Honking bus driver reprimanded for anti-Israel protest.

I was reading through my copy of this week’s Jewish Chronicle when I saw a piece by Jennifer Lipman.

It was about the driver of Bus No 38 who had repeatedly honked his horn as he drove passed Palestine Solidarity Campaign protesters outside Batsheva’s performance of Decca Dance on its first night at Sadler’s Wells. The protesters cheered in response.

I caught the honking on film, but thought nothing more of it.

I was more interested in hoping that the anti-Israel protesters who disrupted each of Batsheva’s three performances might be prosecuted for aggravated trespass.

Obviously that didn’t happen. Neither did it happen when the protesters disrupted Habima at The Globe nor when they disrupted the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall.

But someone did complain about the honking bus driver.

Jennifer reports that a spokesman for Arriva, responding to the complaint, said:

“That sort of behaviour is totally inappropriate whilst on duty and I can confirm that the driver has been identified and interviewed by his manager. He was advised on all aspects of your complaint and his performance will be closely monitored to make sure that there are no further incidents of this nature. I am sorry that a member of our staff should have acted in this manner.”

And a Transport For London spokesman said:

“We expect drivers to promote a positive image of London Buses and to act professionally at all times. Clearly, a London bus driver should not be participating in a protest while performing their duties.”

Here is the honking bus driver in action on the night:

And here is anti-Israel activist Deborah Fink just after she had been ejected for disrupting Batsheva’s first night performance:

8 responses to “Honking bus driver reprimanded for anti-Israel protest.

  1. From the River to the Sea,
    palestine Will Never Be!

  2. At least one person wrote to London transport and complained . Well done to that person! Hopefully it will give encouragement to others to write and complain when things are unjust.. Talking amongst ourselves does serve a purpose though as it draws attention to injustice and Richard your blog is important for that. But it is no good by itself unless it helps motivate people into action- for example to speak out and complain directly to those who may be able to intervene and stop this injustice.to the people of Israel. Everybody assumes that others will complain but the vast majority just don’t . And this is the major problem because it just takes good people to stay silent for evil to triumph

  3. I’ve always warned against belittling our opponents, but this is ridiculous. A nut case who sings and dances to the lyrics, “I got in..” a semi-literate chartered accountant who wants to destroy Israel and a horn honking reprimanded bus driver.

    For heavens sake, they make Gert appear sane.

    • You seem to have inspired Gert – he copied and pasted a Tony Greenstein post – nothing sane to be hoped for there

      • Which in turn was copied and pasted from the hitherto unknown but very excellent Yisrael Puterman.

        Yup, they’re a creative lot, they are.

  4. Forget the Israel hatred . Fink is simply bat shit crazy . A middle aged woman cavhorting down the street caterwauling like a cat on heat is more to be pitied than scorned .

  5. Appropriately, if you google youtube Deborah Fink How to be mad, immediately below that classic depiction is now this clip of Richard’s.

  6. Brian Goldfarb

    Deborah Fink (how appropriate a surname for a Jewish anti-Zionist/Israeli) has long been making a spectacle of herself. She managed to sing anti-Zionist “carols” out-of-tune (though, in fairness – for some quixotic reason, fairness seems called for – singing through a megaphone probably doesn’t enhance the human voice) – and I think Richard recorded the resulting carcrash between music and politics, and then had the audacity to sign an open letter on the Israel Philharmonic demo as a “singer”.

    If she’s a chartered accountant, I’m glad that I don’t need her professional services. I’m surprised the balance sheets don’t run away in fright when she appears.