From the Warsaw Ghetto to John Lewis for Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Ewa Jaciewicz.

PSC's Salim Alam handing out anti-Israel leaflets inside John Lewis.

PSC’s Salim Alam handing out anti-Israel leaflets inside John Lewis.

Ewa Jaciewicz is an activist. That’s what she does. She was last seen hanging around inside a chimney in Nottingham for which she was “rigorously trained”. She writes about her activism in great detail for The Guardian.

On Saturday she helped orchestrate an anti-Israel protest inside John Lewis on London’s Oxford Street. About 50 anti-Israel activists followed her in and unfurled banners accusing Israel of apartheid and urging shoppers not to shop in John Lewis because it sells products made by Sodastream, an Israeli company with a factory on the West Bank that produces items enabling consumers to live greener lives.

Jaciewicz, a campaigner against climate change, should be sympathetic to Sodastream except her desire to see the Jewish state disappear obviously trumps all the good that Israeli companies do for the world.

Now, that’s hypocrisy for you.

Meanwhile, you can buy Sodastream products online from John Lewis here.

One of the signs unfurled by the activists read: “John Lewis…ethical policy? You profit from war and apartheid. Stop selling stolen goods.”

There is nothing illegal about Sodastream, and international law fully supports Israel’s presence in the West Bank. Anyone would have a very hard time disproving this.

But what Jaciewicz, a member of the Polish Campaign of Solidarity with Palestine, never wrote about for The Guardian was her trip a few years ago to the Warsaw Ghetto.

Now, what would a reasonable human being do if they visited a site where some 400,000 Jewish people (or people of any religion for that matter) lost their lives? Say a prayer, lay a flower, place a simple stone in remembrance?

Jaciewicz helped daub the words “Free Gaza and Palestine” on one of the nearby walls. What did any of those 400,000 innocent lost souls ever do to her?

Jaciewicz on the left near Warsaw Ghetto.

Jaciewicz on the left near Warsaw Ghetto.

One of Jaciewicz’s accomplices inside John Lewis was Salim Alam, one of the head honchos at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Alam once chaired a Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting which was so horrific that afterwards one of the audience members let rip with a long Holocaust denial rant.

So these are just two of the characters that dominate the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s activism against Israel.

If only the shoppers at John Lewis who heard the accusations of apartheid against Israel and the calls for Israel’s destruction knew these back stories then they might understand what this sort of activism against Israel is truly about.

After about 45 minutes the police turned up and the activists removed themselves from John Lewis after being warned by the police that they could otherwise be arrested for aggravated trespass.

And as thousands continue to be gassed and murdered in Syria by Assad where are the protests against that and where are Jaciewicz’s articles on Syria?

More photos/footage from Saturday:

Jaciewicz appears in this clip: blond and in a black top and on her phone.

anti-Israel activists inside John Lewis.

anti-Israel activists inside John Lewis.

Thanks to Harvey for his footage and photos above and for the others that braved the onslaught on Saturday of this continuous vile campaign against the Jewish state.

44 responses to “From the Warsaw Ghetto to John Lewis for Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Ewa Jaciewicz.

  1. Thanks Richard for this. It is important to to publise such details.. Some of your readers may also want to pass on some positive news about Israel as well to show what Israel IS doing for the world to counter this negativety See

  2. “Now, that’s hypocrisy for you” –
    yes, that’s one word for it.

    “an anti-Israel protest” –
    again, that’s one name for it.

    We all know what she really is.

  3. Could it be that she knew that the 400000 victims of the Warsaw ghetto would overwhelmingly support Israel, in 1948 and today? Then, she has to take a revenge on them, although they are dead…
    This attitude is like that of the Holocaust denialists, ‘kill’ the Jewish victims a second time; in front of their surviving family and their descendants, make them suffer a second time by spitting on their unmarked graves.

  4. Hadar Sela

    Let’s get personal. These are the people Eva & Salim want you to boycott:

  5. If she really care about the Palesitinian she wouldn;t want to boycott Soda Strim who emply many Plaestinians. But than she dosen;t really care about Palestinians. As far as she and her friends are concern ,those Palestinian can pay the price for those BDS people even if they don;t want to.

  6. Jose. I could not have put it any better. Except to say that as a Polish speaker, her family name is spelled Jasiewicz. I would just like to add that for an anti-Semite she has the right pedigree. She was born here, her father was in the Polish Anders army who fought alongside the British in Italy, but were otherwise nationalistic and anti-Semitic, like so many Poles at the time. They made their fellow Jewish soldier’s life a misery. It was the subject of a scandal and court martial in Scotland during the war which was hushed up. After the war they were reluctant to return to communist Poland where they didn’t get a very nice welcome. The are referred to in Poland today as the ‘Dishonoured Soldiers’.

  7. Well recorded again Richard. Will be interesting to see what John Lewis do about it.

  8. Hi Richard
    Thanks for posting the videos and stills . I have more but I think it gives a fair indication of what Norman Finklestein identified as a cult
    The only thing I would add is that on one of the videos the group is heard shouting the Palestine from the River to the Sea mantra .
    This is of course at odds with the laughable new sanitised logo which has removed the one one Palestinian state image and replaced it with a neutral image ( looks like an advert from the 70s ) .
    The PSC have sought to rebrand themselves for public consumption and mainstream credibility . Away from the PR spin it s business as usual .

  9. From the River to the Sea,
    “palestine” Will Never Be!

    “The Kielce pogrom was an outbreak of violence against the Jewish community centre in the city of Kielce, Poland on July 4, 1946, initiated by Polish Communist armed forces (LWP, KBW, GZI WP)[1] and continued by a mob of local townsfolk. Following a false tale of child kidnapping, including allegations of blood libel[2] which led to a police investigation, violence broke out which resulted in the killing of around 40 Jews. Polish Communist courts later tried and condemned nine people to death in connection with the incident.”

  10. Daniel Marks

    I thank Richard for another excellent post about Soda Stream. I pass by the factory pretty much every day, and we’ve had one of their contraptions for years, but only yesterday did I read about the company on Wikipedia,

    Apparently, as of three years ago, 20% of Swedish households use Soda Stream. It’s also sold at 2900 US Walmart stores and the company seems to grow by the day. I did correct Wiki’s claim that they are produced in the “Jewish settlement of Mishor Adumim”. In fact they are produced in Maale Adumim – Mishor Adumim is our industrial area.

    To imagine that any anti-Semite would care about a couple of thousand Palestinian households losing their livelihoods is as naive as to think that Gert might care about the genocide taking place in Syria or that Hitler cried for the dead of Dresden. Hating Jews rarely translates into loving Palestinians. They have forever been the true tragedy of the Arab-Israeli conflict, egged on by the Jasiewiczs of this world to further ruin their lives in one futile battle after another.

    We often blame our neighbors for sending their “innocent” children with bombs strapped upon them to do their parents dirty work, but in a sense the Palestinian nation has become the metaphorical Shahid child of every Jew hater alive.

    In short, there is nothing that would please our enemies more than the closure of Soda Stream. The fact that 2,000 more Palestinian families would be without means of support and some would come to hate us for it would be an added bonus. However, with $1.46 billion in turnover last year and predictions of a further 30% growth, Jasiewicz and her gang may have to be very patient.

  11. ‘Jaciewicz helped daub the words “Free Gaza and Palestine” on one of the nearby walls.’

    Congratulations, Ewa Jaciewicz. In a movement not short of sick people, you’ve just managed to scrape a new low.

    Wishing you better.

  12. Jasiewicz was ululating for all her worth . Maybe she was auditioning for Yemens Got Talent . Talk about going native !

  13. Wasn’t this morally degenerate woman on the Russell Tribunal panel, hosted by Amnesty International a couple years back, pontificating on Israel? If so, what does AI have to say about inviting such a piece of garbage?

    • In fact, AI’s answer to your hypothetical question would be one of astonishment. They just supported the nomination of Seif, an Egyptian terrorist supporter, for HRW’s Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders.
      Jasiewicz would be in ‘good’ company!

    • AI itself has become garbage.
      In other news, yet another low-IQ git called Stephen Hawking has joined the … ummm … humanitarian BDS movement. Perhaps he could return the Wolf prize, then.

  14. Daniel Marks

    Talking of Soda Stream, I once had a bottle of beer go flat and, despite warnings from the trouble and strife, I tried to re-gas it with the machine. The bottle exploded and its contents reached our ceiling. I instructed Marks junior to keep look-out while I fetched a ladder and cleaned it. Unfortunately:

    “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
    Gang aft agley,
    An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
    For promis’d joy!”

    I was nabbed and I’ll leave the rest to our readers’ imagination. Moral….Don’t Be Too Smart For Your Own Good!

    • Daniel
      I’ve had much better results with Soda Stream . Whenever I visit the store in Brighton , I always politely offer a Soda Stream drink to the people protesting outside . After all ,shouting out lies and propaganda for two hours can be thirsty work . Unfortunately I never seem to receive a polite response . Soda Stream works for me !

  15. I’d be interested to know what was the reaction of the ordinary shoppers in John Lewis, who were, presumably, the ones being harangued to boycott the place.

  16. I was also filming in john lewis and spoke to a couple of staff members you can find out more here I was harassed endlessly by the bds supporters

    • Nice work. But next time please take your videos in landscape mode.

      I see the UK as a modern day Wiemar Republic.

  17. Daniel Marks

    In the course of a dialogue which escalated to shouts, the Palestinians asked us not to refer to suicide bombers as “terrorists” because they don’t consider them so. “So how do you call someone who dons a vest and blows himself up in a Tel Aviv shopping mall with the stated purpose of killing innocent civilians,” I asked one of the participants.

    “I have a 4-year-old at home,” answered Samach from Abu Dis (near Jerusalem). “If G-d forbid something should happen to him, I will go and burn an entire Israeli city, if I can.” All the other Palestinian participants nodded their heads in agreement to his harsh words.

    “Three weeks ago, we gave birth to a son,” answered Amichai, a religious, Jewish student from Jerusalem. “If G-d forbid something should happen to him, I would find no comfort whatsoever in deaths of more people.”

  18. Shimona
    For the most part shoppers were cordoned off from the protestors . The BDS were left to perform their pantomime to no one other than themselves within the store .
    Once they were ejected by the police , they carried on their nonsense outside the shop which received slightly more attention . Pity they don’t have the courage of their convictions and test the validity of their case in court instead of meekly leaving having received a warning that to remain would see them arrested for aggravated trespass .

  19. And the band played on… while Israel’s reputation lies in tatters and BDS is increasingly being taken seriously, the Britzio loony fringe continues to congregate at this creep’s blog, while Dannenbaum continues to gloat at being ‘hated’ and crap on about Syria… When the party will finally be over, Dannenbaum will continue to deny even the slightest wrongdoing by the Zionist Entity, instead blaming a trillion ‘antisemites’….

    It’s a bit of a UKip for Zionists, is this little hellhole.

    Don’t worry, I’m not stopping: once this blog wasn’t uninteresting but when the owner tries to be more extremist than Jonafun Hoffie it stops to be that. Seems even Rich has lost interest now.

    • Seems that this guy read too much the BDS antisemitic cult’s literature.

      Hurrah for Frank Barat, the reluctant Zionist! 😉

    • Gert, of the Nazi Belgian father fame, I missed you!

    • richardmillett

      Thanks, Gert. I love you too.

    • Dirt,

      Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • Daniel Marks

      Hi Gert,

      Thank you for that interesting perspective of Israel’s position in the world through the eyes of an unemployed resident of Bridlington. BTW Did anything ever come of that job in the bingo hall? Good luck either way.

      All the best,

      • ts ts ts

        between jobs isn’t unemployed

        between jobs means one is developing something presentable

        as to Bingo Halls I happen to know a local lady who followed up her job at the local Bingo Hall with a trial at a local school library where the “real” librarians were so enthusiastic about her talents in handling youths that they got a permanent job approved so they could keep her indefinitely.

  20. Gert
    Forever playing the rear end to Greensteins pantomime horse . Looks like you will be needing a new backside to stick your nose now that your master is retiring # Sancha Panza # BDS fail

  21. Greenstein is sick – in more ways than one.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • danielmarks

      Sick!? I’m not sure, but we all have our ghosts and we are all visited by them sometimes. Tony Greenstein has spent the most of his life rebelling against his late father and everything for which he stood. In his mind he has caused great harm both to Judaism and the State of Israel. In reality, outside of Brighton and a few UK blogs few people even know he exists. I challenge any reader to enter into the sad psyche of a man who wrote this and tell me whether your hatred has not been replaced by pity:

      Whatever minor annoyances he may have caused us is nothing in comparison to the misery three generations of Greensteins have suffered, from a broken-hearted father to a daughter who was allowed to meet her grandfather only at his funeral.

  22. Sorry Daniel , I don’t have a scintilla of pity for this vile individual . He’s a borderline sociopath and misfit who has conspired with assorted Israel haters and antisemites for most of his adult life . An enemy of the Jewish people and a latter day Amelek , he can go to hell and the sooner the better .

  23. I feel sorry for his Dad. Whatever trauma Tony Greenstein had growing up, (and perhaps it was he who was the cause of trauma to others), it doesn’t excuse his trashing of decent Jewish people, and playing to the Jew hating mob.

  24. Daniel Marks


    From a factual point of view, everything you say is right. I guess that my perspective is different because I can’t see any achievements for all his efforts. He, Gert and a few others more remind me of those much discussed dogs howling at the moon. They make be disturbing their own neighbors, but were it not for this excellent blog, who in Israel would even know that they exist?


    I feel sorry for his Dad too. Thought at least I know that he’ll have a good time in the next world being so punished in this life. I pity his daughter too and, yes, my heart does go out to a Communist who has wasted a life “fighting Zionism” only to see the Communist states he supported collapse one by one while Israel grows and prospers from year to year, day to day.

  25. I wonder who daubed “Liberate all the Ghettos” in Hebrew under the English-language graffiti

  26. A question: there are, by my reckoning from your pix, about 4 people in this demo. Even if I’m wrong by 100%, there are fewer than a dozen activists there. That being the case, what’s the point? Aren’t you drawing more attention to them? And by doing so, aren’t you in danger of alienating John Lewis shoppers – the creme de la creme of our middle classes – who are likely to lump you in the same category (“awfully, dreadfully rude hooligans,”) as the BDS mob?

    • richardmillett

      I wasn’t there but i think there were about 40 anti-Israel protesters. Why would anyone else be lumped in that category? There was no counter-protest, just one or two people quietly filming i understand.