Guardian writer George Monbiot: “Time for an air war against Israel.”

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In a deeply ironic article The Guardian’s George Monbiot asks why, in light of NATO’s current air war against Islamic State, the west doesn’t “bomb the Muslim world – all of it” and possibly “flatten the entire Middle East and West Asia” his thesis being that with there being so many human rights abusers in the region why concentrate solely on Islamic State/ISIS.

No article like this for The Guardian would be complete unless it contained a totally unjustified attack on Israel. Soon into his piece Monbiot writes:

“In Gaza this year, 2,100 Palestinians were massacred: including people taking shelter in schools and hospitals. Surely these atrocities demand an air war against Israel?”

Monbiot adopts the usual hard-left line of Israel having committed a “massacre” in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge. He is doing the work of Hamas’ propaganda arm for them. Civilians were the main victims of Operation Protective Edge, as they are in any war. Civilians are already being killed by NATO in Syria.

But a significant proportion of those 2,100 dead in Gaza are likely to have been the Hamas fighters who had fired rockets at Israeli citizens from nearby to those schools and hospitals, who had dug attack-tunnels under Israel and who came out of those tunnels with the aim of killing as many Israelis as possible.

Monbiot goes on to suggest air attacks against Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Shia militias in Iraq due to the horrendous treatment of many citizens in those countries by their governments.

By citing Israel alongside such oppressive oppressive regimes Monbiot puts Israel on a par with with some of the worst human rights abusers when in fact Israel is not only the most liberal country in the region but on a par with the west when it comes to, inter alia, freedom of speech, freedom to practice religion and freedom to express one’s sexuality.

But Monbiot’s biggest crime in this article is to underplay what is happening to religious minorities at the hands of Islamic State.

Monbiot cites individual cases of human rights abuses by the corrupt dictatorships in Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia but is this really on the same level as lining up hundreds of innocent civilians and shooting them in the head before pushing their lifeless bodies into a river or shooting them dead in mass pits, burying them alive or crucifying them like Islamic State terrorists have done to Christians, Yazidis, Shia Muslims and others?

No reasonable person could approve of what has been happening on a daily basis in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iraq. But the regimes that head these countries are not Islamic State.

Neither is the west ignorant of these countries and has been attempting “political solutions” that Monbiot calls for in the penultimate paragraph of his piece. A change of leadership was recently forced through in Iraq and short-lived democracy movements sprung up in Iran, Bahrain and Syria. Although the latter were brutally oppressed they are waiting to rise again. Courageous women continue to attempt to demonstrate for more freedoms in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Islamic State is far worse than these corrupt dictatorships. Roger Boyes in the London Times (behind paywall) sums up the war against Islamic State:

“The mission would be easier if we were pitted against a corrupt dictatorship since no amount of brainwashing can stop conscript soldiers making the calculation: is it worth dying to defend this man’s palaces? Splitting Isis is infinitely more complex.”

There are no calculations for Islamic State’s brainwashed terrorists to make. Defending, propagating and dying for their extreme interpretation of Islam is their only objective. All obstacles are liquidated.

Monbiot fails to fully grasp this.

His piece does justice neither to Israel, expected from him, nor to those suffering under the brutality of Islamic State, unexpected from him.

14 responses to “Guardian writer George Monbiot: “Time for an air war against Israel.”

  1. BonniePrinceCharlie

    Welcome back, Richard. Missed you.

  2. Expecting too much from an enemy of Israel exposes one to disappointment. Moonbat would probably have asked Americans to bomb London after the bombing of Dresden.

    • Moonbat would have asked the Americans to bomb London after the Falklands War.
      He is quite literally unhinged.

  3. The writer is correct. Israel knowingly and deliberately carried out a Nazi-like blitz against innocent civilians, killing and maiming tens of thousands. IS didn’t murder that many innocent people. In the final analysis, there is no difference of substance between sending people to gas chambers and raining missiles and laser-guided boms on apartment building packed with women and children. Israel is a Nazi state par excellance.

    • Here we have the resident antisemitic troll. IS murdered about 100% innocent people. Israel didn’t murder. Comparison of Israel policies to Nazi is antisemitism, by the way according to both US and former EU working definitions.
      So amayreh2008 is an antisemite by excellence, offering us a festival of antisemitic bigotry in a few lines.

      • Brian Goldfarb

        Amayreh2008 can’t even get the figures right (which destroys the point s/he is trying to make. Even Hamas only claim that 2000 people were killed by the Israelis – more distanced sources suggest that at least half of those were Hamas combatants. This amounts to a 1:1 death ratio, where sophisticated military observers would normally expect a 1;3 ratio of combatants to civilians anywhere else in the world.

        Indeed, since 1947 and the passing of the UN Resolution establishing the State of Israel, something like 10x (at least) the number of Moslems who have died in Israel v the rest wars, Intifidas, etc, have been killed by their fellow Moslims all over the Moslem world.

        How does Amayreh2008 square that circle? Or is the death ratio irrelevant, because s/he is only concerned with the deaths caused, directly or otherwise, by Israelis (and s/he means Jews, of course)?

  4. Bruce Rosenberg

    Reading his wiki bio, it would appear that both of Georgie’s parents were associated with the Conservative party. It would appear that it’s not a mommy issue or a daddy issue exclusively, but a most unfortunate combination of both.

  5. From now on: Islamic Resistance Movement a/k/a Hamas perhaps the White House will notice

  6. J J Goldstein

    IT is interesting that despite the fact that US and now we have been bombimg IS, there is no word of civilian casualties,

    Does that mean that there are none, or rather doies it mean that no one really cares.

    The well oiled PR machine of IS seems to be more interested in giving publicity to the people it kills, rather than those killed by their enemies.

    Would it not be nice if the anti-semites around were limited to the ignorant people such as amayreh2008?

    However, it is clear that antisemitism of its most virulent kind is alive and well amomgst the intelligensia and those who are given the opportunity by rags such as the Guardian to spread their bile to the outside world.

  7. Interesting he does not appear to know that in 2013, 27,300 critical care patients from the West Bank & Gaza were treated (without cost) in Israeli hospitals. Even during Operation Protective Edge,over 30 crossed the rocket attacked Eretz crossing into Israel.

  8. Brian Goldfarb

    Richard, like BonniePrinceCharlie, please allow me to add my greetings on your return. Missed your pithy and well-aimed comments. Hope you didn’t run into physical resistance to your efforts to cover the nasties, and thus had to spend time recuperating.

    It’s possible to counter the Monbiot effect on this issue with reference to various experts, such as Lt. Colonel (Retd.) Richard Kemp. Much of his work is in videos posted on the web, but he did publish an excellent article in The Times (sadly, behind a pay-wall) in which he repeatedly notes the efforts of the IDF to avoid civilian casualties, with surprisingly positively results, as I note above in response to Amyreh2008.

  9. Good to have you back Richard