Herzliya Beach, Israel, June 8th 2013.

This is dedicated to Nuha who made the following comment on my last blog about the successful Closer To Israel 65 celebration in London’s Trafalgar Square on Sunday June 2nd 2013:

“My interest in your invented culture brought me to the parade, and I kept my mouth shut when I was in the middle of your crowd out of respect to the freedom of expression offered in this country! But the minute I found a tiny spot where I can express my extreme anger, I started shouting like a total lunatic ‘FREE FREE PALESTINE’, my favorite three words.. I never felt better, when I finally got to shout these words while you, ZIONIST, were listening…For God’s sake, you served FALAFEL as an ISRAELI dish, you already made a joke of yourselves..”

Nuha continued:

“thrive all you want for now, it is temporary.. We will get rid of you, just like Salahudeen once did to other invaders..”

I asked where Nuha originates from but she replied that it is “irrelevant”. I was just wondering whether she might come from a country with real human rights problems especially where women are concerned.

Anyway, wherever she is from I hope the men and women are “thriving” like they were on Herzliya beach all day yesterday. Meanwhile, don’t try this at home (apologies for the poor sound quality):






Meanwhile, things were more peaceful a little further up the beach:


17 responses to “Herzliya Beach, Israel, June 8th 2013.

  1. Silly Cow. (Trance is sh*t, by the way)

  2. Wow Richard! I used to walk along that beach at night during the time I spent in Israel, the eternal land of the Jews, with my mum who was suffering terminal cancer. It was very uplifting and consoling to hear the waves crashing onto the beach, their white beards glowing under the light of the moon. It holds a special place in my heart as we spent many a summer swimming there and basking in the glorious sunshine, sometimes eating fish at Dag alHayam where we were served by George, a very friendly local Arab. Enjoy and continue to send news from Israel to Nuha and her buddies, indoctrinated as they are by propagandists wishing where you are doesn’t reall exist. She might just learn something of value.

  3. that “nuha/nulla/nilla” has (a) a very limited vocabulary, if these moronic Onomatopoeia repeated at nauseam by bottom-feeders are her favourite “three” words, (b) has no historical knowledge whatsoever and (c) can’t count either according to my understanding, since – when I say for example “Long Live Israel” – that’s 3 words. However if I say: “Israel Israel Israel” – that, in my opinion are not 3 words but one word repeated three times.

  4. Care in the community is not working

  5. Richard, Sorry I don’t quite understand the purpose of repeating the words of an anti Semite. There is no rationale behind such feelings. We know that hatred of such depth exists and that’s all we need to know.
    What perhaps we should be doing rather is conentrating on the majority of people whose mind has not been turned against us. One idea is to show what Israel is doing to help people’s lives and make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Please see http://www.verygoodnewsisrael.blogspot.com .

  6. Asa Winstanley

    Me thinks that Nuha is originally from one of those artificially created entities, one of those set up by former colonial powers to appease the locals. She could even be from one of those places which does allow women to drive, hangs people for being gay and chops off hands for stealing a Mars bar. Either way she is a thoroughly racist and bigoted moist piece of fruit cake, and she strengthens the view point that radical and racist views in the Muslim community are more widespread then we think and not just at the behest of jihadi lunatics. Give the girl a few civil liberties, rights and freedoms and look what she does. Off with her head I say.

  7. Is there a better happiness than to see our enemies unhappy about it?

  8. THe youngsters seem to have quite a lot of fun. Wonder how it’s possible that Israel is in the top countries for happiness? That’s how!

  9. Why don’t these people have enough clothes?
    This makes me sad.

  10. Oooooh, I’m very flattered! A whole new post based on my comments! This is more than I could ask for, Richard.. I’m soooo sharing this.. Yaaaay

    • richardmillett

      please, Nuha. Far and wide. And you are very welcome. We have freedom of speech on this blog. welcome to, possibly, something very new. it’s good to talk.

    • I am glad our new friend Nuha is enjoying conversing with the Zionists she wants to push into the sea………….

    • “I’m soooo sharing” – reason to dislike. “I started shouting like a total lunatic ‘FREE FREE PALESTINE’, my favorite three words” – reason to pity. “We will get rid of you, just like Salahudeen once did to other invaders” – reason to forget pity. “respect to the freedom of expression offered in this country!” – there’s hope yet. Once you start thinking, Nuha, you might consider the threats to freedom of expression in the countries that surround Israel and their impact on how Israel is perceived there and why the facts surrounding Israel’s re-birth and survival carry less weight in those countries than do prejudice, conspiracy theories and other myths.



      Chant this.

      palestine WILL NEVER BE!

  11. the doodahman1

    So, Nuha, whereabouts you from? You’re not a native English speaker, are you?

  12. Nuha…….nu? Ha!

  13. Nuha has managed to confirm that her purpose in protesting Israel’s existence has largely to do with an overwhelming need for attention.