Bibi declared “most dangerous political world leader today” at Centre for Palestine Studies, SOAS.


An MA in Palestine Studies is being introduced by SOAS. Judging by the last two nights at the Centre For Palestine Studies, which is based at SOAS, one can just imagine some of the questions on the end of year exam paper!

On Wednesday CPS hosted Ilan Pappe and last night it hosted Walid Khalidi who spoke on the subject of 100 years since WW1 and the Balfour Declaration.

Admittedly, unlike Pappe, Khalidi supports a two state solution due to its “global support” but also because “in a one state framework Israel would have the ideal alibi to remove whatever constraints remain on settlements. Within a twinkling the Palestinians would be lucky if they had enough land to plant onions in their back gardens and to bury their dead alongside”.

Khalidi is the Godfather of “Palestine Studies”. Gilbert Achcar introduced him as “the founder of the scientific study on the question of Palestine”. But at the Centre for Palestine Studies on Wednesday night Ilan Pappe had referred to the “so-called scientific research” of Zionism as nothing more than “marketing” by Israel.

Hypocrisy doesn’t come bigger than that. While the study of “Palestine” is “scientific”, the study of Israel is mere “marketing”!

The glitterati of the Palestine Lobby, including “Ambassador” Manuel Hassassian, were present to hear Khalidi describe the Balfour Declaration as “the single most destructive political document on the Middle East in the twentieth century”. But the 16 million dead of WW1 were not even mentioned by Khalidi.

Interestingly, Khalidi wasn’t too keen on UNSCR 242 either. While anti-Israel propagandists use 242 as proof that Israel is in the West Bank illegally, Khalidi said it doesn’t specify a time when the withdrawal of Israel’s armed forces should begin, a line for them to be withdrawn to or the name of the territories they are to be withdrawn from.

Neither does 242 mention the word “Palestinian” or describe who the “refugees” are. Khalidi said while the Balfour Declaration was the fountainhead of all developments from 1917 to 1967 UNSCR 242 was the fountainhead of the conflict since 1967 to this day.

Khalidi said the 1967 War’s “most profound and potentially catastrophic impact lies in the inspiration it gave to neo-Zionist religious fundamentalist Messianism and to its creation of conditions conducive to a clash over Jerusalem’s holy places between Jewish and Christian evangelical jihadists on the one hand and Muslim jihadists on the other.”

Khalidi doesn’t like Israel’s leaders much either. The last part of his talk was all about the influences on Benjamin Netanyahu, which included his grandfather (Nathan), father (Benzion) and brother, Yonatan, killed in Israel’s raid on Entebbe in 1976 to save Jewish and Israeli hostages from Palestinian terrorists.

Another influence was Jabotinksy who, Khalidi said, was referred to by Ben Gurion as “Vladimir Hitler”. Another was Menachem Begin who, according to Khalidi, introduced into the Middle East the letter bomb, the parcel bomb, the barrel bomb and the car bomb.

Khalidi thinks Arabs are powerless and he said “just how sorry the state of the Arab nation is can be gauged from the fact that the future of Palestine hinges more on the desires and prejudices of Benjamin Benzion Natan Netanyahu than those of any incumbent in the proud Arab capitals”.

Khalidi said Abbas is “committed to non-violence”, that there’s “evidence of pragmatism” in the Hamas leadership and that “civil disobedience” could well be common ground for Abbas and Hamas.

But Khalidi’s final dramatic rhetorical flourish, for which he received a standing ovation at which he waved his walking stick high in the air, was aimed solely at Israel’s Prime Minister:

“All the other protagonists are committed to a peaceful resolution…Obama’s understanding of the Palestine problem far surpasses that of all his predecessors. Abbas’ commitment to peace is genuine. At his age peace would be the crowning achievement of a lifetime.

We want to focus on the real enemy…Bibi will never share Jerusalem. Continued occupation and settlement while tightening the noose around East Jerusalem is  a sure recipe for an apocalyptic catastrophe sooner or later over the Muslim holy places in the Old City.

With the continued surge in religious fundamentalist zealotry on both sides the road to Armageddon will lead from Jerusalem.

That is why, ladies and gentleman, Benjamin Benzion Ben Natan Netanyahu is the most dangerous political leader in the world today.”

Jewish holy places, anyone? Roll on those MA in Palestine Studies exam questions!

22 responses to “Bibi declared “most dangerous political world leader today” at Centre for Palestine Studies, SOAS.

  1. So, since you heard the end of his speech, I guess you didn’t get thrown out of that one? 🙂

    Well done for exposing all this stuff – problem is, we need more of “our stuff” to counteract it.

    Going to a Commons seminar on “reforming UNWRA” next week – well overdue!

    Shabbat Shalom,


  2. Israel fought the 1967 War to prevent Egypt and its allies from carrying out
    the threats they had repeatedly uttered, namely, to destroy Israel.
    Miraculously, Israel won and immediately sued for peace, which victors do not normally do. The Arabs held a conference in Khartoum and declared, “no peace, no negotiation and no recognition”. and they have never withdrawn
    that declaration. So how can Israel ever negotiate with the Arabs when all they want to do is to destroy the State of Israel and throw the Jews into the sea, which actually means, kill them all?. Arabs love killing. Just look at Syria at
    the moment? Possibly 140,000 deaths and rising. If they spent half the effort they put into killing and destruction into bettering the lives of their own people,they would be immensely better off. First step is to get rid of all the
    old men who lead them and are so fixed in their ways that nothing will change while they are in power. Let them look at what Israel has achieved and ask themselves why their leaders have failed them so badly.

  3. And I thought they couldn’t be more ridiculous!

  4. Dear Walid Khalidi,

    Happy Eternal Nakba!

  5. Who is funding this “Palestinian studies” chair? Can’t the Department of Education step in to stop this blatant propagandising under the guise of a university course? The “graduates”” will go out into the world and spread their poison to undermine our education system and teach children a pack of lies, something they have already started doing.

    • I have complained to the DoE in the past, and been fobbed off with the usual bureaucratic crap.

  6. I used to know Miriam Margolyes personally, am glad I haven’t seen her for years. She is indeed disgusting but she is also very, very rich and acts as an angel for other theatre productions and it is quite likely that she helped to fund her performance in Finchley. That is the reason why she has come to prominence because she is rich enough to force her way in.

  7. I think someone needs a refresher on Abbas. The man who wrote a thesis on Holocaust denial and funded the Munich attacks.

  8. Daniel Marks

    You know what? Good.

    Netanyahu is not the “most dangerous political world leader today” or anything like it. Most Israelis are far more afraid of his wife than of him. But if our enemies wish to believe that’s what he is, let’s not rush in to set them straight.

    Once as a schoolchild I was involved in a sit in at the Aeroflot offices of London. A large burly policeman pounced at me in order to arrest me, but knocked into an old friend called Moshe who was, at that time, inordinately obese. The latter fell on him and the poor copper was taken off with a broken hand.

    The next day word around school was that a special branch officer had attempted to detain me, but that I had broken his arm. Initially, I tried to deny the feat, but my denials were mistaken for modesty or a wish to avoid getting into any further trouble.

    My new reputation as an arm breaker of men would serve me well and lads far tougher than I suddenly became most polite and obliging. While never going so far as to take credit for the now famous limb, I learned to wink when hearing the story and while massaging my knuckles would say that it is a matter best left not discussed.

    So, if anyone bumps into Walid, leave him in the dark. You might even give him an wink and an evil smile and in a nervous whisper you might express your admiration for a man who has the guts to talk so publicly and so critically about the “most dangerous political world leader today”

  9. “Khalidi : Abbas’ commitment to peace is genuine” LOL. When he refuse to give up the right of return?. which bring up the question of what kind of peace khalidi is really talking about.

    • A piece of Jerusalem. Then another piece. Then a piece of Tel-Aviv. A piece of Haifa. …

    • I’d guess that the Arab meaning of “peace” is very different from the accepted Western definition.

      More surrender and submission to islamofascist will – G-d Forbid!.

      We see his “peace” in Syria.

  10. Netanyahu was delared a “liar and pain in the neck” in November 2011 at the Elysée Palace by Israel’s two best friends, president Sarkozy and president Obama.

    • sarkozy and obama are upset because Bibi won’t move to the back of the bus.

      Quelle surprise!

    • Both themselves called liars and worse by their own people…

      • And by me.
        Obama is rapidly becoming as useless as Carter. Of course, he has always been equally stupid and ignorant.

    • Daniel Marks

      Hi Rehmati,

      I read your blog with interest, but chose not to post there as I note that your censorship policy includes deleting such Zionist propaganda as Wikipedia:

      “I have deleted your Israeli ‘Wikipedia’ link because that negates your credibility as a rational person.”

      On the other hand you feel no similar need to edit your Jew-hating pals:

      “It’s that Kol Nidre. Makes them all liars like their father Satan”.

      Your views are self-contradictory to say the least. On the one hand your diatribes wouldn’t shame the most despicable of racists – John Kerry’s is a “Crypto Jew” surrounding himself by fellow conspirators with Jewish names, while on the other hand you celebrate the fact that those same world controlling sons of Satan were reprimanded by Obama and Sarkozy. Tell me you’re not barmy.

      In your latest post in which you see Abu Mazen as another Zionist Quisling and express support for the positions of the Hamas your lunacy reaches new heights.

      You’re the kind of scholar we need to carry on giving Zionism a good name. Nothing like a closet Nazi who believes in Jewish conspiracy theories to make even our nutters appear sane.

      In short keep up the good work. With enemies like who needs friends?

  11. Putin is not dangerous. He is not Jewish.

  12. Even if one believed all of the slanders that circulate about Bibi (which obviously I don’t!) then “most dangerous political world leader” would be ridiculous!