Palestinian Ambassador to the UK: “I’ve started to believe that the Jews are the only children of God”

Jeremy Corbyn MP, PSC's Hugh Lanning, Manuel Hassassian in Parliament last night.

Jeremy Corbyn MP, PSC’s Hugh Lanning, Manuel Hassassian in Parliament last night.

Last night Manuel Hassassian, the Palestinian “Ambassador” to the UK, said he believes that the Jews are the children of God because nobody is stopping them from building their “messianic dream of Eretz Israel”. He called for a “one state solution” and looked forward to the world’s Muslim population reaching two billion.

He was speaking in Parliament at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s 4 years on from Israel’s ‘Operation Cast Lead’: Israel’s siege and attacks continue. Also speaking were Labour’s Shadow Justice Minister Andy Slaughter MP and Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather. Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn played host.

Addressing an audience of some 100 people Hassassian declared:

“We, the Palestinians, the most highly educated and intellectual in the Middle East, are still struggling for the basic right of self-determination. What an irony. How long are we going to suffer and be patient with Israel? You know I’m reaching the conclusion that the Jews are the children of God, the only children of God and the Promised Land is being paid by God! I have started to believe this because nobody is stopping Israel building its messianic dream of Eretz Israel to the point I believe that maybe God is on their side. Maybe God is partial on this issue.”

Then removing his “PLO and Palestinian Authority hat” he continued:

“There is no two state solution. Democracies don’t fight each other. If Israel is a democracy I would claim that the Palestinians are also a democracy. If democracies cannot fight each other then why not have one state?; one man, one vote.”

On Israel’s future he said:

“Israel will never continue to exist as a pariah state. Israel could never continue to fight wars against the Palestinians, against the Arabs and the Muslims. The United States is not going to be Israel’s strategic ally for time immemorial. And today we have 1.5 billion Muslims. In 20 years we will have 2 billion. And those 2 billion, forget about politics, from a religious perspective will not allow Israel to continue desecrating their religious rights (in Jerusalem). And then what?”

And on what could have been Hassassian said:

“What does Israel want? In 2002 the Arabs gave them the Arab Peace Initiative. Relinquishing territories occupied in 1967 would have led to normalisation of relations with Israel. If the Israelis had accepted that the flag of Israel would have been hoisted in Mecca, in Iran, in Tehran! If they had accepted. But Israel does not want peace. Israel nurtures on conflict, and the Zionist Ideology is to have the entire West Bank, the entire Palestine.”

Andy Slaughter MP accused Israel of deliberately killing whole Palestinian families and controlling the Palestinians’ calorie count. He said Israel supplied Palestinians just enough to stop them from starving and he described, what he called, Israel’s failure to supply clean water, electricity and decent homes as “collective punishment”.

Sarah Teather MP accused Israel of “wiping out five thousand homes” in one part of Gaza alone and that nothing could justify this.  She said that Israel must let “basic goods” into Gaza.

PSC Chair Hugh Lanning said he noticed that during Operation Cast Lead CNN only reported on the Hamas rockets. Lanning then claimed that “while the occupation and siege continues Israel is ALWAYS the aggressor”.  He also claimed that Israel had banned 180 life saving medicines from Gazan hospitals “because they might save lives”.

Jeremy Corbyn spoke about Gazans who had “never known the ability to move out of Gaza”. Ironically, he then introduced us to Rania Al-Najjar who has just completed a Masters in International Relations at London’s City University. Rania is from Gaza. She said, inter alia, that there are no economic opportunities in Gaza and that unemployment there is the highest in the world, relatively.

We then heard from two “1948 Palestinians” who live in Israel. One of them had spent three spells in Israeli prisons, his sentences ranging from one to eight years. He spoke about the remaining prisoners who had forgotten what the sky and moon look like and how they had not touched the hands of their mothers or children for many years.

Finally, Hugh Lanning announced that there will be a “controversial PSC conference” on April 13th where there will be “an open dialogue with the people of Gaza and their leaders”.

In other words, an open dialogue with Hamas.


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  1. Jew haters do Parliament. A kind of porn for leftists and Jihadists.

  2. Mr Hassassian’s vision of the Jews being the only children of God, is not simply sarcastic rhetoric, but something he truly believes. I met this man last year when he was grieving the loss of his grandson – I have since found out that the child was ill and not a victim of terror as he led us to believe the night of the death when he came to a well known Jewish Synagogue to gain solace from the Jews at this very sad time for him. I shook hands with him and wished him a long life! So maybe this man dost protest too much. Maybe he is the progeny of Jews who were forced converts to Islam, as are reportedly over 50% of those who call themselves ‘Palestinians’, when he says the ‘Palestinians’ are the most intellectual etc people in the region who offered Israel a settlement that they refused, replacing the Jewish narrative with one for his own convenience. Perhaps he is confused or just too afraid to admit his true sentiments, being in such salubrious hating company as Corbyn whose father indoctrinated him from birth, silly child MP Teather who came to hear of Israel at breakfast, and the rest of the fools holding a meeting and discussion Cast Lead as though it happened yesterday, as though Gaza does not have so much food it goes vrot on the street stalls, as though massive trucks of supplies don’t pass thorough to Gaza even during the latest defensive action forced on Israel by Hamas, the genocidal terrorist organisation that calls itself a government that will probably force Abbas out of post in the not too distant future, causing the UN to be in a quandary in having accepted an internationally designated terrorist organisation into its fold.

    So Mr Hassassian, what are your true colours, Jew or Muslim – what are you, or are you so steeped in taqiyya that you don’t really know the truth yourself? Show us your Pinchas then!

  3. As a right-wing Israeli who has spent most of his life in Jerusalem, I respect Arabs who feel that the Land of Israel is important enough to fight over: I naturally draw the line at harming women, children and unarmed civilians. And I say this having served in an IDF Reserve combat unit for two decades and having 2 sons who will probably do so for at least another 2 decades.

    The problem is less with the Arabs and more with Israelis such as Lapid and Livni, who are prepared to relinquish parts of the Land of Israel for a so-called fictitious “peace”.

    Obama attacks Natanyahu for standing firm (and he does so in a cowardly way, using a Jewish self-hater), and Lapid, Livni and others justify the attacks.

    Our problems start at home. Let the Arabs talk.

  4. Jonathan Hoffman

    Richard, Mr Hassassian is no more an “Ambassador” than you are. Until the UK recognises a State of ‘Palestine’ there will be no accredited ‘Ambassador’ in London. Please use the correct term which is ‘Representative’.

  5. Richard

    I stumble on one detail:

    did he say Allah at one time or another? Your report made me suspect that this “Mr.” is after a new kind of linguistic distinction i.e. God is for infidels, the “fidels” have Allah. If that is the direction he was or they are heading to then that is a way of trying to smear both the Christian and the Jewish God, that from a member of a community that howls in anger and threatens unrest whenever Allah or Mohammed aren’t spoken about with proper respect.

    I’d love to know what their clerics say about this language – is such distancing from Abraham, Moses and Jesus OK, if it that was the intention of that peculiar language.

  6. If the Palestinians are “the most highly educated and intellectual in the Middle East”, Manuel Hassassian hardly seems a particularly well chosen representative.

    As readers of this excellent blog know there are to be elections next week. Last Saturday I suggested that we hold a small celebration (kiddish) the week after those elections. A friend asked how I can be certain that the results will be to my liking and that I’ll wish to make merry. I answered that to my mind any results are a reason to beat the drum. In a veritable ocean of dictatorships, tribal wars, honor killings and hatred, we are a tiny but flourishing island of democracy, liberalism and stability

    The question as to who wins the election is far less important than the fact that they are taking place is a calm and peaceful way. How proud we should be that Israeli Arabs are the only Arabs in the whole Middle East to be able to take part in a real Western democratic process. How their cousins abroad must envy them.

    Manuel Hassassian might consider himself to be highly educated and intellectual and he may be those, but he does not understand that democracy is a frame of mind and an attitude to life. It has forever been so much more than staging fake elections that fool no one. On the other hand, Hassassian is not the first to note that two true democracies have never gone to war, so there is reason for hope.

    If I have a blessing for my neighbors it is that they learn some of this, discover the true wonders of democracy and freedom and have as many reasons as their Israeli cousins and I to celebrate.

  7. Always the same people who are not able to do anything but criticize their own ‘tribe’. Very Jewish, I guess. That’s why the Temple was destroyed, a religious guy would say. And how the Jews lost their country too.
    Let’s rather talk about the subject, the ravings of that pseudo-Palestinian, pseudo-ambassador, bordering on antisemitism.
    All what he says about Israel can be said (and proven) about the ‘Palestinians’, especially that they get every year $1B rewards for making war to Israel. If there is a single reason why the conflict lasted for so long, there it is. Defund the UNRWA, stop any kind of help to the ‘Palestinians’ and the conflict will be finished in no time, the old leaders overthrown by their own people.

  8. Mr. Slaughter should update his arguments
    He said Israel supplied Palestinians just enough to stop them from starving

    At least per this post it was obesity levels that gives reasons for concern – Neither the English nor the Germans are a match for Gazans and West-Bankers. But if of course male Americans are the norm to be aspired to then yes there is concern that starvation has become an issue (sarcasm intended).

    However, I see reason for concern, you English are apparently starving or at least undernourishing the Welsh – where is the petition that I can sign to lobby for increased food supply to Wales?

    The table above is from The Economist and shows 2004 figures for obesity, with men and women in Gaza and the Westbank ranking #8 and #3 respectively. Now a lot can happen over six years so in terms of nutrition the situation in Gaza might very well be different today. Yet the table above gives us an indication that living conditions were less dire, in 2004 at least, than some people would have us believe.

    One thing is for certain, if obesity levels in Gaza turn out to have decreased since 2004, the Norwegian media will blame it on Israel. Unless obesity levels have increased, that is.

    In which case the Norwegian media will blame it on Israel.

    • Bonnie Prince Charlie

      You must remember that 2004 was before Hamas took control of Gaza and Israel tightened its restrictions on the transfer of goods, so it’s quite possible that the obesity levels have fallen and some Gazan citizens are suffering food shortages. But if this is the case, the blame must lie with Hamas who provoked Israel into restricting goods by its constant bombardment and who use international aid money to buy weaponry rather than food and humanitarian goods such as medicines etc.

      • No I mustn’t remember that the situation changed after 2004, because I very distinctly remember that 2 or 3 or 4 years ago NGOs were alarming the world about the obesity crisis in Gaza and blaming Israel that it delivered the wrong food i.e. chocolate bars and other things Gazans were eager to buy and consume. As best I remember that NGO-alarm went off after photos of Gaza food stores were all over the net. Come to think of it, some months after Mavi Marmara sounds likely for that attempt at slander by the “saintly” ones.

        I am sure that Google could find that info – I just considered that Economist ranking with the poor Welsh not being up to English standards gave that old canard a new twist. 😉

      • Bonnie Prince Charlie

        Fair point. I stand corrected. My sole concern was that you mentioned a 2004 report but made no reference to any report after Hamas had taken over. (And how are the Wesh faring today?)

      • (And how are the Wesh faring today?)

        Finding that out should be a task worthy of an enterprising UK-journalist.

      • Bonnie Prince Charlie

        But are there any enterprising UK journalists? As far as I can see, all they do is edit the copy supplied by the Palestinians and their supporters to fit the space available!!!!

        (I did, of course, mean the Welsh. To my knowledge the Wesh are doing fine and prospering despite being governed by the Engish.)

      • But are there any enterprising UK journalists?

        There’s Richard – and all I hope for is that he isn’t an only child.

        I have pleaded already several times for some exceedingly brave and inured to suffering Israeli citizens to frequent the watering holes of Western journalists in Israel.

        From all I know of expatriate communities they have watering holes in cities where they sit around and make themselves believe that the locals they meet there are all examples of the “masses” aka the real thing. If I were a betting person I’d bet highly on the guess that it is there that the “saintly” ones feed them their Israeli copy which is indistinguishable from the Palestinian one.

        Here is what I consider a prime example of such copy – notice the witness – as best I remember German literature critics (or should I say peddlers) were all over themselves about the guy, the ultimate witness, some years ago when he had a book to promote.

  9. Richard’s post was featured at the extremely popular US site, National Review. Good job, Richard.

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  12. Ditto Tony – well done Richard, yet again!

  13. margaret benjamin

    The land belongs to Israel Jerusalem the eternal capitol of the jewish nation it does not belong to the Palestinians the on going disputed arguments about Israeli occupiers is a lie from the pit.the land belongs to Israel the arabs/Palestinians have lived on the land for a long time but they don’t own it . in 1948 Israel came back home to build the state of the ruins of ancient bible lands into the modern state of Israel today.many nations have camped on the land since the Diaspora but now they are back for good rooted and established were they belong.G-d has blessed the people and they have flourished a very clever people in all aspects of modern technology inventions and the like putting them firmly on the map as one of the top recognised up and coming nations in modern history. Since the Jacob and Esau the arab people of the middle east have tried to discredit Israel for they are a blessed people. since 48 / 1967 the big lie has gone forth that the land belongs to a group of people called the Palestinians .From roman times the land has been called Palestine not because of the groups of people called Palestinians for before 1948 they never existed they came from Jordan and other nations around the middle east. modern state of Jordan is made up of at least sixty percent of Palestinians we have them in Syria and other countries as Palestinian refugees . that needs to be addressed for they are middle eastern and have lived on those lands for well ever. however in ancient times the jews lived amongst hostile people its nothing new. looking back over the centuries most run in battles would occur between the two peoples famous of all King David who built up the fortress of Zion.all your UN resolutions and EU busy bodies can not take away the fact that the land of Israel belongs to the Jew and Jerusalem the eternal capitol One nation under God. the subject about the Land is a waste of time for the Palestinians have now spent decades trying to put Israel in a bad light. were the opposite is true. Israel has gone more than the extra mile so to speak to help the people but their religion tells them to kill the Jews and drive them into the sea.the word propaganda started with the Palestinians to the point so many incidents are staged with IDF forces its been proven that again they lie to give the impression Israeli people are aggressive but the opposite again is true.The IDFare the best army in the world maybe not the biggest but the best the Israeli Government Especially under the current prime minister has been more than generous to the people who bites the hand that feeds them. this ancient discord and hatred has never been resolved. look up the hamas charter in regards to the Jews.Dr Jaques Gautier human rights lawyer also on international law has devoted his lifes work to the bone of contension regards who owns the Land? his findings are very Interesting.

    • You are exactly correct. There have never been a “Palestinian” people, and the only land that is being occupied is that being occupied by the “Palestinians.” Their children have been lied to for at least three generations that Israel is on “their” land. And, of course, Iran sides with the Palestinians. Iran can attempt to re-write the history of that region of the world all it wants, it doesn’t change the truth!!! Israel has been in the Middle East since the beginning of time. They can trace their linage back to Adam and Eve. Isreal was around thousands of years before Islam or Persia or the Ottoman Empire. Abraham is the father of the Arabs as well as the Jews!!! Their history goes back that far… Abraham had multiple sons, Issac (he had with his wife Sarah–father of the Jews) and the other sons (had with concubines–father of the Arabs) He sent his concubine-sons away to the EAST.

      Elam, a western coast state, is the oldest of the nations to inhabit what we call Iran. Even they were enemies of Israel.

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  15. Bibi is the best

    More nonsence from Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of the fakestinians!

  16. Hey, there are some decent Brits!

  17. Jordan is keen to get the Palestinians and Israeli talks back on track but wait a minuet Abbas blew all chances of that going to the UN thinking they could have the best of both worlds.well done Bibi let them stew in their own juice going back and forth to the Arab nations with cap in hand for Israel paid their electric bill for them instead of giving them money they collect for them. they thought electric was free.Now the elections are over Washington is also keen to get the ball rolling calling for a two state solution with east Jerusalem as the Capitol of Palestine. In my opinion Jordan is restless will it also have an Arab Spring Clean! Were are the real borders for the Palestinian people they have to live somewere. Their were no Palestinians after the fall of the Ottoman empire Great Britain with the mandate given them had a lot of displaced people So they started allotting land to each group of people.Their still were no group called Palestinians soTransjordan as it was known fought I Israel the Jordanians stopped in whats known as the green line today that’s all that is but occupying Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem.Why is Abbas so concerned with the green line! allways quoting this as a border a place to draw the line. Thought it was the Jordanians that had fought Israel, not the Palestinians, why would they lay claim to land that had been occupied by Jordan, for we know for sure they are one and the same people.Jordanians are sixty % Palestinians! So Jordanians are Palestinians and vice versa After black September they were thrown out and so it is today.The groups of nations were Ammonites Moabites and Edomites that is were they can trace there beginnings to.No Palestinians the term Palestine was a name given by the romans as far back as 70AD. Now a child could understand that, So why not the UN EU and whoever else including the Arab nations.Its so simple why do they keep up this Big Lie.