.

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I didn’t name Menzies Campbell MP in my last post as one of those Liberal Democrat politicians who has made comments likely to help fuel anti-Semitism in the UK, but then right on cue he goes and makes such a statement.

In a recent interview on the BBC with Andrew Neil, who is also a bit overly-obsessed with matters Jewish, Campbell said (see clip below):

“What are the causes of the rise of ISIS and Al Qaida? One of the principal causes is the fact of the continuing dispute between Israel and the Palestinians…If you’re trying to persuade 15-year old young women in Britain to go and offer themselves as brides to jihadists in Syria or Iraq one of the ways in which it’s done is to point to the oppression of the Arab people, in particular the oppression of the Palestinians…”

So while British Prime Minister David Cameron is doing his best, quite rightly, to shield British Muslims from a negative backlash in the UK by referring to Islamic State as not being Muslims Campbell is connecting British Jews, via their support for Israel, directly with Islamic State.

And then the biggest irony is that Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has penned a statement for this week’s Jewish News in which he condemns the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK as a result of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This is the rise that his Liberal Democrat party continues to help fuel!

Clip (apologies for sound quality):

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11 responses to “Now Liberal Democrat MP Menzies Campbell blames rise of Islamic State on Israel.

  1. Have you asked Jewish News about this? Why do they go running after the Lib Dems? If Dr. Johnson said that “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” then for the Lib Dems “antisemitism is the last refuge of unelectability in a political party”. The horrendous event in Manchester at the football match when Maccabi under-16s tried to play a non-Jewish team and were booed off the pitch in a flurry of antisemitic tirades that included “you don’t care about the Palestinians” is another example.

    • richardmillett

      Actually i did ask them why Clegg is given an unchallenged platform and the reply was that people will be able to respond via the letters pages. But I don’t think that is enough really because Clegg won’t know about those letters and will just go on his merry way.

  2. This man is well past his use-by date. He should have been put out to pasture long ago. Of course, because the Lib Dems are part of the Government, anything this idiot says will be taken seriously. We should not be at all surprised, however, at any anti-Semitic noises coming from this Party. I’ve heard enough bilious rantings on Israel from the likes of Jenny Tonge to know what to expect to hear on the subject from other loose cannons amongst the Lib Dems.

  3. And terror in the UK is because of the occupation of the Falklands? Figures!

  4. They really are an obnoxious party. The sort of people they attract – Tonge, Ward, David Steele, Clegg, Campbell mainly come from the upper middle classes but espouse far left ideologies – in other words, they’ve never grown up.

    As GB Shaw wrote, if you are not a socialist at 20, you have no heart – if you are still a socialist at 40, you have no head. Welcome to the limp dicks.

  5. The key is in Neil’s tweet: “Studied it at uni!!” Neatly illustrates how media folk imbibe their poison as undergraduates … and it never leaves their system.

  6. Let’s not forget Mr SAS, who made a film about Jerusalem full of the most horrendous distortions – none of them in favour of Jewish connection to Jerusalem.
    Truly a vile party.
    Lucas should apply to join them.

  7. the U K will be overtaken while you folks argue among yourselves seeing who can appease the muslin the most tis a shame

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  9. Surely the point here is that the Liberals voting base is declining catastrophically. The rise of UKIP will take as many, if not more, voters away from them, so they, as with Labour, are looking to the Moslem vote to bolster themselves.

    The simplest way to do that is to bash israel in the belief, possibly correctly, that the basic Moslem vote will follow anyone who distracts the electorate from the core prolems that the Muslem comminuty have, that is the rise of the Jihadists.

    Why face your own internal problems when you can unite with your “enemies” against the “real enemy”?

    Only the thinking people will see that this is nothing more than a smokescreen, intended to gain votes, but not to acquire the truth.

  10. Menzies Campbell, is that old never was still around? Crap talking.