Another two fingers go up to British Jews.


Today’s Sunday Times cartoon doesn’t work on any level, but you can see how it came about.

Over the last month certain British commentators have been writhing around in pure ecstasy at the prospect of the Israeli electorate moving to the right. Some of the commentary has made me wince with even Jewish commentators hinting that Israel has shifted to the far right; the connotation being that Israel has finally become a fully fledged fascist state, the antithesis of what would have been expected after the horrors of Nazi Germany.

But, sadly for them, Israel actually shifted to the left in the recent general election. All those columns that certain journalists wanted to write about “the fascist State of Israel” will never see the light of day now. The time they spent concocting the most vile aspersions to cast on Israel has been wasted. Guardian and Independent newspaper columnists have had to, on the whole, hold their fire since the election. Labour politicians like Richard Burden MP have been forced to hold off tweeting the most nastiest denunciations of Israel.

But for some reason The Sunday Times, of all papers, couldn’t hold off publishing Gerald Scarfe’s vile slur of a blood libel with its depiction of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a callous murderer of innocents, including Palestinian children.

And then there’s the context. Not only is it Holocaust Memorial Day today but it is also just two days after The Commentator broke the news that Liberal Democrat MP David Ward had specifically attacked “the Jews” on his website by writing:

“Having visited Auschwitz twice – once with my family and once with local schools – I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza.”

And by juxtaposing the Holocaust with the West Bank and Gaza Ward is actually mocking what happened to the Jews in the death camps, whatever sympathy for them he tries to evince in his statement. The West Bank and Gaza are no Auschwitz, Mr Ward, even though many a Jew hater has tried to equate them.

Ward is not fit to be an MP, but what is more disturbing is the groundswell of support he seems to have had and his comments have flushed out just how nasty his supporters are. For example, under the clip of Ward’s appearance on Sky you can read:


“Israel is worse than Hitler” and “Is Hitler the new Moses?” These are your supporters, Mr Ward.

I also got tweeted this from Mash’al Hanif in response to one of my tweets about the Sunday Times cartoon:


Well, yes, Mash’al, it does hurt, but it hurts mainly because I always thought the UK was a comfortable place for Jewish people to live. I still do, but that nonsensical Sunday Times cartoon has rocked that certainty ever so slightly.

But I am also grateful that although I deeply feel Jewish I, however, feel no religious obligation to dress as a more religious Jew and, therefore, exposing myself to the horrors of what the Sunday Times cartoon might compel a person with a violent bent towards Israel and/or Jewish people to carry out. Another Toulouse comes to mind.

And, I’m sorry, Mash’al, but it wasn’t me who targeted the Prophet Muhammad. And nor would I. And for that matter it wasn’t Jewish people either, although Mash’al’s comment goes to show how the initial rumour that the maker of that horrendous film depicting Muhammad in such an unseemly manner was Jewish has now achieved permanence.

After the last week one can see why the Jewish people have traditionally moved around so much, forever trying to evade the animus that certain parts of society have always held for us.

(Thanks to The Commentator which also broke the news of the cartoon and thanks to Chas Newkey-Burden who has written so meaningfully about David Ward MP and those like him who think that its the Jews who should be held up to higher scrutiny after having lost six million people in the Holocaust.)

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  1. Nice article, articulate as usual.

    Comparing the situation in Israel with the holocaust is a form of revisionism of the holocaust in my view.

    The killing of 11 million people being compared to the oppression of Palestinians is a sickening one. It’s shameful that people are going along with his hateful remarks. Any opportunity to compare jews to Nazis they seem to jump on it..

    He has a right to criticize Israel and say what he likes, as i do as well sometimes, but this was an abhorrent remark, especially given the fact he generalised by saying ‘the Jews’. He tarnishes ‘Jews’ with doing this.. as opposed to Israel. Very much like the Nazi’s did…

    Reminiscent of hate speech against Jews .. comparing Jews to Nazis, Israel to to Nazis and using Jews and Israel interchangeably. It’s is a disgraceful comment, and you have taken it completely out of context.

  2. thanks Richard

    and you made a thought occur to me …

    Humans have a chance to get labelled Saints when here in life they had to suffer terribly

    Even though Protestants know no saints I think the general idea that suffering turns one into a saint is still deeply ingrained

    i.e. unless the Church would speak up and by its preaching severe that mental connection it will always come natural to anybody who’s been raised in a Christian culture and, speaking of myself, it has taken a lot of navel gazing and/or reading of intelligent “leftists” to severe that tie with relapses into that kind of thinking (not related to Israelis and/or Jews, never, but in general) becoming rarer and rarer.

  3. What a vile man that liberal democract is!

  4. It seems that some people cannot wait to accuse Jews/Israel of the sames crimes that were committed by non-Jews during WW II. I understand that seeing the descendants of their victims thriving in Israel and USA is painful for today’s antisemites. What is strange is that the Sunday Times sees fit to soothe that pain. Do they suppose their readers are mostly antisemites? Do they suppose like Lib Dem Ward that this will benefit them?
    It is perfectly acceptable to target the Prophet, as religion (every religion) can be justly criticized for the aggressive behaviour of its followers, making up a blood LIBEL on a living person, country or people is totally unacceptable and, in this case, pure racism and incitement to hatred.
    Toulouse will come to UK. Only a fool would believe the contrary.

  5. The cartoon is revolting and unfair but I’m not sure you can say it’s anti-semitic and also object to Israel and Jews being regarded as synonymous with each other by Israel’s critics.

    More irritating than the cartoon though is Hanif’s reply to your tweet and, I have to say your reply to Hanif. It is not possible to insult a dead bloke even if billions of people are daft enough to believe he was a saint, prophet or a god and, those who are experts at being hurt by such insults are simpletons whose views should be ignored (if you can stop laughing at them long enough to ignore them).

  6. It seems that this Mash’al ignores that such Israel-bashing cartoon, comparing it to Nazi Germany (something made worse by the choice of the day they published it), is considered antisemitism under the EUMC definition. This Mash’al goes on, on Twitter and denies that the cartoon targeted British Jews, so that they should be unconcerned.
    But of course, British Jews are concerned, as French Jews were concerned, although they realised it only in 2012, when Merah became the child-killer antisemitic propaganda programmed him to be.

  7. Thanks for this post. I have a signed Gerald Scarfe picture that has been hanging in my home for cicada 20 years. Tomorrow it gets sent back, care of The Guardian, in tiny pieces.

  8. Sorry, Sunday Times, not The Guardian. Freudian slip…

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  10. I just sent a comment to David Ward, Here’s the link

    Be my guest

  11. Richard, if British Jews just continue to accept the status quo and do not react strongly against it ,than this without a doubt this will develop into violent anti-semitism and the UK will no longer be a comfortable place for Jews no matter how much they pretend. See this example from 2006 of total lack of willingness to do anything.!/2012/09/actioc-to-ban-teachers-incitement.html

  12. Richard,

    I have little to add to your excellent post other than the obvious comment that I wish you did feel a little less comfortable there. However, I will respectfully take issue with your saying that the recent elections show that the Israeli electorate has shifted to the Left.

    If we assume for the purposes of discussion that the Left-Right divide in Israel is over the future of Judea and Samaria and unrelated to social and economic issues, I think that it’s hard to make a case for such a shift.

    In the election the Labor Party was roundly criticized for ignoring the “Peace Process” and focusing exclusively on social questions. Furthermore, Yair Lapid – the centrist candidate who shocked pollsters – ran on a platform of “encouraging” Ultra-Orthodox Jews to serve in the army and work on the one hand, and electoral reform on the other. He called for a return to the negotiating table as almost an afterthought, but believes in large settlement blocks remaining part of Israel and a unified Jerusalem. You’d need a microscope to find the differences between him and Netanyahu over these matters. In fact, the only two Jewish parties that ran on authentic peace platforms were Livni and Meretz who received a combined total 12/120 knesset seats.

    All this does not mean that only 10% of Israelis are prepared to give away parts of the Land of Israel in return for a real peace deal. It just means that with 70 slaughtered in Egypt over the weekend and Lord knows how many in Egypt and with Hamas who openly want to destroy us (but can’t) in Gaza and Abu Mazen whose regime will fall two weeks after he signs any agreement with Israel, it seems better to focus on more realistic medium-term goals.

    I’m sorry if the results of Israel’s election screws up a hasbara line, but you may wish to point out that our Arabs are still the only ones in the Middle East who participate in a genuine democracy and that one of them may win Israeli Masterchef on Tuesday.

  13. The lady in question.

    • she’s stunning and makes the stupid fashionista part of me switch to wearing head scarves immediately – at least on bad hair days.

      As to the description in the above about the outcome of the Israeli elections, Shimona and Sarah Honig explained it the same way and even Letters from Rungholt (who once was on the left and still has lots of heart there but also 4 children 2 of whom are currently in active IDF-service) explained it to us, her readers, as you did and even more she told us of a TV-program where an interviewed Palestinian West-Banker said that if he’d be able to vote, he’d vote for Ozma le-Yisrael because they are against departure from the area. Because for us it is good, when the Jews are here.

      Aehnlich verblueffend die Antwort eines Palaestinensers in der Naehe von Nokdim. Er waehlt in Israel nicht mit (da die Gebiete nicht zu Israel gehoeren), aber wenn er koennte, wuerde er Ozma le-Yisrael waehlen, die ultra-rechte Splitterpartei von Arie Eldad, die es nicht in die Knesset geschafft hat. Warum? “Weil die gegen eine Raeumung der Gebiete sind. Und fuer uns ist es gut, wenn die Juden hier sind.”

    • The lady is speaking Hebrew so why the Hebrew captions?

    • lemme guess

      because there are people with hearing problems who love to watch TV

      from the little I have seen it seems to me that Israeli TV offers a lot more help to people who need it than I see in Germany.

      • She came second. Third place was an ultra-orthodox lady of Moroccan origins, but the winner was a righteous proselyte, you’ve guessed it…born in Germany.

        Silke, you ought to be very proud.

      • Daniel

        why should I be proud? I haven’t contributed anything. And if I had to chose a cook between you and me it’d be always you by an immensely wide margin – I like very much what I feed myself but I wouldn’t expect anybody else to even try any of it.

        but seriously – somebody had mailed me that story of that German immigrant to Israel, thus I got really aware of that extraordinary TV-show and I was full of admiration for the makers of that show to build up such a choice. What a compliment to Israel is how I understood it.

        The German btw said in a German newspaper interview that his bet was on the Jewish woman winning but that coming in second or third wouldn’t make much of a difference to his prospects of getting the take-away-shop he said he’d love to open because your country is so small and the show got him so well known. … advantages which should apply to the two runners up also.

        Were the jurors mostly female? because as a male I couldn’t have resisted the very considerable wow-factor of the smile of the Arab lady.

        Or was it just that they wanted a male winner for a change? Wikipedia just gives me names and thus I don’t know.

      • The judges were three men and one woman. My money was also on the Jewish woman as she obviously had incredible raw talent.

        If some other commentators feel that this discussion is outside the scope of this excellent blog, I couldn’t agree less. As Egyptians are executing other Egyptians and Syrians are slaughtering other Syrians, here Arabs and Jews do battle with frying pans and wooden spoons.

        One of the original contestants was Elinor and Judean settler who quit because she missed her family too much. Her and Salma (the Israeli-Arab runner up) became the best of friends.

        That is the real Israel – not anti-Semitic caricatures of the evil ogre building walls with helpless gentiles, but the Israeli Jew, the Israeli Muslim and the righteous proselyte exchanging recipes for dishes with which to feed their children.

      • Well said Daniel.

      • Daniel

        exchanging recipes for dishes with which to feed their children.

        and hopefully laying the ground for starting profitable businesses that will allow them to finance for their children the best education in whatever field they show talent.

        and yes when I was “forced” to get interested in the story (I was asked for translations) I marvelled at the wonderfully diverse country you have built.
        I compared it to German events that want to celebrate diversity and there I always have the feeling that it is a bit forced but your mixture felt more natural/matter of fact/ everyday life/nothing special the more I read about it – that said I trust and hope that you continue to have issues galore amongst yourselves so that you’ll never suffer from lack of arguments.

  14. Bonnie Prince Charlie

    I’d love to know what the lady was saying. Can someone please provide a translation? Many thanks in anticipation.

  15. Gerald Scarfe is entitled to draw his caricature of Netanyahu. It’s a free country. What he’s not entitled to do is then claim (as doubtless he will at some stage) that he doesn’t have an antisemitic bone in his body. If he says that, he is a liar. Sadly, this talented cartoonist has joined the growing list of shits that I just do not give.

  16. Michael freedman

    Great article Richard.

    I don’t have a problem with some level of criticism of the Israeli government, but to liken it to the Holocaust is grotesque. How he is still in a job is beyond me.

    I didn’t listen to all the interviews, but his agent was never asked how many Palestineans had he seen in the gas chamber.

  17. FYI:

    David Cameron slaps down George Galloway

  18. Elder of Ziyon lecture – How to answer anti-Israel slurs

    Elder of Ziyon lecture at Yeshiva University, January 29, 2013

  19. It should tell Britzionists something when a conservative, pro-Israel paper like the ST publishes a cartoon that’s so openly critical of the self-proclaimed ‘King of the Jews’, toadie N’hu.

    As regards, Israel’s slide to the Far Right, I have to largely agree with Dannenbaum: at the very most this election moves the centre of the Israeli spectrum about half a nanometer to the Left. The unabated slide to the Far Right that’s been going on for decades in the Zionist Entity is unlikely to halt anytime soon: what’s left of the Israeli “Left” can’t even play cards. Why? Because they can’t find a fourth man!

    Just why Millett would deplore that isn’t known: he blindly supports anything that comes from the N’hu/Lieberman axis and supports any settlement policy going. Stand and be proud, man!

    • What is evident is that the ‘doomsday’ far-right landslide predictions of anti-Israeli stupids did not happen. Now, they say that the slide was just half a nanometer to the left. But that is still short of admitting they have been totally wrong because they know nothing of Israel so they rely on their prejudices to predict election results. We see the quality of their predictions are equal to the quality of their prejudices.
      Anyway, why would Israel fear a right-wing government. Menachem Begin was a Likud leader and signed two peace treaties that lasted up till now. The left-wing didn’t sign one peace treaty.

    • Thanks Gert,

      It’s forever rewarding to be treated to such an esteemed Bridlingtonian’s point of view of Israeli politics. Sometimes one feels so inundated with information that it’s hard to see the wood for the trees and there’s nothing like hearing the opinion of he who knows next to nothing to open up one’s eyes to new perspectives.

      While I should have loved to have returned your compliment, you are sadly wrong. Nothing would have given me greater joy than a “slide” to the Right, of which I am a proud member, however, to see the election results as such would be an absurd oversimplification.

      Unfortunately, there are still only about 20-25 or so members of the Israeli Knesset whose oppose the creation of a Palestinian state in most of Judea and Samaria (Habayit Hayehudi and parts of Likud-Israel Beiteinu), while the rest would happily sign a deal tomorrow if they thought there was a real partner. Incidentally, we may not be the only ones pessimistic of the possibility John Lennon’s “Imagine” being realized this week. Rumors have it that solving the Arab-Israeli conflict is number 74 on Obama’s list of priorities.

      The only significant change that took place in the recent election, or has taken place in the last two decades for that matter, is that fewer and fewer Israelis think that such a partner exists today. Therefore, many chose to vote over domestic issues – about which I shall not bore you. This even applies to a small, but growing number of Israeli minority groups. One Bedouin village had a 10% vote for an ultra-orthodox Israeli party that had, apparently, helped them out in municipal matters. Similarly my religious daughter-in-law voted Lapid because she wanted to see ultra-orthodox Jews serve in the IDF (fat chance) and my daughter’s religious friend voted Meretz. The thought of voting Labor even crossed my mind after I heard that their estimation of the prospect of a deal is similar to mine.

      At the risk of sounding repetitive, I would only tell you once more that our dream of peace was once that our Arab neighbors would behave to us as they do to each other. The more I see the news from Egypt and Syria the less attractive such a possibility seems.

  20. just in case settlement is a synonym for expansion look at how Israel “expands” …

    and in here I found a note that Bevin wanted to create a one-state-thingy with a sure Arab majority and what was the reaction?

    He says that Bevin had a plan to establish one state in Palestine with an assured Arab majority but he couldn’t find supporters for his plan among the Palestinian leadership. One reason, according to Beeley, was the Palestinians’ belief that they had a good chance of winning a military fight against the Jews over Palestine. Why compromise?

    BTW the New York Review of Books is considered a left leaning publication even by members of the left.

  21. “While I should have loved to have returned your compliment, you are sadly wrong. Nothing would have given me greater joy than a “slide” to the Right, of which I am a proud member, however, to see the election results as such would be an absurd oversimplification.”


    Which part of:

    ”[…] at the very most this election moves the centre of the Israeli spectrum about half a nanometer to the Left.”

    … didn’t you understand?

    Israel has been sliding to the Right for about 20 to 30 years (have you forgotten that Ben Gurion saw himself as a Marxist, although he later recanted? Just one example. Or that the European Left enthusiastically endorsed the Zionist project, up to 1967, when we started seeing how it really was?). In these recent elections that is slightly less apparent. The ‘Israeli Left’ though remains powerless, there’s no fundamental change there.

    Of course when it comes to Occupation policies, no matter how they’d [the ‘Left’] like to make anyone believe it wasn’t so, there’s not a cigarette paper between Labour and Likud since 1967. Israel’s historical arc, from 1948 to the present date is that of ‘we want it all’, ‘it’s our Birthright’. That’s also you position, that of Millett etc etc.

    • Well, when one hears ‘Palestinian’ supporters chant their “From the Jordan to the sea, etc…” one knows who doesn’t want to leave any room to the other. So the Israelis are facing ultra right-wingers disguised as lefties.

      • Respond with…

        From the River to the Sea,
        palestine Will Never Be!

      • Slogan-Making Lesson 101

        try by all means to keep “their” name out of the slogan because it’ll only help them in making that even more well known and at least to the marginally interested the likelihood that the better known is more trust-worthy is very high.

        Therefore I very much prefer

        From the river to the sea
        Israel will always be.

        More generally said a no aka a negative is generally a very bad choice.

      • Did you ever see my banner? If you didn’t,ask Richard if he can pass on your address to me and I can send you a photo

      • Yup, I support Silke on this one. It’s always more effective being for than against and each time you mention something, even by way of negation, it exists more and more in the listeners mind.

        I also think that pinching the other guys slogan with minor changes gives you a kind of automatic disadvantage that any attempt to copy or mimic has; “We couldn’t think of anything to say, so we took yours and changed a few words around.” In other words, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, why flatter the scum?

        It’s 5:30 am and I can’t think of any great new slogans, but I suggest we won a unofficial competition, all commentators are welcome to suggest ideas, we’ll analyse them and the author of this excellent blog can choose the best and then poll which one his devoted readers prefer.

        The prize, of course, will be that the winner may have made some small contribution to the brave struggle that Richard and his friends are currently involved in against an unfriendly and hostile environment.

      • the EselsBrücke*) =lit. Donkey’s Bridge I was given, when I first heard about it, was

        Try NOT to think of a lemon

        I’ve checked the validity of it ever since with every election campaign – it is true but then maybe “we” haven’t mastered the art of going truely negative as the US is said to do during campaigns and that is claimed to be highly effective.

        There I am hindered (in my well-behaved mode) though by what I was taught from childhood on, if you point with a finger at somebody then four (or at least 3) are pointing back at you.

        *) Eselsbrücke {f} [ugs.]
        device to aid memory

      • Sorry “run” not “won”

      • Shirl in Oz,

        Could you post a picture of your sign on Flickr or some other picture sharing or blog site?

      • No idea how to do that.
        I have no problem with Richard giving you my gmail address

      • If I send the photo to Richard, can he send it to you, as you are obviously suspicious of me. Richard will vouch for me. I am a very well respected person in the Jewish Community and I am an elected Deputy on the NSW Jewish Board of Deps.

      • Silke and Daniel, Why would having a “positive” message be better?

        Do you think that the Red/Islamofascist Green alliance have your concerns?

        Any chance to mock, rattle the cage of FAKE “anti-war”, reactionary “progressives”, islamofascists is a Win-Win.

      • try NOT to think of a lemon!!!

        Seriously make that experiment, say to yourself “I am NOT thinking of a lemon” and watch what happens to the saliva in your mouth. Mine reacts exactly the same way it does when I tell myself “I am thinking of a lemon”.

        do “they” have slogans who make Israel’s name more deeply embedded in our brains?

        Why should declarations of love, loyalty and admiration be less galling for “them”?

        Especially if we could be lucky and come up with something self-implanting and unforgettable.

  22. ”Anyway, why would Israel fear a right-wing government.”

    Exactly, midget brain: you love it so why moan? Believe me, Israel will move even further to the right until external pressure starts putting an end to the folly. Fat chance with Obama in power, so you’re in luck for a bit longer.

    • Hate to burst you bubble Gert, but you have just been proved wrong.

      Israel shifted LEFT

    • You are moaning, remember? Not me. I don’t care which government is elected in Israel provided it was elected fairly, including Israeli Arabs that you forget are an integral part.
      I believe that you have predicted a landslide to the right and don’t want to admit the fact that the reverse happened. So you denigrate Lapid as not being enough a leftie for you. Tails you win, heads, the other loses. Nice game!

  23. “The unabated slide to the Far Right that’s been going on for decades in the Zionist Entity is unlikely to halt anytime soon..”

    I was referring to this idiotic statement.

    The “Far Right” as represented by Otzma Leisrael did not win a single knesset seat. The soft-Right (Likud Beitenu) declined, and the Right (HaBayit Hayehudi) though gaining, did not make up for the numbers that the Likud Beitenu lost.

    This will be my last attempt to explain to you that this election was not won or lost over the question of war-peace-settlements-Arabs, etc. I know those are the only issues that you get to hear about in your “minor sea fishing port and civil parish on the Holderness Coast of the North Sea, in the East Riding of Yorkshire” but here they have become largely irrelevant.

    Of course, there will always be Rightist and Leftists who vote along ideological lines relating to those issues, but the elections are usually determined not by them, but by swing voters who vote over more bread and butter (or humus) issues. This time many of them voted for Lapid whose platform was mainly domestic.

    I know that all this screws up your daft one-dimensional image of us, but though reality might be harder to grasp, overcoming the challenge is reward in itself.

    I thought of you when an old friend asked me to sign a petition last week demanding something to do with European bees. I refused, not because I don’t think the issue is important, but simply because I do not understand it and thus, though I have a right to an opinion, I consider my opinion on this matter to be worthless. Nor did I think that in a few hours reading up on the net, I would have any meaningful advice to offer those who are experts on the subject and have lived it for years.

    Have a great week,

  24. Better a neocon than a neocommie.

  25. Hi TGIAI,

    “Silke and Daniel, Why would having a “positive” message be better?… Any chance to mock, rattle the cage of.”

    Look, there’s a certain logic to what you say if your sole purpose is to annoy everyone. Incidentally, if that is all you’re all you’re after, then you may be doing a pretty good job.

    On the other hand, you might even not be achieving that goal. Personally, when I’m in a debate and the other guy gets abusive I love it, it means he’s all out of ammunition and is just throwing everything he has. You remember Bob Wall lunging at Bruce Lee with the broken bottle – he knew he’s lost and was desperate. In chess too, when your opponent begins to sacrifice all his pieces, it’s not a sign of strength but desperation or despair.

    Think of all the people you know who are forever trying to “rattle cages”, are they winners or losers? Are they the ones everyone wants to be around or are they the nuisances perpetually seeking attention?

    • Daniel, What sort of an effective counter argument could you construct that would put the islamists and the fascist socialists in their place?

      I believe there is NOTHING.

      British Islamists bomb London, yet the UK media and intelligentsia still attack Israel.

      There is something rotten in the UK and it is eating away at the core beliefs of the UK and turning it into a Dhimmified Kingdom.

      • I don’t believe that the goal of discussion or debate is to put others in their place, nor am I certain that writing “Happy Nakba” does so. Sadly, I agree that ultimately the clash of cultures that you refer to will, most likely, be determined by less peaceful means than writings on blogs, but in the meantime I doubt that honest dialogue can do much harm.

        I understand your anguish and feel your pain when you write “There is something rotten in the UK and it is eating away at the core beliefs of the UK”. Though I do have UK citizenship, thankfully I have not lived there for many years and therefore, I am reluctant to offer advice. I know how vexing the well-meaning counsels of Israel’s friends abroad (both Left and Right) can often seem.

        However, it occurs to me that the reasons for the rise of Islam are more to be associated with the weakness of UK society or what you refer to as “something rotten” than to the fact that the teachings of the Koran have suddenly become more alluring.

        I don’t know whether it’s the excesses of liberalism as manifested in the breakdown of the traditional family unit or the fact that the Protestant Church seems to prefer to be forever jumping on the bandwagon rather than offering clear moral guidance. I’m sure there are other reasons as well.

        However, how could I fail to understand a simple person feeling confusion in a cold and complicated world? How can I censure him when he tries to find an unambiguous dogma that will provide simple solutions to difficult problems?

        I guess that deep down we all need deity in our lives and in a post-modern age that for the most part offers pre-packaged short-lived idols such a music stars, sports figures and contestants from Big Brother, there are bound to be those still left with a passion for something greater and a hunger for that which is less fleeting in nature.

        Yup, you’re right. There’s no one universal “effective counter argument” to “put the islamists (sic) and the fascist socialists in their place” – life in 2013 is not that facile. I doubt that it ever was.

        In short, “It is not incumbent upon you to complete the work, but neither are you at liberty to desist from it” (Avot 2:21)

      • put the islamists and the fascist socialists in their place?

        there is only one really effective way and that is become more attractive than they are – that’s why I keep moaning day after day that “orientals” have the knack to trigger romantic reactions.

        It ranges from Mills&Boon-novels to crochet and knitting magazines. Everywhere you see allusions to Gadaffi in his tent aka the lure of the east

        Until you somehow better “them” on that you’ll have to make do with reining them in and as Allan Sillitoe taught me (in the Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner?) the Guardian can never sleep while the reined-in one can.

    • Additionally, the Religion of Hair Trigger Perpetual Outrage, from books of fiction by writers like Salman Rushdie, cartoons of a “prophet”, of “family honor” killings, needs to realize that its a big world and that in the Real World, they are subject to examination and ridicule as are all other religions.

      If I can say something that causes the Perpetually Outraged to loose their cool, and reveal their true murderous nature, that’s fine. They certainly have no concern insulting or maiming others.

      The oddest thing to me is that self proclaimed “progressive” people actually side with reactionary Islamists who have no concern for the beliefs or feelings or welfare of others.

      • OTOH the more you insult their religion the more of them get hurt by it thus possibly helping to increase the number of their possible recruits.

        I have grown up during a time where churches still had a lot of influence. Looking back I think that it wasn’t ridiculing or insulting the religion that helped most but firmly stating this is secular/state territory and don’t you dare to meddle.

        They still try of course but their time of dictating seems to be over for now at least for both our Christian ones

  26. Gerald Scarfe is the latest victim of Zionist propagandists who don’t see such true depictions of Israel’s Zionazi policies as anti-Israel or anti-Zionist – but as hatred toward the Jewish people. Last month, the Wiesenthal Center had put Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff at third place in its annual list of top ten antisemitic slurs. The other famous victim of Zionists’ slander was Australian-born prize-winning cartoonist Pat Oliphant for depicting a Nazi-like soldier going after innocent civilian in Gaza in 2009 – published by the Jewish-owned Washington Post.

    • rehmat1,

      1941 The Grand Mufti meets hitler

      WW2 Victory in Europe Day: Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender (1945)

      Enjoy your Nakba. You deserve it.

  27. TGIAI – Study your Zionist Jew brother Lenni Brenner’s book “Zionism in the Age of Dictators”, and find out the truth behind the Mufti.

    SHALOM = “What is good for Jews,”, Israeli-born Jewish author and blogger Gilad Atzmon.

    • It seems that your only “good Jews” are antisemitic. Get some real knowledge instead of hate literature. Then, come back here.

    • Gilad Atzmon having confessed his antisemitism many times, any mention of him here is sure to keep you safely in the “rabid antisemitic and proud of it” category of comment writers.

    • rehmat1,

      1.5 billion Muslims can’t defeat12 million Jews.
      Is that what you call a NAKBA?

      Every Islamofascist atrocity, against Jews, Hindus, Christians, Bahais, Zoroastrians creates more Islalmofascism-phobes.

  28. Reply wat to “rehmat1”, of course.
    Latuff is a serial antisemitic cartoonist. By the way, any (stupid) comparison of Nazis with Israel’s policies and wars against terrorism is considered antisemitic by EUMC definition of it. Thus, it is certainly not Zionist propaganda but European education. Something you obviously lack totally.

    • Does latuf have any mohammed cartoons?

      Inspiration is on the internet.

      • TGIAI: “Does latuf have any mohammed cartoons?”

        Are you asking “Is he dead?” Cause he would be otherwise. 😉

      • Latuf chooses his targets carefully – favoring those who are unlikely to issue death fatwas on him.

        What were Latufsviews on the mohammed cartoons? Freedom of Speech or submission to Islamofascism?

  29. Daniel

    as to your official competition I can’t come up with a slogan but one of my favourite arguments is to ask:

    if you’d find yourself in the middle of the Mediterranean with something like appendicitis and you had your choice of all the countries bordering the shores of the mediterranean where would you want to get beamed to?

    Even committed Israel Bashers say Israel (albeit after some trying to not answer) and remember that question includes lots of EU-member states.

    Now how to turn that complicated but convincing argument into a slogan ???

    • Yes, I had a similar thing with that ever inscrutable Arabian gentleman from Hebron – Khalid Amayreh – when I asked him:

      “Tell me Khald, which Middle-Eastern regime do you consider to be the most fair and democratic?”

      • I like that one – it proves to me how alive and kicking communist ideas still are but as yet I have to find an explanation how in a nation-state-free world they are going to organise things? Through a theocratic supreme leader? by going back to one feudal model or another? All they keep telling me is what they don’t want and if they vere into what they want I find it isn’t feasible.

        The older I get the more I realise that checks and balances or Yin and Yang models are the best like religion and state forever at eachother’s throats but united against all attackers for the few things they can agree on.

        As to racism I found life in groups always most agreeable if racism was allowed to flourish uninhibited provided none of the races got the upper hand and a good sense of humour was considered to be a virtue.

        The answer: we would like to see an early end to territorial nation-states. The existence of so-many Arab states is an anomaly that must be ended. Hence, no nation-state in the Arab world meets our expectations.

        BTW I got my idea of the hospital argument as best I remember back in 2006 when there was a newspaper report about some eye-sickness common in all countries at the southern shore of the Mediterranean except in one where it has, if it occurs at all, become a treatable simple everyday sickness but nothing eyesight-threatening. And the reporter was so amazed that everybody at that conference in one of your neighbouring countries took it so much for granted that one had to live with it.

        Then I thought well besides all your other achievements, like a state archive that publishes historic documents as openly as any western democracy, while none of your neighbours does anything worth mentioning in that field, that medicine up to scratch is the one most blowing my mind.

  30. Lets see who’s about apartheid?
    There are 8500 Jews living in the 22 Arab countries, while their are 1.5 million Palestinians in Israel.
    Jews are barred from living in every Arab country, except a few thousand Jews who live in Morocco and Tunisia.
    Jews wants to leave Tunisia with an Islamist government in power.
    I should remind people, two of the Top Tunisian clerics 2 months ago called Jews Apes and for their mass killing.

    Tunisian Cleric Al-Suhayli Calls the Jews Apes, Prays for Allah to Annihilate Them

  31. Israel accepted the 23 state solution.
    22 states for the Arabs and 1 state for the Jews.