How many Comic Relief Mosquito Nets pay for War on Want’s Rafeef Ziadah?

War On Want unveil their "Stop Arming Israel" campaign next to PSC last night.

War On Want unveil their “Stop Arming Israel” campaign next to PSC last night.

On annual Red Nose Day the BBC broadcasts an evening of entertainment interspersed with heart-breaking scenes from Africa and British hospitals and hospices all in the hope of encouraging people to donate to Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day is on March 15th but one has to wonder how much money Comic Relief wastes. It is an ongoing tragedy which I witnessed at first hand last night when War On Want appeared at the Israeli Apartheid Week event Voices from Palestine: Resisting Racism and Apartheid held at the University of London Union (ULU).

By April 2010, when I first wrote about War On Want’s anti-Israel activism, Comic Relief had already given War On Want approximately £1.7m. War On Want’s accounts now show that in 2011 Comic Relief gave War On Want yet another £303,391. I await the figures for 2012 and 2013.

From War On Want’s 2011 accounts:


And here is War On Want’s “mock occupation of a London Waitrose” where activists singled out Israeli produce for boycotting.

So War On Want demands sanctions against Israel until Israel “complies with international law.” However, one of the demands of the BDS campaign is the return of so-called “Palestinian refugees” to Israel which, according to Haidar Eid, who spoke last night, amounts to some “seven million Palestinians”. This is thanks to the ridiculous UN definition of “Palestinian refugee”, which includes ALL the descendants of those Palestinians who, for various reasons, left Israel in 1947-1948.

A similar definition applied to myself would make me a Polish refugee (now where’s that key to my grandfather’s old home in Lodz?)

Obviously if such a “return” took place then Israel would cease to exist as it would quickly become another Muslim Arab state. Therefore, Israel can only comply with “international law”, as interpreted by War On Want, if it destroys itself. This is where Comic Relief’s money is going!

At last night’s event War On Want was represented by two employees; Natalie Idle (Activism and Outreach Officer) and Rafeef Ziadah.

Ziadah, a Canadian “Palestinian refugee” and War On Want’s Senior Campaigns Officer (Militarism and Security), is a long-time anti-Israel activist. Here she is at an Israel Apartheid Week event last year, before she worked for War On Want, sickeningly praising Islamic Jihad terrorist Khader Adnan. Five years earlier Adnan had been filmed urging others to become suicide bombers in order to murder innocent Israelis.

At last night’s event Ziadah called for a boycott of Tesco and Sainsbury’s due to their trade with Israel. She also unveiled War On Want’s new campaign for Britain to instigate a two-way arms ban against Israel; both selling arms to Israel and buying arms from Israel, which, she claimed, are “tested on Palestinian bodies and then used in Afghanistan.”

War On Want's Rafeef Ziadah, left, having fun with Jarar and Kopty at ULU last night.

War On Want’s Rafeef Ziadah, left, having fun with Jarar and Kopty at ULU last night.

I would like to have filmed Ziadah’s statements but we were told there was no filming or photography allowed by “unauthorised persons”. I was, therefore, limited to voice recording until early into the speeches when I felt a sudden nudge in my back from a Free Palestine T-Shirt wearing activist who suggested that I switch off my recorder or be removed.

Meanwhile, Haidar Eid, Associate Professor of Cultural Studies at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza, repeatedly referred to Gaza as the “largest concentration camp on earth”.

Abir Kopty, a Palestinian activist from Nazareth who has a Masters in Political Communication from City University, London, called for a “blacklist of settlers and soldiers” who should have their passports stamped “Denied Entry” to stop them traveling.

Yafa Jarrar, another Canadian “Palestinian refugee”, gave a long, dull account of her BDS activities at Carleton University in Ottowa of which she seemed very proud.

Ziadah finished by holding up “a rock from Haifa” which, she said, was as close to home as she could get as “a Palestinian refugee”. She said she hoped that herself, Eid, Kopty and Jarrar will all one day meet on Haifa’s beach without being oppressed by the “racist state of Israel”.

So why has Comic Relief funded War On Want’s sickening racist activism to the tune of some £2m (and counting) while millions of children have died from the likes of malaria? At least one million people die each year from malaria in Africa of which 70% are children under 5. Ziadah’s War On Want salary could easily help supply thousands more insecticide-treated mosquito nets which would save lives! Plus she also seems to work at SOAS anyway.

The British people need to know that their precious donations to Comic Relief are being wasted on the racist ideologies of activists in War On Want who organise invasions of British supermarkets, call for Tesco and Sainsbury’s to be boycotted and who work for the only Jewish state to simply disappear.


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  1. No surprise. This is the reason I do not support Christian Aid, Amnesty International, Save the Children (to name but three), because of their blatant anti-Semitic overtones. I’ve had some ‘interesting’ conversations with their collectors.

  2. I want to put the link to this on Facebook to spread the message not to give….how do I do that now. I can no longer find the Facebook share sign. All these charities are self seeking lefties! My fathers life was saved in a Prisoner of War camp in WW2 by the British Red Cross. Now I walk away where once I would have given. They reap what they sow!

  3. The UNRWA definition of refugee is not only racist (it applies ONLY to ‘Palestinians’ and excludes any other UNHCR refugee in the world), it is also sexist. Only descendants of male ‘refugees’ are entitled to UNRWA benefits (which are much higher than UNHRC ones).
    UNRWA is also an agency that is paid to perpetuate a problem rather than solve it. The reason can be found in the huge salaries paid to UNRWA officials.

  4. It is now clear that the solution of the ‘Palestinian refugee’ problem is in the defunding of UNRWA.

  5. Thanks SergioIN, but it’s beyond my technological skills! Lol

  6. Bonnie Prince Charlie

    I’m really amazed that the BoD didn’t partner with WoW instead of Oxfam!!!! Maybe Yachad will partner with them in some project. Or maybe WoW might apply to join the ZF????

  7. @ toothlightux

    When I’m confronted by any of the aforementioned collectors outside my bank in Hampstead High Street, a favourite venue of theirs, where they hope for rich pickings; I tell them in no uncertain terms that they won’t get a penny from me unless their charity stops meddling in Mid-east politics, or words to that effect! They just gawp at me wide-eyed, as if they don’t know what I mean.

    • The lowly collector might not even be aware of their charity’s extracurricular activities, so good for you for letting them know.

  8. ‘They just gawp at me wide-eyed, as if they don’t know what I mean.’ Rubin the sad fact is they probably don’t no what you mean..that’s part of the problem.

  9. @ cba and Michael. I do sometimes engage them in conversation, if they are amenable, but most of the time, as you say, they don’t seem to have a clue. Others, having summed me up, right away come out with Palestine and the “poor starving children of Gaza” and all that. I should think they must receive a certain amount of indoctrination before they take to the streets.

  10. @ cba. These “lowly collector” are often students, and we know what they are exposed to at university.

  11. Try pointing out to these WoW pinheads that, despite the pressure from the PA not to do so, the number of West Bank Palestinians taking employment with Israeli-owned enterprises increased significantly, last year.

  12. There are too many of these charities, voluntary organisations and human rights groups who are complicit in political activity that is no different to all those throughout history that demonised Jews and attempted to eradicate the Jewish nation. They don’t give a jot about any Arab Palestinians, for if they did where is their outrage at what is happening to them in Syria, what happened in Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bharain and in every othern slamic state that retains them as second class citizens. Just as some Muslims use their children as human bombs, these charities use Arab Palestinians as their whipping sticks against Jews.

    • just to add to your list Sharon and to highlight the interwovenness of the whole area

      There are the projects i.e. temporary thingies in which one, two or many charities participate – this makes it possible that for example German Foreign Ministry can support a project without aligning itself with this or that charity and of course all these projects and all who make a living via them are squeaky clean.

      As an aside on top of it all German Foreign Ministry told me, when I asked, that yes they supported “initiatives” (Initiative is a cover-all in German) in Israel but no there was no list because those supports were decided upon by individual departments within the ministry. I checked there are about 400 of them, not all of them “suspicious” looking but enough to make it a hopeless task for somebody as outside as I am to find out anything.

      Thus all I can do is console myself with Rubin Katz’s “as long as she (Merkel) keeps those U-boats coming” (which is very beneficial to our local shipyards, so much so that I am undecided who wins more, Israel or we)

      • Silke,

        You might find this youtube interesting.

        Mit der Burka am Oktoberfest.

      • TGIAI

        I haven’t had a TV for close on 20 years now thus I have missed the training that would enable me to laugh at what seemingly everybody else finds funny i.e. I don’t get the joke, it strikes me as just silly.

        BTW when I visited the Oktoberfest almost 50 years ago, a shoe of mine was stolen while I was dangling my legs from the seat of a carroussel, maybe that experience has left me traumatised for life – it was quite a task to get through streets full of glass shards to the next taxistand with only one shoe.

    • “There are too many of these charities, voluntary organisations and human rights groups” – nothing to do with human rights, Sharon – just self-satisfied demonisation of Joooos.

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  14. This is not a charity, it’s a political lobby organisation.
    Rafeef Ziadeh is not only an employee of WoW and SOAS she is primarily a political activist who uses what she calls poetry to spread propaganda, using these organisations as a front for her racist, ethnocentric rubbish.

  15. SILKE

    I’m pleased to see my words don’t always fall on deaf ears! I had forgotten I commented on those vitally-important to Israel Unterseebooten (not sure I got the plural right) as a deterrent and second-strike ability. Please allow me to make up your mind for you: clearly, both sides are winners with only the mad Ayatollahs the losers…! .

    • Hi Rubin

      plurals in Germans are tricky since they adapt to context (case). It is Die Unterseeboote werden an Israel verkauft but Israel bewaffnet sich mit (den) Unterseebooten.

      Thus mixing it with English you can’t do wrong.

      And how could I forget that statement of yours it soothes me whenever one of our local nutters sounds off.

  16. I have not been very active on this blog lately because I’ve been busy trying to promote my memoir published recently by Academic Studies Press in the US. I hope that Richard won’t object to a little hype. Apart from a riveting story of a young boy’s 5-year battle for survival on the run in wartime Poland. The book is of important historical interest that needs to be widely read. This is in the opinion of Holocaust scholars and historians such as: Niall Ferguson, Antony Polonsky, Prof. Judaic and Holocaust Studies at Brandeis and Dr. Stephen D. Smith, OBE.

    Here is a direct link to one of several glowing reviews so far. This one is by the writer Dr. Carl Hoffman, in the ESRA Magazine in Israel:

    The hardback book is a bit pricey, but a paperback edition has just been released. Please go to the Amazon website and see the reviews.

    • Rubin
      I checked Amazon Germany, UK and US – none has a paperback as yet – kick them in the you know where …

  17. You may also like to see the interview about my book on RevelationTV, the Christian-Zionist Channel. This was on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day, 27 January. The interviewer is Simon Barrett of The Middle East Report. It starts off a little slow; I was rather overawed and I got tongue-tied, but it does improve as we go along.

    Ignore the advert and scroll all the way down till you get to me. Also watch the Holocaust images at the end, in particular, please listen carefully to the amazing and haunting song in the background.

  18. Silke.

    Very sorry, can’t do what you suggest as they are still fast asleep in Boston! I think I will send them your message later today, that should do the trick!

    I have just checked their email from last Thursday which states: “We are uploading the paperback version on Amazon today and it should be visible in the next day or two.”

    I have been nagging for a paperback since October. As a fairly small and prestigious publisher, ASP only do hardbacks which is more suitable for libraries, museums, schools and so on. They are apparently having this one printed at an Amazon facility and I don’t even know what it will be like, but we can be sure of the contents!

  19. So sorry!

    Just realized I made a mistake, must be due to a senior moment!
    The correct link for RevelationTV should have been :

    • sorry Rubin it didn’t work for me, but I got 2:39 of revelations and can assure you by now I am as christianised or should I say evangelicalised as ever I will be

      I really would have loved to see you in person

  20. SILKE, I really can’t understand it; I have just opened it, so the link is right. I don’t know what you mean by “2:39 of revelations”. I know from family and friends in Israel and America that it works. Also my wife’s relatives in Paris and Brussels can get into it. I wonder if its something to do with the programme that you have. Maybe the ‘Adobe Player’ needs updating; this is free. I’m not genned up on these things, perhaps somebody here can offer advice. Richard, can you hear me?

    • I also clicked on your link. It takes us to a 2:39 youtube at a Revelations TV youtube channel.

    • Rubin

      don’t go bonkers – the link with a point instead of a comma leads me to

      and there I get a video that gives me the full missionary treatment by some outfit called Revelations TV and the whole site doesn’t suggest anything to me that might be your interview.

      Maybe it’s Germany which currently is acting quite crazily in connection with licence fees for artists whose works might show up in the video. Once they banned the Israeli national anthem 😉 probably because their system considered it to be a pop song.

      Tonight I’ll try it with Google Chrome – maybe there something shows up or maybe it is because Apple has its own system re Adobe Reader which I found out much to my chagrin recently aren’t really really compatible with eachother i.e it makes the Apple system of handling printers very awkward.

      Adobe were only partially helpful and I haven’t tried to alert Apple to the nuisance as yet.

  21. Silke & TGIAI

    I just can’t understand it, doesn’t appear on my screen. My son who is at present in the remotest part of the north-western Australian desert had no problem getting into it. Later on, I will get in touch with RevTV and see if they can throw any light on this.

    Meanwhile here is the link again:,com/user/rtveurope

  22. I’m going bonkers here; don’t click on the above link. I tried to open it, but I couldn’t because I had put a comma, instead of a full point, after youtube!

  23. Silke & TGIAI
    I just had a word with RevTV. The young lady I spoke with may not have been very technical. She said “2:39 youtube” meant nothing to her. She said that it depends on the search engine on your computer, it works OK on Internet Explorer, for instance. She also suggested to check if your Flash is up to date. Sorry, that’s all I can do. Good luck!

  24. Comic relief:What a joke (get it!)
    No, on a more serious note:This is just another example of covert anti-semitisim.

  25. Silke

    We seem to be getting somewhere at last. No need to become a born-again Christian for my sake! Carry on as you are, and keep scrolling down, or better still, click on BROWSE VIDEOS (top left) and go down to the 49th video; one after Ian Paisley, who has 466 hits, and I only have 177, that was before tea, mind you.

    • Rubin
      we’re getting there and I am glad to know that I will not have to become evangelized.

      I am happy to report that I found Ian Paisley but then saw nothing promising you. I even went to most popular mode and searched from Mr. Paisley more than 400 down to 176 and nothing suggesting Rubin popped up – maybe I have overlooked something but if you could give me the title of your video that’d be helpful – thanks!!! – and hurry up – curiosity is killing me 😉

  26. Silke

    Hope your curiosity hasn’t got the better of you! Sorry, been out to see my grandson play table tennis.

    I am right after Ian Paisley, unless I have been banned by youtube in Germany!

    The title is: Rubin Katz Holocaust Survivor Interview JAN 2013

    Sometimes it comes up in batches of so many at a time, and perhaps mine falls into the next batch. I feel sure you will muster it before long. I hope you won’t be too disappointed – this is my first public appearance.

    • Rubin
      I am at the end of my “wisdom” – I have checked all interviews back to 3 months old and I have asked them for Rubin Katz and they tell me (the same if I search for pitchipoi)

      Suchergebnisse für “rubin katz”:
      In diesem Kanal stimmen keine Videos mit der Suche überein.

      and this is what I get from YT directly when I ask for
      “Rubin Katz Holocaust Survivor”…0.0…1ac.2.pi5mm5oXU8I

      This is most vexing – and no I am sure that German peculiar nuisance named GEMA would only ban you if there were music in it for which they feel they are owed royalties on behalf of the artist. Insulting or bashing the German state wouldn’t get you a ban, so it must be that those revelation people have decided that you aren’t safe for Germans to listen to 😉

      which would be a most ridiculous view

  27. Silke

    Just got an email from publisher; there’s been a glitch. They tell me the book was indeed uploaded last Thursday on Amazon, but you can’t see it or order it… They are reluctant to approve it for print until the proof copy is available and should receive it any day now. Sounds a bit cock-eyed to me. Why notify people? Sorry once more!

    • Rubin
      don’t be sorry – I am sorry for creating such a hassle for you – I should learn to be more patient …

  28. SILKE
    This is indeed a mystery or some conspiracy….
    I just opened the first of your links above: and hey presto up comes my video. but not on Revtv website. It is the second video down after the video ‘Why Jews say no to Jesus’. And five frames down, I’m there again, this time in a compilation of several videos on different subjects.

  29. This is very ironic when British Airways collects money and is one of the biggest contributors for comic relief, and has just been granted 2 extra landing slots into TLV. I guess next time I here a crew member asking for money for poor children of the world I shall refuse to give a penny!!!!

  30. To SILKE and any interested party.

    This blog seems to have run its course and gone into hibernation! So hopefully the message will still get through.

    This is to inform you that the paperback edition of my Memoir ‘Gone to Pitchipoi’ is now on Amazon. Please look up the hardback version for the reviews which for some reason don’t appear on the paperback.

    I cannot say it makes happy reading all the way, but I feel sure you will find the story riveting and inspiring.

    • Rubin

      just to alert you – there is still something unusual going on with your book – normally at whichever edition of a book I click on I get a box at the same time showing me all the other editions available – not by publisher but whether there is a paperback, a kindle, an audio one.

      with yours I get them in the complete findings but not that extra comfortable one.

      whoever publishes your book seems to me to be a bit slow of action

  31. SILKE

    My publisher is in America and we don’t seem to speak the same language! And I have no influence there. For instance, with the new version I noticed that there is no star-rating and no reviews, and tells you to be the first to review it as if it were a new book. And the Kindle version seems to have disappeared. Its all very frustrating. Some of the problems I think lie with Amazon. I will write to them again and hope for the best. I think they like to push the hardback and for customers to order directly from them, which is not practical from Europe. Good luck!

  32. Good post. Thanks for linking to it from HP.

  33. SILKE

    Latest update. I see that the page now has a nice ‘Look Inside’ feature.

  34. Daniel Marks

    Could somebody please write something on Gert’s blog:

    He hasn’t had a comment since October 2012!

    • Daniel
      I’d be happy to do him that favour but his registration/admittance procedure is so rigid and demanding I’d never make it through.

      OTOH I keep looking at his headlines and nevereven get tempted to read on – maybe if you could get him to write something about how to DIY fireworks that’d augment his allure …

  35. Guys, you do realise that the embassy of Israel in London supported Comic Relief. Is it in your bad books, too. Are they anti-Israel?

    • Really? Then, now that they read Mr. Millet’s blog, they will avoid doing the same mistake twice! LOL!

  36. OT, but still: I see that the vile ‘Professor’ Jonathan Rosenhead (Jewish? Another self-hater with deep psychological issues?) is again, in the Sunday Times, promoting the lie that the occupation is ‘illegal’.