Good Jew urgently needed for Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow.

It is party conference season. There are only seven months to go to the general election and while the National Health Service, the economy and immigration will be important to most parties “Palestine” will be more important to the Liberal Democrats as they try to win votes at the expense of Israel and, more specifically, British Jews.

They will soon be planning their Mezuzah leaflets. There is no political party that fights an election more viciously than the Lib Dems., and Mezuzah leaflets are widely used by them to ensure that no Jewish house gets one of their “pro-Palestinian” leaflets which is full of anti-Israel propaganda.

This is the party that produced Chris Davies MEP who told a Jewish voter that he hoped she enjoyed “wallowing in her own filth”.

This is the party that produced Baroness Jenny Tonge who, inter alia, adores Hamas leader Ismail Haniya.

This is the party that wants to keep Israel as vulnerable as possible. During Operation Protective Edge they called for a ban on weapons being sold to Israel just as Israeli citizens were coming under sustained rocket attack from Hamas.

And this is the party which still has David “the Jews haven’t learned from the Holocaust” Ward as an MP.

And you can imagine the conversation during the planning of this Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine event being held at their Glasgow conference:

Lib Dem. 1: We need a Jew on the panel.
Lib Dem. 2: Yes, good point. A good Jew though. One that wants a one-state solution and who supports a boycott of Israeli products.
Lib Dem. 1: Ok, then. I’ll try and get hold of one of those nice Jews from Jews for Justice for Palestinians or from Independent Jewish Voices or, even better, from the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.

You would really hope, wouldn’t you, that in 2014 the Liberal Democrats wouldn’t pin the religion of someone as being their most defining characteristic. But when there are votes to win the Lib Dems. punch hard below the belt.

Having “a Jew” on the panel is important for two reasons. It is more likely to convince the audience of the argument against Israel on the basis that “if a Jew is saying this it must be true”. Second, it allows the Liberal Democrats to convince themselves that anti-Semitism isn’t rife throughout their party because they can now now claim “but we’ve got a Jew on our panel”.

So if you are a “good Jew” reading this then get your train ticket for Glasgow. The Liberal Democrats urgently need you.

10 responses to “Good Jew urgently needed for Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow.

  1. Guess they want what Mearsheimer called a “righteous Jew” – as opposed to a “new Afrikaner” ….

  2. Not Neturei Karta though -they are incapable of stringing a meaningful sentence together.

    • But NK on a panel make for good “optics”.

      Odd that the NK don’t live in Gaza because they should be welcomed with open arms as fellow anti-Zionists and “good Jews”, who would demonstrate the respect Jews can enjoy living under the thumb of Orthodox Islamists.

  3. The Board of Deputies is queuing up

  4. It is dreadfully sad to see the Lib Dems taken over by all these Jew-haters, the party was supported by so many Jews who helped to finance it and stood by it when it was at its lowest ebb such as the Jeremy Thorpe affair. I utterly despise the current crop of Lib Dems, mostly for prostituting themselves to the Tories in order to grab the trappings of power, they are finished as a party so they can say what they like. I hope the “speaker from Gaza” was arrested at the airport. Would be nice to know who the token Jew was.

  5. Maybe I could play the “good Jew” for them. Apart from that, I am also able to put arguments together into sentences and able to recognize an antisemite behind an “anti-Zionist”.

  6. This programme leaflet demonstrates that the LibDems, openly and unashamedly, are looking to court anti-Zionist Jews. That précis states, as clearly as anything could: Jews who support Israel are not welcome in our party, and we do not even want their votes.

    • Not precisely: they court Jews to Jew-wash their antisemitic discourse. Meaning they still want Jews to be able to vote for them.

  7. Brian Goldfarb

    They do have some problems with their “good Jew” search, though. Our MP is Lynne Featherstone, Jewish, a member of the government and on the record (via emails to us) as insisting that Israeli has the right to defend itself (with no equivocation in that email). She also forwarded our email complaining about Vince Cable and arms contracts with Israel and has, today, forwarded our comments on antisemitism to Theresa May (noting that other constituents had raised the same concern).

    But then she is in a Labour-Lib. Dem. marginal. Given the conversation we had just two days ago with the prospective Labour candidate (she’s with Ed on Israel/Hamas here), I’m going to inform the members of our Orthodox synagogue of the differences on israel between them. It is a marginal and each candidate needs all the votes she can get.

  8. I nominate the ‘ Good Jew ‘ who popped George Galloway . Ok so he wasn’t Jewish but it’s the thought that counts .