St James’s Church’s replica of Israel’s security wall cost….£30,000.

Take a look at the above photo. That is what £30,000 looks like. That is the cost of St James’s Church’s replica of Israel’s security wall according to St James’s churchwarden Jo Hines.

Hines said the money was all privately raised, presumably from the likes of vicious anti-Israel charity War On Want, Amos Trust, Holy Land Trust, Interpal, Jews For Justice For Palestinians, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, P21 Gallery, Tipping Point North South, Zaytoun CIC all of whom are “associated with” Bethlehem Unwrapped.

Last night it was the turn of Jewish comedians Ivor Dembina, Dave Cohen and Andy Zaltzman to go on stage for Bethlehem Unwrapped, which is pretty ironic seeing as one of their audience members was Jane Green, probably a pseudonym, who is a notorious Holocaust mocker. As she went in to the church last night I asked her what she thought of the Holocaust to which she replied “What Holocaust”.

Then, of course, there is this clip of a discussion outside St James’s Church where a supporter of Israel is called “a frigging Jew” (see from 4 mins. 15 secs.).

All pretty disturbing stuff especially in the week of Nicolas Anelka’s alleged reverse Nazi salute.

When I put it to Hines that the £30,000 could have been better spent feeding the homeless and heating the elderly she responded that that argument could also be made in relation to statues and that there are 20 or so homeless people sleeping in St James’s Church at night.

Imagine had St James’s Church’s courtyard, where the replica wall stands, been made into a structure for the 12 days where even more people could sleep, be fed and be kept warm. Churches, I thought, were in the business of looking after the poor and caring for the elderly.

After the 12 days of Christmas are over the replica wall is due to be taken down. That amounts to a cost of £2,500 a day. At least a statue usually stays up for the long term so over time its daily cost is minimal.

So what is St James’s Church’s replica wall going to achieve? St James’s Church states “All net proceeds to the ‘Future Peacemakers Appeal’, Holy Land Trust, Bethlehem.” I’d be amazed if there are any “net proceeds” when you take into account the £30,000 cost of the replica wall. Admittedly, chef Yotam Ottolenghi’s friday night £125/head “Bethlehem Feast” could make inroads into the £30,000.

For British Jews the replica wall and Bethlehem Unwrapped are a disaster. I agree with Melanie Phillips when she states that its inevitable effect will be “to incite hatred against Israel and all who support its defence”, which means even more vigilance at synagogues, Jewish schools and Jewish events.

Some will benefit though. Ottolenghi and his chef partner Sami Tamimi and Dembina, Zaltzman and Cohen will have had their faces and names plastered all over the gates of the Church which looks out onto one of the busiest roads in London. Not forgetting Justin Butcher, Geof Thompson, Dean Willars and Deborah Burton who all helped to design the replica wall (see below).

In the end the £30,000 cost of the wall could have been donated to help those that St James’s Church, Piccadilly, really claims to care for: the people of Bethlehem.


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  1. Richard, that friggin Jew is such a gotcha moment it needs to be highlighted in a post of its own. The classic moment when the guard drops and he says Jew, and then attempts to recover hastily with his uh , Zionist, I said Zionist, Zionist Zionist. If this wasn’t recorded this man would swear blind he only ever said Zionist.

  2. “£30,000 donated to help the people of Bethlehem.” I hope you mean the poor oppressed Christians, rather than the Fakestinian terrorists that have driven them out.

    • What about the BILLIONS each year that you’re paying to keep the MILLIONS trapped Palestinians behind the wall, controlled through checkpoints, under siege in Gaza, when will the Palestinian HOLOCAUST end?? drive Palestinians out where??

      • Carol, they weren’t trapped anywhere until they refused Israels offer of statehood and started the 1st Intifada.
        There wouldn’t need to be any fence if they stopped attacking Israel.
        Have you seen Egypt’s Gaza separation wall? And Hamas and Egypt are on the same side!
        Put down your Jew hatred and open your eyes to the honest, unbiased evidence.

      • Yeah, we pay billions to “Palestinians”. Time to stop paying anything to these freeloaders.

      • How many millions? checkpoints? maybe if they stop trying to kill Israelis every time a chekc point is remove there won;t be a need for it.
        Siege in Gaza? they do have a border with Egypt.
        Palestinain holcoaust? in lebanon? syria?

      • Fascist Carol,

        What about the TRILLIONS spent each year to prevent Islamofascist attacks on civilized people?

        The BILLIONS spent for checkpoints at every airport in the world to prevent another 9/11.

        If there were a holocaust of “palestinians”, the number of “palestinians” would be a fraction of the 7 MILLION Arabs claiming to be “palestinians”.

        I wish for fascist “palestinians” what they wish for Israel.

      • Tony Jacobs, please don’t waste your recited propaganda on me, when the facts on the ground are Israel was created on the destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people.

        Since the 1948, Palestinians who were NOT killed or expelled, were kept in concentration camps in 5 centers in the newly created state, Yaffa, Heifa etc under Israel’s MILITARY Laws.

        In the 60s when Israel started planning the next step, WB, EJ, GH,Gaza and Sinai, that’s when the Palestinians became some sort of citizens (NO rights), and the MILLIONS trapped now in WB, Gaza and EJ are STILL under Israeli MILITARY LAWS.

        This is what the Occupation is

      • “Palestinians” never became “some sort of citizens” of Israel. Moreover, If Israel gad try to force it on them, it would be against international law, of which you are totally ignorant.
        “Palestinians” were once Jordanians, between 1948 and 1967, after the ethnic cleansing of Judea Samaria. Then, they were deprived of it,an illegal decision by Jordan, since it made them apatrides.

        All the misery of “Palestinians” either came from their own leaders or their Arab brethen.

      • What about the citizens of Israel who were murdered by the Palestinian Arab terrorists who, before the barrier was built, would pass easily into Israel’s cities to carry out their murderous deeds.

  3. Might it have been one of your people put up to do it to discredit the church protest?

    • Why? They discredit themselves very well as it is. Let’s apply Occam’s razor.

      • So you’re NOT even in this country?? Joe is in the UK while you’re ????? you’re disrupting discussions in the UK and wonder how outraged people are with your juvenile interference, you haven’t at any stage said anything that in anyway give any integrity to the thousands of the Jews who live here.

        If you have anything worth saying, be my guest, stop calling me Stomford and all sort of rubbish to only disrupt civilised conversation from some script while being paid for a lousy service.

      • Stormfront Carol, this is not the UK but Internet. The only one interrupting adults here is you and your ludicrous delusional tantrums against the Joooos!

      • Fascist Carol,

        Your friends are MURDERING people in the UK.

        People like Lee Rigby, the people who died in the 7/7/05 London transport bombings.

        Fascist Carol, you should be ashamed of yourself. I hope security services are following you and your friends.

    • It is truly amazing looking at these comments how just a handle full even mention, let alone address the terrible suffering ongoing in Palestine as we speak. That the Israelis can openly commit genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes (findings of various international courts not just my opinion) against the Palestinian people and yet so many Jews in the international community do nothing. In effect this passive response is aiding and abetting the criminals.

      In order for Israel to stop its horrifying actions against the Palestinians the international Jewish community must act. I see instead comments that belittle and mock every effort to help the Palestinians which seem to reflect the general indifference especially by the Jewish controlled media.

      Israel is now on the verge of facing the consequences of its heinous crimes. The question the world will soon be asking is like its former ally South Africa has the current Israeli government delegitimized itself to the point that the international community must step in and institute regime change for the greater good? Israel has claimed it has a right to exist, and rightly so. But has it abused that right beyond the point of no return? I think that justice will exact a stiff price for Israel’s crimes.

      • “…. by the Jewish controlled media.” “That the Israelis can openly commit genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes (findings of various international courts not just my opinion) against the Palestinian people and yet so many Jews in the international community do nothing. In effect this passive response is aiding and abetting the criminals.”

        The only lie you’ve forgotten is the one about murdering Christian or Muslim children (depending on which part of the world you’re in), to use their blood in our passover matzah (unleavened bread).

        Where did you learn about Israel and the Jews, reading Mein Kampf and Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

      • Carol, before you cite your insane Jew hatred as fact, please check reality.
        Israel left Gaza in 2005. Israel has never ruled east of the Jordan river and the citizens of the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria (their names from 2100 years before the birth of Islam and the consequent Arab invasion of what we now call The Arab World).
        Further, only a small number of extremely hostile Arabs were put in Israeli detention centers and all were allowed to return to their homes long before the 850,000 Jewish Arabs, stripped of citizenship of the countries they’d lived in for longer than Islam existed, as well as all possessions, were settled in real houses.
        But you don’t care about crimes against Jews, you are only concerned with hurting Jews. And you wonder why you are called a Jew hater.

      • Carol, the only people charging Israel with genocide are you and the rest of the lunatic fringe lefty liberals. Even Hamas, Hizbollah and the PA are not that deluded. Do you think that Abbas would oppose a boycott goods produced in the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria if there really were a genocide going on. Your inversion of reality really is insane and either accounts for your Jew hatred or is the cause of it.

      • Abbas opposes boycott of Israel but not settlement. PA law punishes severely those who don’t boycott.
        These are precisely the same racist laws as the Nazis edicted at Nuremberg and in the occupied countries later. Those are what Stormfront Carol supports and extends to all Israel, what even the racist dictator Abbas doesn’t advocate. At least when he speaks to Western audiences.

      • Agreed, thank you for the correction.

      • Fascist Carol,

        We have as much sympathy for your “suffering palestinians” as we do for

        – the “suffering” of your nazi/national Socialist friends
        – the suffering of your al qada
        – the suffering of your muslim brotherhood
        – the suffering of your taliban
        – the suffering of your wahabbis
        – the suffering of your salifis
        – the suffering of your islamofascist regime of fascist iran.

        Happy Eternal Nakba Fascist Carol!

        BTW, a “palestinan christian” assassinated US Senator and Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy.

      • Stormfront Carol, I remind you that the only genocideever commited in this area happens in Syria today, to Arabs by Arabs. The rest is from your hate-filled, brainwashed brain.

      • “…horrifying actions against the Palestinians the international Jewish community must act.”

        The hate is strong within you Carol. The International Jewish Community? What organisation is that Carol? Surely you mean the International Jewish Conspiracy?

        And even if the Jews of the world had one voice, why is it incumbent on them alone to act? Do you demand that the International Islamic Community intervene in any of the Muslim countries committing gross and blatant human rights violations on a second by second basis? Where is your indignation at the continuing atrocities in Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Mali, Libya, Algeria, Lebanon, Philippines, Pakistan and every other cesspit country on the face of the earth? Who did you complain to and what was their reply about the Bali and Mumbai bombings. Or Madrid, London or New York.

        Please don’t bother to reply if all you can do is rant yet more lies about non-existant Jewish and Israeli atrocities.

      • Fascist Carol,

        SCREW your “palestinians”. They are part of the terrorist wing of imperialist Islamofascism and will be resisted by all good people.

        Even Egypt is crushing the fascist “muslim brotherhood” who murder Coptic Christians.

        Wouldn’t be nice for St. James to show some compassion for Christians dying in Egypt – or is that “counter revolutionary”?

      • Tony, the reason I didn’t reply is because your responses are typical, it’s called Jewish cocoon, nothing I say is going to register with you, nor are you bothered to read anything I send, so why would I waste my time.

        As for Israel removing the Israelis from Gaza, only to start the 7 year siege and freely bombing it before every Israeli election killing and maiming thousands

        Why it’s up to the Jews to act??because it’s the Jews around the world that are subsidizing the state, sending their kids to the IDF to terrorise and victimise the Palestinians on a daily basis, I wouldn’t want British kids in the Iranian or Taliban Army, why are Jewish kids in the most active army on this planet?? it’s time for the Jewish to decide they’re either British/European/Americans or Israelis.

        Where do you think the out of control settlers are from?? we’ve got laws in this country to deal with people who commit crimes abroad, American settlers are brought to justice if they return to the US, why British and European settlers are free to terrorize the Palestinians and get away with it?? Don’t Palestinians have human rights like everyone else on this planet? what about when they live in this country next to a Palestinian family, are the Palestinians safe anywhere??

      • ” it’s time for the Jewish to decide they’re either British/European/Americans or Israelis.” And is it time for the Catholics to decide if they are citizens of the Papal state or another country? Do the Muslims need to decide between Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world?
        One standard for Jews and another for the rest of the world is discriminatory and bigoted, as is demonising Jews and Israel.

      • Stormfront Carol, 36 “Palestinians” killed this YEAR. Mostly terrorists, professionally eliminated for the benefit of both Israelis and “Palestinians” who won’t have to suffer the consequences of their terrorist actions anymore. Where are the thousands of innocents you claim Israel kill every day? Do you think your hysteria attract peaceful people? Or just crackpots racists like you?
        We know the answer.

      • Stormfront Carol, for your training (not your education, it is now impossible):

        Parts concerning your (nut)case are:

        Using the symbols and images associated with classic anti-Semitism to characterize Israel or Israelis
        Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis
        Blaming Israel for all inter-religious or political tensions


        Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation
        Multilateral organizations focusing on Israel only for peace or human rights investigations


        Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, and denying Israel the right to exist”

        Don’t forget your meds and put your straightjacket to be nice.

      • Fascist Carol,

        Yous so called “palestinians” who plot and commit terrorism are NOT safe anywhere – just like islamofascists in Britain who plot and commit terrorism in the UK are not safe.

      • Tony, why don’t you think about your question, are all Catholics guaranteed a citizenship in waiting at the vatican? can all Catholics move to Rome?? are we killing the Italians and replacing them with Catholics from around the globe? are we conducting a brutal military occupation on MILLIONS who according to you, don’t have any right to defend themselves? are we conducting dawn raids, blindfolding their children, taking them away, torturing and detaining them for years without any charge? neither the Catholics or the Moslems are doing this, there’s NO justification in today’s day and age for anyone to be fighting for their basic existence against Israel’s military might, with their bare hands.

        Anyhow, you have your side of the story and the Palestinians have their side of what’s going on, it’s up to the civilised people around the world to see things for what they really are, after all, it’s UN year of solidarity with the Palestinians, there are events all around the world, UK is part of the world that need to wake up.

        ps, your silly previous comment about me being a lefty made me laugh, there’s NOTHING lefty about me.

      • Stormfront Carol, there is nothing left wing in you, we know that. All of you scream “EXTREME FASCIST” !
        And don’forget that Arab Christians don’t hope for salvation in the Vatican, but in the free democratic state of Israel. Theur only hope today.

      • Fascist Carol,

        Here a nice youtube of Arabs in Syria engaging in actual cannibalism.

        Bon Appetit Fascist Carol – or are you on the menu?

      • That the Israelis can openly commit genocide, ?

        . Seems we Israelis are doing a very bad job at jenocide if the number of Palestinain is rising up not down.

  4. £30,000? That’s probably what each float cost in the Israel parade earlier this year.

  5. This money wouldn’t have reached the people of Betlehem anyway, just would have made Abbas richer.
    Holocaust deniers not so uncommon in the Church. I remember some Bishop Richard Williamson.

  6. Amazing that even the JC online can’t be arsed about this gimmick and your group’s counter-gimmick.

  7. Luke 23:34

    “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

    If he were here today I think he would be horrified.

    They know exactly what they do.

  8. Yes a huge replica manger in the grounds of the Church to shelter the homeless and the o so famous chef providing meals, would have been more in keeping with the spirit of Xmas .

    • For the terrorist sympathizers at St. James the “X” in Xmas stands for “Ha” as in hamas.

      • In reality, the ONLY terrorists around are the Israelis who brain wash kids, train and arm them to kill and maim Palestinians, straight from your IDF’s mouth

      • Clearly an antisemitic rant from Stormfront Carol. I don’t see the use of opening that blog to such obvious racists.

      • A very one sided source. one sentence was enouhg. When people are saying that Israel killed 1400 civilain in gaza they ignore the fact that even Hamas admited that at least half of them were Hamas people. What they also ignore is the fact that Hamas hide behind their people using them as shileds.

        Hamas MP Fathi Hammad: We Used Women and Children as Human Shields.
        For the Palestinian people, death has become an industry, at which women excel, and so do all the people living on this land. The elderly excel at this, and so do the mujahideen and the children. This is why they have formed human shields of the women, the children, the elderly, and the mujahideen, in order to challenge the Zionist bombing machine. It is as if they were saying to the Zionist enemy: “We desire death like you desire life.”

      • Fascist Carol,

        Who has killed 100,000+ in Syria? Your islamofascist pals.

        Who has used POISON GAS, killing 1,000+ people in Syria? Your islamofascist pals.

        Even your claims that the “palestinian” terrorist chief yassir arafat was poisoned by Israel was proven to be another paranoid islamofascist lie. No Polonium. Just a case of yassir dieing of “bad meat in the can”.

        Happy Eternal Nakba!

  9. St James’ controversial Christmas event has become a focal point for those who somehow want to vilify Israel’s right to defend its citizens. The barrier was not something Israel wanted to erect, and is not something any Israeli citizens likes, but as long as the hate remains, then the barrier will remain and continue to save lives.

    The solution to this ugly, disruptive but highly effective eye-sore is simple…let the Palestinian Arabs have a paradigm shift in their attitude towards Israel and lose the hate, then Israel will gladly dismantle the barrier that has proven such an unfortunate necessity.

    • Israel is CHARGED with Genocide and WAR CRIMES for a good reason enough Zionst propaganda and public manipulation, you’re fooling no one

      • You paste a link to an anti western website article, about an anti-Israel faux trial in a Muslim country. Using your standards, it would be easy to prove that Stalin’s Russia was a haven of freedom, justice and liberty.
        It would also be easy to prove that the entire UK WWII government should have been executed for war crimes against the nazis, who were children of light in the war against the oppression of the allies.

      • I easn’t even aware of the CHARGE. There are some threats from terrorist lovers to do so but not even serious ones. Let alone interpreting these ludicrous threats as condemnations, Stormfront Carol.

  10. Wadi, You have such a short memory about Bethlehem. Not so many years ago the peace loving, respect for other religions, Palestinians stormed the Church of Nativity to show their respect. They defecated in the church, spread it over the walls, and ripped pages from bibles to use as toilet paper. These were Muslims not ‘friggin Jews.’ Pity there wasn’t a wall round the church then

  11. I note the last sentence at the bottom of their sign about the “installation”:

    “We reserve the right to curate this canvas”

    Which apparently means, “If anyone posts something that isn’t on message [such as “This wall saves lives”] we get to change it to another anti-Israel one [in this example “This wall enslaves lives”].”

  12. That is why I did not want to go to the debate, I did not want to donate £5 to help them construct their antisemitic plans. As for Ivor Dembina, who I used to be friendly with, I am disgusted with him. What kind of a sick mind would it take to collaborate with such people?

  13. Whatever proceeds they make are likely to feed the gaping corrupt maw of the Palestinian Authority anyway . So good luck to that .

  14. BonniePrinceCharlie

    People like Dembina are not Jewish. They may have been born Jews but they long ago abandoned what little they know about being Jewish – if they were ever taught in the first place. They play no part in the Jewish community – secular or religious – other than to vilify and undermine it by supporting those who call for the total destruction of Israel and the elimination of Jews worldwide (which would of course include themselves).

    Throughout our history there have been those who collaborated with the enemy. In virtually every case they have been outsiders, traitors who have chosen to reject Judaism in the hope of benefiting from appeasing and pleasing the Jew-haters by demonstrating their own Jew-hatred.

    Jews? Perhaps. Jewish? Not in a million years!!!

    Regarding the debate I would urge people not to go as this can only lend legitimacy to the event. Would you have attended a Nuremberg rally to present the Jewish side of the story? Save your money or send it direct to Hamas and cut out the middle-man.

    Happy New Year

    • If they were born to a jewish mother or converted through a recognised authority then they are Jewish. End of.

      • Another Halacha specialist! You don’t look like a religious Jew, though your well as stupid as a Naturei Karta guy. People who don’t feel Jews are not. That is the point.

      • What happens to Muslims who defect to another religion – apostates?

        How kind is muhammed to those folks?


      • BonniePrinceCharlie

        There’s a big difference between being born a Jew – or converting to Judaism – and being Jewish. Dembina and his ilk do not exhibit one attribute which one would associate with being Jewish. They spout hatred which is certainly NOT a Jewish attribute. Whilst I acknowledge that they Jews, these people by their behaviour have renounced any claim to being Jewish and have become Jew-haters.

        In the name of ‘humanity’ they lend succour and support to those who wish to destroy Israel and eliminate Jews worldwide. AsAJews do that; people who are Jewish by both birth (or conversion) and nature don’t.

        Jewish people don’t call for the death and destruction of those who wish to destroy them. Instead we seek peace and coexistence with our enemies only to be met with a wall which is far more impenetrable than the Peace Wall and fence.

        And the behaviour of the AsAJews is mirrored in that of those Christians who are happy to support Muslims who are persecuting Christians in the Middle-East and who are equally happy to ignore the Peace Wall in Belfast which controls the violence between Catholics and Protestants. That wall is quite acceptable because it helps protect Christians. The Peace Wall and fence between the West Bank and Israel is NOT acceptable because it stops Arabs/Palestinians/Muslims from murdering Jews and Israelis who freely practice other faiths.

      • So calling Jews who you disagree with traitors isn’t spouting hatred?
        Peace Wall? My arse

      • Traitors only because they speak “as-a-Jew” pretending to fairness as they cannot be antisemites, you see…
        But, yes, they can. Because they don’t feel they are Jews at all.
        Nice try. Come back after Icke has reprogrammed you.

      • Again with David Icke. Has he been whispering in your ear? Voices in the head again?

      • Hey, the voices, the conspiracy, that’s your part. How can I know what you will invent next to cover your incapacity to explain your hate! Try asking Icke. Maybe he will find a new excuse for you!

      • It’s an Anti-Islamofascist, Anti-Terrorist Wall.

        And it works.

        The ones who are upset are those who side with terrorists, fascists, hijackers, beheaders, death fatwa decree issuers.

  15. What concerns and upsets me are the number of Jews who side with the anti-Israel mob. Odious creatures like Miriam Margolis and Gerald Kaufman (I cannot get myself to call him ‘Sir’ as that implies respect) take every opportunity to castigate the ONLY Jewish state in the world. If there was a Nazi style ethnic Jew cleansing here, they would be first to request asylum in Israel.

  16. Richard, you call this PR stunt by the church a “disaster” for British Jews. That’s a bit of hyperbole. If anything, it’s a disaster for that small gang of extremist activists who rise to every bait. Best do what even the JC – a paper that nowadays doesn’t shy away from scaremongering – and Jewish News did in their online versions – ignore it.

  17. Wadi Trumpet, yes, ignore Jew hatred and it goes away. Just like in the 1930s.

    • Are you saying 2014 Britain is like 1930s Europe? If it’s that bad, why not get on the next El Al, easyJet or BA flight to Israel? After all, Zabotinsky’s revisionist Zionists have always claimed that had European Jewry heeded his words then, and gone to Palestine as it was then, they’d have been saved.
      Anyway, this isn’t Jew hatred; it’s just a stupid PR gimmick that protests against Israeli policy. A stunt, that’s all.

      • One state or two Joe ?

      • Nice to see you finally suggesting Jews to ethnically cleanse themselves from UK or shut up and see racist people around demonizing them. Shows your great tolerance to racism. At least to antisemitism.

      • Jordan is “palestine”.

      • Wadi Trumpet

        And St Albans is Verulamian

      • Irrelevant comparison. Jordan was carved out of Southern Syria province of the Ottoman Empire, which included Jordan, Israel in 48 lines, Judea Samaria and Gaza.
        It’s population is more than 60% “Palestinians”. Appeal to ridicule will not do the job.

      • Wadi Trumpet

        Just for the record, Zionism is escapism. Zionists ran away to Palestine or Israel – where they could lord it over the indigenous population – instead of standing and fighting against antisemitism in their homelands.

      • Just for the record, you’re talking rubbish.

      • For the record, you are the one suggesting those who don’t like UK’s antisemitisn should leave to Israel, then you call it “Zionism” and blame it as escapism.
        Begging the question.

      • Wadi Trumpet

        Actually, no, Tony. Talking rubbish is claiming that it’s like the 1930s all over again. If it were, you’d be heeding the revisionists’ warning and hot footing it to Israel. You aren’t because it isn’t.

      • Hey, Joe! We’ve already answered that rant!

      • You really are paranoid.

      • You responded to yourself. That’s schizophrenia! Using too many pseudos… You cannot keep track!

      • ” instead of standing and fighting against antisemitism in their homelands”

        Like in Geramny and Polland etc in WW2?.

      • Actually, yes. It was the Bundists who stood and fought, while the Zionists gave up and fled.

      • nakbainthewadi,

        your “palestinians” gave up and fled.

        “palestinians” defeated by the “sons of pigs and dogs”.

        Does that make “palestinians” sons of snakes and hyenas?

      • “Actually, yes. It was the Bundists who stood and fought, while the Zionists gave up and fled.”

        Stood fought and died,with no real chance of winning. It was a lost battle . By the way no wonder you gave them as an example as they were oppose to zionsim. I wonder if you think all those children that could have been saved if not for the Mofti of Jerusalem. had they reached palestine should have stayed and fight. well they stayed and finished in the concentration camps.
        intreasting to note that the bund blame Zionist leaders Yitzhak Gruenbaum and Ze’ev Jabotinsky of being responsible for recent anti-Semitic agitation in Poland by their campaign urging Jewish emigration .
        As allways people like that will avoide seeing the reality of antisemitism finding all kind of excuses for its existence.

      • At least the Bund fought. The Zionists did a runner, splitting the communities instead of helping.

      • “palestinians” did a “runner”, expecting five Arab armies to slaughter the Jews…

        But it didn’t work out the way the Arabs and the imperious British expected it.

        Just 3 years after the end of WW2, the Jews of Israel were not defeated – thanks to the Czechs who supplied Israel with the tools to defeat their attackers.

        The failure of five Arab armies to slaughter the Jews of Israel is called by some a Nakba.

        That’s why it’s a Happy Nakba to freedom loving people.

      • Edward, you’ll give yourself an aneurysm if you keep on like that. One can only hope,

      • Showadiwadi, you’ll give yourself an aneurysm if you keep on whining about your inability to defeat Israel. One can only hope.

      • There are many christian arabs who are escaping arab countires,. Do yout think it is wrong of them and that they should stay and fight?

      • wait a minute, wait a minute

        first jews were being told ‘leave Europe alone, go back to Palestine’. Meanwhile Arabs were throwing them out left and right from their lands, telling them to go ‘away’. after a genocide wiped out 1/3 of all world jewry, and 1 milling jews from Arab lands were homeless, they finally got their own country, they basically did as the antisemitic Europeans wished, as the anti semitic Arabs wished, now the same people are shouting ‘it’s not yours, you STOLE it, go back where you came from (?)’

        so you are one of these people – you say 2 exact opposite things to somebody and then wonder why we think you’re deranged.

        sometimes I wish a newspaper would just print the following headline to all Israel haters:


    • Joe
      What’s your point . I was next to the guy recording and confirmed hearing what was said to the police . It’s there on the video . The guy saw us speaking to the police and hopped it . Next .

  18. Do keep up . Any anonymous hostile trolling as regards Israel is henceforth known by its collective as a Joe or ‘ As a Joe ‘ . Either way Joe takes the rap .

    • Wadi Trumpet

      Like a Harvey? A troll who is all piss and no trousers and who refuses to put his money where his mouth is?

      • Like a trumpet in the wadi with nothing else than empty words to support his crazy opinions about international law, jewishness while being probably neither a lawyer nor a slightly religious Jew.

      • Wadi

        Have you stopped taking your pills? Prehaps there is another reason for your potty mouthed ranting or prehaps you are just a vile little man. You sound like a candidate for Jihad so why not go to Jordan/Eygpt or somewhere else in the Middle East or do you just like the benefits you get here?

        Deep breath,count to ten…..

      • If you want to see a vile little man, Iron, why not look in the mirror?

      • Wadi Trumpet

        If you really want to see a vile little man – with the emphasis on little – Iron, why not look in the mirror?

      • Search rather in the wadis.


        Religion Number %
        Christian 33,243,175 59.28%
        No religion 14,097,229 25.14%
        Muslim 2,706,066 4.83%
        Hindu 816,633 1.46%
        Sikh 423,158 0.75%
        Jewish 263,346 0.47%
        Buddhist 247,743 0.44%
        Other religion 240,530 0.43%
        Not stated 4,038,032 7.2%
        Total religious 38,181,181 68.09%

        The above is just the UK. Consider France, Germany and the rest of Europe – rapidly becoming EURABIA.

        Expect European Muslims to flex their jihad muscles more and more.

      • Creeping Sharia Law in the UK? I’m shocked. Shocked.

        Will the Islamist overlords permit alcohol in St. James church. As long as St. James does not reside in a Sharia Law enclave?

  19. Ivor Dembina is one of the most unfunny people ever to set foot on the stage . His LJCC 18months ago in front of a small Jewish audience was excruciating . He ended up having to explain his jokes as people were sitting there in stunned silence . You could almost count the tumble weed drifting across the stage . In any case its just a front to ease into his Israel hate routine . Fine if he does it on his own territory but he must not be allowed to spread his propaganda to unsuspecting Jewish audiences . He was due to appear at a Jewish Care home in Edgware soon after but they cancelled him once they were aware of his background . He must not be allowed to get away with spreading his poison to Jewish institutions unchallenged .

  20. BonniePrinceCharlie, I hold the opposite opinion to you on Jew & Jewish thing. I am a Jew, that is the bedrock of my identity. I am a Jew first and British second. Jewish people pertain to the Jews, but are not Jews, by anything more than strict and narrow halachic principle. People like Ivor may be Jewish, born of a Jewish mother, but I bet he doesn’t think of himself as a Jew. Listen to all the lefty liberals, who denigrate all religion, with a special venom reserved for Judaism. They always claim to be Jewish, because they have a Jewish parent or two. They cannot bring themselves to say they are Jews, because they are something else first. Socialists, Communists, Humanitarians, Humanists, democrats, Atheists, doctors, musicians, whatever. Ivor will always be Jewish, but can only become a Jew by putting God and Torah first. You are invited to pull my theory apart.

    • it is the Holocaust that made jews become jewish first

      we learned that we can not trust anybody and we should put our own interests first – what’s wrong with that? Nothing. It’s commendable how Israelis protect each other and how jews help each other.

      Muslims on the other hand…….

  21. Wadi Trumpet

    Seriously, do you put God and Torah first, Tony? Why aren’t you heeding Zabotinsky’s warning about the dangers facing European Jewry and going on aliya if it’s so bad here?

    • Why would Jews automatically go on aliyah just because there is bad hostility at home? Aren’t Jews supposed to fight first?

    • Seriously Wadi Trumpet, don’t you? Take a look at the seven laws of Noah and tell me how relevant or redundant they are.,d.ZG4
      I’m a Jew, I confront evil rather than flee from it. If I decide to go to Israel, I have an Israeli passport and can leave any time.

      • Wadi Trumpet

        No, Tony, I don’t. And I suspect you don’t, either. I really don’t get you super-Zionists who carp about how bad it is here, yet do not follow the warnings of Zeev Zabotinsky about the death of European Jewry to up sticks and leave. Perhaps you are too comfortable here. Perhaps it isn’t so bad after all.

      • So what don’t you feel is relevant? Animal welfare, not killing or stealing, sexual morality maybe? I have a duty as a citizen, to defend my nations from internal as well as external threats.

      • African Americans in south USA didn’t leave in the 50s. Perhaps it was not so bad, after all.

      • Wadi Trumpet

        Dina de’malchuta dina. And I have great faith in the law of this land, developed over 1000 years of legal precedent and case law. And what is sexual morality anyway? Homosexuality was banned up till about 50 years ago. Would you prefer that? Or perhaps you’d like a return of slavery? It’s allowed in the Bible.
        But back to the issue. If you are so uncomfortable here and believe that anti-Semitism is intolerable in Britain a la the 1930s0, why do you not go for a safer and better life in Israel? Why do only about an El Al jumbo jet full of British Jews (510 last year) emigrate to Israel every year?
        Have you children? Wouldn’t they be safer in Israel given how you describe the atmosphere here?

      • Bis. Tell that to MLK’s parents.

    • Silly Wadi,

      If Europe is so “islamophobic”, why do Islamists move to Europe?

      Why do they leave their Sharia compliant homelands and move to Europe?

      Why do Pakistanis leave their self proclaimed IIslamic Republic of Pakistan” and make the long journey to Crusader Europe?

    • Wadi Trumpet, are you so bigoted, patronising and condescending, that you believe you are the only one capable of asking a loaded question? Is your superiority complex so vast, that you think that no one is clever enough to notice your crass and juvenile attempt at distraction?

    • Clearly impossible.

      Muslims will proclaim that a mosque was on that site earlier (Infidels should know that the prophet flew to Londonistan on the back of a horse), and demand that the mosque be rebuilt.

      Any rejection of that demand will be shouted down with wails of Islamophobia and blood in streets.

      Islamophobia must be combated with bombing London transport, spitting and cursing returning British soldiers IN Londonistan, beheading British soldiers in Londonistan…

  22. Sadly, Lee Rigby isn’t alive to celebrate Christmas with his family..

    For those who forgot or wish to suppress the horrific act, British soldier Lee Rigby was walking the streets of London when he was deliberately hit by a car driven by newly devout followers of the “Religion of Peace”, his throat cut, virtually severing his head from his body.

  23. Will someone tell me that prior to the 67 war, when the West Bank was controlled by Jordan and Gaza by Egypt, the world and anti-Israel groups were quite happy with the situation. There was no call for a Palestinian state and the withdrawal from those areas. Only when Israel, responding to great danger crossed those lines for security, did this sudden urge to create a Palestine emerge.Of course Abass has admitted going back to those lines is only a first step to the liquidation of Israel. Hamas won’t even accept that first step!

    • Yes toothlight, I’ll tell you what you want to hear, because that is all true. “..prior to the 67 war, when the West Bank was controlled by Jordan and Gaza by Egypt, the world and anti-Israel groups were quite happy with the situation. There was no call for a Palestinian state and the withdrawal from those areas. Only when Israel, responding to great danger, crossed those lines for security, did this sudden urge to create a Palestine emerge.Of course Abass has admitted going back to those lines is only a first step to the liquidation of Israel. Hamas won’t even accept that first step! “

  24. Hi Richard,

    Sorry you weren’t able to stay for the gig, as I told you at the time I would deal with all the points you raised with me in my show (and have raised again here), which is what I did. It was nice to meet you, although slightly odd that you refused to shake my hand. Anyway to all you lovely people replying to Richard’s article, here’s what I wrote in November 2012, and I stand by every word.

    Peace and love to you all
    Dave Cohen

    • Hi Dave, What surprise me is that you’re commenting on an article to do with the wall in Bethlehem, just outside a church in London, took part in the events yet according to your HP article ‘the Israeli Palestinian issue is Jews vs Moslems.’

      Palestinian are CHRISTIANS as well as Moslems, the issues about the Palestinian Christians who are buried alive behind the wall somehow seem to be overlooked, the Christians been appealing for years to the International Community to witness what’s going on

      • Stormfront Carol, you don’t know any “Palestinuan” Christian: they are buried alivecand kicked by their Muslim brethen and saved by Israelis.
        Israeli Arab Christians, their brothers enlist in greater numbers in the Israeli Army and are proud of it. You’re fighting an uphill battle that you’ve already lost. Demonizing Israel through Christians is hopeless.

      • Fascist Carol, Google Images “arab nazi salute” where you will see your “palestinian” Arab fascists at their most honest.

        Here, I’ll make it easy for a knuckledragging fascist like yourself:…0…1.1.32.img..1.15.1227.DBySabKQTFY

        Happy Eternal Nakba Fascist Carol!

      • Stormfront Carol, you are defeated. Christians have now chosen their side in the Middle East: it is Israel.
        All your propaganda and blatant lies won’t change the reality. Crawl back to your hate hole and cry. Don’t forget your meds and your straightjacket.

  25. Dave
    Not quite sure why you mention Richards decision not to shake your hand . Are you friends ? Saying that its
    good of you to drop in . If you are still around perhaps you can explain labelling the wall apartheid , separation when the fact remains that from 2000 Palestinian homicide bombers were crossing an open border in order to explode themselves in restaurants , shopping malls , hotels etc killing and maiming thousands of innocent civilians ?
    Is your cause , so overwhelmingly cut and dried that you are prepared to simply air brush the cause and effect of the Palestinian Intifada ?

    Are you aware that the mission statement of those you performed for and the organisers is a single state solution ‘ From the River to the Sea ?

    A few questions for you to ponder .

    • Thank you Harvey.

      I’m afraid I can’t speak for the people who have these views, I know what I believe and I shall continue to do what I can to put those views forward. You will probably say that I am legitimising those views by taking part in the show, but I would disagree, just as I would with the anti-Zionists who would label me as an Israel-lover for performing at Limmud a week earlier.

      I’d ask you to indulge me and take some time to read the comments under my article. They’re incredibly well-written and thought through, and not an insult in sight. That was my aim. My belief is that as long as we are talking to each other, and not at each other, we are making some kind of progress.

      i am a firm believer in inter-faith communication, and if that makes me less of a Jew in the eyes of some on here then so be it. I’m also a big believer in intra-faith communication, which is why I shall continue to discuss, argue and occasionally find common ground with Jews who follow the religion in a totally different way to me.


      • Dave
        I have heard this ‘ I cannot speak for others ‘ time and again when speaking to those on the periphery of the BDS movement , even those more involved . It’s as if on a one to one basis , there is a disassociation from recognising the true objective of the cause .
        I had not heard of you before this and I don’t know your politics , but I’m sure you would have read up on the various groups , their objectives and methodology in order to achieve such objectives . It is not enough to simply say , I cannot speak for those people . That’s a lazy disclaimer . By participating in this partisan event , you have of course spoken for these people . You are part of their agenda having firmly nailed your colours to the mast .
        I note that in your response , you speak in generalities . You fail to address my questions . I can only take from that , the question of Israelis dying during the intifada is of lesser significance than the inconvenience to the Palestinians as a result of building a barrier to prevent the means of murdering and maiming Israelis .
        Incidentally , I suggest you check the mission statement of the various organisations you performed for . They reject a two state solution ,ie they call for a single state including RoR for millions of second and third generation so called refugees . Never mind the fact that Israelis are hardly going to accede to such a demand except of course over their dead bodies . But that is of no import . To your audience and thereby in turn yourself , the end justifies the means .
        Dave in summary , your response is a not unsurprising cop out . Perhaps that is why Richard could not bring himself to shake your hand . I doubt if I would too .

  26. If there were a wall separating Lee Rigby from Michael Adebowale, Lee Rigby would not have been hacked to death.

  27. Incidentally Dave , Limmud is a celebration of Jewish themes . Why on earth would anti Zionists be concerned by your participation ? It doesn’t make you a Zionist .

  28. A statement by Sami Awad , of the Bethlehem Holy Land Trust . One of those participating in the Bethlehem unwrapped event .

    Extract from above link

    He continued, “This is not a substitute for the armed struggle. This is not a method for normalization with the occupation. Our goal is to revive the popular resistance until every person is involved in dismantling the occupation.”


    So there you have it . The church is working alongside those who condone and use violence in order to achieve their objective of ending the occupation . The occupation of course being everything between the River to the Sea
    Ignorance is no excuse . The church has taken sides . It has spoken . We know where we stand .

    • What else are people meant to do when they’re buried alive by the Israelis?? what hope do Palestinians have of ever living in peace while Israel is actively, 65 years of BRUTAL military occupation wiping them out???

      • Daniel Marks

        Yes Carol; “65 years of BRUTAL military occupation”. Let see. We’re 2014 and the “BRUTAL military occupation” began 65 years ago. If I’m not mistaken that would mean that the “BRUTAL military occupation” began in 1949. That was at a time when Judea and Samaria were occupied by Jordan and Gaza by Egypt. There were no “West Bank settlements” either back in 49, so who exactly was Israel occupying so brutally?.

        Could you by chance be referring to the Israeli “Green Line” borders as “BRUTAL military occupation”?

      • Daniel Marks, as you know, Israel was created in 1948 on the destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people, who wasn’t killed or managed to get out, were placed in one of the concentration camps created (Yaffa, Heifa, etc), under military laws, then the homes were confiscated, belongings removed and a separate lorry was sent to take all the books, litreture, cultural belongings, you can see more about this in

      • Stormfront Carol, as historians know, there was no country to destroy in this area, in 1948. One was created, Israel. the other was not, by the very choice of Arabs. That’s right, Arabs and not Israel.
        How is your reality acknowledgment training program going? It srems you don’t progress.

      • Carol, you are right that the modern state of Israel was formed in 1948. The rest of your post is just propaganda crap, as usual.
        Why don’t you give your Al Jizeera sources a rest and go to the original Mein Kampf text?

      • IN 1948 there were 150,000 arabs in Israel today there are 1.600.000 arabs in Isreal . what wiping out in 65 years are you talking about.

      • There was no independent Paletsinain state in 1948.Hifa Jaffa concentration camps ? wow that is a new lie I have never heard before.. Most arabs escaped out of fear like Abbas family did by his own words or on the deamand of the arab leaders .
        Phone caller from Gaza: “Mr. Ibrahim, I address you as a Muslim. My father and grandfather told me that during the “Catastrophe” [establishment of Israel – 1948] our district officer issued an order that whoever stays in Palestine and in Majdel [near Ashkelon, southern Israel] is a traitor, he is a traitor… ”

      • Daniel Marks

        Hi Carol,

        Just to be clear; Are you saying that you negate Israel’s existence altogether and that Haifa and Jaffa are also under the BRUTAL military occupation to which you refer?

        Paradoxically, if you are, then we may have more in common than you think. I have long contended that our opponents refuse to come to terms with the the existence of any sovereign non-Muslim entity in the Middle-East and that in their eyes there is no fundamental difference between the Jewish settlement of Bet El and that of Tel Aviv.

        I contend that the division between pragmatic and non-pragmatic opponents is that whilst the former are prepared to have Israel withdraw to the Green Line because they believe that that’s the best they can hope for at the moment, the latter would rather wait for the whole lot. Regarding of their ultimate goal or to borrow a phrase “The Final Solution to the Jewish Problem” I believe there is little difference between them.

        In the meantime, people like you are vitally important to us, in Israel, as proof that there are still plenty of barmies left and that in such a world it is best not to take unnecessary risks, For this and other reasons I shall not even correct your absurd contention about “the destruction of Palestine”, but wish you and yours well and a very happy new year.


        Daniel Marks

  29. Fair enough Harvey, I can understand why you would rather not shake my hand. I’m sure you find it uncomfortable having a dialogue with me, as I do with you. It’s easier for people like you and I, who disagree profoundly, to turn our backs on each other, settle back into our entrenched viewpoints, and accept that we’ll never change how the other feels. As most of the rest of this thread proves (with the exception of you and a couple of others) it’s easier to trade insults than to stop for a second and try and think about how to resolve issues, the way most of us do every day of our lives.

    There is a very good reason I speak in generalities. I talk about this in great depth in the article I wrote for the Huffington Post. Once again I ask you to read that, and the comments that follow.


    • richardmillett

      The strongest part of your piece was “when I hear members of Hamas say “Jews are the enemy of Allah and should be killed,””.
      Shame you didn’t expand on that. What does that statement, written in their Charter, mean? Based on that statement do you think Hamas are amenable to any negotiations or agreements? If the wall came down do you think Hamas would resume suicide bombings? Should Israel take that risk to test Dave’s theory that the wall was the problem after all, while Dave sits in his London pad watching events unfold on his 32 inch tv?

      • Wadi Trumpet

        Richard, you remember that geezer in the film who came out with “friggin’ Jew”? I’m sure you are aware that those kind of statements breach the Public Order Act and the Race Relations and Equality Act. Was the police informed? Was he arrested? And if he is seen again – he seems like a regular activist – could I or anyone else use your film as evidence against him?

      • richardmillett

        Eh? It isn’t my film but sure you can use it if you find the guy. I don’t see why not.

      • Thanks, Richard, but I’m sure you’ll understand why I remain a bit sceptical. If it’s not your film, whose is it? And how come you, the person who won’t leave home without his camcorder, didn’t use it this time? Why weren’t the police involved? Why didn’t the guy protest about having a camera in his face? You see why I’m sceptical.

      • richardmillett

        I understand why you question it because it is absolutely amazing when these things occur, especially when you watch the conversation progress. From what i recall the guy who made the insult gets reprimanded by the Jewish guy with him and then the guy who made the insult goes on to use that Jewish guy’s Jewishness as a means to press his point him home to the non-Jewish supporter of Israel. I have seen this many times. People forget themselves mid argument so to speak. A bit like watching Big Brother contestants who forget the camera is there after a while. As for the circumstances of the filming I wasn’t there at the time. The clip should direct you to the youtube account who the clip belongs to. And most of the time I do leave home without a camcorder!

      • Thanks, Richard, I can see how this might happen. But still… I am unclear as to why the police weren’t involved.

      • richardmillett

        I don’t know. Maybe they didn’t want to/think it worthwhile. There is a lot of time and effort involved taking oneself off to a police station to give a statement and all the follow up and then the police might decide not to do anything. Plus they didn’t know his name. Why don’t you contact him on his youtube account?

      • Because, well, hmmm… the YouTube account is someone/thing called Zion Awakening, which is obviously a front for someone/thing else. I remain very sceptical about the whole thing. It’s a shame these sources aren’t properly checked before they are given more airings. The t’interweb is full of hoaxes and frauds after all.

      • Wadi Trumpet

        I’m sure you’ll agree with me, Richard, that one must be very careful in not accepting at face value politically motivated camera-wielding people. They are just too hooked on propaganda. And some of their accounts leave a lot to be desired – as do some of their claims about people disappearing or telling the police.

      • Some days ago, the family of an Israeli regretted the fence was not a wall. Their son was working to repair the damages made to the Gaza fence by the storm. He was killed by a Gaza sniper.
        And, oh, he was a bedouin, an Israeli Arab… 22 years old, about to marry. Who cared, except Israel?

    • Dave
      I’ve read your article in Huff
      With respect you fail to address the specifics of my questions either here or in your article . Neither do you address the link I provided to Sami Awad of the Bethlehem Trust who is one of the co sponsors and organisers of Bethlehem Unwrapped . Awad is signed up to both violent and non violent means of resistance . Were you aware of this and if so why did you agree to take part .

      Secondly , your article glosses over the human misery of the Intifada years . You fail to properly acknowledge the carnage that took place culminating in Israels last ditch attempt to prevent suicide bombing by the construction of the security barrier . Instead you take part in an event which fails to address the security issues and the fact that the barrier has prevented further suicide bombing . Instead of which we hear it designated an apartheid structure or a land grab . How can you buy into this revisionist mendacity . It begs belief

      Finally , the organisations you support do not countenance an independent state of Israel within any borders pre or post 67 . Are you comfortable with that ?
      I hope you are still around to address those specifics . They are not trick questions . They simply get to the heart of what the 12 day event is all about .

      • Thanks guys.

        I know you’re not asking trick questions, these are all legitimate, and as I mention in the article there are enough facts and counter facts on all sides to keep the arguments going for ever.

        My stance is that if we all refuse to talk to people we disagree with (violently in some cases), then we get nowhere. You may call me naive for that, but FW De Klerk realised it, Ian Paisley realised it, Ariel Sharon realised it, and one day another Israeli politician will realise it too.

        My approach to the Middle East is to join in where I can see people reaching across the divide. Thanks for discussing this with me, it’s important to challenge our own prejudices from time to time and you have challenged many of mine.

        All the best
        Dave x

  30. How are things going with “the Religion of Peace” lately?

    Russia, Beirut, Iraq, Egypt, Prague?

    Can’t blame “Zionists”? Must be Islamophobia.

  31. Joe
    What’s your point . I was next to the guy recording and confirmed hearing what was said to the police . It’s there on the video . The guy saw us speaking to the police and hopped it . Next .

  32. Hey, is Joe/Wadi Trumpet/Trumpetup the Wadi/or whatever, really Joe Millis?

  33. Thanks for coming back Dave . Evasive to the end .

  34. Glad I didn’t buy any of Ottolenghi’s cookbooks and will remember not to. What a complete jerk.

  35. Here is an article at Harry’s Place on the St. Jihad of Piccadilly wall.

    St. James’ Church praises “Beautiful Resistance”

  36. This
    We had a tremendous show of support last night with a large contingent from Sussex Friends of Israel who made the journey immediately after seeing off the hate brigade outside Soda Stream in Brighton . Israeli flags were displayed along the perimeter of the church . After all if they believe it is right to politicise the church , they can have no objection to our assisting them .

    Israel supporters were prevented from entering , including one young man , a Christian Friend of Israel who was wearing a Star of David Lapel clip . Scroll down the Sussex Friends Wall to see the video . Another Jewish student was turned away presumably identified by his Yarmulke . The miserable women from Jews for justice etc were outnumbered and out sung by us and they eventually gave up . I decided not to go to the debate although some did . The Embassy had correctly decided not to take part not wishing to give legitimacy to this festival of hate and Palestinian agit propaganda so why should I .

    Well done everyone who braved the elements to show their support and defiance of Rector Lucy Winketts week of ‘ Beautiful Resistance ‘ which has been nothing more than an outpouring of lies and propaganda attended by those who are committed to the dismantlement of the one Jewish nation state .


    • What happened last night is how we Palestinian Christians have been trying to exist for the last 70 years, too afraid to mention who we are, these Zionist supporters make sure our voices never come out.

      We’re trapped just like the holocaust times, our children are suffering everywhere, Zionists are NOT satisfied that they took our homes, country, schools, hospitals, bank accounts, slaughtered and kicked out our parents and families from Palestine, who’s left is buried alive, 70 years on, we’re not safe any where on this planet, and definitely not in London.

      • Fascist Carol,

        You are as much of a “christian” as adolf hitler, himmler, goebbels, goring, osama bin lade, snake yassin or racist george gallowsway.

      • What country? there was no country called Palestine. It was an area under the british mandate. Your people refused the partition plan and attacked Israel . You thought you would throw us to the sea . Sadly for you you didn;.t. Holocust ? if that was right there woulnd;t be any paleistniain left instead you just grow in numbers.

      • What does God say in the Bible Alexa? “And I will bless those that bless you (Israel) and curse those that curse you.”
        You or your parents chose the wrong side, the side that chose hatred and violence over tolerance and coexistence and now you cry at the price you have to pay. Go and live with your Arab brothers in the homes of one of the 850,000 Arab Jews, driven out of their homelands between 1948 and 1956. Chances are that it will be a damn sight better than the probable hovel your parents abandoned, on the promise that they could come back and take over Jewish homes, once the Jews had been murdered.

      • Stormfront Carol, the only reason Christians are trapped in the Middle East is because they live in Muslim countries. The only oppressors of Christians are Muslims.
        Christians are totally free in Israel. Get your meds and try to come back when they will have a positive effect on your permanent Jew-hating state.

      • Tony Jacobs, I think you meant Fascist Carol, not Alexa.

      • Yes Edward, you are right.

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  38. they should keep this wall and rename it ‘Sinai Uncovered’ next year, to criticise Egypt building a wall between themselves and the cuddly peaceful Palestinians – you know, in place of the electric fences with the heavily armed guards – LOL

    Palestinians have only themselves to blame – they get more aid than any other people in the world, they could have their own country tomorrow, instead they choose war. Well, everything is fair in love and war, remember.
    No snipers, no suicide bombers, no wall, simples.

  39. I meant Carol, not Alexa. Sorry about that Alexa, I think Carol’s aura of hate has muddled my brain.

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